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Is It Kosher to Hate Hamas?

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 15, 2024 4:50 pm

Is It Kosher to Hate Hamas?

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 15, 2024 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/15/24.

The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown
The Line of Fire
Dr. Michael Brown

So, is it kosher to hate Hamas? If you're a follower of Yeshua, if you're seeking to honor God, do what's right, you are in the line of fire. We are all in the line of fire today. It is the reality. If you're a follower of Yeshua, if you're seeking to honor God, do what's right, you are in the line of fire. We are all in the line of fire today.

It is the reality. If you're a follower of Yeshua, if you're seeking to honor God, do what's right, you are in the line of fire. The question is, how can we stand strong? That's what we're here to help you do. 866-348-7884. Tomorrow should be the day where our frontline newsletter goes out.

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Sign up there and I'll be getting to your calls a little bit later in the broadcast. So with Israel's ongoing war with Hamas, not a tremendous amount has changed. Israel continues to make progress in southern Gaza, but there's a real concern if they launch an all-out offensive in Rafah where so many of the Palestinians have fled to the south, living in makeshift tent cities, wherever they can huddle together, a very difficult situation on humanitarian grounds. Some are saying that America and others, you can't move forward unless you have a clearer way to deal with the civilian population.

But progress continues to be made on the one hand. On the other hand, the crisis for civilians continues to mount. The exact number of Hamas terrorists that have been taken down is debated. Let's say there were 30,000 active terrorists and then sympathies of many in the larger populace. But have 10,000 been killed? Have half been killed? To what degree has the infrastructure been decimated?

All ongoing questions. The fact that Hamas is continuing to talk about hostage release and things like that means they're under pressure because if not, they would not do this at all. But even that, there can be progress. And then Israel says Hamas's demands are crazy.

It's not going to happen. And this is always through mediators because they're not going to negotiate directly. Israel recently got intel on where a couple of hostages were, two older hostages. And it's kind of like Hollywood movie type scenario.

We're able to go in and rescue them. That brought a lot of encouragement to the Israelis because otherwise it's just such an ongoing, painful, difficult situation. But nothing in a major way that you could say is new. And as I read lots of proposals and different ideas about how to move forward the day after the war and what would it look like. Israelis and Palestinians living side by side. And what is the best solution and different aspects of a two state solution being revived and others saying that will never happen. I still don't see a viable way forward.

In other words, I have more questions than answers. All the more reason that we continue to pray. The question is that we're going to address today is what should our attitude be towards Hamas terrorists?

My friend, Rabbi Shmueli, wrote an article. I was going to get into it last week, in fact, on our Thursday broadcast, Early Jewish Thursday. But we had an Internet issue in the studio where we're going to be broadcasting from in Fort Worth.

So we had to play a repeat show. My apologies for that. But he wrote an article titled Hating Hamas is kosher. Hating Hamas is kosher. Just as there is kosher love, there is non kosher love.

And just as there is non kosher hate, there is also kosher hate. So I want to read through this and think it through with you. All right. So this is from last week. He said this week, my family and I hosted the parents of Shani Luke, the most famous victim of October 7th. So a young woman who was killed and then her body paraded and people.

So, you know, she was dancing at the rock festival first. And then she is she's then be her dead body's being paraded in Gaza. In the early hours of that horrific day, she was shot in the head, murdered by Hamas terrorists, who then stripped her naked and took her in a white pickup truck with five terrorists sprawling their legs over her mangled and bloody corpse. Her body was desecrated by hundreds of onlookers yelling Allahu Akbar at the Torah dedication. We completed last Monday night in front of a thousand people. And on a panel discussion with Robert Kennedy Jr., I said publicly that Shani is arguably the single most violated woman in world history.

Never before have some one billion people watched a video of a murdered, attractive 22 year old paraded in her underwear as men beat her corpse in the name of glorifying their God. Shani's mother, Ricardo, is a German convert to Orthodox Judaism. And I asked her in the panel discussion with Bobby Kennedy if she regretted moving to Israel and becoming Jewish.

