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Party’s Over: Hunter Biden Faces 17 Years in Prison

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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December 8, 2023 1:08 pm

Party’s Over: Hunter Biden Faces 17 Years in Prison

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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December 8, 2023 1:08 pm

Hunter Biden has been indicted on nine additional criminal charges related to tax evasion. Will President Joe Biden and the Deep State DOJ be able to sidestep Hunter’s IRS legal troubles? The Sekulow team discusses the political ramifications of Hunter facing up to 17 years in prison – including the impact on President Biden’s 2024 White House reelection campaign – Ivy League presidents facing pressure over rising antisemitism on college campuses, and much more. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joins the show to discuss the latest Biden scandal.


Today on Sekulow, the party's over.

Hunter Biden faces 17 years in prison. Keeping you informed and engaged. Now more than ever, this is Sekulow.

We want to hear from you. Share and post your comments or call 1-800-684-3110. And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. Welcome to Sekulow, folks.

We are taking your calls, 1-800-684-3110. I will tell you this, wasn't we necessarily expecting this surprise before the holidays began, whether it was the first night of Hanukkah or even getting close to Christmas and then they were coming out of California. But you now see, again, when you've got all these special counsels all across the country with investigations, you never really know what's going to happen until things are filed. And we saw last night a major six-count indictment filed, nine-count indictment filed, six alleging, again, separate different misdemeanors. And we got felonies as well, three different felonies charges as well. So I mean, this again, it's tax dollars.

It's Hunter Biden. It's about $1.4 million. He has paid this back to the IRS. So the question now is the criminality. Well, so the criminality, you don't eliminate the crime by after the IRS notifies you, you paid the... If you would have done it before you were notified by the IRS, they wouldn't bring a criminal case, normally. It's in the IRS manual that way. But if you are notified by the IRS that you have this deficiency and it's of this proportion, they could make it a civil fraud case or they can make it a criminal fraud case.

They did here. You have nine counts total, three of which are false or fraudulent returns. Those violations, 7206, are felonies. You've got one count of invasion, which is a 7201 charge, and then six counts of the misdemeanor, which is the failure to file and pay taxes.

So, I mean, it's not likely that he'd get 18 years, 17 years in jail. And it's also likely that this is going to be played out because a lot of the misdemeanor claims, Jordan will merge into the felony claims. But the only reason this has happened, people need to understand this, is those whistleblowers, okay?

We represent some of those whistleblowers, but it is the whistleblowers that reported all of this. When Weiss came in, the now special counsel, and said, hey, I'm limited on what I could do, even though they were prepared at that time to make a charge. I remember that whole back and forth over, does he actually have the jurist ability to bring charges wherever he wants to bring it? That was before he was made a special counsel.

Correct. Then he's made a special counsel, and he starts bringing charges in places like California. But I don't think any of these charges would have been brought, but for those IRS agents, FBI, who went forward and said, listen, we were in the meetings where they said he tried to go in DC, and the DC said no.

He tried to go here, and they would say no. And he did not really have the power, and the Department of Justice had their associate on him, their assistant on him. But again, I think that one thing people are, I'm sure, wondering about, and we do want to answer right off the bat, is in this so far, because this is the same time when the House is putting forward an impeachment inquiry, not an impeachment of Joe Biden, but an impeachment inquiry, Joe Biden is not mentioned to this at all.

So just for everyone to be clear. There's no allegations against the President. There's no allegations against his brother. It's just a tax case against Hunter Biden.

Here's the thing you need to ask yourself, and I know this may not be popular. You realize what's happening right now in the United States of America? The leading Republican for President, the nominee, is Donald Trump. He has four federal criminal tax cases, well, three in a state case in Georgia, and then a civil fraud case in New York as well. That's against the sitting President, and a special counsel out of Washington, DC. Joe Biden, the likely Democratic nominee, has a special counsel also out of Washington, and now his son has been indicted six weeks before, not even, five weeks before the Iowa caucus. Think about that for a minute.

Yeah, 1-800-684-312. I want to get your thoughts. So I don't like the FBI and DOJ doing any of this, actually. Yes. Well, this is what we talk about.

When you get a month before the election, you start wondering if these charges should be filed, because the impact they can have on the election and on the vote. But let me tell you this, our whistleblower clients did the right thing. Yes. And I'm glad they got response. So folks, we're in the beginning of our faith and freedom year in drive. Yesterday, we asked callers why they supported us. Laverne said, I'm an ACLJ champion, love supporting you because of all the great work that you're doing.

Same thing from Annabelle. We want you to join us as well. Go to, and you can help us in our global fight and our coast-to-coast fight here in the United States., your gift will be matched. Give me one common thread from this news, which again, I think that any time the legal system works this way, people are a little bit shocked because they feel like, you know, we just went through the weight of the legal system going against Donald Trump. And it's still not even comparable to this.

I mean, this would be like nothing. I mean, if this is all Donald Trump was facing. But here's the thing, the difference is this is actually, these are real tax charges.

These are easy crimes to understand. Yeah. The stuff they've charged Donald Trump with, like the January 6th stuff, I mean, I mean, there are serious first amendment issues there. The documents issue, you know how murky that is.

So let's look at what the thing, the New York business records thing. So I mean, in one sense, this is a much more straightforward case. Right. This is the kind of crimes people understand, which is failure to pay your taxes.

