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January 11, 2024 6:31 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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January 11, 2024 6:31 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST--You can also email questions to Matt using-, Please put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line--You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE--Time stamps are approximate due to commercials being removed for PODCAST.--Topics Include---08- Witnessing on the internet.-12-- Do you have to call yourself a Christian to be saved---22- Matt Slick's Qualifications for Christian ministry.-40- Can brain issues and mental illness effect salvation---47- Leaving Christian Science, Growing in sound doctrine.


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

Listen to Matt Slick live or if you're going to have a good evening or afternoon, wherever you are, listening to the show, or if it's on podcast, whatever time it is that you've got there, good. Okay. Now, hey, look, if you want to give me a call, all you got to do is dial 8772072276. You can also email me at karm.

I keep messing up on that. Boy, I tell you. Info at Just give me a call.

Okay, let's try this again in English. So if you want to email me, all you got to do is email to info at and the subject line just put in radio question or radio comment and I can get them. I'm looking at the email where we have them come in. I'm looking for any new ones that come in and so there it is. Anyway, we have a bunch that people have given us.

I've got about 15 in there. I've got whack-o-mail too. I've got a whole bunch of whack-o-mail and that's really good. We do whack-o-mail on Fridays sometimes.

Today's a nice Wednesday. Tomorrow, Lord willing, I'll be teaching a Bible study through the book of Romans. We're in Romans 15. I think starting around verse 14 or 15. I'm not sure where, but we're doing that. I think it's verse 14 we'll be starting at.

Let me verify. It's not a big deal. We're kind of winding down. Yeah, it'll be verse 14. We're winding down in the book of Romans. We're going to be going a lot quicker as we go through stuff and there will be a lot of repetition.

Then we're going to get into the last chapter, 16, and then we'll see what happens after that. You can always participate, watch if you're interested and chat with us. You can do that. We'll give information about that tomorrow.

Usually, just go to forward slash mat slick Bible study, all one word. I usually get that going. I teach out of my home.

People will come over. It's nice. I enjoy teaching a lot.

I really do. I enjoy teaching the Word of God, the truth of God's Word. Where was I?

Oh, yeah, that's right. I was in the metaverse last night. I witness wherever I can, however I can. When I go to the store, when I'm driving, if I can possibly witness, I've done it before too, at banks, grocery stores. I always look for opportunities to witness. I do it online a lot, different venues, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, whatever.

I do it in Discord, do it in Telegram. We just do it all over. Another place I do stuff is in the metaverse, the metaverse. I have an Oculus, and it's starting to show its age. I'm going to be saving up to get another one.

It's getting blurry, and the battery doesn't last as long, and stuff like that. But I'm in there a lot, two or three times a week, for a half hour to an hour and a half. What I'll do is go to different worlds.

In worlds, they have either rooms or they have areas or whatever. I search for Christian. I search for atheist. I search for philosophy. I search for whatever it'll be. I'll go into there, and what I'll often do is just sit and wait and see what happens. It's a really interesting visual thing because it's 3D, there's avatars.

You can see distance. It's a really interesting thing. Last night, I was in a particular place, a room, and I ended up teaching, which happens a lot. Teaching about the Trinity, baptism, and the person of Christ. I taught about that.

Let me tell you, it's interesting. Even some pastors were in there. I'm not knocking pastors. They don't know anything.

I'm not saying that. But these two pastors that were in there, they're young pastors, and they were asking questions. They knew about Carm, I guess. One did, one didn't.

No big deal. But we got talking about varying doctrines and things like that. We talked about baptism and options and stuff like that.

It was a really good time. I told my wife, I'm going to save up for a new Oculus and get the Quest 3. That's what I'm going to be getting. You guys pray about that.

I'll be doing that. It's for witnessing. I have a lot of neat tech stuff.

I have a really nice headset that is wireless, that I can go anywhere in the house. I can talk on it while I'm doing whatever I want to do, while I'm on the web witnessing. Because they have a lot of stuff memorized, I can just witness. I can just do stuff like I was witnessing. I've done it before. I make something for my wife, and I'll be talking, giving answers to these scriptures.

