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Mar-A-Lago Readies For War

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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December 11, 2023 5:48 pm

Mar-A-Lago Readies For War

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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December 11, 2023 5:48 pm

Charlie spent the weekend at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago nerve center, where he was able to see first hand the work conservatives are putting in to be successful in the 2024 election. Charlie explains what he learned and what it means for the conservative project. He also discusses Vladimir Zelensky's visit to the Washington to hustle for more money,  and the struggle to balance freedom of speech against holding colleges accountable for their anti-Semitic and anti-white ideological extremism.

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Hey, everybody. It's Charlie Kirk show reflections from an amazing weekend at Mar-a-Lago. Email us as always, freedom at and get involved with Amfest, America Fest, Also, do your best to help out Turning Point USA at At America Fest, we're going to have the biggest speakers in the country. So check it out right now, That is

Candace Owens, Tucker Carlson, Patrick Bet-David, you guys know it. Get your tickets. Promo code Charlie this Saturday, this Saturday, Phoenix, Arizona. Buckle up, everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA.

We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here. Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at Special thanks to producer Andrew for doing an excellent job filling in last Friday. The reason I was off on Friday is we were preparing. We were in preparation for a major weekend. No, not America Fest.

America Fest is this Saturday, but we have two major weekends in a row and one we just concluded. This last weekend, we host our annual fundraising event, our gala at Mar-a-Lago. At Turning Point USA and Turning Point Action, many of you know we're doing more work than any organization out there. Hundreds of people on staff.

In fact, over 350 people now on staff. We have TPUSA Faith, Blexit, our high school program, our college program, Turning Point Academy. We have the biggest names in the movement reaching more people on social media and online than any other non-profit out there. The most viral organization out there in the conservative movement. And so we bring together our top donors. Now mind you, we are so incredibly thankful. We have 300,000 donors at Turning Point USA.

Think about that. 300,000 people that give us money. One of the largest small-dollar donor armies in the country. This is the top donors to our organization and we've done this now for six years gathering them at Mar-a-Lago and it's always a such a powerful and moving event. So we start and I was just preparing on Friday for it because it's an all-day, literally a marathon it starts on Saturday.

