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Reclaiming Hollywood, One Film at a Time

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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February 15, 2024 5:00 am

Reclaiming Hollywood, One Film at a Time

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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February 15, 2024 5:00 am

The American entertainment industry is being shaken up like it hasn't been in more than a century. While Hollywood's top studios stagnate, new trailblazing upstarts are offering alternatives that are increasingly thriving. Charlie talks to Jeffrey and Jordan Harmon of Angel Studios, who produced Sound of Freedom and The Chosen and are now about to release Cabrini, a film about a Catholic saint that some are already hailing as one of the greatest ever made.

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The Charlie Kirk Show
Charlie Kirk

Hey everybody, it's Andy the Charlie Kirk Show, exciting new partnership with Angel Studios, the amazing guild and studio house that has brought to you Sound of Freedom and has a really great new film.

We're going to be talking about that, not to mention The Chosen. Go to slash Charlie. That is slash Charlie. Watch anytime, anywhere. You guys can be part of the Angel app. It's a home of record-shattering stories. So go to slash Charlie to check it out right now and it's really great.

I love this conversation. All about how we are taking back Hollywood. slash Charlie. Email us as always. Freedom at

That is Freedom at Get involved with Turning Point USA at That is

Start a high school or college chapter today at And again, check out slash Charlie for our exciting new partnership. Buckle up everybody. Here we go. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to The movie industry is changing for the better. Many of you saw Sound of Freedom, and that is just really starting a movement that we're honored to be part of here and that we really want to talk about. We're going to keep on talking about. Joining us now is Jeffrey and Jordan Harmon, co-founders of Angel Studios.

And everyone can check it out at slash Charlie. We'll be talking about that throughout the hour. Jeffrey and Jordan, welcome to the program. Thanks for having us, Charlie. It's good to see you.

So either one of you can take this. Tell us first, let's talk about this new film you have coming out. It's really exciting. We could play the trailer in a second, but first tease it called Cabrini.

Tell us about it. Yeah, Cabrini is a really unique film because there's many of your audience who probably supported Sound of Freedom last summer, which ended up taking the box office by surprise. The same director of that film created another film called Cabrini.

And Glenn Beck watched it and he said this must have been what it felt like to be some of the early screeners of The Godfather. It's a cinematic masterpiece. It's absolutely gorgeous. And it tells the story of a real woman doing things in such a powerful way with her God-given talents. And so it's an incredible film that's going to stir audiences and help people realize that during this time and this era, the entertainment industry is being shaken up in a way that has never been seen before in the last 100 years. And we're honored to be a part of that. This, Cabrini's already, like, to realize how good it is, not only are audiences loving it, but we've sent it out to a bunch of critics. And even, and this is super rare, I don't think this has ever happened before, is that this has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes right now with critics.

Wow. So either one of you, just tell us a little bit of the backstory. It's set in the late 1880s. It's about an Italian immigrant. Tell us just a little bit of the teaser of the story and why you think it is so powerful in today's America to be told.

I actually think there's three reasons that I would hit on. The first one is, this movie makes a statement to the world about the power of a woman who is doing things that a man cannot do. Women can do things that men can never do, and that is an important statement to be made. And then the other thing is, this tells the story of a woman who taught people the power of bringing their love for the country when they immigrate here, more than just coming in and rushing in. She said, you need to immigrate right.

You need to immigrate in a way that is legal. And there was a comment on one of the YouTube channels of someone who clearly knows the history of Cabrini that said, this movie will do more for stopping illegal immigration than Joe Biden has done in the last four years. Because the reality is, is she taught that not only do you come to the country and you love the country, but you also learn about it and you learn about its history and you come and contribute.

And she is such a powerful story in that way as well. And then the third reason is, this is a statement to the world. When we support films like this, like we did with His Only Son and Sound of Freedom and so many projects that we've been working on at Angel Studios, it is telling the theaters how important these films are because they want to show films like this that are uplifting, that amplify light. They want to show them to the world that they're tired of all the stuff they're seeing from a lot of the major studios, but they need something that can monetarily replace that in a successful way. And you guys showed up for Sound of Freedom. And so if you actually go to slash Charlie, you can get tickets if you buy early, you save big. And this tells the theaters how important this is. And it gives us bigger auditoriums and it spreads it throughout the world. Yeah, I think today, right now, if you buy today, it's like 29% off your tickets. This is another thing that Angel Studios is doing that no other studio has ever done, which is allowing people to buy tickets early to support a movie and save money.

