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Thanksgiving 2018

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 22, 2018 9:00 am

Thanksgiving 2018

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 22, 2018 9:00 am

Stu invites some fellow brothers in Christ to talk about their Heavenly Father. The Christian Car Guy Robby Dilmore also stops by to lead us in a special Thanksgiving prayer.  

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone Stu Epperson host if you thought weekend here and I hope this program plays the little July hope this program plays in January because my Bible tells me that in everything give thanks, says rejoice evermore. It says enter his gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise.

So thanksgiving is not just in events you celebrate with a bunch of yummy food and family. It's a daily daily activity of anyone and everyone who's been bought by the blood of Jesus. So we are here are two thought weekend and I am telling you something your to be blessed by today. Imagine imagine someone coming to Christ through Christian radio. This man is in the studio with me right now. Imagine someone else being called by Jesus saved by Jesus to go into the inner city of New York City. Wow, Paterson, New Jersey. Both these guys are in the house with me right now on to talk weekend and I want to bring them on a welcome Jaron and Doug guys good to have you here on truth talk we can on the show today good to be here. Thanks for having us in order to treat so I gotta say here, Jaron.

I met you this morning with my dad, Mr. Epperson introduced us and we can just swing this pivot this Mike back and forth. We sure this podcast are one.

By the way and let some folks know what you're thankful for both on Thanksgiving and all year-round is always fun to go around, see what you think of for right is to go over this is our journey. Thankful for anything better yet the biggest thing that I'm thankful for is that Jesus took my place that he gave me reconciliation with the father. I'm just very grateful for that moron's grant Doug tell us what you're thankful my friend. I'm thankful for the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. When I came to realize that I was fully known and fully loved by him. It was it was a game changer. So thankful for the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and that so both you guys have stories. Let's start with Jaron Jaron. You were there, growing up in in Alana in a church in regional North Carolina right is just there for kinda Christian family, Christian home, but things, went south on your belly wasn't so much that it was coming from a background in the church as it was me. People reached out to me. But you know I just never learn how to deal with stress. Growing up and you know my path took me down a place where I was 17 years old I walked into the convenience store with a steak knife robbed wasn't strung out on drugs didn't even need the money. I just got paid two days before actually took a hollow bill from a paycheck in the inner get the money out the register with transfer, change and put me on a path where the Lord led me to prison and spent the next eight years of my life in prison, but by his grace and for his glory. He called me to a better way. He took me to a place called H, which is a high-security matching control is where you lock down 24 hours a day seven days a week three unit 65 days a year and I spent for my eight years on that time, and by his grace, he took me to a place where I just I start reading through the Bible had nothing else to do and then one day, I have been in prison you have a Bible, sometimes right that I did have that yes sir, they did else that actually the only book I had him I felt that that would tell me for three years 47 months or so.

You are in isolation, the ISO complete 24 hour lockdown is not like you got to go outside or my shower was in my cell. My restroom facilities. Everything is in the cells you not only yard smoking cigarettes taken a soccer ball millionaire who do playing cards trading here and there, none of that working a job you are there and you had some I guess there were some things that led up to that insider prison week. I got in trouble in this era.

I was working in the kitchen and got into a car confrontation with a very high level gang member and the short version is see myself in a role within all had a disagreement and he left on the stretcher and I left in handcuffs charge of attempted first-degree murder set out that I was of the prison system said you can't do that. So they put me on that special housing unit. So from a convenience store incident to an instant there and on the inside with a pretty high level gang member you find yourself in iso-and you find yourself in the Bible of all things is the word of God and something started happening your heart yesterday, didn't you not start or read it.

Just as a means to either prove or disprove God. I'd come to a place for us and got if your real prove it to me. You know everyone says you wrote this book, let's see what happens.

So I started in Genesis 1, I read all the way through to Revelation 22 but I'll never forget it was November 1, 2011 I was in the book of James II chapter, verses 14 to 26 and he just struck me that day something was different. I remember praying you know God, something's missing and not even five minutes later I just have to cut my radio on the a.m., 1030, which is the Truth Network station there and Butner and when I cut it on. All I heard was Alister Bay, come on the radio and he said do you feel like something's missing and I felt right there in that moment that God wasn't just God. He was could be Micah that he had heard my prayer.

I'm grateful that that's how it happened, so that you have little a.m. station is only thing we could pick up their search itself and end in Alister bag is one of our great speakers of the Truth Network and so really fascinating story is so you're listening to AM radio and you mentioned to me a little bit ago and Doug all the other guys around us that it was almost like you got a seminary is like holding seminary) each block like you had no idea did you.

