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12-4-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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December 4, 2023 6:09 am

12-4-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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December 4, 2023 6:09 am

Did Texas deserve a spot in the CFP? + the Lions bounce back | Wild weather & all; the Steelers fall to the Cardinals; Kenny Pickett injured in the process | Dolphins take over as the #1 seed in the AFC.


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Walk the dogs, school drop off, meetings from 10 to 3, take kids to soccer, then no time left for a jog. Hope you had a great weekend, and I hope, well it can't be the case for all of you, but I do hope that the football made you smile. I know that my future Longhorn family, so I'm marrying into a family of Longhorns, a few waggies in there, but mostly Longhorns, they are ecstatic over the first trip to the playoff for Texas. After winning the Big 12 in what is its final year in that conference, going 12-1, of course getting the signature win over Alabama, and obviously trying to restore former glory under Steve Sarkisian. So Sark, Coach Sark and Quinn Ewers, sure they have a Manning on their roster, but he never saw the field because this was Quinn's team.

He was out for a little bit, injured a little bit, but has come back, and they look real strong. So what you get is Michigan against Alabama, one versus four, and then Washington and Texas, and that will be so much fun. We're asking, on New Year's Day, we're asking you, even as the dust settles though on another body of work, another controversial decision by the college football playoff committee, if you were on that committee, which four teams would you have put into the Final Four?

So you can find the post on our show Twitter, after our CBS, or on my Twitter, and then our Facebook page too. Again, keeping in mind, one major component of this is how they finish, the last statement that these teams make to the committee. Michigan, Washington, no brainer. Texas, because it had just the one loss to, was it Oklahoma, I think, in the Red River rivalry, but had the win over Alabama in Tuscaloosa, also beat a ranked Oklahoma State in the Big 12 championship, had that number three spot, along with the eye test too. The way that Texas has beaten teams lately has been really impressive. And then Alabama, you can't ask for more than to topple number one, two-time defending champion. So the Crimson Tide get credit for what they did last and how they finished and the ranked opponents they beat. The win for Florida State over Louisville, not nearly as impressive in the ACC championship. Now, 13-0 is 13-0, but not all wins are created equal. And their strength of schedules are essentially the same. But the question according to the committee chair, according to the committee chair, the question that was posed and that they had to answer, or at least one of the critical questions they had to answer in the debate between Alabama and Florida State, who do you want to play?

Who do you not want to play? So again, that's a lot more eye test, but coming from the coaches, it's significant. But as I say, I'm really happy that when it comes to the NFL, other pro sports, there's no committee.

There are no controversial decisions. You are what your record says you are. You get in if your record and or tie breaks dictate that you're in. Period. You've got 17 games, 17 games, 18 weeks, same as every other team. It's not a weighted schedule. Who cares about strength of schedule? None of that matters. It's wins and losses and sometimes ties.

The ties will be purple at the wedding, by the way. It's after hours, not burnt orange. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. We're halfway through our first show of the work week and sifting through the college chaos, as well as what we've got from the NFL in week 13. We're going to get to Lions on the road at New Orleans coming up because the NFC is top heavy.

And then after that, it's wide open. But I did want you to hear from Jim Harbaugh about facing Alabama. In the national semifinals of these come up on New Year's Day's into a little longer this year. We're excited to face them. It's it's it's iconic. It's it's Alabama.

It's roll tide. It's and it's doesn't get any better to be playing in the Rose Bowl. Also, the just going to appreciate the tradition of the Rose Bowl playing a great team like Alabama. If you remember, the expansion plan was held up by the Rose Bowl and the fact that in Pasadena, they weren't really on board with having the Rose Bowl be part of the playoff and just wanting to make sure the Rose Bowl didn't lose its traditions. It will still be on New Year's Day and your last doubleheader there.

So it's a it's five different games on New Year's Day. And we'll also see Oregon in action against Liberty, which is kind of interesting. That's the that's the Fiesta Bowl that comes from Glendale, Arizona. I'm not sure Liberty's getting enough credit for being in that bowl. But anyway. Alabama at Michigan is the Rose Bowl at two o'clock Pacific time.

