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We Are Sick of Losing — LIVE at the Restoring National Confidence Summit

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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February 4, 2024 5:00 am

We Are Sick of Losing — LIVE at the Restoring National Confidence Summit

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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February 4, 2024 5:00 am

Enjoy Charlie’s speech from Turning Point Action’s Restoring National Confidence Summit, where he calls out slothful Republicans, offers solutions for the current RNC disaster, and takes audience questions.

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Hey everybody, happy Sunday. No advertisers in this episode. Just try to become a member. It's to support our program and get behind what we're doing. It is our conversation at the Restoring National Confidence Summit, our competing RNC event. This was my speech to state party chairs and county chairs, and also I take questions.

You're going to love this. If you want to hear the battle plan for the 2024 election, listen to this, text it to your friends. Turning Point Action is doing the work.

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I hope you have a blessed Sunday. Enjoy this episode and try to become a member if you can. If you can afford it, it helps us out, That is Buckle up, everybody.

Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to I'm just going to share a little bit of why we're here and then let's do some questions. That's the most fun, right? I'm so impressed by the focus and the energy that I see here.

One of the main reasons that we decided to do this, and as many of you know, it takes a fair amount of chutzpah to put on an event that says restoring national confidence. Do you get it? But look, I mean this. It's not anything personal.

It's not about any individual. This is I'm sick of losing. I'm sick of losing and I'm sick of an attitude that doesn't adjust. I'm sick of excuses and we need to win in November. This is not just a football game.

This is not just some sort of a, you know, thing that this is the civilization. And we were a year out from the election in November and I was sitting down with Tyler, and Tyler does a great job, doesn't he? Tyler Boyer does a great job. And I said, Tyler, you know what's going on? You know, do you think that we're making the necessary investments as the establishment doing what they need to do?

He said, honestly, I don't see it happening. I said, what can we do to kind of draw attention to this in a positive way? You know, we're not here to mock or to condemn. We're here to try to raise the level of excellence because we think competition drives excellence. We believe that if something isn't getting done, you know, I do three hours of radio and I complain a lot, but I'm allowed to complain because we also do a lot.

So it's not just because we have high school chapters, college chapters, we have TPUSA faith, we have all sorts of amazing stuff. So I asked Tyler, I said, is there really that kind of grassroots infrastructure? Had the grassroots been listened to?

Did the county chair has been empowered? And he said, no. And he said, look, there's this winter meeting that comes up in Vegas.

And I said, well, what usually happens? And he said, honestly, you know, great people, nice people, but it's just kind of a lot of resolutions and it doesn't have a lot of teeth and it could be so much better. And I said, well, why don't we just host our own meeting? And he said, well, you know, I said, look, we can go to some donors and raise some money and, you know, scholarship some of the county chairs and turning point action is really starting to grow.

And we have a lot to offer because, you know, we've organized in the hardest possible environments on college campuses. And I said, why don't we try to do this? He said, you know, Charlie, they're going to try to put out a hit on us. I said, I understand.

You think I'm kidding. And this is Vegas after all. Right. So and I said, look, we have to do this because we have to win. And I don't think that we have we're seeing the urgency, the improvement, the adjustments, and we keep on seeing the same sort of track record of failure.

And I said this at the very least will draw attention. At the very least, we'll try to raise that standard of excellence because we need to become a grassroots party. We need to be a people centered party. And if there's one lasting legacy of Donald Trump, it's that he gave you a seat at the table.

He gave you a seat at the table to be in the room. And I don't feel as if the Republican Party is always embracing that. It feels as if the Republican Party is still is a lagging indicator of where the grassroots actually is. And somebody said, Charlie, what's your ultimate? You know, what does success look like? I said, Look, first, we have to win. We have to win number one, I said, but a longer term goal is I'd love for the Republican Party to be as conservative as its voters. That's not that's not a big ask.

