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November 30, 2023 5:01 pm

Matt Slick Live

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November 30, 2023 5:01 pm

The Matt Slick Live daily radio show broadcast is a production of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry -CARM-. During the show, Matt answers questions on the air, and offers insight on topics like The Bible, Apologetics, Theology, World Religions, Atheism, and other issues-- The show airs live on the Truth Network, Monday through Friday, 6-7 PM, EST -3-4 PM, PST--You can also email questions to Matt using-, Please put -Radio Show Question- in the Subject line--You can also watch a live stream during the live show on RUMBLE--Time stamps are approximate due to commercials being removed for PODCAST.-- --Topics Include---10- Are there still prophets today---15- Issiah 66-15-17.-40- Does God allow or cause trials and temptation---48- Psalms 82-6-53- What is Apologetics--

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. It's Matt Slick live. Matt is the founder and president of the Christian Apologetics Research Ministry, found online at When you have questions about Bible doctrines, turn to Matt Slick live.

Francis, taking your calls and responding to your questions at 877-207-2276. Here's Matt Slick. All right, everyone, welcome to the show. It's me, Matt Slick.

You're listening to Matt Slick live. And today's date is, let's see, November 29th, 2023. I hope you're all having a good day. And, um, yeah, I think I started working on a paper for my doctorate and, uh, I don't believe the instructions were very clear, so I'd ask for help. And I still don't think the, is that clear? So I'm just going to give it a shot anyway.

We'll see what's going to happen. And, uh, I wrote some articles, uh, this week. Was it this week?

Wait, today's Wednesday, this week, Sunday weekend, Saturday. Any rate, I wrote some articles on, uh, did Jesus commit suicide? An atheist actually presented an argument that Jesus committed suicide, which is like brother.

And I said, do you mean he nailed himself to the cross? And, uh, it was a kind of a semi-sophisticated argument that he was trying to, uh, to make. And then I asked him in a chat room, I said, so, and what's the goal of this? He said, listen, I don't grant that your position is correct, but let's just say, you know, it is what, what's your goal. Then I win. He said, I said, you win, you win what? And he said the argument. So that's it. That's the whole thing to try and win an argument.

He goes, yes, just whoa. So that's your goal. But that must be pretty shallow for atheists lately.

If they're saying, my goal is to win any argument, you know, and I guess they're just getting desperate, handed to rears, having their rears handed to them all the time by competent Christians who, uh, know how to answer the, uh, the problems, movie problem is with, uh, with, uh, atheism. Anyway. So, Hey, look, if you want, you give me a call, uh, you can dial 877-207-2276 and if you want, uh, you can email me, you can do the other way, email me.

And that's at info at, info at And, uh, you can just put in a radio comment, radio question, uh, things like that for the, um, I'm distracted. I just, cause a thought came out of my mind, you know, I, I'm trying to get my wife to come on the radio. Now she's afraid to speak in public and, uh, she's, as you guys know, she's had a lot of, uh, medical problems, lots, and, uh, she's really suffering a lot and she, she keeps her faith and her brothers. She has two surviving brothers who have mocked Christ recently. And they said, you know, I forget the exact conversation, but, uh, uh, uh, it was, uh, that God's always good. And they said, if that's God, you're God always being good, referencing her condition.

They said to me, you don't want anything to do with it. I'm going to, I think about writing a response to that kind of objection because they want to complain when God doesn't do what they want. When something bad happens, then there is no God. But if something good happens, there's still there is no God.

So they have hypocritical and consistent stuff. So any rates, um, so I've been thinking about that the past couple of days. So here's the reason I bring this up. You guys out there, guys and girls, you got to pray to see if we can get my wife to come on the radio. All she's got to do is call me up and she could just sit in the comfort of her, of her, uh, situation. And we can talk and I can ask her questions.

And if you guys, uh, will email me at info at, you know, something like get your wife on the radio. And, uh, she can talk about her trials and tribulations and how she's kept her eyes on the Lord. I know there's a lot of people out there who have had a lot of problems, medical problems, health problems, financial problems.

I mean, seriously, it's, it's true. And so many people are struggling, you know, with their difficulties and she has been struggling and struggling and struggling. And, uh, we were at the pain doctor yesterday.

I'm tempted. I'm waiting each time the doctor says, how's your pain? And I'm waiting for her to look at me and go, he's right there. But she hadn't done that yet. So, uh, once, uh, I was in a doctor's office and the doctor said to her, well, how's your pain doing?

