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Dodgers ink Yoshinobu Yamamoto in another massive deal

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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December 22, 2023 2:39 pm

Dodgers ink Yoshinobu Yamamoto in another massive deal

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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December 22, 2023 2:39 pm

12/22/23-Hour 2

Rich and the guys react to Japanese ace Yoshinobu Yamamoto joining the Dodgers on a 12-year/$325M deal and debate if L.A. loading on up talent (see Shohei Ohtani) is good for baseball.

In What’s More Likely Rich weighs in on the Carolina Panthers, Steelers, Falcons, Bills, Commanders, Jets, Lions, Buccaneers, Dolphins, Bears, Cowboys, Ravens, 49ers, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Limitations apply. Hello, everyone. Happy holidays. This is the Rich Eisen Show. It's a holiday. Everybody get a gift.

New jewels, new cars, it's a new outfit. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The top JUCO signing in the United States of America. Deion Smith showed up to his signing at Ole Miss in a Lamborghini.

Good for him. Earlier on the show, actors and comedians, Anthony Anderson and Cedric the Entertainer. Coming up, NFL Network insider Tom Pellicero. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes, it is. Our number two is for us. Our number one, we were all rent payers in the worlds of Cedric the Entertainer and Anthony Anderson, who came in together to talk about their new brand of barbecue sauce, AC Barbecue. And that segment went as I had hoped. Our sides are still hurting. My face is still hurting. I was sweating. I was laughing so loud and so hard.

And then the food that they have left us is unbelievable. So everybody should check out their their stuff, which I have, by the way, their three pack. That's right here on my desk.

And they were kind enough to autograph it. So we have this for our studio right here. I think I'm so full. I'm going to go take a nap for a second.

It's so good. You want to read what's more likely? You want to read this? You take a nap before you hop your flight back home, TJ.

So wings are outstanding. So we are here. We're here.

You're there. Tom Pellicero will be with us in our number three. Tommy P. To let us know what's going on in the NFL world as it's week 16, don't you know? And and so going to the game last night, I was at the game last night. I brought Coop to the game last night, my 12 year old son. And and it was fascinating going to the game. The red hot rumor was that Shohei Ohtani would be at the game as well as Yoshinobu Yamamoto, who is the red hot Japanese pitcher that was posted in on the free agent market and was being wooed by the Yankees who were like, we'll give you your number 18 and come on by. And he hung out and Aaron Boone met with him and Brian Cashman met with him and. Hal Steinbrenner met with him and they were just like showing him off New York City and then the Mets and Steven Stevie Cohen, right? Your uncle Stevie over there with all his dollar, dollar, dollar bills and just, you know, he wanted he had the money.

He was saying, come on, you like New York, but forget the Yankees. You know, we got Senga here. We got we got we got we got a teammate of yours. And then the Dodgers are like, yeah, we have a teammate of yours, too. And a teammate of yours gave us the opportunity to get you.

And others. And not have to pay much of a luxury tax, because he has the luxury of being one of Planet Earth's most famous athletes. His name is Shoei Otani, who's just like, can I defer all of my money, all 700 million of my dollars?

Can I defer? That's what Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated told us. And he wound up and he wound up having he wound up deferring six hundred eighty million of his seven hundred million bucks because he makes fifty million off the field.

And, you know, he's not he's not scraping change out of his car cushion to try and make ends meet. So sure enough, Yamamoto wasn't at the game. That was all refuted on the old X machine by all the baseball writers, not true. And there was even word that the Yankees were ready to pull the trigger on some three hundred twenty million dollar deal for nine years. I saw that I'm like, wow, nine years for a pitcher. That is a lot because guaranteed money for pitchers.

I mean, just look at it. Shoei Otani's on his second Tommy John surgery of his life. The first that we all know about here in America because we're witnessing it in person, but that's a lot to give to a Major League Baseball pitcher that's constantly, you know, what you always hear terms like sub flexor and whatever, you know, like words that you don't you know, you've got to go to WebMD to look up, you know, everyday conversation, you know what I mean? Like you hear you hear, you know, body parts that have that wow, the shoulders made up of that many body parts.

I had no idea about that tendon. You hear that from pitchers. So I heard nine minutes about, hey, Yankees needed him.

Go for it. Certainly to keep him from the Mets and make sure honestly, or the Red Sox or anybody else, the Yankees need somebody like him. And sure enough. Shoei Otani was at the game, as we all know. Yamamoto was not, but his presence was there because as soon as I left the lot and I felt my phone buzz in the traffic jam, leaving the lot, I believe a lot, didn't I saw Chris Brockman's text saying the Dodgers have no more excuses. And I turned to my 12 year old son, Cooper, who has been monitoring the news for Yamamoto, hoping he would wear the Yankee pinstripes because I did reserve that part of his sports fandom for me. He's going to go to college. Who are your favorite teams, Cooper?