I start with a two and a half hour presentation where I go through all the different departments presenting to our what we call investors at Turning Point USA and Turning Point Action going through everything that we're doing and then meetings all day and then our gala which is incredible. And I'm just left with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. It was that without a doubt one of the most difficult economic financial environments to put on a fundraiser of this magnitude. A lot of people came to us and said Charlie I had the worst year that I've ever had. Interest rates are crushing me. It's really hard to you know make money right now and despite that I'm just blown away. Blown away by how our donors at Turning Point USA and Turning Point Action stepped up and stepped up in a remarkable way. There were a couple people that came up and a couple opportunities to match donations and what I was I have a couple takeaways and understand that this room this group of people they're very many of them are very comfortable financially. Some of them would get looped in if you didn't people that know better as being kind of part of the American elites but what and it struck me as I saw you know the commitments of support pouring in for Turning Point USA and our incredibly important work that this counter revolution this movement transcends income and wealth. There were people that were there that might be worth hundreds of millions of dollars that have the same urgency the same worldview as many of you. This is no longer just oh you know the elites are against us this is if you love the country and I got to tell you everybody you know we hear oh you know the donor class versus this I could tell you we had 850 major donors and they see things the way you do. When one of our donors came up and he said hey I'm gonna give a big number if we can match it in this room to support ballot chasing and turning point action he said and by the way don't give money to the RNC the whole room does a standing ovation whole room standing ovation and then he says by the way Donald Trump is the only candidate that we should support. Roaring applause they won't report that in the New York Times they won't report that in the Wall Street Journal and I'm left with such hope and energy. Can we show some of the pictures Ryan just from the Mar-a-Lago gala and there is an urgency a focus and these are just some of the snapshots from this last week and by the way our team did such an amazing job putting on the event and putting on the the details the hospitality is world-class not to mention just the cup literally tonight set up begins for America Fest where we have we're gonna break records whatever we have we're gonna break all of our records this weekend. The generosity from the Turning Point USA faithful is amazing but I want to just tell you one story you know somebody would stand up and they say Charlie I love what you know Turning Point is doing and Turning Point action I generously pledge two hundred fifty thousand dollars and the room would applaud and then one young lady you know gets up and she says you know I really don't have very much money but I'm gonna pledge two thousand dollars and somebody says I'm gonna pledge a hundred dollars every single dollar counts every single dollar counts. This movement is a people of all different backgrounds of all different stripes people that have a fair amount of money and people that have a fair amount of energy and passion grassroots across the board and I can tell you that going into 2024 I was left I was left with with hope we raised a record number at Turning Point USA and Turning Point Action we are going to be able to hire our Attorney Point Action our first wave of ballot chasers praise God we're going to be updating all of you throughout the year by the way we're very transparent about this we're going to be showing you pictures and videos the ballot chasers that we are hiring in Arizona and Wisconsin hopefully we'll be able to add on to Georgia and I you know there were donors that would come up to me and I felt as if I was talking to just the grassroots activist and they said Charlie what can we do in fact you know what I heard more than anything else is they said Charlie you know Turning Point gives us a vehicle a vehicle that shows us that our resources our money is moving the dial and we're starting to see this momentum churn and churn and churn and having raised a record number from this and our team did such an amazing job you know I know donors there and many might be watching right now and I just want to express my gratitude that gave sacrificially that gave above and beyond in fact one donor came up they said Charlie I'm going to sell a hundred thousand dollars in stock that I didn't plan to give away but we we have to we have to do more we got to pour more into the movement and at Turning Point we show our results we show the chapters we show the impact we show the minds changed we show what we're doing at Turning Point action we show all this and I'd like to think that we earn it by showing the results and showing the progress that we've been able to put forward and together we want to win and I made a promise and I made a pledge and we'll you you will all hold me accountable this I said no one's going to work harder no one is going to work harder than Turning Point action and Turning Point USA myself Charlie Kirk going into this next year it's time for all of us to do more I know some of you might be watching but Charlie you know I can only give 50 maybe for 50 that might be when the scripture is that for the widow's mite who gives 50 that might be actually giving more than somebody else everything by the way it's not just about money you give your energy you come to Amfest you create a prayer team but I want all of you in the grassroots to know this and this is the takeaway is that sometimes it feels like since we become the working class movement that you say where all the elites are against us know most of the elites are against you but not all of them not all of them no there are a lot of very wealthy people this last weekend praise the lord that are just as concerned they're just as frustrated and they are just as motivated to save the country that should give you energy because it feels like we're outgunned Soros, Mark Benihoff, Lorene Powell Jobs now things are changing everybody this