No, never, she responded. And echoing the most famous and eloquent speech of the Bible delivered by King David's Moabite great grandmother, Ruth, she said that the Israeli people are her people. She is a Jew. Her remaining three children are Jewish and that she would live nowhere else. She also revealed that the IDF had told her and her husband that two of the five terrorists shown in the video had already been eliminated. I expressed my satisfaction and said, I hope the other three would be killed by the IDF as well. She disagreed. I don't want to be angry, she said. Whether they live or die is not my focus. Ruth says, what a great woman.

Wow. Bobby Kennedy echoed that sentiment, saying that he had worked for 10 years to have Sirhan Sirhan, the Palestinian terrorist who murdered his father, released from life imprisonment. Bobby believes that Sirhan was only part of a larger conspiracy to murder his father.

Bobby spoke eloquently about the power of forgiveness. But respectfully, she says, I would have none of it. The Bible is clear, when your enemy falls, you should not rejoice. I have no feelings of elation when the IDF kills Hamas terrorists.

I'm not happy about it and I would never gloat. Rather, with two sons fighting in the war as IDF soldiers and with four children living in Israel, I simply am thankful that these monsters cannot murder innocents any longer. Yet I believe strongly in the concept of kosher hate and devoted an entire book to that title. Just as there is kosher love, there is non-kosher love, and just as there is non-kosher hate, there is also kosher hate. Rabbi Shmueli writes, kosher love is the affection that a man feels towards his wife, non-kosher love towards his mistress. Kosher love is what we humans feel toward Mother Teresa or the Dalai Lama. Non-kosher love is what the Germans felt toward Adolf Hitler or what many Palestinians feel about the Hamas Hitler, Yahya Sinmar, whose life Israel stupidly saved when they operated on him in prison to remove a brain tumor. Likewise, non-kosher hate is what the Klan feels toward blacks and Jews, and what American abominations like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar feel toward Jews and Israel. Kosher hate is what decent Americans feel toward Osama bin Laden and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Bobby Kennedy, who is eloquent on the subject of grief, having been subject to more than anyone's fair share, disagreed. Shmueli, I won't allow myself to ever hate.

Once that poison gets inside you, you can't control it, and it becomes all-consuming. The great Elie Wiesel, Shmueli says, my mentor, hero, and beloved friend, once told me the same thing. I asked him if he hated the Nazis and Hitler. He said, no, because hatred is a cancer that spreads.

It was the only time in my life that I disagreed with that great man. Shmueli says, why should we believe that hatred cannot be focused, directed, and controlled? Why believe that hatred is only a cancer that spreads indiscriminately outside of any human control of agency? Can I not focus my hatred solely on the SS, the Gestapo, Al Qaeda, the Klan, the Iranian terrorist government? And once we say that hatred is something we should never entertain, lest it consume us and have us hate innocent people, why not say the same thing about love?

No one would tell a wife, look, be careful falling in love with your husband because you won't be able to control it and soon you'll be having an affair with a coworker. Don't love your children because you'll soon fall in love with a Hitler Youth. We humans are fully capable of controlling whom we love, whom we admire, whom we respect, whom we detest, whom we approve of, and whom we hate. I have zero hatred in my heart whatsoever towards Arabs, Palestinians, or Muslims. To the contrary, I love them as my equal brothers and sisters under God.

When I see a Muslim woman in New York wearing a head covering, I often walk over to her to salute her for the proud and public display of her faith. What I hate is Hamas, the savages who shot Shani Luke in the head, stripped her naked and desecrated her body all because she was guilty of being Jewish. Since Israel's catastrophic withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, the Jewish state has waged five wars against these terrorist monsters. Each time, Israel has stopped the war after just a few days or weeks in the belief that, quote, mowing the lawn would be enough to stop their annihilatory ambitions against Jews. Then came October 7th, and we learn that without Hamas's total destruction, Jews will continue being murdered by these savages for the next thousand years. This is exactly why at Casablanca, without even consulting his ally Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt declared that he would demand nothing short of unconditional surrender from the Nazis.

