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2023: A Turbulent Year In Review

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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December 28, 2023 4:10 pm

2023: A Turbulent Year In Review

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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December 28, 2023 4:10 pm

2023 was a season of remarkable victories for conservatives, as well as perilous setbacks. Yet at the same time, it felt like a year of all buildup, as America and the world look ahead to the climatic, all-or-nothing battle in 2024. Charlie looks back at Donald Trump's arrest, the red state counterattack against trans insanity, 10/7, and the other events that will define 2023 for years to come.

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Hey everybody, 2023 is quite a year.

What word would you use to describe 2023? I want to hear from you freedom at That is freedom at

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That's Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country.

He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created. Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.

Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at How would you summarize 2023? We're getting lots of different ones. I'm going to read some of these later. They're hilarious.

Freedom at And I was always thinking about this last year and we're going to go through some of the highlights, the low lights, the wins, the losses, the lessons. So we have a lot to cover.

But as I was preparing, I was like, oh boy, you know, we go, we're going to go through all the different news stories and the stuff that defined this year politically and culturally. And I said, this year feels as if we're in a TV show where we just lived through the episode where it's obviously building. You all know TV shows like this. By the way, I don't watch nearly as much TV as I used to. I watch almost no TV, actually. But in a different life, I watched a lot of Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

I don't regret it, by the way. Those are all excellent, excellent shows. And sometimes you would have entire seasons, House of Cards, where very little occurs. Not that nothing happened this year, but it's pointing and it's pointing and it's pointing towards a climax, a crescendo. Game of Thrones probably is the best example of this, and I'm not trying to nerd out on Game of Thrones.

You can ask Jack Pessobic about this. He's a Game of Thrones aficionado. But sometimes the big movie industry or TV industry, they do these filler episodes where they stretch out over three or four different episodes, something that could take one episode to try to get to the final point of the story. They have to get all the chess pieces in place. They have to get everybody on the right island, you know, in the right place and all the armies assembled when you know, okay, it's going down in that next episode. All of a sudden, the forces that will are going to hit. And I feel as if 2023 has been a chess piece setting type of year. Almost everything points to 2024. And if I had the number one news story of the year, without a doubt, without a doubt, was the indictment of Donald Trump.

Never happened before in American history, indicted for absolute complete nonsense, the mugshot heard around the world. By the way, our data shows this. I asked our team, I said, hey, what was our number one performing podcast episode of 2023? Our number one performing podcast episode of 2023 was summarizing and covering the Trump mugshot when Trump was arrested.

Number one story, number one episode that we did there. So our data shows that, too. But in some ways, it doesn't feel complete, does it? Can we at the end of 2023 and say, well, signed, sealed and delivered, these battles are over.

We have a definitive winner. No, it feels as if that you just lived through all the different chess pieces being put into place. All of these stories have yet to be completed. They have not come to a place of finality.

Instead, there is a great deal of mystery. We don't know how they end. In fact, 2023 was getting to that cliffhanger and tune in next season to find out what happens. I was thinking, what were some of the great cliffhangers in movie or TV history? And there's so many that come to mind. And, you know, Daisy sent in some and the show.

Oh, I saw a couple episodes succession or White Lotus and like a lot of set up and a lot of just mystery and intrigue. And what I'm getting at. Is the story is not over. I have never lived through a year in my last 11 years of doing this, where the year itself will be connected to the next year. I mean, let's just think about every year post-COVID. 2020. Chaos. I actually liked 2020.

I know that sounds weird. I had a great opportunity to kind of close it down, recalibrate. I traveled, spoke. 2020 had its difficulties. Lost friends, literally, who died in 2020. But overall, it was a very blessed year. 2021. Difficult year, no doubt. 2021 was one of the most difficult years I've ever had. 2022 was great until it wasn't. The midterms were so underwhelming.

And 2023, if I had to summarize it, and we're getting a lot of different emails, freedom at, it was a setup year. It was also very gritty in some ways. 2023 did not come easy for a lot of people. It took effort. It took hustle. It took commitment.