And I said, I can hear you talking. And so, uh, she just rolls her eyes, you know, the doctor chuckled. But, uh, any rate, so the goal is to get her on the air. I do want her to do that. So I, I've tried to coerce her to romance her into logicalize her in, but nope. So, so I don't know. So you guys, you can email, you know, uh, you know, get Nat's wife on the radio is subject line and I'll forward her all the emails, you know, and say, see, and she'll say, don't bother me.

I don't want to go to the radio, uh, stuff like that. But once she lost a bet with one of our kids and she got on the radio, she had to win. She had to do what the bet was because the bet was, you know, if you lose mom, you have to get on the radio with dad.

And she goes, okay. Because she knew she wasn't going to lose it. She did. So she got, she got on the air. She talked about child rearing. And man, people were calling up for weeks afterwards saying, get her on again. And that was it. That's the last time she's been on. She has a good radio voice too. So, uh, so Melissa says, we want a neek. Yep. You should, you got to email, email, uh, uh, my wife, you know, just info at carbon or get match wife on the radio, or whatever it is in the head, in the subject line.

And I could just forward a minute. See, see hun, see hun. And then she's gonna, uh, she's gonna whine and she's going to complain. And normally she would hit me, you know, she'd do an arm hit, uh, and which I love. I love arm hits.

But, uh, if she did, she probably hurt herself because she's in such dire needs and stuff like that. All right. Enough about that. If I hope she's not listening right now because she'll give me one of those looks, you know, those looks that's go through the tone like this, you know, one of those looks that a wife can give her for this, see my tone. That's how it would be.

Cause, uh, no arm hits, but tone, a facial expression tone. A lot of us husbands are going, yeah, I know what that is. And they're cowering right now and having withdrawals or something, something's happening. Hey, I have an idea. Okay. Why don't we get to the callers? Let's get to Camilla from Wisconsin. Welcome.

You are on the air. Hi. My dad said that there aren't any more profits after John the Baptist. Um, that's in Matthew 11 verse 13. He's right.

There's no more profits. Yes. Go ahead.

Okay. But I was reading in acts 13 verse one. It says, no, there were at Antioch in the church.

That was their profits and teachers, Barnabas and Simeon, who are called Niagara and Lyceus of Cyrene and Mannion who had been brought up with Herod, the Tetriarch and Saul. So who are these profits if John the Baptist was the last prophet? So John the Baptist is the last prophet in the style of the old Testament covenant work, the law and the prophets were until John. So that's Matthew 11, 13. It's also Luke 16, 16.

And so, uh, there aren't any more like that. And then what John the Baptist was, was that prophet who spoke directly from God and he was written about and Jesus said, there's none greater than him. And so that's that now in the new Testament, first Corinthians 14, you will see, uh, prophets and what that is. I'm going to go right there and show you what the context is. Okay. And so here we go.

And, uh, let me put this over here like this so I can get to more words. And so pursue everything, pursue, you know, good things and especially that you may prophesy and that's first Corinthians 14, one, but when you prophesy, speaks to men for edification, for edification and the one who prophesies edifies the church. And so when we say that the, the new Testament type prophets, what they could do is operate under what's called a charismatic gift. Now a charismatic gift comes from the Greek charisma and there are 10 that are given to the church. One of them is, is salvation. First is Romans 6, 23 free gift, gift of charisma. And then the other ones are word of knowledge, prophecy, tongues, interpretation of tongues and things like that. Those are the charismatic gifts and those are given to the church. So in that sense, those kinds of prophets are here.

But in the old Testament style prophet like Moses and Elijah and Isaiah, there aren't any more, there were different kinds and that's what's going on there. Okay. Okay.

All right. Can I ask how old you are? How old are you? Just curious. 12. Good.

And so you were reading this and you came up with this on your own? Yeah. All right. Good for you. Good for you. Now you got to learn here. I hope your dad's not listening to this, but what you got to do is learn theological principles that are really deep so you can ask him and he'll go, what? All right.

Cause that's fun to do that to your dad. All right. That sound like fun? Yeah.

It is. And you could go to my website and you could go to the theology section in there, Christian theology. You can read through some big, not big articles, but I mean you can read through that. Look, look a big words and then memorize what they say and ask them. All right. Hope he's not listening to me cause he can embarrass you, embarrass them and stuff like that. But he might be looking right now. Listen, I don't know.

You just point behind him. And what's that? And then leave.

But, um, what I would do is, is learn those big words. Okay. Okay. So you're smiling or I can tell you like that idea. It is a good idea.

My girls would do that to me too. All right. All right. Thank you. You're welcome. Well, God bless. Okay.

