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FRI HR 2 021624

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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February 17, 2024 12:00 am

FRI HR 2 021624

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Watch anytime on any screen at and local now Channel 525. Alrighty, we are back and we have with us tonight Pastor Artur Poloski and he is the Canadian pastor that was arrested and jailed on multiple occasions for, well guess what he did, he preached the gospel. Sound familiar folks? Anyhow, he's here telling us he came from the communist country in Poland. He understood what communism was there and and we're here now. It's here and Canada is farther ahead than we are and we've been telling you and I think, I think Artur understands too what is taking place. We, the communist party, Joe Biden, the leader of the communist party here in America has brought in millions, millions of illegal aliens and with that he has brought in hundreds, you know, well at least we know of at least 50,000 Chinese nationalists which are virtually military men. Joe Biden has brought these people into America. Yes and they're coming in through and in China there's a large contingency right now of are in Canada across the border of Chinese soldiers. Now they do have every intention of taking over America.

We have been sold out. This is high treason what we have there and I and I had to laugh when hearing Chris Ray from the FBI warning about the dangers of the Chinese when they're like we're supposed to trust him right and so here what is what is taking place and I'm in a more of a conservative part of America here Artur. Our sheriff has been to our church several times just because of what's happening the churches that are under attack and our church a number probably most of the men in our church carry guns. We're not we're there we're gonna like Jesus said if you sell your garment by a sword well we have our swords okay we're we're gonna stand up but we we are working here with tactical civics and we're working hard on building militias to bring militia back which is constitutional to take our country back. We too have an extremely corrupt judicial system an extremely corrupt judicial system here in America and the we no longer have two parties that are American we have one the Democratic party is purely communist they are completely communist pro-death they are satanic the Democratic party is literally satanic here in America we have the patriots the Republican party is not you know they haven't gone totally bad yet but we have a lot of rhinos but we see where things are heading we see that well we're seeing in Daniel chapter 12 and verse 3 and 4 he talks about he said seal up we're seeing the unsealing of that book uh of the end times right before us every day now all of the things that the Lord said we would see are they're they're taking place but we know that he that is in us is greater than he that is in the world but we do know also like you said in order for us to take our country back and to have revival there's got to be repentance john do you want to comment on that oh absolutely pastor ernie repentance i mean we've offended god uh every way you could think of i mean from legalized killing of babies to taking god's holy institution of marriage and and turning it into you know sodomy going after children to try and change their agenda throwing him out and they they can't do they haven't been able to do what they've attempted in canada to a large extent here but they do want to shut us down first ernie in those uh hardcore uh cities uh they um they've left cities they they've really given our people no bad time oh january 6th i forgot about january 6th so there's a whole bunch of things that we have to repent here for as a nation i think of psalm 917 the wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget a god past earning so that should be for right now forefront of our minds is uh repenting for the wickedness of the nation and asking for god's mercy and to send an outpouring of the holy spirit absolutely arthur we didn't have an insurrection we had a coup and donald trump is still the legitimate president of the united states um the they inserted joe biden that election was stolen and we know it the vast majority of the people know that we don't recognize joe biden is with any legitimacy at all in fact that that so-called select committee every one of those people on there vinnie thompson nasty pelosi every one of those people on there need to be in that filthy prison jail there in dc where the real christian patriots are today so there is there's a movement here in america a patriot movement and at the same time we see there's a communist revolution they're on a collision course and so again we we know that we still have a lot more freedoms here in america than you folks have in canada uh and you never should let them get your guns uh and so and again as far as the judicial system goes we have a major major uh problem with corruption our judicial system so go ahead and pick it up from there yeah so we have the same problems because this is a global attack on our liberties they are trying to do what failed before i mean this is nothing new we have seen this movie before and quite often i said to the people we must change the script if we will not change the script then we're going to pay the consequences later we must follow what god is saying and i said that when i was in the state i'm saying this that whatever i i go if you want your liberty you must bring the god of liberty back into the society where the spirit of the lord is there is liberty i remember when i was traveling around us i will have lots of people coming to me and i um i probably visited at least half more than half of the states and hundreds of meetings