Right. And you knew you were not paying your taxes and they were telling you to pay your taxes and you decided, you know, you didn't. So you didn't file that you couldn't or you didn't file a plan to do it. Now, ultimately he did, but he did it after being notified that, hey, you owe this much in taxes.

So again, some of this statute of limitations had to be very close on it because we're talking about 2015, 2016 on some of this stuff. And it doesn't read well for the former vice President's son, but nothing is really read well for him. He and the President has been able to say he was a drug addict. A lot of these things were happening while he was a drug addict. And that's kind of how the President's handled it.

Yeah. What do you think about that? I mean, politically, probably parentally is the right thing, but politically? Politically. What does this do politically in your view? You know, at this point with all, with what you just went through, I mean, the amount of charges, it's not like you want to live in a country where again, that these people are above the law, but because they are running for office or they're the son of someone running for office and people are going to be voting on them in a month, if they, if they apply the same standards to us, I don't think I would support bringing these challenges, this kind of charge a month before.

Because it's nine pounds. Because they shouldn't be doing it to Donald Trump either. No, they should not be doing it.

It's like the one in Georgia trying to bring it, what, March 5th, the day before Super Tuesday? They shouldn't be doing it. All of this is kind of, ugh. They should not be doing it to any of them, frankly.

Yeah. It is. It's tawdry.

It's disgusting. We're giving over too much power to the DOJ. Because this, and now I like the fact that... We're telling them the truth. I understand why the charges were brought. Yeah, and our whistleblowers... And the whistleblowers did the right thing. Yes, because... We are giving a lot of power to the Department of Justice four weeks before a caucus. Right.

And I thought they had all those policies to say, we're not going to get involved in elections. They're going to say, this is the son. They're going to say, this is the son, not the, not the... Yeah, I think he's way too connected to the father. I know. He's there. He lives there.

He's seen with him all the time. And again, does it affect... You'd have to really ask, is this a move by Democrats to move Joe Biden out? I don't think people are necessarily not voting for Joe Biden. I think you're right on that, by the way. It's more of the pile on of Joe Biden.

Well, I want... Which we saw a pile on of Donald Trump and it made him stronger. Yeah. And maybe it does here too.

I don't know. But here's what I did notice. If you notice the language on the other networks, like CNN, MSNBC, they're all calling for Joe Biden to step aside. They're saying things like this. You had Laura Coates say, question his senility issue, which they were not getting near. You had this Axelrod and Carville have been saying, you know, very vulnerable.

Other Democrats are coming out saying, we need a younger, stronger candidate. So now do they use this as a pile on? Then you wonder, is this, I hate to say deep state for them in the deep state, but that's... Is this the deep state trying to knock out the Democratic nominee because the deep state wants a different Democratic nominee? And the fact that you have to even think this way tells you how much power they're wielding.

Yes. That they were just really way too much power in Washington, DC. Too much influence. And too much influence, too much time focused on politicians and their families.

And again, if you had all this information, and we know that some of this... Listen, some of this was being suppressed. They didn't want... Whistleblowers had to come out and say this to kind of get it moving. But why does it always happen a month before people start voting?

You tell me. That's the... Well, it's obvious. It's like when they did the Hillary Clinton thing. We said the same thing. We said that what Jim Comey did to Hillary Clinton was outrageous.

Yeah. Announced the opening of an investigation, was it three months before the general election? Closed it, announced that, then announced he reopened it. And I think he reopened it a month before the investigation, then closed it four days later. Did he interfere with the election?

I don't think it would have been outcome determinative, but yeah, the Department of Justice should not be wielding this kind of power. We want to talk to you about all this, folks. By the way, we're taking your calls and your comments on our social media. Just put your comments in. We're looking at those and call us at 1-800-684-3110.

Yeah. Let's go to Joanne in Ohio, online one. Hey, Joanne. Hi, guys.

Thanks for everything you do. My thing is nobody's out there talking about... This is the guy who... This is the son of the man who stands up there every day and tells people to pay their fair share of taxes. And his kid's not paying his $1.4 million that he owes? Come on.

This is ridiculous. This actually has been a theme of Joe Biden recently, has been it's the rich not paying their taxes. And so, like we were talking about politically, how do you make that statement? And your son gets hit with this $1.4 million unpaid taxes, which is salacious stuff. A lot of it's salacious.

About half of it is salacious, I'd say. Yeah. It's an indictment that was over the top. Yeah.

I mean, it's what you expect though now when you talk about Hunter. Well, it's... You expect it from a department of... This is what I... I know I'm not sounding like a conspiracy theorist, but you wonder, was this thing written by people in DOJ that would like to see the Democrats have a different nominee? I mean, I know that sounds conspiratorial, but you could have written the same indictment without being so tawdry, okay?

But they didn't. So, and then you hear the drumbeat, I'm moving by now, and everybody's talking about Newsom coming in or somebody else. And you wonder, is this part of this? I hate even saying that, but that's how suspect we are right now of the Department of Justice and the FBI. Yes. And how they're trying to influence both major parties.

Well, look at the influence they're having, right? I mean, I want to put this in context. The President of the United States son, so you're not a step removed.

This is your son. This is your family, is facing a nine count federal... Nine count indictment has been issued against him in California, subject to possibly 17 years if they were to make these sentences all run concurrently. I mean, consecutively.

