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MmHmm/Mm-mm: How much do we trust the Bucks? Who will win the Super Bowl next year if not the 49ers or Chiefs?

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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February 15, 2024 4:40 pm

MmHmm/Mm-mm: How much do we trust the Bucks? Who will win the Super Bowl next year if not the 49ers or Chiefs?

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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February 15, 2024 4:40 pm

Grant and Paul stop by the show to talk about Grant's experience on Radio Row, plus debate about the Bucks title chances. Plus, which team has the best odds to make the Super Bowl next season and where do the Packers rank in that conversation?

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You need Indeed. Good morning, everybody. My name is Bart Winkler and it is great to be reunited with Grant Bills and Paul Imig for this week's episode of Mm-hmm, Mm-hmm. We'll go around the horn and discuss various topics. I've got a lot that I need to get off my chest.

So hopefully I can do that. We are brought to you by Tupelo Honey. is where you can make your reservations. Downtown Milwaukee, Broadway, and Clyburn. I've been there.

I mean, what I'm getting to is the second hand. How many times we've been going down there. Get anybody coming in town.

Where should we go? We go to Tupelo Honey. Really great food, great service every time. Southern inspired menu to check out. And also, we've got the old Easter brunch coming up on the calendar. So do not miss out there. We'll have more details on that.

Tupelo Honey, thank you as always to them. Speaking of my chest, I'm trying to figure out on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream here, which one of these heads of the Bucks champions is Justin Jackson? He's not on it. Is he?

I don't know. Did you see him talking soup the other day? The guy in the middle looks like Nate Marzian. Very middle with his hair. Who is that guy? He does.

I don't know. How did Marzian sneak his way into the championship shirt? He probably deserves a ring. As someone that has poked fun at his content in the past. I'll give credit where credit's due.

They should probably give him a ring. Do you have a Bucks related at some point, Paul? Because I just got one very specific thing to say.

I do. And in fact, I was going to lead with it. All right, we'll do that here in a minute. We're so back. We are so back. Speaking of back, Grant's back from Las Vegas, Radio Row, Super Bowl, producer, host, chaser down of guest.

You made a lot of moments happen. I will say this, I did watch a good portion of Bill's coverage. I thought it was great. I'm someone who has made fun of his Radio Row coverage in the past. Radio Row is just kind of ridiculous in general. But I did think it was great.

I thought it was great. It's just impossible to know who's going to be available on any given day or any given hour. So it could be 11 o'clock and then at 1130, we have an opportunity to talk to this person. But I'm a preparer, especially if I have a guest on for the first time, I want to go over the top.

And you can't because you just never know. I looked up and Tom Grassi was like 10 steps away. It's like, I've never talked to Tom before, but he's a Packers guy and he was willing to come on.

So it just happens. What an honor. He said Roger Goodell, I haven't told you this, right? He met Roger Goodell. I said, how was Raj?

I don't think I said it like that. I was meeting Commissioner Goodell. He's like the firmest handshake. I bet, like, almost broke my hand and he slaps you on the bat, like really hard. And I said, that's an alpha.

Adam Silver could never. So that was good to hear Goodell slapped him where? On the back. Okay. I thought you said the back side, which might have implied his butt.

Well, I mean, back, back side. And so we talked to grassy. Jordan Love came on the show, which was cool.

Actually a very cool grassy. Did you say, what is it exactly that you do here? I did not, but I could have, because I don't, I don't think, and I would tell this to him, like, I I've never consumed his content before I just saw a Packers face and he was doing that. He was just walking around like, what do you want to come on? And he was great.

He was a great guest, but I'm not familiar with his work. Totally. I just, I don't, I don't, Hey, I don't know. I don't, I've never seen any of the fast and the furious movies yet. Maybe it's like that.

I don't know. Apparently Christopher Nolan would tell us that we need to watch those. I don't know if you've seen the Christopher Nolan endorses fast and the furious movies clips making their way around the socials, but apparently, and I think that to expound on that, Paul. Yeah.

I think that that one, that is one of the greatest things that Christopher Nolan could have ever said by complimenting fast and the furious. Yes. Because what Christopher Nolan does is make a specific kind of movie. Yeah. He and his movies do make money. Oh yeah. But he's also complimenting someone else in the ecosystem of movies. That is not his kind of movie and a high tide lifts all boats. Oh, okay. Sure. So I would like everybody to the next time that Tom grassy watches a random Thursday night football game, go to his stream and just throw money at him. Just, just pour money at him. Cause a high tide lifts all boats. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Is that the type of situation we're dealing with? Okay. So Grant, here's my question for you. I'm sure you did an extensive debrief upon returning home from radio row extensive. What's your biggest learning that you will apply to a future year of producing and hosting on radio row? Well, the agents run everything. You got to know the agents who reps, who, you know, who, who reps, who, who's with what company you got to save that information and you got to kiss, but I met a couple of agents or, or talent people from like networks, NFL network and ESPN, who I have emailed a horrendous amount of times to try to get people for bill and they, and they were like Andrew Howard from NFL network. Very responsive.

Can't always accommodate, but very responsive. Oh, I've got a 0% with him Derek Vollner at ESPN. Like I've emailed him about guests before not super responsive, but I like, I also get it. Like I'm sending so many emails.

So to meet them, to put a hand in a hand and shake hands and I'm the guy and to try to make that face to face connection. Also Dan Orlovsky is the coolest dude because when I wrap up my show, it would have been four in Vegas time, six here, like radio rows, pretty empty. It's pretty quiet. There's people still around.

It's not like a ghost town, but it's pretty empty. And as I'm packing up my stuff and leaving Dan Orlovsky and his rep from ESPN are just going table to table to these small town radio, not the big sets, all the big people have left and he's just going doing five minutes with each table. And I talked to the guys from Boston next to me. I was like, is Dan just doing, he's like, yeah, he's just a really cool guy.