Bye. I love it when kids call. I think we had a, a six year old, five or six year old once and that really young squeaky voice and sentence structure. Oh man, I just loved it. It was a bit, I forgot what question it was, but it was a basic question. And it was really good question for a five year old or six year old, but it was, and uh, I really enjoyed that.

So it was good. All right. Hey, if you want to give me a call, we have three open lines, eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six.

Dave from Kansas city. Welcome. You're on the air. Yeah. I'm 60 years older than that little Berean girl that called in 60 years old. I'm older.

Wow. You're a second year older, 60 years older than her. So I'm 72.

Yeah. You're a septuagenarian. I'm still a sesagenarian. The, um, I get on Tik TOK to argue with this, um, Hebrew Israelite, uh, he wants us to go back under the law and everything, and go back under kosher and every, uh, and, and I find that sometimes when I argue with him, it, it, it, it really helps me. I don't, I don't get as much of people that agree with me. I get more out of studying the Bible from people that disagree with me cause I have to push my own, uh, um, preconceived notions. So he came up with this thing in Isaiah 66 verse 17, it's talking about messianic rule and it says, those who sanctify and pure themselves to the gardens follow one in the center who eat swine's flesh and detestable things and mice will come to an end all together, declares Yahweh.

So what he's saying is that the swine's flesh is still in effect in the messianic kingdom so that the kosher laws were still in effect. Okay. So the question to ask him is, do you interpret the Old Testament in light of the new or the New Testament in light of the old?

That's the question you want to ask. Okay. All right. And you want to, um, to teach him because the black Hebrews or lights are arrogant racists.

And he's a, he's a Gentile white guy that, Oh yeah. Okay. Well there are, there are a lot of offshoots.

So I'm not surprised to hear that, but generally speaking here, they're arrogant racists. All right. So let me see if I have my notes on this and uh, yeah, verse 17, I don't have any commentary on it, but it's one of the things. All right. Oh, there's a break. So hold on and we'll get to this afterwards and tell you one of the ways to respond. Okay.

So hold on buddy. We'll be right back after these messages. If you want to give me a call, we have several local lines, eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. We'll be right back. It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt slick.

All right. Hey everybody. Welcome back to the show. Let's get back on with Dave. As soon as the producer reactivates them and uh, let's see if you want to give me a call.

Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Let's get to Dave. You still there? Yeah. All right. So the context here is the pagans and their false, uh, idolatry and stuff like that. And what God is doing is, is condemning them in their unholyness and their lack of sanctification. Um, so these are people who are under the law and the Hebrew Israelites, uh, are under the law and there's a significant, uh, problem with that. Now I'll take you teach you a little bit about this or run through some scriptures. So you always want to look at what the context is and, and, uh, the context books, excuse me, is dealing with the, uh, the idolaters. They are the ones who are doing just detestable things, eating swine's flesh, detestable things and mice will come to an end altogether, declares the Lord.

All right. So here's the question. Is this a universal eternal predicament or situation? And if that's the case and if they say yes, then you can say, then why did Paul speak to the contrary? You know, meet at sacrifice to idols is okay. First Corinthians 10 and Romans 14.

Uh, you know, one man convinced he can do this. Another one, not, you know, each person should be fully convinced in his own mind. And what I'll do is I'll, I'll run these by them and say, can you please explain them? And then what they do is they sometimes attack Paul or they'll attack Christ. They'll attack those errors of scripture. They will call me names. Uh, they will say, I don't understand what I'm talking about, et cetera. Do their bit. And then I take notes while they're talking.

And then I, I turn the notes against them. And so one of the things I'll do, they'll say, okay, look, so when Jesus died on the cross and shed his blood, did that cleanse us of our sins? No, it's a trick question because of the say no and baptism.

Let me get into the soteriological issue and I can do deal with that. But did it cleanse us of our sins? Well, um, maybe, maybe not.

Uh, yes it did. Those hopefully have to say, yes, good, good. So then if we go to Romans seven, one through four, that's a critical verse because, or section because it says there that those who have died with Christ are no longer under the law.

That's what he says. Now, Romans six, six, so crucified with Christ and Romans six, eight says we died with Christ or Colossians three, one through four. It says we've died with Christ.

So here's the question I'd like to ask them. If I have died with Christ by my faith and in him, then I'm no longer under the law. According to the scriptures, is that not correct? And they'll see the problem they're going to have right away because they want to live under the law in their self-righteousness. But if I go to the new Testament and show how we've died with Christ, then they won't be able to respond adequately from scripture. And I can show them that are still under the law. There's more, but go ahead.

