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God Robbers

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 12, 2024 10:27 am

God Robbers

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 12, 2024 10:27 am

Join Robby for an exciting episode of Christian Car Guy.

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Hello, this is Matt Slick from the Matt Slick live podcast where I defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundations of the truth of God's word. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. Robber, stop thief! Robber, stop thief! Stop thief! There goes my girl, Kim. It's time she'll be mine.

I am the John of the giant pond. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show. I say this calls for action and now, nip it in the bud. Nip it in the bud, you got to nip it in the bud. How have I been good to you?

How have I been sweet to you? Stop in the name of love Before you praise my heart Stop in the name of love Before you praise my heart Make it open Make it open God robbers today on the Christian Car Guy show. Yes, today's Christian Car Guy show, God Robbers. And if you were listening closely, you heard that stop thief.

That was actually me with a little cartoon music there. But then it was stop thief by Too Much Saturn and then stop in the name of love by, of course, Diana Ross. So when you hear that again in the bump hymns, I want you to think of that this is actually God speaking to you, Scott. He's saying stop in the name of love before you break my heart. What is he asking you to stop?

God robbing, that's what we're talking about. So the basic premise actually of the Jesus labor love, which is why Scott's here with us today, the Jesus labor love car repair labor for single moms, widows, families in crisis across the country. It's one of the ministries of the Christian Car Guy show. We get so many opportunities to help folks.

It's amazing. But here's a challenge. Here's where you rob God. If no one is humble enough to ask for help, right, right, then that ministry, no ministry, you rob God of a chance to help. I mean, that's the basic premise of God robbers. Of course, we're going to dig deeper. You may be robbing God more than you think. We're going to talk about that. I know I am.

I'm just going to talk for myself if nobody else, right? And so as you might guess, today's show is brought to you actually for the first time ever in the history of the Christian Car Guy show, we're going to have a triple threat. It's three Hebrew letters put together, and it's spelled shuva and it's a shin above and a race. And when you put those three letters together, you might hear that sound shuva and think, oh, that sounds a little familiar. Here's the way it does. Because Jesus's name in Hebrew is Yeshua.

You've probably heard that. Well, if you put a shin and above just like we're talking about with a race, that shuva, excuse me, not race, ion, a shin above and an ion, when you put those three together like that, that says help. Because the word Jesus means salvation, and so here comes this yud at the front of help and you get light that's going to help you, and that's what Jesus does, right? His name is the Savior, okay? And so the idea of him being the Savior can only work if you ask for help. Write down your own salvation. In other words, those people who don't accept that gift, those people who don't ask for it, they don't get no help because they never humble themselves to think, oh, I really need God. Well, there you go.

So there's the idea, right? But here's how it was taught to me oh so well. And years ago I was, you may have heard the story, I was healed from cancer. God miraculously healed me beautifully by a pastor that came and prayed over me, anointed me with oil. It was God that healed me.

I understand that. And then when I finished my last chemotherapy treatment, we celebrated by going to the Jeep Jamboree, and I was crushed between two Jeeps. And as a result of that, I was in a wheelchair for a couple years. And my house, as it was, had this deck at the time that was probably 20 feet off the ground. Well, if you've got a deck that high, in order to have a wheelchair ramp to get out, it takes a wheelchair ramp that's extremely long, like maybe over 100 yards or something to get there. Or steep.

Right. Well, you can't have it steep. I mean, that's against the law.

They won't get a permit to put it on your house if it's too steep. And so in order to run it out to where it was legal, it was wrong. Yeah. Of course, and I just gave up on the thought because it seemed too expensive and all this stuff was just beyond my means. But of course, my wife shared the prayer request at our Sunday school class and all that. Well, one day, I'm sitting out there, and man, it was like an army shows up at my house.