And so it's a very valuable pricing. On Cabrini, I showed it to my, I have an 11-year-old daughter, a 10-year-old daughter, 8-year-old daughter, I have five daughters. I'm a girl dad. And my 10-year-old said this is her favorite movie she's ever seen. I showed it to her early. And this is, as a girl dad, this is a girl dad approved movie. But on International Women's Day, Alejandro took it up a notch, even from Sound of Freedom. That's amazing. Let's let's play the trailer here, guys, just so that our audience get a taste of it.

Play cut 89. If we are to build an empire of hope. Let's go, girls. It seems we must first conquer New York. Do people know rats have it better than the children of fireworks?

We have to show America we are all people of dignity. Be careful, mother. This place will lead you alive. You have swatted the hornet's nest. We are behold, or we die. It's not safe. Not for you.

I should get to work. So Caprini was is the first U.S. citizen ever to be canonized by as a saint in the Catholic Church. Many Christians and even some Catholics don't even know the story.

Tell us a little bit more about it, guys. Yeah, I think something that's important to understand about this story is that she was diagnosed that she would die because she had tuberculosis and she was diagnosed that she would die very early on in her life. And she took that energy and basically became one of the most renowned entrepreneurs of this entire century. She started hospitals, orphanages, 62 massive organizations around the globe that have impacted people as far as Mother Teresa modeled her life after her. Without Caprini, you don't have Mother Teresa. You don't have Mother Teresa without Caprini. And so the important thing to remember is that she did it by leaning into the gifts that she was given by God as a woman, not by trying to pretend that she was something else. And that's an important thing is that so many times in this world, people want to, you know, pretend or hijack different movements like God gives us unique abilities that we can leverage and that we can use and Caprini used those.

She became a powerful person throughout history by being a woman, not by pretending to be something else. So just remind people, slash Charlie. What is the other kind of initial response? You guys have a guild where they can film that. They could view this right now. We're going to talk about this throughout the hour. It's really exciting.

I'm sure the response has been overwhelmingly positive so far. Yeah, we have every show that comes in Angel Studios has to go through what's called the Angel Guild. There's 260,000 guild members around the world who are growing very rapidly and you can join the guild.

It's like a Costco Club membership or a Prime membership if you think of it that way. And what it gives you is the ability to vote and have your voice heard on which films can make it into Angel Studios. I'm the chief content officer at Angel Studios.

I can't pick content. No one in our company can pick content unless it first passes the Angel Guild. And so when you join the Angel Guild, you become part of that group. Sound of Freedom had about 1,000 people vote on it. And it was seen by approximately 60 million people worldwide because that guild voted Sound of Freedom in. If you were a part of the Angel Guild, you've got to see Sound of Freedom early and you've got to vote on it. You've got to see Cabrini early and you've got to vote on it.

You've got to see The Shift, His Only Son, After Death, all these different films. And then the second thing that happens when you're a member of the Angel Guild is you get two complimentary movie tickets to every single movie that comes out in theaters. And so you'll get two movie tickets to Cabrini. You get two movie tickets to a new one coming out on Memorial Day called Sight. And another two tickets on the Fourth of July for a movie that's a follow-up to Sound of Freedom called Possum Trot. But the Angel Guild, they get to pick them and they scored this one as high as anything we've seen.

It scored at the same rank as Sound of Freedom. Yeah, and what's amazing about the Angel Guild is it's the first time that we're going into a world where we decided the Angel, our mission is to tell stories that amplify light. And we wanted this to live way beyond us as founders and executives. And so we are trying to create a model that decentralizes and almost democratizes that authority so that it's not just a few Hollywood gatekeepers who are making these decisions anymore. It is hundreds of thousands of people who are joining the Angel Guild who are going and making their voices heard in a very, very powerful way. And they're saying enough is enough. It's time for us to take back what entertainment should look like because they're not serving the broad audience anymore.

