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Family Trips

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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November 20, 2023 2:21 pm

Family Trips

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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November 20, 2023 2:21 pm

Guest host Jerry Mathis and friends talk about their best memories of traveling 


Nakita Kolov, the Russian nightmare.

No, the devil's nightmare here. From it's time to man up. Challenging men to step into their true manhood. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it. Share it. But most of all, thank you for listening to the Truth Podcast Network. This is the Truth Network. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy Radio Show with today's guest host, our Christian Body Shop Guy, Jerry Mathis. I say this calls for action, and now. What a great morning we have planned for you.

I tell you what, I'm excited about it for one thing. I got two guys sitting in the studio with me that are really good friends, and we're going to just, I told them earlier, we're going to like pull up to, pull our chair up to the table and just, just talk this morning on a lot of different issues. One thing this morning I want to just mention, Robbie isn't here.

He is on the masculine journey men's retreat, and I'm sure they're having a, with this boot camp, I'm sure it's a blessed time and stuff, and always excited about hearing the stories of how God, God moved on that group of men, and I'm sure there'll be a lot of great stories coming out of that. This Saturday morning is here in North Carolina. It's a beautiful morning. The leaves are still falling off of the trees, and it's not too awful cold. Weather's pretty good, and getting ready for all the holiday season rolling in on us, and we're going to talk a little bit about, one of the things I want to talk about is, I've got two friends in here, we're going to talk about growing up and the importance of that, I think it's almost like a lost art or something that we all grew up with, and then we did it also with our own kids, and that was when you loaded up inside of a car, went on a trip, it could be just across town or whatever it is, but just that family bonding time where you was able to just kind of, remember we'd sometimes have the radio on, sometimes just turn it off, and just, we'd had an opportunity just to share and stuff. I remember doing it as a child, and as a young kid, also I remember how important that was, this time that we would travel with my daughter and stuff, and as we sit there, I know like at church on Sunday mornings, sometimes I sit there and I'll see a family of four or five coming in, and they've came in four different cars, I mean it's just so different than it used to be and stuff, and I can, you know, I just think that's something that we're missing, and there's just an opportunity that, you know what, you get inside that car, and I know when Taylor was younger, phones had started getting popular and stuff like that, but I used to always tell her, you know, we're going to talk, we're just going to just enjoy it, you know, sometimes just get in that car and travel and turn off all your devices and stuff, you know, don't be sitting there as, you know, how many times we've been sitting around the table and somebody's texting somebody who's just sitting two chairs down from the whole time and don't even, aren't even part of a conversation.

We're going to talk about that a little bit. Also, this time of season, autumn. Man, people automatically think the worst and most hazardous time to be on the road is winter, which it is because of the snow and the ice and all of that, but when you start looking statistically at accidents, fall is the most common time. There's more accidents during the fall and autumn than it is any other of the four seasons, and we are, we're going to kind of dive into that, why that is, and then, of course, as we sit there today, I just want to take just a moment, just talk about what's going on in the world. I mean, every time you turn the TV on or radio on, it's hard to, I don't know, it's just really, really tough to watch and stuff, all the evil in the world and the hate and the, I mean, it's just, it's just like, it's just, it's depressing, but we know what the answer to all that is, and we're going to talk a little bit about that, but again, I want to just swing around the table. As I said, we're pulling up our chairs at the table and let Junior and Mark introduce themselves to you, and these are two guys that I look up to and certainly grateful to call them one thing, my friend, but more importantly, brothers in Christ. Junior, take the mic.

Jerry, I appreciate you calling us to let us come back. I didn't think after three or four times we was here, you'd let us come back again, but I appreciate you doing that, and I'm A.C. Reynolds Junior. I go with Junior because my dad and I ran the business for many years, and he was the senior, and I was the junior, and that's the way they addressed us when they come in, but it's a privilege to be here. These two guys that's here with me have really been a blessing to me in my life, and although I'm the oldest, I've probably got these guys here way beat.

I'm the oldest. I think I look better than the rest of them, and if you ever want to see me, it's hard to catch me, but I'm at the Sanerville Baptist Church. I play for the praise team there at early service, so if you want to see me, come out there at 845 in the fellowship hall, the big gym, and worship with us, and then we have a service at 11. But we love the Lord.

