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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

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February 13, 2024 5:40 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 1

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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February 13, 2024 5:40 am

The price of attending the Super Bowl in Las Vegas | Was Travis Kelce wrong for his sideline scuffle with Andy Reid? | How do the Chiefs re-tool for a three-peat?

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2024 Santa Fe available early 2024. I am trying to decide if I feel different this first night after the night after. This first Monday night post football season, I think I do feel a little bit different. I actually feel like there's a bit of a weight lifted and not the type of weight that you carry with anxiety or worry. Not the type of weight that you don't appreciate. Nah, the kind of weight that is pressure. We hear all kinds of cliches about pressure.

Remember, no pressure, no diamonds. And the one we hear a lot these days, especially from athletes, is pressure is a privilege. And so it's that type of a weight during football season because similar to the number of people who tune in for playoff games, not saying of course that we have the same numbers as the Super Bowl broadcast or Championship Sunday, but similar to how people flock to their TV sets or their devices to watch playoff games. Well, we see a major uptick in interest and traffic, gosh, social media posts, podcast downloads, phone calls. We know it all culminates with the Super Bowl because people crave the NFL and its special kind of drama. And so the last month, really the last six weeks since I returned post wedding and holidays, well, on Christmas night, there's a lot of extra pressure. Some of our highest profile shows of the entire year are done in January and into February.

So there's that weight, not that these shows don't matter, because that is not the case. If you know anything about me, you know that I take the job. I don't say that the job is serious or impactful or that what we do is important at all, but I take the job very seriously. Even in the dead of summer, I take the job seriously.

But it's a different feel. Almost as though we can be a little more loosey goosey, more than Las Vegas and more than radio row shows. Even on Monday, I really appreciated seeing so many of your posts to say how much you enjoyed our Super Bowl week broadcasts. And if you didn't hear the official Super Bowl post game show here on CBS Sports Radio, because many of you watch the game and maybe you went right to bed or maybe you were party and hearty.

Oh, maybe you were drowning your sorrows, whatever it is. I know a lot of people were anticipating getting back to work on Monday and into their regular routines post Super Bowl. So you wouldn't have heard us until now. But the podcast is available. The Super Bowl post game show podcast. I tweeted it a few hours ago. It's also on our Facebook page. So either a law radio on Twitter, or you can head to after hours with Amy Lawrence on Facebook. Jay is close to sharing a montage of some of our adventures in Las Vegas that will be exclusive to our YouTube channel.

So you want to check it out there. It's named after the show. And on tonight's edition, stories, Vegas vibes, if you will. Now these are stories post radio row. We had told you that we would be meeting with Chicago Johnny at the Mob Museum on Friday morning, which we did. Bob and I showed up right at 10 o'clock and he was 10 o'clock local time. And he was waiting for us just inside the lobby.

Producer Jay came a little bit later and got his pass as well and joined us on the tour. And it was so much fun. It was a really unique experience to have his perspective.

And he was all decked out in his pinstripes. We got gifts. He gave us gifts. Wait until I tell you. Plus we did go to a special pre-birthday brunch.

Jay had the complete, well, Jay had a strategy that I would not have recommended for anyone in attacking the brunch. We'll talk about that. Let you know where we went.

My mom wanted to hear all about the food on Monday when we were talking on the phone. So I'm fully prepared to share that story. And then even after Jay and I parted ways, I had some more adventures on the strip. So did all the classic sightseeing slash touristy stops on the strip on Friday, including Cirque du Soleil, which I will tell you about.

I didn't take photos of Cirque du Soleil because I wanted to be able to watch it and not have my phone out. And then Saturday got the heck out of Las Vegas. But hopped in a car and Bob and I drove, gosh, I think 300 miles on Saturday. Had some awesome ventures in nature.

