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Why Pro-Life IS a Winning Issue — LIVE with PreBorn

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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January 28, 2024 5:00 am

Why Pro-Life IS a Winning Issue — LIVE with PreBorn

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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January 28, 2024 5:00 am

Charlie speaks at a gala dinner for PreBorn, which fights to protect the right to life of children in the womb. He reacts to the miracle of Roe v. Wade's reversal, and the American Church’s lackluster response afterwards. Charlie asks and answers questions crucial to the life movement, like:  Why is planned parenthood still open? Is the border a pro-life issue? And is the GOP convinced pro-life is a losing issue?

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Hey everybody, today on the Charlie Kirk Show, a speech I gave at the Preborn Gala. It's a really great organization.

We are honored to be partners with them. I am a donor to Preborn. You guys could check it out at A $15,000 gift can buy an ultrasound machine. They are trying to save hundreds of thousands of lives. At, they have over 270,000 babies saved.

25 ultrasound machines placed. So you guys gotta check it out right now. The whole speech is given at Preborn. And I challenge you to support Preborn if you can. You also can go to and just tell them that we sent you so that they can see that our show has the collective support of Email us as always freedom at Get involved with Turning Point USA and become a member.

It's Enjoy this speech at Preborn's Gala. The fight for life. Buckle up everybody. Here we go.

The fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Hi everybody. Great to be here. First, this is a super important effort that we're all supporting here. It has been a very difficult week in our family.

Praise God that things are trending better. But I made a point of being here and I'll tell that story at a different time because it is so important that now more than ever we stand for life in this country when so many people are turning their back on this issue and they think it's too controversial time to turn the page. And I'm just going to kind of do a flow of consciousness on this and then give a little bit of an update of what I'm seeing on campuses and then you want me to do some questions.

Is that right Dan? Okay. So Roe vs. Wade gets repealed. And praise God by the way. I mean we should applaud.

That's an incredible victory. And I feel like Jeb Bush. Like please clap. Why do I have to tell you to clap? But you know what's really interesting? When I go to churches and I say Roe vs. Wade is repealed, rarely do I get applause.

And I don't know what the reason is. My working theory is though that we're so afraid of this issue that we're going to get audited or the FBI is going to show up because we celebrate life. That we're like programmed that we just nod in like gentle agreement maybe.

Yes. Roe vs. Wade. Do you know that again we have three different surveys to show this. Do you know that only 15% of American churches mentioned and celebrated the reversal of Roe vs. Wade from the pulpit? That 85% of American churches just said nah I'm not interested. And we ask the question all the time when is God going to intervene with a miracle.

That was a miracle everybody. I was told my entire 11 years of doing this that that's never going to happen. That don't even think about it. Don't even whisper about it.

You will never go after the sacred cow of Roe vs. Wade. God works in a mysterious ways. I think the only the most surprising is we were not ready for this like at all. It happens and we're shocked and we're like what do we do now? And I mean they're they not only were they ready they leaked the decision ahead of time remember illegally leaked it and they said oh we can't find the leaker.

They can find an 82 year old grandma patriot who took a selfie in the rotunda capital within five hours. That they can't find one of the four people had access to this decision that leaked Roe vs. Wade before like give me a break Department of Justice. No it was a cover up operation and they did it because they wanted to try to get the forces ready. They leaked the decision because they did it as a signal to the radical Marxist death cult and I'll explain that in a second that might sound dramatic but it's 100% what's happening in this country to try to get the activists ready. Brett Kavanaugh almost got murdered in his home over this decision.

They almost killed Brett Kavanaugh because he wanted to send it back to the states and here's your thought crime for the night. The decision didn't go far enough. It was completely indifferent on the topic of abortion.

It just said that we're not going to save the federal government whether it's a constitutional right or not. And they say oh we'll let the states decide and if it wasn't for preborn I would be super just confused and depressed because there has never been in my opinion a more disjointed time in the pro-life movement. There's like no direction and people are angry at each other and in fact I have you know we raise a lot of money at Turning Point USA praise God I have I'd say a majority of our donors are saying can you just like stop talking about the abortion thing. Like honestly if we have two pro-abortion political parties in this country I'm not interested in politics anymore. I'm not. If we have two pro-abortion political parties and we have one that stands for tax cuts and both stand for abortion then I'm not going to be involved in that.