Wow. And it was literally, I'm sure there were 20 or 30 from my Sunday school class with several trucks full of lumber and this, that, and the other, and I just watched as they just built the most amazing wheelchair ramp off this huge deck that I had. I couldn't even believe what they were doing. But what it enabled me to do was to get in and out of the house without having to crawl down the steps on my rear end.

I used to have to just kind of go down a step at a time, and it hurt because my leg was in bad shape. But now I had this unbelievable, like, man. And so I'm standing out there, and I'm overwhelmed because I'm a baby Christian at this point in time, and I don't understand why people would be this nice to me that don't really know me all that well.

And my cam, the Sunday school teacher, comes out there and says these words that are stuck in my soul that I'll never, ever forget. I said, ma'am, what did I ever do for you guys to do such a thing for me? It's unbelievable.

They wouldn't let me pay them. They had nothing, right? And he said, Robbie, we would do it for so many more people, but they never ask us, and they rob us of the blessing. Oh, yeah. Thus being a God robber.

So just think about it. If your son or daughter was desperate for money and they couldn't take their child to the emergency room for the fear of the cost and they did not call you and ask for help, would you feel like they robbed you? I mean, would you feel like, oh, man, this is a rip? I mean, I just can't believe this happened, that I didn't get a chance to not do this. Well, stop in the name of love before you break God's heart, right?

You've got to say I need help, man. I do not understand. And so the more I understand and study Habakkuk's prayer, not that I understand or that I'll ever understand at all, but the book of Habakkuk essentially is a prayer, and he's talking to God. And the more I look at this verse 2, the more it brings this understanding of the idea of shuvah to my mind, because when he says, oh, Lord, how long shall I cry and thou will not hear?

Even cry out unto thee of violence and thou will not save. Well, this verse, I think, has got the whole voice of mankind in general's question to God that implies he doesn't care. Like, where are you, God?

Like, where, you know, I need you. And, you know, it's fascinating, because Habakkuk himself knows that God is going to reprove him. In fact, if you look at the second verse of the second chapter, actually first verse of the second chapter, he tells him, you know, God, I know you're going to reprove me on this. He knows he's wrong. And then comes the classic verse in chapter 2, which really helps us understand what God is getting at with all this, and what he says is, behold, the soul of him which is lifted up is not upright in him, but the just shall live by faith.

In other words, you're so puffed up, and I'm talking about me, Robbie Dilmore, I'm so puffed up, okay, that my soul is not upright in me. But if I live by faith, that God is the one that really can help me, and God is what I really need, and also many circumstances, then I don't rob God. Otherwise, I'm a God-robber, right?

You see what I'm talking about? So the real issue is my heart. My heart, like, I know this intellectually all too well at this point. God's been teaching it to me, okay?

But it's one thing to know in your head, and it's another thing for your heart to cry out, but I need help because, of course, my heart quite often thinks, you got this, Robbie. Well, you know, the beautiful thing is Romans 10, 17, right? It says, faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. In other words, the more I study, the more I pray, the more I spend time with God, especially with his word, and those words get in my heart. You see, then all of a sudden I begin to understand God's heart, and God's heart is that to help. God's heart is that to care. God's heart is that to listen.

Sometimes he says no because he knows what's best for me. Sometimes he's going to do things in my family's life that I don't think are right, but if I really have faith and don't I understand his timing is perfect, everything's going to happen according to what exactly he wants, et cetera, et cetera. And so with all that in mind, right, you know, how blessed are we, Scott, that every day we get a chance to work with these folks who have, right, humbled themselves and called and asked for help, and, you know, you can share a story or two along those lines.

Yeah, absolutely. We are abundantly blessed. I hear so many testimonies every single day.

Lately we've been branching out west, talked to somebody from Tucson, Arizona this week, Utah. You know, that's interesting because, you know, Linda in Tucson was the lady who needed the car for the homeless gentleman, and that led to the lady in Colorado that was struggling, and so, you know, so many cool things are happening as people are asking for help. And so when you think about your own, when did you not ask for help?