So the opposite of the strip. Though at one point we were higher elevation, we could see the lights even though we were way outside of town. And so we really enjoyed our couple of days. They were kind of crazy post radio row, taking the red eye home, then right into the Super Bowl. It's been a little nutty, but now post football, we are able to breathe a little bit.

The pressure feels different. And I'm always thankful when a successful NFL season is in the books, partly because it's good to know we had a job well done, but also because it's a lot. And you know what, NFL, we can't miss you if you never go away. So please go away.

It's all right. We promise to welcome you back with open arms if you can take an offseason journey and just go. But we know that's not the NFL.

It's not. I haven't said this in a while because it hasn't been applicable, but it's incredibly true that the NFL is a jealous lover. Cannot stand it when we start to pay attention, too much attention, give a little side eye to any other sport, and the NFL comes busting back through the door with flowers and chocolate and maybe even some AI to dazzle us. It will not be more than a couple of days before we hear from the NFL in all of its glory yet again.

We've got, I don't know, two weeks maybe tops. I don't even think it's two weeks until there's another NFL convention that takes place in Indianapolis at the Combine. And that's agents, general managers, scouts, obviously, head coaches, assistant coaches, new coaches, and all the players who choose to participate, not to mention the media descending on a different place in the NFL spectrum. And then you got the start of pre-free agency, meaning teams are, they're preparing, they're getting ready.

Franchise tags can be handed out on February 20th. Then you've got the run up to free agency in terms of cuts being made and financial decisions. In some cases, new contracts being handed out to avoid free agency, and then there's talk of bonuses. Teams that want to avoid those, teams that are trying to save money, navigate the salary cap, maybe there's a quarterback or two that will get massive deals this offseason. It starts to go fast and furious, and free agency is not even a month from now.

Monday, February 12th, not even a month away from the start of free agency and the new league year. So it won't be long until the NFL inserts itself back into the conversation. However, with the Super Bowl in the rearview mirror, oh, a record number of peeps watching around the United States, I knew that was going to happen.

But we are able to look forward a little bit. Let's make the NFL jealous. What's your next big thing in sports? I love to ask this question post football.

What's your next big thing in sports? It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, Jay, do you by chance have our Facebook page open? Oh, can I ask a really dumb question? Sure. What is that snazzy pattern that you used as our photo to accompany the Arash Markazi interview? So for those of you who don't know, on our Facebook page, as well as on Twitter, usually in the afternoon or evening of the following day, we share the links to our interviews.

And Jay, because this is really Jay's Facebook page, I use it, but it's Jay's account. Once I post the link, he goes and adds a photo. And there's a photo. It almost looks like a zany pattern you might use on a scarf. Yeah, it looks like some clothing material.

What is that? Here's the real photo that I'm showing you on my phone, but I don't know why it looks like it does there. I'm looking at it here the way it's supposed to, but let me try to change that. So on your phone, it doesn't look like this? Well, this is the photo here on my phone. On Facebook, for some reason, it is looking like that.

Because Facebook's the devil? Yeah, obviously I didn't put that photo up, so let me try to fix it. Interesting. I wasn't sure if that was some type of logo, or maybe that was from the Sporting Tribune, or if that's Arash Markazi's favorite colors. It's like some subliminal messaging in there?

Yeah, I'm not sure. One of those posters that you have to find a hidden object? That's what it is.

Arash Markazi's face is in that zany, colorful pattern. Lots of you weighing in what you'll take away from the Super Bowl. I do love how people have to find something to rip. We can never just be happy or satisfied.

Nope. It is our right as sports fans to criticize to the hilt. It's funny, I found out that I don't generally hear from happy people on social media. Especially not on Twitter or Facebook. They are more cesspools and an opportunity for people to bitch. So yeah, it's kind of crazy how, and I know that social media is not representative of the entire listening audience.

But it is pretty incredible how even in the wake of an awesome game, second overtime in a Super Bowl in NFL history, a first time sight that people still find reasons to complain about something and everything. Like Allen on Facebook, no one tells the truth. Well, that's obviously not true.