17 years. You've got the leading Republican nominee and a former President facing four cases involving criminal trials, two of which are in the federal courts, two of which are in the state court system in the United States of America. And there's trials are going on right now and motions are going on right now in cases involving these individuals right now. There will be motions filed in the Hunter case soon. Trump is already filing them. He's been in court the last couple of days. Then you've got the group that's trying to remove Trump off the ballot with the 14th Amendment challenges that we've been successful at so far, just from the Colorado Supreme Court two days ago. But you got to ask yourself, why are the courts so... Could this have not been done three years ago?

I don't understand. I mean, none of this is new. None of it's new.

It's none of it's breaking. Now, the only thing new was that the people who were supposed to be able to bring these charges would say that three years ago, they were told they couldn't, I guess. And that until they got their special counsel, real status, as we heard from the whistleblowers, when they went to the various US attorneys to partner with to bring these charges, these US attorneys said no. So until he was a special counsel, I guess California was denying it, DC was denying it, and Delaware was denying.

But it's also, again... But there are only charges because of the whistleblowers. Yeah. Without those whistleblowers, you are going to get nothing. And we're representing two of the whistleblowers that have been involved in a lot of this. Most people thought this was done last summer. Remember, it was almost done last summer, July. Wasn't July when it was... Everything fell apart with the plea deal? Of this year. So four months ago. Yeah, a few months ago. Five months ago.

So yes. And then they've been working on investigating for four or five years. So here's the point. The point is, it's political.

But the other point is, without the whistleblowers, none of this would have come to light. And your support of the ACLJ makes all that happen. We are beginning our Faith and Freedom year-end drive, and the first week is done. Yesterday, we had a lot of donors calling. We asked you to call in on why you support the ACLJ. Laverne from Maryland said, I am an ACLJ champion.

That means someone who donates each month. And I love supporting you because you can get done so many things that I cannot do myself. Annabelle from California said, she is an ACLJ champion, and she's reporting for duty. And I want to thank Laverne and Annabelle and all the others that have joined with us on this, by the way. Folks, that's why we are here. We want to get things done. We're fighting coast to coast in the United States, and we're fighting globally around the world for the things that you care about. Life, liberty, faith, freedom, democracy, election integrity, military readiness.

I mean, the issues go on and on. But we can't do anything without your generous support. So please join us at the ACLJ in our ACLJ Faith and Freedom year-end drive.

Folks, this is it. December is the biggest month of the year for the ACLJ. Your support at means when you donate, it is doubled. It's matched by someone else.

Yeah, it is. This is the time where we really need you to support the work of the ACLJ at And again, those matching donations, they really mean a lot. So you make that donation today of $50. We've got a donor that's going to match that $50. That's $100 to the ACLJ.

And like we said, this is the most important month for the organization for the entire year and how that impacts moving forward into 2024. So support the work of the ACLJ. Be part of our Faith and Freedom drive. Again, We want to thank those of you who are fighting with us and standing with us and who are about to stand with us and making those donations online at Welcome back to Secio.

We are taking your calls to 1-800-684-3110. We're joined right now by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Senior Counselor for Global Affairs at the ACLJ. Talk about both these issues involving Hunter Biden, also the attack on the US military in Iraq and on our embassy in Iraq. But first, let's, you know, starting with Hunter Biden. The breaking news.

Yeah. Mr. Secretary, so now we got a nine-count indictment against Hunter Biden. Now, you know, I'm a little suspicious because this investigation has been going on for four years. And this could have been brought a long time ago. And then, of course, we represent whistleblowers, which brought a lot of this to light. So now you got an indictment. Of course, it's five weeks out of the Iowa caucus. So now the leading Republican nominee for President has got, you know, four criminal cases pending.

And now the son of the current President of the United States has nine charges pending against him in an indictment and a special counsel still employed looking at his father's handling of classified documents. So call me suspicious, but there you are. All right, we'll come back to him in a minute. I don't think we're going to see what happened.

I must have lost him. The suspicion on this is the real issue here that I have. And that is, Mike, I don't know if you heard the question that I asked or I could restate it for you.

No, I did hear the question, Jay. You know, my first thought was what and you litigated the ACLJ has done amazing work here in this case, and for many, many years on things just like this. My first thought was the special prosecutor should be embarrassed, but he was not going to bring these charges until those whistleblowers showed up. And the work that you all did essentially shamed him into the requirement to indict someone who clearly behaved in ways that were inconsistent with the law and had lots of problems on top of that. The second thing I thought is, you know, I'm sure I haven't watched it today, but I'm sure that the left media continues to say there's not a shred of evidence that connects this to President Biden himself. But I think this indictment proves fundamental. That's just false. While the indictment is about the failure to pay taxes, the revenue that is confirmed in this, the amount of money that flew to the hands of Hunter Biden clearly demonstrates that President Biden's phone calls about the weather and all the stories that he didn't associate with Hunter's business colleagues is both false and related to these crimes.

Well, even the Burisma issue, which some of it's barred by the statute of limitations, but they have allegations in the complaint, million dollar retainer the first year. But as soon as Joe Biden was out of office, it gets cut in half. Here's the interesting thing to me on this though. You are getting in the liberal media this kind of, you know, there's nothing putting Biden here, but then they say, but this is another reason it does cloud the issue and maybe there should be another candidate. I think there's a democratic drumbeat for someone else other than Joe Biden to be the nominee. I have, I have thought for a long time that it was not very likely that President Biden would run for reelection. He continues to say that he will, but we can all see through the what's played out in these first three years. He's not up to this task. He has put Americans more at risk.

