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Breaking Biden with Alex Marlow

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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October 5, 2023 5:00 am

Breaking Biden with Alex Marlow

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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October 5, 2023 5:00 am

We know what Joe Biden has done, but what makes him tick? How did a poor student from a poor family with poor speaking skills become such a dominant force of American politics? The truth, Breitbart's Alex Marlow reveals, is that the average person knows nothing about the real Biden. They only know a carefully cultivated myth created by an ugly man with a twisted soul.

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That is right now. Hey everybody, it's time for The Charlie Kirk Show. Alex Marlowe for an entire hour. We are talking about Breaking Biden. His new book, Breaking Biden, whole hour on Joe Biden.

You're going to learn a lot. Email us as always, freedom at That is freedom at Subscribe to our podcast, open up your podcast application and type in charliekirkshow. Get involved with Turning Point USA at

That is Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

That's why we are here. Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at We have a good friend of mine, someone I've known for well over a decade. He's been so good to me. He's run He's done an amazing job. So thankful to be in the trenches with him. And he has an exciting and important new book. And when he puts out a book, the footnotes are usually just as long as the book itself. It's so well researched.

It's called Breaking Biden by Alex Marlow, editor in chief of Alex, welcome to the program. Charlie, thank you so much for having me and the great introduction.

I will tell you, I'm going to start with a couple of compliments for you. People know Charlie is a magnanimous guy and helps the movement a lot. But I got to tell you, Charlie was really one of the people who pushed me to expand my research team after my New York Times bestselling book, Breaking the News, and try to see what else I could get. And Charlie, you might not even remember this, but you suggested I do a series, a breaking series.

Yes, I did. Kind of like Bill O'Reilly's Killing Series. And you were the first person to come up with that. And I got to tell you, I pitched Simon & Schuster a number of different headlines, a number of different, I guess, I think, headlines, a number of different book titles.

And everyone agreed Breaking Biden was the title. So it goes straight to you. And you're a part of so much, even when you don't even know it. Well, that's very kind, Alex. And you've been so good to me. So we can mutually trade compliments. And I do deeply appreciate it.

I remember I remember us talking about that. And your research is incredible. So, Alex, you've published this book again.

It's called Breaking Biden, which I but first of all, I just love Breaking Bad. And so that's just anything with breaking is that I think it's actually one of the great, one of the great cinematic accomplishments in the history of the moving art of film. But that's a separate issue.

Very well written. And amen to that. It's underrated. I mean, I was talking to Mikey the other day and someone, they don't ever seen it. I said, I thought every member of our generation has seen it's like, it's kind of like a rite of passage, right?

Seeing Heisenberg, Walter White. Aren't you jealous? Right. You know what?

I am jealous of them. You know, you know what? That's a great, that's a great point. Who said that? There was somebody who said that there was a great philosopher. He said, you know, who did Harry Jaffa? Harry Jaffa said, I am jealous for those of you that have never had a chance to read, you know, Aristotle's ethics or whatever it is, right?

For the first time. And that's a great thing. So tell us about the book, Alex. There's so much we could talk about such an important book. Tell us about it.

Thank you, Charlie. And you hit on the first thing, which is the depth of research, is that anyone could write, just based on the stuff we've published on the Bidens alone at Breitbart, you could just regurgitate a greatest hits and it would probably be a decent read. But I went much further beyond that. I mean, I was looking at, I think we've covered Hunter, I think 2000 times at Breitbart.

So it would be, there's more than enough material already out there for people. But I was trying to get a deeper sense in terms of who these people are, particularly who Joe Biden is and how he could accumulate so much power and to dominate the American political landscape for 50 years, given the fact that he has really limited gifts. He grew up with the stutter.

He didn't come from any money. His gaffes are myriad. He knew he nearly died during his first presidential race due to brain aneurysms.

He suffered unspeakable family tragedies. And yet he's still there at 95, 90. How old is he now?

Charlie, 97 years old. I don't know. He's like the silent generation. I mean, I'm half.