They're actually serving the small 10% that cares about what they're doing. And so we want to hand that power back over to the audience and say, hey, not only do you get a voice here, but then you get to be a part of the creation of it. You get to see everything early and you need to experience it behind the scenes.

And if you've seen The Chosen, if you've seen Sound of Freedom, if you've seen His Only Son. Tuttle Twins. Tuttle Twins, the Wing Feather Saga, all these different beautiful projects are happening because the Angel Guild is rising up and saying this is our studio. Angel Studios, the name is after the original when when when Broadway was created in New York. The original people who funded Broadway plays were called angel investors.

That's where that term comes from. Who can you trust? Government leaders repeatedly fail us. Self-appointed experts have led us astray. Distrust and so-called authorities is spreading like a bad cold and we can't quite shake it. But you're not as powerless as they'd like you to believe. When there's no one to depend on, it's time to rely on yourself.

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When you order by 3 p.m. your food kits will ship that same day. Save $60 per kit at That is You got to check it out right now. slash Charlie. slash Charlie. Check it out. So getting lots of emails, Jeffrey and Jordan, from some of our Catholic viewers.

And they say, oh yeah, we know all about Mother Caprini and we grew up and, you know, learning about her. And it's interesting, some of the evangelicals said, who? Who is this person?

Never heard of this. So you got to kind of walk, you know, those of us that are just, you know, confined to the Bible. Nothing wrong with, you know, some of the post-biblical heroes. Just kind of walk through just some of the biography here, because, you know, some of our spirit-filled Bible-believing group that I'm part of, I don't even know who this amazing woman was till you guys educated me. I think that was one thing for me as well, is, you know, we're not Catholic, but we realized, I felt embarrassed that I didn't know more about Caprini. I rank her up with Thomas Jefferson now with George Washington and the impact that she had on the American people. It was so massive and the American culture, the way that she transformed hospitals, the way she transformed the orphanage systems, she changed the entire face of the way America looked after her and inspired Mother Teresa. I don't think you need to be Catholic to appreciate, although it is, I mean, we intentionally picked March 8th because it's International Women's Day, it's during Lent, and it rolls right into Easter.

And so it's a great time to celebrate many layers of tradition. And beyond that, I think an important thing to understand, and I'm sure we're going to show more clips or trailers here, but I think an important thing to understand is this is first and foremost a cinematic masterpiece. Like Alejandro Monteverde, who directed Sound of Freedom, who took the world by storm, who's an incredible storyteller.

There's a little bit of history here that I'd like to talk through. He had originally said, I don't want to direct a film about a Catholic saint. He's like, that's not on my list of things I want to do. And then he said, there's movies that I want to do, and then there's movies that I feel called to do. And he started feeling called to do this movie, but he said, if I'm going to do it, I want to shoot it in a way that it doesn't feel like she's contrasting with the world. So he decided he was going to shoot it in black and white. He wasn't actually going to shoot in color. He was going to shoot the entire thing in black and white. In order to do that, he had to build every set with so much more layers and texture and color so that in black and white that could be visible. Contrast. You need that contrast inside of a black and white film.

And that's, you know, in color you can usually hide a lot of those things. And the week before they go into shooting, the executive producer, a dear friend of ours, Eustace Wolfington, who actually financed a lot of his film, he came in and he said, guys, I feel this needs to be in color. And they're like, no, you can't just switch this out last minute. Like, we built all the sets and everything around a black and white shot.

And he says, no, I feel strongly it needs to be color. They didn't have time to change out anything but the cameras. So they changed out the lenses. They went and shot this thing in color. And the cinematography, my brother Neil said, this isn't a motion picture.

This is a motion painting. Every frame, every moment in this film feels like you are being taken back into the 1880s of New York City and being immersed into this story in a way that only the greatest films in Hollywood have ever done. And so this is taking a type of story that's not only impactful and important, but it's absolutely one of the top films on my list of top films of all time. And so part of the context, guys, just so our audience understands, this was during the 1880s, 1890s, lots of people coming to the country legally, as you mentioned. And there was a great need for social services. And instead of going necessarily to the government, she did lobby local mayors and stuff. But she really was the advocate and the entrepreneur to build a, let's just say, non-governmental social safety net. Is that a fair summary? Yeah, if I understand it right, she built hospitals.