It took energy. And it's not over. And the year might be over in a couple of days, but it just almost points, it directionally leads into the next episode. And the episode will determine, and I don't want to be too hyperbolic, I don't want to over exaggerate, but the whole civilization feels as if it's going to be determined on 2024.

Think of all the different questions that we need answers to. Is it, are we going to be citizens or slaves? Are we going to have a border or are we going to be a globalist nightmare?

Are we going to trans our kids or protect our kids? These are all open-ended questions that we're now living through that cliffhanger. Is Biden going to be the nominee? Are they going to put Trump in prison? What's going to happen coming into November of 2024? What is that even going to look like? And what if 2024 is this huge anti-climax that 2023 was actually when they went, I think this is unlikely, but they went all out in 2023 and it's just kind of they're out of stuff to do and they can't assassinate Trump and he wins.

Who knows? There's this, you are right here. I just want you to pause and appreciate the mystery, the uncertainty, the unpredictability of what awaits you.

What a time to be alive. When you really think about it, none of you know what's going to come next. You can guess, you can speculate, you can hope, that's fine, we're all doing that. And you're about to enter season four of the Biden regime. And if you all of a sudden think that the confusion and the fog is just going to be lifted, I don't think of all the different stuff that we have to solve.

We have nine different fronts that we're fighting on right now. They're going to try to take out Elon and the fight for internet freedom. By the way, what a winner he is of 2023. What's going to happen with Hunter Biden? You got people calling for Biden's resignation.

Is he going to be the nominee? You got Donald Trump facing 700 years in federal prison. They tried to take out Tucker Carlson in 2023 and he's back stronger than ever. They tried to take out James O'Keefe and he's now doing bigger stories than ever. 2023, they try to take out some of our top people. They also have tried to take out Twitter and that was largely unsuccessful.

A setup, building, building, building. For those of us that love classical music, you could just feel the intensity go up and hasn't reached that point. And for any of you that might feel heavy or depressed, by the way, yesterday I was going to throw my computer at the wall. I can't stand when we do the border story. It just drives me insane.

I'm with you. I feel so helpless. It's so demoralizing. It's so depressing.

So there's plenty to be upset about, but what a time to live through this, to do something about it because it's not over. I do not feel a sense of completion. Instead, I feel this amazing, this amazing anticipation of what comes next. I've been taking Balance of Nature for several years and I feel the energy level of 27. I endorse it.

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Go to and get this exclusive holiday offer by using discount code Charlie. There are a lot of highlights this last year and certainly some low lights. It doesn't even come close when you think about the Donald Trump indictment story.

Not even close. The mugshot is just a symbol for an event that stretched over half of a year. The unprecedented lawfare attack on Donald Trump to try and keep him from having a second term without having a fair election.

We did a, I think, a complete job yesterday of summarizing Norm Eisen and all that stuff. Alvin Bragg with the falsified business records and Stormy Daniels and the civil case in New York and Big Fannie Willis and the Mar-a-Lago case and then they're trying to kick him off the ballot. Lawfare was the emphasis in 2023. And a lot of us were taken by surprise. A lot of us were taken by surprise, not myself, but many people in the audience because we would say, oh, they won't, they won't abuse and profane the instruments of justice for political purposes.

Of course they will. When you think about it, Donald Trump has been suffering under a perpetual impeachment process. It's been this rolling persecution, this rolling targeting. Now, the final outcome of all these cases is largely unknown, but whatever their outcome is, it will be all important. And season four of this hellscape, illegitimate, delusional regime is coming next. And you get to live through it all. The prelude of building and building and building and building. And I'm going to go through some of these stories, but most of these stories are not stories that we'll remember five years from now.

For example, the Chinese Bible, important is it civilizational altering? No. Or the submarine that imploded going to the Titanic or Jason Aldean's song, try that in a small town. And we're going to talk about some of this and go through it.