I'll go be a college football coach or something. I mean I'm not going to do that. If you don't get life right you're not going to get all the other issues correct. Period. It is the issue that impacts every other issue and we must be willing to lose friends or lose donors or whatever. And in fact this is a winning issue. I know this is a hard thing for people to understand and comprehend. You don't win on it if you retreat and apologize but life is the central part of what keeps this republic together. It is the contract that the founding fathers passed down through multiple generations. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You don't have life.

You don't have a republic. And Preborn is leading the charge. I mean I had this amazing meeting with Dan and the team. This organization is unlike any other in the pro-life space and I know a couple. There's a lot of talkers out there in the pro-life space.

What do you do? Oh you know we do and again some of it's fine and all this. This is real, proven, we help women get the care that they need away from the Planned Parenthood butchers of what they are. And that's one of the most noble things that we could support and I said this to Dan and he chuckled. I said there's no reason why Preborn shouldn't be a four to five hundred million dollar organization in a couple years.

That's how big we need to think. And Preborn is the first organization I've seen and again I'm not trying to attack these other ones but they think so small and honestly God bless Pregnancy Crisis Centers right? Or what do we call them now? Pregnancy Care Centers? I got yelled at once for calling it a crisis. They're like they went through this like rebrand I guess or something. Or maybe they're still called Pregnancy Crisis Centers I don't know.

But God bless them but they're usually all volunteer labor and four or five people working together and working on a shoestring budget. We need a machine to go up against the Planned Parenthood beast. We need it. We need to think bigger. We need to get more aggressive by the way because this is and this is where I can come in and I think I can lean this because you are the nicest, sweetest people ever.

I mean it's amazing like the joy in this room and the photo line like there's like a sad person. So I could be super helpful here because I'm very aggressive like and I'm kind of known for that. We have to play offense against the pro-abortion forces in this country okay? We have to play offense with all things in truth and love. So what does that look like? We have to scale Preborn. We have to think bigger.

We have to 10x the whole operation. There should not be a single woman in this country that types into Google you know I'm pregnant and I would like to have an abortion. They need to be able to hear the other side. They need to be able to hear the other side and Preborn does it in this compassionate, merciful, godly way that is just so inspiring and amazing.

And we must be very clear about what we're up against. If you ask any practicing Jew they'll tell you that the two biggest things that they celebrate and they'll remember is Creation which they do every single Friday night to Saturday night. Shabbat and the Exodus. Creation and the Exodus. And the Exodus we teach this story incompletely. We say well is it Exodus from slavery? Well the Egyptians they were a death cult.

The pyramids were tombs. The entire civilization was built around a fascination of death. Judaism which then led to Christ our Lord was focused on the opposite. You ask any Jew hey toast they'll say l'chaim to life. In the holy they're not even allowed to touch dead bodies. The rabbis or people that are in the administration of holy they're so outside of the idea that death is a good thing. We have re-entered the death cult in this country. You think about how much we elevate death. Whether it be the chopping off of parts and we call it transgender care.

Whether it be shouting our abortion. And you see it so beautifully in John 10-10. It is the divide of the entire scriptures. Somebody put me on the spot once. They said Charlie how do you summarize the Bible as quickly as possible?

I said boy that's that's big. Now most people would say John 3 16. But think about it. The enemy has come to lie, steal, cheat and destroy. I have come to give life and life more abundantly.

That's the whole ballgame everybody. It is everything. It is the synopsis of it is why we are here is to life. And I do at times I hear sometimes people they say you know I can't wait for the rapture to come.

It's coming next Thursday. And again I'm all into like those fun eschatological things. You know pre-trib, post-trib. I'm a pan-trib. It's all going to pan out in the end. And if I offended you I'm sorry.

I'm going to be on the welcoming committee not the planning committee right. But God so loved the world. God loves this place. And we have to have the joy of Jesus Christ to enjoy life and to protect it. It's a gift from above and to celebrate it. And at times and I did not get this impression from a single person here tonight but at times other ministries it feels as if they're like life neutral.

And they're like yeah this place is kind of like an inconvenience. I don't know where that came from but it's not anywhere in the Bible. We're supposed to have joy through all the suffering.

Thank God that we're going through these tough times. That the fact that we have breath given to us by this eternal God who loved us. Like thank you for choosing me to fight for the most important things.