So five o'clock Eastern, two o'clock Pacific. And that's followed by Texas and Washington. The Huskies on Friday night had the ease and had the calm of knowing that they were in once they beat Oregon for the Pac-12 championship. And gosh, I hope you enjoyed it because the Pac-12 will not be the same moving forward.

Texas had to wait and see. But definitely made a statement. And so far. The offensive brain trust of Quinn Ewers and Steve Sarkeesian is great validation in their first year of working together. It's just super cool. I mean, it obviously just happened.

So it's still kind of sinking in. But just super, super again, just proud of how this team handles everything that comes their way, how we just continue to do what we do and not and not worry about what's going on outside of outside of this building. And it's we're just blessed, super blessed to be to take part in this this upcoming playoff. I think our guys have earned it.

They've had a great season. I think we're playing our best football right now at the right time. And so we'll get back to work. You know, there's a lot of work to be done. We've got a month till we play. We've got finals to take. We've got to get healthy.

We've got to have a regimented practice plan to get ourselves prepared to play. But it's a heck of an opponent. Washington's a great team, as we all well know. Steve Sarkeesian, his third season at Texas, right?

So the first one, they were below 500. In 22, they were bowl eligible, but they lost in the Alamo Bowl. And now as they depart and head to the SEC, which is going to take some getting used to, this is their parting shot to the Big 12 to go 12 and 1 and win the conference championship.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Again, who would you put into that top four, the final four, if you were on the committee? How would you have voted it? And also, let me just amend, Sark and Ewers worked together last year, of course, too. So sorry about that.

My fault. But you've got four really impressive head coaches. You've got some newbies in Texas. Michigan is into its third straight college football playoff after winning the Big 10 going away. And that conference is about to change, too. Only the second playoff for the Huskies, but it's been a few years. And then Alabama. So the SEC does have a team in. Remember, the SEC has got a streak of wins now, too, and they've been a staple of the college football playoff, which just irks people to no end.

Not all people, just some people. It's After Hours here on CBS Sports Radio, right? We have to get back to the NFL. We've got our Monday MVP poll up and some dude on our Facebook page. I actually put him out of his misery by hiding his comment because he was being a snit, but he actually said he doesn't know any of the names in our Monday MVP poll.

I'm not sure you want to admit that. Not on this weekend, not after week 13. The Detroit Lions were on the road in New Orleans and maybe, just maybe, taking a page out of the Packers book, considering what Green Bay did to hop on Pop on Thanksgiving Day. Out of the huddle and to the line, Goff moves in behind center, single back behind him, David Montgomery. Goff turns, gives to Montgomery, running right, tries to get the edge, he's in there, touchdown Detroit Lions.

Goff out of the gun. Jared, long count, leans in, there's the snap, back, looking, looking, throwing, caught, end zone, touchdown Detroit Lions, Sam Laporta, number six of the year for the rookie. Jared takes the shotgun, snap, wants to throw, looking, looking, throwing, middle, caught, I'm in raw ten, I'm in raw five, I'm in raw end zone, touchdown Detroit Lions.

I'm in raw St. Brown caught that one and traffic then just ran away from everybody straight up the field. What a start by the Lions. And damn, it doesn't matter, they run zone, they run man to man, it doesn't matter. We cut them off in a breath.

It's alright, you get the gist. On Lions radio, Dan Miller, the play-by-play, so Detroit marches 80 yards on the opening drive, it's a David Montgomery touchdown and that really does set off the fireworks. A huge first quarter, Derek Carr obliges with an interception and that leads to the Sam Laporta touchdown. The rookie tight end is actually one of the best of the position this year. It's a down year for the tight end position. Even Travis Kelce has games where, I don't want to say he's invisible, but just the defense gets to him where he has a couple of drops. And so Travis still the best, I think the most productive tight end in the NFL. George Kittle, I mean he's obviously a great weapon, but there are also games where he does a whole lot of nothing or they just don't target him or it doesn't work out and they have so many weapons on that Niners offense too, especially now that Deebo Samuel is healthy. Oh my gosh, as I look up right now, so the NFL network is replaying Sunday Night Football and right as I looked up, they're in the second quarter and they show Travis Kelce for Lornely sitting on the bench.