Shouldn't the Republican Party be a mirror or symmetrical to you? Not a tough ask? Not something that is that outrageous? I said, Okay, so let's host this meeting. And the response has been amazing. And honestly, just so much credit to Don Jr. He didn't have to do this. He wanted to be here. He knows how important all of you are.

I just have such respect for him. I said, so let's let's do this thing. And, you know, it's obviously on the heels of the other meeting. And our hope is this is that it's met with a response of maybe we could do better. Maybe we haven't done everything we should be doing.

Not, you know, overly defensive, because that's always how things are met in DC, because they've never done anything wrong. And but the grassroots, they have a 99% disapproval rating right now of the machine. 99% disapproval rating of the RNC.

That's bad for everyone. We need a healthy RNC. I want to say this on the record. We want the best RNC want. We want it to be well funded, trusted, active. We want an RNC that can help us win in November. We need that.

You know, some people say, are you trying to? I said, what we're trying to do is to be an electroshock to the system. In my lifetime, there's never been a competitor to the RNC in the sense of not an outside, but just maybe you could do this better. Maybe I was so blown away on our show today. We had the state party chair of Arizona to my right and the state party chair of Georgia to my left.

By the way, two states that you need to win to win back the White House. And I'm asking them, I say, you know, do you think this work is getting done? They said, honestly, it's not being done at the rate it should be at the national RNC level. And then I'm blown away on our show today. We have a county chair from Waukesha, Wisconsin, where he's here somewhere, Terry did such a great job.

He knows these numbers. And he sees like, well, we, you know, if we lose by 100,000 a year, we have to make up 140,000 votes here. And it's like, man, you should just be warmly embraced by the RNC and be given grants and funding.

By the way, if you win Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, Donald J. Trump is the next president of the United States, everybody. I mean, this is, it's right in front of us. And we could do so much better.

So what does that actually look like? No more excuses, no more culture of losing. We need to first and foremost, the grassroots needs to know that the RNC is going to stand and fight with them. None of these backroom deals or this, you know, kind of doublespeak of oligarchs, the stuff that we're so used to and embrace Donald Trump, don't fight Donald Trump, embrace what he has brought to the party, which is a populist people centered movement. And this is what the oligarchs fear the most. And this is why Nikki Haley is doing this ridiculous thing.

And she's extending her primary much longer than she should, is they fear that the Democrat party is increasingly becoming the part of the oligarchs. They're becoming the party of wall street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, and they're losing the middle part of the country. Hey, if you have the middle part of the country, you win everything. If you, and the middle part of the country is gravitating towards the center, right. And so why aren't we doing everything we possibly can to embrace them?

So, you know, I asked and they say, okay, well, what does that mean? Well, number one is this, and this is partially the orange on the RNC, but it's broader. It's that when we send people to DC, we want them to fight as much as we care. We, we don't want them to say, you know, another continuing resolution and more money to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the border remains completely wide open. Get your priorities right. One of the ways, and one of my fears, and we have to try, and Donald Trump is the only reason we're going to have good base turnout, is there are a lot of people out there that will not show up to vote for Republicans because when they show up to vote for Republicans, they are consistently underwhelmed by what they get in Washington DC. Now, thankfully, Donald Trump will solve a lot of that. I hope you understand what I'm saying. If it wasn't for Trump on the ticket, you would have a 10 to 15% under vote problem in many of your states that he will heal a lot of the distrust of the Washington. And by the way, that's a longer term problem because there's only so many times Trump can be on the top of the ticket where the base of our party says, you know, I'm not going to go vote for this.

I'm not going to go vote for that because they don't trust the politicians there. And so big takeaways here. I want you to feel empowered and equipped with the data, with the technology, with the marching orders, with the networking. I'm sure you're meeting other county chairs from across the country that are dealing with other stuff that you're dealing with.

Best practices, legal strategies, but also I want you to leave knowing you're not alone. Looking around and you're saying that this room right here represents this. These are the counties that will save the whole civilization. We have how many, Josh, 16 from Georgia, right?