It's a completely different type of attitude and that is the basis of exactly what we're all here tonight. And I just love the first book of Exodus because it goes through of course then rose a king of Egypt who did not know Joseph. I could riff on that for quite a while that that summarizes millennials and Gen Z really well. Then rose a generation of America who did not know George Washington. Then rose a generation over this country who did not know Abraham Lincoln right. You get tyranny when you forget the past. So you had a great Pharaoh that knew Joseph loved this guy. Then rose a Pharaoh who did not know Joseph and you get tyranny and totalitarianism. You get tyranny when you forget.

You get totalitarianism when you don't know what happened before. But later on I love this when it was as clear as day the Egyptian form of abortion. The king says the Jews are too many.

Get rid of them. I command you to kill the firstborn. I command you to kill the firstborn. And so the midwives to the Hebrews.

Actually we don't know if they're Hebrew or Egyptian. That's a separate theological point for a different time. But the midwives to the Hebrews heard the order and what did they do? They defied it.

Why? Because they feared God. I want you to think about that. Now that's a separate but important point that any church that ever tells you that you must submit unconditionally to government authority is not following the Bible. Period. That's a separate but an important point. Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God. I'm happy to get into the Romans 13 argument later if you guys are really wanting to geek out about it.

But here's what I love about this. And God dealt favorably with the midwives and gave them families. He blessed them for loving life. He blessed them for saving babies. That is as clear as day that the most important, literally the axis point of which the entire Old Testament is centered around, creation and exodus. The entire Old Testament story right there started with the first documented act of civil disobedience and putting God above government rulers. Now how does that apply with this? You must love life more than you love the comfort of doing what you're always told or what is easy. And what is so amazing is these midwives when they do this, this is why I think they were Egyptian.

I'm happy to get into that later if you're really interested in it. They would only get scolded by Pharaoh. I mean if they were actually Hebrew midwives defying Pharaoh he would have cut their heads off.

And he's like, what are you doing? Why did you do this? They increased the number. And you remember what they said? The Hebrews, the women are so strong that they give birth to the stupidest excuse ever. They kind of told a white lie and God still loved them. Now don't misinterpret what I'm saying.

I'm not saying that we should even lie a little bit about that. What I'm saying though is that they understood the stakes, that nothing including going in front of what is literally in the ancient world Pharaoh was God. They disobeyed the cult death god because they loved babies. And God blessed them because of that. And then we get Moses and he delivers them. That is the cause set in motion.

As clear as day. And then I have to be lectured by some of these pastors? Can I say I don't have a reputation for naming out these pastors? I won't because you guys are so sweet but you can guess who they are.

I'll name one, Andy Stanley. And so amongst other people I said just one. And you're like, oh you know the scriptures aren't clear about what abortion says and I'm sure it's bad.

Are you kidding me? Like I knew you before you were in the womb? And not just this story but if you can't get life right and the miracle of that and be indifferent to that, that sort of like fake weird neutrality? Don't call yourself a pastor anymore. I'm not saying you're not a pastor.

Just don't use that title. You can go be a TED Talk guy like on YouTube. Like wear skinny jeans and like give motivational speeches and like write that like five steps to a better you and sell it on Amazon. Which is basically what most churches have become now.

Which is a TED Talk and a rock concert with organized parking and good coffee. So I'm going to get the hook really quick here by the way. Because we're in the midst of a spiritual war and I don't need like Oprah Winfrey's book list like repurposed with Hillsong music.

Like I don't need that actually. I need the equipping of the saints to go into the spiritual war and to fight for life against the darkest of all forces. So I'll close with this and then we'll do some questions if Dan wants or I might just you know get cut. Sorry about the time.

Which is fine. There are so many amazing pastors in this country right now and they're not a majority but there is a remnant like I've never seen before with Jack Gibbs is one that I heard from a lot of people. He does a great job and I'm traveling the country meeting these pastors. We have TP USA faith reaching out to these pastors. Our mission statement is super simple. We want to kick woke as a matter of the American church as quickly as possible and we want to get the church to be bold, strong and courageous like they once were and how Billy Graham had the church in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Is that simple? The church can't get back to that. And what I hear sometimes from pastors or elders, they say boy I don't want to be political. Who ever said anything about political is to be biblical. Do what the Bible says and if that gets deemed as political then you have a much deeper problem on your elder board than what the scriptures say. And they say well it's really not clear in the Bible whether or not we should care about politics.

Really? Nehemiah, Esther, Jeremiah, Daniel, Joseph, Mordecai, just to name a few of people that are considered heroes in the scriptures. Not to mention Jeremiah 29 7 before Jeremiah 29 11 which is the most quoted scriptures which is demand or seek the welfare of the nation that you are in because your welfare is tied to your nations welfare. We're called to fast and pray for our leaders by name in one of the last things that Paul wrote to young Timothy. We're supposed to care about the nation.