But it feels as if these are filler prelude events to get to the ultimate struggle, this battle that awaits us. Let's play a piece of tape here. Let's play cut 37. Donald Trump now offering trading cards of the piece of the suit he wore during his mugshot.

Play cut 37. President Donald J. Trump with some very exciting news. My last two Trump digital trading card collection sold out in just hours. And now I'm back with my latest series called the mugshot edition. I wonder where that came from.

The first time we're creating a real physical Trump card, purchase 47 digital cards and we'll mail you a beautiful trading card. It is an authentic piece of the suit I wore when I took that now famous mugshot. And it was a great suit.

Believe me, a really good suit. He's now, of course, making it famous and the most famous mugshot in history. It was a year of Republican infighting. Did the Republican Party have a good year?

No. The Republican Party had an awful year, actually, from the speaker of the House deal to the lack of any deliverables. One of the big losers of twenty twenty three is the Republican Party.

Rana McRomney. Who survived a chair vote against Harmeet Dillon has record low cash on hand, record low impact. We lost again in these fall elections in twenty twenty three in Kentucky and many other states. What has the Republican House of Representatives accomplished? What have they actually achieved?

They had a mandate. Did they cut any spending of the FBI? Is the FBI's budget less today? No. Is the border secure? No. Is Merrick Garland impeached? Nope. Is Alejandro Mayorkas impeached?

Nope. Largely, Republicans have just been overseeing the regime, protecting the regime, if you will. One of the great disappointments is seeing that the Republican Party has become this controlled opposition unit party. And we aim to fix and try to change a lot of that.

But there's no sugarcoating it. Twenty twenty three was a year where congressional Republicans could have stepped up and done something, stepped up and governed, stepped up and cut some of the spending and they didn't. CRs, debt increases, Republicans haven't done anything with that. You can't handle the truth. The truth is the clowns running this place live for chaos.

Many of our problems could be solved overnight, but they let them be and destruction fuels them. If you can handle the truth and you know that you're nine meals away from anarchy, you need to visit You get sixty dollars off a much needed four week emergency food kit from My Patriot Supply. This is the country's largest preparedness company and My Patriot Supply is your fighting chance at survival. Sealed inside rugged packaging, these delicious meals last up to twenty five years and provide over two thousand calories daily. Eat right in emergencies with this four week food kit from My Patriot Supply. At this low price, you can get one for everyone in your family. Visit Order by 3 p.m. for free, same day shipping. Prepare right now at before total chaos ensures.

That's So I look back on this last year. I did about two hundred and ninety five days of radio on our show. We did twelve hundred hours on air this year and over five hundred and fifty plus speeches and interviews and we traveled two hundred thirty days this year.

Now people laugh when I say this, but we're going to do even better than that in twenty twenty four. More speeches, more radio, more listeners. By the way, over one hundred and thirty six million podcast downloads. That's not an exaggeration.

Praise God. One hundred and thirty six million podcast downloads. And I think that's one of the top podcasts in the conservative space. Who knows that Ben Shapiro's got a big show. Bonjino's got a big show.

Megyn Kelly. But we're up there. You know, we're top five. Right now, we're number five in Apple News. So we can we can show that that image.

Praise God. And by the way, this is not my day job. This is half my job.

My other job is running turning point and turning point action, raising capital and speaking. And this is just fun. This is like morning fun. And then we go to work and manage our three hundred and fifty employees and praise God for all that. But no, we're doing very, very well. We had a great year, but we need to commit in twenty twenty four to work even harder. We're going to apply ourselves even more, more speeches, more interviews, because twenty twenty four is it is obviously the chapter that this is leading to. Yeah, we're right up there.

Praise God. Tucker, number two, Shapiro, number four. And New York Times, they're pesky.

They're tough to they're tough to dethrone. And by the way, some of it's misleading because all these guys take this week off. And so we sneak up there. But it's all right. We'll take the win where we can. So we take advantage of the week that everyone else. Andrew says, stop saying that it's true.