transcends wealth levels this transcends income levels this is a movement of the plumbers the welders the business owners the entrepreneurs the pastors the rabbis it is about the decent versus the indecent and I am just left this last weekend with gratitude and thank you thank you thank you for in this very tough hyper inflated high interest rate environment what we were blessed with as a gift from almighty god at turning point allows us to get back into the trenches to replenish our munition lines metaphorically and fight to win thank you for 10 years Patriot Mobile has been America's only Christian conservative wireless provider and when I say only trust me they're the only one I think the world of Patriot Mobile they are amazing people Glenn and the whole team we have dinner frequently I've gotten to know them they're incredible and I'm so proud to partner with them they are donors to Turning Point USA they are the best you see Patriot Mobile they offer dependable nationwide coverage giving you ability to access all three major networks which means you get the same coverage that you're accustomed to without funding the left so look you got to make the switch today and when you do that when you switch to Patriot Mobile you send a clear convincing and resounding message that you support freedom of speech religious liberty the sanctity of life second amendment our military veterans and first responder heroes their 100 u.s based customer service team can make switching very easy so you keep your number you keep your phone or you upgrade their team will help you find the best plan for your needs just go to slash charlie or call 972 patriot Glenn and the team there will be more than happy to help you just tell them Charlie Kirk sent you they're amazing super great to work with very generous supporters of Turning Point USA and Turning Point Action they are mission aligned have your cell phone bill work for the country make your cell phone bill work for America join me and make the switch today that is slash charlie full endorsement slash charlie or call 972 patriot we're getting a lot of emails here I just I really am thankful and people are saying Charlie it's such surprising and good news yeah and look I want to let me just kind of riff on this for a second I don't think we should be rejoicing that the current chair of the RNC is basically booed by 800 of the biggest donors in the movement it's true but we want an RNC chair that could scoop up money I am cheering for a based grassroots conservative ethical honest and effective RNC when you have 800 of the biggest donors isn't that the RNC's job is to raise money wasn't that her that was her argument they all you know she said yeah you know I want to be RNC chair because I'm so well liked by donors in all fairness we had probably one of the most impressive groups and by the way from all parts of the country all parts of the country all sorts of different industries and some people by the way that are more moderate in their beliefs but they love turning point and they see the impact and they're moving more and more to a more conservative direction but the strength of Ronna was supposed to be I can raise all this money the grassroots hates me but at least the donors like me no they don't your fundraising totals are abysmal we see that in the balance sheets and you would think I mean again it was not scripted at all but we had this unbelievably generous man and I don't want to say his name because I haven't gotten his permission but he comes up on stage and at the event he says you know I will give a big number I mean a big number if we can raise it he goes on and he gives this beautiful speech and part of his speech I didn't know he's gonna say it I said oh by the way stop giving you money to the RNC because it gets wasted and the whole place just standing ovation I was like what is this is this the war room posse or is this a fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago and if you can't tell the difference that is interesting isn't it when you have war room posse that is saying the same things and thinking similar things as a group of 800 plus biggest donors in the conservative movement something is changing everybody and there is a framing that is correct and we will talk about this there's a group of some donors that are like Nikki Haley types and they get a lot of attention on TV and they pump in a lot of money but I want to make sure it's very clear that's not all the donors I don't even think it's a majority of the donors anymore in the movement I'd say that 50 plus donors in the conservative movement are in agreement and in agreement and alignment with a conservative renaissance playing to win sick of losing if we would have took a straw poll which actually would have been very interesting we probably should do that next year and how many of you would vote for Nikki Haley I don't think there would be a single person I don't think there'd be a single person so it's very very interesting I want to read this email here from Billy it's a really powerful email Charlie I donate what I can from time to time but here's what I do I'm a precinct captain and central committee member in Washoe county and part of the Trump caucus team I also donate some money that I can and I take my kids with me on knocking on doors he's by the way in Reno very important I post salvation my kids hoping they'll inspire people to get involved needs to be a priority and every this is how some patriots can donate back I totally agree Billy by the way everyone's going to do their part for some people that were at the gala this last weekend you know in their 80s and early 90s and the lord has blessed their business their way of giving back is to give 50 75 hundred thousand dollars to the effort for some people it's money and resources and wealth for some people it's sweat equity praise the lord we're seeing it happening across the board and what I want to just energize you with is that we see the kind of clipboard and tennis shoes we see the grittiness is that the people that have also been very blessed are stepping up like I've never seen despite the hard environment despite the tough terrain we are seeing the urgency from all the different pockets necessary for us to win I did not even get a sliver of apathy of cynicism of oh what's the point no it's focused determination the same thing by the way if I would have