It's not a big deal. I'm just saying, hey, it's what I do. I love to do it, love to witness, love the opportunities to be able to do that. I'm so thankful that God has provided a means by which I'm able to do that.

A lot of you out there make that possible because you support us financially. Thank you. Thank you. I sent a newsletter out this morning saying thank you. Just saying thank you. It's really great. Because you guys out there who are supporting us prayerfully as well as financially get to share in the ministry work.

On the Day of Judgment, you'll be able to give that much more glory to the Lord Jesus Christ and his great work through all kinds of different ministries and different means. By the way, thanks for bringing that up, Joanne. We have a Spanish version of CARM,, M-I-A-P-I-C. It's an acronym in Spanish.

Carlos, he's very good. He's been working with us, I don't know, 15, 17 years now. We've been supporting him for a long time. He teaches Bible studies. He does stuff online. He's teaching students, working with a local college. He's done the schools in Spanish. He takes the articles I've done and translates them and even writes a few of his own. I was down there once.

I speak Spanish well enough to get by, but not well enough to teach in. One foot here, one foot there. I was listening to him give a lecture on theology.

I was able to pick it up enough to know. He knows his stuff. He really does.

He's good. We also have a guy, David, and he's in Brazil. He does, defend, and then e-n-d, defend, end, how about that, d-e-f-e-n-d, then e-n-d, then o-a-f-e.

Anyway, it's the Portuguese version of CARM. He does that, and he does a lot of work ministering to the homeless and the orphans, as well as doing work with CARM. We support him.

When you support us, you're not just supporting what I do. You're supporting missionaries in different parts of the world. We also have a guy in Turkey, Togrel, and he speaks English really well. He speaks Russian and Turkish. I think he's learning Spanish, too.

He's one of those gifted guys with languages. We're supporting him through school and seminary, and when he's done, he wants to work with CARM. We'll continue to support him if he wants to stay with us, which we hope he does.

Then we'll get different language websites going, and he'll do lectures in Turkey. I'll be in Turkey later this year in October, Lord Welling flying into Italy and doing the footsteps of Paul. We have a couple of open spots still. We're going in October. We were going to go in April.

We pushed it back. We're going in October, so if you have any questions about that, email me and I can give you information. It's an expensive trip, though, because it's 19 days.

It's gone a long time, but it's really going to be a great trip. We've got a lot of stuff going on. Oh, I even tell you, we've got a guy we're supporting in Mozambique, in a southern part of Africa. We've been supporting him for a few years, and he goes around witnessing and equipping Christians and pastors in different countries.

Then we have Moses in Nigeria, and he's had to flee his home. He's been arrested. He's been beaten. He's been tortured for the faith. He tells us what goes on every now and then. We won't hear from him for two, three, four weeks. He'll tell us, I was up in the hills hiding.

I was up in the air doing this. The Muslims just murdered 150 people, and they burned down some churches and stuff like that. He goes out to these places where they are, and he tries to minister to people. He's passing out literature that we've written on Karm, and he's risking his life. We support him, too.

Not a whole bunch, because we don't have a whole bunch, but we just do what we can do. Anyway, hey, there you go. That was impromptu. That was just impromptu, just to let you know. All right, let's get on the air with Kyla from L.A. Kyla, welcome.

You're on the air. Hey, Matt. Quick question. I happened to ask this guy last night if he was Christian. He said, I'm not, but I'm saved. I thought the two go hand in hand. Can you help me with that?

I think I know the answer, but let's call it Matt. Okay. You don't have to call yourself a Christian to be a Christian. You could say you're a follower of Christ. You could say you're a Trinitarian. You could say you believe in the true gospel revealed in the New Testament.

You could see a lot of things. But generally, yeah, you're a Christian. That's what you say. I've met people who said, I don't call myself a Christian. Well, then I ask them questions.

Well, what are you? Do you believe in the Trinity? They say yes. Is Jesus God in flesh? They say yes. I said, okay.