But you know, truth is also irrelevant on social. The Super Bowl in person is only for the rich. My friend paid $16,000 for a couple tickets.

Well, here's the deal, Allen. There are other ways you can get in besides paying $16,000, which I would never do. There are obviously a lot of people there who are part of the corporate world, sponsors. There are plenty of giveaways and people who won tickets somehow. There are ways to, I'm sure, scalp tickets. And I believe that if you are a season ticket holder for either one of the teams that ends up in the Super Bowl, you have early access to tickets. There are a lot of other ways you can get in, but even if you don't go to the game itself, I think plenty of people show up in the city hosting the Super Bowl because of the fan experience and the chance to be around a bunch of other fans. Of course, the seats are expensive. It was the first time ever in Las Vegas, which is the destination anyway.

The San Francisco 49ers haven't won in 30 years. It was easier travel for people from Northern California. And Vegas is popular. And so I understand the tickets were expensive. That's not the norm. And so your friend chose to do it.

More power to him. Anyone who chose to pay tickets, more power to them. So there are other ways that people can get in, and there are other opportunities to enjoy Super Bowl Week outside of going to the game. In fact, a ton of people go to Vegas just to watch games in the sportsbooks. It was a popular destination during Super Bowl Week even before Allegiant Stadium hosted the game. I've got friends who go every year for Super Bowl Week.

So yeah, this was a novelty. It was the first one at Allegiant Stadium. It featured two very popular teams and one extremely active fan base. We know the Chiefs fans were outnumbered by the Niners fans. But in terms of it only being for the rich, that's not true.

It's supply and demand like anything else. There are Super Bowls in the past where people could get in easily for a couple hundred bucks. And we'll see how it pans out in New Orleans.

But this was the perfect storm. New Orleans is next week. No, not next week.

Next year, by the way. But we'll see how it pans out because New Orleans is a relatively common spot for big games, whether NFL or other sports, college football too. People say New Orleans is a great city as a host. And depending upon the teams that are in, there's no way the tickets cost that much. But you're right.

It's not for everyone, including me. Really funny because we got family text messages from Bob Seid asking whether or not he was at the game in the stadium on Sunday. People, I guess, don't realize that media don't get comp tickets.

We get press passes and we're working. But also that the NFL is in the business of handing out free tickets to spouses or family members. Now, if you're a player, you get a limited number of tickets. A lot of times players are negotiating with teammates or their teams, the franchises, to try to get more if it's in a city where a lot of their family and friends either live or have quick access to. So even the players themselves only get a couple of comp tickets. Agents have to buy their own tickets. They're not cheap.

And so it's kind of funny that a few of his family members just assumed that he would be there for free. So we wrote back to one of his family members and said, oh, no, the tickets are thousands and thousands of dollars. That is not in our budget.

Definitely not. And Vegas is expensive. We had a couple of days of sightseeing and we've decided we won't be spending any more money for a while.

Not until our honeymoon in May. On Twitter, ALawRadio, on our Facebook page, too, coming out speaking of Vegas, former Chiefs wide receiver and longtime radio analyst Dana Hughes will join us. He's actually still in Vegas, spending a little more time with family and just enjoying the couple of days after the football season is done.

Also, Tom Brady putting on his analyst hat. He was in Vegas. He was in a bunch of commercials.

I'm sure you saw them if you were paying attention. But he was in Vegas for most of the week. His synopsis of Super Bowl 58. Patrick Mahomes at Disney World.

Andy Reid and the rest of the Chiefs are already back in Kansas City sporting that shiny Vince Lombardi. Plus, Shohei Ohtani speaks for the first time since he was introduced as a member of the Dodgers. If you didn't have a chance to check it out, he was taking BP on Monday. Oh, yeah, he looks fine.

Better than fine. We're just getting started. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. When the whole family comes together to watch the game, nobody wants to miss a second of the action to run to the grocery store. With Instacart, you can get all your weekly groceries in as fast as an hour.