He's just going around and saying hi to everyone and talking balls. So I have, I mean, if I was anybody that is exactly what I would do. And you would think that, well, it might come off like, Hey, I'm somebody.

Do you want to talk to me? But also like, if you're just a station, it's hard to like that. That's that's great. I'm that's great for Dan.

That's a huge, that's awesome. And I'm, and I'm honestly not surprised I get that vibe. Like I'm glad to know that the vibe that I saw is the actual real vibe. I mean, it kind of reminds me like that would make him like the Zach Lowe of NFL coverage, like Zach Lowe from everything I've heard and read and seen is like, yeah, he'll, he'll give you time no matter what, no matter who.

And like, just, just wants to talk hoops, just wants to talk shop. That's, that's great. Basically, some people are so much like I'll never do a podcast again, no more podcasts, but then they do a podcast with Jimmy traina. That was Dana white with a Howie Mandel.

Well, I was talking about Kyle brand, but now Dana, that was a stunt. That was, that was, that was definitely like, there's more coverage for a Howie Mandel podcast that I've ever seen of a Howie Mandel podcast. I didn't even know your CBS coworkers, Maggie gray and Zach Gelb, both very cool. Zach Gelb was at cigars with the stars.

I had to go say hello over a Stogie. Um, and then Florio also very funny guy. He was doing like a little hosted event. Did I tell you guys about this? You did a little bit, but this is not welcome commentary on this channel.

He was doing like a little at the bar at the sports book at Mandalay with like 25 people. And they're all like hardcore PFT people, because the only way he promoted it, I guess is at the bottom of his blog. The only way I stumbled into it is because I wanted a drink. I was sitting like around the corner and I'm like, Oh, Sims and Florio, then went up and introduced myself. And I said, Florio, I'm a packer shareholder. Your hate only makes us stronger.

Please never stop. And we had a, he got a kick out of it. So I, I like Florio now. I always kind of like Florio, but he's cool. He's here. I mean, he's a pretty brutal TV personality. He's, he's not, he's not good. He's a pro's pro.

What do you mean? No, I, I mean, here's what I said about him the other night on this show. I said, Florio, like there's so much he does. Right. But there's also so much he does that is blatantly wrong.

And it's like a 50 50 split. So just when you think you're out on Florio, he'll say something or do something. It's like, ah, I do like Florio.

And then they'll spin it around and just be a complete jackass. My, my favorite Florio take was on pardon my take. Cause they have them on sometimes and they're like, Florio is great, but sometimes in the off season, he becomes like the crazy uncle that has like the doomsday prep basement where if you lock him away, like he'll come up with some takes and rants where it's like way off the reservation. If we can say that. And I actually thought that was a pretty good breakdown of Florida. Like he's the conspiracy theorist guy of NFL media. Although now we've gone way too nuts with conspiracy theories. So I'm going to have to kind of recalculate. So you've been nice grant to far too many people who was a Dick.

Nobody comes to mind. I come on. I truly set you up.

I need to know one guy who was like a little bit, not as kind as you would have expected or didn't give you as much time as you thought. Come on, give us something. That's an easy answer.

Not as much time. That's gotta be Ryan Horvat. Oh no. Ryan Horvat took me out into a club. He took you to a club. Yeah.

You got me in. He was, he was the reason that you guys were at that club. Okay. Okay.

Yeah. He brought me along. He welcomed me into his bet MGM tonight family for an evening and introduced me to the crew, Trista Crick, who also hosts heat check.

You can hear it on the Odyssey app or wherever you find your podcasts. Uh, uh, no cap, no chaser or whatever she says. Um, and he got me into a club. It was like $300 covered, but he knew the guy because I forgot to ask him how he knows Delilah.

That was like my whole mission. And that's by the way, a hell of a throwback for day one, or I guess maybe not day one, but old time listeners. I never asked, how do you know Delilah?

But I do want to be clear. I'm not letting you off the hook with Ryan Horvat. Who was a Dick? Come on, give us, give us something.

We're not, come on. I truly, Oh, I didn't talk to him, but Ryan Rossillo looked like a real jag at the airport. Like he did not look approachable and that's unfair to him because if I would've said, Hey Ryan, love the podcast. He might've been like, thanks man. Appreciate it.

But like just the read I got of his face, I'm like, there's someone I would not approach as a fan. That's fine. Well, great stories. Glad you're home.

Um, so that you can play with us losers a little bit more. We are brought to you as always by happy place, hemp, happy place, promo code Bart for 25% off each and every order. They do have a seltzer now, which you can pick up, uh, at Ray's and Tosa. You can get it at their location in Musko and they've got extended hours.

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So what is your sleep schedule? Mr. Winkler? Well, here's what happened. Uh, today we are recording on the 15th of February. Um, happy side piece day, by the way, that's what today is. If you didn't know yesterday's Valentine's day and then today's side piece day, grant is well aware. I've never heard that before. I didn't either.

I saw one lady tweeted and I didn't even, I was so preoccupied with Ash Wednesday yesterday that I forgot it was Valentine's day. Oh, right. Right. Um, what my sleep schedule.

So I went to bed, I, I went to bed, probably fell asleep about two 15. So that was a quicker one. That was typical. Okay.

Oh, that's not tip. That's early. Then that's earlier than usual.

Okay. Like if I don't take something and I'm, I'd lay there till three 45. So then I woke up, my kid went to school and it was about eight 30. And then I thought, okay, I'm up.

I am up. So you did five hours sleep, give or take the day. I may need a nap at some point, but I thought, well, I'm recording with these boys and they're gracious to give me their time. So I don't want to, so I was like, I'll just lay down, I'll lay down and then I'll get up about 10. I'll get up about 10 30.

That'd be a good eight. And I got out of bed about 12 45. So as we're recording, I've not yet been up for two hours. That's my sleep schedule. You're just napping. You're taking two naps each day, like a middle of the night nap. And then I mean, I was only up for like 30 minutes.

I don't know. I'd still consider that sleep. Okay.