I want everyone I'm a stickler for honesty. I don't want people to be misled, but it's still it's popular. I mean, the show's doing very, very well, but we do better when other people and we also do.

It's true. We have an amazing lineup of episodes. We have Tucker Carlson. We have Steve Bannon. We have Vivek Ramaswamy. And it's just the RFK, by the way, the RFK Junior program has just been going totally viral and more and more coming.

But it feels as if we've been living through the setup, the prelude, living through what is coming or the setup of what might come next. We look back at this last year. Republicans have accomplished nothing. They took a stand for nothing. Remember this back in January?

Play cut 38. I have the record for the longest speech ever on the floor. I don't have a problem getting a record for the most votes for speaker to thank you all. Well, I don't I don't I don't see how a few people, maybe it's five, maybe it's 20, sit because they want a gavel that they can't earn by the conference of themselves.

That would be interesting to me. That's not what the constituents voted him for. Kevin McCarthy is no longer speaker of the House. Speaker Johnson is. And the House majority has decreased. One member went to go become a college president.

George Santos got expelled. Now, when we look back at 2023, we did a lot of thinking about this. It's you didn't know at the time how significant it would be. But the horrific tragedy on October 7th really was for Israel, a Pearl Harbor 9-11 event and still is impacting our domestic politics and impacting our culture war.

Play cut 47. Israel is at war. We didn't want this war.

It was forced upon us in the most brutal and savage way. But though Israel didn't start this war, Israel will finish it. Hamas will understand that by attacking us, they have made a mistake of historic proportions. We will exact a price that will be remembered by them and Israel's other enemies for decades to come. The savage attacks that Hamas perpetrated against innocent Israelis are mind boggling, slaughtering families in their homes, massacring hundreds of young people at an outdoor festival, kidnapping scores of women, children and elderly, even Holocaust survivors. Hamas terrorists bound, burned and executed children.

They are savages. Now, many of our amazing listeners who are Jewish have said, quote, this person just emailed us, the worst anti-Semitism in America in their lifetime. And these pro-Hamas protesters have been very organized, very orchestrated and hyper aggressive, and it's still playing out. Joe Biden's base has defected from him. The war in Israel is ongoing.

We have a college president that is no longer a college president, University of Pennsylvania. There is a legit coup attempt to take out President Gay of Harvard. The Israel issue is huge. And if I were to credit this program as to a similar but different foreign conflict where we helped move public opinion on and I just want to thank you, the audience. And to delight in our ability to move the Overton window, it's the Ukraine issue. The Ukraine issue in my career has been one of the most 180 public opinion issues that I have experienced for quite some time. From day one, we were not buying what the regime was selling.

From day one, and there were very few of us, there was Tucker, there was PASOBIC, there was this program in Bannon. But boy, the emails that we received, some were nasty, but the vast majority disagreed with our position on Ukraine from the beginning. And now I'd say it's 99 to one in agreement with our position on Ukraine. This year, support for the war in Ukraine, according to public opinion polls, has cratered nearly 30 or 40 points.

It has been completely inverted. In 2023, we put the warmongers completely on defense and they're not used to it. They're used to getting whatever money they want, whatever funding they want.

One of the massive wins of the narrative war in 2023, thanks to Elon Musk, thanks to his ability to liberate Twitter, was on Ukraine. It is an unpopular, very difficult argument to make to say that while we do not have a southern border, while we are being invaded of the population of Wyoming since Halloween, that we need to go spend 200 billion dollars on a border dispute thousands of miles away. It does not compute, nor should it, with the everyday average American.

It does not add up. And we have been relentless on this topic. And when I say 99 percent, I mean 99 percent of you, the audience. I mean of the Charlie Kirk show, the emails we receive now of the country. A majority are definitely in our camp, but 99 percent of you in our audience are in complete harmony, complete agreement with no more money to Ukraine, try to broker peace, and why don't we secure our own border?