I don't know. He is. I don't know what generation he's. He's not even a boomer. He's like he's like free boomer. No, I actually I'm going to look that up. What generation?

Yeah, keep going, though. No, but he's silent. No, he is the silent generation. Yeah, that's he's not even a boomer.

Please continue. You know, Steve Bannon made an interesting point to me a long time ago when we were all making fun of Barack Obama for being a community organizer. He would say, well, you know what a community organizer is? He's someone who could kick your butt.

We didn't use the word, but he used the word with an A. And that always kind of resonated with me. And I was thinking about Joe Biden. And everyone wants to act like he's just the basement guy. He's just the guy who is the stutterer. He's just the guy who confuses his wife and his sister.

He's just the mildly racist B.S. or like that's who he is. And he's just a puppet. And well, why does puppet keep beating us?

Why does puppet keep winning? And then you start digging into it and you realize that he's got a real philosophy and it's not about ideology at all. He started as a working class blue collar guy and immediately became an establishmentarian leftist over a period of time.

I start looking at the tactics in terms of what he does and how he very cleverly gets so much of the left wing agenda through while enriching his family and evading scrutiny at every turn, decade after decade, not just year after year, Charlie, but going back decades they've been doing this. And that's why it takes so long to go through all of the endnotes and the footnoting and trying to back it up with fact after fact. There's no screens in this book. It's not an emotionally written book. It's a book that's written to try to inform people that you think, you know, Joe Biden, you know nothing about Joe Biden, you know nothing about what animates him and what he's really up. So there's so much that we think we know about him.

But let's just start with kind of a simple question that isn't so simple. Is he a nasty person? Is he a nice person? I know that it's like I'm just curious about his personality, because, you know, with Donald Trump, we know every single possible dimension of him. Right. How he just tell me about Joe Biden, the person. And, you know, Alex, you're a super you're always factual.

Just give me evidence to back it up. But is he someone that you like? I mean, I mean, that's like non-sarcastic. Is he someone you would want on your church elder board? Right.

Is he someone that you would like trust to watch the kids? So just tell me. Yeah, absolutely. This is an incredibly important question because he's a nasty, vindictive person.

And he might. That's not right wing, Alex, with conservative bias. That is cold, hard fact. The clearest one that people know that you don't need to read, read the book to know, but is still worth being reminded of is how the treatment of Navy Jones, where he's got a granddaughter who he chooses not to acknowledge his own flesh and blood legitimately his in the White House, including Jill, who doesn't seem like a particularly nice person either, by the way, go to the effort of decorating the White House for Christmas and hanging stockings for every grandchild under the Navy Jones until finally enough public pressure comes out and they start, you know, acknowledging Navy Jones' existence. But, Charlie, there's one example in the book, and I'll share it with you for the first time, which will make you spin. You might recall that Joe Biden lost his first wife and daughter in a car crash in between when he got elected to the Senate and then when he got sworn in. A devastating story.

One of the few moments in the book that humanizes Joe. But years later, years later, Frank Biden, Joe's brother, was involved in a hit and run car crash. Frank had a suspended license, but according to the witnesses who were in the car, Frank was actually operating the gear shifter while a friend of his drove his car well above the speed limit.

They hit a guy and the witnesses said that Frank commanded the driver to keep on going while Frank operated the stick shift. Now, what ended up happening is the guy died and he was survived by family. And the family was owed money. And Frank Biden was supposed to pay this family money for years and years and years. And he ended up hiding out. They tried to track him down by a Joe.

They couldn't do it. Joe was clearly covering up for him. And then finally, they were able to get to Joe and Joe's operation when he was about to get sworn in as vice president.

This is about nine years after the hit and run took place. Frank owed the family about a million dollars at this time. And Joe sent basically a form letter rejecting that he has anything to do with it, that Frank owes them anything, totally blows them off.

