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Albert Breer: Cowboys Would Make Sense For Bill Belichick

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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January 15, 2024 4:16 pm

Albert Breer: Cowboys Would Make Sense For Bill Belichick

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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January 15, 2024 4:16 pm

1/15/24 - Hour 3

The MMQB’s Albert Breer and Rich discuss the possibility the Cowboys move on from head coach Mike McCarthy despite three-straight 12-win seasons, why Dallas would be a great fit for Bill Belichick, the chances the notoriously stingy Chargers would actually pay for Jim Harbaugh, the chances the Steelers and Mike Tomlin could part ways, and the impressive playoff debuts by Texans QB C.J. Stroud and Packers QB Jordan Love.

Rich and the guys react to USC Heisman Trophy-winning QB Caleb Williams declaring for the NFL Draft and the big decision looming for the Chicago Bears who hold the #1 overall pick.

Rich breaks down what the Kansas City Chiefs proved in their Wild Card win over the Miami Dolphins.

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Learn more at slash credit card. Limitations apply. This is The Rich Eisen Show. How about them Cowboys? And the Packers are piling it on the Cowboys.

This is one of my most surprises since I've been involved in sport, period. The Rich Eisen Show. This game is over. Oh, the Detroit Lions have won it.

We're playing that Sunday back here at home, guys. Earlier on the show, two-time Super Bowl champion and Greenlight podcast host Chris Long. Coming up, senior writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. 844204 Rich, number to dial. You're on hold, stay on hold.

We're going to take every single one of these phone calls before we get out of Dodge. And hour number three, as soon as we're done with this show, re-air is on the Roku channel as it does every single day. The Roku channel 210 is specific to us. We're every day between 12 and 3 Eastern, then re-air up until the next live show. And then there's also our podcast, all three hours available through the Cumulus Podcast Network, The Rich Eisen Podcast Network. Also home to Overreaction Monday, which Chris Brockman and I are going to be recording first thing Tuesday morning so we can get all six Super Wild Card Weekend games in. Suzie Schuster and Amy Trask with What the Football on Tuesday as well. We appreciate everybody giving any of those shows a follow as they now say wherever you get your podcasts.

Again, 844204 Rich, number to dial. Chris Long joined us in hour number one. We're hugging it out with TJ Jefferson all show long, right from the very beginning when we all got up from our chairs and hugged it out. I meant it clearly by the face of Chris Brockman, he meant it. Mike Del Tufa was cackling seriously like he just caught like the world's largest tuna.

You know what I mean? All the work here today was to heckle me Rich, do you understand that? Joining us right now is a great friend of the program and a great friend in general and his MMQB is chock full of information you don't want to miss. Certainly coming off of four dynamic games over the weekend with so much to discuss Albert Breer back here in The Rich Eisen Show. How are you doing Albert? Congratulations Rich and thank you for the cooling off period before you brought me on again.

Yeah, it's been a full, it's been about six days. I mean I see you and I talk, we're good, but how are you handling it Albert? How are you handling a world in which the University of Michigan football program are champions of the West, North, South and East? How are you handling it?

Better than I thought I would. I mean I will say like a shout out to my cousin Nick for sending along lots of pictures from the stadium. He's like you, a U of M grad. My dad, there's just a, I think you know this about me, I'm sort of the black sheep in my family so I heard it from a lot of different angles last week and but I'm handling it better than I thought I would and I think part of it is it appears that my school's donors have reacted in a positive way to all of this and it looks like there's some new financial pipelines that have opened up now and we have quite a few guys coming back.