We've talked about that. Our southern border is wide open. So I think it is still remains a reasonable likelihood that the Democrat party will put someone forward other than President Biden to run in 2024.

And this is just another rationale that some not connected to the campaign would use to say, Hey, this, this, this, this dog's not going to hunt in November of next year. Secretary Pompeo in the midst of this, we see an attack on our U S embassy, a mortar attack. And this is kind of, again, after we've seen drone attacks on our, our chips in the Mediterranean the, just the uptick in the danger our U S troops face in the middle East right now is at a level that we have not seen in, in many years, actually. All right. We're going to figure this out in a minute.

And but you do have this, the uptick in the, in the violence has been unbelievable. Yeah. All right, go ahead, Mike. No, we're okay. We got a problem.

So, all right, we'll figure that out. It happens live radio. Yep. It is live broadcast. It's live radio. It's a Friday.

So it always happens on a Friday. So there you go. All right. We'll get back to, to the secretary next week. We appreciate it. One of the things I want to talk about though, in all of this, okay, is what does this mean on the political side of this?

Okay. On the political side of this, this is the problem politically. I think this makes America look weak across the board around the world, that you've got the leading candidates for President of the United States, like Argentina and Venezuela. This whole idea of we're going to prosecute, we're going to put all of our politicians in prison. Everybody's going to be a, you know, everybody's, everybody's a criminal. And now we're led to that. I mean, remember, when you, when you are saying this, and again, it's not about Joe Biden specifically this time, but certainly with Donald Trump, it's, you know, your former President's a criminal, your current President's son's a criminal.

And what does that sound like? It sounds like the third world. It sounds like not, not the, not, not the country we thought we lived in. That does not mean that people who make it to the top in our country should never be held liable for breaking the law or should be held to a different standard. But we are supposed to look at whether or not the standards that we are, we are implying are affecting our, like you said, standing in the world, the election process. I mean, we've seen- You gotta warn Ukraine and Russia, you gotta warn the Middle East and we're like everybody that's running for President's being indicted.

Yes. And there's not a lot of clarity yet on how big the US role could be in that, in a conflict, especially in the Middle East. And then we heard, you know, from Blinken and others, well, I mean, you know, the cost, the real cost could be not the money, but it could be US troops lives.

No, he said that. I mean, so that's talking about Ukraine. That's talking about Ukraine. And when it comes to the US troops, we've seen 70 attacks on US troops since October 7th. Since the attack by Hamas, there have been 70 attacks on US troops. All been backed by Iran. All in that region of the world. President Biden was negotiating within the table until several months ago.

Yes, in all this region of the world. So all related to the Hamas attack on Israel and the sense that we support Israel. I mean, thankfully, obviously, you don't hear a ton of more about these because the US is very strong, but that is a significant change. I mean, I think it's a reminder too, to the amount of people, of US troops that are in these situations and in harm's way potentially in that region of the world.

But think about this for a moment too. Let's talk about the issues we've talked about today. The Hunter Biden investigation and the indictments, and there are the whistleblowers that we represented played a large part of that coming even to light, to that was public. Without them, none of this would have happened. That should have happened without them.

Should have happened because you shouldn't have needed whistleblowers to get justice. But we're representing those whistleblowers. Then Jordan was just talking about what's going on in the Middle East. Our team at the ECLJ was in Brussels Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and yesterday and today are in Paris. And tomorrow they're in Paris with hostage families, speaking to literally dozens and dozens of European parliament members, hundreds of them, and ambassadors to raise the banner still for these 150 hostages still being held by Hamas.

Then you've got the attack on our embassy, and that's showing American weakness. We've got to show strength. And at the American Center for Law and Justice and our global affiliates, including an office in Jerusalem, we're doing just that.

Folks, we're in the beginning, first week here, of our Faith and Freedom year-end drive. And yesterday we asked callers why they support our work. And Laverne from Maryland said, I'm an ACLJ champion, and I love supporting you because you can get done so many things that I can't do myself.

And that's true for all of us, by the way. It takes a group effort here. Annabelle from California said she's an ACLJ champion, and she's reporting for duty. Again, thank you, Laverne and Annabelle.

Folks, that's why we're here. We're fighting coast to coast and globally for the things that you care about, life, liberty, faith, freedom. But we can't do anything without your generous support. Join us at in our Faith and Freedom year-end drive. Any amount you donate, we're getting a matching gift for. So your donation will be doubled at

Do it today. We've got a half hour coming back up right now. Keeping you informed and engaged, now more than ever, this is Sekulow. And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. Welcome back to Sekulow. Take your calls to 1-800-684-3110.

If you want to join the broadcast, that's 1-800-684-3110. So we've talked about the indictment on Hunter Biden and gotten into that information. Again, we've gotten into what it was. We've gone through what it is. And of course, there's the separate indictment he's facing in Delaware, this one out of California.

We do have calls about this as well. And again, I think that what we want to underscore the most is that without the whistleblowers, and I've seen this time and time again in the conservative media, and I think it's absolutely true, without the whistleblowers, this now special counsel, who wasn't even a special counsel before, but was a US attorney who had the power of a special counsel, but not really. Without these whistleblowers, none of this would have happened. In fact, we knew that there was a plea deal. It was going to be done. Last summer, this would have been over for Hunter Biden. And Joe Biden wouldn't be dealing with it. Now, we did also say the legitimate question of, if you flip this, it said this was a Republican side, which we see a Republican nominee like Donald Trump going through personally right now. Do you think the timing of this just kind of reeks?