You're saved by grace through faith, yes. That's what we call Christianity. Well, I don't like the term. Okay. I don't know what happened, you know. And I don't get why they wouldn't like the term, but that's what happens sometimes. So, you know.

So, someone could very well be saved and just don't identify as Christian? They could be, yes. Okay.

Technically, yes, as possible. Okay. But I noticed that you did get some follow-up questions. Like, there's other questions. Okay. Okay, then I'll ask him again. And the reason why, because there's somebody who's been trying to date me. And I said, you know, if you're not a Christian, we're not going anywhere. Good for you.

Yes. Let me give you some advice. You want to find a man who will open the door for you. And here's a test. Here's a test. Okay. You want to date. Say he's a good, he seems to be a good guy. All right. Make sure he opens the door for you.

If he doesn't open the door for you, then just dump him. Okay. Or give him one chance. You know, I don't know. We'll see. One chance. Depending on the circumstances, you know. One chance. One chance.

I mean, if there's a bunch of wild dogs after you both jump in the car and get out. Okay. I'll let that slide, you know. And the other thing is this.

Try this. If you want to whittle through whether he's worth anything or not, get in the car with them. He's opened the door. He's a gentleman. All right. And you hand him your Bible and you just say to him, I don't care where you go in the Bible.

I just want you to teach me out of the Bible for one minute. Oh, that says goop, and I've never heard nobody say that one. Okay. Now, let's say he says, uh, well, uh, okay. And he opens it and he finds something and he does, you know, he's trying.

Let's just say it wasn't perfect, wasn't great, but he does it. Praise God. But what if he said, why would I want to do that? You get out of the car. Get out of the car. Get out of the car. That's it.

Get out of the car. That's right. And run. That's right.

If he's coming after you, you know, you just make sure you're gone. Got it. Thank you, man.

I love you guys and I love Carm. Okay. Okay.

I got a question for you though. Where are you in LA? I'm in Los Angeles, South Central Los Angeles. Ooh. Okay.

Well, I grew up in Buena Park, you know, Riverside. So I'm just, okay. Right. Just okay, Kyla.

There's a break. Okay. God bless. Bye bye. Okay. Bye bye. All right. Hey.

Whew. It was fun. We'll be right back after these messages. Give me a call.

877-207-2276. We'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick.

All right, everybody. Welcome back to the show. We're having fun in the chat room, and I was telling people how I opened the door for my wife after 36 years, taking the groceries, get her medicine, make food, do all kinds of stuff, and that I'd let her enjoy my wonderful presence. I was talking about that, and then Dawn Itis said, how great thou art, Matt. Made me laugh.

It was good. So we're having fun, and then I said to somebody in another chat thing, I said, Joanne, have you heard of the Sandwich Olympics? It's run by women.

So we have a lot of fun in there because it's a lot of fun, so we goof around. It's kind of a running joke. You see, the reason I talk about the sandwich thing with the ladies is because back 20 years ago or so, when the kids were young, we were watching SpongeBob, and they had the thing about Queen Esther, and I think it was Vashti who got kicked out of the kingdom because she wouldn't make a sandwich for the king. I turned to my wife, and I said, hey, it's biblical.

She was rubbing her forehead, shaking her head like, oh, no. So ever since, it's been sandwiches like, hun, it's biblical, and poor woman. So anyway, we've had a lot of fun with that. All right, having wasted some time there, let's get to Monique from Greensboro, North Carolina. Monique, welcome.

You're on the air. All right. My question is, how do you obey 2 Corinthians, chapter 13, verse 5? Test yourself to see if you're in the faith? Yeah.

I'm sorry? You mean test yourself to see if you're in the faith? Yes.

Yes, I read. Well, you just listen to my show and believe whatever I tell you. That's one way.

But if you want the biblical way, what you do is you make sure that in your heart, down deep, that you believe that Jesus Christ is God in flesh, he died on the cross, he rose from the dead for three days, and that you trust in what he did, and not your works in combination, not your sincerity, but in what he did on the cross, and by faith, you receive that. See, that's the issue. Do you hold to that? Do you believe in that? Yes.