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Try them yourself. Get 10% off your order with the cold move at All right, talk about the box please. Number one fucking just upset. I saw this tweet the other day. I don't know who it was, but I'm going to quote it exactly because I thought it was well phrased. Quote, folks, we can keep talking about defense and coaching.

But if this is the version of Dame we're going to get nothing else really matters. Why can I ask before you? Can I Oh, you do know who tweeted it? I do know. Oh, I was like, Wait, did you write down the tweet?

And what the fuck? Okay. I'm sorry. Grant bills was in fact, the author of that tweet was my tweet. I didn't even Oh shit. What did you say? Well, I wasn't listening because I was so confused as to how you remember to tweet verbatim without remembering who sent it.

Which one was it? It was the folks we can keep talking about defense and coaching. But if this is the version of Dame we're going to get nothing else really matters. So I say to you, we can keep talking about defense and coaching. But if this is the version of Dame we're going to get, this is nothing else really matters.

The bucks are not going to go very far. Mm hmm. Or this is what I wanted to say. And I'm glad you brought that up because I've seen that echoed by other people.

Ty Windish as well. Other people. Basically what I have seen is people that were very upset about the coach, Adrian Griffin, um, wanted him fired immediately.

Okay. We're not willing to be patient at all. Then get doc rivers, some stumbles in the beginning, a nice win against Denver. But then, uh, you know, two steps back against the heat. And then now as we head into the all star break, the people that were very upset about how the bucks have been playing have come to the conclusion. Guys, this is just about Dame. If Dame's hitting, we're winning.

If he's not, we're not. Yeah. That that's all that's always been the case. This team was always, they, they have a team that is good enough to win a championship. They always have, I think.

Okay. It just feels like, and I, like I said, okay, they're playing better on defense, you know, the two games under a hundred, much better on defense. And I'm not saying that the coaching change wasn't a positive. I think that, yeah, it was, it was, it was, I, it was very premature for people to be like that, but they were like, if you're like, Oh, there's gold under here after two, you know, things with your pickax, you don't know. You're just guessing, Oh, they found gold. Oh, good for you. You're a genius. But there was gold. There was a lot of gold. They were right.

It's just like, I just, yes, this is about day. We, we need Dame to score. Middleton's been hurt. Yeah.

You need Dame to score. And the, the, the, the trade deadline really got to me because so many of these people are upset about, I just, I don't understand. I don't understand how anybody in 2024, and maybe, maybe the people that I'm looking at don't have a wife or kids. I mean, that takes up some time.

Maybe they don't have extracurricular things going on. Maybe their job is a piece of cake and I don't know, but there's just, I don't understand how you have so much energy and time and availability to like, give a shit who the 14th guy on this bugs team is like, like there's half of these faces. I don't fucking know who they are. You want a title? Obviously I do. No, but your point is taken.

It's like, Oh, I forgot that guy was on the championship team. Yeah. You're right. So you right.

I don't know. That's, that's where I'm at. So I'm, they're not going to, they're not going to win a finals of Dame is ass.

So even, or even mid, you know what I mean? Like if he's, if he's, oh, by the way, he's starting in the all star game this fucking weekend, if anybody forget. And even if, and even if you're like, yeah, well, he shouldn't be because Jalen Brunson, okay, fine. He should be a top reserve on the all star.

You know what I mean? Like it, it's splitting Harris. Well, he, but he shouldn't be like, he's having statistically.

Okay. Since 2024, Dame's three point percentage is what? 28%. And isn't Giannis is like 29%. So Giannis is a better three point shooter than Dame. Yeah. If that's what the three point percentages are in the playoffs.

Yes. The bucks are not going very far. Like, so obviously to grants or whoever it was on Twitter's question or point, a comment that we're re circulating here, but like he's Dame by Dame standards is having a Dame year. This isn't Giannis where you're taking 60% of your shots near the rim. Long range shooters fluctuate.

Like there's very, there's huge variants. This is not, and by the way, like as good as Dame always was in Portland and all the individual accolades, then, I mean, this isn't entirely Damian Lillard's fault, but they were never that good of a team. They never went very far. This isn't like plucking Steph Curry and say, well, this guy wants multiple titles where he's been to all these finals appearances. Like this, this is, I think this is pretty Dame and people just didn't see much of it because he was playing in Portland for a decade. Okay. Well, I remember Paul, when Dame got here, I, and I don't mean to put words in your mouth or like dig up history, but I remember you being like, oh, they'll win a title. If not this year, next year, like you were as bullish. I still believe that.

Yes. And you were as bullish on this edition as anyone that I've ever met. So now you're looking at me and saying, but this is who Dame has always been. I think, you know, Dame's history better than me. I think you have a better grasp or, or, or did it that you were more excited about this edition and grasped it a lot better than I did when it first happened.

So you tell me if this is what Dame has always been, where's the disconnect. You know what I mean? Expectations were way out of whack for what that's, but that's, but that's why I'm asking. Cause you had title expectations.

I still do very assuredly. Oh, okay. So what I'm saying is like, let's put it this way. Damian Lillard has to have four out of seven games in a series needs to have four 25 point plus games in those seven, their record. It's the 25 point marker. That's like the, the, the line where if he's has, if he has fewer than that, they lose. If he, if he has more than 25, they win. I'm willing to bet out of all the bets that you could have made of what a Grayson Allen or drew holiday package could have been, or could have just kept Grayson and drew that I'm willing to bet that in a span of two seasons, cause that was what I said this year or next year, they're winning a title, which I wouldn't be as bullish on today, but I would still be bullish on it.

Like I still believe that not as a bucks fan, but as an NBA observer, but, but Dame has also had, and it, you know, I know there'll be people who hear this or when they read it, they're like, listen, man, everyone has challenges at home and they battle through them and they still do their job. But like, he's lived in Portland for all these years. He's moving away. He's not seeing his kids. He's going through a divorce, all of this stuff. And yet, so like, see, I think what Yanis is, I think what Yanis is a, a tough superstar to ever then, if, if like, if you're a, okay, Grant, you're 25, right.