He's done a lot for us, and He continues to bless us, and just glad that we're here to serve Him. That's our main purpose, and I hope you're attending the church somewhere. If you don't, ours is available, Jerry's available, Mark's is available, or I'm sure there's somebody out there that you'll enjoy. Well, Mark, pull up to the mic here. Hi, I'm Mark Flint. I own Pulliams Barbecue, which I'm blessed for the people that I don't call anybody customers.

They're all friends. I've been blessed with that and whatnot, and I attend Poplar Springs up in King, North Carolina, which we invite you to come up Poplar Springs if you get a chance to. Got a good group of people there and whatnot, and it's just a blessing to be here and appreciate you having us back and have this good time in fellowship. Yep, I'm looking forward to it, and when we dive into talking about the experience we've had in a car as a family, I hope we have some callers that will call in and also share those experiences because this is a call-in show. Let me go ahead and give you the number. It's 866-348-7884. Again, this is a call-in show.

Love to hear about your experiences, how you've taken the car, and it's been an opportunity to bond with your family, and even if you have another thing, you have a car question or just a question about where to get a good hot dog at or something, what makes a good hot dog, Mark can cover that. Junior's been in the automotive repair industry and towing industry for I can't think of how many years. Back when they had cherries.

Yeah, back before there was cars and stuff. Again, the call-in show and the number is 866-348-7884, and as we were sitting here, and I said that talking about the years and stuff, I'm from Ray's Body Shop and Record Service. Dad started that business in 1964, and the reason I even bring that up since you just mentioned, Reynolds Garage was 1941, and Pulliams has been 1910.

So, wow, that's just to me, it's just humbling. I mean, I would like take a moment too, we were blessed to have your father around that he'd like people know that he just recently passed away, and Ray was a great guy. He sure was. Yep, and I tell the story a lot. I mean, I can remember, well, I don't really remember that much about it, but when he first started the business in 64, previously he worked at Reynolds Tobacco Company, in which anyone will know who's in Forsyth County. At that time, I mean, probably 60% of all the population worked at some form with Reynolds Tobacco Company. He came home on a Friday, and I know that mom shared this story in tears many a times as I was growing up. Came in on a Friday, said, today was my last day I quit Reynolds, and I bought some property on South Main Street in Winston-Salem, and I'm opening up a body shop, which at that point, luckily, I had my mom and still have her, and she didn't die of a massive heart attack, I mean.

He had a vision. Yeah, he did, and been doing it since 1964, and met a lot of good, now that's part of what in business that y'all will say that you enjoy is just the people and stuff. As you said, they're not customers, they're friends that walk through those doors, and Junior's always had that attitude with Reynolds Garage and Reynolds Towin also. And our competitors, you know, your best friends usually are as your competitors in the business if you think about it.

That's right. And us three right here, we've shared business together. I love to go over and get those hot dogs at Mark's, and being his neighbor, I'm gonna give you a little secret about Mark's hot dogs. He usually gives me mine. What? Because I end up getting all his leaves, picking up my sticks, looking after my dogs. I have to pay him back some way.

I think he gets to play the ball with the Bears more than I do. All right, we'll be back in just a moment again. If you've got a story about time you spent in the car, or just a time of a story with something to do with cars, and also driving in the fall, any kind of hazards you've ran into. We'll be back in a moment again.

Call in show 866-348. You're listening to the Truth Network and Welcome back to Christian Car Guy Radio. I'm going to talk a little bit about being in a vehicle and just spending that time with your family.

And again, I'd love to hear your stories about that subject, or also if you just had, you know, been out driving in this kind of this season, the kind of the hazards that you've ran into, because there's a lot of them. We're going to kind of talk about them too. But this is a calling show.