There's no one else around him with this long expression on his face, like he's lost his dog somewhere. Just that was very timely. Yeah, not a great game for him. Really not a great game for many of the guys on that Chiefs offense, but I digress. Anyway, so back to the Lions.

Sam Laporta has been a great addition to their offense and he and Jared Goff have worked hard on their rapport. And then you hear the Amenraa St. Brown touchdown. So it's 21-0. The Lions are up in New Orleans. Now the Saints do answer.

They have this propensity to score quickly and they can catch you sleeping if you're not giving them their due. They have touchdowns on three of four drives in the second half and they only give up a field goal to the Lions in the third quarter, but the touchdown bug bites them in the rear end. Touchdown. Touchdown. The turnover bug bites them in the rear end. Touchdown turnover. Actually we're all happening there in the second half. Derek Carr fumbles again and so he has two turnovers in this game and that leads to another Detroit opportunity.

And it was a doozy. Golf is gonna work from directly behind center single back behind it is Montgomery Brock right in motion to the left side too tight end set for the Lions. Golf takes fakes to give goes end around now they flip it on the second back coming around that is Jameson Williams inside the 15, inside the 10 dives into the end zone touchdown Detroit Lions a little razzle-dazzle to number nine who did a swan dive into the end zone the Lions have extended their lead. I was excited I actually came and told me was coming so I was just waiting on you I was waiting on you when he got called I just knew like I got a score.