Now, if this becomes the norm in America, which I hope it does not, because I think if it becomes the norm in America, we are really like a third world country's political system. Let's go back to the phone. We'll go to Todd in Georgia online too.

Hey, Todd. Hey, thanks for taking my call. I just want to say, whether it's Hillary's illegal server or Hunter Biden's laptop, I think the Deep State would have been happy to cover it up if it wasn't for conservative media and members of Congress and your organization representing the whistleblowers.

So, thank you so much for that. And also, the University of Penn Dean was questioned about anti-Semitism. And she was also questioned about Chinese money coming in after the Biden Center was established there. And there were classified documents down there, were there not?

Correct. They are. And that investigation, though, doesn't appear to be going... There is a special counsel, but so far he's not recommending charges. But again, you've got special counsels investigating both candidates for President of the United States.

This is absurd. The classification of documents issue is another one that is reeked with political overtones. Todd, you're right about the whistleblowers. And I want to, again, you know, our clients took a heck of a risk and we're representing... We're in federal court on one of them. We're in the administrative process on another.

We're actually in the DC Court of Appeals in one of the cases and the others in the administrative process. And these were both award-winning FBI employees. But they shone the light on it.

They kind of spotted... The spotlight went on it and they stood up and they told the truth. And that is why there's anything here. But there should not have needed to be whistleblowers for justice to have been done.

This is a straightforward tax case. They should have indicted it four years ago. It would have been pled out, which this I'm sure still will be, and that should have been it. And they shouldn't have brought charges against President Trump, okay, a year and, you know, 16 months out before an election on really tainted legal theories. But they did.

So that's why the ACLJ goes to work, because we also look at justice. I don't think we should be like celebrating that Hunter Biden's gotten indicted. I'm not celebrating.

First of all, I don't wish that on anybody. But we're not celebrating. You point to this absurdity of all of this happening, and it goes back to what Jordan said earlier, DOJ having so much authority. And that's why the ACLJ, we have got... I cannot count the number of cases we are in federal court right now.

We're on the other side. I mean, it's dozens. Is the FBI or DOJ? DOJ and all of them. And we've got... We are everything they're involved in, folks, that we think's got potential of abuse. The ACLJ is there front and center, and that's why your support of the ACLJ right now is so absolutely critical in our year-end faith and freedom drive.

Yeah. And again, we want you to support the work of the ACLJ at And again, you hear from people all the time. I think that what Laverne said from Maryland is what we hear so often from people, which is, without the ACLJ, it's like, I would just feel like I'm out there alone that cared about these issues, but not really knowing where to go to fight, to join with other people to join in the fight. But then I know that if we put our resources together and we fight together, we can have a huge impact. And let me tell you something, wherever you are in this Hunter Biden issue, none of this would have come out today.

But for those whistleblowers who would not have blown the whistle if they didn't have representation, like at the ACLJ, because they wouldn't have been able to afford it. So we've been in a very different situation. Support the work of the ACLJ at ACLJ. Welcome back to SECU. We are taking your phone calls to 1-800-684-3110. That's 1-800-684-3110. We are going to get the phone calls as well and take those calls.

If you want to talk to us on here, there is time for you to join as well. 1-800-684-3110. We'll go to Peggy in New York on line one. Hey, Peggy. Hi, Peggy. Hey, Jordan.

Hey, Jay. I just want to let you know that I've supported ACLJ for 30 years and continue today. Thank you for all that you do, especially in the pro-life movement. Thank you for standing with us for so long. Thank you. Thank you.

You're welcome. I just had a thought when you came on today about the possible reasons for doing this indictment now. They have seen every time they have indicted Donald J. Trump, he has become phenomenally stronger and more light after each indictment. Maybe they're hoping by attacking in an indictment to Biden's son, it'll flip and make people feel like Biden's being attacked and increase his popularity. Yeah, it's one of two things. I mean, it could be that. It could get that reaction that people galvanized around him and say, you know what, now they're attacking his kids.

We're not going to let him attack the kids. Or is it, and this is where, you know, Peggy, we're all kind of guessing here, or is it the Democrats? So I'm watching CNN, I'm watching MSNBC, and now they're basically saying Biden needs to step aside.

Okay. So is this now people saying, oh, now he's got the same taint as Trump. He's got all these legal problems in his family.

I think that's what we have to watch the next 24 hours, really. That's because, again, it's not going to change that much for Hunter Biden. He himself has faced a lot of allegations and some, you know, salacious. Yeah, you said this is old news. The salaciousness that Hunter Biden has survived is pretty massive and that his dad has survived along with it. So again, it's really up to Democrats to say, like you said, this is too close to home. Yep. This makes it what, this makes all the allegations against Trump that much more meaningless because our guys are being, you know, facing the same kind of allegations.

We're tax frauds, they're tax cheats, and so everybody's a horrible person. But it's getting a little late. It is getting a little late. You know, I think that a lot of that consultant class too, like I've said, weirdly on Israel, where Joe Biden, when he speaks, has been very strong, and his own staff has not, doesn't back that up. So to change topics, our ACLJ team is preparing letters that are going to every major college in the United States on this anti-Semitism issue. And it's because of the great work of our friend Elise Stefanik, Congresswoman from New York. She asked a question to the University of Pennsylvania President, as well as a Harvard President, that has sent shockwaves through the academic community now, including their board of directors.