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A peanut butter M&M's production. In a world where Super Bowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring. But the runners up get nothing. One retired cop. That's one retired quarterback. Read the script.

Oh, sorry. One retired quarterback returns to claim what's his. That's claim a ring with diamonds made from M&M's peanut butter.

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There's joy in every journey. Twenty twenty four Santa Fe available early twenty twenty four. In the shotgun, Mahomes. Four man front, receiver in motion, low snap. He runs and he throws. Touchdown. It's caught.

Hardman caught the ball. The Chiefs have won. The Chiefs have won.

The entire bench empties. Chasing Mahomes in the end zone. The third Super Bowl in five years. The Chiefs are back to back Super Bowl champions. It is a dynasty. The Chiefs have won Super Bowl fifty eight. Twenty five.

Twenty two. In overtime. This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Kevin Harlan on Westwood one. He did not do any epic play by play of the streaker. In fact, they really chose to gloss right over it. He had told us multiple times in the past that his days doing play by play.

Intense play by play for the Super Bowl streakers or really any crazy streaker in a big game. Those days were behind him. The guy is drunk. But I didn't want to believe it. There was an opportunity and I mean a huge opportunity for him. But there he goes.

The twenty. They're chasing him. They're not going to get him. Waving his arms. Beard chested. Somebody stop that man. With Kurt Warner who likes to sit back and play the straight man. Anyway, that's essentially over.

Kind of bummed about it. But Kevin Harlan's been about a year and a half since we've had him on the show. So we need to have him on the show again soon. He's had some great experiences. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio.

Top of the hour speaking of experience. Dana Hughes is a long time member of the Chiefs radio network doing color for the play by play of Mitch Holtus. He's essentially the Kurt Warner of the Chiefs radio network. He also played for the Chiefs himself in the nineties when they were in the midst of a fifty year drought. And he's done a bunch of radio interviews I know but he was also enjoying Vegas with family on Monday. Even as the Chiefs were heading back to KC he stayed behind. Really excited to talk to him and ask him how this one is different.

And because he was a receiver and because he knows these guys so well. I do want to hear his perspective on the Travis Kelce Andy Reid. Strongly worded conversation. Chest bump.

Angry chest bump. A lot of people are pointing to Kelce and calling him a jerk. Classless.

If I did that I'd be kicked out. Can't do that to a ref. Who does he think he is? I think it's easy right now for people who can't stand the Taylor Swift Travis Kelce story line to just pile on Travis. Andy doesn't have an issue with it.

And I'm not excusing it because I didn't love it. I thought it was disrespectful. But Andy doesn't have a problem with it. And Patrick Mahomes who joined NFL Total Access from Disney World. Where you may have seen him on a float on Monday.

He was asked as well about moments like that one between Kelce and Reid. I think it's because everybody loves it. When you have true passion and true love for the game and you work as hard as we work.

Some of that stuff comes out. But we're brothers and brothers fight and at the same time we always bring it back together. And we go for that common goal which is the Super Bowl championship. And I wouldn't want it any other way. I would want a guy that wants the ball.

I would want a guy that wants to make an impact in the game. And if they let out a little emotion sometimes that's fine. I know they really care. And it's cool because I think Coach Reid is kind of the pinnacle of that. And he really keeps us all together that way. I'll ask Dana Hughes when he joins us at the top of the hour. But Tom Brady had several blow ups in his day with coaches, coordinators, other players. He was weighing in post Super Bowl on his first podcast after the season is done.

Let's go with Jim Gray and this is what he had to say. There's always little family issues. Of course I don't mind seeing it because I was a part of a lot of those things. You're thinking emotions are so high. You are definitely not centered and balanced.