just if I would have just went 20 miles away to a local GOP meeting in you know Jupiter Florida it's almost I wouldn't be able to tell what room I was in that's amazing the game has changed everybody is that the grassroots of the party the ethos has really taken over the main thrust I love Billy's email here it's really great are you tired of progressive companies and exhausted trying to keep up with all the virtue signaling when you're simply just trying to buy products progressive corporate America continues to push messaging that further alienates conservative Americans all while eroding the future of the American dream its prominence all over the country retailers like target are selling chest binders and tuck friendly bathing suits it's disgusting Starbucks is strong arming their customers to support abortion the Starbucks workers union is on the side of Hamas financial services like Paypal are canceling customers for their political views thankfully we don't have to fund these companies any longer with public square we have a solution founded by Michael Siefert an amazing company I think so highly of them we do a lot of work together join the movement of millions of patriotic Americans who love truth our country and our constitution at public askew mob slash charlie kirk public square is an app and a website where you get connected to tens of thousands of businesses from all different industries that share your value for life liberty family and freedom public square is free to join and you get started today at public askew mob slash charlie kirk or just download the public square app now that's public askew m o b i slash charlie kirk that's public askew m o b i forward slash charlie forward slash charlie kirk check it out today mr zalensky is coming back to dc javier millet is the new president or prime minister a president of argentina here he is hugging zalensky you can get a mixed bag with any sort of argentinian crazy person but i'm glad he won but zalensky is going around to the western world saying come on give us money give us money now neoconservatives and neoliberals their playbook is always the same baseless fear-mongering telling you that you have to pay more money send more of your kids to go fight in foreign adventurous wars or else the entire civilization will collapse but then you say hey wait a second our civilization is collapsing and they say no no you should care about ukraine more about america and i have an open question and i never get an answer to it even among some friends and senators and i just recently had a very lively conversation with a member of congress i won't tell you who it was off the record and i got a little bit aggressive i know what you say charlie getting aggressive it doesn't fit but i got a little aggressive and i said why is ukraine in our national interest and they say well as you well know they're trying to reconstitute the soviet union i said enough talking points enough automatic programming from neoliberalism tell me specifically while our nation is wide open our border is wide open we have 12 000 people coming into our country every single day why you can't lift a finger to do that and why ukraine and the furtherance of this no-win war of a family dispute over a border that is irrelevant to the nation of the united states is our concern why well zolinski is in dc today and he's scheduled to visit the white house and speak to the senate tomorrow zolinski is looking to secure another 60 billion dollars in military aid of your money your money and that's equal to the entire budget of the department of energy it's higher than the entire department of justice and the fbi it's more than we were spending on the war in afghanistan in the final years of that conflict now a reminder zolinski has given interviews where he threatens that ukrainians will engage in violence and terrorism against the west if they don't get their money we haven't covered this in much detail because there's been so many other stories but that no good pimp who is called zolinski is coming here and saying yes my people will riot if you don't give us money lloyd austin in one of the biggest news stories the last couple weeks department of defense secretary said oh yeah um american kids might have to go fight this war soon blackmail extortion hamas is not the only organization taking hostages right now zolinski is trying to take the entire u.s senate hostage he is saying that if you don't give me money the west might be attacked he might say oh don't be surprised if all of a sudden the loo blows up something like that the mayor kiev or kiev is it kiev or kiev i can't remember which one's the op i think it's kiev has been calling out zolinski as an authoritarian the magazine did a major article a month ago where leaders in ukraine government are saying zolinski has become delusional thinking ukraine is winning when it's not maybe that's why zolinski has a bunch of trans people working for him delusion runs deep in the ukrainian government quote we're out of options we're not winning but try telling him that cia is a proxy of the intel agencies so the conflict is that america is now being asked to send over another 60 billion dollars that's 180 every american man woman and child of course the biden regime actually if they really cared about ukraine a deal is on the table secure the border for real now this is actually i want to give credit where credit's due because i bash republicans and i bash republicans and i bash republicans but because of this show and war room and tucker carlson and elon musk opening twitter we have made such a point about the border to some to some to some senate republicans credit they're saying we'll do ukraine but we got to get something on the border now what they want on the border is basically more paperwork processors but our argument is penetrating it's penetrating we're making progress on this even the weak need types like lady graham is even going out there was a clip last week where lady graham says come on we got to secure our own border here at some point we got to do this so our insistence our drumbeat about the invasion of the country is starting to penetrate okay i want to go to cut six here here is senator chris murphy saying that hey all the dominoes are going to fall if we don't give zalensky is 60 billion dollars in the next 24 to 48 hours russia is going to march into ukraine they're