Yes, there it was. I mean I look at it.

Some people say that I must've been a tough time and it was but I I'm just very grateful. I look at it as a time of blessing and is that is a season of growth. You know it's not so much a desert as it was an oasis. I spent 16 hours a day just studying the word of God. Listen to men like Alister Bay John MacArthur Ravi Zacharias RC Sproul just know for hours and hours during the week and in addition that I just had nothing but times are read the Bible and pray at study the theologians and I'm really grateful for them, because God is using that it's still bearing fruit.

To this day bound you mentioned there's other people in prison that listen to Christian radio. Yes there there is actually, there is a very strong following of men who were with me at that time only Scott never really got to know them afterwards at one of the things I did when I came home with a start looking at people that were in my circumstances I start reaching out to right while just kinda give back and I was able to get in touch with a few of them and find out that there are other people in prison right now who can trace their salvation through to this radio station on Truth Network and I'm just doesn't happen. Absent that, I'm grateful for praise Lord that is so cool so don't give up hope. If your you're out there. God can get to you.

Even through of an AM radio station in the middle of Butner, North Carolina course. The Triangle area now or on FM there as well but a.m. 1030 was our original station and a lot of lot of encouragement that is made. I'm so thankful for you. I'm so thankful for how God is used at your life.

What a treat to hear that testimony and now your servant, Lord, I guess you into the lid of the rescue mission, which is a rescue mission right and your guys usually lead other people to Christ. Yes there since been at the Winston-Salem rescue Mission since May. I completed the 90 day program in the began looking for work and God just raised up for me and for my church, by the name of Rick Lane who brought me in to help them initially start out disclaiming up some tile and stuff but more than that God was using my time at the mission to teach me a lot of things that object lessons you know there's a fellowship that exists that there's a brotherhood that's God uniquely prepared me for for my time in prison.

I'm just grateful for it and I take Matthew 28 very seriously. You know, this idea of going out and discipling others and being discipled by the ministers.

It's really a treat to live out Proverbs what is it 2717 as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another while the need for discipleship. The need for accountability now that you're out God's using you and other men in your life, and as we talked about had no idea he does happen is met this guy this morning's energy 70.

I had my Truth Network shirt on and tell him what you told at least all the Truth Network shirts out when I saw his father.

I just went right up to Vanessa that you know that's the that's the network they got used to save my life that Sally drew me to himself and I just wanted to say thank because you may not hold a man I tell you what I wanted him to. I might just go home for after this interview addicted to this is savoring God's grace and love. What a treat and Wernicke praying for you in a special manner got Doug working hear your story man you're in New York City man Europe in the in the Big Apple area New Jersey right yes I am.

Yes I am. I'm in the inner city of Pattison. My wife and I we just relocated there to to bring the love of God into the inner city.

The way that I keep God's given me by giving the way he gave me love you give me forgiveness excited to hear about your story because some as I listen to this by the sheer about God's love and in what the Truth Network is done in his life. The only thing that comes to mind is a scripture in the Bible that says you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. So I want to rename the Truth Network to freedom that work if you want to receive freedom, turn on the Truth Network mostly because the word is truth. If you know the truth. The truth shall set you free this wonderfulness brothers ever met. And something tells me that what he was on the inside he was free for you free music you could be so I'm so thankful to to be here to see what you guys are doing in this part of the of the globe touching lives through the truth of God's word. While we are hearing the voice of dog holding and you are the testimony of Sharon Kuebler.

Hold on podcasting finicky rolling radio stations out there can take a quick break. Happy Thanksgiving. Thankful to God for how he brings people to himself as good. God is a good father is take a minute to thank God for what he's done in your life today truth talk we can continues. We were thoroughly blasted to have a young man with the name of Jaron in the air who got saved, listening to programming like this on radio we talk about all time in there when you meet someone and in touch him you know and shake their hand and hug him who listen to the voice of a Truth Network preacher and it could be any network by the weather stations all over the country to carry truth talk weekend to carry Christian programming the golden mission is to reach me with word of God, that thing which will not return void that book, which is illegal in 57 countries, which is the most stolen book is the most sold book. It's the most read book. It's the most published book is the only book you can read where the author is always present. It's a living book written by a living God to bring us from the dead to the living to new life in Christ. The beautiful story in that book the redemptive theme of Scripture that scarlet thread of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Though he was Richard he became poor, so that we threw him might be made rich by the Bates sons of the father said to men of God are in the student with me right now. Both have been made sons of the father and you know really we could just stop there and say thank you God right in the word recording this around Thanksgiving time, but this by hope will play the show back is an evergreen show because were always to be thankful right in everything give thanks always be thankful. Enter his gates with thanksgiving rejoice evermore and meet because this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. So because of what he did for me. I'm to go back to that throne of grace daily boldly because the blood of Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus and give thanks. Even as Timothy said we give thanks for food while we give thanks for food or do you have to do that you have to bow your head and hold hands around the table be at the Thanksgiving table beat around the summer picnic table. Do you have to have that prayer time we would just rush right in an equal you the father loves us. He's provided force, but isn't it neat isn't it a wonderful time is to say thank you God noted that some cat entered in immunity and in inner infinity signs. Thank you Jesus.