You're not in a meditative state at that point. You are fully determined to go after and to win. So I think a lot of the things that are said during the games, people should just let them fly off their back. And I actually think Coach Reid handled it just awesome like he always does. Because he just said, you know, I was a little off balance and, you know, Travis is such a competitor.

And I love that because it just speaks to, you know, his leadership ability. Because some coaches get so sensitive and, oh, you embarrassed me and you did that. And, man, you're, you know, you're a competitor.

You're an athlete. Unless you believe that Andy Reid was completely faking. And certainly winning the Super Bowl means they're flying high and they're feeling good. And a lot of other moments that maybe could have been blown up or analyzed or escalated.

Those don't mean nearly as much and you can laugh them off. But I was impressed with the way that Andy protected Travis, protected their relationship and did not want it to turn into a big deal. Right.

Winning makes everything easier. But even had they lost, I don't believe Andy would hang his athlete or his player out to dry. Anything, even if it was something that he needed to address, would be done in-house. I know Andy is fairly transparent and genuine about the relationships that he has with the players. But he also remains complimentary.

He runs interference. There was no way he was going to tell us even if he was upset by what Travis did. But I get the sense that, again, because he's about relationships and because he and Travis have over a decade of time together, that he was able to handle it with grace. And I do love that about Andy Reid. I know we appreciate his comments about cheeseburgers. And now and then, just like every NFL head coach, he's criticized up one side and down another.

People call for his ouster. Now he's the oldest in the NFL at 65. But he has a lot of grace and he handles himself with a lot of class. It speaks to the self-confidence that Coach Reid has in himself, too, because he doesn't take that personally at all. He doesn't look at that and feel like someone offended him. He takes it for what it is and doesn't make it more than it is and doesn't see like someone's trying to belittle him. He's not trying.

Travis is not trying to do any of those things. He's just trying to be fired up and stay in the moment. And you could see the level of intensity he had in the pregame, during the game, in the postgame when he was singing Viva Las Vegas. I mean, he was on fire last night.

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Now can we talk about my- Now I'm sorry our time is up. But remember, 20% off your first order at slash victory. slash victory.

Seaside for details. ...and they had it going. We talk about this a lot with Draymond Green. And Travis Kelsey isn't nearly as frequent as Draymond.

But it's been a tough season for Kelsey in many ways. Second half of the year, he was almost- See, non-existent is unfair, because a tight end does more than just catch the football. But he was part of that group that led the NFL in drops. He was really candid about his play and the play of the Chiefs offense in additions of his podcast, the New Heights podcast, which we won't get until later this week. But he said, I suck, we suck, here's what we have to do. I mean, we had a candidate actually for the after-hours Hall of Flame induction, where he was talking about how crappy they were playing.

And he started with him. So there's a lot of emotion wrapped up in this season. Not to mention, it's pretty clear that the Chiefs, whether or not they draw attention to it on a weekly basis, like some athletes would, it's very clear that they were getting fuel for their fire, that they were carrying a chip on their shoulder and getting extra motivation from being underdogs, from people talking about how they couldn't win on the road in the playoffs or that they'd never done it, it was going to be a major challenge. The fact that the offense had its worst year with Pat as the quarterback, Travis Kelce over the hill, Patrick O'Moholm's not as good, who are these receivers, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, they took a lot of extra motivation from that. And so you could tell the intensity was ratcheted up even more because they were ready to prove it to the rest of the world. I mean, what did we hear after they won in Buffalo? They asked for it. They got what they wanted. And then the same thing even with Baltimore.

They relished the idea of people underestimating them. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I said this last night, I'll say it again. I didn't love the optics. I am very thankful that Andy did not fall down because if he had, this would be infinitely worse. It looks bad on video.

I don't love it. If he had done that to an official, he would have been kicked out of the game. But these two have an established relationship. It goes back a long way. And I would be a complete and total liar if I said, oh, that never happened to me when I played sports.