So let's take a look back. This is what Representative Stefanik said, or asked to Elizabeth McGill, the President of the University of Pennsylvania. Elizabeth McGill Ms. McGill, at Penn, does calling for the genocide of Jews violate Penn's rules or code of conduct?

Yes or no? Elizabeth McGill If the speech turns into conduct, it can be harassment. Yes. Elizabeth McGill I am asking, specifically calling for the genocide of Jews, does that constitute bullying or harassment? Elizabeth McGill If it is directed and severe or pervasive, it is harassment. Elizabeth McGill So the answer is yes. Elizabeth McGill It is a context dependent decision, Congresswoman. Elizabeth McGill It's a context dependent decision.

That's your testimony today? Calling for the genocide of Jews is depending upon the context? That is not bullying or harassment? This is the easiest question to answer, yes, Ms. McGill. Greg Scarlatoiu And she went on. I mean, some of the other ones were... Greg Scarlatoiu Harvard did the same thing with this context stuff.

And, of course, it was aimed at Jewish students on their campuses. Well, she got a lot of flak at the University of Pennsylvania. And her job, I'm sure, is on the line, as it should be.

She'd be gone, actually. Greg Scarlatoiu Here's what she announced yesterday that was done via video, but we're going to play you the audio. This is the apology, so to speak. Elizabeth McGill There was a moment during yesterday's congressional hearing on anti-Semitism when I was asked if a call for the genocide of Jewish people on our campus would violate our policies. In that moment, I was focused on our university's longstanding policies aligned with the US Constitution, which say that speech alone is not punishable. I was not focused on, but I should have been. The irrefutable fact that a call for genocide of Jewish people is a call for some of the most terrible violence human beings can perpetrate.

It's evil, plain and simple. Greg Scarlatoiu Are you going to take action against your students? What's missing in that statement?

And by the way, when they say context matters, here's the problem. So unless you're actually going to kill that Jewish student or harm that Jewish student right then... Darrell Bock They think that's protected speech. Greg Scarlatoiu They think that's protected speech.

But they have... See, here's the thing. They have all these protections on these campuses for safe zones, safe places, for a hundred different reasons, except if you're Jewish. If you're Jewish on the second day of Hanukkah, you know, no, that doesn't work. Darrell Bock No, I said if you were to get up and say, I want to kill all gays, you would be out of that school and like, I mean, gone. Greg Scarlatoiu What about if you said it about a Muslim group or religious group? Darrell Bock And you might be arrested.

Greg Scarlatoiu Well, of course. It's anybody. It's what the Israeli said, by the way. It was me too, except if you're Jews to the United Nations.

You know, it's a me too movement, except if you're a Jewish woman in Israel. Then nobody says anything. So this is the real... This is the real issue. It was a hard... So her response was not much better. So let's play the next part of her response. Karen I want to be clear. A call for genocide of Jewish people is threatening, deeply so. It is intentionally meant to terrify a people who have been subjected to pogroms and hatred for centuries and were the victims of mass genocide in the Holocaust. In my view, it would be harassment or intimidation.

Darrell Bock Nice try. Okay. Because in your view, context, it's all context.

So your view was what you answered before the Congress under oath. This is your public relations department trying to fix this. The legal team too, and I think major donors.

What might actually be... The University of Pennsylvania Wharton Board has already called for a removal. Let me tell you, that board is the most powerful board in that university system. This happening at Harvard, UC, and other schools as well.

Now, listen, could it be the reckoning that we've needed to see in higher education? I mean, listen, you don't want to say... First of all, it's not worth October 7th to get that, but you do have to take these moments and get anything positive you can out of them. As horrible as they are. Right. These horrible moments. And this might be one of those moments where it wasn't the craziness of who they were protecting on campus. But then when it came down to an actual people group of a decent part of their student body, Jewish students in these higher education schools and their donors, that they weren't willing to defend them. Darrell Bock They were not. Darrell Bock And they weren't willing to use their speech police against them. In their case, you could call on killing Jews if it was contextual enough.

If you contextualize it enough, and it wasn't too specific to a specific Jew. Darrell Bock If it wasn't you or me, but if it was 10 other people randomly. Nonsense. Let's take Justin's call out of California on line one. Justin, welcome to the broadcaster on the air.

Justin Furstenfeld Hey, thanks for taking my call. Yeah, get to my question quick here. Two-tier question, but what's the motivation behind these top-tier university Presidents to not condemn this kind of speech on campuses?

I mean, to me, it's insane. I don't understand the benefit of trying to call Jews the oppressors. And are they just taking the side of the rebellious instinct of young students to kind of rebel against anything in there? Darrell Bock I think Justin, there's more money coming from the Muslim world right now. Justin Furstenfeld Yeah, the Muslim world and the Chinese.

Darrell Bock You can get your instant number in China. Justin Furstenfeld All these putting in billions of dollars into these universities. Darrell Bock Pretty sure if not every one of these institutions, almost most of them have schools in the Muslim world. Justin Furstenfeld Yes.

Darrell Bock Not a program, I'm talking like an entire institute, like a UPenn. Justin Furstenfeld Dubai or whatever it might be. Darrell Bock Yeah, Doha. Justin Furstenfeld Yeah.