Huh? We have 17 county chairs from the state of Georgia. We need to win Georgia, everybody. These are the people that are going to be waking up at 4 a.m. for 30 days straight and seeing the early voting numbers and the county chairs make this work and they've been largely ignored by the national party infrastructure. Arizona, we have county chairs. I saw like seven or eight people from Arizona. We have Wisconsin.

We have, I saw some people from Iowa. These are the states that are really going to make it happen and I also want you to know that you're ignored no longer because it is thankless work to be a county chair. It is, right? You could applaud that. It is thankless. You got to deal with constant party revolts and this and Facebook. By the way, I think you would all acknowledge if there was no Facebook, your job would be a lot easier as a county chair. Would you agree?

A lot easier and it's a tough thing, right? Because you're always trying, you know, hurting people and trying to keep people happy and all this and I want to just say on behalf of the millions of people that are watching, thank you guys for doing what you do because it's not thankless. It might seem thankless and I, Don Jr. appreciates that. President Trump himself, I was just speaking to him, he just loves, you know, what is happening across the country and he loves to see this kind of grassroots fire and energy and by the way, he works so hard as a candidate and what they're throwing against him, this 83 million dollar judgment, they're taking his business empire away from him, it makes me want to fight even harder for him.

It makes me want to fight even harder for him. So that's part of the takeaways that we really want to encourage you guys here but also we want you to think creatively and that's part of why we're doing this summit. One of the reasons why Turning Point USA has now grown into the largest grassroots, Turning Point USA and Turning Point Action into the largest grassroots organization on the right is we asked the question and then we didn't like the answer and then we just did the thing you weren't supposed to do. Eleven years ago, I asked the question which is why is all the youth outreach like so pathetic and boring and stodgy and not interesting and the answer was, eh, young people are a waste of time and like yeah we'll do some like campus lectures and just like don't waste your time, this work has already been done.

I don't like that answer. Like it could be interesting and exciting and new voices could be lifted up and social media is becoming more popular and powerful and we didn't like the answer and we went to work and a lot of national DC groups attacked us and they didn't believe in our vision and we worked super hard and I traveled 3,000 days over 10 years across the country to all of your states many, many times and we kept relentlessly building and now we have more high school chapters than college chapters. We're on thousands of campuses across the country. Every single one of you have Turning Point USA chapters in your neighborhoods, in your communities and the data shows it's some good, some, you know, not so good but the good part is young men are the most conservative they've been in 50 years so that's the good thing and the young ladies are not as conservative so we have a big opportunity there so we gotta, we gotta work on that but the young men are in a much better spot so we're seeing that there's all this good movement and we, I could tell you time and time again we ask the question if we don't like the answer we go do it ourselves because at the core, Tyler, myself, the whole team, we're entrepreneurs. We are entrepreneurs in a very bureaucratic, dare I say ossified political system where people get upset if you show up and do things differently and you're like oh it's tradition yeah okay if the tradition is to lose then I think your tradition sucks honestly.