uh within those four months and um i remember people would come to me they said well this will never happen it was because we have the constitution we have the charter rights of freedom and we have the declaration of independence we have the amendment and i would look at them and i said you people are are not getting it when poland poland was the second country on earth that implemented the constitution we were electing kings right after the united states of america we were the second nation to bring constitution when the germans attacked us they did not care about our piece of paper when you were celebrating victory over the nazis when you were celebrating victory over the nazis poland was taken enslaved by the soviet soviet did not care about our piece of paper and you see we we must care about our piece of paper because if we will not stand up for what's right for the hours the wannabe pharaohs will just take whatever they want and that's history that's not pata rdupolowski preaching that's history history is teaching us that those people will never stop they must be stopped or else so going back to the story i was placed on house arrest faced absolutely ridiculous charges and um in september september i think was the uh 16. let me let me jump in just for a minute here and ask you right now if you if we were in canada doing this radio program that we're doing right now would we would we be able to finish the program or would they be knocking on the doors before we got off the air because no actually actually this would not happen you will just simply not be able to have the radio uh podcast or the program they would not allow you to have this you think that you can have a radio like you have right now in canada absolutely not you're not allowed well this program goes up into canada we have a lot of listeners from canada that listen yeah but you are broadcasting from united states so they don't know yet how to stop that but they would never allow you to have a radio in canada like this it would be shut down in a heartbeat um look they're not only stopping regular broadcasters they're coming after youtube my big youtube channel was taken down i had millions of views um we are being censored i can't watch news on facebook in canada i i can't because it's prohibited we are in china that canada is not free we are in a soft totalitarianism dictatorship yes they are not shooting us on the streets yet but i'm telling you if canadians will not wake up and smell coffee that next concentration comes and and being mortared by by your own government that's what's coming unless people will smarten up so um eventually uh i was being sentenced in september and of course as like i said before the judge found me guilty on all of it and a month after i was found guilty on terrorism they withdraw the charge which is crazy they took me through the ringer and then after conviction they withdraw the charge and what remained was inciting mischief 10 years of imprisonment and i think two and a half years for breach of probation september came the pressure the pressure was huge on the government the story was getting bigger and bigger and bigger and eventually judge stopped the proceedings and said this to us i've never seen a judge doing this and i am a little bit you know of an expert it comes over 120 court cases and here's what he said he stopped everything and said i have to go and consult with others about the sentencing and he leaves us he leaves us there in the courtroom goes somewhere talks to someone we don't know to whom he talks to he came back and said time served and i walked out of the court which of course everyone was expecting me to go back to prison the crown prosecutor said a minimum a year the judge said that he can put me away for 12 years if he wants to um but i walked out immediately after the sentencing we filed an appeal and i want to tell you something that absolutely drove me as of december i filed one of the biggest lawsuits in a history of this country i'm going i'm suing attorney general of canada alberta health services i'm going after chief of police personally i'm going after the calgary police i'm going after the city of calgary we are suing our cnt department and its officers we're going after joan and jane doe we are going after individuals that we will uncover through the discoveries we are going after the remand center the prison that puts me in metal cages in psych ward illegally and did all kinds of different things well let me ask you this because these when you do that are these going to be by jury trials are you going to have jury trials um we will see we will see uh this will take many years unless god steps in and lots of money i already had government um operatives contacting me and by the way i should tell you the story before i forget that from the moment i was released from prison and placed on house arrest i had over 10 times government officials representatives coming to my home or contacting me this way or that way offering me bribes i was offered by the government that was offered two million dollars to shut my mouth i was offered a guaranteed seat at the legislature that's like your state representative we have mla i was offered the government job if i don't want to be a politician i was told 250 000 a year i was offered all kinds of perks and incentives i was offered that i will walk free if i will just keep my mouth shut that was going on for eight months finally when they realized i'm not for sale and i told them in the end i told them listen i'm already bought by the precious blood of jesus art of velocity belt for sale amen already bought and uh it doesn't matter you can put a billion dollars on the table and it means nothing to me without jesus i have nothing uh it's just numbers so they got so upset that they started to they hired two fixers