Churchill was convinced FDR had made a huge mistake in bending into Rakhine. Unconditional surrender meant the Nazis would fight to the last man and the last bullet to defend their furor, a prediction that proved absolutely correct. Indeed, the Nazis continued to fight even after Hitler had blown his brains out in the tunnel underneath the Reichstag on 20th April 1945. Still, the American president refused FDR understood that without finishing off Nazism completely, the Western democracies would be fighting the German monsters for decades or perhaps centuries to come.

It was only with the complete and utter destruction of Nazis and German militarism that the German people themselves eschewed all Nazis and purged it, at least partially from within. Unless Hamas is destroyed to the last terrorist fighter with an unconditional surrender, Israel must understand that, God forbid, its future is precarious. Alright, that is Vintage Rabbi Shmueli, passionate, holding to his views, eloquent and clear in what he presents. How do you feel about it? What do you think about hating Hamas? What do you think about hating terrorists? What do you think about hating people who make money off of trafficking, sexual trafficking of infants and children? Is it right to hate? When the psalmist says in Psalm 139, I hate those who hate you with the perfect hatred and saying that to the Lord and then saying search my heart, was he saying, hey, search my heart to see if there's any wrong attitude or I know my heart is right here, but maybe there's something wrong somewhere else. Can you want to see Hamas wiped out without hating individual terrorists?

Those are questions to ask. Do you forgive a terrorist before the terrorist says repent it? Do you forgive a terrorist and not sentence that person to prison or death, depending on what they've done? Do you forgive a terrorist in the midst of a terrorist battle while they continue to wipe you out? What's a Christian response? What's a kosher response? So I'm going to give you my thoughts on the other side of the break and then I'll get to your calls. And I've got another article I thought was worthy of sharing on the air today. Number to call 866-348-7884.

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Welcome, welcome to Thoroughly Jewish Report. I'm about to get on the broadcast, 866-348-7884. I am about to write to an older athlete that wrote to me asking for some dietary advice based on change of lifestyle that Nancy and I have implemented over this last decade. And when I realized he was, I knew him in another area. I didn't know that he was actually an athlete as well.

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And all the information is on the TriVita website, And the code to use those ordering to get the discount and to get their monies donated right to the Line of Fire is BROWN25. OK, so my thoughts on Shmueli's essay, this article. On the one hand, there is a righteous hatred for sure. A righteous hatred of evil. To love what is good is also to hate evil. I've often prayed, God, help me to love what you love and hate what I hate.

You know, sometimes we can be tempted to do wrong or can have a pull on us. And in my heart of hearts, I want to hate those things that God hates. So we could agree on that, that that can be kosher hate or Christian hate, hating evil itself, hating the work of evil, hating the effects of evil.

Hating Nazism, hating terrorism, hating human trafficking, hating all all types of things that bring destruction on others. So we we hate those things. Absolutely. Absolutely. We can hate the effects they have.

But do we hate the individual behind them? I would love to see Hamas wiped out in terms of their ability to ever hurt Israel again. What I would love to see even more would be radical change of heart and repentance. Those who've taken lives, turning themselves in and taking the punishment that comes their way, others laying down their weapons and repudiating their ways and starting a new life.

I would love that far more. Now, I don't I don't know that Shmueli would differ with me on that, that Shmueli would say, no, I want to see them all destroyed. You know, he said unconditional surrender. So if they had a change of heart, wonderful. And again, those that have committed certain crimes have to come forward and pay for them. You can forgive someone that murdered, but that person still goes to jail as a murderer.

You there may be just an interpersonal thing and say, hey, I'm not going to press charges. I'm just going to walk away and forgive. There are other things where lines are crossed where there must be prison sentence. There must be a penalty because they have broken laws and the laws stand. And we can't just say, hey, tell you what, I forgive you for doing that.