Yeah, go ahead. They'll call you antinomian then. They say, no, I'm not antinomian because I'll say you, when people accuse us of antinomianism, which is for those who don't know, we can sin that grace may abound. So you've got to read Romans six, one, uh, one and two, may we sin that grace may abound, may it never be. And I say to the, to those who accuse us, I say, you don't understand what regeneration is because God declares us righteous.

Wouldn't we die with him? And when we are justified, we're also regenerated made new creatures. Second Corinthians 5, 17, we're born again, John three, three through eight.

So therefore we are not sitting here going out to violate the law and that's not it. And then I'll say, and besides, when I quote to you, Romans seven, one through four, you call Paul an antinomian. So you're disagreeing with Paul, the apostle, and why is it? And I'll ask him, why is it when I bring up a verse, then you accuse me of failures, but that's what the scriptures say.

You understood it. And yet you contradict the scriptures. And then I'm going to go to Galatians three at this point. Galatians three is really cool.

It sounds cool at the beginning. You foolish Galatians who was bewitched you before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified. This is the only thing that I want to find out from you. Did you receive the spirit by the works of the law or by hearing with faith? Are you so foolish having begun by the spirit or you now being perfected by the flesh?

See that's the flesh. Those are the issues of the law. You are still under the law. You are the Galatians. You are the Galatians that Paul is condemning in your legalism. And you accuse us of antinomianism, which means you don't understand what it means to be born again, because you've not died with Christ. You're not dwelt with God. You are not born again.

You're under that law and you're going to live by that law and you'll die by that law. Okay. Yeah. I don't, I don't think he's, he's not saying that he, he's, he's saying that he, uh, we're justified by faith through grace alone. He's saying that when we eat swine's flesh or don't keep kosher, we are violating God's holy commandment. Now he'll, when I say Jesus declared all clean things clean and, and, uh, that sheet that Peter had, he'll say that only had to do with the, the, the prophecy about the Gentiles coming in had nothing to do with, um, uh, and negating the kosher at law. Yeah. Well, you can just, instead of debating him on that, just go to Romans 14. All right. Starting at verse two, verse two, one person has faith. He may eat all things, but he was weak.

Eat vegetables only. Does all things include pork? I ask him, does it?

I think so. But he would say, you know, you know, and say, Oh, so when it says all things, it doesn't mean all things. So when it says all things, it doesn't mean that means the opposite of what it says. Not all things.

And said, for one who eats, go ahead. Well, he would say it means all things like, um, all is, uh, the only clean things like for instance, uh, for God so loved the whole world. It doesn't mean the whole world.

It meets the world of the elect. In other words, all doesn't mean all, always. Well, that's another topic in John three 16, which is close, but no cigars. One person has faith that he may eat all things, but he was weak. He's vegetables only. The one who eats is not to regard with contempt. The one who does not eat. And the one who does not eat is not to judge the one who eats for God has accepted him. And I would ask him, are you judging anybody for eating pork?

Yes, he is. Like say, then you're violating Romans 14, three. Okay. Uh huh. And so ask him also, do you have to worship on Saturday?

And what does he say? Oh yeah. He would say so. Yeah.

Okay. Verse five. One person regards one day above another and other regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind. See, so I'd say if, if every day means every day and one person regards it every day, every day, like why is it that the Sabbath here is included in the, in the, uh, the larger group of every day and what they'll generally say is it is not, can you show me from the God in Texas? It's not, I say, just saying it doesn't make it so because what you're doing is, is your, you're submitting the scriptures to your position, not your position to scripture. And this is why you, I'll say to them, you know, depending where they're at, this is why you're in a cult or this is why you're you're a legalist or this is why you're failing to understand the truth. Yeah. Well, it makes me sharper debating him. I know that because I have to prove my point, not just rely on the tradition and everything, but it makes me sharper.

But sometimes he throws me curve balls and everything and I just need your advice on when I thank you for being there for me. Well, yeah, no problem. I would like it if he calls up the show and debated me on these things. Okay. I'll tell them to call it is a on Tik TOK. His name is leaving Christian, leaving churchianity, leaving churchianity.

He even has a clip on flactery. Okay. Hold on. We got a break.

Hold on. I want to hear what you had to say, but we got a break coming up here. Hey folks, we'll be right back after these messages. Hopefully Dave will still be on.

If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276. We'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. Welcome back to the show. We still have Dave on. I think Dave, are you still there? Oh yeah.

Okay. So you're going to say something and then we had the break. So what was that? And now this, this guy is, he's got a lot of scripture. He, uh, you know, every time I try to combat him on something, he'll have a like, he has a clip on, um, flactery that he clips on his thing. So he's got that. Wait, wait, wait.