Well, Celtics, Patriots, Yankees and people like what sort of alien are you? And so he I'm like, oh, I think the Dodgers got Yamamoto. He goes, why? I'm like, because Chris Brockman just texted the Dodgers are out of excuses.

He pops on his phone and he goes, oh, no. Which I think most. Baseball fans outside of Dodger town and Dodger world or sports fans that kind of surf into paying attention to this. Part of the sports conversation, I think Coop, my 12 year old, was giving that sense. Some too simple words, oh, no, because the Dodgers got him 12 years, 12 years, 325 million dollars, and we're beginning to learn the ins and the outs of the contract you're hearing that there's an opt out six years in, what have you. I mean, it's going to take some time because don't forget, it took 48 hours to learn that Otani deferred money.

Then we found out how much then we found out that there, you know, if the majority owner or the controlling owner of the Dodgers or Andrew Friedman of the front office ever separates from the Dodgers, Otani has a chance to walk at the end of the year. I mean, we're still learning. But this guy basically doesn't get what's the word hit up? He's that good. He's that good. He's 25. His is era to use an old Stuart Scott phrase is spandex then Stuart always used to refer to eras in the one point. Fill in the blank for the last two numbers, anything on an era of two and a half or under stories. Stuart always referred to on SportsCenter spandex thin.

And Yamamoto as spandex then numbers. Holy cow. And so the Dodgers now have one point oh, two, five billion dollars committed over the next dozen years to two of the most talented stars. On planet Earth, who play baseball, and then they also, you know, just got Tyler Glass now and Margot from Tampa. They pay glass now, what, 170 million bucks, which is all on the front page or of the sports section of the Los Angeles Times today.

And he's had two arm injuries coming off of one. Yeah. And the headline of sports is it's another ace up their sleeve. Yep.

Because Otani is going to come back at some point, it'll be Yamamoto and Otani and back to back nights and basically start trying to get to Dodger Stadium now. And by the way, I'm imagining, you know, save up, save up. Yeah. And save up your time and your dollars and your sense of being cheap.

That's just for parking. I know that. Oh, by the way. Absolutely. And then to your point about no excuses. No excuses is their lineup.

It'll be it's not like the rest of the cupboards bear. Mookie bets. Are they going to bat Otani second in front of Freeman or Freeman in front of Otani?

I would have Freddie second. Right. And then Otani third. Yeah. And then Will Smith bat and clean up. Monsey's back. Right. And then they they will I mean, their farm system hasn't been rated at all.

Can imagine Gavin Lux is back this year. Exactly. And so we asked Verducci, Tom Verducci of Sports Illustrated. How does baseball feel about this after we heard about Otani deferring all this money? So the Dodgers now have more money than God can now go spend more money to make a team around Otani better, if not completely unbeatable and and avoid paying the.

You know, revenue poor, if you will, teams in baseball, a luxury tax, because they don't want to pay these teams money to stuff their wallets and feather their own personal nests as opposed to trying to compete with these teams. And so his answer was, are you kidding me? Otani is the best name out there. One of the brightest stars this sport has ever featured on a diamond, certainly in North America. And hey.

He hasn't made a single. Playoff appearance and the Dodgers have made 12 in a row, so, yeah, they're psyched. They're fine. I'm wondering, what about today? What about today? Now that we have seen what the Dodgers will do, thanks to the flexibility Otani's deferral of his money allowed them to do. Getting everybody and hey, you know, this used to be the Yankees. It doesn't feel great to me right now that the Yankees are now just like everyone else.

Just like everyone else. As I said yesterday, there's a new evil empire. I tweeted that out because remember the Red Sox used to refer to was that Larry Lucchino referred to, the longtime Red Sox executives refer to the Yankees as the evil empire because they had more money to spend than anyone else. And they did. Well, not anymore. Because I guess the Yankees decided we're not going to 12 years on a pitcher. And that's enough. Because George M Steinbrenner would have been like, who cares?

Fanny's in the seats. Championship's in the case. I don't care. Is it possible they still went to 12 and Yamamoto goes, I just want to play with Otani in Los Angeles.

Possible? Because did Steve Cohen not go to 12 years? I saw that was 320 area. I didn't see the years. Well, the daily news of the New York Daily News summed it up as well.