Yeah, the collective was active as a bunch of guys are sticking around but those are for different times. Let's just jump into and we'll get to Harbaugh in a second because Dallas got curb stomped, they got thumped by Green Bay and you know Jerry Jones I don't think was thinking at all that that result was possible and thus he would have an answer about Mike McCarthy's future but what about a day later do you think about that situation Albert? I think just having talked to some people there this morning and into this afternoon Rich I think like the feeling is Jerry's going to take a few days and assess all of this and let the coaches go through the normal stuff at the end of the season, exit interviews with players and those sorts of things you know I heard consistently and this is I mean going back six, seven weeks like the Cowboys really have to win a playoff game for people there to be safe and I think it was with the assumption that they were good enough where that was probably going to happen and so for this to go so far in the other direction I mean I don't know if it even affects just Mike you know like there was a feeling a part of this was because you know Stephen Jones liked Stan Quinn so much that they may elevate him just in an effort to not lose him to Seattle or the Chargers. After an afternoon like that do you look at it and say no we're going to look everywhere now you know and maybe we do take a big swing on a Bill Belichick or a Jim Harbaugh or a Mike Vrabel you know I think all things are on the table now and look like I think both these things can be true right like that on one hand Mike McCarthy on balance doesn't deserve to be fired he's won 12 games three years in a row they've been third first and first in scoring in those three years but on the other hand Jerry Jones is 82 that wrong roster has got some older pieces like Tyron Smith and Zach Martin and DeMarcus Lawrence and you wouldn't be able to blame a guy of his age with that roster for acting with some urgency which I think could be the conclusion of all this after you know again a little bit of a cooling off period here for everybody. Well I mean you just got to wonder again Parcells gets hired in 2003 and you know that comes off of three years of Campo two of Gailey and so there's no you cannot compare the success that Mike McCarthy has had in terms of regular season wins he did win a playoff game last year ended Tom Brady's professional playing career as we wound up finding out later on you can't compare those these last three years in terms of the success including McCarthy's play calling this year smashing success regular season to the five years of Campo slash Gailey but I'm just wondering is there any what would the appetite be for Jerry to take that big swing on on the another bill with the same resume you know a similar resume here? Well I think you have to if you want to go back and look at the Parcells thing right because that could be instructive and I'm glad you brought that up like there are two reasons why Jerry did that in 2003 number one he was embarrassed with what his team had become and going five and eleven three years in a row under Dave Campo so that was number one and then you know number two he needed to regain credibility because he was looking to build a stadium so are those conditions in place now where he's embarrassed by the loss and he needs to regain credibility I don't know that it's like it was then but then you add his age into it and maybe that you know sort of you know amps things up a little and you know I I think the availability of Belichick is really fascinating I had somebody yesterday who would know tell me that Bill has built built a really strong relationship with with the Joneses over the last few years and that this has happened through football business through league meetings and that Stephen and Jerry really have a good rapport with Bill now and you know the interesting thing about their setup is a lot of people would say well you know Bill would never go there because the owner interferes and you know this and that is that really true though I mean everybody complains about Jerry the GM do they not have one of the most talented rosters in the league year in and year out and I look at like the coaches and the coaches have been empowered there too now I'm not saying they're what Bill was in New England but I mean Jason Garrett had a lot of say in the way those teams were put together when he was there and I would say Mike McCarthy has to in filling out his staff and being able to spend on certain things and being able to bring in veteran players and so I don't know man like I just I look at like what Bill said you can go back to October look the press conference in the Patriots play the Cowboys but out of nowhere Bill all of a sudden started saying all this really flowery nice stuff about Jerry and Stephen Jones and I just think there's enough there for us all to keep our eye on it and I mean God as far as being good for business Rich yeah I mean Bill Belichick and the Cowboys are you kidding me back in the NFC East go taking on the Giants twice and the Eagles twice and the new Washington commanders situation twice and then obviously though it it would it make a fit where he doesn't want to go to a spot where he's got a break in a new quarterback right or he's got to go to a spot where he's he can't completely you know have to remake a roster right usually that's what happens when you're firing a coach is things just a totally completely flat that I'm just yeah seeing if there's any there there from Bill I would say I would say rich look I think like the this for the same reasons like the Chargers would make sense for Jim Harbaugh because they're so ready to win right now and the Cowboys would make sense for for Bill and you know as far as just augmenting your roster I mean I I can remember my old buddy Calvin walk and so I cover the Cowboys with a million years ago I asked a player once like if a guy from another team we had him on a conference call all of us who are on the beat at the time and I asked him like you know would you would you ever want to play for the Cowboys and Calvin stopped me after the after the conference call was over looked me in the eyes and said Albert don't ever ask that question again everyone wants to play for the Cowboys so to just have that like ability to draw people into as far as building with urgency and when it's just a three or four year thing Bill would certainly have that there too now I think Atlanta is going to be in the mix for Bill as well has been well documented over the last couple of weeks and Atlanta has a lot of things to like too but I do think the Dallas job opening if it does in the next few days changes the dynamic for a number of different guys and you know I certainly think Bill Belichick's on that list I'd throw Mike Vrabel on that list as well. Albert Brie here on the Rich Eisen show what do you know about Harbaugh being out here in Los Angeles and what's going on there and who else might be interested? This was this was this was what was interesting to me um you know like and I I've said this a few different times like I I think that there are two things the Chargers are really sensitive about right they're sensitive about the perception that they're cheap and they're sensitive about perception that they're not relevant in L.A. and in one fell swoop Jim Harbaugh would address both those things right like you immediately address them by hiring Jim Harbaugh like I said the roster is in place you've got the quarterback and you know there are some similarities to what he walked into