Daniel fasted and prayed for his nation disobeyed the civil government authorities and they said you can't pray did so publicly landed up in the lion's den. I'm not saying it's the most important thing. The most important thing is winning souls for Jesus Christ.

The second most important thing is to make sure you can do the first thing. And when they start calling churches not essential and marijuana stores and drug stores and liquor stores and strip clubs are deemed essential and abortion factories are deemed essential and we as the church kind of take it. Oh well I guess they took Easter from us and they took Pentecost from us and I have to wear three masks and take the ninth booster and maybe we'll be able to reopen.

We are nothing more than an attaché to the Leviathan to the government. The church must lead the culture not follow the state to their aimless ambitions and goals. And what I love about preborn is the energy and the gusto and I know an entrepreneur that is playing to win when I see one and that is Dan Steiner and he is he is thinking big he's thinking innovatively he has a great team around him. And I want to do whatever whatever I possibly can to help preborn and I think we hit our target on our show and we're going to hopefully hit even more. And we're challenged Glenn is leading the way and challenging the audience to not just vote pro-life but give pro-life and you're all a big you're a very very big part of that because it is there is a temptation out there right now.

And I want to just tell you we must resist it. There's this temptation that we cast this issue aside. How does that honor God.

It doesn't. How on earth can we say to honor God to love God with all our heart soul strength and mind it says in Deuteronomy six five which is you know what Jesus Christ said is one of the two verses two commandments of which all the laws of the prophet hang hang upon love your neighbor as yourself. That's a pro-life position by the way you were born other people should be born boom that's Leviticus 19 and then Deuteronomy six five love the Lord your God with our hearts heart soul strength and mind. Those two together come at the ultimate argument of pro-life positions and so I'm I'm honored to be fighting for this I do so on terrain largely that is not easy on college campuses. I'm not going to mislead you it is it is not a winning position currently.

I don't care. People say but Charlie wouldn't you be able to win over more young people if you compromised I said but what about the people are moving in our direction because I don't compromise. By the way in the pursuit of truth.

All things are noble all things are important as it says in Philippians whatever is good whatever is true whatever is praiseworthy think on these things. And there's there's some really good things happening on campuses and there's some not so good things. The good things young men are the most conservative that we have seen in the last 50 years the most conservative in 50 years. Young ladies are complete opportunity.

That's got a lot of challenges there. Happy to talk about that in the Q&A. But when I go to these campuses. Yeah my life would be easier if I just said you know I'm here tonight to talk to you about just tax cuts why social is bad. But the abortion thing live and let live and do whatever you want to do.

Why would I even do my job. And my challenge to you is don't cop out. And I know you are in your personal life on your church elder board wherever you are. This must be a primary doctrine issue.

It must be a leading issue a non compromising issue because this is the issue in my personal opinion here today of which many other and almost all other issues flow from. OK. I'm 20 seconds early let's do some questions. Is that OK then. Q&A. All right.

Hi Charlie. How are we supposed to feel about. And what do you think we should do about the portion of our tax dollars that are used to support Planned Parenthood.

That's a great question. We're not going to defund Planned Parenthood anytime soon. I'm not exactly a fan of Speaker Johnson if you listen to my show.

I'm sorry. I think he's a coward. And I mean how many continuing resolutions do we have to put up with while our borders completely wide open and women are sex traffic.

That's a pro-life issue by the way the border is a pro-life issue. And if you're not willing to shut down the government while we are being systematically invaded and women are being raped and fentanyl is coming into our community. I'm not saying he's a bad person. I'm just saying he's not Churchill. He's not the leader that we need right now. OK. God bless him.

I mean this non sarcastically I'm praying for him. So we're not we're not planned parent is not going to get cut federally anytime soon. However and Glenn might disagree with this later on. And I think that red states need to start funding organizations like preborn directly so that we can start to scale our best organizations and to be able to compete against Planned Parenthood. I don't say that lightly my kind of inner libertarian says boy do I really want to get taxpayer money but I'm like but if we're funding every form of health care imaginable. Why would we not also have. I mean could you imagine an extra 10 million a year to preborn from you know what would that mean from Oklahoma to rounding error in the budget of Oklahoma.