And like, you're an NBA hound, but like, if, if Yanis is the superstar that people in that age bracket have watched for the most part for like their development of their basketball lives, he's always going to like, Giannis is predictable. Like when you're good on defense and you're a huge, tall, long dude, and you score most of your points at the rim, you're going to get a pretty consistent day to day, week to week, month to month performance. High floor, high floor, high. Yes. High.

Thank you. High floor, the floor and ceiling on a guard who has to shoot from the outside. And like, yeah, Dame gets the line and all that too. But like, there's a much wider variance of night to night performance, much, much, much, much, much, much, much wider divide of night to night performance. And I think that's been disorienting for a lot of Bucks fans because their expectations superstar consistent. Yanis is a superstar. He's consistent. Dame is a superstar. Who's not consistent for multiple reasons. First off, he's still new in a new city and his first time in a new team, he's not the one, a option, so to speak. And in the fourth quarter, he probably should be, but like there's, there's variants. And I think that's hard, especially when, like, you know, you traded what you traded to get him all of that to say to your tweet grant, if this is what you're going to get, like there's going to be question marks, but I, I also think there's been like too harsh of judgment. I think we've, I think I've gotten from Dame, what I expected to get from Dame that if you, if you get a high scoring night, you win. If you don't, you lose. That's what he is on this roster. So I guess I'm still willing to make that gamble and make that bet that he'll have in a seven game series, four good ones and three bad ones. And you win that series.

Cause I think if he does have four good games out of seven, regardless of the opponent, I think the Bucks win the series. I still believe that. What do you think of that synopsis? I, I have stopped. I, I, you stopped listening. No, I'm not, I'm not a big unfollow streak. I'm just tired of it.

I go online. I see these people bitching about Dame. Like I, again, my biggest gripe with Twitter and social media is that it's, I just don't think you should put your initial feeling on the internet. I agree. You follow over 4,000 people.

How do you do that? I follow like barely 400. That's too many. It's too many. You need to narrow your world view and put yourself in an echo chamber. That's what you need to do. I just, I was always like, well, if you, if you listen to my show and you clearly listen to my show by some interaction or something, I want to follow you.

And I want to know what people are talking about. No, no need. That's like a high school teacher, friending all of his students on Facebook. No need for that.

Unless like those who call my show a ton and are really active on Twitter, like I'll follow some back. But I, I just, I had a realization. I had a realization just today. I was doing some shoveling, some light shoveling as some, some one of my neighbors did my sidewalk. Thank God. Wow.

Very nice. And my snow blower broke, but I have a replacement part, but, Oh, I, I waited too long. And so it's not here yet, but anyway, I had to shovel a little bit cause the sun did some good work for me. And so, okay. So you actually did shovel for you to, you did physical manual labor to get your snow off your driveway.

Good. It was pretty easy. I just shoveled into the ground. I mean, it's pretty easy, but there's a part of the driveway that's steep. And then, so I shovel it into the wall and then I have to pick it over, man.

How do you get, how do you live? And it was, but here's the thing. So I was, I was doing this and it's relatively light labor.

I'm thinking, Oh, you know, anybody could just do this, be done in 10 minutes. And there was at one point when I was like, I just was kind of like resting on the wall. And I thought to myself, I thought to myself, and this is not official till May, but I thought to myself, I'm 40, like my brain needs to catch up with my body. Cause I think your body, you still assume. I still assume I got the same body that I had when I was 21 or when I was like a high school runner. It's like, Oh no, I'm just, I got a little fatter. I got a little, no, I am 40. And so I bring this up because I'm going to start thinking like a 40 year old.

Now I'm going to start thinking. I don't need to follow these children just because they might know who I am. And I have to be subjected to their bullshit unfollow. That was a long way to say, I'm going to unfollow some people because I'm 40, like 3000 people at minimum. So basically whenever I see a tweet that I don't like, I just unfollow.

That's good. You should, um, Grant, it was your tweet. Did anything that I said or Bart's long rambling shoveling analogy changed the way you think about it?

Like, did it reinforce the way you think about it? I mean, where, where are your hopes and expectations given the, the way you framed your tweet and the way that Dame is playing? No, cause I think we, we, for the most part are standing on the same take ground. Yeah. Um, look at this, look at this fucking child's tweet.

I'm just scrolling through Twitter. It was good that you waited to continue talking about this. Go ahead. He does this, you know, go ahead folks.

We can keep talking about defense and coaching, but if this is the version of Dame, we're going to get nothing else really matters. Unfollow look, is it the way I worded it? No, we both agree with you. We're just no, like I suppose I could have worded it.

Like I don't, I don't know. It is a little defeatist sounding. It's like, man, if this is what we're going to get, but again, I would say if it's a, if it's a three for 14 Dame shooting night where he scores 13 points, they are going to lose that game.

Like with 90% probability. I would like for them to not lose to the shitty teams. Like I'd like for them to be able to beat a poor team or an average team when they're at full strength and they're not playing a back-to-back like I would like for them to be able to absorb a poor Dame night. And I think also like my only other complaint, I guess my only other comment is I would like for the bad Dame nights to be fewer and farther between.

It feels like they've been a more frequent maybe than they should be. But, but also you, you, you posted that on a bad Dame night, which was also a game in which Middleton was not available, right? Uh huh. So if Middleton's not available and Dame is a 25% field goal shooter, they will lose. There's like, there's nothing Doc Rivers or Giannis or Brooke or anyone else can do about that. You don't win if Middleton's not available and Dame shoots 25% from the field.

So like it doesn't, it doesn't invalidate what your, your, your tweet was like, and I, I agree with what you're, they, they can't have four out of seven of those type of nights. And I will say for the record, like I, if I, my biggest hesitation, well, okay, you know what, let's turn it, let's try to turn this into a topic on the fly. Your biggest hesitation for the Bucks winning the finals is the health and availability of Chris Middleton. That is the biggest swing factor, the biggest wild card. Mm hmm. Or no. Mine is that they get outplayed by a team. They shouldn't, they get scared against the heat or scared against the Pacers. I don't know.