already in ukraine and they're not doing a lot of marching and then he's like yeah china is going to be given a green light and if this doesn't happen and this doesn't happen it's all republicans fault and the western order as we know it will collapse play cut six latest wall street journal poll shows a whopping 64 of people disapprove of president biden's handling of the border does that add pressure on you on democrats to get something done here well it's not i'm not paying attention to the politics here what i know is that the future of the world is at stake if we fail if republicans don't get reasonable in the next 24 to 48 hours um russia is going to march into ukraine china is going to be given a green light to invade taiwan the world for my children is fundamentally different under that scenario the united states security is at risk so i am just beside myself the republicans are playing games with the security of the world no hold on enough name calling senator murphy we all know you're a cia agent i think you used to work for the intel agencies maybe i'm wrong but we all know that you're basically a proxy of this and hold on they claim that we're holding eight hostage why don't you guys do a peace deal how about a ceasefire so let me get this straight the left is storming capitol hill taking over universities and running ads calling for a ceasefire between israel and hamas but they won't call for a ceasefire between ukraine and russia why is that why is it okay to send 60 billion dollars to that uppity foreigner in a t-shirt zalensky but they are they are so angry about sending money to israel what's going on here exactly let's play another piece of tape play cut seven biden budget director shalonda young says by insisting congress secure our border quote our sons and daughters are at risk of being part of a larger conflict she's obviously not a very smart person she reminds me of president gay of harvard obviously affirmative action diversity pick not exactly a bright person play cut seven the one thing i do take issue with is americans want their national security taken care of we agree with that what happens if putin marches through ukraine what's next nato countries our sons and daughters are at risk of being a part of a larger conflict and it's not just putin other dictators watching what congress is doing right uh what is what signal does that send so our national security is also influenced with not providing ukraine but you're so i just want to make sure you understand this is the biden budget director shalonda young who's again just poorly reading a script our sons and daughters at a risk of being part of a laundry what do you mean by that exactly you mean that we're gonna have to go send troops so basically here's the argument they're going to senate republicans with and honestly barasso and some of these guys who are neo-cons they're doing a better job than i would have expected they're not doing a great job i give them a c i give them you know abc i give them a c they're doing something they're doing enough where chris murphy goes on the shows and says oh you know it's the end of the world as we know it we got to get that song this is the democrats it's the end of the world as we know it if zolensky doesn't get his taxpayer cash from americans the whole world is collapsing hey listen chris murphy look what's happening on the southern board he doesn't care obviously the economist reports curtailing aid to ukraine will prolong the war and it would create risks for the west and its own backyard there's no way of predicting how the millions of ukrainian refugees and european countries would react to being a bandit ukrainians have behaved well and are very grateful to those who sheltered them they'll not forget the generosity but would not be a good story for europe if it were to drive these people into a corner this guy's a mafia leader nice house he got there be a shame if something happened to it nice louvre nice statue of david be a real shame if a ukrainian blew it up pieta really nice how does that react to a molotov cocktail that's basically what zolensky is saying that if you don't give me money to fight this no-win war which is completely and totally militarily delusional ukraine is losing and has been losing for quite some time russia is just ramping up their war effort putin is still popular how popular we don't know but he's still popular in the russian homeland he's advancing again the russian view of war is completely different than the western view of war completely different we knew this from the beginning war is normative to them for us we're like oh you know we need to support it because it's a right cause it we have put ukrainians on a suicide mission they can't staff their ranks they can't supply them with morale and the russians are going to roll them over so instead why don't we try to put a peace deal on the table because joe biden is pandering to the defense contractors that won another 60 billion dollars the same way joe biden got the vaccine manufacturers paid johnson and johnson madurna asterisk zenica same thing joe biden doesn't want what's best for the citizenry best for america he wants to pay off the special interests and the oligarchs that want to see the ukraine war continue it is not in america's best interest let's play another tape here 16 christopher murphy again senate republicans i give them a c they're doing okay play cut 16 i think this is one of the most dangerous moments that i've ever faced in american politics and i wish republicans weren't holding israel aid and aid to ukraine hostage to the resolution of immigration reform oh who said anything about immigration reform hold on a second not only are you lying about the circumstance who said anything about immigration reform you gang of eight amnesty pushers hold on we're talking about border security and deportations okay i don't know what you're talking about here oh you know we need immigration reform so he's even misrepresenting the ask on the table how is anybody in this audience support sending more money to ukraine is there a single person i'd love to meet you email me freedom at give me the best argument you have why another 60 billion dollars on top of 200 billion dollars please email me freedom at for years we've been talking about how our nation's public schools have been captured by progressive ideologues they teach