And I'm not like a historian on Cabrini, so take it with a grain of salt. But she built hospitals where the top had the best hospital in the world, and they would charge world-class prices for the top. And then she would use those profits to pay for the poor to have world-class services right below them down below in the first floor of the hospital.

And so she built these systems that allowed the poorest to have the best hospital help through private organizations. And what's amazing about this is she came in and she said, hey, one of my favorite parts of the film, not to spoil anything, but there's a moment where she's teaching and talking about the importance of how to immigrate. And she's talking about the importance of learning about the country's history that you're coming to, learning their language, learning to love the country. She wanted people who came here to love this country, love their founders, and love the history that's here. And it's one of the most important stories, especially right now with everything that's happening. It's amazing that this is coming out at such a critical moment in our history where everything seems to be going crazy in terms of immigration.

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Angel dot com slash Charlie. Everyone check it out. Get your tickets to the upcoming Caprini film, which I'm really excited to be able to keep sharing with you guys.

It's going to be amazing. So either Jeffrey or Jordan, I help me understand what's wrong with Hollywood in this regard. If I have to see the same Marvel or Fast and Furious 29 be made. I mean, all we see is remakes and sequels and the same IP just and the same actors.

Why is that? What is wrong with Hollywood where we don't get the new, the creative, the unique, the boundary pushing. We just kind of get the same boilerplate action films with the same four actors. I think what's happening is that they want to be safe. Hollywood wants to be safe. So they go after the same content. They're like, oh, if we just do Fast and Furious 25. I think the last one was somewhere up there.

It's in the double digits. They say, oh, people will show up because it's a sequel. The sequels are powerful. The other issue that you see is that the Hollywood system, it's not the filmmakers that are the issue here. The filmmakers, the creators, the craftsmen, they love making great craft and it doesn't bother them. Actually, they get sick of working on sequels and it doesn't bother them if they're building something about freedom or faith or nihilistic. They just want great craft.

And so as long as there's a great craftsman like Alejandro Montaverde who did Cabrini, the best in the world will join because they want to work on great, beautiful art. But the issue that we see, that we've identified, is the gatekeepers. We call it the gatekeeper problem. There's a little tiny group of people, executives, Hollywood executives, who make all the decisions of these $100 million budgets and they live in a bubble.

They all live in these little bubbles in their own communities and they push nihilistic, really dark content on the world. And that's where the problem is at, is the gatekeepers. And so what we've done is we're ripping the gatekeeper system out and then letting the audience make the decisions, the angels. And the angel guild makes those decisions and replaces those gatekeepers and decides what gets made.

And that's how you end up with movies like, series like The Chosen, and that's how you end up with Sound of Freedom, and that's how you end up with Tuttle Twins, and that's how you end up with Cabrini. And these films exist because we're removing the gatekeepers and we're putting it in the hands of the viewers rather than the gatekeepers. And we're also finding that the gatekeepers, the audience is actually making better decisions. They are able to make a better decision. There's a book called The Wisdom of Crowds and it talks about the power of being able to have an aggregate of people in a certain sandbox be able to make decisions. And we've learned this throughout history. I mean, it's the beautiful part of the invisible hand and capitalism and like people can make really good decisions when you give them the freedom to do so. Yeah.

And so people can become part of the guild, is that right? And you guys have some really big plans. It's just getting started and a lot of films are getting submitted.

Kind of talk about, I know you mentioned this earlier, but please go into great detail. People can go to slash Charlie. They got to kind of be on the insider track. They get to be a stakeholder in, I mean, also as the second part of the question, what is the equivalent? Is it MGM? Is it Warner Brothers? Or is it more of just kind of the backroom type stuff?

Is there an equivalent you could offer? Last year was our first year being a studio that goes to theaters. Angel Studios, this was our first time being a distributor going to theaters, which means we were going up head to head with MGM, Lionsgate, Disney. And we took the eighth spot domestically in a total box office. Yeah, ahead of MGM and quite a few other big ones. And a bunch of other big ones.