It's like well we always do it this way. Well maybe you shouldn't and what makes us your, what makes us different and what makes us Americans and not French is that we're entrepreneurs and we're, we create new things and so what I want to empower you is to think creatively in a line of work that is so often just kind of brainless inherited this is the way it's always been done. Now for some of you if you're, if you're winning by, I mean if you're the state party in Florida there's not much you have to fix right you just have nothing but right wingers move into your state fine okay but honestly in Georgia it's time to think a little bit differently here because I'm not happy with two Democrat senators in Georgia. I'm not happy with the electoral votes going to Joe Biden. It's time to mix it up a little bit and do things a little differently and then you take a risk and you say does this work and does this not work and so I want to empower you to think creatively and to challenge pre-existing dogmas that might not make sense and some dogmas might make sense but some dogmas are like well that's really that doesn't work and that's not working for us and we should do things differently and you're on the front lines because challenging those pre-existing power structures in a way that's analytical and fair and is prudent is going to create this amazing ripple effect when all of you go home to your counties and to your state party chairs and all of a sudden we have hundreds of you be these entrepreneur change makers full of energy full of spirit full of gusto in 2024 to move forward what is necessary to be a grassroots win and that's my final point then we'll do some questions here which is that in 2024 this year and I see my friend Rich Porter here from the great state of Illinois which is the good thing about being from Illinois is that there's term limits in Illinois one term in office one term in jail and um that's my only Illinois joke I have a lot of respect for Illinois patriots they have a tough they have a tough job there they I've known um known some good folks there for a while is um every single one of your states matter every every part of you I know there's a big focus on Arizona Wisconsin Georgia we could talk about the grassroots network we could talk about the infrastructure that's being built um and we just want to try to bring a positive vision to the table because it would be a chain and a tragedy and here's here's what I'll say if we kept on doing what we're doing and we kept on be given assurances and we end up the day after whatever how long it takes to find out the election results in this third world counting system we have and we fall 5,000 votes short and all of a sudden we'll have to live with whatever regime that is and here's my one thing for you is there's no guarantee we're going to win there's no guarantee we're going to lose but there is a guarantee that you can collapse at the finish line that you could give everything you can that when you watch those election results come in you can live with yourself and say you know what I gave 10 out of 10 every ounce of effort and that's part of why we're here because I would if we fell 5,000 votes short in one state in Wisconsin by the way this thing is looking like it's going to be on the margins the margins anyone who tells you what's going to happen this is going to be the goofiest by the way I bet they have something planned for us we can go into that later right I just I don't know even I don't even want to speculate what that is but brace for impact everybody because you know it's just the whole thing is awfully suspicious right anyway yeah well that's that's an interesting take um so she says stock up on toilet paper I didn't I didn't go there immediately but that's uh that's that's that's that's unique um is we all got to do our part and you know we do our live stream on election night and it's very popular and all this and I'll know this when I'm sitting in my chair on election night I'll be able to look into the camera and I'll say you know what it was the hardest I've ever worked in my 11-year career was 2024 and I gave everything I could and I want all of you to be able to say that too is that when those of you in Georgia you say oh my goodness I'm tired and the bull you know Georgia football's on do I really have to go drive all the way across the state for a nine person you know breakfast you know to make sure they get their stuff organized yes you do actually you have to go do that because it might come down to 900 votes in Georgia and to make sure that that one of your 159 counties right did I get that right it's ridiculous that's way too many counties it's just that yeah it's just it's not good it breeds corruption that's a separate issue for a different time um you want to make sure they're organized when you all of a sudden you are dead tired in Iowa and you got to drive all the way across your beautiful state in a blizzard right to make sure that the bickering in one of your counties ends and you are the facilitator of peace yes you have to go do that and all of that you're combined that extra mile that extra effort when all of a sudden you get that little voice in your head nah just sleep in take the nap what difference does it make you have to reject that voice and go do the thing that your flesh doesn't want to do go knock on the extra door attend the extra meeting make the phone call hello sir yep I know you think it's rigged yep I know but let's do you guys know Pascal's wager right it's better Pascal's wager by the way is that the belief in God