I'm driving on the road and the most interesting neighborhoods I see a thank you Jesus yard sign, but what a thought that goes in your mind. And then all the sudden you're thinking will. That's it is without it.

So we we just are so glad to have Jaron and Doug Doug tell little bit about your journey and how you came to Jesus and is quite a testimony, Europe and the New Jersey New York area is so good to have you in Winston-Salem and I said I met you this morning and I got I hug you instantly.

I do you know your name yet and were hugging his brothers in Christ is I'm thinking were to be spending eternity together right so we we hug each other and I said listen in a few minutes. Come over to this disc of the next-door to to go to were have a new cane society and you had no idea that you stepped into a divine appointment in your we start here this guy open his heart right. I did not know, but I'm glad to be here. I came into Winston-Salem on Wednesday in to hang out with my new cane society brothers and what a trip it is been with two days is been met. My brother from a different mother's to you in Louisiana we finish up this morning, but my story about coming to Christ. I I grew up in a Christian home, I was baptized at age 8 I accepted Jesus Christ but didn't really become a follower of Jesus Christ until I was 35 years old. Because I'd encountered some difficulty in my life and I wanted nothing to do with him because I thought I'd failed him.

I thought my life was the decision that made was he disapproved of me until one day I had personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

We told me that he loved me he knew what I done.

He knew have been new the decisions I'd made and he was telling me that I love you unconditionally.

I know you completely and I love you unconditionally and I surrendered to him that the love of Jesus Christ constrained to me. It changed me at it. It took me on a different path of life. So now I live my life telling people about this outrageous love of God, so I am introducing people to the father yes yes I will. The roughest situation you got home was we got drug addict. You got dealers you got addictions in Godalming here, there, you're the middle of it all, right there.

Yes, yes I am and I have the privilege of introducing people to their father, who they don't know and down my job as a minister the gospel is to share with people that they have a father who knows him completely and loves them unconditionally and he's nothing like their earthly father.

When the truth gets to the heart. It changes everything, because fatherlessness is responsible for so many of the things that a society deals with 70% of those were incarcerated. It can be tied to fatherless home so my mission in life is to introduce people to their legal father, while their heavenly father who, when he was introduced to me when he was introduced to me. It was a game changer for me.

How did the father. How did you realizing God was your father change your life will I IM it changed my life because I did not.

I was always working, performing to be loved. I wanted my father to love me to to cease, and I'm proud of you to say son you you so so wonderful and you're so whatever I was looking for the affirmation and acceptance for my earthly father I never got never got in the first we met Jaron here who to shared a little bit ago just to the same same timeframe about coming to Christ through Christian radio in prison. When you met him in the front, one of the first things you asked him is how is it with you and your father thought it was a very intuitive question you asked him. Yeah, I ask that because I know that that is a connection to the path he took. Now the path he's on now is on this path because he is right is right is meds with dad is at encounter with his dad so fatherlessness may be the epidemic. It's leading to crime is leaving all kinds of evil to clean all kinds of abandonment is leaving all kinds of uncertainty and depression and challenge, but when you meet your heavenly father, everything changes. Yes when you when when you meet your real father. Everything changed so good for me. It did the German for German and it was good for any all of us that so so Cosenza solution.

This is true, thought we can. I'm Stu Epperson you hearing the voice of Doug Golding who's a New Jersey man of God who is is that he's adopted by God he's a son of the living God the father, and you also heard from Sharon Kugler who is a man of God who share the last segment. Be sure you get this podcast and been spread it far and wide about how how he met Christ in isolation through a Bible and somehow I got a hold of an AM radio and was listening to AM 1030 Truth Network stationed there near Butner a correctional facility in North Carolina. So what a story, and both these men have you guys have the same father.