When did you ask for help? We'd love to hear your story, your testimony, 866-348-7884. This is the Truth Network. Robber, stop, be.

I think it over. God robbers today on the Christian Car Guy show, and this, you know, the callers make this show for me, and I'm so excited because I have Wendy who is in North Carolina. Wendy, you're on the Christian Car Guy show. Good morning. Good morning, Wendy. Good morning. How are you guys doing? We are wonderful. I'm excited to hear what you have.

Fabulous. I'm so thankful to get to speak with you this morning, and I've been hearing you talking about Scripture and hearing you talking about Bible verses, and I'm excited because the Lord sometimes just puts things together, you know, in such a neat way. He gave me a verse this morning. It's Psalm 46.1, and it says, God is my refuge and strength and ever-present help in trouble. And the reason it's so neat that he gave me that verse, I knew I was going to call you. I knew I was going to say thank you just to give a little background. You guys have done so much work on my sad little car that is still just putting along. I'm so thankful for it. But you guys have just been faithful over and over again when it has needed stuff.

It's leaked. It's needed a new battery. It's needed just all sorts of things, and you guys have helped repeatedly, and I heard you talking about, you know, folks being willing to reach out and ask for help, and you guys just seizing that opportunity really to help, and it makes me think of you guys really as the hands and feet of the Lord. Specifically when that verse came to me, it was in my morning devotion, and I was like, that's perfect. That is exactly, you know, God working through them to be that ever-present help. So thank you guys so much for everything you've done for me and my son. I'm a single mom, and you guys have just been there time and time again, so I really, really appreciate that.

And, you know, Wendy, like you said, we're just the middlemen. I mean, it's kind of a neat thing to be where, you know, like, you know, God provides for you guys through so many different people donate to the ministry, and Scott donates his time, and all these different things. It's just an absolutely beautiful, amazing thing, but it doesn't work if the people never ask for help, and I love that you put that verse in your heart. It's clear that you feel that, that he is our ever-present help, and I think that's why it's so critical that we look at Scripture, because our hearts don't necessarily lean that way with all the circumstances of our day, right?

It's just, it's a beautiful thing as he grows our faith, and so I commend you on all sorts of levels. Number one, that you asked for help originally, but it takes great courage. You know, if you ever called in to a radio show, I'll never forget the first time I ever called in.

I'm not a natural, like, love-to-be-on-the-radio kind of person. I was terrified. I was calling in to Stu Epperson's Truth Talk Live.

This was years ago, and I remember sitting on hold going, I can't do this, I can't do this, I can't do this. So I know the courage for which that takes, Wendy, and I am so grateful, because I know there are many people out there that are wondering should they call and ask for help. Right, and then you can see that it's just an amazing thing when Yeshua does what Yeshua wants to do, which is help us, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

That's definitely true. He's so faithful. It does take a lot of courage, and for people like you, Wendy, that do listen and call in, it really does help validate and make us appreciate, you know, the time that we spend, because a lot of people are not that comfortable, and so you speak for them, and we really do appreciate it, and to get up early and listen, it means a lot. There you go. God bless you, Wendy, thank you so much. I love you, too. Oh, we're so grateful for you.

Thanks again. God bless. Bye-bye. Thanks, Wendy.

Bye-bye. So, you know, it's get up early. Now, Scott, what time do you get up in the morning? Well, since I work at night, I generally- Oh, I hadn't thought about that.

This probably is early for you. My dog actually gets me up about 6.30, and then I try to lay it back down till about 9, 9.30, but- I get it. Okay, so I hadn't even thought about it. There's a lot of folks that work second shift. On weekends, I get up at 6, so- Okay.

All right. I was thinking early. It's 10 o'clock at 10 o'clock. But no, it's not for people that work other shifts, and my daughter, you know, she's a nurse, and for years, she worked on the- Graveyard? Yeah, well, at Baptist Hospital on the oncology floor, and, you know, it's a hard place because- Oh, yeah. A lot of people are, you know, taking their last breath, unfortunately, and it's late at night, and your days are messed up, you know, that you can't sleep.