What a concept, right? The Ukraine issue was one that the entire regime was force feeding us. And now you look at op-ed after op-ed, all of a sudden the New York Times may say, well, maybe Ukraine doesn't need the Russian territory.

In fact, I'm trying to find this article yesterday, it was unbelievable. The headline of this article, by the way, Nikki Haley is still shilling for Ukraine, go figure. Here it is, New York Times, Ukraine doesn't need all its territory to defeat Putin.

Oh, really? Thanks, Sergei Shaiman. Now you tell us? Now you don't need all the territory to defeat Putin? And the saddest part of the entire Ukrainian conflict is how we used the poor Ukrainian people, the everyday man of Ukraine, as a human shield to get mowed down by Russian military so that we could protect this abstract idea of NATO while Zelensky gets rich, while the oligarchs of Ukraine suspiciously are able to take in all of this money and make it disappear. And we never have, we do not have an accounting for this money. And credit to you, the audience, we have significantly moved the Overton window and moved the dial on the Ukrainian issue.

So much so that there is now an impasse in Congress. Now where this ends up, I don't know. But yesterday there was a story that came out and said American money appropriated Ukraine has run out. They have run out of money. Over 200 billion dollars, we don't even know the total number, we don't know where it's going, we don't know who's getting paid, we don't know if it's going to our end of the world, if it's going to our enemy. We have no idea.

We have no idea where this money is going. But you, the audience, are playing a huge role. You are on the leading edge, the tip of the spear, to move public opinion and move the Overton window.

And you have. Which started as a very slim, like a significant minority, that doesn't make any sense, but a minority has grown and grown and grown now into the vast majority opinion with energy and velocity. And it put the warmongers on defense. I have not seen public opinion move so quickly on such a top priority of the regime, except for another issue, which if you were to say there was another narrative win in 2023, I'll tell you what it is. Public opinion moved on two major issues positively in 2023, one on Ukraine and the second one.

I think we played a big role in. Christmas and big family feasts are upon us. But in Washington, there's no bigger turkey than Senate Bill 1339. 1339 is Bernie's latest attempt to sneak in a backdoor takeover of more of our health care. It'll handcuff the pharmacy benefit managers who are currently saving millions of Americans an average of one thousand forty dollars a year. Bernie is hoping that thousands of your fellow Americans already going to lower my drug prices dot com to stand up against S1339, that you'll be too busy making holiday plans or getting ready for a year on vacation.

Don't let this happen. I'm urging you to keep up the pressure against the passage of S1339 by going to lower my drug prices dot com. The Council for Citizens Against Government Waste says if you don't want a socialized system that takes away your personal health care choices, increases cost and makes you wait longer to see the doctor that is chosen by the government, go today right now to lower my drug prices dot com to stop the Senate from passing the Sanders bill. Remember, we have the momentum, but we need your help today. Portions of this program of the Charlie Kirk show are brought to you in part by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste. You know, our social media platforms, praise God, have grown significantly this year and specifically on one topic. And I want to first give credit where credit is due. Matt Walsh deserves a lot of credit. He was a pioneer on this topic. He was ahead of the curve. He knows it better than anybody else. And we are thankful for his leadership on it. And honestly, I followed his lead in some ways. I'd watch his videos and listen to his podcast like this guy really understands this topic. It's not that I was ever not convinced of the severity of it, but he was so sharp in his commentary, so convinced it was civilizational ending. It caught my attention. And then, of course, his movie, What is a Woman? Excellent. And Libs of TikTok deserves a lot of credit as well.

Chaya deserves a lot of credit. And if you were to look at public opinion polls, if you were to look at political issue a year and a half to two years ago, when Twitter was not liberated, the trans issue was an issue that a vast majority of Americans either were indifferent about. Live and let live. Who cares? Not a big deal. I'm not going to, you know, judge. It's okay. Maybe kids should be trans.