That's the ultimate test. And then you want to see, are you trying to live that? Are you trying to live it?

Well, if you're trying to, and no one's perfect, I would get it, but if you're trying to live it, then you have what's called orthodoxy and orthopraxy. It's the main ways, but you also are from the Trinity and other things, but okay. Thank you. Did that help?

I appreciate it. Well, are you struggling at all? Because are you wondering if you're in the faith? Oh, no. No.

I just wanted to get your answer on how you obey that scripture. Okay. That's good.

Examine yourself doctrinally and practically, all right? Okay. Thank you.

Bye-bye. All right. Okay. Well, God bless. Okay. All right.

Let's see. Let's get on with the next longest witness, Alan from Virginia. Alan, welcome. You are on the air. Hi, Matt. How's it going? Oh, it's going well.

I'm hanging in there. So, what do you got? Okay. So, first, two sentences, and then the question. Sure. So, I'm wanting to witness to someone using your and your material. I want to reference their credentials in a religious study, previous and current actions, et cetera, in order to help establish legitimacy before I reference your material.

Basically, if you wanted to try to focus on the horizontal, how would you do it? You talk about my qualifications for CARM, you mean? Yes, but not just CARM, but your qualifications in general. Oh, okay. First one, I'm saved. That right there is the primary one, by the Lord Jesus Christ. It's from a Christian. Number two, I've been studying apologetics since 1980, so that's 44 years, all right?

Using radio for, I think this is the 21st or 22nd year, I've got to add them up, I think it's the 22nd year I'm in now, of radio, and written, well, I could say, you know, nine books technically, including one humor book, but a lot of manuals and stuff like that. But I have a bachelor's degree, a bachelor's in social science from a Lutheran college, and I took all the theology courses there, and I have a master's of divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary in Escondido, California. Okay.

Okay. What are some of your previous and current actions you do? Well, the previous and current are basically the same thing in the past few years, but I'm an ex-pastor, so I'm an ordained minister, I'm a pastor in the PCUS, I want to keep saying the heresy there, PCA, the Presbyterian Church in America, and that was for a short time, less than a year, because they found out, I believe, in the charismatic gifts. So I was in the CRC for a couple of years, and then moved over to the PCA, so about three years of ministry work, and then they found out I was from the charismatic gifts, and then that's quite a story, actually, it's quite an interesting story, it really is what happened and all kinds of stuff.

But then I started doing CARM, and I've been doing that for 28 years. And the site, I don't want any statistics on it, but the site's had over 160 million visitors. I've been keeping a running tab for years, and I've written right around 6,000 articles on the site. And I've had numerous debates, so I've debated hundreds of people, and written about 6,000 articles. And then there's impromptu discussion teaching sessions, which I've probably got thousands of hours of experience doing that, because I do it all the time. Like I said before the show, at the show at the beginning, I do it in Oculus, I do it in Clubhouse, I do it in Discord, I do it in Second Life, believe it or not it's another area to go on the web, I go to different places and witness. Cool.

Sounds good. I thought that was a lot more than I thought you had previously. I'm sorry, what?

What did you say? I thought that's a lot more than I already knew you had previously. Well, you know, plus I did, how about this, nine years of prison ministry, where I go into prisons and preach and teach for nine years. And then two and a half years of a swap meet ministry, back in 80, 81, 82, and went out once a week on Saturdays, passed out literature, swap meets, we had a booth, Charlie Spine and I did it, and then Dave Kimball and I did it.

And Dave and I were roommates for a couple of years, and we put in an ad in the local Penny Saver, talked a little pseudo-newspaper that was just for selling odds and ends. And we had the ad, learn the truth about Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science and Unity, call, we put our number there, we would take turns answering the phone. And so here you go.

You also support missionaries, too, in other countries, right? Yes, we do. If we get a break, if you hold on, we'll tell you about those. Okay?