12-hour shifts. Yeah. It's hard things, so my heart goes out to all those that are working those shifts, and a lot of times, you know, a lot of people hear this show at 4, 5 in the morning because it'll play on different stations at different times.

Oh, yeah. That you won't know that that's what's, you know, and those people actually call in, or they'll email me or something, and they say I listen every morning at 4.30, and man, you know, people deliver the newspaper, right? They're out there riding around, and they're listening, and so I'm so grateful for every single one that has the opportunity to do that. And so, interestingly, right, I can see we got needs for cars. I mean, that's one of the places a lot of people have had the courage to ask for help, and it stretches my faith, honestly, that God's going to provide that, you know, as people call in, and I had a wonderful donor in Ohio that was going to donate this car, and I'm still trying to accommodate how to get it here, and, you know, it's one of those things that, you deal with these folks that are on this list all the time, Scott, so what does that feel like to you? Well, you're right, we do need some cars, and what happens a lot is people will text me or call me every so many weeks just to see if their magic number has come up, and I just let them know that we just really never know, but keep praying, because even if you're a third or fourth on the list, a lot of times, when we do get a vehicle... Right, the other people dropped off, right? Absolutely. And so that could happen.

So we're going to be back with a lot more of your stories, we hope. You've got to call us, 866-348-7884, 866-344-TRUES. When's the time you didn't rob God? Maybe when's the time you did?

How did that work out? 866-348-7884. We'll be right back. What a fascinating concept of us being... robbing God of the blessing or robbing somebody else of the blessing, and we really need help, but we don't ask for it, and I realize it takes great humility on our part to realize that we don't necessarily have what it takes to help ourselves in a lot of circumstances, but it's kind of cool. We talked about that today's show was brought to you by the triple threat Hebrew letter shuvah, right, which is a shin and a vav and an ayin, and the idea of that, like, to the Jews, when you give alms to the poor, it's shuvah. In other words, you're giving help, right? And I don't know about you, but if somebody starts off a conversation with, Robbie, can you help me? You know, just immediately you realize the humility of what they just said, and it's our natural, like, if you love me, you're gonna obey my, you know, if you love somebody, you naturally want to help them, and so it, I hate to think of how many opportunities I've missed out on for something that really God would have loved to see somebody help me with or for him to help me with, but it's, you know, like that old joke about, you know, the guy that was in the flood, and, you know, he was like, God, why didn't you save me?

Well, I sent it, you know, a boat, I sent a helicopter, you know, you may know the joke. And then that's kind of the deal, right? That those things are things that happen, and here at the Christian Car Guys show, we have the Jesus labor love, and, you know, it operates because people have the humility to ask for help, and then there are people who give the shuvah. In other words, there's people that hear Jesus and say, yeah, I'm gonna step up, I'm gonna pray for that, I'm gonna provide that, whatever that might look like. And so occasionally, Scott, we have one, like the gentleman in Ohio that's gonna give us the car, I need somebody to, or a couple people are willing to go up to Ohio and get it somehow and get it down here, because unfortunately we don't have any needs, or fortunately, however that works, in Ohio or the repair facilities up there to fix it, to get it in somebody's hands. So it all works out that God's gonna make that happen, but I just also wanna make you aware that the Christian Car Guys show is now available on YouTube, on Twitter, on LinkedIn, whichever social media you like. If you go to Christian Car Guy, or you go to even my Facebook, my personal page, Robbie Dilmore, you can see there we stream now, live. And so the show's on, if you're wondering what Scott looked like, if you wonder what Robbie really looks like, does Robbie actually read a script at times, all those things?