He wears a factory. Really? Okay.

Does he clip on so he can put it on any garment that he wears? Okay. Well, I would love to talk to this guy and say, Hey, how's your right. It'd be great.

Are you doing enough? I know. Uh, listen, uh, you know, he, and he just mocks us all over the place.

He said, thanks. That, you know, again, uh, we are, uh, distorting the scriptures cause Jesus has commandments mean all of the old Testament commandments that we, uh, violate any of them will you not be in. And he has ways around certain things, but, um, it just, it's just an argument that that basically argues around, uh, swine flesh and, and the kosher laws that he, he swears that they're just, uh, um, there for, uh, letting the Gentiles into the church had nothing to do with the food itself.

So I'm curious, does he practice, uh, sacrifices? She's still under the law. So there's a way around that. Yeah. He said that, that, you know, the sacrifices are not made now because just the sacrifices were not made during the dispersion between, uh, uh, the, the, the, the temple between when Solomon's temple was destroyed and the Jews went into dispersion and in, in, um, um, Babylon and they didn't have a sacrifice then they're in dispersion. Now, it's the same thing.

It's a period of grace between, uh, that, that's okay. Yeah. So then they're supposed to do, uh, the sacrifices.

Is that what he's saying? Well, they were supposed to do it then when Nehemiah, I mean, Nehemiah, right now, are we supposed to do them right now? That's the question. They don't have a temple there and disperse you. So he, is he supposed to do sacrifices right now? Well, he would say my sacrifice is in Christ. So, but that's new Testament law. That's new Testament. Well, he does believe in the new Testament. That's the sad part.

He's going to call, I'd love to call him or not to call me. I don't dismantle this mistake. I know it. Yeah.

Yeah. It takes all out of me. But you know, as you say, and then as you've demonstrated that arguing with the opposite opposition makes you a stronger person because you have to do your homework and don't just accept everything that you've been taught.

So it makes you stronger. And I thank you for your ministry. Well, you're welcome. And, uh, I'm glad you're, you're doing it. And we, we've talked before we talked on other venues besides the radio, your, your voice. Yeah. I'm a big supporter of yours. We're on, we're, we're tight.

Are you on a discord or a clubhouse at clubhouse? Yeah. Okay. All right. That's right. I've heard your voice before.

So, uh, yeah, you know, you have a nice distinct voice. So good. Well, you know, I'm going back on clubhouse periodically now more and more, even though it's so busy, but you know, but it was on last night for a little bit. Nothing interesting was really happening since they did this update a few months ago.

They've killed it. So any rate. All right.

Well, good for you. Yeah. See if this guy will call me, see if this guy will call me.

I would discuss something on the clubhouse or discord or someplace else. No, I'd love that. I'll try to get this guy to, uh, you know, I put turned them onto several, uh, like, uh, I don't know if you've ever heard of RL Solberg, Dr. Solberg. He does a great apologetics against the Hebrew Torah keepers and stuff like that.

But he could, he just is, you know, it's just, he won't listen. Yeah. And also vocab Malone, if you know who he is, he's fantastic.

They'll cab Malone. Um, he, uh, I spent some time with him down in Arizona a couple of years ago and we just drove around and he would just, I said, just teach me, teach me about Hebrew is like two hours. He was just going and going and he really knows the topic.

So he's also a great guy for that. They call themselves Torah babies. I've heard several members of Torah babies.

Uh, there are some are members of these groups and they're all Gentile. That's the sad part. Yeah. Well, I like to ask him a question. Uh, anybody who wants to keep the law, I say, what's the reason you want to keep it? And then that's one question. I want to see what they're going to say. The other one is, they would say, because Jesus commanded it.

Okay. And, uh, I'll say, where does he command it? And that's another thing. And then there's, if you love me, you will keep my commandments. And which commandments did he, did he give? Well, they would refer to the, if we refer to the two commandments, love your neighbor as yourself and love the Lord, your God is all your heart. And also they would put it back under the 418 commandments of the Old Testament. 613, just so you know, I would say, well, show me that in the scriptures, don't, don't grant that they just say something is true. They show it to me in the new Testament, show me where Jesus said to keep the Old Testament law. And then I'm going to say, what about the book of Hebrews? Because of the book of Hebrews and hate and Hebrews eight 17 or excuse me, eight 13 and nine 15 through 16 talks about the old covenant being done away with or abrogated, I should say that's an order no longer.

Yeah. They would say so it, because it's abrogated that, that doesn't mean it was God's heart. And that's God's desire that we, these words, it's stupid. It's stupid.