So here's the problem. Darrell Bock So who are their biggest donors right now? It may not be the Jewish donor with $100 billion.

It might literally be the chief of Saudi Arabia. Justin Furstenfeld With a billion-dollar gift. Darrell Bock Right. Building a hospital or a research facility in the Middle East right now under the name pin. Justin Furstenfeld Right.

Darrell Bock Or under the name Harvard or MIT. Justin Furstenfeld So what happened was, so why defend, they didn't want to offend, they were willing to defend the Jewish donor, but not the Muslim donor for that very reason. And so that's what I think this is.

So when they put all that context, they didn't go in there not knowing that was going to be the question asked folks. So here's what we're doing at the ACLJ. This is important for people to understand. We are notifying college campuses what the rules actually are. I don't think the Penn and Harvard professors and Presidents are going to get away with this. I think they're going to have serious issues that they're going to have to deal with on their own campuses. But your support of the ACLJ at this year-end challenge, our faith and freedom year-end challenge now includes on the college campuses to make sure these students are safe and they can learn instead of being threatened.

So what we've set up is a team in the ACLJ that is putting this, I think the letter is going to be ready I think even later today, that's going to go and we're going to post it online to universities all over the country. Your support of the ACLJ allows that to happen. And yesterday we asked our callers why they support the ACLJ. And you heard it today again from the caller that came and she said, I've been donating to the ACLJ for 30 years. That is the reason we're able to do this. And by the way, this includes not only these cases, but this broadcast that you're hearing or seeing five days a week, 52 weeks a year. So folks, we want you to join us in this global fight for freedom.

The fight we have here from coast to coast in the United States as well. Go to, become part of the ACLJ's faith and freedom year-end drive. And any donation you make will be doubled. It's going to be matched.

By somebody else. December's the biggest month of the year. We already know today we got a very large gift online, a $10,000 gift online came in this morning to which we say thank you. But $30 also makes a big difference.

$5. for the faith and freedom drive. And this is again, December, most important month of our year. Logan's going to be joining us.

We got an update on a couple of other things, including the movie Jingle Smells. All right, welcome back to Secula. We're going to get back to the phones to Walt Ward in Idaho online for, hey, Warren, welcome to Secula. You're on the air. Hey, thanks for taking my call, guys. And I do report to duty. I'm ACL champion.

Don't have a lot, but we're champion. That's great. Thank you, Warren. My question is, with the indictments, if he's found, is Biden able to pardon him?

Of course. The pardon power is plenary. So the President of the United States can pardon on any federal offense. He can issue a pardon, not on state offenses, but this is federal offenses, yes. President Biden has the authority to pardon. That's straightforward.

See how this lays out? You see how this election plays out, but for some reason- Either way, he probably gets pardoned. Yeah. Yeah, right. Every President doesn't.

I mean, this is not unusual. Biden's into his second term. He's not up for reelection again. So if he wins again, he doesn't. And if he doesn't win, he does it before he's out. Can we end the weekend on a positive note?

Would that be nice? Yeah, I mean, just because, yes, I think that all this is prosecuting each other because of politics is not a good place for America to be when we look at the rest of the world. And canceling people out because of the abuse isn't a good place to be either, which leads into Logan being in the studio with us. I'm back. Yes, he is because- The smell is here. Hey. Hey, you're on Voodoo and Rumple. We are. We have- Rumple's still preferred.

Yeah. Jingle Smells, our brand new Christmas comedy. The ACLJ produced a terrific movie starring John Schneider and Ben Davies and a lot of great cast, Eric Roberts. You've seen all these shows talk about it.

Victoria Jackson, yesterday we had on Jim Brewer. So we've got a big comedy cast, but it's a big comedy with a lot of heart and a lot of laughs. It is available right now. We've been talking about it for the last few weeks. It premiered on Thanksgiving Day, had a huge, huge opening weekend. We were really thrilled with it. And now you can watch it at home on a lot of different options. So right now- Let's take everybody through the options first.

That's right. We did this without the Hollywood system. We did this without big Hollywood distribution companies getting involved.

We're able to do this without the red tape. And that means you should be excited about supporting this kind of movie. It's a big family comedy. You can watch with everyone.

It is available right now on And that will show you the three options. Right now we have Rubble, which is our preferred premiere platform. The number one free speech platform.

It is on Rubble. You can watch it there. We've also made some new options here, including Voodoo, V-U-D-U, which is Oh My Fandango. You probably have it on your television. You probably already have it built in, even if you don't know you do. It's been around for a long time. It was part of Walmart's system.

TVs, but smart TVs. That is an app you likely have got. You almost definitely have it. It's available on there.

You'll see it. You just got to search jinglesmells. Again, there's direct links on our website as well. And then if you want a physical copy for Christmas coming up, you can get signed copies even from our friend John Schneider. We did a deal with him. Again, not with the Hollywood system. We did a deal specifically with John Schneider to provide the DVDs.

So you can get hard copies autographed or not through John Schneider Studios. Again, all the links are on Again, it's a big Christmas comedy. This is a great weekend to start your Christmas traditions off.

We hope this becomes a tradition for everyone every year. So there's a couple of things about this movie you need to know. Number one, it's an ACLJ film, which means the ACLJ is getting revenue off this. So your purchasing of the movie allows us to, again, make more movies and more content. So we appreciate that. But number two, it also has, it's a comedy and it is funny, but it has a very real message too.