i don't know if you're familiar with the term they are political fixers those are the people that will do a shady deal behind when the politicians don't want to get involved and they started to call me threats the blackmail all kinds of different things i was told that the judges bought them paid for that he was ordered to put me in prison if i don't give them a hundred thousand dollars uh and the fifty thousand dollars to the charity of the choice i'm going to prison all kinds of different things so eventually everything ended in september um because i would not i would not bow i just refused to bow i said to them what shadrach michigan abednego said i mean my god is perfectly capable of setting me free but if he chooses not to it's okay but i know this i will not bow before your golden muzzle i refuse to bow um and then god gave me a revelation of what happened to shadrach michigan and then they go when they were thrown into a fiery furnace god dealt with their enemies it was in the fire that god dealt with their enemies in the fire they were set free in the fire jesus showed up in the fire they had a testimony and in the fire not outside the fire it was all in the fire when they finally got their promotion when nebuchadnezzar became the biggest evangelist of all time sending the letter to the whole earth if you don't worship the god of shadrach michigan and bandeghal you are jockey to pieces so um a fascinating story because god told me that instead for christians and this is the message for the christians instead of running away from the fire we should run towards the fire because our answer is when we pick up that cross daily and follow jesus that's where our answer is that's where our freedom is following obedience you know just doing what jesus is commanding us to do so eventually um all of those things stopped they let me be and as of december i filed this big lawsuit we are alleging conspiracy so i'm going after the government for conspiracy to commit crime all those people conspired against my family my brother my wife my my son nathaniel and we are going after them for corruption um miss um malicious persecution abuse of power we're going after false arrests and false imprisonment malicious procurement and execution of search warrants we're going for breach of privacy unlawful discrimination battery and assault i was tortured beaten by the police cruel and unusual punishment breaching the principles of natural justice we're going after breaching duties of fairness breaching duties of good faith and acting in bad faith and or bringing the administration of justice into into this repute and the list is huge if people are interested you can go to on the top there is legal fight when you click that it will take you to the to the page when you can read the document yourself it's massive a lot of things there i'm very super excited about this and and i want you to know that this is not vengeance this is not rendering evil for evil this is justice god showed me that in order to have justice in the lamp justice demands retribution norbert was needed was desperately needed during the time because it sent a message it was a symbolic gesture a message to the future villain that maybe we cannot go after all the 50 000 nazis as as but we can go after few and those few will be hang let me jump in here for let me jump in here for a minute because you know the bible gives us three main missions the first mission of course is uh the great commission there in matthew 28 verses 18 through 20 to go out into all the world to evangelize and to preach the gospel teach the gospel baptize in the name of the father the son only goes but the second one what god's word the bible demands more than anything else is obedience and from genesis to revelation resistance to tyranny is always obedience to god resisted we see shifra and pia we see shadrach mishech and abednego daniel jeremiah and uh hebrew chapter 11 okay all it's always resistance to tyranny is obedience to god failure to resist tyranny is always disobedience to god and the same thing uh it tells you too that the third one is we are to hold fast to the traditions of the apostles not stand down not give up any ground and uh that's that's what we've been doing here all of these years john john mccurnan who's here with me uh him and i i've been like you i've been arrested many many times just for preaching the gospel they they have what they call here uh artura um rico laws they have what they call and they've tried to recall me and that means racketeering and it's been thrown out of court three times uh because in a rico law it means you have to show that you're profiting in some way and the bloody abortion industry the bloody bloody baby killing murdering abortion industry has brought these charges and we had corrupt courts i mean like you had corrupt courts but all three times they had to get thrown out because they could not prove not only was i not make making any money saving babies and we've saved in our ministry over 24 000 since the since going back to the early 70s but we were i lost a lot of money going to jail and going to court uh to save babies and and we've beat them virtually every single time finally in the courts and and in this country here i can you can defend yourself if if you're the only one that's arrested you can defend yourself in your own venue and that's what i did with my own venue would be the book of law and it has to be a book of law that's a the book of a sovereign nation so i've used the king james bible and the king james bible is a book of law 1611 of the sovereign nation of england and so anytime i'm able to do that i'm able to do that 15 minutes of this bible right here they just want me out of that courtroom as quick as they can get me out of there okay and so are you allowed at all to use that as your