in San Francisco you know again like the only difference being that you know like the the quarterback isn't a reclamation project the way Alex Smith was in 2011 um I think one thing that I that that not a lot of people are talking about that's really important here I think the Chargers are willing to pay Jim Harbaugh are they willing to pay his coordinators like if they want to bring Jesse Minter from Michigan are they willing to pay him three or four million dollars a year are they willing to pay sports science people are they willing to invest back into what Jim Harbaugh wants to bring do they are they willing to lean far enough into Jim Harbaugh to bring the entire total program all the things he needs to win and then are they willing to say we're going to take a step back and let you run the show Jim because we know the way things went with Jim and ownership in San Francisco and I'm sure that's going to be something Jim is going to want answers on so a lot of people talked about the money and the money's always a factor in these things there's no question about it but I just think the infrastructure and the rapport with ownership are two things that people aren't looking at that would be deciding factors because I don't think he's averse to the idea of going back to Michigan I think the Raiders have some appeal to him or would have some appeal to him especially if you know his buddy Ed Dodds gets the gets the general manager job there so clearly he's going to have some options and you know I think it's on the Chargers now to prove again that they're willing to put what he wants around him and then ownership is willing to really let him run the show I keep thinking what what could add to this quarterback or this coaching carousel that would have it completely go in another spin-off its axis moment because it's been so unprecedented and it would be Mike Tomlin joining it is that possible at all Albert as we get set for Steelers and Buffalo yeah yeah well I mean we'll see what happens in the next few hours um I've felt like all along like they don't like I don't think he'll quit and I don't think I don't think they're gonna fire him and I felt that way even when they weren't playing well but he's been there for 17 years and I I just wonder what would happen if Carolina called or if Washington called and remember the owners there David Tepper and Josh Harris were minority owners in the Steelers before they bought their teams so they have relationships with the Rooney's so either of those guys could very easily pick up the phone and say like hey I'm just calling to see if this is a possibility and does that like provoke the conversation like hey is it time again 17 years is a long time that's longer that's two years longer than Bill Cower was in Pittsburgh and so that's a scenario where I could see it happening now I don't know personally whether or not Mike is burned out at all I you know it it's possible that that has creeped in you know whatever I could just tell you that I could tell you this because I saw him I mean if you're talking about burned out on coaching the answer is one million percent no yeah I don't think so either people have talked about that I don't think so no way not yeah no I did not get the sense at all or on Pittsburgh either I might add I don't think I don't know Rich I don't know that I've met anybody who's as passionate about coaching as Mike is I mean it's just same guy like honestly like and it's little things too like there's a you hear amazing stories about him like this is this is incredible like this is one way that he is able to stay in one place for so long and his message never goes stale when he goes to pro days you know he used to do this with Kevin Colbert and obviously Omar Khan more recently their new general manager when he walks into a Clemson or on Ohio State or Georgia or Michigan or wherever else one of the first things they'll do is like bring me to your social media manager and the reason he does that is because he knows that social media manager knows what kids are looking at and knows what's resonating with kids and so he goes in and he meets with those people and a lot of cases you know this at these colleges that kids probably 20 22 years old you know and he'll go and he'll sit down with these people and he'll like want to learn from them like okay like what is resonating with the kids what are you guys putting out there that is helping you recruit what are you getting putting out there that your kid that your current players want you want want to have out there it's just I mean to me like there's so much humility in that you know what I mean like in that like here to here a guy is like a Super Bowl champion NFL head coach and he's willing to go get advice from a 21 year old on how he should be relating with his players I just think like and I tell that story because somebody who's that into the details you know what I mean like it's just it's somebody who's truly truly passionate about about the job itself and it goes well beyond just you know the X's and O's and and being able to coach you know on on game day great stuff in your mmq be on Jordan love I want to give you the floor would you learn would you learn about what he did to Dallas yes it was so cool it was so cool because you know I like Matt Lafleur called him I don't think I can swear here but an effing stud you know right and it was sort of like and I'm sure you've been in these situations where you're talking to somebody and you've been on the record the whole time but then at the end they say something off hand so I text Matt and I say hey I just want to make sure you're okay with me using that he's like don't mind at all yeah right he doesn't mind at all because he's he is that I mean unreal unreal how he's looked this this is a good story so he um so you remember the play to Dontavian Wicks right mm-hmm so there's the play to Dontavian Wicks where he makes that throw where he couldn't step into it and just throws it right down Main Street for the touchdown Matt told me that Jordan like he asked before Jordan like Jordan give me a play and that was the play that Jordan gave him and they hadn't expected it but Dan Quinn had a zero blitz called and Jordan in the moment was whatever with a play clock running down identified the zero blitz maxed up the protection so kept like I basically instructed a few extra people who don't know instructed a few extra guys into to stay in the block stood in there took the hit and delivered the ball to Wicks all in whatever the span of 20 seconds and then there was that touchdown pass to Luke Musgrave later in the game right remember that one rich sure yeah where he's wide open yeah did that look a lot like a play that they ran week one you remember where Musgrave kind of tripped over himself and didn't quite make it into the end zone okay wide open they hadn't run that play since week one that was the last time they had it called the play before and Jordan didn't like the look he checked out of it and the result was a 27 yard run by Aaron Jones then Lafleur gives him a look Jordan basically says to him bring it again and they bring it again and it's wide open so I tell these stories because it's just like an awesome feel for the game for a kid who like was seen as so raw coming out you know and had such a long way to go and he needs to sit I just think those are stories that it's like God did they do right by him by bringing him along the way that they did you know what I mean and the best part is that everybody there loves him they all like I mean one thing another thing Matt said to me was like you know he went