It's something to think about. It's against let's just say traditional conservative budgetary practices right. But if Planned Parenthood and all these fake health care companies are getting billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars then I think we should start to entertain ways that you know we can at least start to scale organizations like this because the way Planned Parenthood works. They're a bunch of liars. They say that none of the money goes to abortion. That's technically they pass an audit but it's not true. They just fund everything else. They fund all their overhead. They fund all their marketing. They fund all their salaries and then they find some other pool of money to quote unquote pay for abortions because they charge women for abortions. That's right. Right.

So it's just they will pay for the building and will pay for the facilities will pay for all the machinery. And look I mean we we should have a not we should but we're getting the abortion is such a fan. This is why I know we're in a spiritual war. I don't think I know we're in a spiritual war. The way the other side acts when you even talk about abortion reasonably hey and they start like shaking violently. I mean I believe that this is a primary issue for Satan.

Of course it is. He wants everyone dead. He wants to capture everybody. And it's easier on him if he could do it in the womb than out in the rest of the world.

Follow up question to what we just talked about. I don't know why we can't get rid of Planned Parenthood. I really don't. So a majority of Republican congressmen are not pro-life. They say they are. And they larp live action role play play as pro lifers in Congress. They're just not. And but I don't want to get too deep into the black pill territory if you know what black pilling is it's just like an endless hole of depressing topics. But I actually I am going to white pill you which is the opposite. It's really good.

I actually said this to Dan earlier. It feels as if we're in this like communist infested country because we kind of are. But the country is actually center right. On almost every major issue the country is moving center right.

Affirmative action on guns, on freedom of speech, on color blindness to come into school, in meritocracy, on the grooming of our kids. We control 35 like 32 attorneys general. We control over 31 governor's mansions.

We control 30 state legislatures. The people have never been more conservative in my 10, 11 years of doing this. However D.C. has never been more disconnected from their voters and so defiantly so. And again I don't want to get too into the weeds of politics but I've been so disappointed in how this house Republicans have dealt with these major issues and budgets. They're not going to cut Planned Parenthood.

They're not going to cut the FBI. They're just going to keep on passing quote unquote clean continuing resolutions when we borrow two trillion dollars. If the border invasion is not reason enough to draw a line in the sand they're never going to get to the more controversial stuff like defunding Planned Parenthood. Part of it maybe too is we haven't been loud enough about how what we believe Planned Parenthood is doing. Yeah and we have to, this is why I think we have to play offense and we have to expose and any way you can help David de Lion in California.

They're going after him big time. I mean Planned Parenthood offers, they offer themselves as if they're the sterling health care provider. When in reality they are they are the moral equivalent of Auschwitz in America. And I will say that publicly on my show that they are the moral equivalent. By the way it's the same philosophical tradition.

I don't want to call it tradition. Okay like Adolf Hitler was blown away by Margaret Sanger's writings and vice versa. They were fans of each other. Margaret Sanger wanted to control the black population in this country and honestly her legacy lives on. And you want to connect two issues into one. You know the other side is oh we need all these immigrants. First of all we don't but let's pretend that we need all these immigrants. Maybe you wouldn't need all these people if you didn't kill 60 million people over the last 51 years. Maybe you wouldn't need the Elon Omers of the world to come into Minneapolis and you know enrich us with your diversity or whatever they say that she does.

Right? We're killing our own people at major and systemic rates. And so yeah I think we have to be louder and I think we have to play offense and expose Planned Parenthood for what it is. Charlie you mentioned earlier that you're seeing on college campuses that men are more conservative than they ever have been. Could you could you talk a little to that as well as what you're seeing from a faith-based, the influence of faith-based college students? Yeah so young men are becoming far more conservative.

Some are coming back. They're not necessarily connecting back to the faith. American Christianity has become way too feminine.

I get in a lot of trouble for saying that. I'm not saying that women do not have a role in American Christianity. But the whole attitude, the touchy feelings has turned men away from the American church for quite some time.

Happy to expound on that later if you guys are interested. But young men are becoming more and more to the right. Young ladies are going more and more to the left. What is behind this? I believe God has given young men, men in general, a primal instinct to see that the civilization is falling apart.

And it is. Men are much better at macro topics than they are at micro topics. This is why you'll see if you go to a dinner party, the men are going to be talking about politics, sports or the stock market. And the young women, the women are going to be talking about relationships, how their kids are doing or conversations they had.

I'll prove it to you. Harvard University locked a man in a room for 30 minutes and they locked women in the room for 30 minutes. And they said, okay, what did you think about? You know, the men, no big surprise, sports and sex. And the young ladies, this is fascinating.

