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December 21, 2023 5:53 pm

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December 21, 2023 5:53 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST--You can also email questions to Matt using-, Please put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line--You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE--Time stamps are approximate due to commercials being removed for PODCAST.--Topics Include---08- Bibles and textual vairents.-30- Isaiah 45-9.-35- Former Mormon sad about his former fellow LDS are damned.-51- Church structure, Proper church order, plurality of elders.


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Okay, he's on. All right, buddy. Yeah, so my thinking was that, because I, like many people, probably just go and kind of skim the Bible. And you know, pastors may do it. People may do it when they're just reading and stuff. So some people would be like blowing through Genesis chapter 1 in like five minutes or whatever. But today I started to think about, I don't understand a lot of it.

I don't understand Jewish and Hebrew culture and I haven't done word studies really before. And I'm like, I'm probably missing out a lot of critical information by not doing it. And I should probably start from the beginning with Genesis and do an in-depth study of each verse and the words within it.

That'll be beneficial. And I spent already like probably two hours on just two verses and I'm not even fully done with both. Welcome to study. That's what happens. What often happens is you go down these rabbit trails. Some of them are really valuable and you learn a lot. And other ones you're like, what did I do that for? I didn't learn anything.

And then you back up and you keep going. That's just part of what it means to research. But I do have a recommendation for you. If you were to go to, the letter K, that's for Quinn and Nia, but Chuck Missler did a lot of commentaries and he did some stuff on Genesis.

And it might cost a little, I don't know, but it'd be worth you getting his commentaries on Genesis. OK, seriously. OK. I appreciate it.

Do you have anyone that? Go ahead. Sorry, go ahead. I was going to say, you also go to and they'll have commentaries on Genesis as well from a science point of view. OK. OK. So it's like a secular point of view for Genesis?

Oh, no, these are near Christians. OK. We said science, I'm assuming. Yeah, he was incredibly valuable. He passed away a few years ago, but I used to go study under him in Southern California. I'd go to his studies. I've listened to hundreds of hours of his material. I've learned a great deal from Chuck Missler.

And you won't regret studying with him. Now, he's pre-trib rapture and all that stuff, and I don't agree with that. But hey, so what? When I do, during the summer, when I walk around my block, it takes an hour to walk around the block. Oh, excuse me, it's a one mile run, that one mile, so I do, it takes 20 minutes. At any rate, I listen to Chuck Missler a lot on my headphones. I just listen, and I'm always learning something.

Oh, I forgot about that, forgot about this. And sometimes it's kind of cursory, and he's going through, but it's worth looking. It is worth checking him out. OK. And go to, also go to, I think it's Genesis, no, it's, what's the creation, Paul? I mean, Charlie, it's or dot com.

Dot com? And just go, one of those. And just go check it out and look up stuff on Genesis. And you might want to go to the Discovery Institute and see what they had to say about this stuff, too. The Discovery Institute, there's a lot of scientists there.

And they're Christians. OK. OK, Nice, thank you for the resources. Sure, no problem, man. OK. Well, one more question if it's all right.

Sure. Well, because you mentioned bohu being used in three places, or bohu, sorry, I'm probably mispronouncing, or bohu, yeah, I'm probably mispronouncing all of these. No, that's OK, bohu is right, that's good. For Isaiah 34, 11, why do you think they used bohu instead of tohu?

You mean why did God use it? I don't know. Yeah. I don't know. OK. If they asked God that one, the generic answer is because he wanted to. Yeah. Now, why did that particular writer, Isaiah, in his mind, what was going on, don't know.

But you've got to remember, the Holy Spirit would work through them and bring them to the place of saying certain things or writing certain things. So, as it says there, it's bohu and bohu, yes. It's bohu, tohu, oh, no, no, no, it's tohu and bohu. Again, ooh, interesting.

Isaiah 43, 11, and he will stretch out over it the line of formlessness and the plumb line of emptiness. I'm wondering why they chose that order of those words, you know what I mean? There has to be a reason. It could be black and blue instead of blue and black. It could be just something like that. It could be just the way it rolls in that language is just a more pleasant and easier thing to say. And that's perfectly legit.

So, you know, tohu and bohu, or bohu and tohu, no, tohu and bohu is easier. See? Maybe that's why. I have no idea. What's that? That's the Talk Tickets TikTok. Yeah, it's TalkTik instead of TikTok. Yeah, right. It could be something like that, you know. Sometimes it's as simple as that, you know, because it's just easier linguistically to pronounce it.