Like I, I still think that this is a, I'm always going to be flipped the switch guy. Yeah. I just, I just think the bucks have a great roster.

Um, yes, there are holes. Yeah. Very good top heavy roster, but yeah, they have Damon Giannis. I mean, maybe I'm reading too much into that because if the Lakers have, you know, AD and LeBron and they struggle.

Yeah. So I look at our path right now. If we, if we're the three seed, we're playing the Pacers. I mean, I might put a little scratch on the fucking Pacers. Would you really, I re I mean, I, I know that what we've seen in front of our faces, if we win that series, it's a, so three, six would play what four or five, three, well, three, two would be so we're playing two seven. So we got the calves.

That's fine. Yeah. I mean, I'm not saying it's, I'm not saying is there like the Pacers are good.

The calves are playing very well. Oh, Donovan Mitchell's above Giannis in the MVP race. I should hope. I mean, how could you not have that on your ballot? You know what I, you know, I have one gripe about the bucks and I'll be very brief. I don't like that the media is holding Adrian Griffin and bud against Giannis because the NBA media apparatus at large, the national media, and I don't like saying national media a cause it's a cliche and now B because our friend Bart is a part of it. The national media for two years, piston moaned about how the bucks need to fire. But like, I didn't dream that. Right.

Like it was every other week. There was a guy that tweeted that he holds, he's like, I would have put you on us in my top five, but the coach thing unsettles me. Yeah.

Is he an MVP player or not? How about this tweet? How about this tweet from an author that I will not reveal until later.

What this is posted today. What a train wreck of a season. This has been for the bucks.

They are 35 and 20 and eight games out of first in the East. The bucks will now have to go 23 and four, the rest of the way to match last season's league best 58 and 24 record somewhere in the heart of Texas, Mike Boudinholes or has to be smiling. Oh, was it Gary?

It was Gary with an E Jerry Wolf. That was Wolf's post, but we might be woefully late to change topics. Honestly, we're already a half hour into this. We've been dwelling on the bucks.

The bucks bum me out. I'm just kind of, I'm just kind of watching it a distance. I'm not really tweeting much during games. I'm not really interacting. I don't talk about him a ton of my show.

I had Ty Windish the other day who was great, but I'm just kind of in wait and see mode with the bucks. I don't know if it, if it behooves us to like break it down to the itty bitty detail. I think that fans, I think that bucks fans feel like they can change. They can make change. And now some feel they have made change. I'm not convinced that they didn't have a role on that. I just think like bucks, bucks fans think they're WWE fans or if you bitch loud enough, they'll change the, wait a minute though. Like, okay. So or bucks fans had some, no, some bearing on that decision.

No, no. Brewers fans might've had some bearing might on some of the decision making over the last couple of months. We also might have a role in page Spironic coming back to the ballpark this coming summer. Like Brewers fans. I think yes, there is some impact because he is on Twitter. He pays attention to the fans. Facebook people keep friending Mark Antonazio and he like comes up as a friends.

You may know Mark Antonazio does. I know that wasn't very anticlimactic, but yeah, that really pissed me off. What is the right way to say it? You do say it wrong. Anticlimactic.

Nope. You have to say there's an, you have to hit the X on climax. Anticlimactic.

You have to hit like a CT. Anticlimactic. But if you like, like that, that I think that is a gripe I have. If I'm doing a 15 minute monologue off the top of my dome, I get a word. Well, here's, here's what I would say. And I say this so lovingly and you know that, but like, you're not misspeaking. You just don't know how to say the word, but I know how to say so many other words. It's why don't I get credit for the 99.9% of the words I know how to say. Why doesn't Dane get credit for the good games he does have?

Well, that's the case with national media. Nobody wanted to bring up. Nobody asked me about the bucks after they beat the nuggets. Nobody.

And then they lose to the heat and it's like, Hey Bart, what's wrong with the bucks? I did hear you bring that up from a TM national perspective. And that's, you should, you should always say that because you, you were bantering with not only Shep, but with, was it Marco that night? No, it was Pat Boyle that night. And they had, they were all about this Knicks, this Knicks, the protest, which by the way, you were wrong about that. That is a big story. I didn't heard about it.

So they started talking about it. There's like 10 games that get protested every year. They might, the NBA goes, fuck. No, they might win that protest. No, the crew chief immediately after the game said, oops, then that's the game.

You can't, I'm not saying it's not. I'm just like, I'm just saying if there was ever a chance for a protested game to be overturned, this is it. And by the way, if that game does get overturned, like how does that next time they played it, they restart at one 13, one 30. The last time that this happened was in 2008.

Okay. And um, I think it was the heat. They had Shaq who erroneously, they say that one, right?

That was really good. There was a foul called on him. So it got him kicked out of the game.

Oh, and cause, but it shouldn't have been, it was not a six foul. So they replayed, I forget who they played, maybe the Knicks or Charlotte or someone, but they replayed this, the Hawks. We would have heard about it if it was the Knicks would have been a huge story that happened in October or November. And so they replayed it in March.

The next time the two teams played, but by then Shaq had been traded to the sons. Oh my gosh. Wow. So it didn't matter, but they still had to finish.

Oh wow. So they, they were replaying the game cause Shaq shouldn't have been out and yet they didn't have Shaq. Huh? So they, they started, they tipped off, played for a minute and a half and then took a two minute break and then tipped off the new game. I vaguely do remember that. I didn't remember the Shaq detail about then he was in Phoenix, but I remember the restarted game now that you say that. Yeah, this might be the first one.