What's going on with that? All right. Just to do it. So hold on, buddy. Hey, folks, we'll be right back after these messages. So if you want to wait, please do.

If you don't, it's okay, too. But hey, we'll be right back after these announcements. All right, everyone, welcome back to the show.

Let's get back on with Alan from Virginia. You still there? Yep. All right. Hey, I forgot something, too. I also did seven years, roughly, of pulpit supply in Southern California.

Okay? What's that? It's where churches call you up, and you go to their church, and you preach on the Sunday because their pastor's out of town or sick or something like that. So I would drive sometimes. Oh, so it's like a substitute pastor.

What's that? It's like a substitute pastor. Yeah, substitute pastor, preacher.

It's called pulpit supply. And so like one day, I preached in three different churches on one Sunday. And sometimes I'd drive 100 miles to go preach, and sometimes 10 or 20, and just did that for years. And so it was so much so that at the church I normally went to, they didn't mind.

Oh, you were gone again. Where were you preaching this time? Oh, Virginia, and so and so.

So that happened a lot. But we do have, like I said, we have missionaries, too, in five countries around the world. So I can tell you about those if you want. I don't know what else you want, but we support missionaries.

Whatever you have. I'm just going to be referencing this radio show to them. Okay.

Okay. Well, we support a guy in Nigeria, and he's been with us about a year and a half, two years, and he's risked his life for the Lord, and he's doing what we read about in the book of Acts. He's had to flee the Muslim persecution, and he's been arrested, he's been beaten and stuff like that.

He survives various stuff, and so we support him. We have a guy in Malawi, Joster is his name, and he speaks, I forget what other languages, and he goes around to different areas preaching and teaching, the same thing as our guy in Nigeria does. We have Carlos in Colombia, in Bogota, and he's been doing work with us for, I'm going to say 15 years, I'm going to ask him, he knows exactly, but it's been a long time, and he has a Spanish version of the CARM website, and that's, ministerial, you know, the Polytechnicas de Cristianas, or something like that, and so it's

And then we have David Brito in Brazil, and he runs the CARM website in Portuguese, and that website is defend end, D-E-F, defend, then end, it's in Portuguese, but it's defend end, so if you were to write defend, and then the word end, put them together, and then O-A-F-E dot com dot B-R. And that's that, and our guy in Turkey, we're supporting him as he finishes seminary, and then when he is done, he'll be working in multiple languages, developing centers in different places in CARM, okay? All right. Thank you, Matt. Thank you.

Okay. Just get me thinking, and we sell stuff online, our job is not to make money, our job is to get the gospel out, but we need to keep the lights on, so we sell some, not magazines, but books and manuals that I've written that are on there too, and we have something called the Moan, which are like 1100 pages, and it's called the mother of all notebooks, M-O-A-N, called the Moan. Some guy called it the hernia maker, so it's a joke, you know, it's as big as a ring of paper, and it's got, I think it's the table of contents is 14 pages, so put that together, and what else? I've got DVDs, teaching sets on Islam, we have three online schools, one on theology and apologetics.

What's that? Oh yeah, courses on apologetics, yes. Apologetics, theology, and critical thinking, now I need to write one, finish writing one actually on hermeneutics, biblical interpretation, and then one more on a higher level of apologetics, getting into more philosophical arguments, we've got that, and what else do we do?

Oh yeah, I do impromptu discussions weekly, there isn't a week that goes by that I'm not teaching, answering questions, doing discussions outside the radio show, oh, and I already talked about the radio, so something else came to mind, I forgot about it, but I do a lot of stuff, you know, just do a lot of stuff. Okay. Alright. Sounds good, thank you Matt, I'll be referencing this to that person, so hopefully that'll help them out.

Okay, I mean hey, you can't trust a guy with the last name slick, so you gotta verify, no problem. Okay. Alright. Hope you have a blessed day, Matt. You too, God bless. Alright.

Alright, there we go. I forgot to mention, I've been teaching Bible studies off and on for about 25 years too. Man, I love my Lord, you know. Alright, let's get the next longest-waiting is Roxanne from North Carolina, welcome, you're on the air. Hello, Matt.