That's what's kinda cool about that. This lecture challenge or one out there. A dog your ministry now right right with with the kind of anyone down outers and people that are to improve on Wall Street people who are looking for relationship with God. You come to Winston-Salem to share this blessed testimony. Borchard put your heart which are passion which are challenged everyone out there listening right now whether the listing of the holiday season Thanksgiving time whether the listing near the middle of of the new year or even in July. My challenge for everyone. This Thanksgiving is if there's one thing that I wish above all things for you is that you have to encounter with your heavenly father, because that will change everything because Jesus is mission.

He came to show us the father became to be distant father because Jesus knows that if we meet the father it will totally transform her lifestyle. That's my that is my heart for for the world. We can give thanks for the father. Our earthly father, but don't forget to give thanks for.

Heavenly father and that who did who did lead more than we give her extra thing out. He gave his only son to die for us.

Well, as you hear our brother Doug talking Gerard, what you say to people just speaking the Mike which are passion about that. You know it's a tough time year for a lot of folks get the holiday season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's then you gotten all kinds of things after that but but what you're what your thoughts on it which are challenge.

One thing I'm really glad to have bumped into the both of you gentlemen by Providence as it were, because you know become an open prison. It always been on my heart to get back in a jail ministry to get involved in these type of things and just to let people know that just because men and women are locked up, doesn't mean that they're in a forgotten about it, that there not have any value, any worth and you know prior to coming to stay at the Wasilla rescue mission and struggling to this bout of homelessness I would never even considered that Jesus came to do, what to seek and to save the lost and the lonely and the downtrodden, the hurt, and just when you're in that state of brokenness, whoever you are, where you're at. I just pray that you would look out that she looked to Jesus because he will not only point you to the father but it is give you the hope and the comfort in his burden is so much easier than the birds of this world tries to pour on that is just amazing guys. Thank you so much.

Thanksgiving is upon us were so thankful this is a this program. We played on Thanksgiving weekend. The podcast is available year round were to figure out it is downloaded by everybody are download Maestro is in the building. The guy who is our syndication guru, the assassin of of radio technology Christian car guy host a master journey Robert Gilmore have asked him to come in and say a Thanksgiving prayer force.

He is easy, this he's beset by a lot of things in his life. A lot of issues he is is is that heavenly father is his transformed him his earthly father has had some health issues that he's been dealing with, and we been praying our whole family has for that but Robbie would you say the word of prayer over this of you had no idea Rob, you need a listener Jaron.

This was not your schedule last night wasn't to be here today on a national radio show all these Thai subsequent was an out-of-the-box but Robbie you know your heart breaks for so many people invite yet a man's will havoc we have two minutes, you know, but you haven't yet, a man set free and adopted by the heavenly father just exist in the last couple weeks at the boot camp right the same thing. You guys are talking about we come to understanding that God is in the backup plan father. He is the primary father is what I was hearing from both your guests is that we think well now he is following this. One is born God come and be the backup that was never the idea and he's been providing fathers as I think about Thanksgiving. Clearly my wonderful earthly father, but he's provided so many different fathers and you're one of them. Student is seriously in so many ways so I will pray that will gobble bless us with that understanding.

This is, I know that you're the way to let the father, without you, you know, we women made our way there and and you gave so much so certainly I'm thankful to you. I'm so thankful for a father who chose me before the world began a and and and just purposed instantly different ways.

With so many different things it would happen that I would be exist and that I could have a chance to live and love these people in this room as well as you and in my earthly father. So I pray that we would all be thankful for fatherhood and that relationship between a father and the son. The most precious thing I can think of in the universe, even in our daughters or sons in that way. And so I pray that for everybody this Thanksgiving. In Jesus name, amen and amen truth talk weekend happy Thanksgiving to you this day this weekend. Every day, every weekend because God is good God is loving God is father and that's how the Lord's prayer opens Luke 11 verse one hour. Father go in his presence, but take some time and spend time with him shut the noise off open the Bible, you may not be in isolation, but you may be in for another prison in the way to be set free from the prison is to go to the one who holds the keys who wants to come in and transform your life and the lives of everyone around you and what's neat about every guest we've had both these men, and even Robbie is we are set free to be bondage breakers to be ambassadors of the father, which is exactly what Paul said in second Corinthians 5 who we threw him him through us were proclaiming be reconciled to God be reconciled. The father and everyone you come in contact with this day, this thanks giving this holiday season, wherever it is, even in the spring wherever it is whatever time you are in a show go to people and say I'm here to connect you to the father you know is out there calling.

He loves you, and look what he is done for you

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