And Angel just rocketed right up into the top 10. And so those are the competitors. That's the competitive landscape. What happens is the theaters, the theater owners worldwide are owned by regular people. They're mom and pops. Like every single year at CinemaCon, thousands of theater owners gather in Las Vegas and then the big studios come in and they try to pitch them on taking their movies. So your local theater is owned by your neighbor or other people. And there's three big chains, Cinemark, Regal, and AMC. And even those are owned by Christian families.

And they don't really align with the Hollywood world. And so as long as we can compete, as long as you show up to order tickets. So, for example, with Sound of Freedom, it was our second theatrical release. And we decided to go straight for the heart of the cinematic world, which is July 4th last year. July 4th is the number one hardest— Right between Indiana Jones and Mission Impossible. Yeah, right between Indiana Jones and Mission Impossible, two of the biggest movies released of all time.

And we went right in the center on July 4th, which is the hardest day of the year to compete. And what happened is we said, if we can get just 1,200 theaters to say yes, then we'll sell those theaters out. And a huge part of the reason why we sold it out is shows like yours or Bannon on this— On Real American Boys. On this network, he came in super strong and said, everybody needs to buy tickets now to prove to the theaters that we can get more locations and more showtimes. And he sold tons of tickets.

Like, your network came in and bought seats and seats and seats and seats. And then the theaters saw it, and they said, look, it's performing. Sound of Freedom is outselling Indiana Jones, and it's outselling Mission Impossible. We're going to add some more locations. And then we sold those out, and then we added more locations. And by the time we launched, it was a full, huge, wide release that ended up beating Indiana Jones and Mission Impossible in the theaters. And so that is the mission of what we do now is we say, okay, let's pick a movie that everybody believes in, the movies that we wish existed in theaters. And then everybody says, okay, we're going to go out and we're going to buy these early to prove to the theaters that there's demand for it and get more screens.

That's where Cabrini's at right now. There are hundreds of thousands of people buying tickets, and we've actually set it up to where if you buy early, you get them cheaper. And number two, you get a move—we call it flexible booking—where any time up until the hour before your showtime, you can move your seat to a different showtime. So if your plans change before March 8, you can just move your seats to a different day, a different theater, a different showtime, and it has no charges. That way, we can get in early sales, and we can get more theaters, more showtimes, more bookings, and show the world that there's a demand for this light-amplifying content like Cabrini, like Sound of Freedom, like The Shift, like His Only Son. These movies that are coming up have been voted on by the crowd and will not disappoint.

These movies are excellent. That's right. And I think another important point of this is that we're already selling out theaters.

Yes. I was just looking in Florida. We're in Florida. And it was like three of the five showtimes I looked at across Florida where we're at right now, actually, in your offices, but they were completely sold out. And so the momentum is picking up, but we need to put more pressure on them.

That's why we're saying buy early, save big. We're so grateful for partners like you, Charlie. You're coming in, you go to slash Charlie, and you'll find that we have locations all over the nation, but we need to grow even bigger. We're in 2,400 locations and growing. New locations are being added daily.

So don't worry if it's not near you, because if you really, really, you can actually, we even added a feature where if you see a location that doesn't have showtimes, you can call them right on our website and say, hey, we want it here. And that is really, really important to helping us get these stories that amplify light out into the world. And these are the mechanisms, stories and content.

The reason so many people have invested in Hollywood for so long is because content and stories are the catalyst for what dictates where our culture goes. Yeah. And I was saying, I'm a girl dad.

I have five girls, one boy, five girls. And I've shown this movie to my girls because I want them, this is a girl dad movie, it's a movie for everybody, but if you want to show your kids that they can accomplish anything, that this little tiny nun from Italy who was given a couple of years to live turns around, takes on the pope, takes on the cardinals, takes on the mayor of New York, takes on pimps, and she changes American history completely. The current, not the current system, but if you go back a little time before safety nets, the system that was keeping, like when you look at Catholic hospitals all over the country, they still have names on them.

And Catholic schools. Because she designed this system that brought so much care to the poor of the world. And she showed that an individual can do that.

Yes. We as individuals can do that. You don't need government intervention. You don't need all these extra excesses and massive taxes to solve these problems.