own venue in canada yeah crazy crazy things have you ever been able to do that in other words defend yourself well if you did that you probably would end up you know for the rest of your life in prison there are famous stories here in canada i remember this one a grandma she was i think in her 80s and there was this villain that took an act and started to break the doors in apartments but because grandma you know her husband was a hunter so she was um you know she was hunting with her husband she knew how to use a shotgun and she fell through the doors so i have a shotgun and i will use it if you will not stop breaking the door with the ox and the guy was doing it so finally when he almost broke the door you know he slashed it to pieces was almost there she shot and she killed him well the police shows up arrested her and charged her with a mortar and that was a big story and we have those kinds of stories all the time a guy here in calgary he was defending himself because he was attacked his store was attacked he restrained the guy he was a martial art expert like you know detained the guy and kept him he locked him up and kept him until the police shows up he was charged with kidnapping um i think illegal confinement some some ridiculous assault and he was facing many many years of imprisonment um so the system is rigged that a system here in canada protects the villain and punishes the victim that's the system we have right now that's the way it is here too a lot of your all your blue cities your major cities george sorrows has set in his public def are his attorney generals and his his prosecutors and these people george sorrow they're bought and paid for and and here uh you know according to those that have used dishonest like this fella here that's pro that prosecuted uh president trump does judge their judge ingron this guy's as corrupt as corrupt can get there in new york i mean he is just totally corrupted uh no it's unbelievable but here the bible says those that use these dishonest and corrupt behavior uh that we see latisha james and this ingron use uh the bible uh the bible refers to them as whores that they're judicial whores okay and uh again you know that's that's what we have here it's getting worse and worse but we have it be and let me just tell you this the one group of people that is most responsible for what we have here are the pastors no place has our lord been more dishonored than from the pulpit those were the men that were supposed to be bold and when when they kicked god out of the public schools in 62 the pastors had the duty to march on washington dc and placed that corrupt court on trial for treason against god and country they failed in 73 when that corrupt court said that what god what god has made unlawful the killing the destroying of his very image the killing of unborn babies we will make legal if you persons a license with mammon to destroy the image of god again the pastors failed they failed one more time to go to march on dc and place that that corrupt court on trial for treason against god and country today there's still there's a handful of pastors here in this country but it's growing i think john what do you think do you think do you see uh the amount of uh patriot pastors growing at all yeah pastor ernie you know i'm here in texas and it's there's a it's everywhere you see in texas uh you have pastors like that i'm very very pleased coming from pennsylvania to texas about the change of atmosphere the the real preaching of the gospel would not won't back down uh patriots so yeah it's here in texas yes bester well and so that's happening there in canada it seems like uh i don't know our it seems like persecution the blood of the martyrs and the saints of the church is is do you see anything any chance of the pastors uh becoming awake there in canada and standing up against the corruption and no actually i i don't think i mean god is god of miracles he can do you know the impossible so if he steps in of course um but on their own i think majority of the so-called leaders have sold jesus for money for silver coin there are three categories of people that god showed me uh they are isas that sold their inheritance the promises of god for a bowl of soup then you've got judas desicarius that did that they sold jesus for money and then you've got peters and for the peters yes if they repent if they will come back to god if they will you know truly repent for for the betrayal god will restore them and they will become great apostles but for the rest of them there is no hope they have done it they're unthinkable they sold the most precious thing the blood of jesus for as you know physical benefit i remember one time he god spoke to me and he said they have rejected my grace my love and my mercy but i will have my revival but it will come through the fire and immediately when he said that i knew that it's going to be a difficult time for many people that he's coming with his judgment there's going to be a fire and then the people will start crying out to him about three years before the big life i had uh i had a dream or a vision i don't remember now hold it right there hold that dream right there and we'll be back right after this you want to hear more when the british armies came from across the bounding maine to attack our native shores in their sailing ships of war to establish tyranny by the orders of a tyrant king paul revere cried his alarms and the people took up arms and they fired up their guns and the greens of lexicon soon the battles would be won and the barrels of liberty would ring those men who fought to keep us free were not afraid to die they drew the strength and courage from his power upon high and cried this battle cry no king no king no king but king jesus the messiah no king no king no king but king jesus the holy one of israel