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Enough with the Trump Prophecies

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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January 9, 2024 4:00 pm

Enough with the Trump Prophecies

The Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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January 9, 2024 4:00 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 01/09/24.


The following is a pre-recorded program. Today there's a ton of content we are going to cover, but I want to remind you, if you're not getting our emails, probably next week is when it's going to be coming out, our first ever frontline newsletter. It's going to take you on the front lines, take you behind the scenes and let you know some of what we're doing, some of what we're seeing, encouraging testimonies for you. We'll have a Hebrew word study each month, all kinds of neat features and it's absolutely free. It will be sent out digital so you can read out your cell phone, tablet, computer, wherever you are, anywhere in the world, absolutely free. So if you're not getting my email, sign up now., you'll see it right on the homepage.

Sign up for our frontline newsletter. Okay, I wrote an article, came out this week, enough already with the Trump prophecies. My issue is not if you believe that Donald Trump should be president in 2024. It's not my issue. We can discuss that, but that's not my issue. You may say hands down he's the best candidate, America needs him.

You may believe the election was stolen from him in 2020. None of that is my issue here. None of that is my issue. I just feel deeply convicted before God as someone who believes in prophetic ministry today, as someone who believes wholeheartedly in the gifts of the Spirit. I'm unashamedly Pentecostal charismatic, okay?

No issues with me there. I simply feel as someone who believes in prophecy today that if God is saying anything, the word is enough with the prophecies already. We should have learned our lesson from all the failed prophecies in 2020. I'm going to go through a lot of material and then be as edifying and helpful as I can. I'm not trying to please anyone except the Lord. I'm simply trying to speak the truth. I'm not trying to please critics. I'm not trying to please charismatics. I'm seeking to honor the Lord and speak the truth in the fear of God as a father, as an elder, as someone with a little experience 52 years in the Lord, preaching 50 years now, which means I've made enough mistakes to learn from and I've seen enough mistakes in the body.

There are benefits with getting older and had enough time to reflect and listen and watch and pray above all. So you may say the prophets who said Trump would be elected in 2020 were absolutely right because he was elected. He did win.

Okay, can I just speak candidly and plainly to you? If God showed these prophets that Trump would win the election and you believe the election was stolen, which is why he's not in the White House, why didn't God tell these prophets in advance that the election would be stolen? Why did some of them prophesy he will have eight consecutive years in the White House?

That didn't happen in case you missed it. Why did some guarantee that Joe Biden would not serve a single day in the White House? Ah, that prophecy didn't come to pass either. If I tell you the Lord has shown me that he is giving you a brand new car tomorrow and sure enough, God speaks to some rich person to give you a car and as they're driving the car over, it gets carjacked and stolen and you never get it. Was my prophecy true or false?

It was false. So those who said Trump would win the election, they were not just talking about a vote count. They were saying he would sit in the White House, which did not happen. And again, it begs the question, were we concerned about theoretically who won the vote count or was our only question, who's going to be sitting in the White House? Who's going to be running the country the next four years?

That was our question. And when people allegedly, prophets said Trump will win and all these words and all this confirmation Trump will win in 2020, it didn't happen. My answer is not even election fraud. In other words, you may be utterly convinced that the election was stolen and for sure there were things that were done. Put aside vote count, put aside claims of election fraud, put aside any of that. My position was whatever happened, if there was a stealing, I'm trusting the court system and if it ends up that Joe Biden is president, that's what God ordained, maybe for judgment, doesn't mean it's a good thing, could be for judgment, but I accept that outcome. So ultimately when the courts didn't look into these things or the courts didn't find sufficient evidence, that settled the question for me. I never did any research in any depth as to whether the elections were stolen or not and I never waded into that controversy. So that has not been my issue from day one. My issue has been all of those who were prophesying and I watched the videos, I'm not going to name names again here, I've reached out to some privately without success and refused to talk to me, but I'm not going to go through all the names again. I've done that, I've named names, I've played clips on the air, I'm not doing that again right now. But I watched the videos where in December they would say or early January, watch what happens now in these next weeks before the inauguration.

This state will turn from blue to red, the courts will overturn this. None of it happened. None of it happened. I remember one brother saying it'll be a December to remember and this, well it was a December to remember because of reproach and ignominy, not because of accurate prophecies.

The things didn't happen. So before Joe Biden was inaugurated, and remember I voted for Trump in 2016 and 2020, and I have grave deep issues with the policies of the present administration. And I have some issues with Donald Trump as well. We're not getting into the political side of it, okay? You, in the fear of God, vote as you feel is right. You pray for the best candidates, et cetera, for the good of America, for the thriving of the church.

You do those things. I'm not getting into political debate with you. You may think Trump's the best thing that ever happened, the worst thing that ever happened. That's not the issue or the concern here. We're talking today about prophetic ministry.