Just don't do it again. We may be letting a serial killer go loose. So saying that there should be a just sentence does not mean that you can't forgive. I know that there are court cases. I've read very moving court cases where families of murder victims have gotten up and made public statements at the trial for giving the person that that destroyed their lives, destroyed their family's lives. I read some very moving testimonials from some of the family members whose whose loved ones were slaughtered, a white killer in a black church in South Carolina a few years back and read some of the words they spoke at the trial.

You think, how did they do that? How how could they speak of forgiveness in the midst of such horrific loss? But they also realized that this young man was a lost sinner that needed the Lord and that they wanted to see him saved while yes, rightly going to jail for the rest of his life. So yes, he will pay that crime, but they want to see him redeemed and changed. If you hate that person, you don't want to see them redeemed and changed. If you hate that person, you just want to see them destroyed.

Now again, Rabbi Shmueli may come at this from a different angle in terms of his ultimate desire. I'm sure he would also say his greatest desire would see their repentance as well while they suffer for their crimes. But that's actually an attitude of love towards that person, not hate. Because if I hate someone, I want what's worse for them.

If I hate someone, I don't want to see any positive outcome. I don't want to see their repentance. I don't want to see their redemption. I don't want to see God welcome them on any level, even if they they went through a thousand prison sentences. If I hate them, I want them to rot forever. I don't want to see them redeemed.

I don't want to see them changed. And that is the great power of the gospel, that we can literally love our enemies, that we can literally bless them. That's what Lisele is saying. That's what Robert Kennedy was saying.

That's what Shani Luke's mother was saying. That was their emphasis, that when you start to hate, it now consumes you. You know, someone says when you have a bitter, vengeful spirit, you're basically digging two graves.

The grave of the person you want to hurt and your own. So can you categorically hate evil? Yes. Can you categorically hate the horrific, despicable, mind bogglingly evil acts of Hamas on October 7th? Absolutely. Can you want to see justice? Yes.

Can you want to see Hamas so decimated that they're unable to hurt another Israeli in the future, that they no longer exist as an entity? Yes. Can you also want to see individual terrorists saved? Yes. Can you want them to experience forgiveness of sins? Yes. Could you want them to experience true repentance?

Yes. Because you still care about them as human beings. You recognize that as evil as their deeds were and are, as inexcusable as their deeds were and are, they're also products of their own environment. They were raised in a certain environment. They were indoctrinated from their earliest days.

Their perceptions of Israel are the worst imaginable and where they've had first hand negative dealings with Israel or lost family members who were bombed and things like that and killed by Israelis in other ways. And you add in radical Islamic ideology, yes they're guilty, yes they're accountable to God, yes what they did is punishable by law, 100% to all of that. At the same time, they're also victims themselves. It's like when you read about someone who's a sexual abuser.

It's inexcusable, there will be accountability, they must pay the full price of their crimes, but many times you read that they themselves were sexually abused as children. So they sinned and they're guilty of their sin and there's no excuse for it, but they were also sinned against and that corrupted who they were as human beings. So in the midst of our condemnation of evil, in the midst of our renunciation of evil, in the midst of our categorical denunciation of those things that are despicable in God's sight, we also care about the human beings involved. So for example, if there were ISIS terrorists who were about to shoot and kill innocent Christian children, I would rejoice if snipers took them out. I would rejoice that the children's lives were saved. I would still grieve over the lostness of these people who thought they were doing God's work and were actually doing the devil's work. That's my perspective, that's my understanding through a gospel window, and it's certainly a conversation that needs to be had.

You can have righteous hatred while still loving individuals and still mourning for their lost condition, recognizing how much mercy God has had on us. Alright, those are my comments. Now we go to your calls. 866-348-7884.

If it's Jewish related, it's kosher for Thoroughly Jewish Thursday. And then another powerful article I want to share with you before the broadcast is over. Don't go anywhere. This is how we rise up. Heavy as a hurricane, louder than a freight train. This is how we rise up.