the holy one of israel through the toil and the tears and the last 100 years we abstained from the fight for his liberty and life we've been blinded by the lies so we hardly know what's right from wrong as the anti-christian hordes and their global overlords now surround us holy saints and the camp united states just like Israel of old we now find ourselves in Babylon so now it's time for all good men to seek his face on high and bow to do his will on earth and rise up and defy the light and cry this battle cry no king no king no king but king jesus the messiah no king no king no king but king jesus the holy one of israel the holy one of israel so now's the time for all good men to seek his face on high and bow to do his will on earth and rise up and defy the light and cry this battle cry no king no king no king but king jesus the messiah no king no king no king but you hope you are the holy one of israel is you hear that trudeau you hear that no king but king jesus joe bomb abidin already i have with me tonight pastor archer paulowski and he is the freedom fighter persecuted by the canadian government for feeding the homeless holding church services during the covid pandemic and he will be at the embassy suites on march 8th and 9th as we bring america back to life conference there and guess what it's going to be friday and saturday starts at eight o'clock in the morning it goes all the way to i believe well i believe it goes all the way to nine o'clock at night and he will be there along with mark hulk who's halk who's a pro-life warrior and father of seven who was acquitted of federal charges after defending his 12-year-old son from an aggressive abortion escort we had him on the program once before here john and dr william life the pro-life doc who believes pre-born babies are patients who deserve proper care along with a whole lot other folks out there on this again bringing america back to life at the embassy suites there and and that is right there in independence right by the radio station right down the street all right we're back and we're gonna pick it up with uh you uh pastor archer so we stopped before the break about the visions and the dreams i had which i think they're quite interesting because of course at that time i didn't know what is going to happen so about three years before the decline he showed me and he told me that i am about to see the greatest separation between the sheep and the goats and the sheep and the wolves and of course i didn't know what was going to happen so i started to teach the church about you know the difference between the sheep and the goats and the wolves and all those different things about half a year before the big lie i had a vision and during my vision i saw a fence and i knew the defense represents the entire world and i saw people sitting on the fence and i could not see the end of it and i saw two powerful hands and those hands grabbed that fence those big powerful hands started to shake the fence and violently and i saw people falling to the left and to the right to the left and to the right and he did not stop and i knew those are the hands of god he was shaking the entire earth and people were falling to the left and to the right and when he when no one was sitting on the fence he stopped and then he spoke to me and he said when i'm done shaking no one everyone will have to choose either me or the devil and then the big craziness of 2020 started um so i remember sharing this vision that i had before everything happened i didn't know how everything is going to be unfolding but let me just say something to you i believe that we are in the middle of judgment i believe that god is judging the church and the church failed i believe that the pastors did not pass the test i believe that instead of being shepherds of god's people willing to fend off the wolves and die if needs be defending what's rightfully gods they sold the sheep to the wolves their hired gun they were not willing to die for the job it's just a job to them instead of preaching the truth they preach to the people's wallet trying to comfort them trying to give them half through it which is ultimately a lie because they were afraid that the money will walk away they have truly sold their inheritance for a bowl of soup and um sold jesus for and isaiah refers to him as dumb dogs too afraid to bark and warn the people and are you talking too about the prosperity preachers today those prosperity preachers who who out there today that again and then let me ask you this because you see people that go to these prosperity preachers just to hear to have their ears tickled instead of going to an actual church where the gospel's being preached okay they want to go where they can be never be called upon to do anything what is um there's a lot of noise coming out of here though but anyhow those folks that know better and they stay in those churches where they have these these uh prosperity preachers these well they're not really shepherds are they uh uh the lord will judge them too won't they well you know this is the thing jesus is very clear he said they hated me they hate you they persecuted me they will persecute you so if you're not facing opposition if you're not facing persecution that perhaps you're not doing anything that is a threat to the kingdom of the enemy you're useless in other in other words we must remember that we are called to be god's shepherds we are called to stand for what's right and god has given us a stick and a staff staff the stick is to fend off the wolves and the staff is to keep the sheep um you know straight on the narrow narrow path and what have we done globally we have made deals with the pharisees sadducees romans instead of staying true to the kingdom of god and to his world we made deals with the devil for for money in canada majority of the