has no downside but not believing in God has a lot of downside so you might as well believe in God it's the same thing with voting right so if you you can use this by the way no I call this the election integrity wager which is not voting as a guarantee the bad guys win but voting at least gives you a chance that we can win right so and so you're and that's right it's biblical and so you say yes sir I know you think that way and after 20 minutes you convince him he's going to get there and go organize and do those things that call matters even though you might be exhausted on no sleep and your kids might be crying but you know that you're going to have to do that work and I want to make sure you understand that we understand that that sort of work feels so unappreciated the day-to-day kind of drama juggling you have to deal with but my goodness is that important it's a lot it's a lot but we would not have a functioning party at all if you did not do that and we need to heal the party we need to bring the party together and then we need to march forward to a decisive victory in November let's do some questions everybody okay we'll line up here yes sir yes sir I just want to thank you for that great example I've used Pascal's wager on young men urging them to abandon the hedonism of the world and accept Jesus Christ so I appreciate you using that on the election thank you and I appreciate and I just wanted to say thank you on a separate topic I just wanted to say thank you for being willing to blaze new ground and this month talking about one of the shall we say the secular saints of the left and talking about the real history of the last 50 years of the United States I know a lot of boomer donors may have given you a text like man you're attacking one of my heroes we can't beat the left if we're not willing to attack thank you I will say this though um he's talking about a segment I did on Martin Luther King which went very viral and I stand by I will say this uh outside of one donor we it was very very well received which tells me we have the best donors ever at Turning Point USA and Turning Point Action it's really great and um so thank you for that and by the way we have 300,000 donors now at Turning Point USA in turn one of the greatest grassroots armies of small dollar donors in the entire country second to none almost I mean I don't know the exact numbers but it's definitely up there yes ma'am I know you hello Charlie Britta Horn from Colorado love it please somebody okay no those were sympathy because you got a tough job there oh thank you oh yes we do so I'm seeing on Twitter a little bit of chatter and so I don't know if um if you heard that Ronna might resign this week I I have no idea and I I don't want to personalize it if she does that's terrific it's great but hold on the question is is the checklist getting done right is the things necessary and the checklist is are we bringing together other groups that might have otherwise been adversarial you know Turning Point being included and trying to bring together kind of a powwow session are we investing into the grassroots or prioritizing the right data there's a lot there's a checklist there I have no idea by the way I'm not part of the 168 so somebody else could tell you there but uh I did see that news and I have no idea if that's if that's just hope that there's a plan that's all I ask that is a good question and hey good thing we're all here to put together a plan so you guys you guys can figure that out so and I want to say I've always gotten along with Ronna this is not personal she's a sweet person she's a nice person and I've said it very clearly I believe that it's time for a new leader and someone that has a different attitude and one that will put winning above all I've said that for quite some time next hey Charlie Bruce Parks Washoe County Nevada super important county by the way that's up in Reno want to thank you for all you do want to thank you for doing this but I also want to thank you for sending shade and gory to Washoe County my question is can I get a couple dozen more just like him oh thank you well you know you're half kidding those are the type of leaders that we try to produce at Turning Point and I just hope you leave with some hope everybody if you see the staff at Turning Point Action how great are these by the way 20 and 30 something right and they're they're energetic and they're excited multiply that by 10 15 20 000 we we are we are producing thanks to the glory and generosity of the lord an unbelievable army of people that are going to just be pushing forward in every community across the country yes sir good afternoon good evening Charlie Leo Blendo Nye County Nevada we're well represented here in Nevada today we're very often called the tip of the spear and I believe that the rules is the mechanic we need to get turnout from 65 to 70 80 90 in the rules there is no excuse no reason to have people sitting at home at the sidelines we need every single able-body vote voting in this next election cycle if you don't get it our lives are on the line so I'm personally inviting you to help us come out there we need you to be a standard bearer we need you to be bringing the heat bringing the rain bringing the lightning in the bottle so that's my invitation we need you to come out there if we can work it we'll do it we're filling up a really ambitious schedule but you're correct so let's take Arizona for example the conventional wisdom is that in Arizona we are losing the kind of suburban soccer moms and that's the the easiest that we need to deploy