back to his notes before the draft and he's just like one of the notes in there was like this just seems like a really good dude and I think that's reflected in the way that everyone in that building and on top of that Aaron Rodgers are so actively rooting for the kid and then you know the we'll put that graphic up if my crew doesn't mind me just throwing up there of love and CJ Stroud their numbers were identical except for the fact that Stroud threw for two more passing yards than love insane it is I didn't notice that wow yeah the completion percentage touchdowns interception just Stroud got him by a couple yards that's it but he didn't need him I mean that thing was that thing was toast early second half because it listen if the Texans get to pick sixes with the way that Stroud is playing so the question I have for you is is did you I mean look I obviously watched him play against Michigan and in a couple times but was he did is he better he's better now right I mean obviously I think you didn't see this coming did you watch the Georgia game well that's true yeah that's true yeah I I mean I can remember talking to scouts last you know March and April as I as you always do and kind of asking around and what I what I got like almost uniformly was God if what we saw against Georgia was real God if that was the flips if that was the switch flipping you know and it was like sometimes it's hard to tell like when there's a single game like that and it's like you don't know you just don't know if like it is like a kid turning a corner a certain way I haven't had the chair I wish I'd asked CJ about that when I talk with him the other night but you know like it does feel like that guy that you got on that night against Georgia like something changed and like this is who he is now and I think it's like a willingness to run a willingness to stand in there and take a hit the intensity and speed with which he plays it's all there and I I honestly thought like there's like a play in that game where I was I was so wowed and it was a nothing play but it was talky talky the linebacker from the Browns became free on a rush and was running right at CJ Stroud and it's one of those hits that like a defensive player dreams about right like it's just you're sizing him up and you've got a free shot at him and like he was right in CJ's like line of vision so I can't imagine CJ could have really seen his receiver but he stands in there his eyes don't drop and he just kind of floats the ball out to the flat to Xavier Hutchinson takes the hit and it gets them into third and three they don't wind up converting but it was like for a kid to have that poise on that stage is really really impressive and you know one thing he said over and over again that's sort of interesting is that like you know everybody knows his story with his dad and everything else you know he says that you know what he was able what he went through when he was younger really kind of prepared him for the big moments because he never sees anything as too big and God that game against the raid that game next week if it turns out to be against the Ravens like we all think it will that does not feel like a layup for Baltimore anymore and how about this too Rich think about that like are there five teams right now in the NFL where you would trade their outlook for the next 10 years or you would trade the Texans outlook for the next 10 years for theirs like can you imagine saying that a year ago no I I hear you and you know and and and that things are crazy in the NFL because last year obviously the the Chargers had a 27 to 7 lead at half just like the Packers did in Dallas and you know the Packers didn't blow it like the Chargers did and we were all sitting there we'll trade the future for Jacksonville and now it just changes right I mean like Houston's in it right now and and the Packers and the Texans love and Stroud are the ones that it looks like have the opportunity to one and done the one seeds next week and that is something that I didn't see coming straight up and on top of it you may get Chiefs and and bills and Lions and Eagles you know where where or the box it I kind of dig it I enjoyed the weekend and and I guess the last one the last one for you I have Albert and then I'll let you go to go to watch those games is do you think Stroud and love success is gonna push anybody up in the draft that or or the kids are already pushing themselves up because by the way it's it's 2 30 Eastern Time we still haven't heard from Caleb Williams yet I'm assuming I know declare but but before he'll be here but so yeah that one's weird like what's up exist like let's go it's just I mean I like I mean look like he's working with like an NFL quarterbacks coach right now so I assume like that's to prepare for the draft but I don't know what are you gonna go back to Lincoln Riley really to go play Big Ten football he's doing he's doing all the things that a kid would who'd be going I mean sitting out his bowl game all the rest of it yeah yeah I think like one of the things with with love and and Stroud I just think like we like when you like juxtapose it against say like a Mac Jones or somebody like that physical ability still matters you know what I mean like and if you give a kid with physical ability who's got good makeup the right coaching you can really get them somewhere and so like you know Caleb Williams is outrageously talented and I think like a pretty evolved player and so I think he's he's good Drake may you know like you look at the kids who are I mean JJ McCarthy where we don't know where his ceiling is just because Michigan didn't need him to be a superhero like how much further can he take it I think you know with both CJ and and Jordan you know watching their success what it what it should make you think is there's a lot of growth left if you can put a kid in the right situation you know like there's a lot of growth that can happen in the NFL different kids need different things CJ was good playing right away if Jordan love had played in year one or year two I think it would not have looked good but the Packers had a good feel for what he needed and they kind of kept nurturing him and he got to learn behind Aaron Rodgers and you know the floor said this to me you know a few months ago like that he doesn't think any kid should play that early you know what I mean like he doesn't think he thinks like like almost 99% of quarterbacks should sit for two or three years because what happens is they usually go to bad teams and then they get thrown out there and their confidence gets crushed and you know at the speed of the game in the NFL it's almost impossible to get your confidence back when once it's gone and so Jordan never had his confidence crushed because he wasn't in there bumbling all over himself when he wasn't ready by the time he got out there he was ready and so I think that that's sort of the lesson I would take you know Rich is that you know bet on a kid's makeup both CJ and Jordan are very likable kids very smart kids bet on a kid's makeup bet on his talent and just know you can project a kid to be more than he is right now if you can create the right environment for him which you know obviously D'Amico Ryans and Nick Casario were able to do in Houston for CJ and Matt Lafleur and Brian Gudekus were able to do for Jordan Love and Greenback. Awesome stuff Albert and you know in terms of Stroud I mean he keeps it up he might run down Mike Tomczak for best Ohio State quarterback in the history of the NFL Albert I think he's got him in his sights might run down Tomczak you know what I mean good luck on that.