You may say I don't believe in prophetic ministry today and that's why there was such a mess. Fine, I'm not trying to convince you. We can have that debate other times.

I'm not trying to convince you. I am addressing broad issues here of great concern because it seems very clear that those who needed to learn their lessons the best from the debacle of 2020 have not yet learned those lessons. And we are going to perpetuate the same mess, hopefully not on as wide a scale. Hopefully many have awakened and realized the folly of what happened and the error of what happened. But many, and the key ones who should have, the loudest voices have not yet recognized those things, have not repented.

In fact, have blamed and attacked those of us who have called for accountability. I have no anger, my heart, I have pain. And to the extent that these are brothers and sisters in the Lord, some may be completely false. I don't know their lives. I mean, some are so wacky and out there that God only knows what's going on in their lives, whether they're saved or not. But those that are brothers and sisters in the Lord and have just fallen into deception and error, I want to see them restored.

I want to see them healthy. And those who attack me publicly, they're not my enemies. It doesn't hurt me.

So there's nothing personal here. This is all about the glory of God and the health of the body. If you discern anything else, I'm wounded, then you don't know me at all. Then your discernment needs discernment.

Because I'm speaking in love, I'm speaking out of concern for the glory of God and the health of the church. So in December, so it's after the elections, I was still hoping that the prophets or the alleged prophets who were saying Trump was going to be elected, that he won the election and that it was going to be overturned. I was still hoping they were right at that point because I voted for Trump and I preferred him to Biden. Okay. So I wrote an article, a very, very strong article saying, listen, either you're right or you're wrong.

It's that simple. Either you are right or you're wrong. Either you are courageously holding onto truth when everything is against you and you are courageous in your faith and it's going to pan out.

And in January, was it the 20th, 24th, whatever the day, the inauguration, when Trump is inaugurated, we are going to say, wow, you held strong and we honor you. I said, if you're wrong, we're not going to throw you under the bus. You need to humble yourself. You need to find out why you got these things wrong and work in your life and ministry to get these things fixed. And let's move on.

You humble yourself for your pet. Let's deal with the error. Let's deal with the why of the error and let's try to move forward. I said, but please don't do this one thing. All right. And I'm going to give you the dates for all the articles and I'm going to go back through history. So you'll see that we've been shouting and sounding the alarm for some time now.

I said, please don't do this. And I used an illustration. I heard from the pastor of the church where I came to faith. The story was told. I don't know if it was just a joke made up story or if it really happened.

I never knew that the point was the same. So there's this this prophetic brother who's in this church service and he has a word for a woman in the front of the building. My sister, the Lord has shown me he is calling you to the mission field. You are called to be a missionary missionary and God is calling you to India. Oh, she's so blessed and touch. There's a word for a man for brother in the back of the building.

Brother, the Lord has shown me that you are missionary called to be a missionary and he is sending you to China. A powerful word. Wonderful. Well, it turns out as a husband and wife, they were just in different parts of the building and this so-called prophet didn't know it. So they get in the car and they're all excited because there's a rare thing, especially in those days and 57 years ago to get the prophetic word. Wow. And the wife says, honey, honey, the man of God had a word over us.

We're going to be missionaries. He said, I know, I know. He had a word over me too.

Yes, I know. And she said, yeah, we're going to India. He said, no, no, no. We're going to China.

He says, no, no. The man of God said we're going to India. He said, no, the man of God said we're going to China. I said, well, there's some discrepancy here. So they go back into the building.

The brother's still there and they come up to him. They said, hey, you had a word over my wife and you said you're going to be a missionary and go to India. Then you had a word over me saying I'm going to be a missionary and go to China.

There's a discrepancy here. He goes, oh, no, no. The Lord is calling you to Indochina. And I said, please, please, whatever you do, do not do that. And that is exactly, exactly what happened in the aftermath of the failed Trump prophecies.

You know, some of the junk that I've heard. All right. Since then, since then, I see a vision of Trump sitting enthroned in heaven ruling with a golden scepter. He's the real president. Oh, yeah. It's got thousands of likes on Facebook.

I documented it with name, with detail, with links in my book, The Political Seduction of the Church. Or how about this one? There are two presidents now, the false one, Biden, and the real one, Trump.

I actually played that clip on the air. Another one. That's not really Joe Biden. That's someone impersonating him.

Trump is the real president in God's sight. This is garbage. This is outrageous.

This is drivel. This brings reproach to the name of Jesus. It brings reproach to the things of the Spirit. It makes all charismatics look bad.

And it taints Christians in general who voted for Trump because you all get blamed for this nonsense. It is not. This is absolute nonsense.

And those putting it forth need to grow up and wake up and repent and stop dishonoring the Holy Spirit, stop dishonoring the name of Jesus. And I have no doubt about the rightness of what I have just said before. My friends, we will be right back after this word from our co-sponsor, Craig Ewing.

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