So that's why. Could be. But it could be a theological thing as well. So you should study it and let me know what you find. Yeah. Yeah, that's the reason why I want to learn Hebrew and Kohen Greek so I can understand and like the culture of it some I can understand if situations like that, if that's maybe the reason why it's used in certain situations.

Yeah, I would. You're asking for a lot. Learn those. I know. You have no idea what you're asking.

What you're asking for is to beat yourself up with all kinds of books and rules of grammar that are insanely difficult and torturous. And then you want to do this or that's what's basically what you're asking for, you know. And I hate schooling.

Yeah. What's that? I hate schooling, too. I hate I like to research because it's kind of like a I guess ADHD kind of thing or like OCD, I guess, more specifically. I don't enjoy research. Well, let me tell you, it's very valuable. I learned a great deal through word studies and research projects like this. Look, when I wrote on Annihilationism, I wrote one hundred eighty two articles related to and in support of the articles I wrote on Annihilationism. I learned a great deal.

That's what happens when you study. All right. There's a break, buddy. We've got to go. All right. All right. OK, man. Hey, we lost. The guy's going to ask about the Book of Wisdom.

That would have been an interesting discussion. And so, anyway, we have nobody waiting. If you want to call me, 877-207-2276. Be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. All right. Welcome back to the show. Let's get back on the air here and let's talk to.

Let's see that the one field from North Carolina. Welcome. You're on the air. Hey, Matt.

How are you? Oh, let me check. OK. Yep. I had to check. You know. Good. So I'm calling concerning Isaiah 45-11. Mm hmm. OK. And I'm struggling with the piece that talks about his maker. Oh, OK. And I was hoping that maybe you could just look at that and say and straighten me out.

Sure. There's two ways to understand his in the context. His maker could be related to he is being made by something or he and his maker. He is the one doing it and he is of God. So there's a sense, you know, where the word and his maker can be distinctive or identity and predication.

So thus says the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, and his maker. Well, whose maker? Who is the object of his? It's called the antecedent. So let's look back a little bit further. Woe to the one who quarrels with his maker.

OK. So his is a created thing, like a person. An earthenware vessel among the vessels of earth will the day say to the potter, what are you doing? Or the thing you're making say, he has no hands. Woe to him who says to his father, what are you begetting?

Or a woman, what are you giving birth? Thus says the Lord, the Holy One of Israel, and his maker. So the his, the antecedent, refers back to the vessel created people. That's where the individuals, OK? Gotcha. So you're saying that the his actually points back to then verse 9. Gotcha. OK. Yeah, because that's what it says has the same phrase in verse 9.

It quarrels with his maker. OK. Gotcha. Yeah, no problem. I mean, I figured it was easy. I guess I'm just brain dead sometimes. Oh, don't worry about it.

Isaiah, it says, 814, for Israel has forgotten his maker and his palaces. So let's see. Let me do this. What I want to do is go to Genesis here. I have a Bible program.

And I can do a search for his maker. And it occurs nine times. Now you can see how God uses the phrase. Can a man be pure before his maker?

That's Job 4 and Job 40. Let his maker bring near his sword. He is the first ways of the ways of God. Let his maker bring forth his sword. And Psalm 149, let Israel be glad in his maker, Proverbs 14.

The poor taunts his maker. And it goes on. So it seems to be that his is a reference to the created person, the created thing. OK? Yeah, cool.

I was reading it as his maker, meaning that he made the Holy One of Israel. And I guess that's incorrect. Well, obviously it is incorrect. There you go. No problemos. Appreciate it. All right, man. Well, God bless. Thank you. All right. God bless. All right.

Well, let's see. We have three open lines, 877-207-2276. Lee from Salt Lake City. Welcome. You're on the air. Hi, Matt. Hey.

What do you got? As a former member of a faith that I have left. OK. LDS. OK. And you were born again, Christian, and you realize that no one that you have ever known and that you live with now is going to be with the Lord with you. I just I don't have verses and chapters and things that I would like to discuss.

I just think that I'm well, I'm recognizing the truth of the hospital. And when when you see that other people, other souls can't are not being drawn, as the scripture says, they can't hear. You feel alone. But I understand that being alone in Christ. When. That's the point is that you are to. Bring yourself.