I mean actually sure would have been pretty good he just had some had some problems. Good to chat with you Albert great stuff thanks again everyone check out the MMQB from Albert it's must read material that stuff he told about Jordan Love just as the very first paragraph and then it just gets deeper game time tickets get it on your phone get it on your mobile device get your tickets and just two taps you can buy tickets and you not only can buy tickets before you get them you can see the view from your seat before you get them you get all in pricing you get to see your entire pricing up front so there are no surprises last minute tickets they've got last minute deals you could even get tickets after the event has started on your way how cool is that lowest price guarantee event cancellation protection take the guesswork straight out of buying tickets with game town download the app create an account use the code rich for twenty dollars off your first purchase restrictions apply visit for terms again create an account redeem code R I C H for twenty dollars off download game time today last minute tickets lowest price guaranteed nothing like getting information from Albert and then jabbing him as he goes out the door. Rich Eisen here if you love football as much as we do here and want to be in the game every day there's something the guys on my show have been enjoying prize picks daily fantasy sports the number one daily fantasy sports app Brockman tell everybody about prize picks and your strategy this season rich it's fun and easy pick two players or more based on their stats and place your entry it takes less than 60 seconds and just a few taps you make your picks and boom you're part of the action with basketball season here you can now pick combo projections across football and basketball from the specials league a league created specifically for combo projections that includes two or more players from different sports and leagues prize picks even has a reboot policy where your entries stay in play if one of your players gets injured for basketball and football games if you have a player who exits the game in the first half and does not return in the second that player is rebooted prize picks is the only daily fantasy sports platform with insurance for injury i love prize picks because it adds to my game time experience look looking ahead this week nfl jamir gibbs total yards tony powered rush yards boom that's a winner if you're eager to test your knowledge and skills play the game enjoyed by millions and join the prize picks community visit slash pigskin and use code pigskin for a first deposit match of up to 100 that's code pigskin at slash pigskin for a first deposit match of up to 100 prize picks daily fantasy made easy must be present in certain states visit for restrictions and details welcome to talkville the ultimate smallville rewatch podcast karen what you got hi guys karen apple m from australia with a quick question for season three talisman that knife wound was so powerful tom what was it like to do that scene with john as your director it's great that i was with those people because when your eyes are closed and someone is supposed to stab you in the chest you have to really trust that they're not gonna hurt you so i was in good hands with john jump in now or catch up on any of the past seasons of talkville on youtube or wherever you listen he Take the middle key. There's five keys. Yes! He takes the middle key! No, he's not looking! He takes the second to the right key. I didn't look.