This one very well could probably should be the first one in 16 years. Cause, but anyway, all of that to say, Grant, you didn't answer the second spontaneous, which was, so I'm just going to say to me, Chris Middleton's health and availability is what would, which is what would hedge me against being confident in the Bucks because I don't trust his availability. If he's there and he's playing and he's not too far from a hundred percent in terms of the total minutes he can play and what he's able to do, I think the Bucks will win one of the next two titles. Unfortunately I, as I, you know, like right before we came on the air, we talked about how there's an Isaiah Stewart injury report that says Isaiah Stewart jail unavailable for tonight's game. For me, I, I, I sent one to some friends after the trade deadline, which was like Middleton parentheses old comma frail and parentheses unavailable to play.

And they all, it's just a lower ankle. But like, I just, I don't, I wouldn't have traded Chris Middleton because I don't think Chris Middleton is good. I do think Chris Middleton is good.

I just spent so many segments talking about it. Then if you never wanted to trade him, I'm, I'm glad to be avoiding all of the discourse. I'm not, I would have, I would have, well, I would have explored it aggressively, but I'm saying it would have, it wouldn't have been because I forgot how good he was in the lead up to winning the championship. Like if Middleton is healthy and available, I'm saying the Bucks win one of the next two titles point blank, because I believe Dame will have a good Dame game, 25 points plus in four of the seven during a series, but they can't do that if Middleton's not available. And my biggest hesitation with saying the Bucks will win one of the next two titles is that I don't unfortunately trust Middleton to be healthy and available, which isn't totally the guy's fault. It's not even kind of like a criticism. It's more of a horse thing than it is a Middleton thing, uh, or a training staff thing or whatever else.

But like that, that's what consists. So Grant is to, what's your biggest wild card of is the Bucks don't win the title. Is it because Dame had more than three out of seven bad games in a series? Is it because doc wasn't, you know, integrated enough into this roster? It was Middleton.

Like where's your, where would you put your highest piece of the percent of the pie? Probably Middleton's health, but that was the case for the last two years too. We do agree. Okay. All right, good.

Uh, real quick, I know you're going to post this pretty quickly Bart, but, uh, so this might be old news pretty quickly. Signed Danilo Gallinari or. I don't care about anybody that doesn't play. So why would he not play though? He would play because he's Danilo Gallinari. I don't care.

I could not, I don't care. Buyout market. Who are they going to get? Oh, Thad Young outside. I don't give a fuck. Ty Windish was very distraught over that.

Well, I mean, that's fine for Ty, but it's like, well, Bucks legend Marvin Williams. I hear you, man. I get it. What's legend Paga soul. Yep.

What do these guys do? Gallinari signing or not signing is not the difference between them winning or losing, but I would say as someone who likes the doc higher, obviously like it's not even like a question in my mind, he's not going to play Bo champ and Ajax a lot. If at all, he might play AJ green now, like if AJ green comes out of this as like the most played young bucks player in the playoffs, you would be surprised or I'm with grant.

I don't want to talk about the books anymore. Did Granny doc likes playing AJ green? That's what I'm saying. Like AJ green might be like the winner of the three young dudes. I just like, okay, so they got Memphis tonight. Just try not to look like shit going into the all star break.

So we're not miserable. Memphis has got nobody available. Like a great just like the heat is your boy GG Jackson even available tonight? Yeah, I think he's starting along with V Williams. It must be Venus. Jordan Goodwin.

Oh my God. Everybody's out. Give me the rest of that lineup. The lineup is Goodwin, Luke Kennard.

If he plays Vince Williams, GG Jackson and Santi. I want to say a lad enough from the movie The Marvels. The planet that's 97% water. Ah, of course.

And Darben tries to take the water there. The blip didn't affect that planet. I was reading ever mentioned it. They never bring it up.

We'd have no fucking way of knowing you're right. I've only seen 12 minutes. So now of the Marvels, but I read about Darben. I was not familiar with Darben's part of this story.

What are the Packers three biggest off season needs? I would say I had to. Alright, so the Can I can I do the Bartle meter question? Oh my God, please. Yes, it's a good one, actually.

Yes, please. Well, Paul, he's in charge of this Thursday's at 10. Yeah, Thursday's at 10 Central, the Bartle meter, which is not me.

No, no one thinks it is, but I'm trying to come up with what I think it will program. Absolutely. From a national perspective, hashtag name of the show today.

What Bartle meter? No, from a national perspective. That's funny. Because like, Grant, Grant, do you do it as a joke, but I've been on other shows and they're like, well, no, from a national perspective.

I don't I'm in Wisconsin, dude. I don't know. This is the problem with this fucking show is we we notice all these cliches that are used every day on every single sports show and we laugh about them.

But then I try to consume other people's content and it's ruined. Well, times a day, someone on Twitter or someone on sports or TV say both things can be true. Two things can be true. Someone in Cleveland, like, do you think Donovan Mitchell's going to get traded? I'm like, what the fuck? I said no.

And then they like made a blog post about it. I don't know. Are they very with the players?

Is he with the coaches, the organization? Alright, so outside of the Chiefs and the Niners, who's got the best chance to win the Super Bowl? Oh, this is awesome. The real debate is where to put the Packers. Okay. So initially, on a rough draft, hold on, let me give me five seconds. You go ahead. Yeah, go ahead. On a rough draft. I was thinking Ravens, Bills in no particular order. No, this is the order.

Okay, go ahead. Ravens, Bills. Eagles.

Yep. Packers. Whoo.

Okay, I love it. Lions. Wow. Cowboys. Yep. Jaguars. Jaguars. Yep. Texans. Wow. And then the Jets. Wow.

If they fire Robert Salah before the beginning of the season, what they want. Okay. Was that and then I was discussing with Grant and we thought, well, if the Ravens and Bills didn't do it when the Chiefs were down and at home.

Yeah. Balloons just went off in Bart's screen for some unknown reason. Dan Cheney, YouTube, which another guy switched Zach.