Hello. Wow, I am, I'm already tired of listening to all the things that you do, oh my goodness. I said, wow, this is not ever stopping, you keep going and going, wow, Matt, God has given you a tremendous, tremendous ministry. Oh, he's so good.

And you want to know something else, get this, I'm 67 and I can still run, I can still jog, I can still go to the gym, I am in great shape, I can walk for miles at a time, not a problem, even at my age. So God's blessed me so many ways, except looking in the mirror, then it all comes crashing along, but. Okay, I don't mean any offense, but go ahead and shut up, Matt, speak please.

Okay, alright, go ahead, so what do you got? You know, I am currently attending a church, we've been here, my husband and I, for a couple of years, but they recently brought on Celebrating Recovery, and I'm finding myself, yeah, and I'm finding myself asking the Lord a lot of questions, because although I've been a Christian for over 40 years, and I've seen a lot, but I don't think that I've ever been among so many Christians that, you know, that they claim mental illness, and I, you know, they go to a doctor and they're very easy to say, you know, I'm bipolar 1, bipolar 2, you know, I've been diagnosed with anxiety, it's all these names, and I'm getting better now at understanding quite a few things, but I still ask the Lord, I say, Father, are we to live and crave like that, it's so many things, so just wanted to know your thought about that. About people with mental issues?

You'll miss it, you know? The brain is an organ, and organs can be born with defects. So people are born with mitral valve prolapse in their hearts, or they're born with Marfan Syndrome, connective tissue disorder, they're born with spinal bifida, they're born with physical problems in their brains, it can happen. So for those kinds of things, I knew a guy, for example, who's a born again Christian, now this is going to be something God's going to sort out on a day of judgment, but he was a born again Christian, and he had to have brain surgery to save his life, and the friends told me afterwards that he gave up Christianity after the surgery, he was very dedicated beforehand.

How does that work? I don't know, God will sort that one out. So the brain can be affected, and God will sort it out. So there's legitimate physical problems that the brain has that can be helped by medicine, and I'm all for it. So if someone has a problem, and the medicines help them, then no problem. So there can be accounts where it's the person's sin, and they need to repent, and they need to change, and get out of the cycle of what appears to be mental illness. And I'm not qualified to make those diagnoses, there are people who are.

And so, you know, that's what I would say. I'm, I'm seeking a lot of the Lord and his word, because it's, a lot of people are hurting that. A lot of people are hurting, and mental illness, I've never seen so many mental illnesses. And so people, you know, taking so many drugs, so let's keep them in our prayers. And I'm getting to understand it, you know. I just don't, in the beginning, I think I was being judgmental, and I fear God when it comes to that. And I asked the Lord, I said, Father, I don't know, you know, of anything, and I don't want to be judgmental, because they're my brothers and sisters, you know.

That's right. We've got a break, so can you hold on, we've got a break, all right? Sorry, we've got a hard break. So we'll be right back, folks, after these messages, if you want to give me a call, 877-207-2276. Be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. All right, buddy, welcome back to the show. We lost her, so what we'll do now is get to Cindy from Richmond, Virginia. Cindy, welcome here on the air. Oh, thank you for taking my call. Good to talk to you. Sure. Praise God. Yes, praise God, and I thank your screener for letting me through. He helped me to formulate my question.

But I need to tell you a little background, I guess, just like I told him. I was raised a Christian scientist, my grandfather was a practitioner, he built our church, and my mother played the organ in the church, and it was a neighborhood church. Anyhow, I miraculously had dreams when I was around 32, situations and stuff. First they were demon dreams, and then a dream of Jesus. And so, anyhow, I consider myself a non-denominational Christian now, and I got lots of praises for Northern Virginia for that, anyway, I can't, that's not why I'm calling, I'm calling because I have focused my prayers on Jesus, Jesus as being God. And I'm starting to read the Bible again for the second time, I've tried, I'm reading the NIV, and I'm in Genesis, and he's talking about formulating the earth, and it's like, all this time I've been focusing my prayers on Jesus, my perspective is, well what about before the earth, what about before Jesus, what about before that, who is God? He says he made man in his image, in their image, he uses plural, their image. How do I keep God, what is the proper perspective of keeping God? I don't know, I just, I'm baffled, thank you. So how long have you been out of Christian Science, how long have you been out?