By the way, it's amazing. They said, what did you think about? They said we were replaying conversations that we previously had. For the record, no man in the history of the planet has replayed conversations that we previously had in private time.

It's just never happened. And so men are far more, this is one of the reasons why men are better at chess than women. That's not a sexist thing. It's just true, which is why, this is why women become more nurses. They become more elementary school. They're much more focused on the micro.

So on the macro, men are seeing total and complete civilizational decay and decline. And there's a fire alarm that's being set off in their head. And they're finding voices like Andrew Huberman on the health side, Joe Rogan, to a lesser extent Andrew Tate.

But he's, you know, kind of a different category. And they want to try to find a system of beliefs that make sense. And the woke stuff is so against the laws of nature. Young ladies are so focused on empathy, feelings, being nice, and not offending anybody, that these two things just come to a head, right? And, I mean, I go to these campuses.

I'll talk for hundreds of hours. And the young men are like locked in. And I'll never forget, I was talking about how, you know, there's, you know, 15,000 people a day coming across the border and they're trafficking children and all this whole thing. And the men are like, this is terrible, this is wrong. And, you know, the young ladies there, they said, but I feel really bad that they have to go back to their country if we deport them. And I just think we should be more loving and have them come here.

I was like, that's a perfect example, right? The young men are thinking about like how it's going to overturn our schools and the macro implications. And the young ladies are worried about an individual's feelings, which is fine. It's just you can't design public policy that way.

It's actually a really dangerous way to do that. So, yeah, look, as far from the faith-based perspective, we haven't yet seen it turn into a revival that we want to see. There's some early stages of that. But I will say that the trans issue in particular is turning young men further and further right wing. And I hate to over-racialize it, but young white men feel as if the entire world is rigged against them.

And they're right. I reject racial identitarian politics. I don't play into like victim nonsense. I hate it. It's repulsive. I don't want to live in that country.

But they're not wrong when they say that hiring quotas and diversity, equity, inclusion, and affirmative action that say that, you know, we're not going to hire people based on the color of their skin, that creates a fair amount of resentment. Charlie, what's your opinion on our elections? Is the integrity still- I'm out of time. I'm sorry. Yeah. Done.

Is the integrity of our election process still intact? Yeah. Glenn and I had a really great conversation earlier, and I don't want to – it was like really great. It almost could have been like out of a movie overlooking the ocean.

It was like kind of crazy. I felt like I was, you know, something that all of a sudden we're going to think about for a long time. Look, are our elections secure? They're not secure enough. But we have to work and act as if they're secure. Here's my promise, everybody. On election night, when ballots start getting counted, I'll be able to look into the camera and I'll say I've done everything I possibly can with my agency given me by God to speak at every place I can, to run our ballot chasing operation, to continue growing Turning Point, and I'll be able to rest easy that I did my part, and duty is ours, and the results are going to be God's. Now, as far as the security of our elections, you want the honest answer? We have not done enough to secure our elections in Arizona, Wisconsin, Georgia, the states. We need to win.

I'm sorry. With that being said, there is a potential, there is a potential, and the bad guys are talking like this openly, that because of mass migration and all this nonsense that they've done, that they have set the prerequisite for a massive political correction coming in November, and it might be so overwhelming that even with all their shenanigans and tomfoolery and garbage, it might be overwhelming for them, and if there's one prayer for you to give, you need to pray for Donald Trump by name and pray for his family. You might not like Trump, but my goodness, he was the most pro-life president in our history. He put the Supreme Court dresses on, and I can tell you this. He is a, and Glenn will attest to this, and I'll close with this. He is a man that is relentlessly curious about faith. I see God working at him, and I think God's hand is still on him. I see it every single day, and he's very flawed.

So am I. We all are, but he has virtues, too, and I don't know. If I was facing 700 years in federal prison and dozens of lawsuits, and my business empire was about to be taken away from me, I think I would have folded, and he leaned in in a way that almost defies all natural and human explanation, so I look at him as a vessel, as a vessel for what we care about, which is life, which is the restoration of 1776 and the Constitution, and he does it in an awfully unconventional way. You can laugh at that, but I think he's a King Cyrus-type figure.

He's a King Cyrus-type figure who was used by God for a specific purpose for something much bigger than him. So with that, God bless you guys, and give generously to Preborn. Thank you so much. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always at freedom at Thanks so much for listening, and God bless.
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