Shout out to Zach saved 700 bucks. Did you hear my when I was talking about Dan Cheney last time I, when I switched to Dan, he's like, you do your show in your basement, right? And I'm like, yeah, why? He goes, don't you want basement insurance? You've told this story.

I said that you could do the same read more than once. Jackass. You told this story.

Dan Cheney. Okay. So was that nine teams or 10 that you named? I think I ended up naming nine.

I want to do eight. So then, uh, when I was talking about this with Grant in our pre-show meeting, AKA before you got here at the scheduled time, then we decided to put Cowboys number one. Well, I think they're going to get Derek Henry. Yeah. But, uh, but I don't mean this dismissively, but like who cares? Like if Derek Henry is not the difference between the Cowboys winning or not winning a lot. You're right.

It's DAC. And this is the questions are who's number one, most likely to win the super bowl, nine cheats or Niners. And then where do the Packers go?

Is the answer the same? I would not put the Ravens. I don't trust Chris Middleton's availability in the playoffs. I don't trust the Ravens to go and win three, four. I'm not buying into the chargers. I don't think that that's a win that they're not going to go from what they've been to winning the super bowl. So I, I agree with you there. How could you pick anyone in the AFC other than the chiefs?

Right. So that's why I got to go with an NFC team. I think you, but, and that's, what's going to be the explanation, but then who is in the NFC? I'm going to want to put Packers at the Packers are going to beat the lions.

I would, I think I would like to think so. I think from a national perspective, putting the Packers ahead of the lions is kind of Homer. It doesn't mean does not want to come off as Homer. I want to give the Bartle meter, some from a national perspective, some sort of, uh, I'm picturing, I'm picturing myself walking with headphones in as I'm hearing it for the first time that the Bartle meter, which you created and developed, but it's not your opinion. If the Bartle meter puts Packers one, the whole thing's a fucking disaster. If, if the Bartle meter put the Packers ahead of the lions and the Cowboys, I would laugh to my, I would be walking with my headphones and I'd say, Oh, because that was, that would literally be my reaction as lame as that would be, but that would be my rash. Cause I'm like, Oh boy, the Bartle meter has been influenced. Bartle meter thinks an NFC team needs to be one, but it's, it's such a cluster though. Right?

Like there's not a clear, but Bartle meter also likes the bills. I think, may I throw a team into the ring that we haven't discussed yet out of the NFC. Yeah. Yeah. I like the Rams a lot. I did too. I think I would have nominated them to be team number 10. We're all in the, we're all in the Ramley with this team. I didn't like them a couple of years ago, but then they won their super bowl.

Yeah. You never liked my tweet. Like you don't normally like my tweets.

I'm glad you got a kick out of that one. I did interview a guy. I did interview a Rams player. Yes. I retweet you more than I like you. I don't exactly.

You don't throw around cosmetic likes. I do. I like, Hey, remember me?

I liked your stuff. I, Hey, good. And yet who is it? Herman. He still won't follow you.

Yeah, he won't, but Kowski. I literally had to tell him in person to follow me. And he's like, Oh, I, I, I had you on one of my lists. I didn't even know. Okay. Okay. Okay. I believe that excuse because I do lists and I look at the list more than I look at regular Twitter.

So I'm sure I've, I've done the same thing. What about, I mean, there's not a team from the NFC South to nominate, but like what someone's going to win that division and be in the playoffs, Allah Tampa. What depends who Atlanta gets as their quarterback? See, I think Atlanta is like a sleeper here post draft. Atlanta could be in the top 10 drafting or post free agency or post finding a quarterback. Well, they're not getting Jayden Daniels.

If they're going to stay where they are. Cause he's Kurt Benkert's QB won based on 10 minutes, a highlight film he watched does does Dallas in the bar? If you could ask the Bartle meter, this question does the fact that McCarthy and DAC are both in the final years of their deals help or hurt their standing in the Bartle meters perception of them. I would assume it helps since McCarthy is nobody's underdog. So you propelled Dallas.

Okay. Did you hear, by the way, go back and watch James Jones interview on the herd earlier this week, they were talking about Kyle Shanahan. I actually really liked James Jones. Not only do you want me to listen to Colin Cowherd like don't listen to you, but you want me to hear James Jones on Colin?

This is asking a lot, but make your case. James Jones. It was great. And they're talking about Shanahan and his decision making. And he asked, Hey, with McCarthy, did you prepare for game situations?

James Jones waxing poetic. Oh yeah. All, all the time throughout the season.

Randomly you'd think practice would be done. All of a sudden you hear a whistle. Nevermind. We're going to run the situation. It's over time.

This is how much time is on the clock. He said Mike McCarthy was, he was nothing if not prepared for any and all situations. So I might be backing on McCarthy, especially now with Mike Zimmer, I'm backing on the Cowboys. I think we're going Cowboys.

Number one. I think we're going cow. I think as long as you can justify that the Bartle meter recognizes McCarthy and Dak are in the final years of their contracts and that that could in theory be a distraction. The Bartle meter has ruled that it's not going to be a distraction and thus, but I do think that's possible. All right.

Let me ask you this though. Bart, I love the, I love the Cowboys love content wise. Let's say a fully healthy Rams team meets a fully healthy Cowboys team at AT&T stadium in the divisional round next year. Who are you? Who are you?

Who would you pick? Dallas. Come on. Really? Yep. Stafford is, Stafford is very old, like in quarterback, very, very good.

Well, my question again, not to continually be rate Middleton's health, but like you have to ask yourself, is Stafford available for that game? True, true, true, true, true. I think Jacksonville should get some love here. Jacksonville.

Yeah. But I once heard that, that Trevor Lawrence is Daniel Jones to this point in his career. Statistically, they are similar.

I would give more upside to Trevor Lawrence. Are they not identical? Oh, wait, wait, wait. Did you not have Cincinnati? Oh, fuck my dick. Well, that's one way to respond.

Tim post 51 30. Aren't you glad you have, I'm glad I brought it up. Yeah, dude. Cause I mean, it's hard, right? Cause you're looking at the standings. You're like, okay, bangles are, but not to, not to bring up Chris Middleton again. Do you trust Joe burrow to be available for that game?