Since I was about, I'm 66, about 30 years, yeah, I was 32, yeah, yeah, great. So I've studied, just so you know, I've studied Christian Science a lot, and I have a lot of material, written a lot, talked a lot of them down in Southern California, so I'm quite familiar with my teachers. Well, I did a lot of things, my mom taught, everything was relative, and they did not believe in the deity of Christ, now it depended on which church you went to, evidently, on what they believed, but that is what our particular church believed, so anyway, I'm sorry, excuse me. In Science and Health, with the key of the scriptures, page 45, line 8, starting line 8, Mary Bicaretti said that the material blood of Jesus was no more efficacious to cleanse from sin when it was shed upon the accursed tree than when it was flowing through his veins, as he went about daily doing his father's business. So she denied the efficacy of the atoning sacrifice, and there's a lot of stuff like that, and she's bad, but okay, so let's get into this. Supposedly she was on drugs. She was on drugs. She was healing. Yeah, yeah.

She was a plagiarist, and she was involved in the occult, yeah, okay, she's bad news. All right, so I need to just teach you the basics of Christian theology, all right? When I do this, hopefully you'll understand why God speaks in plurals of what's going on, all right? So the basic doctrine of God is that there's only one God in all existence, all place, all time. He's revealed himself to us in creation and in scripture and through Christ. The Bible teaches that God is a trinity, and the Christian doctrine of the trinity is the only doctrine like it of all theologies in all of the world.

All the ones I've studied and never heard anybody else say anything like it. So what it is is that God exists as one being who is at the same time three persons. God is one substance, one essence that is also three persons. The analogy that I use is time is one thing, but it's also past, present, and future. The past is time, the present is time, and the future is time. But they're the same nature, but they have a difference, and that's the nature of time. It's one, but it's also comprised of three parts, but we don't want to say parts when it comes to God.

It's just not correct, but I'm just giving you the basics, okay? So there's one being who exists eternally as three distinct, simultaneous persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. So God says, let us make man in our image according to our likeness, and notice he says it three times.

Let God, which is the one God, says let us make man in our image according to our likeness three times. That's Genesis 1.26. God speaks of himself in the singular as well as the plural. In Genesis 19.24, it says Yahweh, that's the name of God, Yahweh rained fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah from Yahweh.

Yahweh rained it from Yahweh. In Genesis 11.7, it says, God says, let us go down and confound our language, and yet God will speak in the singular, Isaiah 44, 24, 43, 10, 44, 6, 44, 8, 45, 5, I go to memorize. Where God says, is anyone like me? And he speaks of himself in the singular. There's lots of this, but we also see him speaking in the plural, and I can give you more instances of this. That's the nature of God. He is both one and many, okay? When I pray, I have a tendency of having an image of Jesus, but are we, when I pray, are we not supposed to have an image of God? I mean, how, when you pray, how do you pray? Well, we can have an image, is he, when the disciples were with Jesus, Jesus being God, the creator of the universe, okay, that's John 1.1 and verse 3, and also Colossians 1.15-17.

That's who he is. So they, when they would pray after Jesus ascended into heaven, and they're praying to the Lord, they would have his image in their mind. And so, were they in sin, I'm sorry, what? They would have an image of Jesus, is that correct?

Yeah, they would, but they weren't in sin. The reason we're not to make an image, and what the Bible says is you are not to make an image for yourself that you would bow down before it and worship before it. So if you have an idea of God, you know, of Jesus, like when I pray, I kind of visualize sometimes this figure in a robe walking on the earth someplace.

It's kind of who I see him as. But sometimes, you know, he's in heaven looking down at me, and I don't get too particular about it, I don't worry about it, but it's okay. And sometimes I just say, Lord God, and I don't have any image, any idea, just I'm addressing him.