So this is a guy who lost his wife and child in a car crash. And then when his brother was involved in something similar and Joe got pleaded, vice president Joe, they're pleading with him, please, Joe, please help us. And Joe gives him the cold shoulder.

One of the most chilling things you get a chill just thinking about it. All the details are in the book. It's just we hear that he's like good old Scranton, Joe. And I mean, I want to go deeper and deeper into his biography. And I mean, you've done the research here that I think is really important, exposing the hidden forces and secret money machine. Laurene Powell Jobs, anybody who I think, Alex, you were the first one to introduce her name into the zeitgeist. Like, here's this 20 billion dollar woman who has the Emerson Collective. She's I don't want to say she's a household name, but she's close. I mean, she's now you know, she's now in the ball game of people that the grassroots are like, yeah, like why Steve Jobs wife pumping in a billion dollars a year to destroy the country? Well, we know that thanks to Alex Marlowe with your your last book.

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Yeah, so this is foreign and domestic. You brought up the marine power jobs, I wish it. Thank you for crediting me with that, Charlie. That's a huge part of my legacy is making her more of a household name, really breaking the news, open my eyes.

And you'd be stuck. You'd be stunned to know she makes a couple of appearances in Breaking Biden. First of all, huge friend of Kamala Harris and one of the main reasons I believe Kamala Harris was at the vice president, given the fact that she was from a blue state, which was automatic for Democrats and was someone who was not adding anything dynamic to the ticket other than her woke points, but really, more importantly, her ability to get donors.

She was the donor darling in Silicon Valley and she was a wink and nod. Her getting added to the ticket was a promise to Silicon Valley. We're not going to crack down on you. You're going to be able to run free.

You're going to be able to thrive and operate unchecked from this government. That was what adding Kamala to the ticket did. And you can bet Laureen Powell Jobs was the one brokering that back to her buddies in Silicon Valley. But I do I can't resist pointing out, Charlie, in the book that Laureen Powell Jobs got the paycheck protection program loans. She benefited from the government handouts during the pandemic, which is I really shouldn't be laughing. She's worth 20 billion dollars.

She took PPP money. Yeah. Yeah.

How much? Yes. Yes. For something. Yeah.

It was, I think, the two to five million dollar range for a new startup called Ozzy Media, Charlie, and it gets better. Oh, I know that. The guy was running Ozzy. Yeah, sure. Yeah.

Yeah. So, she was heavily invested in it. And the company ended up going belly up because someone at the company impersonated a YouTube executive on a call with the editor or CEO, wherever the guy was who was in charge of it, to fake energy behind the company. And the guy ended up going to prison. The guy was running it for Laureen Powell Jobs, but it's her company. And she got PPP loans.

So, I don't know if that's purely on Biden, but I couldn't resist adding that when I was running through all the government waste that's going on currently, because it was just just too delish. But I point out a whole new cast of people. And some people were really quite shocking to me who are involved. One person is Dustin Moskovitz, who might be familiar to you, Charlie, young guy who was, yeah, from Facebook and all his money from Facebook. He's donating sometimes 10x what other of the top donors are doing, but he's deeply committed to it. His wife's heavily involved. And the trick is, is he runs his money through a bunch of different entities.

So, you know, he's trying to optimize it because it's not just like he's got one philanthropic arm. He's involved in one after the next, after the next. And every time I kept looking at a new organization that's funding the institutional left, his name was there every single time. So, and he's not alone. There's a handful of them who come up in the book who will be mostly new to people. But his name jumps out at me in particular. But not all of them are American. One of the things I explore, needless to say, is all the foreign deals that the Biden family is getting.

A lot of them are somewhat familiar to the audience, probably, but we certainly don't have any answers on them. One of the clearest examples is this Chinese shipping company that was dubbed by Xi Jinping called the Dragonhead. It's really called Costco, but it's called the Dragonhead by Xi Jinping for its importance strategically. It bought Hunter Biden's Rosemont Realty a few years ago, and Hunter cashed out a few hundred grand on it.