Bangles are one. Simply put the team I forgot is now number one. I love the only guy to beat my homes. I, I would flip a coin with Buffalo and Cincinnati. And I think the coin would come up Cincinnati in terms of like AFC number one team. If it's not the chiefs, if it's not the Niners did Miami, did the dolphins not make your top 10 dolphins are not in the top 10.

That's a, that's a, that's an extraordinarily hot take. Well, the dolphins can't for, for them to go to a super bowl, they need to be the number one seed and only play at home. And they're not good enough to beat good teams to get the number one seat. So here's my only, here's my only feedback for you slash. Well, maybe I can put them ahead of the Texans.

I think you should. I really liked the Texans. I've always believed in all their top players, the dolphins, the like, don't forget their defense was decimated by injuries by the end of this season.

Like totally decimated. I like, by the way, I think they're absolutely out of their minds to do what they're being reported to do, which is to lock up to a now and give them the money and like, God, I would, that that would be my hesitation. Like what's the biggest thing holding the bucks from winning the title in my mind, whatever we talked about that. What's the biggest thing that would hold the dolphins from reaching their peak for me is like, Oh my, you're really going to commit heavy to tool.

Like why? Well, if he accepts like 28 million a year, he will. Cool. No, no, I'm saying if he would good, it's a good deal for Tua.

If we're talking like 40 to 50, you're, you're out of your mind to do that for him. All right. The dolphin should be there ahead of the Texans. I'm going to pull the plug since Grant has got to do a show soon. And they should certainly be ahead of the jets. I know you want to do your funny Robert Sala thing, which will be entertaining. But find a Jets fan that disagrees or a member of Jets media that disagrees by the way, with that thought process.

I'm not saying it's wrong, but I'm saying they won't fire Sala and thus it's irrelevant. I have one more question. You want the Packers to be the opponent for the Eagles in Brazil on that Friday night. I don't cause I'd have to work. Oh, that's a very unique angle that only applies to a few people.

One of which is I didn't, I didn't answer. Obviously I really do value. So wait, would that be the second game of the season? Would there be the first night first verse? Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Cause there'd be the Thursday night game Friday nights for high school kids. I don't want to be a part of that.

Something that takes away from the Friday night lights and the boys of fall. But let's be honest, you're going to watch that Friday night game in Brazil. What time would that be on central time?

Do we know? Uh, Brazil's two hours ahead of the East coast. I think two hours ahead of the East coast.

Okay. So that game could start at like five o'clock for central. Four o'clock.

Yeah. It's three hours ahead. It's six 15 in Brazil as we talk at three 15. What, what city was this in? Sao Paulo. That's the only one I could have named and thus would have been my guess. Rio de Janeiro.

Okay, sorry. I could have named two, but Sao Paulo. Or the Olympics were. Yeah.

And the other city there. Do they have the game time for this though? Seriously? I bet the game will start at four 30 central time.

So actually you wouldn't have to work. They're not going to start that thing local time past seven 30. Oh yeah. It's like longitude longitudinally. It's like out in the middle of the fucking Atlantic ocean. I thought that North people think that South America and North America are like this. I did.

I did. It's diagonally. Yeah. It's, it's closer to Iceland longitudinally than it is to New York. It looks like maybe about, it might be pretty close Greenland at the very least Greenland. Well, Greenland is covered in ice. Yeah. If you take South America, that's why it was named Greenland back in the day.

According to you take South America's Western most point. It is like Cleveland. That's wild. Say that one more time.

South America's Western most point lines up with about Cleveland, Ohio. Yeah. Wow. People do forget.

They do. So again, I would say if that game is not at four 30 on a Friday, send four 30 central time, which again, they're going to start local time around seven 30. Yeah, I want it.

Let's do it. Unless we think it's going to be like a relatively significant disruption. We know how Matt Leflore always nails weird travel schedules. It's not the worst. Cause they've got it's week one and then they'll come back by Saturday and have some time to unwind. And yeah, it's young kids now, you know, it's just a bunch of kids.

They have 40 years old, like, you know, shoveling the Dick shit out there. We're going to do a, we're going to do some brewers next time. So Bart, I just want you to be pre-excited for that. I am excited. I'm excited.

Thanks to our friends at Tupelo honey, I did want to talk, whatever. I'm sorry to hijack your, but I had to, I had to prepare for my show and I'm glad you did because the Bart-O-Meter would have been proven to be a pile of junk. Tony is recycling material between his show, my show and your show, by the way, he hit me with a, which one of the worst draft capital teams is in best position to make the playoffs. I said, I said the bears, what did he say? I'm a pretty good caller.

I'm a pretty good caller. And I said, you are, but it's weird for you to say that. Um, it's almost like, it's almost like your pickleball, your world renowned pickleball coach that called the national perspective the other night and gave a weird take on something. I don't even remember what it was.

I just know that he first brained about being a, Oh, I'm a really, I have a lot of really smart thoughts. And then it was something about, do you remember what it was? It was something bizarre. I'm telling you this crowd work I'm doing gets exhausting. It's pretty good though. You got shit on by an eight year old. You're pretty good.

You're not Jr, but you're fine. I laughed at my car. He even timed it pretty well, comedically speaking, right? I want to use that as a bump back. I liked that.

He waited just long enough for you to go. Thanks Teddy. And then who chooses your bumper music by the way. And I'm with you. You don't acknowledge the bumper music.

That's I think it, uh, I think it's just random CBS, whatever's in the file. It's pretty, I like it. I miss some of the old Winkler classics, but it's pretty good. I'm going to, I gotta, I gotta do a lot. I gotta get an open going.

I gotta, there's a lot I gotta do, but I spend my time in the middle of the day struggling to lift snow seven inches and then talking with my friends here. So bye dudes. Thanks guys. Bye. Bye. Bye.
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