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Does it unlock the car? He's turning the key! No! Oh, T.J. Oh, boy. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show Radio Network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger has the right product for you.

Go to or just stop by. Caleb Williams just declared, okay, go back to your homes. Oh, he did? Gosh, it was like, you know... Ian Rappaport saying, Caleb Williams has made it official. He's joining the fray, the National Football League draft, and it is now on.

There you go. The it that is now on is, what do the Chicago Bears do? Number 13 in your USC program was dynamite. Two years ago, the Heisman Trophy winner this past year, not so much. Much made of what are his parents saying to teams. They want a piece of the action if you draft them. Rumors flying everywhere. That they want a piece of the agency that signs their son to represent him professionally.

Me too. Honestly, but when you hear this stuff, if I'm the Chicago Bears, it's the first thing I ask him when I see him in Indianapolis. And then he gives you the answer and you're done with it. Because when I hear, oh, you know, his folks are a pain, you don't want any piece of that.

And you know what I think of? I think of, does Charlotte have a problem with LaMelo right now? If he's healthy, right? How much of a pain in the ass is LaVar there?

There's a lot of other problems with the franchise in terms of the, you know, winning. But do you hear anything when he's healthy? Nope.

Okay. And then you hear this too about, you know, maybe he was crying on his mom's shoulder and what sort of makeup is that? I hear all this stuff, you know what I think of? You're trying to throw me off the scent, are you? Whoever's saying that, whoever's saying that, you know, why are you trying to throw me off the scent of what my eyes are? My eyes are not lying.

Not one in the sky doesn't lie. So yeah, it's do you want him or do you want Justin Fields? What can you get for Fields? What can you get for flipping the number one overall pick to someone else?

It's on officially for Chicago. And this year is a much more difficult equation than last year. Last year, in my opinion, even though we're watching Stroud ball out, I still thought at the time, flipping it, you need more pieces. You haven't figured out what you have in Justin Fields just yet. And then it got them DJ Moore and they got them, you know, one would think an offensive scheme that was better. Now they've blown out the rest of their offensive staff. The question is, who are they bringing in? I'm as keen about that about the, than I am the rest of who's the next head coach of fill in the blank. I mean, if I had to rank it, I'm like, where is Harbaugh going? Where is Belichick going to wind up?

Then there's Vrabel. And right over on par of where Vrabel's going is who are the Bears going to hire offensively? If Tomlin jumps into this thing, then it's really odd, but what are the Bears going to do? And who's going to take Justin Fields and who's going to say to this kid, we're picking up your fifth year option. Then we're going to see what happens.

And then you show what happens, who's going to be that team to give draft assets or asset to Chicago. Well, it's now officially on now that Caleb Williams has made it official Drake May's in the mix. Jayden Daniels in the mix. My guy who's 27 and one is in the mix.

There's a lot in the mix. I cannot wait to get to Indianapolis. Daniel Jeremiah's first up on tomorrow's program to talk about Bill's Steelers, Eagles, Bucks, and this very subject matter.

That'll be on Tuesday's show. Derek in Missouri has been hanging on forever and a day. What's up, Derek?

Hey, Rich. First and foremost, congratulations to your Michigan Warble range. I appreciate it. And to you most of all. All right, I'll take it. Thank you.

And just giving you a weather update here in Missouri, it's still cold. Well, thank you. Okay.

Make a note of that, Mike. That's curious. Voted.

For your weather report. So other than what happened in the other games besides Houston and other than that, so I want to say Kansas City right now. Yes, they won.

Sure. But they still got a tough road ahead of them. Whoever they play next week, whether it's at home at Houston or they play on the road against Buffalo and drop anitis is still hitting Kansas City with Kelsey having a few drops here and there. But at Green Bay, all I can say is, wow, Jordan Love just surprised me. I mean, if I told you yesterday that he was going to be the first quarterback in Packers history to do something that Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers did in their first full-time season as a starter and take the Packers to a point-out game and dismantle the Dallas Cowboys, who would have thunk it? I'm with you, brother. I'm with you. And Jordan Love got it done.

Same with CJ Stroud. I appreciate the call and stay warm there in Kansas City. So we haven't discussed this. Kansas City found the light switch and they started flipping it to see if it goes up. Everyone's wondering, did they flip a switch? They found a switch, I believe. Now did they keep it on?

Is it flipped on? They had problems in the red zone. If Miami had only been able to put one more touchdown on the board while they were settling for Harrison Butler field goals in the negative 20 degree feels like temperature, this thing would have been a little bit more tight, but Mahomes on a fourth down runs for a first down.

He runs for a first down in the red zone that cracked his helmet. I mean, the Mahomes that is going to be difficult to put down on the ground, he's healthier I would think now than last year. Remember it was all ankle watch last year? Absolutely.

So we're checking that box. You're getting a better, more healthier Mahomes now than you had last year. And he's running for first downs like he's still 22. Rasheed Rice is 100% the guy they needed to have come to the floor in the playoffs. And he showed up with a buck 30 with eight catches and a score. And it looked like he got hurt at one point. He comes back in, Pacheco, check that box. Can he be the bell cow in the playoffs? Last year, remember he was still just a young pup. Rasheed Rice was in college. I'm concerned that Kelsey dropped a couple, but he's still Travis freaking Kelsey.

And that defense, that defense 100% is championship quality. Karl Loftus, add him to the mix. Nick Bolton is back. Lageria Snead is getting in your face. And Andy Reid's mustache went from Reid to Lorax to full on Brimley.

Lorax. All right. It just kept going icier and icier and icier.

So they looked at the elements and were like, yeah, okay. So what? I'm going to talk about the Dolphins another day.

We're talking about the world champs making it to the divisional round. And I know Buffalo's like, bring them. Okay. Okay. It'd be nice if you're the Bills to play them on your home turf for a change. I get it better than the other way around. But that was some of the better Kansas City Chiefs football play we've seen in a while, in a while.