But that's not the point. Hunter retains equity. So, Hunter retains a share of a company called the Dragonhead by Xi Jinping. And we have no explanation of how much this share is, how much control Hunter has. And not to mention, Hunter's BHR, which he started, is controlled by the Bank of China. This is still happening and we act like it's not a big deal.

It's a huge deal and it should outrage every American. Yeah. And I just, by the way, that's C-O-S-C-O, right? Costco, not Costco, right? Yeah. They're a shipping company, right?

Yeah. If you ever drive by like the Long Beach shipping yards, like every other container says Costco. And it's not, again, the Seattle-based communist shopping place. Well, they're not. I go to Costco, but they are owned by commies. But it's Costco. Yeah.

So, it's the Chinese ship, like international shipping enterprise. I want to examine this from all different angles because, you know, Joe Biden is for sale and purchased. But I want to talk, Alex, about something that has always interested me. And I'm not sure if you cover this in the book, but I'm sure, which is the creation and the selection of Joe Biden and the context, because I remember this vividly. I was on book tour for the MAGA doctrine.

It was right before COVID. And I remember it because I was doing a series of, you know, you know what it's like for a book. You do 900 interviews in a day.

And a lot of the time they ask you about the news of the day. So you're very, you remember. And it was during the time of the Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina primary and caucuses for Democrats. And Joe Biden went from laughing stock in sixth place to the nominee to president.

And no one, I think, has really examined that. But you have, Alex. Hey, everybody, Charlie Kirk here.

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Fill out the quick form and they'll get you back with answers. Andrew and Todd Dotcom. So Alex, Joe Biden finished, what, fourth or fifth in Iowa, sixth place in New Hampshire. He was dead to rights. They reset the Democrat primary as Covid was emerging. People started dropping out out of nowhere. And then Joe Biden got to be selected as the nominee. Tell us what you can about this period of time, because this was pivotal. He went from a laughingstock to the next president almost overnight.

Yeah. So the first thing that you're asking the right question that you're even curious about, because this is sort of the whole premise of what I was trying to delve into in the book. How could a guy without any real gifts, doesn't seem to be particularly popular, isn't inspiring ideologically, how could he get there? And the answer that I came up with through hours and hours and hours and hours of research is that he was part of building the apparatus that selected him. And he wasn't just propped up. That he was a part of he was the guy was forging a lot of the gears that make the machinery of the Democrat Party.

He has a Rolodex built over 50 years. And when he was emerging, by the way, remember that he was he was ready to pass the torch on to his son, Beau, who he said that I think it was the day of his inauguration before he actually got sworn in, that it should be Beau standing up there and not him. That was the whole plan was to pass the dynasty on to Beau. But Beau passed away with cancer. But when it turned out that there was no natural successor to Barack Obama, when there was no natural emerging force, Joe was the guy who had the most knowledge of the system, the most ability to operate the system. And this is something that people could could unite behind. And so believe it or not, even though we all are suckers for moving speeches and a tremendous rhetoric, what the Democrats have long understood is that the people who are operationally competent, the people who are able to to get more done are the ones who they actually end up elevating.

Think about Mark Elias, Charlie, who maybe is the second most powerful person on the left right now, if you're not going to include a guy like Soros. Completely uninspiring. You've no interest in hearing the guy talk. He's boring.

He's nothing to look at. He's amassing huge amounts of power. That's how the Democrats truly operate.

Obama was kind of a one off the Buttigieg fad. Where's that gone? Nowhere. They are looking for operators. And Joe is the the ultimate operator. Yeah. Talk more about that kind of web of businesses, right? All the different types of LLCs and businesses.

Just talk more about that. How complex is this, Alex? How many LLCs?

How many different hands? Because this is where your research gets very interesting. And Alex, I bet, I bet, I bet some of your research could be used by, well, we don't have a House of Representatives right now. We just have 535, 435 children running around.

But if we were to have a House of Representatives, they could use this as an impeachment. I bet you've done research they haven't done. Tell us, Alex.