It's a stupid argument. Sorry, but it is, it's not God's heart. Also, you know, the heart of God. And so when Paul the apostle called by Jesus Christ himself, I believe he wrote Hebrews wrote Hebrews and he wrote this about the covenant aspect.

You're sitting there. It's not God's heart. Is it inspired or not inspired? Because if it's inspired, it's from God's heart. Okay. So is it not inspired? And who are you to say what is and isn't inspired in scripture?

She's like shooting fish in a barrel. These guys, they only know enough to bolster their own opinions and they don't know how to put a two and two together and make it stick. So I would love to talk to these guys. All right. Okay.

Arrange or arrange it, call me on the radio or arrange for us to have a discussion some night on some venue. I'd be glad to do that. Yeah. All right. I will. Okay. I will.

So much heresy. So little time. All right. All right. Bless you. You too, man.

God bless Dave. All right. Yeah. See, this is the, that's where I light up. I love stuff like that. I, you know, I got issues. Um, my wife just said for some spontaneous reason, another room, she goes, Hey man, she, and then she goes, what'd I say that for?

But I'm sure it just happened. Um, you know, I love talking to, uh, to those who don't know biblical truth in a lot of areas and who add legalism. Uh, I love talking to them for one thing is practice, but for another thing, I get to use them as a sounding board to teach others.

And third could try and teach them the truth so they can get out another bondage. And, uh, plus fourth, for some strange reason, just like heresies, you know, people like sports teams. Okay. And, uh, man, look at that guy that they can throw the ball really far.

I don't follow sports and stuff like that. And my idea of a good time is listening to heresy. No, yeah, I got issues. My wife just said, amen. Again, she goes, she's going to come to me later and go, I can't help it. For some reason I'm spontaneously saying, Hey man, I don't know what's going on. I'm not going to say anything.

All right. So, Hey, look, we have a four open lines, wide open lines. If you want to give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. And I want to hear from you. So, um, you don't have anybody waiting right now. So I'm going to do is get to some of the questions and the comments, radio comments and radio questions.

Uh, let's get to, let's try this one here. It says, um, I know James says that God doesn't tempt. I'm wondering if God not only allows trials, but causes, sends trials to believers. All right. Yes, he does.

Uh, he does send trials upon us and he certainly allows them to, uh, to come upon us, but he's not doing the tempting. So let me explain something about causality related to, um, culpability. Now those are two big words, but let me explain. So, uh, causality is related to culpability.

Okay. How culpability means you're responsible for an action or for an intention. You're responsible. So when Adam was in the garden of Eden, he is called the efficient cause of his own sin. That's just a phrase, efficient cause, which means he decided to do it. Nobody decided to do it for him. He did it himself. No one forced him. No one forced him. So he's responsible for that action of his own sin.

The proximate cause is the garden, the trees, God letting the devil and et cetera. So those are the conditions in which Adam made his own free will choice. So God does not in the efficient cause sense tempt us. He does not bring a temptation to us by his own direct will, where he says, I'm going to put a temptation in front of you. Just here you go. You're tempted.

Now I'm tempting you. That's not what happens, but he will allow, for example, causative context to exist in which various things can come to you where you can be tempted within them, but he's not bringing the temptation. He's allowing certain circumstances to come to your door. But if his desire is for you to honor him in all things, and so he puts you through a trial and you had this opportunity to praise him. And then in that, you denounce something about God in your anger or your, your frustration, then you have sinned, but he didn't cause you to sin. Even though the circumstances were there by which you were enabled to make a rebellious statement and therefore sin. So the difference between efficient causation related to the responsibility for sin and proximate causation, that's not related to that.

And proximate is how God allows certain things and trials to come to us, but the direct temptation is a different issue. I hope that helps. Hey, there's some music. We'll be right back after these messages. Please give me a call. We'll be right back. It's Matt Slick live, taking your calls at 877-207-2276.

Here's Matt Slick. All right. I want to welcome back to the show. We are on the last segment, the last part of the show.

So if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276, you can also email me at info at, info at and put in radio question, radio comment. Let me see if we got some in. I got some other ones. Um, let's see. Let's see. Let's see. Okay.

I don't see any new ones that came in. Ooh, look at that. Hey, some talk, all kinds of stuff. How many do we have? We only have 149 in there. That's good. And, uh, my, I'm looking at my other accounts, 241, man, 110, uh, 55.

I don't even want to look anymore. I've got so much stuff to do. 65. Oh yeah.

So much to do. Uh, but that's okay. That's all right. I don't mind. Okay. So let me get back to some of the real questions here. So here's another one. Um, let's see.