Back to his presence. And I just wonder how many times that you have dealt with. I know you've done a lot of speaking with LDS people on the grounds and the churches and stuff. And I, I just wonder how you deal with that. I deal with it theologically because it's painful. I have family members, close family members who have rejected Christ and know what's in store for them.

If they continue in that rejection and die in that. But then then the first words out of their mouth is they are not rejecting Christ, that they believe in Christ. And then you say, well, it's a different Christ. And then you're into the battle of who is Christ. And they are, they are rejecting and Jesus Mormons do rejected the true Christ. They have his identity theft.

They've used his name and his persona and redefined him. And one of my feelings is about individual family members that say, well, what is the point of being in heaven if I'm not going to be with my father or my mother or my brother or my sister or my grandparents, anyone that I've ever known in the neighborhood. But, you know, and you volunteer that Christ is the goal. Being in the Father's presence is the goal. And there's verses that support that.

And you talk about that and you're trying to be, you're trying to spread the good news. And the Mormons reject it. You have to go back to the parable of the soil and say, well, that soil is not the good soil.

Well, that soil is the person that you're living with or the person that your parents or your brother. And I just want to encourage everybody to seek him and find him and be blessed by the knowledge that we're going there to be with him. And I don't know what we will do there. That was one of the questions. Well, if we're not going to go there, if we're not going to go there and increase and achieve and learn more and become more.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Our presence is to go there and to glorify God, to glorify God. There's going to be an incredible indwelling, not indwelling, but enveloping by God upon us of his glory, his love, his power. And it is going to permeate into our souls, into what we are with such intense beauty that we will never be bored.

We will never have fear and it will never end. And we cannot comprehend how great it's going to be. I've had a taste of it once when I first was born again. It's incredible. And what the Mormons have done is settled for second best.

And it's not even second best. It's just they settled for whatever Joseph Smith said. You know, God came from another planet and having relations with his goddess wife, you become gods.

I mean, this is all insanity. And they have believed and trusted in a false god, false Christ, and a false gospel. They've stolen the true identity of who Christ is in the scriptures and redefined him.

This is what's going on. And yet they accuse people that are learned in the scripture of being the part of people that are getting paid. Yeah, it's what they do. The learning is criticized.

Yes, I know. It's because the demonic forces don't want Mormons to study. They don't want them to think. They want them to feel. And so this is why the temple ceremony, the devil makes a deal with the preacher.

It's what happens. But in that same temple ceremony, the devil is wearing a dark fig leaf apron. And it's said to be a symbol of his power and priesthood. And the people are then told to put on their fig leaf aprons at that time. The deception and the demonic fingerprints of the evil one is alive and well in Mormonism, but they cannot see it because they don't have the light of Christ, because they are believing in a false Christ.

And that's why they ridicule education, thinking, logic, evidence, the facts, the very things that are in scripture for us to look at. So their damnation, unfortunately, is real. Unfortunately, it will be eternal. Hold on, Lee.

We've got a break. Hey, folks, we'll be right back after these messages. Please stay tuned. All right, everybody, welcome back to the show. As soon as Lee is reactivated, we'll get him on the air here. Just want to let you know that I'll be off the air the rest of the week, Thursday and Friday, and off on Monday, Tuesday next week. So I'll be back on starting next week, a week from tonight. And I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and all of that.

I'm serious. And also, we're just letting you know that we are staying on the air. Buy your support. And if you are appreciative of what you hear on the radio and you like the ministry of, the website, which has had 160 million visitors, written about 6,000 articles, and they're there, and they're theologically precise and accurate. And so if you are interested in supporting us, please go to forward slash donate, C-A-R-M dot O-R-G forward slash donate.

That would be awesome, matching funds drive. Lee, are you still there? Yes. Okay. Well, I just wanted to thank you for chatting with me. You're probably the only person that I've been able to speak with and dare to speak with. And I just wanted to kind of end the call by saying that how much we love the Mormon people, how much I've loved being with them and growing up with them, and they're good people.

I love them to death. And I appreciate you chatting with me, and God bless. Okay, one more thing before you go. There is a ministry down there in Sandy, Utah, and it's run by Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson and they're friends of mine, and you can go to, Mormonism Research Ministry dot org, they're Christians. And they're good people, and they can put you in fellowship or contact with others.

Yeah, I've heard them on the radio also. Okay. Yeah, they're good guys. All right, I appreciate you.