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Donate monthly. It's the line of fire with your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Get on the line of fire by calling eight six six three four. Truth. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Welcome back to thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

My delight to be with you going to the phones momentarily. Paul writes in Romans one sixteen, well known words that the gospels to the Jew first and also to the Greek. It is imperative, I believe, on on all of God's people around the world to have that heart, wanting to see Jewish people saved, wanting to see God's purposes for Israel fulfilled.

But many don't have an outlet. You don't have a way to share the gospel with Jewish people. You're not in the Jewish community.

You feel ill equipped. Well, let us be your hands and feet. Let us be your voice as you partner together with us.

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So what a joy to hear that. So this is how you can be on the front lines of Jewish evangelism. Well, the same time on the front lines of pushing back against the growing vile tide of anti-Semitism. So go to the line of fire dot com. Click, excuse me, the line of fire dot org and click on donate monthly support. The line of fire dot org. Donate monthly support. Or you can call 800-538-5275 800-538-5275 and say, hey, I want to bring the gospel to the Jew first. I want to join your support team. All right. With that, we go to the phones.

We'll start in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with Jamal. Welcome back to the line of fire. Yes, sir. Always a pleasure, Dr. Brown. How are you doing today, sir?

I'm blessed. Doing well. Thank you. Yes, sir.

I wanted to ask what. How can we prove who the area of Jerusalem belongs to? I keep hearing it belongs to Palestinians and other folks. I hear that it belongs to the Jewish people. Of course, I wanted to ask your take on it and see definitively who we can say who Israel or Jerusalem belongs to. Yes, sir. So, number one, from a spiritual perspective as believers.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say Israel. Jerusalem. Jerusalem.

Yep. So, from a spiritual perspective as believers, right, we all say it's God's land. It's God's world. It's God's land. And it's up to Him to give it to whomever He decrees. So, from a spiritual viewpoint, it's God's land and He's given it to the Jewish people. From a historical viewpoint, the U.N. partition plan, which the world voted on, put part of Jerusalem in Israel's hand and other basically under international control. As a result of the war, then the old city of Jerusalem now came under Jordanian control. But as a result of the Six Day War in 1967, Israel now possess and controls all of Jerusalem.

So, it's that simple. There was a war, a defensive war that Israel had to wage. As a result of that war, the borders of Israel were expanded.

This happens around the world. That's how borders of America were expanded. There were wars, you know, happens through history. So, Israel controls, owns all of Jerusalem, the old city and the rest of Jerusalem. It has jurisdiction over it, leadership over it, control over it, and seeks to work peacefully with the Arab Jewish populations, Christian populations that live there and to live side by side. So, under the partition plan, part of Jerusalem would have been under international control. After the War of Independence, when the five surrounding Muslim nations tried to wipe Israel off the map, then the old city of Jerusalem came under Jordanian control. But since 1967 and the Six Day War, it has been 100% under the control and jurisdiction of Israel. There have been discussions and a two-state solution, then the Palestinians would have East Jerusalem or there would be international rule over it. But bottom line is, Israel says Jerusalem is our eternal capital and it remains our capital and it's ours. And since 1967, that is the reality on the ground. It is owned by and controlled by Israel. Cool, cool. Thank you very much for that explanation.

I want to see if I can just try to put that in my own terms. So, the Jewish people were there and then they had to fight a defensive war. Is that correct?

Right. So, okay, if you back it up just in history to give you the context, Jerusalem was the capital of ancient Israel. Every year, traditional Jews pray next year in Jerusalem.

The goal is to be back in Jerusalem. Jerusalem was never the capital of a Palestinian state or anything like that. So, in 1948, the partition plan, part of Jerusalem was under international control and Israel had part of Jerusalem. With the war of independence, Israel lost part of Jerusalem and that came under Jordanian control. Then, Six-Day War in 1967, Israel fights against the surrounding nations, expands its borders and takes control of all of Jerusalem. Very emotional moment. In fact, if you ever see the video of it, Moshe Dayan is praying at the Wailing Wall. And other Israeli soldiers are weeping at the Wailing Wall because they haven't had access to it all these years.

