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Stu Jr. and Stu Sr. Father's Day Special

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 15, 2018 8:05 pm

Stu Jr. and Stu Sr. Father's Day Special

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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Father's Day is rapidly approaching and or on Instagram live just go to Stu Epperson you can watch. You can see exactly why I have a face for radio and insulted good but is so true in working out where to play the show back closer to Father's Day as well on my national show truth talk weekends or side about that in. If you are watching me on Facebook live right now. I see some friends on their I see I see big boy hurt.

Yes, I see face 13. I see some awesome friends comment on how your dad made an impact on your life and I'll read it right.

Your off that screen give me some thumbs ups and shout outs are read that to our national radio audience listening right now. 86634 truth 866-348-7884 the toll-free number is Y to: tell us how your dad made a positive impact on your life. No Mr. Epperson, you have written an article that is that you are praying in the Wall Street Journal will run well on a Father's Day potentially tell us what compelled you do such served well you know you look at that is never the true correct, totally correct story, but the statistics are so much in favor of fatherhood. You would think everybody in the country would say please Father's Day involved with your children stay with a family, don't get a divorce.

Okay the statistics are so high, 5% more likely to do this 75% more likely to do that. You all. Right. And so is overwhelming replay of things like it takes a village to village does tell that right raise a family and we say that and on Mother's Day.

Of course we don't give it up. Attention to our brothers even right okay but we do give much more that we do.

Father and I think everybody would all you Mother's Day's huge Father's Day. You will what sealed me this is what was it James Dobson who did the study had a been a decade ago where I will close that were Mother's Day came around in the end they went in they were they sold out of Mother's Day cards glass. Yes, I am glad as it was yesterday ministry.

Listen to this every prison vendors while Gerd is told, including in Winston-Salem. Other places that these this is basically true love Mother's Day would they part of their ministry. Don't give free cards to send to the other. They run out of cards, Father's Day, make the same offer. Would you like a Father's Day card, free of charge.

Father Bill glass was probably at one of the major prisons that one request, while others to Mother's Day the milk here can't get all the cards out Father's Day its crickets.

No one want know no Father's Day cards going out there is this thing the John Eldridge calls it's a father wound.

Father wound. Now just got it. I just got a cool one of my okay be boy hurt. Yes, my stepdad came in my life, and thought it taught me about Christ and left a good example what Amanda God looks like in a father. Looks like before he passed away. I try to be like what I saw in him.

What a great testimony yeah I just came in my Instagram missed Stu Epperson on the GRAMMY can watch live. Although many of you would rather here than watch CV but if you withdraw if you're part of my grand fan which which is growing every day until you leaps and bounds.

If you want to call us and tell us how your dad, stepdad, coach, mentor, your parent figure made it father figure made a difference in your life calls right out 866-34-TRUTH toll-free 866-348-7884 Maven send you a copy of his book wild at heart by John Eldridge which really gets into how to find healing in the arms of the father, the heavenly father, but dad this thing so drove you and so moved you seen the statistics and seeing that the the way fathering isn't happening so many dads checking out that you been on a crusade for several decades now having to trying to kind of yes or what causes of poverty is one contributing factor of the various ethnic groups.

They have the right individual factors that have driven up the fatherlessness but I gotta tell you, listen kid without a father has much less chance of being successful in life. Realizing his potential epic failure that and over and over.

I've talked individuals when you want to be what your dreams are you going to go and so on. They still have the dreams, but they don't have any means don't get it takes away something from the confidence downtime of a book of basic morality is that different culture without your father.

They are somewhat who compensates for your lack of a father. Wow says there's a sense that so many young people. I guys and gals looking for that that direction. Accomplice, that a father can provide and, boy, there's a I could hear in your heart. Dad just a burden but it did. We we we go and we sometimes use.

Gotta be that father in their life. That's the best the biblical role of of of men to be to be fathers to the fathers of God in this is the power there's so much in the Bible about heavenly father and must go to Des Moines, Iowa.

Andrews colony and he's used to give a shout to his dad. If you want to join Andrew to give a shout out to your dad whether he's in heaven like a big hurt, so stepdad is a who just left it awesome of Instagram message for me. Or maybe he's living or heat.

Maybe he is a coach or a mentor or a teacher or a stepdad let's a call and it 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 Andrew you are on the Steve Miller show guest hosting is Stu Epperson Junior and our guest is Stu Epperson senior go ahead sir. Thank you Conan great. Talk.

Thank you so much, trying to break bad or about a year ago though well enough to me like a husband, father, and how to love the Lord. Andrew let's see if we can. Andrew you there.

I am here now a man you are you will you listen. God bless you man for Sharon when you share with tears in your eyes what is that tell us a little bit more about the impact her dad had on you what.

While he while he was here. We would you finish that forces special for those just join us. I farewell my dad showed me love your larger got hurt and it was okay stumbling with okay to fall. He showed you that you develop at a ham for you to get back up and just amplified as best he could with many of Christlike behavior and everything and that when he went to be with the Lord.

I can honestly say probably for the first time in my adult life that I only know I will speak them again because they got only know the man parked my dad knew is showed him heart for the Lord so strongly that I am just so confident and like the family while sitting is your dad. What a great great testimony on Andrew. You're doing the right thing and thanking God every day for your father you good fathers good fathers are. I will use the word rare becoming less common in our country we have kind of a cultural drift, and it added making fathers all but unnecessary. Your father we come back still receive receive no

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