How did you see it develop in front of you? In practice it was it was different like JG and Sam they was giving me the outside but in the game it showed up a little different they blocked him out. I cut up under him I just had to make the cut and that was it. Jameson Williams kind of telling you what he sees but yeah in traffic he's able to go 19 yards kind of get around the side and shoot up the sideline and that's the back breaker for the Lions. Alvin Kamara does have a touchdown in the fourth quarter for New Orleans and there is one more opportunity but the Lions D holds off on fourth down and I was just as impressed with the final three minutes of the game so as much as we look at the flashy and the gaudy and the explosive and the big numbers how about Detroit running off the final three minutes never giving the ball back to the Saints earning a pair of first downs making sure the clock expires with them in victory formation. So to me that's just as impressive and yeah here are the Lions now sitting at nine and three no turnovers in this game nearly 150 yards rushing this is not your daddy's Lions team. I knew we were going to have to make some plays there at the end to kind of seal that thing and obviously love it yeah that's what we're that's what you live for and made the plays when they matter. That was a heck of a win it's not easy to come in this place and win us a prideful team you know and they came out and fought and I love the way we came out early in this game and you know and then they made some adjustments and we had to make some adjustments and I was proud of our defense getting two takeaways. Wow Dan Campbell era a winning culture belief toughness mentally and physically and right now the lead in the NFC North picking up where they left off at the end of last season remember he wanted them so desperately to get flexed they didn't get flexed until the very last weekend of the season they beat the Packers and Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau under the lights and from that point on there was no ignoring them or if you do it's at your own peril and it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio so yeah career day for Sam Laporta three more touchdowns the three or two is two more touchdowns for Jared Goff sometimes I have to work through these things in my brain I love that they have a run game with David Montgomery the former bear Jamir Gibbs the rookie remember they drafted him early on and people were scratching their head why in the world would they get a running back that high as for Derek Carr he's missing toward the end of the game Jamis Winston comes in and replaces him and now Derek Carr has missed the end of multiple games because of injuries or concussions and Dennis Allen keeps having to answer the question about his veteran QB Derek's in the concussion protocol right now so we'll evaluate that as we go oh oh thank you coach for all of that Intel shall we look at the NFC again because this is nutso you've got the teams at the top the cream of the crop oh huh see now sometimes I sound like I should be a radio host and other times I sound like I shouldn't be talking for a living oh well just the beauty of this job the Eagles are dead in two after losing two and losing is putting it mildly after losing to the Niners the Cowboys are nine and three right behind them in the NFC East and from the category if you can't make this stuff up Dallas is hosting Philadelphia next Sunday night Oh cannot wait so Eagles and Cowboys are within a game of each other the Lions are also nine and three so Lions and Cowboys have the same record as do the Niners the Niners are three games clear in the NFC West now believe it or not the Rams have won three in a row they've leapfrog the Seahawks remember the Seahawks lost to Dallas in a great game on Thursday Night Football but because Seattle's dropped three straight the Rams have won three in a row for now they have the edge but the same six and six record but here's the part that's crazy is you have five teams in the NFC that are six and six do you know other than the teams I just mentioned there the 10 and two Eagles and the other trio that's nine and three the next best record in the NFC is six and six which means all those teams are alive for in the case of the south an actual division title but in the case of the others wildcards I mean right now you've got Vikings Packers Falcons Rams and Seahawks all six and six some of those teams are gonna make the playoffs three wildcards remember no two wildcards when I'm thinking of it like baseball we get the three well never mind so the Eagles and Cowboys next Sunday Lions have a stranglehold on the north Niners the same in the West NFC South is still up for grabs that includes both the Buccaneers and the Saints who were a game back in the Falcons man what a mess but so the thing is though you could ask a lot of people and they would tell you the best team in the league is in the NFC maybe the best two teams in the league or in the NFC maybe even the best three or four teams are in the NFC though that would certainly be a debate but that's kind of the strange nature of the season the AFC is more competitive from top to bottom and it's a dogfight to get into the playoffs but the NFC where it's easier to get into the playoffs may actually have the best team on Twitter a law radio also on our Facebook page after hours with Amy Lawrence I know I was just it's funny Jay just said my ear there are three wildcards I'm a dodo always go with your first answer this is what came naturally was three wildcards of course cuz last year we had three teams in the NFC East yeah and then ended up with the Seahawks in as well as a wildcard was last year the first time I went to seven no zero before I can't remember no one or two years three years two years it's been it's been recent oh my gosh always go with your first answer I mean the perfect show is out the window a long time ago but I don't like to be inaccurate so sometimes I just make up words and that I can't really help that has to do with my brain in my mouth not being in sync and sometimes just having a bazillion pieces of information in my head and