Yeah, I do, I have things that I wanna say according to a certain way that I feel like God's put it on my heart, and in those cases I write out some things. And so if you wonder what that looks like, or what it might look like to actually be in the truth booth with the Christian Car Guy and that kind of thing, you can go to your Facebook, you can go to Twitter, YouTube, wherever you wanna go, and either Robbie Dilmore or the Christian Car Guy, and then do us a favor, if you'll subscribe or all those things, they all help out the ministry in all so many different ways, because the whole idea is that I'm sure that God wants more people like you to be able to listen and call in with your stories. The show operates, in my view, on testimony. In other words, that's the oil that makes the Christian Car Guy car go. It's your stories, how God worked in your life. When people tune in to hear this show, I know I hear it, and time and again, man, I heard this woman that talked about how big God's hands were.

You remember that? If you heard that, I'll never ever forget it as long as I live, or the man that called in from the wheelchair that said that Jesus took the wheel in his car. In other words, all these stories through the years are the oil that makes this car show, I mean, that makes this car go, which means that somebody has to have the courage to dial 866-348-7884 and say, yeah, here's my story. Here's where I didn't have the deal to call in and ask for help.

So I have another story, actually. It started with my own son, and here's a piece of advice that I think most teenage deaths in cars, you know, are distracted driving, undoubtedly, but the second one is that what happens is they go off the side of the road, and then they panic, and they jerk the steering wheel hard to get back onto the road, and immediately flip the car as it pops the curb, or it pops the shoulder, whatever that looks like, or sometimes they go into oncoming traffic. Either way, when you pull that wheel hard, and you're not used to driving, it's not a good situation.

And so with my own children, I spent a lot of time letting them practice, letting them go off the road on purpose, and easy does it. And my son knew quite well that you don't, even, you're better off going in the ditch than jerking the wheel, and he hadn't been driving two weeks, and he went around the curb, and the rain went off the road, and rather than do what his dad had clearly pointed out to him, might get him killed, he let the car drift off into the ditch, right? And there he was, stuck in the ditch, not hurt.

The car wasn't hurt, right? Who's the first person he called? Vershuva, in other words, dad. And I've often said of all my phone calls from all my kids and all the different things, my favorite ones are always when they call me and ask for help, because what is it telling you? They trust my heart. They know that I'm not gonna say, now that was stupid.

Right? I'm gonna say, man, what can I do? My heart is, how can I help you?

What can I do right this minute? And so, I say all that to say, well, number one, don't pull the car back on the road, because we don't want anybody to get hurt. But also, who does your heart trust? Like, when your ox is in the ditch, yeah, you put up that prayer, but then there's also people in your life, or maybe there's not people in your life that you can call and ask for help. Or I bet you, it's just my guess, there's a bunch of people you could call and ask for help that you don't know you could. I'll just bet you there is, because there's a lot of those people, clearly in my life, I bet you there's some in yours too, right, Scott? Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, absolutely. Just made me think about that James Taylor song. Just call out my name.

Right, and you know wherever I am. So it's interesting that we both have a dear friend named Grant, and unfortunately, a tree fell on his truck. Yeah. And this poor man has had a struggle, he was hurt tragically in an automobile accident when he was young, and he has struggled with issues ever since with mental capacity and those kind of things. And keeping jobs and all that stuff because of the results of that car accident. But he had this car, it was perfectly suited for him, and man, lo and behold, this tree in the wind and stuff that we had in North Carolina falls on his car. And he's one of the people that we actually need a car for, right?

Absolutely. And so I called him the next day because he had texted his band of brothers and said, man, this car fell on my head. And he didn't say anything about, Robbie, can you help me get a car? He was just letting me know that he was okay. And I was like, well, so Grant, what's your next move? What are you gonna do? And he goes, well, I gotta get my stuff out of the truck because they've taken it over to a yard and I don't know who's gonna do that.

And my mind started to go, and oh man, I got 40 things today. I'm trying to figure out how I can help Grant. You know what was fascinating? I don't know if you know this story, Grant, Scott. But all of a sudden, God just put Art, one of Grant's favorite people in the world is Art. And I said, Grant, have you called Art?