Back page. It's a miserable life. Yanks mess miss out again as Yamamoto agrees to report a three hundred twenty five million dollar deal with the Dodgers. So it's the holiday season. It's a miserable life.

And and this is I'm not used to this. And I'm just wondering, does baseball is this great for baseball that a team has all this money and go and get everybody? Or is it great for baseball because everybody's now going to root against the Dodgers?

Diocese are good for sports. They ought to have somebody to root against. Need a villain. And the Dodgers. Well, I mean, that's the voice of the Giants right there. Giants fans are pissed. Yankees fans, Mets fans are pissed. I know Red Sox fans are like, we haven't done anything.

Right. I think Pete Abraham, who covers the Red Sox, tweeted out that the Dodgers have outspent the Red Sox and free agents this year. Free agency this year by one billion. Twenty four million dollars means the Red Sox haven't done.

They signed one guy for one million, one million bucks. That's why. Right.

So, yeah. And everybody is being clowned right now. And now maybe baseball is like every Dodger game will have to be seen and viewed and and the rest will just be, what, rearranging deck chairs until the playoffs hit. And that's when the Dodgers will have all the pressure on them.

And I guess those games will be must see unless they go ahead and do what we expect them to do. And then how good is that? Here's the problem about rooting against the Dodgers. Here's the problem. Mookie Betts. How do you hate on him? Not a guy. Not a guy you want to hate. Freddy Freeman. Dave Roberts.

OK, tough guys to root against and very likable. Or hold on a minute. Show it to me now.

We don't know anything about him. Yeah, but, you know, let me help you with this. Let me help you with this.

Let me help you with this. Last night had the opportunity and I took it. Of having my 12 year old son, Cooper, Evan Eisen.

Go and meet Ohtani at the game last night. Two choices you would have two choices. You had the chance.

I took advantage of the chance and two choices. One, Ohtani would not give us the time of day because he's too big time. No, he's probably the nicest guy ever. Two, he is the nicest guy ever. Yeah, I mean, I saw the video of him in the Rams locker room after the game.

He seems amazing. Or he's the nicest guy ever. Is that your choice? Nicest guy ever?

Or nicest guy ever. I'm going number two on this. Put it up on the screen.

Put it up. No. Oh, man. That one goes to the best. Ohtani. Wow.

Ohtani. Listen, Coop, you have to accept this nickname now, dog. That's it. You have to accept it. He didn't want to hear it. I was telling everybody. I was telling everybody last night, Coop Tani met Ohtani.

That is awesome. We know how tall Cooper is. Ohtani is a giant. And by the way, you see how he's leaning in? Yeah. Was he like six? He's not like you see pictures.

Sometimes they just stand up straight or lean away. Like like everything. And his interpreter was nice. His agent couldn't have been cooler. Like, do you want to get a picture?

Like, do you want to get a picture with him? He's like got Ohtani got up. It was his first football game. While we were taking this picture, Derek Carr got intercepted. People going nuts. He didn't turn around to see what was going on.

He's just focused on everything. Oh, OK. I put Coop in the middle. Oh, look at you.

I put Coop in the middle. I got to get in. Come on. I'm not kidding around. And you know I don't do this stuff, right? You know I don't do this stuff.

But you have to at this point. I mean, Derek Cooper was shoulder on Ohtani. He got shoulder on Ohtani.

Of course, he was Rich's shoulder on Coop. And so there you go. That's awesome. That's cool.

That's pretty dope. That's the issue. They're likable. He's not just likable. He's not just likable. He's un-dislikeable. Do you see where I'm going with this? Until he puts the jersey on.

We'll see. He's un-dislikeable. Yeah, but people root against the laundry.

Yeah, but they root against the laundry. But he's also not like, you know, he's different. He's a unicorn in the fact that he's deferred his money. You know what I mean?

He's deferred his money. And he's just like, I just want to play baseball. I want to win. I just want to, you know, put on my new balances.

I want to win. Dad jeans and leather jackets. You know, when they put it, you were there last night. When they first put him on the oculus. He was like, he didn't want the attention. He was embarrassed. And then he kind of was like, hey, and it was cool. But at first he was very shy.

Exactly. That was his thing. Let me say this, too, because I saw a lot on my Twitter X machine, you know, conversation about because I popped up, you know, a photograph of him on the on the show, because it was the loudest cheer of the night outside of at the time was touchdown. And there were a lot of Saints fans there, too.

There was a lot as there is frequently and so far, a lot of visiting fans. Let me just say this. People were like, everyone in L.A. is treating like he didn't play in L.A. the last six years. Let me explain everybody out here.