they all come crap they come flying out of my mouth and I combine things like earlier not boo Corrigan but goo Corrigan did you know that's his name goo boo goo don't ever tell him that though it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio you are listening to the after-hours podcast and because it can always get worse it is absolutely pouring right now and you know what that might be another weather going Paul the referee land Clark was just announcing there couldn't make it out but was just announcing that there's another weather delay again we saw the lightning on the extra point try it I don't believe it's just because of the rain I think it's because of the lightning but we have another weather delay with 718 to go in the third the Cardinals up 17-3 hits misses and messes time to talk football after hours with Amy Lawrence a pair of weather delays marred the game between the Cardinals and Steelers in Pittsburgh on Sunday two long delays for severe weather and that wasn't even the worst of it for the Steelers it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio that's Dave Pash on Cardinals radio but the bigger issue for the Steelers is their quarterback third and goal at the three pick it empty set now calls nodgy into his right now stands to his left much tight right they break that with motion by Deontay left back his picket he starts to run downhill he stopped short of the goal line and about the one-yard line it's fourth down and decision time for oh and picket is hit hard he took it hard but he's got that ankle problem and he's down on bounced his noggin to yeah he got it pretty good there that's the commentary and the anxiety on the Steelers radio network and this is one reason why I know it doesn't happen every time and it is football so it's physical but one reason why not all teams want to expose their quarterbacks and run plays because this is more likely to happen Kenny pick it kind of runs up through the middle and he's got a defender it's not a dirty play it's not an illegal play but as he's getting tackled in front of the goal line guy rolls on his leg and his ankle buckles underneath him and yes his head did bounce in fact it kind of bounced right there at the goal line but that's not why he left the game so we're talking deep red zone and all of a sudden in the blink of an eye everything changes for the Steelers he was wearing a boot on the sidelines in the second half it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio what we're hearing now the reports are he needs to have surgery and that he could be out a couple weeks now that's the air quotation he could be out a couple weeks into the game comes Mitch Trubisky but it's actually not Trubisky who's the star of the show in this one but it is a familiar face and a familiar name there in Pittsburgh Murray under center again James Connor the running back gets the call dives over the top straight ahead into the end zone for the touchdown in his first game as a visitor in this stadium James Connor returns to Pittsburgh with a huge touchdown midway through the third to make it 16 to 3 one receiver to the right they hand it off Connor to the left first down Connor dies for the end zone touchdown James Connor with two scores and the welcome back party in Pittsburgh certainly was that for Connor and Kyler and the Cardinals who are now three and ten on the season so yeah Connor goes over a hundred yards a couple of touchdowns for him but it really is the 15 play 99 yard drive late in the second quarter you may have seen the highlights with Trey McBride and he was a beast on that drive including the touchdown catch and so Kyler Murray still working it out in the return from the torn ACL but because the lack of offense for the Steelers really they were kind of stuck in neutral you don't think of them as a team that can put up a lot of points anyway for obvious reasons even with Kenny Pickett but it got a lot worse after he left the game so Arizona even against the Steelers defense goes three for three in the red zone 10 of 17 on third down these are pretty impressive numbers for a team that's scuffled most of the year and this is the moment where the Steelers have to do some soul-searching now we're gonna hear more from Mike Tomlin tomorrow about Kenny Pickett apparently that's the report he will speak tomorrow about his starting quarterback but he had plenty to say about the loss that was a horrible day at the office we didn't do much right in that game to be quite honest with you so we got to own that obviously starting first and foremost with me just losing football really was you know we're highly penalized some pre snap penalties some operational penalties bad snaps just JV football in a lot of ways introducing Carvana value tracker where you can track your car's value over time and learn what's driving it it might make you excited whoa didn't know my car was valued this high it might make you nervous Oh markets flooded my car's value just dipped 2.3% it might make you optimistic our low mileage is paying off our values up and it might make you realistic mmm car prices haven't gone up in a couple weeks maybe it's time to sell but it will definitely make you an expert on your car's value Carvana value tracker visit Carvana calm to start tracking your car's value today ready to start talking to your kids about financial literacy meet green light the 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disclosures introducing Carvana value tracker where you can track your car's value over time and learn what's driving it it might make you excited whoa didn't know my car was valued this high it might make you nervous Oh markets flooded my car's value just dipped 2.3 percent it might make you optimistic our low mileage is paying off our values up and it might make you realistic mmm car prices haven't gone up in a couple weeks maybe it's time to sell but it will definitely make you an expert on your car's value Carvana value tracker visit Carvana comm to start tracking your car's value today credit to them I mean anytime you put up that many points you have a 99 yard drive I think that means they're doing some things right and we have