Oh yeah. It deals a lot about cancel culture. Also deals with protecting our troops and our military vets who come back with PTSD and what that looks like. And we do it in a way that kids can enjoy, families can enjoy. It's subtle. It's there, but you're going to get the message.

And obviously there's a big strong faith element in the film as well. So as much as there is, maybe you'd say Christmas magic and whimsy that comes through, there's also a very dedicated amount of content to the real reason for Christmas. And I can announce also, we have a special Christmas sale price right now for the rest of the Christmas season. It went from $19.99 and now it's available to stream at $14.99. Once you have it, you've got it. And once you have, yeah, if you make the purchase price on Rumble, you can watch as many times as you want.

And then on Voodoo, as long as you pay that purchase price of $14.99, you can watch it as many times you want into, as long as you have a television with a streaming device, it's going to be available there, which is very cool. And they've been great to deal with. And you put together, this was quite an all-star cast. I mean, the cast in this, I mean, you got two alums from SNL. I mean, you've got John Schneider, who of course needs no introduction. Eric Roberts, Academy Award nominee. You got Brad Stein.

You got Ben Davies. He's, you know him probably most recently from the Daily Wire and he's been on this broadcast as well. And he is a producer there, but he's also sort of on camera as well as he's in movies, big Christian movies that you're probably familiar with, like War Room or Courageous. He plays, and he's in, if you look up how, the guy's probably starred in 20 movies. Obviously, you said John Schneider. It is a terrific cast, James Storm and Dylan Hornswoggle Postel, who are professional wrestlers, you know, from their time at WWE and Impact Wrestling. Right.

Both guys who I've worked with before and are incredible. I would not put anyone in this movie that I didn't love. And of course, we're all in it as well.

We all make appearances. The J. Sekulow Band is in it. Jordan is in it. Jordan's wife is in it. I'm briefly in it. Keep your eyes peeled. My wife is in it.

And it is just a whole lot of fun. Will, our executive producer, he's in it. And even Andy Cahnemann makes an appearance.

Yeah, Judge Cahnemann for that one. Yes, you have to watch that. So let me tell you again, folks, this helps you. We're trying to impact every venue, arena, area we can hit. Absolutely. I think that's really important.

For the ACLJ to not just be known for its legal work, which obviously incredibly important, not just, Joe, it's known for our international work, incredibly important. We know what the number one part of influencing culture is, and that is to be a part of media. A lot of people you want to reach are not going to turn on this broadcast. A lot of people you want to reach are not going to turn on cable news, but they will decide to watch a Christmas movie. And this year it's available, like I said, on Rumble and now on Vudu, a mainstream platform.

It is available on DVD. And then even next year, we hope this becomes years and years, we've already had offers from major streaming and television networks to air it next year or to be part of it or to broadcast it because number one, they see the reaction coming from our audience that is so rabid and so excited. They see the positives that are coming from it. And honestly, they even see the negatives because the negatives that have come out of this movie just show, because you can watch this movie, you're going to love it. I'm going to tell you, I've watched it hundreds of times.

You're going to love it. People who are giving it bad reviews are people who have not seen it and are the people who you expect to give it bad reviews. They are the hardcore left that sees a name like Sean Hannity as an executive producer or anyone involved with the ACLJ, they're immediately going to slam it. They sell Jim Brewer, Victoria Jackson, they know where their politics maybe lands, and that's enough. But we know that this can get in front of a lot of people because most of the audience doesn't care about their opinion. They care about having something you can actually watch with your family and actually enjoy.

No Hollywood agendas shoved in this. It is a great piece. I love it. I hope you love it.

We're just a couple of weeks from Christmas. Post reviews, which... Yeah, post, that'd be great. I'll tell you this, if you have already seen it, which thousands of you have, go over to IMDb, the Internet Movie Database, give us a good review there.

That'd be great. Give us a 10 star rating because you know what happened? There's a lot of 10 stars and there's a lot of one stars.

And guess what those one stars are? People who have never seen it who were review bombing it because they decided that, you know why? They're scared.

They're scared that this is the message that gets out. That we could do this without... With Sean Hannity who's in it. With Sean Hannity who's in it and without the Hollywood system. We could do this ourselves. This is how we can change Hollywood. It's not about just replacing it and coming up with alternative media. It's actually about influencing it and being in front of people's eyeballs. We're doing that with Jingle Smells. We've got thousands of you who are watching online.

Thousands and thousands of you are listening right now. But if you're online, it's really easy. Especially if you're on Rumble, just go right there and you can just put in Jingle Smells. It'll come up again on Voodoo. It's now available.

Jon Schneider Studios, if you want to get the DVD or just go to And we encourage you to do that right now or this week. And we appreciate it. We also appreciate your direct support also for the ACLJ. Listen, you buy Jingle Smells, it's helping the ACLJ. You donate to the ACLJ, it's helping the ACLJ.

You can do that at in our year-end matching challenge. But I do encourage you to go to Now, I'm going to be on Sean Hannity's broadcast this afternoon and so is...

So is Jim Brewer. So right from the movie, he came on here yesterday. Great guy, a comedy legend, and just been someone, a great person to connect with.

Another person who is not afraid to take on Hollywood and do something very different. I want you everybody to have a great weekend. Support the ACLJ, That's We'll talk to you on Monday.
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