It doesn't matter. And holy crow, this last year, praise God, has been one of the most dramatic awakenings I have ever seen in my 11 year career on what was a considered to be a fringe issue that polite society was afraid to touch. And it moved quickly. And I will tell you three stories, actually four. Two people came up to me privately at Amfest, someone that you might know, by the way, and confided in me that his son has been captured by teachers and is now taking transition therapy, asking me what to do. Another young woman came up to me and said that her daughter, same thing in college, I was in whole foods. A woman came up to me, Charlie, love your show, love all this. By the way, my daughter goes to school somewhere in the Midwest and is now taking testosterone, voices down, growing a beard. What do I do?

Another guy comes up to me at the gym. Hey, Charlie, love your stuff. All this, by the way, I started following you because of the trans thing.

I thought it was exaggerated. Three of my kids' friends are now currently transitioning. What do I do? This is a fire alarm, everybody. That is not normal. You do not have five or six people independently come up to you in grocery stores, gyms, and tell you that their close inner circle is quote unquote butchering themselves transitioning. So just as a pause, as a timeout, I will be proven right by this.

I have no macro data. The numbers they're telling you about how many kids are transitioning are a lie. They're so low. It's more kids than they're telling you. There are more kids that are poisoning themselves than they are telling you.

I know it. You don't have five people come up to you in a course of 72 hours with personal, emotionally charged stories. By the way, usually people would come up and be like, oh, do you think Trump is going to win? I'm like, ah, you know, let's take a selfie. And it says like, Charlie, my daughter is taking testosterone.

What do I do? I don't know. I mean, I can connect with Chloe Cole. And by the way, they're not these parents aren't even notified.

There's no informed consent. But thanks to Matt Walsh's leadership and we have played a role and I'd say well over 100 million social media views. Yeah, I think that's fair. Instagram definitely on YouTube, over 100 million views of our content this year. We have gone more viral on the trans issue than any other issue. And I'm proud of that because this is a civilizational defining issue. What is real?

What is true? What is a child? Can you convince a nine year old? Can you convince a 12 year old to go take a bunch of hormones and change themselves?

Of course not. And by the way, it's also where we have received the most punishment from YouTube. We're currently under a strike from YouTube, because we spread trans hate because we say that trans people have are suffering from a mental delusion, which of course they are, obviously, they think that there's something they're not. And they think that if they chop off their parts, they become that thing, which is not true. It's not real. This is a question of truth. It's a question of what is real. That is what it's at the fundamental part of trans. That's why we believe it comes from an unclean spirit because it is at war with God's natural design. And it's trying to convince children, especially that they can take a bunch of drugs, chop off their parts, and they magically become something else. It's a false promise, false hope, and it is a pharmacological, surgical, quote unquote, solution, butchery to a mental problem.

What should be solved with counseling, watchful waiting, as Dr. Miriam Grossman beautifully articulates in her book, Lost in Transnation, what should be solved with prayer, camaraderie, fellowship, what should be solved, by the way, actually diagnosing the underlying problems, which is usually kids with autism, Asperger's, on the spectrum, we go and say, hey, let's go have you get a mastectomy, or let's have you go take testosterone. This is child butchery, but praise God, Elon Musk deserves a lot of credit for this. By the way, Elon Musk's, one of his 11 kids that we know of, is trans.

So he probably feels the same way. He hasn't, he's been really polite about it, but he, to his credit, promoted what is a woman to the top of Twitter, and overruled all of the Twitterati left-wing people. Tucker had a big impact, we have to pour gas on this, and 2023, heavier, grittier, tough year, a setup year, but I got to tell you, the one where we can say we moved public opinion, is that don't groom or trans our kids. Thanks so much for listening everybody, email us as always, freedom at

Thanks so much for listening, and God bless. Dividing the elves and getting them all riled up, and don't get me started about the reindeer rights elves. The shop floor just isn't the happy little place it used to be. We should have used Red Balloon.

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