He didn't. And I know now I know what the Angels were attempting to do, calling themselves the Los Angeles Angels. And then before that, twisting themselves into a verbal pretzel, calling themselves the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

OK. And then they just just dropped it. They dropped the of Anaheim and the Angels don't play in Los Angeles. They play in Southern California, which is why they were also named the California Angels forever. They don't play in Los Angeles. His appearance last night with in SoFi was his Los Angeles coming out party. In the mix of Los Angeles. Let me just repeat this one more time.

Anaheim, California, for anybody who wants to know anybody, let's say in. It's similar to this. It's like Providence for New England, calling it Boston. Right.

Right. Like if there was a team in Providence, Rhode Island, they'd be called the Boston whatever. Like, no, you're in a different state. Obviously that I'm just using that to give people an idea that, yes, it's a different state.

What an actual state of the union. But geography wise, it's not even close. Right. It's it's not even close. That's why they're not the Boston Patriots. Like Foxborough is an hour from Boston. It's far. It's just let me just again explain it, everybody.

This is him coming to Los Angeles. It really is. And I don't mean to denigrate. You know, and it's kind of well, with all due respect, it was fitting for him to be with the Rams first because they, like Otani, left Anaheim. It's true. This is a fact.

So let me just say that one more time. But now Yamamoto's here. And if we said. When Otani signed his contract with the Dodgers, got to have three in the next ten years. We got to up this, right?

We got to up it. They got to have three rings in the next ten years when Otani signed. And then we found out that he deferred everything or like, oh, here comes some more. And they add this kid, Glassnow, who's a terrific pitcher when healthy. And now, you know, you're hearing Josh Hayter maybe in the mix. Yeah, there's more stars coming.

There's more coming. Like, this is not the end of it. And so, you know, which I guess this is what happens when you get swept by the Diamondbacks. You're like screw it. We're not that we're not we're just going to we're just going to go hit it again like Hans Gruber. So.

What is it now? Five, five, five in the next twelve. Right. Got to do it. Got to do it.

They have to wait a minute. Five World Championships. So the Yankees did four in six, pal.

That was so 90s. OK. So how about this, though? I mean, in all honesty, if they get four in twelve, we'll call her a failure because they didn't hit our five.

That's why I'm like, do you make it for now? You give them one more. Yamamoto Boston did four and fourteen years.

Oh, four to two thousand eighteen. They got it. And you would consider that a failure. No, that's that's like that's like the best run of your life. That's run of the 20th century baseball. So you want to hear my first century foreign foreign twelve is what you're at. Yamamoto is twelve.

He's going to pitch here if his good contract, at least thirty seven or twelve. It would be a major disappointment. Four and twelve would be a disappointment. No, if they don't know if they don't get to four and twelve. So one every one, every three years, every three.

I mean, that's that's a that's a fact. Do they do it? I don't know. How good are your Braves? I'm there. How are your National League team? I saw my son's National League.

Nice. They're good. They're locked up for the next.

You can't even say the words. OK, for the Braves every two seconds. The Braves are outstanding. How good are the Phillies going to be? Real good. OK, especially when they get my job.

Nice. Look at you. Look at you guys. We work together. The best thing about us.

Is it about us in our mouth? What? Well, hey.

So how could it be? They're going to be good, too. National League is kind of loaded. Frigging Yankees, man. Don't forget the team that just made it. The Diamondbacks. They're not going anywhere.

That's the whole conversation is that. My new best friends, Corbin Carroll. I think I sent you guys a tweet in our chain of somebody whose name escapes me right now.

I'm sorry. It was like the future headline is the Dodgers win one hundred forty two games. But that that long break before losing the five game National League Division Series to the Reds is going to cost them.

By the way, here's the prediction. When the Dodgers lose in the first round next year, again, after the after the layup, the rule gets changed because we can't have a team with all these stars go out in the first round. Here's here's two ways I will be Paul and work for the Dodgers. Here's two ways I will answer this. Lose and change.

Here's two ways I will answer this to you. OK, and then we'll take a break. One is, you know, the Yankee fan in me, the fan in me that is bitter knows I'm right right now.

It's a let's let's see if you're right. And the other one is, how dare you say that about Coop Tonnies new best friend? How dare you say that? The audacity is a third about Coop's gonna be a Dodger fan about. No, no, no. Not that bad. No way.

But how dare you talk about Coop Tonnies new BFF. And you know, right. All right.

We'll take a break here on the Rich Eisen show eight four four two oh four rich number two. Look at that. Come on. What a great photo, man.