Yeah, no, for sure. There's everyone who reads this book will learn something. In fact, Charlie, my challenge is if you don't learn something on the first page, I would be stunned. And that's the whole premise I'm setting up, that I open with an anecdote on the first page that everyone is telling me that when they're reading it, they're chuckling at the first page because I share something that's theoretically out there.

You could find it, but no one knows these things because no one bothers to look. We're all very self-satisfied with this Joe Biden's a puppet, he lives in his basement narrative, and we all moved on and let him keep beating us and keep setting his agenda. So that's the whole point, and that's my big elevator pitch to everyone to go get it. But yeah, it's 20 LLCs just involving either Joe or Hunter.

That's what we know about, but it's not just Joe and Hunter. It's the whole operation. I had a big story at Breitbart that ran that people can check out, which is based off of a section in the book, where I look at, for example, the Biden Institute at the University of Delaware. This was something that was set up at the same time the famous Penn Biden Center was set up and another satellite office in Washington. The goal was to create a system to generate wealth. Wealth generation was the goal for the Bidens. Now, how are they going to generate that wealth? They're going to generate that wealth through deep ties to China. That's clearly a big part of what they're trying to do, because as soon as these institutes got launched, then donations started flowing into these universities from China.

Delaware had never gotten a donation from China before. The Biden Institute opens up. Who's running the Biden Institute? It's Valerie Biden, who's only famous for being Joe's campaign manager in automatic Senate runs that he was going to win.

It was dubbed Hunter's Baby. This was called Hunter's Baby, this project, run by Valerie to do wealth creation for Joe, deeply tied to China. At the time, not yet installed, but incoming to the University of Delaware to run the whole university was a deeply Chinatown guy who is now working for Biden in the White House. It's a huge web. That is one minor thing of the whole international scheme the Biden family is running. Yeah, it's just it's so unbelievable. So I'd like to ask you a question, Alex, when you started to do this research, you had you know, you know, Schweitzer really well.

So you are some of this. What was the most I mean, I don't want you to, you know, say everything that's in the book. It's called Breaking Biden by the book, everybody. But what was the thing or the theme where you were just like, you know, when when you and your research team were like, when all of a sudden, Alex Barlow, who gets up at like 3 a.m., like a crazy person, you know, to host your radio show where you were just like, come on, like where it was almost like you were thinking about it and you could not believe what you stumbled upon. Give us a little tease of the stuff that you discovered that even shocked you, someone who has been so initiated in this space.

Yeah. So I think, first of all, the one that dawned on me, a couple of things dawned on me. When I saw that Frank Biden was operating a vehicle that hit and run someone and then Joe tried to cover it up, that was pretty stunning. When I learned the extent to which that Joe was willing to work with Chinese connected entities to enrich things so that he wouldn't have to do other fundraising, presumably, I mean, that's what all the constellation of facts pointed out.

That was pretty stunning. But the thing that I would say more than anything else, what I saw, I thought, OK, this is this is not I can't believe this is happening, is when it started to dawn on me that he's always done this nutty stuff. He's always said crazy things. He's always had racist comments. He's always looked like he was about to fall over or pass out or get lost. He's been doing this forever. And that made when I realized that I realized he wasn't deteriorating mentally the same way everyone else on the right just assumes he is. I still think he's deteriorating to some extent, Charlie, but I've realized he's always been this way. And when I've realized he's always been this way, it made me think, oh, my goodness, he could actually win again. If we're not careful and we don't start taking this guy seriously, we have fallen for a trap because he's constantly been bumbling and stumbling and getting lost and he keeps winning. We can't shake this guy. And that's why the hard reset needs to take place. We need to come to terms with it. He's beating us and we can put an end to it. And the playbook is in this book.

Yeah. And so then if for House investigators, if we ever get a House representative back, I have to ask you about that, Alex, in a second, because it's just of course, it's just it's just right there because it actually ties into your thing. Like, if we ever to get a House back and decide to have a speaker, what what what then because you know this really well, you wrote the book, you're super smart. Where do you think are the best, most provable attack vectors to prove that Joe Biden has done crimes and misdemeanors? And is it an over exaggeration to use the T word traitor to Joe Biden?