So you can have, so to speak, an image, but you don't want to really focus on that image, and then you're praying to the image, now that's a problem. So it's a little bit tough, but you don't have to really worry about that much, okay? It's a mystery, it's a mystery to me. Okay. I think I understand somewhat better, so yeah. So can I ask, are you going to church? Oh yes, I go to a non-denominational church here in Richmond, yes. Okay, do they have women pastors and women elders there? I have actually changed a couple churches, and I would drop names, but I'd rather not on the air, because you might know one of the pastors, actually. Well maybe, does that church have women pastors and elders in it, though?

The reason is because, if it does, it's better. I know, you know, I used to go to churches with women pastors, and I've learned not to do that, not just from listening to you, but yes, from listening to you and from my own experience with women pastors. So, yeah, I switched churches on account of that, one reason. That's good.

Well, just trying to get you grounded in there. What I would suggest you do is, if you want, here's one of the things you could do that's going to be easy, is you could go to the website,, my website, you've been there, right? Or have you?

I have not, I have not heard you talk about it this past year, I've been listening to you for about a year. Oh, the trauma. Oh, I'm so hurt. So go to I'm sorry, forgive me. It's alright. Go to Okay. And look up the statement of faith, you can just go in there and look up the statement of faith. And there's a lot of articles written on theology there, I've written hundreds of articles on theology, but the statement of faith of the Christian apologetics research ministry. And the reason I'm saying that is because you could just, you could look at, it's kind of detailed, and probably would print up in about five pages, seven pages maybe. Oh, that's fine, yeah. But it has stuff on the Bible, God, the Trinity, Jesus, and a whole bunch of stuff. And you can just learn the basics, and there's scriptural references there and everything.

And you can go check them out, alright? Thank you. Yeah, I've been going to church and I thought I was fairly grounded, but obviously not so much. Not as much as I assumed. That's pretty typical. Well, here, let me give you some other stuff really fast, okay?

We only have a couple, three minutes left. Well, I need to write this down, that's what I need to do. That's alright. Well, if you read the statement of faith, this is in there.

Statement of faith. Okay. Yeah.

Okay, and if you do it online, you can just go through there and put your mouse over, without clicking on it, put your mouse over the verse, and it'll pop up and you can read it. Okay. It's really nice. Okay? Okay, thank you. So here's some stuff.

Here's some stuff. Jesus Christ has two natures. He's both God and man at the same time. And he's still in that position right now, and he forever will be that.

He's God and man. Okay? Okay. That's important.

That's important. And he was born of the Virgin Mary, okay, alright? And he offered, Jesus offered a substitutionary atonement. What that means is he took our place.

That's out of, well, I can give you the verses, but he took it, he did that. Baptism, okay, is not what saves us. It's not necessary for salvation, but we should be baptized, okay? And we are, we're fallen by nature, we have problems.

That's our condition, and you'll see that. And then God elects people. He chooses people for salvation, because that's what the Bible says. You know, for example, 2 Thessalonians 2, 13, but we should always give thanks to God for you, brethren, beloved by the Lord, because God has chosen you from the beginning for salvation through sanctification.

So would you say he's chosen me out of Christian science? Yes. Thank you. And you know what that means? It means that from forever ago, he has decided to save you and love you, and his thoughts for you have been infinite in number, and he will never let you go. I can tell he won't let me go, I can tell.

These are happy tears, I'm crying happy tears right now. Okay, I think, I think I got to go. Okay. All right. Does that help? Oh, thank you so much.

Yeah, it helps a lot. I appreciate it. You have a great night. God bless you. You too.

God bless. All right. Bye-bye.

Okay. So, there you go, you know, and hey folks, we're about out of time there. If you want to give me a call, you've got to wait until tomorrow. Here's the music, perfect timing. May the Lord bless you, and by his grace, we'll be back on there tomorrow. I hope you have a great evening, and until then, God bless. See you next time.
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