So, they then retake it, reclaim it and from 1967 on, it has belonged exclusively to Israel and the Jewish people. Hey, thank you my brother for the call. I appreciate you asking. Alright, let's go over to Louisiana. Richard, welcome to the Line of Fire.

Hi, Dr. Michael. I kind of had a question about the sacrifice of the blood on the cross. Kind of my situation and, you know, like reputation and stuff like that and what that means for forgiveness. Okay, I understand the reputation part.

Could you explain that? Well, maybe just what people think of you, for who you are. I don't believe I'm a very good person. I believe I'm probably one of the worst sinners in the world.

I've done horrendous things and I try to follow God. Do you understand the purpose of the cross is to say we've all sinned, some have done worse than others, but we've all sinned, we all deserve God's judgment. That should have been us on the cross, but instead Jesus, who's absolutely perfect, is God in the flesh. He took our place on the cross. He took our punishment and He could say it's like we all owed a million dollars that we could never pay off. And His credit card was so big, trillions of dollars on His credit card account. He said, alright, I'll pay it all.

I'll take it all on my shoulders and they can go free. That He pays for our sins, not so we can go and sin again, but so that we can now die to our sins like He died and lead a new life with His power and help. Do you understand that aspect of what the cross is all about? Yes, that sounds, take up your cross and sin again. Yes, amen to that. But do you understand that your forgiveness and right standing with God comes entirely through what Jesus has done, not through how good a person you become. We're called to live new lives, but we're forgiven, not because we do a lot of good deeds or we pray a lot of good prayers, but because of what He did, paying for our sins on the cross.

Is that reality to you? Yes, I believe that. That He came down and died for my sins. The key thing, Richard, and what I'd encourage you is, if there are things you've done where the law has been broken and you need to make things right, then it's important to go and do that. It's important to go to authorities and make that known, even though you're forgiven. If you have sinned against individuals and ask God's forgiveness, but not theirs, it's important that you go to them and make things right.

That's important as well. But in God's sight, it's important that you renew your mind that you are not the worst of all sinners. If you have truly received what Jesus did on the cross and embraced Him as Lord, then God doesn't see you as the worst of all sinners.

He sees you as His son, as His child. And then with His power and grace, you can lead a new life where you don't repeat all the things from the past. The key thing is, though, it's got to be lived out in the midst of a community of believers. Find others who preach the good news of Jesus, that really believe in being born again and leading a new life. And then based on that, you can live an empowered life. You know, we normally take questions that are just Jewish related on this Thursday broadcast.

Initially, I thought that's what the question was, but I'm glad we did get to talk. There are many fine churches you can find wherever you are in Louisiana. But look at one that believes the Bible is God's word and talks about what Jesus did on the cross and the clearest ways and new life in Him.

And if you're not plugged in, try to get plugged in because it sounds like you really need some folks around you and some pastor leadership to help you grow and give you insight into what comes next. So may the blessings of the Lord be yours. And for everyone else, remember, Yeshua on the cross paid it all, not as a human sacrifice. God deplores that, but rather as the righteous one laying down His life for the unrighteous, as the perfect one taking all the sins of the world on Him.

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These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This is how we rise up It's the Line of Fire with your host, Dr. Michael Brown. Get on the Line of Fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

Here again, it's Dr. Michael Brown. Shalom, shalom. Welcome back to Thoroughly Jewish Thursday.

Let's go right back to the phones with Amanda in St. Louis. Welcome to the Line of Fire. Hi.