funding we are losing them but the low-hanging fruit is we're actually underperforming in the outskirts of Maricopa County in Wickenburg in Buckeye in Queen Creek in traditional Republican strongholds that don't get canvassed and they don't get worked because people think their heart are this is turning more and more into a turnout election and less and less like a persuasion election and that is different than the consensus the consensus will tell you it's all about winning the middle that's not unimportant however what if I told you you're not actually solidifying and maxing out your base and the democrats have done this very very well by embracing radical positions on abortion trans and climate and guns they're able to micro target through relational organizing that I know you guys taught learned about today through an early voting period right voting month the ability to target micro target canvas and chase the ballots of these low propensity democrat type voters it's if we embrace that even a little bit our hypothesis is that for people that are low propensity potential Republican voters people that have hunting permits they own firearms plumbers electricians welders people of faith it's very well worth a robust attempt to try to max out these traditional Republican areas that the turnout is not even close to what they should it should be in fact you go to the Democrat strongholds what is the what is the turnout in Clark County do what is it they're in their 70% yeah so there's no reason why Clark County which by the way I don't believe that goes to show the crookedness of the state that Clark County has a higher turnout than the rules right the the rules if if if the rules turned out in or your own thing five percent more Adam Laxalt would be the US senator for Nevada is that correct amen yeah thank you very much no you're spot on thank you hi Charlie Sue Gaston Boise Idaho so my question to you is something we're doing and I want to encourage you and others to do it we're holding church at our capitol building we're having biblical citizenship at our capitol building we're having prayer meetings at our capitol building and this is where we're meeting people and have the organizational outreaches because all of a sudden we're a friendly face so you and others would you be willing to do some grassroots on the ground movements in the capitol right in the people's house we're there for free it's our house do you have anything like if we get a permit yes no we don't need a permit okay well let's think about that okay no so I guess I should say and I I have 1300 political prisoners I'd like to introduce you to okay so in Idaho we come with the people's house so I'm being some I mean like half facetious half deathly serious happy to chat with you I love your heart and and you're you're thinking correctly but let's let's do it the right way so thank you hi Charlie Hilario de Leon chairman of the Republican Party of Milwaukee County and wow is that important that that's amazing one I want to say as a generation z Republican thank you for the work that you're doing with what was put on here today I was blown away and I was very impressed can't wait to get home and do introduce everything that I've learned here today the question I have is one the Democrats are very well at using influencers to get out momentum and volunteers for their local organizations and I don't think that the RNC is utilizing our conservative influencers to the best of their ability especially when it comes to the amount of chairs that we have from across the country that are doing phenomenal work and the issues that we keep running into that there are people who have no idea we exist as organizations or people are frustrated with the National Party or our members in Congress or even our state parties is there any way that we can utilize our influencers to bring awareness to our county parties so that they can get involved with us so as chairman we can do a better job at building that volunteer army that is needed to win in 24 yeah and by the way I just want what was your name again I'm sorry Hilario de Leon so the what you are doing in Milwaukee might actually end up saving the entire civilization if we lose by less in Milwaukee we could win the entire White House I hope you understand that every door every precinct in Milwaukee if we lose less where's my numbers guy in Wisconsin right if we lose less by two percent what would that mean hundred thousand votes which could make the entire difference right and so I just want to encourage you you got to be like a dog with the bone Milwaukee County is ignored sometimes because it's considered to be Democrat by the way that's we need to lose by less we need to acknowledge we're not gonna win certain counties lose by less in Dane lose by less in Milwaukee lose by less in Pima lose by less in Fulton lose by less in Cobb you get the point right and if by the way the Democrats have done this to us where they say we're gonna lose by less in Pinal we're gonna lose by less in Yavapai or whatever to the influencer question happy to chat about that yeah we have a whole influencer division that is very viral and does a great job but you're a great example we need more where especially in these urban areas where it's like a job that nobody wants I just I can't encourage you enough as a Gen Z County chair in one of the most important counties in the important states I mean to have your energy and by the way it's a great gig for you because you have nowhere to go but up it's Milwaukee County right you got no it what a great starting job right