And it wasn't mistake free, but it wasn't like, what's the matter with these guys at all? One last thing. We showed a photograph of Taylor Swift. I can't believe I have to say this. I'm just going to say it. I tweeted it out and this isn't virtue signaling or anything stupid like that.

What is the matter with people? The toxic masculinity that shows up in my Twitter timeline, my ex timeline, because she's having fun at a football game. I honestly don't understand it. Because not everybody wants to see six shots of her during the game. No, I get it. But it's supposed to what though?

More mustache shots? I'm confused. I mean, people are there for the football. Maybe people don't come to see. She's literally one of the most famous people on planet earth at a football game, seemingly enjoying herself. She's never going to be anonymous the rest of her life. What is she supposed to do? Just sit there in a corner and not support her boyfriend? And if they keep showing shots of her, I understand like, let's see her after Kelsey drops a pass. Really? I mean, what's the big deal?

As a matter of fact, this is the greatest thing ever. There's a whole bunch of people that normally don't watch football games that are watching just to see her on the screen. Put her up there. So what? So you're like, oh, I got to be bothered. I got to be what zeroed in on the zero coverage.

You know, I got to know more about the too deep safeties. Like you're taking away, you're taking away my football enjoyment just by showing a shot of her. I don't understand it.

I just want to tailor cast. No, I don't. Stop lying. I'm with you. I don't, I don't get it. Just go on with your lives.

They showed 15 shots of Jerry Jones. What do you, you got a problem with that? Yeah.

I don't understand the difference. I don't. You know what I mean? Like, well, one is he's a football guy and I want to see him look miserable. If you're a hater of the Cowboys or you're, you know, I don't get it. It's just like, what, what is it about her that, you know, and you know, blame in blaming her for any of the issues for Kelsey or, or the team. It's just like, get over yourselves.

Like it's saying more about you than it is about her. Exactly. All right.

And I'm not looking for free tickets. Trust me. I think your Twitter is going to reflect this this afternoon. It's already, it's already in there. I don't get it.

You know, I think people will, I just have a feel for those who feel that way will express themselves. Well, then in car, then Karma's a boy in El Segundo, I'm referring to myself real quick. You mentioned the Jerry Snead earlier. Tyreek Hill on his Twitter puts the video of him getting jammed by Snead and his tweet was jam my eye to Cancun. Like he's just, I've never seen a receiver give someone props the way, but they're also, you know, I mean, like you just like, all the way to Cancun. I don't know.

I mean, the cheetah used to belong in that spot and he's given, he's given props. 844-204-rich number to dial. We'll be back with more on the Rich Eisen Show in a moment. Kudos to those in Western New York with the Buffalo Bills stadium operations and then the folks in the area who did this look at the field.

Ready to go, baby. Blue skies, blue clouds. You don't want to be able to sit in the stands, you can't find your seat on it, but the field is clear. But the aisles look clear. Yeah. Look at that. The aisles look clear and you know, I guess best they can do.

I mean, what are you going to do? But the field is ready to go. Okay. Great.

Looks good. Good for them, man. The total's shooting back up. Huh? The total's shooting back up.

Oh, is that what it is? No. I honestly, why can't the Steelers win this game after what you saw what the Packers did? I know. The whole idea is like, this team can't do it. This team can't do it. No way.

Shug them over. We're not going to apologize for winning. Honestly, the last four games kind of showed you. We're going to know what type of game it is kind of early if we get good Allen or bad Allen.

I think you're going to get good Allen. We're going to find out right away. Name me the last bad Allen playoff game. Name me the one where he cost him. I mean, I'd have to look, but I don't know. Come on.

He certainly didn't cost him in Kansas City with the 13 seconds to go. Nope. Right? No. Who? Honestly.

By the way, Mike Hoskins would be getting in my ear right now and giving me, other than just how much time till the radio audience returns, he'd tell me exactly what it was. It's not him. I don't think it's ever him. No, he's been awesome. Just weird circumstances. He's been terrific. 17 touchdowns, four picks in the playoffs. Good Allen shows up in the postseason.

It's just weird stuff also does too. Yeah. I'd like to see them win. The whole thing. I think you're going to see him. That's the whole thing, huh?

He didn't play good in Cincinnati two years ago, but I don't know. Gotcha. AutoZone. Check out tonight's Monday Night Football game for free by streaming the NFL on Westwood One, sponsored by AutoZone. You can check it out. Just tell Alexa. Open Westwood One Sports or on your Westwood and Affiliate Stations digital platforms.

Every Westwood One broadcast of the NFL playoffs is live on the NFL app as well. The free AutoZone fix finder service can help you find a fix for free. Get in the zone. AutoZone.

Restrictions apply. Kevin Harlan, Kurt Warner, and I will be part of Monday Night Football again tonight in Tampa for free and get in the zone with AutoZone. I'll be, however, here in Los Angeles, those guys will be in Tampa. Let's go to Jeff in Detroit. Just chimed in. What's up, Jeff? Sorry. To everyone else.