I have a question. I have a well-intentioned family member that sent a video about the origin of the word amen, and in the video, I was saying that the proper pronunciation is amin, I think, if I'm getting that right. And then it went on to say that the way that most American or Western people would say amen is wrong, and then said that it's actually part of the name of our false god, Amen-Ra. And in the video, it posed a question about if, you know, when we pray at the end, when we're praying and we say Amen, it said, are we provoking the name of that false god? And then also, in the video, instead of pronouncing the Lord's name as Yeshua, they were pronouncing his name as Yah-hoo-ah, or Yah-hoo-shoo-ah. And I've never heard that before, and so I just wanted to also ask you about that pronunciation, if that's just another way to say the Lord's name, or if that's, you know, something different. And then, yeah, so my main question is, is that how you say, you know, instead, I know that Yeshua is correct, but I didn't know about Yah-hoo-ah or Yah-hoo-shoo-ah, and then also, is it okay that Christians say Amen instead of amin, or is that something that Christians should consider when they're praying? And, yeah.

So, Amanda, thanks for being so sincere about this. What I want to say is about what that video alleges, and you're provoking the name of a false god, or Amen-rah, is one of the more idiotic, absurd, completely bogus things I've heard in 52 years in the Lord. I've heard a lot of weird, crazy, stupid, idiotic things, but this is at the top of the list for beyond idiotic, ignorant, and whoever put that video out is either so deeply deceived with false knowledge that they have no clue what they're doing, or is willingly leading people astray. Either way, this is why the Bible warns us to stay away from nonsense like this. So, number one, the word amen or amen, or in Hebrew, amen, or in Arabic, amin, it comes from the root alef-mem-nun, A-M-N, which means to be firm. The word for faith or faithfulness, emunah, comes from that. The Hebrew word for to believe comes from that root laha-amin. So, when you say amen in Hebrew, or in Arabic, amin, or in English, amen or amen, you're saying so be it.

That's what you're saying, that's what it means. You're giving your affirmation and saying so be it. The proper pronunciation in English, and by the way, it then comes through Greek, and then from Greek, Latin, English, etc. The proper pronunciation in English is either amen or amen.

Amen is in certain parts of the country be pronounced a certain way, or in certain historical ways, but in English, the proper pronunciation, when the Hebrew comes into English, the proper pronunciation is either amen or amen. That is 100% accurate proper, just like we say Moses in English, not Moshe. Just like we say Solomon in English, not Shlomo. Just like we say Ezekiel in English, not Yehezkel. Just like we say Josiah in English, not Josiah.

Just like we say Michael in English instead of Michael. So, it is 100% correct to say it in English as amen or amen. And the idea that in saying that at the end of a prayer is somehow going to be calling on false deities, listen, Santa Claus coming through your chimney is a far better thing to believe in than idiocy like this. Okay, so that's why I said I appreciate the sincerity of your question.

Now, let me address plainly the idiocy of the presentation. The other stuff you add in explains why they're in this deception, the mispronunciation of names. So, Yahuwah is one of these bogus ways as to how to pronounce the divine name. There is zero textual, philological, linguistic, historical basis whatsoever for alleging that that was the original pronunciation of God's name instead of Yahweh. Some argue it was originally Yehova, which I don't accept. But the idea was Yehova, zero evidence for that, zero morphological, philological, linguistic argument to support zero. As to Yeshua's name being something like Yahushua, also completely wrong and bogus. If you say originally it's Yahushua, which of course is true, Joshua, fine, we can discuss that.

But the idea that God's name is Yahuwah or the Savior's name is Yahushua is absolutely bogus. People need to stop listening to this nonsense. People who are Hebrew scholars who are immersed in the subject, who have been reading it all their lives, don't bother with this, even thinking about it for a split second because it's so wrong, it's so bogus. The reason it's some YouTube video, not some academic book, is because it's not an academic on the planet that would even think twice about it.

Nor is there anyone who loves the Lord and knows the languages who would think twice about it. So it's unfortunate that people get caught up with this, but just ignore it on every front. And when you finish your prayer, say Amen, say Amen, and God will smile as you do. I appreciate you. Thank you so much. I'm going to send this video to my mom.

Oh, by sending it out far and wide. God bless. Thank you so much. God bless.