Frame that. I took it. I took that baby. Proud Papa. I will take a break.

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Call or just stop by. Let's take some phone calls here on the program. Terzo in Iowa, all rise, all rise. How are you, Terzo? What's going on? Oh, man, Rich, I feel like a little kid on Christmas that got a stocking full of coal right now, man. I can't stand what these Dodgers are doing as a giant fan.

This is just another nail in the coffin. Well, normally, I'd like to give you some attaboy or a glass half full approach, but I don't know what to tell you, man, especially the giants who have, what, been the bridesmaid many times, many, many times. At least the Yankees got to keep Aaron Judge. Yeah, we missed out on him last year. I know that. That was tough, too. Also, giants have won three World Series in five years.

They're fine. Yeah, well, probably, yeah, but it's going to be 10 years this coming year since our last one. And if we're talking that the Dodgers are going to win four and 12, that really limits our chances of making it out of our own division and or making it out of the West.

Yeah, but Terzo. Or the National League. We know they're not going to win four and 12. Why not?

I'm hoping not. They always blow it. Terzo, that gives you eight years to win.

Chris, come on, man. I appreciate what you're saying, too. I understand it, but that we always blow it. That was the Red Sox for 90 years until you won four out of 14. I get it. And who helped you win four out of 14?

The Dodgers leadoff hitter. Well, who's been... I'm serious. Oh, yeah. I'm serious.

I don't mean, I just mean to say to you, like, at some point... He was only one of them. I got it. Also, the Dodgers manager, not a great track record in the postseason. Who helped you win the first one? Not a great track record as the manager. Has stolen base helped you win the first one? Listen, I'm just saying one way to overcome potentially the Dodgers manager's lack of proper button pushing because the analytics have handcuffed him in many ways. Let's be straight up.

Maybe. Okay. It's not all on Dave Roberts that one way to get through all that is, hey, get yourself Otani and Yamamoto and Glass now and maybe Hader and maybe somebody else who could come. By the way, and thanks to Calterso, happy holidays to you. I appreciate you guys. Same to you.

Happy holidays. By the way, that addition of Margo as well, nobody's talking about him. That ain't bad. Did you see Verdugo shaved?

I did. Cooper showed that one to me too. And he was kind of talking some smack on the manager. Well, he's not happy about what happened last year and I don't know, maybe he's wrong. I don't know, but I don't know. But he's also, he was saying like, wait, they traded me to the Yankees.

Bummer. It's not like that's not a great look. If you're a Red Sox and you feel you're Red Sox going through what and you're and you don't expect to get traded.

Not a great look. What place do you feel disrespected more than saying, we don't care. You go to war. Also, didn't the Yankees claim Jeter downs? So the two main players of the Mookie Betts trade are now on your rival. Well, we've got to have a guy named Jeter, please.

Makes sense. Let's let's you already do what's more likely? Ready to tee it up? Let's do it right here. And then we'll take some more phone calls the rest of the hour.

So if you're on hold, stay on hold. Hit it, please. Hit it. Hit it.

What's more likely? Never say never, but never. All right, Christopher. Hey, guys. Happy Friday. Happy holidays to everyone out there. What's going on?

All right. What's more likely? We see another 60 burger this season or the Panthers win another game.

Panthers going to win another game. Really? Yeah. Why do you support another 60?

I hope so. Those are rare. We've seen 60 and 70. I mean, we just saw one last week. Have we gotten a 50? Have we seen kind of 50? Oh, we've gotten 40.

Good question. I won last week. Carolina.

These things happened last week. That's why I bring this up. I understand you saying that. Carolina has Green Bay at home at Jacksonville, home for Tampa. I think they get one of them. That'd be great. I know that you're hoping.

That means they've gotten the memo memo. They get one more because the Patriots, I'm seeing them on Sunday night getting Caleb Sunday night and then New England after that as Buffalo. And then I'm sorry, Chris, it's the Jets in the last week of the season. We're going to start Trevor Simi and I think the rest of the way, I think you're going to do sack.

I think you're going to do Zach a solid and say, we want you to be healthy as you look for a new job. So, and by the way, new England also one last time for you doesn't tank period. Great players.

The only thing, the only, the only, the only tank that bill Belichick relates to is the one that he probably watches on history, the history channel Sherman. Yeah. So I'll go. Yeah. Wins another game this year.

What else you got over there? How about this? I'm trying to be glass half full, but it's tough with these two guys, quarterback to turn it over less in a win. Mason Rudolph for Taylor Heineke.