No, I don't think so, because if you look at what if you look at the Burisma scenario, which people know pretty well, I probably know it to a little more detail at this point, I haven't researched the book. This should tell people everything they need to know about what Joe's willing to do. You get higher Hunter for a million dollars in Ukraine for an energy company.

He knows nothing about Ukraine or energy. They make one demand, fire the prosecutor. They come back and say, hey, we need this prosecutor fired. Joe fires the prosecutor. Obvious US government action that is done in exchange for money to the family.

Now we know, Charlie, from recent developments that the State Department thought this prosecutor was doing a good job. So Joe Biden actually defied his own State Department to benefit Hunter Biden. So we know what they're willing to do. They know he's willing to change policy in order to benefit his family financially. Done deal right there, boom. So that gives you the opportunity to go back and look at all these deals.

Look at the Dragonhead deal and look at the equity there. Look at the ties that not just Hunter, but Jim Biden, who is a former nightclub executive, have to quote the effing spy chief of China who got arrested by the FBI. You know where his first call was, Charlie? Do you know who the effing spy chief of China called first person?

No, tell me. Jim Biden, Jim Biden. Why is he calling Jim Biden first? Apparently you want to talk to Hunter. So he called Jim to get to Hunter.

Why is that? Now we can start figuring out and unwinding every single connection, but doesn't stop there. The domestic stuff too. We've been talking a lot about EVs with some of the UAW strikes going on, stuff like that. Joe had a niece in the Department of Energy that was giving out, while the Department of Energy was giving out loans to EV companies that were going bankrupt. Hunter was a creditor on one of those companies. Hunter got $125,000 electric vehicle during this process.

The web is nonstop. There are Bidens everywhere and they're all bagging cash. James Biden was a nightclub operator and then Joe became vice president. All of a sudden, Charlie, he's running a private school initiative where he's flying around on private jets trying to raise money for, I'm sorry, not private school, charter schools. He's trying to raise money for charter schools on private jets.

Needless to say, the literacy rate of the people in the schools was almost zero. Didn't stop Jim from bagging cash and flying around on jets. It's top to bottom. The whole family, they're all implicated and now it's time to start exposing all of them. I love it. Breaking Biden, I have it right here, exposing the hidden forces and secret money machine behind Joe Biden, his family administration exposed, explained, revealed, uncovered, revealed, exposed.

Joe Biden's undeniable role in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. amazing infrastructure. Teams have been working so hard at Not only is it a way to support us directly outside of all of the other channels, but get this, live Q and A's in the team, articles exclusively written by me that you won't find anywhere else.

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But even more than that, if you feel moved and compelled that our show is impacting you and impacting the world, it would mean a lot if you became a member at I have to ask Alex about this, you know, deal. And as of this conversation, depending on when people are listening to it, because things live in perpetuity, there is no Speaker of the House. OK, which means that the Joe Biden investigations are all in suspense.

Right. I mean, they've all been suspended. So, Alex, what do you how should we think about this and how does it how does it connect to Joe Biden, the criminal who is president of the United States? Yeah, this is terrible for the stuff I'm trying to accomplish, trying to get people to focus on Joe Biden and the Biden family, Biden corruption. It's just a look, Charlie, we know that I see what Matt Gates is trying to get out of life.

And I was like Matt when I run into him and he's very charismatic guy. But, you know, there's a personal thing going on with him and McCarthy because McCarthy's allowed for the ethics investigation and him to continue. That seems to be the main beef here. But now we're talking about Kevin McCarthy.

We're not talking about the Biden family. We finally got them in a corner. We're finally learning some things. We're finally getting a sense of, you know, Joe using the Rosemont phone. We're starting to get some details in the Burisma deal, some amount, some dollar numbers that people like me and Peter Swartz have been looking for for years.