yeah you got to love it it's like hey my first gig is the Democrat stronghold them if you do five votes better you'll be able to say I did five votes better and so what a great way to launch your career and the upside to potentially be you know you save Western civilization so god bless you so much Charlie and if you guys are in Milwaukee for the RNC convention we look forward to having you guys there let's go kick-ass thank you know and I I want to I want to compliment the RNC having the convention in Milwaukee is strategically worthy of praise that's very smart I'm glad they did that again I'm very fair and I'm glad that's really great yes hello thank you I'm Gianna Jax from Reno Nevada Washoe County what a great event thank you for having us I'm also the board chair of the moms coalition of turning point action thanks to our northern representative shaden so as a mom coalition chair part of turning point action and a chair of our library board in Washoe County I just want to encourage and don't forget the moms the homeschool moms and what's happening in our libraries and our schools if we could keep an eye could we get attention to what's happening in our libraries and our schools great recruiting opportunities great work of the moms happening at those local boards so thank you for your support in Reno thank you so much yeah and I just want to encourage you I think that this is a micro target issue everybody that you as county chairs I mean I really want to encourage you to lean in on there are some people that say oh don't talk about the trans book issue it is a it is a thermonuclear weapon against the left I'm telling you yes it is a wedge issue that can flip 5,000 votes here 10,000 votes here so yeah I just want to encourage you god bless you thank you so much thank you we'll take a couple more everybody yeah what we'll try to get through that we'll try to get through the line okay hello Charlie I'm how will Shaw I'm a pastor in Clark County Nevada right here yep right here yeah I'm in Henderson by the way and let's see I may have the opportunity to sit across the table from Rona McDaniel tomorrow what should I say to her yeah look I think you should just ask questions and say hey what's the plan what has changed and then ask her opinion of this event if that has invigorated the spirit of the ethos to try to change it because obviously based on unless you guys are all pulling my leg which I don't think you are every single one of you said this is valuable this is great right and so if that is true then ask her if that is something that she would acknowledge needs to continue and amplify or are we the problem because the RNC attacked this event saying we're only here for internet clicks and popularity I don't think you guys probably got that impression right yeah so that was the RNC communication director who issued an official statement in the Washington Times who attacked us and that's too bad because we've been very positive overly magnanimous as you guys can tell we're not here to create acrimony we want to heal we want to raise the level so I would just be you know I would just be who you are you're a pastor and that's what I would say thank you okay well I'll pray for her for sure thank you hi Charlie this is Nicholas Fiorello up from Boston Massachusetts behind enemy lines that is that is a lose by less program no question I'm here to basically carry a message that's been resonating but it's in the comic relief of the the anarchists or the far left and they're willing to do anything and everything stop it nothing to defeat just what we're trying to do here to control a civilization that you talk about saving such President Trump is now being challenged up in Massachusetts yeah that's a great yeah I'm on the front lines I'm filing an amicus brief alongside of his god thank you what can we do with your wonderful organization to bring attention to what is actually happening where I believe the most corrupt state in the Union is actually trying to up end our democracy yeah you and supporting what the battle is on February 8th up there in Boston Massachusetts so I will say though it's not even a speculation Maine and Colorado have taken those steps and Colorado has been one of the most outrageous things that I've seen and I have a whole theory as to why Massachusetts and Colorado have something in common do you know what they have in common they're the two most college educated states in the country yes and so it makes you think huh the most diplomas is you know the most insane the most corrupt action lack of wisdom right let's call it what it is you get a degree in gratitude and lack of wisdom I don't know exactly how to answer that question except we must draw attention to it and you must all have worst-case scenario plans this is a very small percentage chance everybody if they kick Donald Trump off the primary ballot you need to go to a caucus system immediately and you have to still appropriate your delegates outside of a primary system credit to Colorado you guys were ahead of the curve there I have hope I have hope I have hope the Supreme Court is gonna rule decisively but my goodness I've been let down turn it let down so if there's something to pray for pray for the Holy Spirit to move in the Supreme Court in that decision Charlie yes I need to get really quick yes within that within that statement it's obvious that Massachusetts is the most corrupt state in the Union and they're probably gonna bring a battleground and not allow them on the ballot can we do anything in anticipation of that to get us to support that's