some things to correct TJ watt and the Pittsburgh Steeler defense has done a lot they've done the yeoman share of the work this season and they are still above 500 they're seven and five and they're right in the mix in the AFC now we're gonna look at the AFC through the lens of a brand new top seed what what wait until you hear right now who's sitting in the catbird seat in the AFC but with losses on Sunday both the Steelers and the Browns who started their fourth different quarterback this season they've gone from Deshaun Watson to PJ Walker to Dorian Thompson Robinson to Joe Flacco that was very jarring to see Joe in brown and orange after he spent his entire career well not his entire career but the the Super Bowls the Pro Bowls the fat contracts all of that came in Baltimore purple but Steelers and Browns are seven and five Colts and Texans are seven and five how about that right now those are your top teams for wild card spots the bills are six and six now we're gonna look at the AFC East after the break plus a brand new one seed right now in what is a thick competitive no holds barred conference on Twitter after our CBS who's the Monday MVP also on our Facebook page and then while we're talking college football in the wake of the final four and the playoff rankings if you're on the committee who do you put there as your final four you are listening to the after-hours podcast a waddle on the right side back to throw to a looking throws it deep for Tyrik he's got it's Harik is gone nobody's gonna catch him ten five touchdown Miami beat him again down the sideline Hill in motion goes to the right looking for him deep down the field and he got him what a movement by a hill to kick that football he was turned inside Joe the ball was hit throw to the outside and he weaved his way back another bomb to a tail touchdown boy he saw that match up with his fastest player what a throwing catch man those two are dialed in with each other going to Tyrik again this is after-hours with Amy Lawrence Tyrik Hill is on pace for 2,038 yards 2,000 something something yards he would be over 2,000 yards if in fact he continues on the pace that he's on right now and he was having a blast against the commanders in Washington on Sunday calls there on the Dolphins radio network it's after hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio he has a 78 yard scamper and a 60 yard scamper and in addition to the offense in the first half Andrew van ginkle has a pick six off Sam Howell that goes 33 yards this was already 31 seven and half the Dolphins were already in cruise control at halftime and actually good news to see Devon H hand returned to the field as well a couple of touchdowns for him 73 yards he looks healthy so going back to their primary carrier and they also have Raheem Mostert who got into the end zone so it's just a block party when the Dolphins face a lesser defense and yes the commanders are that considering that they traded away both Montez sweat and chase young it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio so Ron Rivera how's it feel to be down 31 7 at the break when you spot 21 points to a very good football team you're not gonna you're gonna struggle to win a game and you can't do the things that we did and expect to win believe it or not the Dolphins right now are the top seed in the AFC they're nine and three but by virtue of tie breaks and the only formulas that they're allowed to consider right so no committees no strength of schedule nope it's just tiebreakers sometimes head-to-head when that comes into play the Jaguars can actually join the Dolphins and Ravens at nine and three with a victory on Monday night but for now it's Miami it's Baltimore they're both nine and three it would be the Dolphins with the top seed and we'd heard to a talking about Tyree kill and Tyree talking about Tua the way that it's come together first of all to a healthy more durable the way that it's come together in the Mike McDaniel offense is dazzling what Tyreeks gonna do Tyreeks able to be super aggressive because he trusts to his field vision and knows that if he's putting a ball up in the air a little bit over the middle to just track it and catch it someone asked Tyree kill postgame if this is his best season and his answer caught my ear I believe I am having my best season even if I didn't have the numbers you know I'm saying I feel like I'm doing a great job of you know being in the right spot for the quarterback and making sure I'm doing a great job blocking and just understanding this whole offense I think this off season I really had a chance to just look back and just understand my mistakes from last year and I took it head-on like because I'm the type of player I put a lot of accountability on myself and I feel like as one of the leaders on this team I just step up and be better obviously like the stats look good last year but there was a lot of room for improvement you know for myself and I was like you know what I'm not I'm not gonna settle for that you know I feel like I can be a whole lot better so that's just me just believing in myself I don't know what you what you would expect them to do if if you if you expect them to cover Tyreeks side then we're gonna throw to Devon I mean we we liked our matchups but it you know it definitely is is a tough when you go man across the board and it's and it's pressed against really fast guys like that to uh his message to opposing defense I don't know what you're gonna do too bad so sad it's after hours with Amy Lawrence CBS Sports Radio I would give you more from the Washington side but man they're just playing out the string and I'm not saying the the players have stopped working at it or that Ron Rivera cares any less but they're about to see a major wipeout that coaching staff I mean it's it's all coming the writing on a bad day yeah the writing on the wall is there and while I do hope that the Josh Harris Magic Johnson ownership group allows Ron Rivera to finish out the season they've got at this point not a whole lot to play for except for pride it's after hours with Amy Lawrence as I just mentioned but on Facebook or on our show Twitter after hours CBS you can vote