They're finally coming out of the investigations. And then now we're just going to fight amongst ourselves right now, of all times. I'm not into it from a content perspective, as editor Breitbart, you know, citing. But it's the it is not my thing. And 100 percent, this is going to make it so that a unified Republican conference is not there to take on Biden.

And I just misguided, misguided, misguided. We're going to probably lose the House next year. And, you know, when they vote to eliminate the Electoral College or do whatever goofy thing they want to do, I will remember that. Peter Schweitzer says Alex Marlowe is one of the few journalists who does the deep research to break real news. He reports fearlessly wherever the facts may lead, holding the most powerful people in the world to account. Breaking Biden is a central reading. If you want to know the hard truths about the presidency and the American power structure itself, it's called Breaking Biden. Alex, we have three minutes remaining.

I want you to just use this time as you see fit. Anything we didn't talk about, you know, elements you want to tease our audience, please. Yeah, I would love to tease the Ukraine chapter you brought up. First of all, one of the most unbelievable little anecdotes I found in the book is that James Biden, the nightclub owner, he fell deep into IRS debt and he got bailed out with a half a million dollar loan from a Biden donor who is a Ukrainian American. And three years later, that Ukrainian Americans car company got a $20 million federal loan to build a new dealership. You know where the dealership was, Charlie?

No. It was in Kiev. It was American loan to build a car dealership in Kiev. And it was coincidentally the guy that bailed out Jim. So all this stuff is literally in the book.

But I will say, I think it's a very important chapter. Other than Vladimir Putin himself, there's no person walking the earth who is more responsible for the Ukraine war than Joe Biden. His foreign policy and diplomacy was utterly reckless and irresponsible. He had the chance to use finesse in order to try to make a peaceful resolution.

Instead, he botched it completely. And I think that really did propel Putin to invade. And now we're all going to pay for it. We're all going to have to deal with all the fallout, so many lives lost, so much money wasted, all terrible.

And Joe Biden deserves so much of the blame. There's a whole chapter on the book. So the research is just so amazing here.

And I mean, I'm flipping through it. And what I like about this, guys, is that there's no speculation. So let me ask you, Alex, I know this is an unfair question because it's speculation. Do you think he's going to be the nominee? It's a great question.

And it's one that a lot of people are going to be surprised by my answer, because I think the answer is yes. I think that he's wanted this so bad. It's defined his life. The presidency has defined his life. Since he was a little boy, he's wanted to be president. And everything single single thing he's done is in pursuit of that goal.

And his main goal was actually to create that dynasty that we discussed. That's not going to happen. So this is really it for him. So I think they're really going to have to do more than they had to push him out of the way. So unless his health just completely collapses and I'm not seeing evidence that's going to that's going to happen, if it does, of course, he could be out. But again, he's getting old. But I think he's the nominee as of now. I don't think it's impossible he gets moved on, but I think he's the nominee as of today. Yeah.

And it's also who would they replace him with? And he satisfies every favor that the lobbyists want. He is a perfect vessel. Right. He is perfect. That's exactly right. Then the left.

They will never have such a malleable vessel as Joe Biden. They have it so good. Yes. Yes. Alex, wonderful job. Breaking Biden. Alex, you're welcome to guest host. I think I'm taking off a day in a couple of weeks, so Andrew will be in touch. Great job, Alex. Thank you so much. Charlie, you're the best. Thank you so much. God bless you. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us as always. Freedom at Charlie Kirk.

Dot com. Thanks so much for listening. God bless. Walk around the office on eggshells and have my words policed by H.R. Words like grandfather, peanut gallery. Long time no see.

No can do. When I grow up, I want to be obsessed with emotional safety and do workplace sensitivity training all day long. When I grow up, I want to climb the corporate ladder just by following the crowd. I want to be a conformist. I want to weaponize my pronouns.

What are pronouns? It's time to grow up and get back to work. Introducing the number one woke free job board in America. Red balloon dot work.
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