Ah, with the talking trees. I don't know about that. I'm not going to research that one. Let's see. There's another one. Let's see. I hope y'all praying as well.

Okay. I know that Jesus is coming back, but I hear it is the second coming. Wouldn't this be considered his third because he was born a baby. Now that would be the first coming of Christ. It's first arrival. Um, then rose from the dead and said it to his father and we're waiting for his return. So, uh, okay. Well, um, yeah, there's two. The first coming was his incarnation.

The second will be his return from heaven. So ascending into heaven is not, it's, it's not a coming. It's a going, so it doesn't fit that category of what that is. Okay. Okay. All right.

So there's that one and that should be pretty easy. And, uh, let's see. Let's see.

Hey, why don't you give me a call? Eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Uh, can I exegete Psalm 82 six?

Well, let's do that. And that's an important verse. Uh, well it's an important verse.

So the Mormons use it a lot. It says, I said, you are gods. And you're all sides of the most high because Mormonism teaches we can become gods. You have to have secret handshakes, secret hugs, and a full 10% tithe of your income to the church. You go to the temple, uh, you know, you do secret rituals, get a secret handshakes, uh, get a new name.

And you have the potential of becoming a God. And this is just blasphemy. Uh, they are back under the law. They're back into their temples. Uh, uh, one of the questions I'll ask Mormons when I'm talking to them is why does the Mormon church put back with God destroyed? And they'd say, what? Yeah, the veil, the veil and temple God destroyed it at the crucifixion of Christ.

No more separation between God and man. Why does your temple put them back in? And it's a very interesting question and they've never been able to answer that question. Why does the Mormon church put the veil back into the temple in their insert so called temples that they have, uh, when they have these, the veils, you know, and they've got to shake hands with the slits through the slits of the veils. Why does God, uh, God destroyed it, Matthew 27, but yet you put it back.

Why do you do that? And it's a good question, which means flat out it means they're false because they don't understand what God did in Christ on the cross. And because they don't understand how God destroyed that veil and what that destruction meant because they do not understand the truth of God's word or who God truly is. They then put it back and then they polish all of their presentations.

They get smart people to say the right things and then they continue to polish through the decades to make themselves look good. That's what Mormonism is. But nevertheless, so this is a, uh, Psalm 82 six is an imprecatory Psalm Psalm 82 and then read the whole thing to you because it's really important. All you gotta do is read context.

Okay. God takes his stand in his own congregation. He judges in the midst of the rulers. Now the word rulers there in, in Hebrew is Elohim. He judges in the midst of the gods.

Okay. But the word here, it's a, it's an issue because, um, what the Mormons like to do is like to say, well, this proves there's gods out there. No, it doesn't because there's other verses that contradict their interpretation of this verse because their interpretation is that these are literally gods, but that's not the case. When you read the context, the unrighteous judges on earth were referred to as gods because they had the power of life and death.

We'll get to that in a second. Furthermore, when you quote them, Isaiah 43, 10, 44, six, 44, eight, 45, five, which there talks about God not even knowing of any other God, there's done before him, then after him, he doesn't even know of any other. So then how could there be other gods? And well, then they then go to the verses I quote and say, that just means of this world.

But that's not what it says. He says, you don't even know of any other. And if, if Jesus is a God and the Holy ghost is a God and there's a mother goddess, that's other gods. Does he even know about those? So it doesn't make any sense.

But at any rate, we get back to this. Uh, and we know that these are the unrighteous judges because it says in verse two, verse two, how long will you judge unjustly and show partiality to the wicked? So he's talking to the present people. He's not saying that they are gods literally, but he says, God takes his stand in his own congregation. He judges in the midst of all the gods. He's the sovereign King of all.

How long will you judge? Because what the Psalm wasn't doing is saying, you better look at who's the primary here. It's God, not you vindicate the weak and fatherless, do justice to the afflicted and destitute, rescue the weak and needy, deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.

That's the command. And so he's talking about the unrighteous rulers and they had the power of life and death. They're like gods. That's what it's a mockery. This is called an imprecatory Psalm. And, um, um, he says, uh, they do not know nor do they understand.

They walk about in darkness. All the foundations of the earth are shaken. I said, you are gods and all of you are sons of the most high. Nevertheless, you will die like men and fall like any one of the princes arise. Oh God judge the earth for it is you who possesses a nations.

So it's a, uh, it's a, it's an imprecatory Psalm and it's a, it's God mocking the unrighteous rulers. And that's what that is. That's what's going on. Let's get to Monique from North Carolina. Monique, welcome.