Of course it did. Not with a coach, but with other players, with other teammates, we would get in each other's faces, especially in preseason when we were forced to guard each other or match up against each other for weeks on end. And the defense is cheating because they know what's coming. It gets physical.

It gets chippy. You're just tired of seeing each other. You spend all your time together. At the very least, we have to acknowledge that those two know each other far better than any of us know them. And if they say it's okay, and they say that's just heat of the moment, like, say, a Brady and a Josh McDaniel's, then I think we should accept it. He's not against the rules. He's not the first one who's ever done it.

And if Andy Reid can give him grace, then maybe he's not the biggest villain in the world. Though, of course, people want to look at it in that way right now because they're tired of the Kelsey Taylor Swift thing. It's all over the place. It's on the front page slash screen of people. It's TMZ. It's every sports interview. I mean, it's everywhere. Every time I look up on NFL Network, it feels like every couple of minutes, there's the video of them embracing after the win. So it's not going away for a couple of more days.

Maybe, maybe it'll go away at some point a week down the road, a couple of weeks down the road. They'll be out of the public eye. But I guess if you were looking for some reason to dislike Travis Kelsey, well, here you go.

Another reason. Viva Las Vegas! I can assure you he does not care. He gives two flying you-know-whats. Oh, man, his podcast with his brother Jason, who was also there, is going to be hysterical. Didn't he tell us last year after the Chiefs won, he was still drunk when they did the podcast like three days later? All right.

On Twitter, ALawRadio. On our Facebook page, After Hours with Amy Lawrence, we've got a post up, what's your next big thing in sports? What do you most look forward to post Super Bowl?

I think Bob and I have a show we want to binge watch, a couple of them maybe. That's what we're looking forward to. Oh, and our two-month anniversary next weekend.

I know. Two months already? It sounds goofy, doesn't it? But we're marking every month. Actually, we mark, just to be completely honest, Marco Belletti's here in studio, we acknowledge every week that goes by, seven weeks, eight weeks. So every Sunday, we acknowledge, but coming up next weekend, it's actual two months since the wedding.

Whoa. That's good. It is. That won't be, but that's good.

That's good. What do you mean, it won't be what? We're not going to do every week. Once you get into years, we still don't count anymore. Once we get past the first year.

Yeah, yeah. But if our dating relationship was any indication, we counted down days until we would see each other again. We counted weeks and months from, actually, this is kind of funny and sappy, but since it's Valentine's week, who cares? From the point at which we had our first date, we started counting weeks. So by the time we got married, we had just marked, every Monday was another week, because our first date was on a Monday, we had just marked 40 weeks of being in a relationship. And then we got married that week.

So we were still counting all the way through. Wow. I know.

Suppressive. We're so sappy. Actually, he's way more sappy than me, but it's fun to count.

Now, he doesn't necessarily acknowledge Valentine's Day. So I'm on a mission to make sure I make, I can't say anything. I'm going to be busy trying to make, because he listens.

Yeah. So I got to be careful. But I've got some plans. So he knows that I acknowledge Valentine's Day. I got to be fair.

You just reminded me that it was Valentine's Day. I had no idea. Yeah. There's no way you're going to be able to avoid it in about the next, I don't know, 12 hours. It's going to be everywhere, in your face. Have you not been to the grocery store or Walmart lately? I was actually there Saturday. Oh, it's everywhere.

Didn't even notice. I'm on a mission when I go to the store. It's to get everything that I need to get. I know where it is. Get me out of here.

All right. I have no interest in being there any longer than I need to be. And I'm not one of those that wanders up and down the aisles.

I'm not looking at the stands on the end. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. I know what I need. Just don't go hungry. Get me out of here.

That's the key. By the way, speaking of that, are you attempting to leave early on this edition of the show? Because it's already snowing in New Jersey. Is it? Great.

Yeah. So we were supposed to have rain first in parts of the New York Metro in Connecticut, New England, on up into the northern northeast, if you will. But actually, it never rained in my neighborhood. It was already snowing when I left. And it's supposed to snow pretty hard the next, I don't know, seven, eight hours.