Oh my God. These guys getting starts. Mason Rudolph starting this week is a total complete mystery to me. Yeah. He could come out and kill it.

Maybe, you know, I, I, I don't know what's gone on behind the scenes. The point where they're like Trubisky or Mitch or die. And until the point where Tomlin's like, I have had enough, but, and here's a mop Mason cleanup on aisle Indianapolis. And then he's going to start this week. It'll be picket.

I think after that, I have no earthly idea. Let's see. Atlanta is playing Indianapolis, right?

Yeah. Home for Indy. I'll go. I'll go. Mason Rudolph will turn over the ball less possibly beating Cincinnati.

Cause that's a mystery. And the Colts have played very well. And I will repeat the stat again. 19 straight games with at least one takeaway.

I imagine they'll have a couple. So an interesting sort of twist of the phrase here. It took me a lot to understand where you're getting at right now, but I'll go Mason Rudolph right there. Okay.

Okay. What else? More likely the higher total this week. Bill's winning margin. They're out here against the chargers or commander's jets total score.

Oh, I think, um, the higher total will be commander's jets total score. Really dude, you, everyone's walking around on picking the commanders up in my, uh, in my, uh, in my fantasy, just cause Trevor Simeon must stink dude, Trevor Simeon. Hey, go, go take on the dolphins when the offensive line, uh, barely, uh, pick themselves up at baggage claim in Miami. Go do that in the middle of the game, Trevor it's yours or full week you practice and take on a team that's given up more big plays than anyone else. I'm going against Garrett Wilson in, uh, my fantasy playoffs and the league I really want to win.

I'm nervous about it. Uh, so, and, and, um, the jets defense just gave up a ton of points and that's what the commanders can do. And, uh, I, I'm, I'm not going to sit here and say that the bills blow the doors completely off of the chargers because you never know with an interim coach, Jeff, uh, coach, I think it's two F's. Can we get a final call on this please?

Maybe, maybe can you look into this DJ before you hop your plane? Let me see here. What else? All right guys, a quarterback to repeat their big week, 18 performance, more likely Jared Goff, Baker Mayfield. Both guys lit it up last week.

Combine nine touchdowns. I'll go, I'll go, I'll go, I'll go Baker. How dare you? How dare you try to make you pick against me? I will never thought about it for a sec. I will never let anybody know what I'm thinking outside the family. Again, you understand?

Don't you ever put me in that position. I like Jared Goff. I like the lines. You know, I've been all over them as loving them all season long.

Just don't put them on a rowboat in the middle of not at all. Tell me Baker Mayfield can't at home against the Detroit lines now. Perfect passer rating. Is that what you're saying?

He's going to have to be perfect. I'm just saying, you know, you know, I'm just saying both this guy's lit it up last week in the first round of the playoffs. Fantasy.

Who does it again? Detroit is taking on Minnesota and Minnesota. You think we should play Goff over Justin Fields in our fantasy footballers league, which by the way, we have to make this decision, right? Cause Jason Kleinman of NFL network fame had both Stafford and Nakua go against us. We're behind the eight ball in a season. We have been dominating in that league. I'm going to go Baker. Okay.

What else? Well, maybe this one can help us flush out that QB situation. What's more likely Tyreek goes for 200 yards receiving or Justin Fields combines for 300 yards passing and rushing. I think I'm going to go Justin Fields here. Tyreek Hill.

I don't know, man. We'll see what that ankle looks like. And I know we, we, we ascribe superhuman attributes to him in many ways these days. And so, um, he, well, let's see. And I know everyone's like, oh, he is definitely going to go for 2000 yards. What if he just physically cannot? Well, they need him for the playoffs and he won't play the rest of the year. I know this to be a possibility. I, I, I think Justin Fields is against an Arizona team that just got smoked by the 49ers.

They should be able to put some points on the board. Let's see it. Justin Fields. And maybe he's just sitting here thinking I've got to show everybody.

He does. What's up here? Am I reading the chart? So I'm sorry. I I'm going Justin Fields over over the cheetah right now.

I need to see what cheetah looks like before. I'm like absolutely 200 receiving yards against Dallas. That sounds like a bold prediction on game day morning more than anything else right now. Okay. What else?

All right. Quarterback to light it up in a road win. Dak, Omar Jackson. I'll go Dak. Is marvelous.

I'll go Dak. That a window in who you're picking? Well, I mean, you're saying light it up. Yeah. Light it up. I mean, be the reason they win. Light it up. I mean, Will Levis just went into this building that Dak's going into and lit it up. You know, who's lighting it up against the 49ers defense these days? Who's lighting it up?