You're on the air. I'm welcome. That's great. I have a question about apologetics is apologetics, uh, more set up for lack of a better way of saying it, to inform, uh, the kind of the deep, the doctrinal, the, um, things that Jesus is saying, teasing them out, what they mean, uh, or is it, or is it an, and a ministry also of love like the love of God and where that fits in our lives and how supreme it is over our lives.

Yeah, it is an act of love because we're informing people about the false doctrines that they have and bring the gospel. I'm sorry. Can you say that first part again? I'm sorry.

Couldn't hear you. Clear. Sure. Apologetics is an act of love, among other things, because, uh, those who do apologetics are teaching the truth, refuting error, and that is loving your neighbor. Right.

Because if we did not love them and care for them, we wouldn't care about telling them the truth. Right. So it is an act.

It's one of the aspects of apologetics. And we're to do it with patience and kindness and, um, uh, with love and, and humility. Okay. Okay. And I asked that, go ahead.

No, go ahead. Yeah. Okay. I asked Matt because, and I would, I would assume your answer is the answer I would've thought, you know, would, would be the actual definition if you were of it or purpose of it. But I'm just curious because honestly, brother, I don't, I'm still struggling with, um, our last, I guess you can call it a conversation. And when I was asking about the, you know, how the servant of God was, must be, you know, kind, gentle, you know what it says at to teach and you know, uh, how that is done, how it comes across and particularly if there are insults in the, what's your point?

Cause you're kind of just kind of going. So what's your point? Well, that, that's, that's what I practice before I call, uh, because I don't understand your kind of going, what I'm trying to do is clarify what I'm talking about. It wouldn't seem to be clear if I said, well, what do you think about that Jesus said the servant of the Lord must be at to teach patient, you know, so forth and so on. Um, in the context of interjecting, for whatever reason, at any time, insults into that when you're talking obviously to the other non-believer or, you know, can you give me an example of such an insult?

Can you give me an example? Yeah. Okay.

Okay. Um, someone who we're in, we know the scripture talks about the, the one who opposes himself, so you can instruct the one who opposed. So someone who opposes themselves is, uh, different ends of the spectrum. Some of them are very arrogant about it. Others are just wrong. Can you give me an example?

So, uh, I'm a caller, I'm calling in about, um, women pastors and how I think it's bigoted that you would say that God doesn't want any women to preach and you're pointing out, obviously the scripture. It's not what I said. It's not what I said. Okay. Back up. Cause you said, give you an example. No, no, no, no. Hold on.

Yeah. But you just misrepresented what I said though. I don't take, I didn't say that. Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you said, give you an example.

Yes, you did. And then I corrected your example. That's not what I say. You're talking about me, right? Oh, well, no, no, not necessarily. I'm not talking about you. I'm not talking about you.

Oh, well, no, no, not necessarily. I can't. I would if you give me the chance to get there, but that's what I'm leading to. I don't like coming in with accusation. So I'm just giving the example like you asked. Just get to the point.

What's your point? What do you want to say? You have a complaint.

What is it? Right. And this is, this is what happens. And I don't, you need to get hung up on me. A Christian who's trying to ask a question. Can you just get to the point? You're killing me. I'm child I'm being as patient as I can, but you're killing me. All right.

I keep asking you the same thing and you beat around the bush so much. Please just say it. Well, help me since you're in such a loving tone to say it. Cause that's what I'm trying to do.

I'm serious. Help me say it. What do you want to say? I can't read your mind.

You don't get to the point. Just talk to me. I'm a big boy. Okay. What do you want? Okay. Okay. Are you ready for this answer?

Oh joy. Okay. We're done.

I'm sorry. Look, you know, just, just talk. Just say it. Don't beat around the bush forever. That always drives me crazy.

And then she just continues to do it. Look, just say this. Okay, fine. Let's talk about it.

Oh man. That's frustrating. It is. Okay. You've got to remember I'm autistic and it's like, just, just get to the point. I just keep saying it. Just get to the point. Just say it.

And then she does it. That's it. Just say it.

What does it say? Just talk to me. So anyway, oh man, I get frustrated with stuff like that. I can't help it folks. I just the way that I try to be patient. I really do.

I try to be patient, but sometimes, you know, there you go. All right. Well, I hope you enjoyed that.

Anyway, maybe she'll call back and then maybe she can just write down a question or write down a statement. I think you're mean. Thank you. There you go. Let's talk. Okay.

That's all she's got to do. Oh, all right folks. Well, Hey, by God's grace, back on there tomorrow. And we'll talk to you then. So have a good one, everybody. God bless. Bye. Another program powered by the truth network.
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