church churches got millions upon millions of dollars to shut down the church to segregate separate i know churches that hired security guards to keep people away from the church physically to stand by the door and check their nazi passport i know uh 99.99999 percent of the churches in canada muzzled people up segregated them you know didn't allow them they did everything the government was telling them to do and uh that's why the fury of nebuk and nazars of today fall on us because we were like a like like shantak michigan abandagas sticking out um if all the churches would come together the government would never ever dare to do this to us but because everyone bowed you know i'm quite all uh you know often wondering so shantak michigan abandagas didn't bow but what about the rest of the jewish people there they did bow they did comply they worship the golden image and their consequences to worshipping idols and there will be consequences to those so-called leaders that have bowed before the golden muzzle as i call it or the golden job we had pastors here preaching to take the job and because of that they have blood on their hands people are dying left and right and they are responsible for genocide those pastors are going to end up in hell for what they have done unless they they repent so this is the reality the reality once he told me i will bypass them see those people think that they just because they went to the seminary or seminary that they they have a free passage that god is stuck with them i'm telling you he will bypass them and he will raise a man after his own heart a man like david that was smelling like a sheep or a goat or a man like you know the apostles smelling like fish um most unlike candidates for um for the leavers tomorrow i'm preaching i'm preaching a message tomorrow and i titled it the least expected deliverers and i'm speaking i'm preaching about deborah and the and the book of judges god quite often chooses people that we humans would never choose you know they're not the strongest and they're not most powerful um they are just ordinary people that are willing to do what god is commanding them to do quite often they don't want to do it they don't want to be heroes but there's no one else to do the job so they you know god walks around he travels around he's looking whom will go for for him who will stand against the workers of inequity and i'm imagining him going around and looking for anyone and quite often i was the man that said god if i was if i was you i'll probably choose somebody else but if you don't have anybody else here i am use me i wouldn't use myself you know um my story is quite often a story that's why i can relate to moses because moses comes back to god and says well i don't want to do it i don't know how to speak and you know i'm sure you have somebody smarter more eloquent than me and we're going back to this video that circled the earth it was watched so many times by so many people around the world to get out the video um quite often i would say to my friends like i don't get it um there is a guy yelling at authorities with a funny accent and yet that was the inspirational that the whole world needs needed at that moment because god uses the foolish things of this earth and he embarrasses the so-called wise because they're not wise at all right now when i look at this society especially 21st century society we're not getting smarter we're getting dumber the more technology we have the more electronics we have the more dumber we're becoming load four years later you still have some foolish people crazy people driving in their cars alone muzzled muzzled up like some kind of monkey on the leash i don't get it the virus is 1 000 times smaller than the bacteria the stupid thing on your face cannot will not protect you from a pathogen and yet you see people jogging by getting their fresh air muzzled up like monkeys you see people standing in the bath shelters alone muzzled up i i don't get it it looks like we have reached an era where the knowledge increased the information is right there in front of your very nose however because we are bombarded with so much we have become dumber truly dumb creatures the dogs you know i have a dog and you try to put the muzzle on my dog she's going to bite you but when they put the muzzle on the human they were grateful you know arthur arthur back in the old days remember you know you could be as dumb as you wanted to be on the cheap today today to be as dumb as you can be you got to go to harvard or yale or stanford you've got to spend the big money and if you if you spend enough money and you go long enough then you you'll have no idea what a woman is you see they don't know what a woman is they don't know the the uh the the ama here now in america they don't know nobody male or female on birth certificates because they're not sure that there's two genders okay and you see when you're talking about being dumbed down they have things called furries out there today and but you're right the problem too is you got hirelings in the pulpits and not shepherds in the pulpits out there today that's one of the if you're you're right if if the church was to if all of those that had a profession of faith had a position uh they were to stand up let me tell you what they would literally scare that hell that's in the government out of the government if the church only had courage today and what i'm saying is people that stay in those country clubs people are staying those that and they know that they're there they they can be comfortable they're not going to get asked to do anything uh they stand in there for their comfort zone they don't believe they don't they don't deserve anything better than that you know when i when talking about god's word the bible is very clear when you kill a child whether it's by abortion