Well, a guy who thinks he might be MVP. I got it. I got it. I'll go Dak. You know, so that's my reasoning. I'm sticking to it. Who's got it better than me? Yeah.

All right. More likely to be the Super Bowl 58 matchup this year. Cowboys Dolphins or Ravens 49ers. That's obvious for Rich. It's the latter. TJ knows me and I know him.

Where do you think I was going with this? I don't know. Cowboys Dolphins sounds really fun, but I'm not saying it does not sound fun. I am saying CBS. Imagine Super Bowl week, dude. Cowboys Dolphins. CBS is on its hands and knees to see the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl. Let me just talk about this. Every television executive, they will not say no to the 49ers who are metrics. Whenever we talk about the 49ers, we see it. Yeah.

They are. I'll tell you what, sometimes more than Cowboys videos on our world. It dolphins true.

I do understand that, but every single television executive would love to be the winning golden ticket holder of the time. The Cowboys finally do make it back to the Super Bowl. Well, that Cowboys Steelers Super Bowl that happened in the mid nineties had to be insane in numbers at the time.

Little Super Bowl six rematch between Cowboys and the dolphins. A little Landry Schuler action. You were alive for that, right? Oh boy. You were alive for that. No, I was not. Here we go. What are you talking about?

It was not a lot. You were not a Super Bowl six was yet. What year? Hold on a minute. Do not move on yet because you do know that we are.

We have an opportunity. What was Super Bowl six? Nice. 74. You were not alive for that. No, that was you're not 50.

I was I live in Super Bowl 10. Yes. So, uh huh. Cause you will not say his age as a window. You're not a 50 year old man.

There's a window. I'm 35 dog. Don't get out of here. Don't crack right TJ. All right. Last one. Oh my God. Last one.

Uh, moisturize, Doug. More likely to win a championship first. The Dodgers or every other team in Los Angeles pro or college combined.

This guy right off the bat was negative on the text. Why do you use your, why do you use your city? This is territory. Why do you use angel city? Kings are awesome this year. I'm being told the ducks.

Who else? Did you say the team? If you're saying the, if the angels, they play each other, they play the streets.

That was a gun to little league back to back. Okay. That could happen. You know what I mean?

That could happen. The sparks. Come on guys.

This guy, get used to it, man. Get ready. I speak for the nation, Mitch.

I know what you do. Good one. Good one.

That's a great drop. Jay. Why did Josh Gadd call you that?

He was actually talking about Michael Chiklis. Okay. Very good.

Not me. All right. Well done. Well done. Let's take a break. Phone calls. Eight four four two Oh four rich number to dial here on the program.

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Last minute tickets lowest price guaranteed. Jack in New Jersey let's take that phone call. What's up Jack? Oh hey. Hey. I didn't think that would get on.

I have do I have time to soliloquize or do should I just go straight to the phone? First of all Jack is that a word? Soliloquy that's like Jamiroquai the singer.

Is that a word? It's okay. I'm just going off soliloquy. Noise. I like his style.

I like his style. Well Jack I mean you know you could have literally been 30 seconds into what you wanted to say. Okay all right all right okay all right sorry. I literally I literally just was the last time I saw the Giants win a Super Bowl was when I was 12.

I'm 23 now. Oh my god. Hey nothing Jack. Jack I I um I was wondering you were talking about Lamar Jackson the other day right and how uh since no one has had his numbers of passing and rushing since Kyler Murray's first season in the league.

Okay. And I thought hmm such a dynamic player wouldn't Brian Dable love someone like that? And I thought hmm which contract is falling off the books very soon or could fall off the books? So I thought Kyler Murray for Daniel Jones and this year's first plus next year's second so they could select a quarterback in this year's draft. So you would you would you hold on a second Jack wait a second wait a second I'll stop you here.