It's 866-348-7884. Well guys, I'll tell you, and I've probably heard some of these stories before, but I think about just getting in a car, and I just think that's one of the things that we've an opportunity for families to be able to bond, and just talk and share, and you know, because I think today we live in a society that's so, you know, technical, dependent on these devices that we have strapped to our hips, or our iPads, or tablets, or whatever it is. We get out, and as I said, I can go in a restaurant and be eating, and people at on different ends of the table are not even talking, and they're all texting back and forth to each other. Well, the same thing with our kids and stuff. We don't spend time with them, and we don't spend time with our spouse sometimes, because we, as I mentioned, I go to Pinedale Christian Church, and I'm outside sometimes just watching cars pull in, and it'll be four cars pulling in, with five people getting out of them, and they all live in the same house, because they just, nobody travels together anymore, and I, as a child growing up, one of the couple things that I always remember, and think about, and certainly cherish, and have fond memories of, I know it's about ready to go into Christmas season now, but we would load up on Christmas Eve, and go to my grandmother and grandfather's house, and back then, just five kids, and dad and mom, so seven of us in a five-seater car, and we had the whole trunk packed full. Sometimes we couldn't even close it, so we had, at the time, bungee cords weren't popular, but we had bell and string and stuff, and had to tie the trunk down, but we'd all be crammed in that car. My little brother Dale would have to, he always got the package tray, so he'd lay back there, but we'd be crammed in there, but we were spending time together, and I can still remember those trips and stuff, and, you know, I can almost remember coming back, which had to try to hurry up and get home, because I could definitely see Santa in the horizon.

I wanted to make sure we got home and got back in bed before Santa, so he didn't bypass our house, but we just enjoyed it, and we'd put on a Christmas song, and we would sing and turn the radio on, and just enjoyed it, or just talk back and forth. Those are things that, how many families do that anymore? And Sundays, talk about Pulliams, back in the day, used to be open on Sundays, and so that was about once a month or a couple times a month, the big thing would be go to church, and then we'd load up the car, everybody in one car, go to Pulliams and eat hot dogs and eat ice cream, sit out on the outside dining area, there's always been the stumps or a tree log laying there, and just enjoy the family time and stuff. And watch the airplanes. Yeah, yeah, that's one of the old time things, watch the airplanes.

So, Junior, I know growing up you had those experiences also, and Mark also, I'd love to hear your experience. Well, like, I mean, I can remember as a kid, you know, getting in, Dad had a 66 Pontiac wagon, and that's when the, it was a three-seater, you know, had three seats, but the back seat, you look backwards, you looked out the back window, and Daddy would like, we'd go look at Christmas lights. Back then we didn't have the, the pay things where you go to Tanglewood. You knew what, you knew what neighborhoods decorated well. That's right, you just rode through neighborhood after neighborhood after neighborhood looking at that, and Daddy would roll the back glass down, and we'd be back a-hooping hard like you say, we might be singing Christmas carols, but you know, I mean, now you got people that's got the, you turn the music over to a certain channel and go by their house, and it's, you can see the dancing lights in their front yards and whatnot. Back in my day, I remember back when Mama, it was a big fascination just to have a old silver tinsel tree with the, the rotating light. Oh yeah.

Turn the tree colors. I don't know, I know y'all remember those. Oh, I remember those. It's like going to Sears and watching a little tinsel blow on the air conditioning. Exactly. The tinsel was a big thing back in the day. Absolutely. I don't know if you people that listen to us have ever heard of this type car, Metropolitan Nash.

Oh yeah. It wouldn't seat two adults. It wouldn't seat two people adults comfortable, I'm telling you, and I'm sort of in line with Jerry's family. There's five of us, three boys and two girls, and one of the memories that I have of that one little car. We never had a problem with cars, and the reason was Daddy had a salvage yard in the garage, and he had a car, and Mama had a car, and as we grew up, he made sure we had cars. It wouldn't last long because he'd sell it and we'd have to find another one to drive, but in this Metropolitan Nash, when he bought it, he brought it home.

My little brother TJ was just a baby. Mama held him. My two sisters, Phyllis and Shirley, myself and my brother Jimmy, would be in that crimped up back seat, and we would argue about get over, move over. There's nowhere to move over to.