I know a great deal. Okay, you're welcome. Well, God bless. All right. Thank you. Sure. Okay.

All right, we've got a caller coming in, but also I have been producing one-minute videos, less than one-minute videos, and Ernie's been putting them up in different places on the Internet, shorts and reels and things like this in different places, and they're blowing up apparently in a good way. A lot of the Catholics in particular are really upset with some of the stuff I say. Oh, they're really going to be upset with something I did today, the Eucharist and magic, okay. There's a connection in Catholicism. So if you are interested in checking those out, just so you know, you can go to forward slash O-M-E, the word one, forward slash one. And what you'll find there are four, I think four or five listing topics there, and only two of them are linked because we're still working on the others.

This is early stages. And if you click on the Christianity one or the Catholicism one, you can then see the topics that have been done in one-minute or less videos, and you can click on them. And we have like four or five different venues that we're linking them to, so we like Facebook, Rumble, YouTube, let's see, X, which is Twitter, and Miwi, and something else. I forgot which. But any rate, so you can click on whichever one you want, and you can just see them right away and direct.

It opens up. So they're there, and we're going to be producing a lot of these, and that's the idea. Miwi and Gab also that Ernie is putting them on. Thanks, Ernie. So there you go. And I just want to let you know, hey, folks, look, we stay on the air by your support. Please support us. We do need that, and if you are so kind as to do that, would you consider five, maybe even $10 a month? And you can go to, C-A-R-M dot O-R-G forward slash donate, and it'll be matched. If you put in $5 a month, that's 60 for the year, and that'll be doubled. It'll become another 60 that goes in.

And if you increase anything that you've already been, if you move it from five to ten, that increase of five will then be doubled as well. So there you go, and we do need that support, and it's matching funds drive for the month of December. It's going to be in by December 31st. Just letting you know. All right, let's get to Lindsay from Glendora, I believe it is, California. Lindsay, welcome.

You're on the air. Thank you, Matt. I had a question. My husband thinks that the church should have a plurality of elders.

And he gave me some scriptures. Yeah, that too. And I say, well, maybe.

What's that? I said, maybe it needs it. Maybe. But he really feels it should. And I'm like, well, what about a deacon or two?

And he's like, hmm. Well, here we go. All right. What if you only have, hypothetically, five people in a rural area, and they gather for a church meeting, and you have one pastor, and he's a functioning elder? Can you have another elder? Well, normatively speaking, we want a plurality of elders.

Normatively speaking, we should have that. But sometimes you just can't. Sometimes it's just not enough people. And sometimes you have a church split, and sometimes a new church has started, and you can't develop that. Sometimes it takes a while to raise up men to be good elders and train them. So if I were to start a church or took over a church and there wasn't any elders in there, I'd say, okay. I'd make an announcement to the congregation when it's appropriate and say, look, I need men. Godly men who? And here's the stuff.

If you are thinking about becoming an elder, I want you to pray about it. And I'm going to warn you why it's bad. You got to do work. You got to understand what's going on.

You got to do a spiritual attack, and you got to listen to me teach you. And so there's a lot of bad stuff in there, and so you got to know. And the men who survive that, they'll rise up. And so normatively speaking, yeah, there's a plurality of elders.

But practically speaking, not always. Yeah, that's what he's kind of, we're kind of there right now. And he said, yeah, guys, if we don't get any, I'm thinking we should close.

I'll give it some time. Well, he's too good of a guy for that. He shouldn't do that. And he's going to come down there and I got to give him a just point my finger at him.

You know, give us. I told him how you supposed to get men to do stuff like that. You told him that you line them up in a row at a bench, like really close together.

And you just put your hand on the first and you just, you know, but it's not working. I'll come down there. You guys, we got to get down there and do some fellowship stuff and let me preach or teach or help out with the guys. How many people are in the church? How many are there? I would say like 25 consistent people. Okay. And how long has it been going?

Oh, it's been like, I want to say four or five years. Okay. Okay, so he's, there's no rule in the Bible says you have to have a plurality of elders. No rule. Okay.

It says you must. You have one and I know him and I'd vouch for him. And you know, I love me. He's a good guy. Okay. I know. Yeah, he is. He's a good guy and I have a lot of respect for him.

Okay. I really do. And so, you know, he's bilingual. He knows his stuff. He's a humble man of God. He's awesome.