A great soliloquizing to use your word. Hold on a second. So you're saying you call into this program and speak to a 54 year old man that's waiting for the first time the Jets to win it all saying it's been a while since you've you've waited 11 years seriously people have been born and not yet bar mitzvahed no Jack it's okay I don't take any disrespect from it but it definitely puts you behind a little bit of an eight ball when you start talking you're saying you're saying the New York Giants the New York Giants with all the issues that we do see that they have should trade Daniel Jones and their first and second round picks to Arizona for Kyler Murray and his huge contract that's what you're saying? I think next year's second not this year's. Okay all right I don't let me just let me just give you this heads up Jack because this is the truth because I'll shoot you straight first of all thank you for calling secondly be well no no no don't don't don't drop them just yet so you can hear what I'm saying get ready for Daniel Jones to come back and be your quarterback all right Tommy Cutlets might back him up but Daniel Jones is going to be your guy they have got him on the books his books his contract's not falling off the books anytime soon he's going to be your quarterback next year and if it doesn't work out we'll see what happens but maybe and thank you for the call maybe they do use a draft choice on a quarterback this year I don't think so they have so many freaking problems that is the last thing they're going to do and Kyler Murray in New York if he does not perform with that contract he would get chewed up and spat out in two seconds flat it would make Zach Wilson look like Peyton Manning that's all I'm saying there Alan Dallas you're here on the Rich Iza show what'd you think about that trade idea Al what'd you make of that one first of all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year have a wonderful week I thought you liked me Rich I really thought we had a you had to take uh what's his name from New Jersey Jack I didn't think right before Jack from New Jersey to fire me up get me all worked up about that nonsense I got all this other stuff to get worked up about hating the Dodgers about about oh my god that's that's horrendous I'm 23 I haven't seen in the world Super Bowl since I was 12 years old how many jet skis can you uh boats did you water ski behind that's right hey listen about Super Bowl dude you giant fans man putting you all in the same boat that's uh that's that's the Tommy Cutlet's giant fans this is I'm not I'm not complaining about bad play not about I haven't seen a Super Bowl in 12 years good lord that's that's awesome that that's okay that was that was a good one what do you I got about a minute left before the end of the hour what do you got in your mind then well listen it's been a great year man you guys have done another you know thank you uh you've done some fantastic stuff rebounded excellently uh the show just keeps on getting better and better you guys are doing a great job you're flying all over the place but I mean Del Tufo's flying I mean this guy's I haven't seen I'm afraid to look at his Instagram I really we'll get it do you want you want to get it send it to the guys yeah we'll get it he's the best I mean I know TJ Jefferson is not sitting in 30 you know 30E in the back I mean I know he's going to be a baller up I'm not one A either Al that's for sure yeah you keep giving ranges instead of the actual you won't give us an age you give us a range on your age TJ and you give us now a range of where you're sitting on a plane I'm just saying I'm closer to 30E than I am the one A is all I'm saying he's a slippery cat he's a slippery cat he knows too much information can kill I mean they don't need to know anything Al just when I designed the mystery well when when he's run with the people that he's run with back in the day you got to keep the loose lip sync ship you know what I'm saying have a happy new year to you you too guys much love there you go that's Al because this is our last live show day of the year overreaction Monday we'll still do that you and I Chris right yeah we do that Tuesday of this coming week yeah the podcast right correct the podcast will be on Tuesday I might chime in every now and then I can't quit just turning the phone on my face and just giving people opinions yeah it's fun not for the family was like where's dad oh he's sneaking in he's sneaking in a quiet place to bitch about the Jets and post it on YouTube TJ you have a safe flight sir thank you brother our three coming up right here on the program I mean look at the pats are close to the number one pick and maybe I'll do some live reactions to it oh all right let's get out where you go where are you going I haven't heard we're not going anywhere we're sticking around oh you are staycation staycation where we're gonna go up to Big Bear for a couple days okay it is great to be around here during you can go I mean you do anything it you could go anywhere and if you get there in two seconds there's no rain for three days so I gotta imagine the mountains house beautiful do some sledding on yeah choice learning what it's like to live in Los Angeles actually by the way I'm not wrong but I said that before you think he'll move I'm sure he's got a palatial estate down there I'm sure he's gonna go he can go find a spot what like 10 minutes from he's only making two million a year rich he's probably gonna buy some like Manson Los Feliz and be like 10 minutes away now get a condo oh I see the terrible interest rates who not good housing market I can always reach out to me for help that's true you got a spare bedroom and if he needs any help on which car to choose coops the guy who's got him coops got him got him you got it he should never drive he should have Otani he should have a 24-7 driver maybe he does my god guys the Dodgers get like it get ready there there's more common yeah there is more common they're coming in waves like Independence Day what a straight route oh my god what they trade for trout then we all might as well just become fans because it's a wrap oh no welcome aboard absolutely for the real story behind some of wrestling's biggest moments it's something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson to 1995 when WCW announces they're gonna be live and head-to-head with Monday Night Raw feels like this would have been something Vince would have kind of laughed off no we did not like them moving to Monday nights there were a lot of hotels they all carried CNN TBS and TNT Vince was convinced that Ted Turner had deviously done this deal to get in the hotels and keep us out something to wrestle wherever you listen.
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