things that directly contradict the values of millions of americans that's especially true if you are a christian family for those of you worried about the best educational path for your kids and grandkids i'm pleased to announce our new partnership with the folks at the Herzog foundation they are the trusted source on american k-12 private education with a remarkable suite of resources from parent for parents and grandparents thinking about making the switch from public schools to a christian education and for those already in christian schools too from their online publication the lion to their new podcast making the leap the Herzog foundation offers a wide range of advice and information for christian parents to make the best education decisions for your kids to learn more about how your family faith and community can flourish through a quality christian education go to that is herzog the Herzog foundation offers a wide range of advice and information for you go to that is they're the trusted source of american k-12 private education and they also partner with us at turning point academy so check it out right now all right so here's some good news and some troubling news happening with this free speech stuff over the weekend first of all the president of pen resigned praise god liz mcgill not a very bright person probably one of the worst moments in the history of congressional testimony here's some just word to the wise if you run a company or a university and you're asked about genocide probably not a good idea to yield the context she says they asked by elise stefanik hey if someone is calling for the genocide of jews what do you think she says well has to it depends on the context of what's going on so like most big stories they're good and bad potential outcomes here's some good outcomes over the weekend this is happening in real time and we've been covering the story from a turning point usa student perspective the good outcome is this these colleges have been severely and significantly damaged and they command less awe and respect from the general public as incubators of future elites actual jew haters get exposed and held accountable that's a great thing the university's obscene financial dominance declines and we need to make it further decline jewish americans are waking up to the dangerous radical left-wing ideologies and the extremism that is substantially enabled by dei and bureaucracies and affirmative action emissions and some jewish donors like bill ackman regret ever donating and subsidizing jew hatred and the decline of the west donor pressure discouraging the hiring of radical faculty and the creation of these joke politicized classes in favor of actual ideological diversity and merit but here's some troubling outcomes and i just want to make sure that we're not over celebrating and that we see that there is a there's a subterranean almost invisible movement here that is really concerning it seems as if as a reaction to the jew hatred to the calls for genocide there very well might be a new leviathan that is put in that makes speech even harder on campus for conservatives we never engage in quote-unquote hate speech and i hate that term is it so abused i hate it okay it must be reserved we need to be a whole new term honestly it's so the adl says i'm a hate speech guy so therefore if you use the adl's criteria here's where we're headed if we're not careful it's a very good and promising thing that harvard and penn are squirming and losing donations they need to lose even more but as someone who runs the largest conservative campus organization in america we fight this battle daily there are already too many restrictions on speech and more than enough for any motivated administrator administrator and we deal with it every day to censor and silence groups like turning point it would be a super letdown and a tragedy if all this positive energy only leads to more speech codes more censorship and more retaliation against freedom loving activists i want to play of all people for reed zakaria who actually captured this beautifully on cnn play cut 29 american universities have been neglecting a core focus on excellence in order to pursue a variety of agendas many of them clustered around diversity and inclusion it started with the best of intentions colleges wanted to make sure young people of all backgrounds had access to higher education and felt comfortable on campus but the reality is that it's not just about diversity and inclusion those good intentions have morphed into a dogmatic ideology and turned these universities into places where the pervasive goals are political and social engineering not academic merit now i disagree i don't think that there are good intentions to put in a diversity equity inclusion office but that's a separate issue play 25 as well please three university presidents came under fire this week for their vague and indecisive answers when asked whether calling for the genocide of jews would violate their institutions codes of conduct but to understand their performance we have to understand the broad shift that has taken place at elite universities which have gone from being centers of excellence to institutions pushing political agendas people sense the transformation as paul tuff has pointed out the share of young adults who said a college degree was very important fell from 74 in 2013 to just 41 in 2019 praise the lord what we the fields we have been laboring in for a decade and starting to harvest praise god thanks so much for listening everybody email us as always freedom at thanks so much for listening god bless differences dividing the elves and getting them all riled up and don't get me started about the reindeer rights elves the shop floor just isn't the happy little place it used to be we should have used red balloon that's right santa red balloon dot work is america's woke free job board every day we help good companies find reliable motivated job seekers without all the woke nonsense and our new red balloon recruiter service is turning traditional corporate recruiting on its head delivering high quality employees for a fraction of the price give yourself a christmas gift and post your jobs on red balloon dot work today and use promo code salem to get ten percent off your first month's job posting because life's too short for a bad hire you
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