for Monday MVP also if you're on the college football playoff selection committee which four do you put in those New Year's national semifinals all right staying in the AFC East where producer Jay reminded me that this was supposed to be one of the toughest divisions in football the Dolphins again right now are nine and three and they are sitting in the number one spot in the conference bills are six and six the bills are not playing this weekend the Jets have now dropped five consecutive games in the pouring down rain and it was cold I know that my my house is about 15 minutes away from MetLife Stadium and it was miserable on Sunday I will say that Desmond Ritter does manage to find the end zone for the Falcons with a Michael Pruitt touchdown this comes after a Dalvin cook fumble but that's it that's the only touchdown in the game Tim Boyle started for the Jets but he's benched after an interception Trevor Simeon gets his first action for the Jets but they have no points in the fourth quarter and Roberts all is at a loss for words this was supposed to be a team that would fit Aaron Rodgers to a tee it was a team built for him they brought in a bunch of veterans to work around him so that he would have a comfort so not to mention Nathaniel Hackett and it all went horribly wrong and I know there's talk that Aaron could return sometime this month to me that is ridiculous why not give him the time to completely heal what is the point of bringing him back when the team is now clinging to life support and so yeah Robert Sala what do you do besides get your other quarterback deck your home with DIY or let us install free design consultation plus free samples and free shipping invented a better way to buy custom high-quality window treatments with no showroom markups or waiting around for quotes from pushy sales people saving you time and money for the holidays with upfront pricing right on our website go right down to satisfaction guaranteed deck your home this holiday season with shop and 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plus at Hyundai call five six two three one four four six oh three for complete details that glows in the dark same thing I said you know you just got to keep grinding continue to find ways to take advantage of our opportunities when they present themselves and when you're backed into a corner the only thing you can do is keep swinging it could be worse you could be the New England Patriots we'll get to them coming up here momentarily but I want to make sure we acknowledge the Falcons because they're six and six and yeah the NFC South is a well you know what it is it's up for grabs like it was last year when it was won by the Buccaneers with a losing record but it's six and six the Falcons are surging and they now have the division lead they threw everything they had at us and there's a lot of things going on and today the positive side we needed to make some plays we did you know the game came down to was low scoring game when you're in a playoff chase you're trying to win a division sometimes you know things the game get ugly in the elements and whatever happens turn on you adjust and at the end of day you just kind of find a way to win it definitely was ugly and there definitely were elements and it wasn't just the elements that were ugly so the Jets at four and eight as I say do not need to be bringing back Aaron Rodgers but we'll see I mean they've all indicated that's what they're holding out hope for to salvage what is otherwise a very disappointing season they had much higher hopes of course so they've dropped five in a row as have the Patriots but it's far worse to be the Patriots offense right now New England started Bailey Zappi he had no turnovers but the offense didn't even manage a hundred fifty passing yards five sacks neither team and this is Chargers and Patriots so consider how well the Patriots defense has played in its last three games this is I mean it's unheard of the Patriots defense has given up ten points ten points and six points three straight weeks they've given up a total of 26 points in three games and yet they've lost all three this was even uglier than Falcons Jets the Chargers they were awful they only had two field goals no again driving cold rainy it was it was terrible weather too but Cameron Dicker the kicker gets to be the star of the show with a pair of second quarter field goals that stand up it's nice obviously getting the rest of the team to get me into that position and then having JK and Josh be able to execute and get it down for me is awesome Belichick was tight-lipped per the usual as you can imagine but Bailey Zappi getting his first start of the year they played great you know offense you know it starts with me I gotta make plays towards the end I gotta throw better balls I gotta make the ball sketchable especially in you know conditions like today when I played great did he say they played great hold on start start that again I played great you know offense you know it starts with me I gotta make plays towards the end I gotta throw a better ball why would he say that I played great did he say they played great well they didn't play great I don't know who he's talking about I played great I guess if the Chargers defense holds you to no points you can say they played great but if that's kind of an interesting blanket statement yeah I don't know how it gets better before it gets worse for the New England Patriots but yeah two of the worst offenses in the NFL we're now looking at them in the same AFC East Division and the bills at times haven't been much better boy it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio I'm Kate Abdo the host of kicking it a new weekly show from the CBS Sports Galaso Network where Clint Dempsey Charlie Davies moa do and I connect with the biggest personalities from global soccer and beyond to learn about their journeys and what makes them tick this is the place for football fans to hear unfiltered conversations with the game's most familiar faces so what you waiting for follow and listen to kicking it on the Odyssey app or wherever you get your podcasts
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