Jeff just cuts the line. What do you got? Go for it. Hey, what's going on, guys? You all right today? I'm good. What's up, Jeff?

Thank you so much. I came to visit my sister as soon as I walked in. You guys went to me, but listen, as long as I've been calling your show, this has probably been the best weekend of football that I have ever experienced. Uncle Rich, the last time the Detroit Lions won in the playoffs, I was in the 12th grade.

My man, I'm 50 years old now. What a weekend. What a weekend. And the way that Green Bay dismantled Dallas after they cheated, beat it up. I'm loving it.

Sorry, TJ, but yes, this has probably been one of the best. Only other thing I can think of is the Pistons winning the championship. That's the only other thing. And Jeff, I bet you were a grown ass man in the 12th grade like you are as a 50-year-old as well, right, Jeff? That's right, Uncle.

That's right. Thank you. Kim in Louisville, Kentucky just chimed in. Let's get Kim on here. What's up, Kim?

Not a lot, Rich. I'm just sitting around watching your show, and I had a problem with something that you said earlier. What's that, Kim? What's that?

What's that? Okay. Okay.

Like I said, I'm 59 years old. Okay. I've been a football fan all of my life. Okay. My favorite team is the Minnesota Vikings. Okay. I go back days of Eller and Page and Marshall and Larson. Okay.

I lived and died four Super Bowls with them. Yes. There are a lot of women out there that enjoyed football before Taylor Swift.

Right. I watch the game to watch the game. If you want to show one pitcher over at the game, fine. But every time he does anything, we have to go to the booth. The game's going to be there after Taylor Swift is gone.

That's my issue. She brought Swifties there. You think the Swifties are going to be there when her and Travis break up? No. Well, Kim, first of all, Kim, how dare you? I believe in true love. Don't you believe in true love there in Louisville, Kim?

Come on now. That's number one. In all seriousness, though, number two, it's not her fault. I believe in football. So then don't blame it on her. That's what I believe in.

I believe in football. Okay, but blame it on the broadcast that keeps showing her. She's not supposed to show up because she's too famous and she's on TV too much? She doesn't show up, but she's not the leader of a country. She's not doing something great for the world. She's a singer. If it was Beyonce, I'd feel the same way.

It doesn't matter. I watch the game for the game. One or two shots of her, fine. But every commercial break, and then you've got your announcers on the four-letter network, you know, oh, she has to come to the game because he plays better. People want to see the game.

They don't want to see her. Thank you, Kim. I appreciate it. That's all I'm saying. I appreciate you calling in.

I hope your Vikings get back in the playoffs. That's Kim in Louisville. All right. Jimmy in San Antonio.

Last word. We've got about an hour. We've got about a minute. What's up, Jimmy? What do you got, Jimmy? What's up, Jimmy?

No BN. It's 32 degrees. The Cowboys were so bad that 14 did nothing. I changed the channel to dog-surfing world championship. That's actually good. I worked on that. How did the dogs do? Of course you did. Rothstein the Bulldog is the Kelly Slater of dogs.

I see that dog. Good to know. Good to know. Congratulations to Jeff and Detroit. Coach Campbell from Texas A&M got it done.

Then you have Ray Jackson and Jimmy King both from Texas up and doing their Michigan thing. The first time I ever saw Michigan play was against A&M in 95 at the Alamo Bowl. Were you there, Rich? I was not there, sir. I was not there, but I was there in spirit.

I was there in spirit in 95. Listen. I have a deal about Cowboys coaching real quick. Oh, sure. Yeah. I've got about a minute.

What do you got? Michael, Tomlin, Brabel, Harbaugh, neither of them are the answer. There was only one, and it's Jimmy Johnson. Oh, God. Thank you, Jimmy.

You got to get me to lay off the hard stuff so early in the day. It's Jimmy in San Antonio. By the way, Jimmy put on a... It was like he was in the locker room if you happened to catch him in half time.

No, I know. He was hyped. And Irv was saying that the jinx of Jimmy, the curse of Jimmy was over. We thought so. No. Yeah. I guess it was more entertaining watching a bulldog hang 10 than watch Green Bay hang 48.

If I'm not mistaken, that's what Jimmy's message was right there. I got to watch the Corleone family too, so... Oh, I'm sorry. It was marvelous.

Oh, my goodness. What a wild weekend. And we'll hug it out again with everyone else tomorrow. Thanks to Albert Breer and Chris Long.

We'll wrap up the show on Roku in a moment. How wrestling really works and how you get the ratings, Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson explain on 83 weeks. I mean, I dig Jey Uso because he's born out of great storytelling and he lived up to the opportunity and exceeded it. The LA Knight, he's way up on my list because here's a guy that's been around for almost ever, should have probably quit a half a dozen times, and he just forced his way into their life and now he's making money hand over fist. That is a story I love. 83 weeks on YouTube or wherever you listen.
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