She came in and said, with the individual and with private enterprise, we are going to solve these problems. As a father, I have two goals for my kids. One is that they can feel free to talk to God and be able to recognize when he's talking to them. And number two is that they know that they can change the world around them.

That they can have an impact. And this movie teaches both of those things. I say it's a girl-dad movie.

That's because I have girls. It's a movie for everyone. Yeah. So you can go to slash Charlie and you can get group discounts.

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Prescription may be required. So, guys, give us some of the inside baseball. Did you have a gut feeling Sound of Freedom was going to perform better than even Napoleon? I mean, give us some of the back story. It's one of the great successes and surprised so many people. We know we had Jim Caviezel on the show. I just saw Jim recently.

He's a great American. But did you did you think this was going to be the grand slam? It was or were even you guys blown away? We definitely saw the signs because we're a very data driven company. And so we were watching in a way that Hollywood doesn't. Matter of fact, we were tracking our pre-sales very closely to make sure we understood exactly that we were spending dollars efficiently and actually getting to people who wanted to see the film.

And so we always found it funny because Hollywood will send out these weekly e-mails to different people in the industry and different studios like ours saying what they project. And we'd laugh because we're like, man, they are projecting like six million dollars for opening weekend and then eight million. And then they're their highest, like 10 million or something. They have gotten up to like 10 million for opening. And we did, you know, 14 and a half million opening day. And so we we knew we were pacing way ahead of anything we were doing. We were doing projections that I was doing an interview and they were like, how do you think it will hold up to the projections? And I said, well, we've already pre-sold more tickets than their projections.

So I think we're going to beat them. But the beauty of it is, is it's networks like yours, Charlie, that can show the world that when we stand together and like one of the most I know it sounds crazy to say this, but The Sound of Freedom was one of the number one searched films of all of 2021, 2023. That means that there was more dialog around Sound of Freedom and children that are being trafficked in this horrible industry than almost anything in the entire calendar year. And that's the power you have to drive a narrative and to drive a dialog and discussion.

Cabrini has a similar type impact. It is a film that is of the 1800s, but is for today. It is talking about the things that are so important today.

And buying a ticket to Cabrini today, I know it sounds cheesy. It could be one of the most impactful things you can do as a viewer to send a signal to the world, to Hollywood and to the theaters. We want more content like this.

This story needs to be told and it needs to be seen by millions around the world. I know it changed my 10-year-old daughter's perspective. She's been texting me just while I've been out and saying, can I book a girls' night theater spaces for me and this many friends to take my friends to this movie because of how much it impacted her?

She's asking, can I do girls' night? And if you want your kids to come back better people to realize you can just dig in and work and change the world and you can rely on God to do it. You don't have to rely on the state. You have the power to make difference in your life and in the world around you if you focus and rely on God. This movie does that for your kids. And it's done to the quality of the Godfather in anything Hollywood's doing.

It's slash Charlie. So do you guys see the same sort of data for this film or you're seeing the similar type of momentum? We are seeing very similar behaviors around this film and I think there's a lot of facets of that. It's slightly lower in pre-sales but it's pretty darn close. It's not the 4th of July so March 8th isn't like it. It's not as big of a date as the 4th of July. But that being said, it has some very similar signals and there's some themes in this film that are going to really rock the world.

I mean Cabrini was about as controversial back then as maybe the conservative movement is today in terms of there was people just like the woke mob is trying to destroy different people. You have people in this film who are trying to shut her down and keep her from doing what she was doing and she just perseveres through it. It's one of the most powerful stories I've heard in a long time. So check it out. slash Charlie. Hope to see you guys soon. Hold down the fort. We're going to do everything we can to mobilize our audience and to join the guild and to see the film. And it's really important. You guys get an insider stake.

You could be part of changing Hollywood for the better. None of this trash that you see out there. These vile pictures. I mean you look at Sound of Freedom.

You look at Cabrini. These are uplifting. These are beautiful.

Really they are virtuous films. Great job guys. See you soon. Thank you. Thank you Charlie. Thanks so much for listening everybody. Email us as always. Freedom at Thanks so much for listening and God bless.
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