all it's really the Supreme Court at this point I mean the best thing you can do is if the primaries in jeopardy you need to demand caucus system outside of a price because the caucus system is not administered through an official secretary of state process yeah therefore you can administer it however you want it can be done Nevada you guys in Nevada have this the goofiest thing by the way I love that you guys are doing the caucus system but people are asking me what is it as a primary is it a caucus I'm so glad you guys are still doing the caucus keep the tradition alive I think it's excellent thank you so much thank you yes got truth America calm you can find more about the battle happening Massachusetts thank you okay three more questions then we'll wrap it up yes ma'am hi I'm a huge fan my name is arena Cardenas via Saudi I started a local mama bear group a few years ago we started fighting the mask mandates we got parents involved I'm now the vice chair for Monster Liberty we launched our chapter here and we're really giving them a fight we're using a lot of your work to showcase what's happening across the campuses so thank you so much for that to piggyback off of the influencer ID I just wanted to mention this so this troubling report came out with Taylor Swift being able to sway so many of the voters now can we use Brock Purdy who just is going to the the quarterback who's embraced his faith and he's going to the Super Bowl now and if we can get him to embrace the Republican Party and the Conservatives we can really sway this back to that's a good idea Brock Brock is great love Brock he's not in the same ecosystem as the power of Taylor Swift we just got to be honest about that but I am a big Brock pretty fan but we're all fooling ourselves if we think I mean you could combine every NFL player and they don't have the same cultural clout as Taylor Swift and they're somebody said to me recently they said Charlie I guarantee you the Chiefs are gonna win the Super Bowl I guarantee it I said why he said because there is a whole plan unfolding here I'll let you think about I don't know if I believe that or not but do not under if Taylor Swift ends up endorsing Joe Biden that will be that will be a tsunami that will be very very difficult to thwart and we've been warning about that Taylor Swift is without a doubt the most powerful cultural phenomenon of this generation it's not even close and we better be prepared because it seems as if that things are aligning for for that if she so chooses she did endorse Biden passively and some just kind of an Instagram post but if that happens that's gonna be that's gonna be could be an October surprise yes ma'am we have you and then one more I'm sorry yeah we got to go quick they got to make the question okay so hi Charlie my name is Jill Douglas I'm president about a born Republican women we appreciate your putting on this event because we do believe education and information is critically important and we appreciate our rep Amy would but my question is this while we're doing all of this which is a critical election and it's critically important to do all this grassroots stuff we potentially could be derailed in our efforts by ranked choice voting yes and by national popular vote initiatives so what is what what are you doing to help us defeat that because if it passes in November Nevada it's law yeah so two things a great question sorry to speed it up I think there was a seminar early on break choice voting if not there's one tomorrow was it today it was today I encourage you guys to rewatch the tape that's number one number two ranked choice voting we must abolish it I believe Tyler introduced a resolution at the RNC and I think it passed standing against ranked choice voting so we're on the cutting edge of that and that's great okay you will be the last question sir don't worry I'll get to you yes two more one two my name is Mark Fortin chairman Macomb County Republican Party in Michigan and I just want to give some encouraging words to the chair of Milwaukee it's a Democrat area is it well Macomb is known as the home of the Reagan Democrats and now it's the Trump Democrats in 2020 we did something different just so you know since you're in Democrat County we put all our resources which was very limited and we put all our resources in the most Democrat areas in Macomb County 16,000 doors we didn't care if it was Democrat or Republican we figured there's a lot of people waking up and we for the first time took control the County Commission in four of the five countywide races so I think we should attack the enemy thank where they are thank you and beside one more thing this is the most fantastic I've ever been to summit it's fantastic thank you thank you the real credit is to the team I just get to show up and take credit for it so last question sir my name is Peter Feynman I'm the RNC committee man from Florida Florida Florida the RNC comms department does not speak for all members of the RMC there are at least 50 of us who support everything you do thank you very much sir we appreciate you thank you for that thank you all right in closing everybody let's just distill it together we have to win let's make it the hardest working year of all of us together I'm honored to be in the trenches with you let's go win this thing god bless you guys thanks so much thanks so much for listening everybody email us as always freedom at Charlie Kirk calm thanks so much for listening and God bless for more on many of these stories and news you can trust go to
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