Alright, let me get to the other article and then I'll see if I get time for another call. This is Gerald McDermott. He is a Christian scholar and God opened his heart to the identity of Israel and the importance of standing with Israel today over the years. And he's become one of the most articulate spokesmen for Israel and a biblical understanding of issues. He wrote an article, he sent it to me, it came out February 9th, it was published on First Things, called The Devil's Face in Gaza. And he said, last week in Israel I saw the aftermath of diabolical barbarism. That is what was left behind after Satan's face appeared.

I joined a group of Christian leaders hosted by the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem who came to support Israel in its time of war. We saw blood-spattered walls and bullet holes in baby nurseries on the Gaza envelope. We saw hundreds of burned cars stacked 30 feet high and thousands of others riddled with holes from bullets and rocket-propelled grenades. Baby seats, children's toys, and vacation gear were strewn amid the carnage.

We heard a Messianic Jewish pastor tell of a soldier friend who on October 7th led five comrades in battle against 50 terrorists. On their subsequent race down a road to save civilians they found a bullet-ridden car in the front with the bodies of a father and mother. The decapitated bodies of three little children were in car seats in the back and their little severed heads in the trunk. Hamas terrorists raped young women in front of their parents before killing them all. They burned grandparents in their homes and led other elderly people and children away in their pajamas to be tormented in Gaza tunnels. When someone in our group said the terrorists behaved like animals, a rabbi friend corrected him. That's unfair to animals, he said.

Not even animals treat their prey with such sadistic savagery. We heard from two mothers of hostages. Rachel Goldberg told of her 23-year-old son Hirsch, who had gone to the Fated Music Festival on October 7th after his parents had prayed the Aaronic blessing on him at their family Shabbat meal the night before. Hirsch's arm below the elbow was blown off by a terrorist grenade and he was seen being dragged into Gaza with his own improvised tourniquet on his bleeding stump. Shirley Shem Tov told us her 21-year-old son Omer has asthma and celiac disease and is without help for either condition in Gaza's underground jail cells. Despite his suffering, released hostages have reported that Omer rallies his fellow hostages by improvising Shabbat meals for them.

He uses a tissue as a yarmulke and grape juice and salt to pray the Friday Kedush. 18 of the remaining 126 hostages are over the age of 60. A baby in captivity just turned one. Militarily, Israel is winning the war in the south against Hamas. But in the global propaganda war, Islamists are convinced that they are winning. Never before since 1948, they are telling one another, has Israel had to fight a war for so long without resolution. They are exhilarated by support from Russia, North Korea and China. Hamas leaders boast that Russia has thanked them for forcing the United States to shift focus away from the war in Ukraine. The war in Israel has brought vast change to Israeli society.

The economy is suffering from the collapse of tourism and the departure of hundreds of thousands of reservists from civilian jobs to the war fronts. The deep political divide over judiciary overhaul has been set aside, at least for the moment, by agreement from left to right over the nation's need to destroy its enemies. Israel faces not only Hamas in the south, but a bigger and better trained Hezbollah in the north armed with 150,000 missiles capable of reaching every part of Israel. There are signs of new spiritual stirrings. A Christian soldier in the IDF told his father that while before the war only 10% of his fellow soldiers prayed in the morning, now it's only 10% who don't pray. One of the rabbis from Sederot told us how he saw his people murdered and nearly got shot himself. He told us he prays for the Messiah to come no matter which Messiah he is. Even President Herzog, known to be on the more secular left, recently visited Yeshiva that had lost some of its students in this war. He was filmed singing with the attendees a Hasidic song about the coming redemption of Messiah. And it goes on to paint a picture here.

I'm going to be out of time in finishing this. But he's talking about how Arab Christians are reaching out and seeing leaders. They know that it's the only place in the Middle East where Christians have grown in number, more than 400% since 1948. He says, but while Israelis are confident they'll defeat their enemies, there is still distrust. We inspected bomb shelters in the only inhabited town close to the Lebanese border. A 55-year-old high school teacher who had never locked her door now does so. She told us she no longer trusts the government or the IDF. They failed us on October 7th. She said, I only trust God now.
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