What do we do here? And Daddy would take us to Hill's Barbecue on Patterson Avenue, and we'd pull up to the curb side, and there'd be that old red dog that would come out and meet you in the curb service side, and Mama said, Arthur, we're not going to eat in the car, are we? And Daddy said, no, we're going to go inside. We got no room to eat in the car, so we'd go inside, and that was one of the memories I remember because it was so crowded in there, and as a kid you enjoy it, but you felt like everybody around you was invading your space, but the memories about a car after church, Mama said that they'd come home from church and Mama would fix lunch. Said Daddy and the boys would leave. They said Mama would be back in a little bit, and Mama says, I can't remember any Sunday that they went to church with us and left that they didn't come back with a dog.

Always brought a dog home. All right, I'd like to hear your stories, and we'll be back in just a moment. Christian Car Guy Radio. I'm Jerry Mathis from Raised Body Shop and Record Service with my friends Junior and Mark, and we're going to be back in just a moment.

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What we call standard, others charge. Welcome back to Christian Car Guy Radio. We just talked about a little bit about just bonding and using your car, and sort of a lost art in a way, but also I said we want to talk about just this time of the year, and y'all will all know, and before I go any further, I would love to hear your stories about your car experiences, and so give us a call. We'd love to hear it again.

866-348-7884. But this time of year, I'd like to just take the moment to just remind people just some of the hazards out there that we don't think about. As I mentioned earlier, you automatically think that winter is the most dangerous time to be on the road, and for all the right reasons, because of snow and the ice and that type of just things, but when you really look at the statistics of it, fall is the time that's the most hazardous, the more accidents during the fall, and there's a couple reasons for that. We talked about a little bit before we went on the air, one of the biggest hazards is something that nobody even thinks about, and that's leaves, because if you've ever been in the automotive industry, you can, you know the fact that there's a lot of accidents where, as Mark said, Junior blows all his leaves over, or Mark blows his leaves over to Junior, but most people blow them out in the streets. Well, and they get out in the streets, get a little bit of dew on them, or a little rain on them. If you don't think those puppies are slick, go out there and run across there and just try to get stopped on them just on foot, and there is a ton of accidents where people run into those and then just slide into different stuff, and I know Junior has been in the towing industry, he's probably seen it multiple times.

We just don't, we just don't think about that, that's something you don't think about. The other thing is that the other day in the paper on Oak Lawn over there about that car being parked over the leaves, and the leaves caught on fire and caused the car. The catalytic converter burns red hot, and if you park over a pile of leaves, your car is going to get red.

Yeah, and that indeed. Yep, especially when it's dry and those leaves are dry, that's something people don't think about because, as we said, people will blow the leaves to the road. It's like being on ice, it gets wet. You've got to worry about the slickness of them, but also just the fire hazard because if a car pulls up, you've been driving that thing for an hour, and the engine's hot, the exhaust system is hot, the catalytic converter is hot, and you pull over top of those leaves, it doesn't take much for it to start a fire, and that's something we just, nobody really thinks about. It's just being aware of leaves and that, the hazards with that. Another thing is this time of year, fog.

I'm gonna tell you. Oh yeah. It's just, that's something during the summer you don't worry about that much, but this time of year you're gonna have to, that's part of one of the hazards that you got to face. Another is, and I always put it, is the wildlife. Yeah, I was gonna say just the other day, I was coming, there's so many neighborhoods being built, especially around AC, and the residential stuff's being built, and these deer and stuff have no place to go, and I was going down the hill at our house the other day, and right before I got to AC, there was a deer just right out from, you know, something like that in the residential area, you're just not used to. Yeah, we, in our business, and the collision body repair business used to be, I mean, I can remember when you had, I used to call it deer season in the automotive collision business, body shop business, where it's from October through December, and that's the time they're mating, and they're moving around, and there's changing in the weather.

They do increase. We have, we see more of that during those months, but it's got any more where there is deer hits 12 months a year. There's not a time that we don't have people coming through the door who have hit a deer, because they're, as you mentioned, Mark, they've been, they're getting pushed out. There's no natural habitat area for them.