or whatever you deserve to die that's what he tells you there in genesis chapter 9 when he gave us the divine institution of human government when you transgress god's dominion and you violate that you deserve to die you tell these women today that go out and have abortions that they deserve to die god says it's like i'll sue you for that right uh and even those in the evangelical church most of them have been so so dumbed down that they don't really understand anymore the word of god they're shocked when a preacher is actually preaching what the word of god says and that's an amazing thing johnny how much time do i have okay arthur we're running out of time tonight you've got about seven minutes would you like to give an invitation from coast to coast telling folks how they can avoid that burning lake of fire and how they can get to heaven could you do that in eight minutes or seven minutes sure i mean it's quite simple simple um god made it very simple for us to come to him because if he made it difficult none of us would make it god is the creator of heaven and here he is the alpha and omega he's the beginning and the end and then quite often people come to me and they said how come you can do what you're doing you're not afraid um where is this boldness courage coming from listen i read the bible i want to encourage every one of you christian or non-christian read the bible this is the instruction that god has given to us how to be successful on this side of eternity how to win how to reach heaven because this is a training god left us here for a purpose he's training us and there will be new heaven and new earth new the jerusalem is going to come and and god is training us how to be rulers how to have dominion what the first adam lost the second adam got it back on the cross and he's giving it to everyone that is willing to take i don't understand how people can even survive another day without jesus they're turning into drugs into alcohol into all kinds of different perverted things because they need to fill that emptiness of their hearts with 10 000 different other things but they will never be able to do it only god can fill that void that emptiness in in people's heart so if that's you i want you to know that god died for you and he rose from the grave that the cross is yelling from the rooftops i love you i care for you that god gave his only begotten son for you so you would be able to spend eternity with him the greatest gift ever given that the only way that you can come to the kingdom of god is by going to your knee your titles will not save you your bank accounts will not save you your vacation or five cars or rentals will not save you your diplomas on your wall your theological degree i don't care where you walk you can be our bishop you can be a pope you can be a father it doesn't matter without the blood of jesus you're poor and miserable the only way you can come to god is by taking your knee by saying god i have messed up i sinned against you i hurt others including myself please forgive me for all those things it's nothing that a man can do that you can deserve heaven is everything what jesus did and that's why we always have to go back to him it's on our knees and one day every man will take a knee and every time that everything will confess that jesus is lord sooner or later you will have to take a knee take a knee i'm telling you take the knee today cry out to him and if you are a tormented person if you are a person that cannot sleep and is always being chased by all the ten thousand different things i'm telling you the devil is is in your life the devil is chasing you he went the moment you say yes to jesus the peace that surpasses all understanding will enter your life you will be a different man i remember i read this book many many years ago when i was a baby christian the happiest man on earth by dimash shakarian and the moment you say yes to jesus it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor it doesn't matter where you live it doesn't matter what is your color of your skin or if you're a man or woman young or old the moment you say yes to jesus you will become the happiest man on earth because this is a test we are being given a great opportunity to say yes to jesus and to live for him and it's quite simple simple you have to say jesus come to my heart take my life over i turn away from my wicked ways i repent for my sins i want to accept you not just as my savior but also as a lord over my life do with me do with the rest of my life as you please my life it's yours one minute you have one minute i'm sorry go ahead one minute i want to serve you for the rest of my life that's what i did and i have not regret a moment i am the happiest man on earth well praise the good lord for that uh the time will come well that that the only thing will that will mean to everyone listening it mean anything that'll matter is the relationship with the lord jesus christ the folks out there that's that is reality and um and so don't run out of tomorrows tonight don't run out of tomorrows tonight like he said do it tonight actually get down and get on your knees and and ask the lord for forgiveness of your sins and ask the lord jesus to be the lord of your life we are out of time for tonight i want to thank you ardor for being here i'll be looking for you there on january 8th and 9th uh at the coming back bringing america back to life rally and so uh until well until then what we do every night at this time we always do the same thing we always say good night say we always say god bless may god bless okay and then we always say always always always let's do it keep fighting the fight fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor ernie sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content
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