Oh, I hadn't thought about it. Well, of course, Art jumped at the shop. And next thing you know, he took Grant everywhere he needed to go and maybe know this. But he didn't know. There was a guy just standing there ready, willing, and able to help him, not necessarily the first person that comes to your mind, right? Yeah.

So you were, I thought you were gonna, but that's okay. The situation with Grant is, you know, here's a poor guy. You know, he didn't have liability insurance. I asked him, did you have comprehensive? Because comprehensive, a tree falls on your truck too. Didn't have that either. You know, trying to save every last dollar, which is another point that I would make, is when you get insurance, even if you don't carry comprehensive, and I understand that, I mean, even if you don't carry collision, and I understand that because collision's expensive, you might ask your agent or GEICO or whoever you're dealing with, how much is comprehensive?

Because comprehensive is usually not another five, six, seven, $10 a month. And oh my goodness, had he had that, right? When that tree fell on his car, you know, he would have coverage. So what's the difference between comprehensive and collision? Well, collision is, you know, somebody runs into your car or you run into somebody's car, so you've had a collision.

Mm-hmm. Comprehensive actually covers, if you hit a deer, or you know, comprehensive is something more like, which again, I'm not an insurance agent, you can call Bill Mixon, but it covers your car in all sorts of other circumstances that are a little bit above and beyond your control. You know, and one of those is if a tree falls on it, brush out the windshield, those kind of things, I've had those kind of comprehensive claims.

And thank goodness, on cars, I didn't have collision. So we'll be right back, but we need your calls. 866-348-7884, 866-344-TRUTH. We'll be right back.

This is the Truth Network. Robber, stop, thief. Robber, stop, thief. Stop, thief.

There goes my girl. God robbers today on the Christian Car Guys show. We're so glad that you have tuned in today, and it's Jesus' Labor Love Week, so you know, it's amazing to hear these stories about how God has come to several people's rescue.

But we got Anani, Anani Mus, and they're here in North Carolina. So Anani, you're on the Christian Car Guys show. I'm so grateful that you called in today, and you got a story for us. Yes, I heard your other caller, and I thought I need to call in, but I was trying to decide which story to share, and one of them is one time I was discouraged in my Christian life of not being able to share the gospel with people and the failures, you know, the way they can get us down. So I just prayed that day that God would send somebody for me to share the gospel with. And so I was working in my yard, and I live on a busy road, and somebody drove up and turned into the lower driveway, and she told me she had seen a dog that was loose.

So I started walking up and down, helping her look for this dog so we could see if we could find out who the dog belonged to. And anyway, we found the owner and got the dog back safely inside, and as we were walking back to her car, I started talking to her, and I invited her to my church, and as we shared a little bit, she started telling me that she was dating someone, she had no business dating, and that I was the third person that God had sent to her to tell her, you know, to turn to Him, and that she needed to stop this relationship she was in and turn to the Lord. So after she left, I was just so encouraged and praising God that He delivered somebody right to my door. When I expected to, you know, not see anyone while working out in my yard, but He answers our prayers in so many ways. A few days I listened to Jay Johns, whom I'd heard on TruthTalk Radio before. He's got such a witty way of saying things, and he said, when we pray, things happen.

When we don't, they don't. And I wanted to share a passage in Psalm 28, verse 6, to the end of the chapter. It says very beautifully in there, there's a portion that says, My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped. And kind of with your point today that it's when we pray, when we trust in Him, that's when I'm helped. That I have to call on Him, I have to trust in Him. So maybe you can share those verses, Psalm 28, 6, to the end of the chapter. They're truly a blessing for anyone who has time to read those.

They completely are. And let me just highlight what you said at the very beginning, that you prayed that God would send somebody you could share with. And interestingly, if you go back and look at my old, old post at, I had a friend. His name was Lester. And Lester was in his late 80s when I began to know him. And that was his prayer every single day. I mean, there was not a day that went by that Lester did not pray.