It's so much construction, so much building going on. They're being pushed out into neighborhoods, and with deer, I always will say, and you can chime in on this, because I always tell my wife and daughter and others, be careful trying to avoid a deer, because... Oh yeah, better, they always say it's better to go straight and hit it than it is to try to avoid it and go off the road. Go off the road, hit another car, hit a pedestrian on the side of the road. There's so many things that can happen. You don't want to hit the deer.

I understand that, and it can do a lot of damage, but... I think it's the craziest thing I've ever seen right now, too. It's like my, one of my friends down, I worked one of my friends down on Old Rural Hall Road there near Marshall Baptist Scott property back in there. He caught bear, a bear, in his backyard down there off Old Rural Hall Road. I'm like, you know, all of a sudden we got bears sticking out here with the deer. They had a U-Haul at the house the next day. They're, Mark, you're right.

I know that my wife, Myra, was back during the summer. There was some poop in the yard that looked different, and she called, and of course they said it was bear, and it had been bear and Clemens, Clemens, North Carolina. You wouldn't expect that, but it's like... Well, there's one guy here right here on 52 right here to, right here at University in 52, just not a few months back. I mean, it was laying there on the side of the road. I mean, they're just coming out. They're coming out everywhere.

It seems, I think it's the same principle. It's just they're getting pushed everywhere. There's so much construction, so much movement stuff going on, and not just houses. I mean, they're building roads and stuff that are going through their habitats and their natural areas, and it's just pushing them out there. You know, not just, you know, the big animals. The other thing you got to worry about, we say wildlife, is, you know, I've seen vehicles that are just unbelievable amount of damage that hit wild turkeys. You wouldn't think that would cause much damage, but it does, and and possums and everything else. Rabbits. I've got a rabbit, too, and squirrels, man. I've never seen so many squirrels in my life. If you try to dodge that squirrel, you're in trouble, because them babies will jolt around.

Yeah. But the thing is, with wildlife, you don't want to say, you know, you try to get stopped or try to avoid it, but trying to avoid it and get it in another lane or going off the road, just don't do that. I mean, it's just... Another thing is, if you see a deer, I just have recently found out now, I don't know if it's truth or not, but they said it was, that if you got one of them bucks laying on the side of the road, it's against the law to stop on the side of the road just to cut the antlers off.

Now, that's what I was told, but maybe some of y'all out there know better than I do. I don't... Yeah, I'm not, I'm not going to stop on the side of the road and cut anything off. Well, I mean, that lady yesterday, that lady yesterday in Guilford County got killed by stopping and looking to see a deer.

And she got out, the car hit her. I mean, if you hit one, stay in your car until... Yeah, always think about your personal safety and stuff because the same thing with hitting a deer or just having a flat tire or something. So many accidents are on the roadways of people just not taking care of themselves or taking precaution because other vehicles are out there on the road and stuff, and you just never know. I mean, I've seen people on the side of the road and junior, I know it'd be in the towing industry where they're changing a flat tire and they're hanging out in traffic and stuff on the interstate and just thinking, you know, it wouldn't took much for them to make sure you get off the road. If it may think, well, I don't want to ruin my tire, it's better than ruining a life.

So just take those extra steps to be careful. And this doesn't have much to do with that part, but as far as animals go, I can tell you a good story about me and AC one time. It ain't been too often many years ago, AC and Gwen comes out and says, you afraid of snakes? I said, no, I'm not afraid of snakes.

Why? He says, come over here. There's a snake up in my car and I go over there and there's a snake coming out of the top of his gas tank coming out. And I tried to get around to get that thing, but you couldn't get it. But AC and him was like, oh, what are we going to do? And I was like, I said, just get in it and drive it around. I guess the whole thing I know to get that snake out of your car like that.

Cause it was, man, that thing was in attack mode coming out of that going back into AC and Gwen's car. I tell you it's, uh, I want to continue. And I remember that well.

And, uh, uh, I think Mark said that too. I realized I couldn't get that steak. It was three days where he sold me again, but Jerry going back to the point about caution out on the highway.

I want to, I want to stress something everyone. If you're an accident, the best thing, if it's in the street or on the road, the highway, the first thing you need to do checks is nobody hurt. And then you get off that highway.