We've got winter storm warnings for my town. I'm not sure what you have. I'm looking at 10 plus. Right.

So we're looking at, we're in the six to 10 range. So you better get the heck out of Dodge. This being Dodge. Super. Super. Super Bowl.

I look forward to that. It's after hours here on CBS Sports Radio. A little more with Patrick Mahomes because he was at Disney World.

There's no snow there on Monday. And also the Niners still trying to digest another loss in being so close. 10 points up in a Super Bowl. Those dang Chiefs, the nemesis. You are listening to the After Hours Podcast.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. What are the off season priorities for the Kansas City Chiefs? They're still celebrating the party's not done.

In fact, the big ticker tape parade in downtown happens on Valentine's Day. Oh goodness. Talk about a sea of red and seeing red all over the place.

We definitely will. But then what? What did the Chiefs need to address to stay on top or to attempt to stay on top? Amy Reid is one of those questions. I have no idea why other than maybe his age.

But the R word has been tossed around a lot. And he was asked about it again on Monday. People keep asking me. And I keep saying, why did Pauly check and Pete retire? You know, those guys, they asked those old guys that question.

But I'm the old guy now. So I guess I'm going to be asked that. I really haven't gone there.

I haven't really thought about it. Not thinking about retirement. He will be coaching again, leading the Chiefs in 2024. I love how the guys have raved about him and also Steve Spagnuolo, the defensive coordinator. Wonder now, because every coordinator who's with a winning team generally gets a look when it comes to head coaching jobs. Will Spagnuolo have another opportunity moving forward? Now, similar to Eric Bienemy, it hurts that they're the last team standing in terms of job opportunities.

It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. The Niners still licking their wounds, stewing over it. It's tough.

I talked about this with a caller last night. It hurts a lot more when you come so close to realizing your dream and can't get over the hump. And Nick Bosa, he admits this was painful. I was speechless. I couldn't really look anybody in the eye, especially all my teammates. I could have done more.

Everybody could have done more. And there's really not much to say at this point. It's going to hurt.

It's going to hit in waves. But that's life. Tough postgame for veterans like Nick Bosa and like Christian McCaffrey, who is competing in his first Super Bowl. It's life, man. Life's tough. You know, bad things happen and it's all about how you respond.

But right now, it sucks. It's the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat and the two emotions. The deeper you get toward the end of the season, the deeper you get into the playoffs, the harder it becomes to fall short.

And for these Niners, they've had some prime opportunities twice in the last four years or five years, excuse me, to be able to post a 10-point lead against these Kansas City Chiefs and not hold it. So does this one hurt more than four years ago, Kyle Juszczyk? That's hard to say. It's hard to say because, you know, the first time going through it, I don't know.

I don't know if it's harder or not. I think what's harder for me is that I feel like I'm such a better football player than I was four years ago. And I feel like I have such a better understanding of the game.

In that sense, it hurts a little bit more on that end because I just have such high expectations for myself and for our team. It would be great for the Niners fan base, the faithful, to be able to celebrate another championship because we're talking about a generation plus. It's been 30 years and they've come so close. They're still relevant. They're part of the equation. They've got a great organization.

But yeah, always more painful when it's close enough to taste and the almost touch. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio. Hyundai, there's joy in every journey. 2024 Santa Fe available early 2024.

A peanut butter M&M's production. In a world where Super Bowl winners get the world's admiration and a fancy ring. But the runners up get nothing. One retired cop returns. That's one retired quarterback. Read the script.

Oh, sorry. One retired quarterback returns to claim what's his. That's claim a ring with diamonds made from M&M's peanut butter. But you're on a roll.

The Ring of Comfort coming soon to a Super Bowl. When something happens to your car, you might say. But what you really need to say is something that can actually help. Like a good neighbor. State Farm is there.

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