God, send me somebody that I could. And he had, he didn't have one story. He had thousands. God had sent him person after person after person after person because he was so faithful that he got such a kick out of sharing his own story, which he was a recovered alcoholic, that God had taken him out of that and actually used to beat his wife and all sorts of stuff that God had saved him from that he loved to share that story with anybody that would listen.

And God sent him people. And the end of that Lester story is he also always said, whenever I saw Lester, he would say, I'm prayed up, packed up, and ready to go. That was his favorite things to say. Well, I got a call the day he went into the hospital that he passed away. And it was his son that called me because his wife was out of town and I rushed to the hospital and they're wheeling Lester and the gurney into the operating room where actually he would pass away moments later.

And if you've ever seen somebody who's having a heart attack, they're in phenomenal pain. But Lester had this great big smile that he always had, by the way. He's a great big man. Because they're reeling him down in front of me. He's smiling.

He looks at me. He pulls his mask off his face and says, Robbie, I'm prayed up, packed up, and ready to go. And to my knowledge, those were Lester's last words. Wow. What a story. That man was just like... How inspiring.

Right. And he was a truck driver, just an ordinary guy. Prayed up, packed up, and ready to go.

But he was. He was prayed up, packed up, and ready to go. One of my favorite people of all time. There was a chair that he always sat in at our Christian Businessmen's Committee meeting and we always leave that chair empty because it's like Elijah's chair.

It's Lester's chair. Because he's greatly missed the table till we meet again. Right, Anani? Yes, absolutely. I can see why he's so missed and still inspiring people. Yeah.

Yeah. His story lives on if we share those things. If we keep God's testimonies, it's a blessing. You brought so many things to my mind today with your story. I am so grateful that you called in to share. And God bless you and keep up those prayers.

You challenged me today. I need to be praying. I'm going to go back and look at Psalm 28 again, too. You have a great day. Thanks for the call. God bless. Bye-bye. Wow. Right? Wow.

I'd love that. And Lester always challenged me. He was just an amazing man. Yeah. And interestingly, here's a side note. Lester's wife, Lucille, is going to be 101 in about two months. And she stays at the nursing home at Somerset where I do the devotions. And so every once in a while, she doesn't have the energy to come into the devotion anymore. But if I go down the hall and poke in my head, there she is.

Lucille. And it's an amazing thing that she has ended up in my life all these years after Lester went on to his graduation. So you've got a few minutes to call in. And oh, you can see how it would bless us if you had a story. 866-348-7884 is the number to call in and share. 866-348-7884.

We'd love, love, love to hear your stories. And so as we are wrapping up this idea about God robbers, right? Right. That again, it's a really personal thing. Yeah. And, you know, one of the things I hope that you have that time that you spend with God, it's really kind of a neat thing to do a little inventory.

Yeah. Like, God, what am I not, what is on my heart that I really haven't, you know, brought you in on? You know, but Robbie, that last caller reminded me of some situations where things didn't quite go the way I wanted them to. And God put someone in my life or situation that I was not even thinking about. And it turned out to be so beneficial. And ever since that happened.

Can you give us the details? Yeah. OK. One of my part-time jobs, in fact, one of them that I'm going to today where I work ball games for Wake Forest and do races and concerts and stuff, I was put in a situation and I was complaining to myself. I went over and said a quick prayer to God to give me a good attitude. And I had the time of my life and met some people and got to witness. And it's happened so many times.

So when things are not the way we think they're going to be. It's time to dial that 1-800-GOD or tune in to WGOD, whichever way it works. Well, we're so grateful for you turning into your radio station today. They're so blessed that so many stations carry this show. We are so grateful to all of them. We're certainly grateful to you listening. And remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went. Got it all done in 33 years. And don't forget, call God. Call God. This is the Truth Network.
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