And I'll tell you why you think people are considered. They are, but they're not considered when they're on that cell phone, texting or talking, and they don't realize that this is an interstate and you're not supposed to be wrecked and stopped on it. And they don't mean to hurt you, but it happens. Clear that scene. If you can move your car off, off that highway, do that, but be cautious because people today, they don't mean to hurt you.

They just don't realize that they may hurt you. Yeah. You see, it's not like it was back in the day when they'd say, don't move your car because they won't, the officer needs to see who would, you know, where, and there's so many cameras on polls now. So many people carrying these, uh, cameras in their car to see what's happening, which I've thought about getting one myself, where some of these people drive and put a dash cam on my bag on the truck.

Absolutely. We're going to come back and kind of go over a couple more of the hazards during fall drive. And then also just talk about where we live in and how do we make sure that we're grounded. You're listening to the truth network and Welcome back Christian Car Guy Radio. I'm Jerry Mathis, Raised Body Shoppe.

And Record Service Christian Body Shop Guy with Junior and Mark. And we're just talking about some of the hazards during fall driving. And one of the other ones that we mentioned, I'm just going to mention these real quick so we can kind of finish up with our last segment, um, is glare. All of a sudden in fall, you're not used to it. And all of a sudden the sun sets and rises at a different time.

And the change of time just throws that sun right in my eyes in the morning. Yeah. Yeah. You need to be aware of that as we talked about not making, you know, putting yourself in a bad position. Also when you drive and realize the people behind you or that you're coming up the intersections are also dealing with that that glare and that sun.

So just, just, just, just know that you need to take those precautions to make sure you keep yourself safe. Frost. All of a sudden you get up in the morning right, right now it's probably 50 some degrees outside, but if you wake up in the morning, it's a little chilly and you get frost on the car. And so many people just like in the winter hop in a car and never think about cleaning off a windshield and just get them a little bitty hole about the size of a index car to try to peep out of, man, is that dangerous? A lot of accidents caused by that. You got that frost and on top of that, you got like AC and the shelves got the, which they do a great job in rural hall about getting the leaves up. But that truck really will throw the daggone dust out and get on your windshields. And with that and the frost too, it's just really complicated.

Trying to keep, keep those windshields clean because when you start getting that glare and the frost and the windshields streaky and dirty, it just really makes it just about impossible to see through. Other thing is darkness now is getting okay. I mean, it's hard to, I mean, we leave and start locking up. It's yesterday. I was thinking that the shop I was, was getting ready. Day was winding down and it was four 30 and it seemed like it was six 30. I mean, just because it started getting dark and you're just not used to it and stuff. You know, when it rains, it's got that, you get that, not only that getting dark early, but you got that glaze. If it rains on the road, you can't see the lines. Yeah. I mean, it's terrible when I get off work sometimes and it's, it's, it's raining, pouring out of rain and you can't see the lines on the road. You may be like I am.

I was your age brother. Well, that plays into it too. That's another dangerous time.

Yeah. Also, the other thing that's a factor out there that we don't always mention and we just need to be aware of, you know, now these kids are out here and school bus stops and stuff are out there. And even if they're not, they're just, you know, walking to school and everything else. And it's just dangerous to, to make sure that we are aware of that because I know that some mornings I have breakfast or have a meeting or something, and I will leave the house at, at six, six o'clock. And it just amazes me that there's little kids.

They look like they're first and second kindergartener standing out on the corners, waiting on the bus at that time in the morning and stuff. But you know, we just got to be aware of that because that's, that's a hazard. And those kids are not aware of you coming down the street. They're not, they're not protecting yourself from that. You need to protect them from you.

That's what you need to do. Watch out for them. Absolutely. Don't tailgate these buses. Absolutely. Yeah. Don't ever think that you've got enough time to get around a, a stop arm because these kids don't always, you know, they're, they're, they're told to make sure the arms out before you come across the road. But some of them, as soon as they see that bus coming, they're excited and they're anxious and they'll go running across there. Never try to beat that arm.