Okay. So you've got a good man there. And so he's certainly, I've seen qualified to be an elder and he needs, I believe he needs to keep doing it and keep sticking with it. And to continue to pray and ask God to raise up men.

To raise them up. That's what, yeah. Yeah, we're doing that. But I think the thing is, like, he's a little bit discouraged in that it hasn't happened. And, and, and so, yeah.

I can see it because a lot of people don't know what it means. How about if I come down there and we do a how to be an elder seminar. And no one's going to want to, I did, but you know what, let me tell you something.

Okay. There was this true story. I'll get the stats and numbers mixed up, but it doesn't matter when they were trying to go. I think it was the South pole back in the early 19 hundreds. They put a, an ad in the paper or looking for guys to sign up and it was, Hey, here's a venture to the South pole. We're looking for guys to sign up and you know, it'll be in a ship and blah, blah, blah. No one came and no one signed up. Then the guy got an idea and he said, Oh, we need, he put another ad, dangerous trip to the South pole. No guarantee of survival, hardship and difficulty are guaranteed.

And he says, when they opened up, there were more people than they could handle to sign up. That's hilarious. Now, why is that?

Why is it? Because men need a challenge and the eldership is a challenge and they need to know their doctrine. They need to know it well. They need to know what to teach, what not to teach. They need to be responsible men in their families.

Now, they go to put a gun. Is this in the Spanish version of the church or is it in English? This is for English, English speech in English. Inversely. Well, if they're bilingual plus, but you know. Yeah, I get it. So he's speaking in English. Okay. Well, he can raise up these elders and he needs, we need to do is start laying out the difficulties. This is what it is.

If I were, if I was, you know, say, you know, G man said, Hey, could you speak about being an elder? Okay. I'd go right to the text and say, this is it.

This is what it requires. Are you men up with a task? Who in here can do this? Who in here is being called by God? It's a difficult thing.

It's not easy, but it's good. God calls his men, not women and not boys, but real men to rise up for this responsibility. G man's a good guy. And then what I would do is I would insult him with something.

You know, I just have to insult him somehow. And then I would turn back to the crowd and I'd say, you know, he's a good guy anyway. You know, I would do something like that. I like that job work position idea because that's what I was talking to the ladies about. Cause I was saying ladies, like, you know, and the lady was like, let's pray, let's get them. I'm like, okay, cool. But listen, like we could put a Craigslist ad out there and be like, wanted elder for a church benefit, no pay. And I was like, I was, cause ladies were like, let's find one outside.

And I said, ladies, I mean, I had to be real, real with you. I don't think people are going to sign up for that job, but I said, maybe I don't have enough faith. Maybe I don't have enough faith. You know, like maybe there are people who want that job.

So I like your idea of like wanted elder, very difficult sleepless nights, long hours calls all night and day. No pay. It's horrible. It's a horrible thing. It's right.

Horrible job. And then see what happens. I mean, yeah. Okay. All right. I think that's right.

I think you like a lady. I have to think like a guy. I would go through the requirements that are there in the scriptures in Titus and in Titus one and first Timothy three. And then what I think what G man needs to do, what needs to do is he needs to be praying and considering individuals and approach them one-on-one and spend time with them and start to sign like them.

That's what he's going to do. All right. And you can always talk on that stuff. Okay.

Lindsay, God bless. Thank you. I'll talk to you later. All right. Bye. All right. They're in Southern California. They're great folks.

They are. Hey, look, uh, we're going to be off the air in a few seconds and I'll be back on the air. Next week, uh, because I'm taking the rest of the week off and then we'll be back on the air until Wednesday of next week because let's see, let me get this right and make sure I get all this right. Yeah, I'll be back on, uh, the 27th, 28th, and then we're going to have a couple of days off for the, um, the holiday.

So I'll be back on in the middle of the week for a couple, three days. So Hey, I just want to let you guys know that we are having a matching funds drive. And if you are so inclined to support us, please consider doing that. Whatever you donate will be doubled. We have matching funds donor. Just go to C a R M dot O R G forward slash donate. All the information you need is right there and you can send us a letter doing that.

And sometimes people do that now write a letter and say thanks and all this kind of stuff. And we really appreciate that. Um, just, there you go. All right. May the Lord bless you by his grace. We're back on the air next week. So have a great weekend and God bless. We'll see you in the next one.
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