Please never try to beat that arm because that's that, that could save a life right there. Well, as I, as I said, one thing I want to hit on is the fact that the world we live in today, I mean, it is just, it's heartbreaking and we see so much evil and so much hurt going on. We see all the protests that's going on and it just makes you sometimes wonder where God is in all of this.

But gentlemen, I'll tell you, and listeners, God, none of this surprises God. And, and I also say this, I've been, I may not be the smartest guy, but I've read the back of the book, the Bible, and I know who wins this and stuff, but sometimes we have to make sure we just remind ourselves of that. And, and as a Christian, so many times I hear people, you know what, the world is, the world is lost. The world is, it's, it's, it's, it's just, it's a waste.

It's just, it's gone too far. We're called to what? To be the light. And when, when it's the darkest, we need to be our brightest. And I just encourage people to make sure they stay in God's word. And I'm going to, I read these the other week, just real quick, and I'm going to read these passages and I want to, Mark and, and Jr., if you want to chime in, you, you can.

It's first, it's in Proverbs 3, 5, and 6. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. And in your ways, acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths.

When I try to figure it out on my own, I can't do it. I just need to know that God is in control. That's right. And you may not understand the path you're going on and why you're going on it, but He does. That's right.

He does. And then also Jeremiah 29, 11, for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans for your welfare and not evil to give you a future and a hope. God's ultimate plan is that we are going to spend eternity. This time here on earth is, it's just a snapshot.

It's just, it's just a vapor. What His desire is that we spend eternity, well, we're going to spend eternity somewhere. We're going to spend it in hell and torture, or we're going to spill it in heaven and just those riches with our Lord and Savior. We have had opportunity. We have had choice.

We got to count on Him. That's right. Exactly. And then also in these are three verses that I just kind of always fall back on and stuff passages. Another is Romans 8 31.

What then shall we say to these things if God is for us, who can be against us? That's right. That's right. And I'll tell you something. Myra has, my wife has to remind me of this pretty often. A lot of times I try to defend myself and I'm not, I'll go down fighting sometimes defending myself and junior's known me long enough to know that sometimes I'm, I can be hardheaded, but ultimately if you're doing the right thing and it may not even seem to be the right thing, but if you prayed about it and you try to do the right thing, God will defend you.

That's right. This world is just so messed up right now, but if you'll think of something, keep this in mind. I want everybody to keep this in mind. The world does not want Christianity in this environment. They want us all gone. The Lord's not leaving us. He's not taking anything away from us. I tell you what He's doing.

He's testing us, I believe. Are we strong enough to say, I've had enough. I'm going to lean more on Him, less on me. And I heard a saying the other day says, look at Him and not at them. That's what we got to do. That was a good saying. I can't remember where I heard it. It's not mine, but look at Him instead of them.

And I believe we'll come out of this thing like we always have with His leadership. Yeah. In this room, we're old enough to, we've seen it.

We've seen it. And God, you know, the thing is we need to realize who we're trying to please, as long as we're trying to please the world and try not to offend anybody. And, you know, I think one of the worst things for Christianity, for the movement of Christianity is compromise and appeasement. I think Christians need to be bold, need to stand up.

We need to do it in love, the way Christ showed us to do it. Yeah. But yet we need to make sure that we're bold enough to stand up for the gospel of Jesus Christ. That's exactly right. People are afraid to do that.

Yeah. I mean, it's almost where we start rationalizing, well, what's somebody going to think if I make this stand? What's somebody going to say? As we're climbing out of our time here and stuff, I just want to, again, just thank Junior Reynolds, Mark Flynn, and hey, if you're in the Winston-Salem area, man, go up for the best hot dogs in town, Pulliams. What's the address up there, Mark? 4400 Old Walker Town Road. Go up there for a great hot dog and barbecue and a bottle drink.

If you want to see me, just tell Mark to call me because he's got my number. I would like to say too, make sure that if you've got a local church or something that you're not involved with, get involved with them. I'm glad you said that because that is absolutely true.

It's true. We had a chicken stew community thing for the people the other night. A lot of people there, a lot of fellowship. I mean, this time of year when churches are having bazaars, it's always good to go. Get involved in the church. We need that community we need that. This is the Truth Network.
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