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38- Helping Young Adults Find Their Way

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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September 6, 2019 3:00 pm

38- Helping Young Adults Find Their Way

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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September 6, 2019 3:00 pm

On today's show, Aimee talks with Dr. Nikolov and guests Phil and Beth Bruns about how we can help our youth to find their way in the world.

THE CURE Live streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, abuse, mental illness, any trauma or is experiencing problems now in their lives. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope and love while healing the wounds and 'affirming' that you are not alone.  

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Phil and Beth Bruns have been active and involved Christians their entire adult lives. Phil has successful careers in real estate and construction. Beth has a successful career in chemical engineering. They design and lead Launch Your Life workshops around the country. They also mentor and coach all ages to live intentionally with a Christian perspective regarding life, career choice, and professional development. They have served in church leadership at virtually every level in their local church and lead married and family ministries today. Please visit, or find them on Facebook, Instagram @launchmini, or YouTube at Launch Mini.

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Brought to you by volume ICU research life can bring many difficult situations, domestic violence, addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy Cobb and the Q hosting our website,.com are not aligned on Roku look for the cure are actually under the care and the podcast we are broadcasting live from Miami. We created this show as a safe space to show that there is hope to going to difficulties despite any suffering no matter what type as I've come to find out that no one is exempt from suffering. At one point in their life or another or they could still be suffering, and it's okay we're here for each other. I'm trying to ease testimonies that could be helpful and I'm inviting professionals and inspirational speakers I can help or suggestions as a survivor. I hope to inspire others encourage transparency and find strength in knowing that those who suffer are not alone and that those that seal against insurmountable odds. Do access. I'm joined today by my partner in life and it worked. Dr. Boris Nicole of hello and today will discuss young adults and life's challenges our special guests are Elizabeth and the bronze facing transitions in life can be challenged and one of these big transitions it's going from college student to college graduate seeking affairs. Talk.

I guess today knows that is not that simple to find the right talk their successful professionals and look is a real estate developer and writer and Elisabeth is a senior research scientist.

They also provide assistance to those new college grads, among other people. The other workshop lunch and now their first book from lunch ministry.

Elizabeth and Philip, thank you for being with us.

So much for having up I see that you guys work as a family same same as a name we do we been married for 28 year but enjoyed the remote.

That is, be Elizabeth or sell out what challenges do you see young people face with launching the lights today by a number of things that are in no uncertain. He is always hard when you're making a big transitions from formal schooling into what is that burst that first career job, but I think today I young people today they face a couple of unique things that are very much on our part. One is an unprecedented amount of college debt a college graduate. The graduating facing you know a big you know a big amount of debt that they have to recover from trying to find an their first job, I am thinking that they've also clumped the agent up and in the US during log economic challenge facing companies down 550 and the economy struggled a in their parents. A friend of the lucky ones get downsized or placed in their job.

It is challenging to move forward when it seems fairly daunting to get that first job the context of the economy and the debt situation and it's almost as if their dreams are shattered because he spent so much time studying and going to school and getting this career and in the face of these challenges that past generations to have their they're faced with now having to pay that mother trying to make it in life, which makes it twice as difficult to your Becky right the highest average college.

I never been right now and really does show and I look a little bit in the housing market shows them first-time buyers and order for our young man or woman to you be able to move through mother's finances them yet another thing your way on the next thing you know the level what would you say would be the difference between the generations before us all our generation millennial's millennial's are dealing with now compared to us in the generations before has college gotten more expensive to people find it more important, they paid what people doing different jobs will I think I think a couple things have shifted. It was dark by we are going through that transition. I think one is you people have moved moved more away from talking about parent picking their their kids their kids to a trade school or even young people wanting to go to a trade school to become a plumber or an electrician and things of that nature and because of you for any young person thinking about littering this actually causes a wide open and I believe I believe it is something in the neighborhood of just a few short years will be a shortage of 7 million laborers in the US but I can get and other things related to politics. We want to get your but but the bottom line is young man or woman wants to become a plumber. As an example, the chances are very good that they can go get training to become a professional licensed plumber fairly fairly quickly and so that different.

I think crawled from fact and back of our time, people were were my friends was they were discouraged to go into the trays more encouraged to go to college when I actually people going to college shortage on the trait's past and recent kind of hard work was appreciated. As long as you supporting your family and life is a bit simpler now.

It's almost ingrained into our consciousness that to be successful in life. We must go to college and we must get a four year degree and makes a somebody in life and then we stand out in life and then we can do something with my life, but research shows that recent college grads end up underemployed and they lack direction and content in their lives. Yeah, we would we would agree with that part of the yacht. Not every college degree is necessarily matched with an obvious college profession. I mean a profession on the back at and so I think the advice he would give young people and maybe in the past it was easier. No matter what degree you had it would lead to a job, but today this is simply not the case.

College is not a guarantee of getting a job in a particular field and so whether it looking at the trade as a route trade training on college that is in service of a specific job or even doing half college in a community college setting versus doing all four years in a university setting little thinking can affect dramatically your ability to get a job on the backend and well as for a job on the back and we would really invite young people and their parents to not be constrained with the idea that a four year degree at an expensive, you know, University is going to be you know is going to be an automatic transmission it easy on the back end of that and it might not be the right match for who the student is example I graduated and started having children like how my payments were never home and I didn't want 12 hour shifts so God blessed me and I screamed.

I trained how to become a study coordinator. Guess what just as much or even more than Hunter's 9-to-5 job I was being able to be there for my kids.

So when I went to school for a never used my husband, the doctor and he just created a business networking as a doctor here so going to college. This is not like you said it's not a guaranteed and most people are disillusioned, thinking that that's an automatic thing and instead we try exactly in agreement and we really try it are in our book want your life to offer strategies.

Thinking through how God made you as well as a bigger view of what employment and career might look like, because knowing who you are and what you like is almost as important or even more important that what you're choosing to do after school because if you don't do it and formed around where the job is, that might be a good match for me versus just assuming a four year degree at that lead that it does lead to broken hearts and broken dreams are the point you can really help that also if you have your little schooler or teenager in high school are just what about those saying is to help them discover who they are, what they like what they don't like what the class is really good at what classes are not good at that kind of discovery can really help a student pick and choose. Later on, a major college major for choose that, or trade or whatever that might be a good match for them earlier on going to college and also discovering a way to suck. I didn't actually like like my nursing degree example did you enjoy helping people there so many different things on different careers in different ways people, there is unlimited amount of waste that can help people doesn't necessarily require a college degree. It could be on the job training or it could be a a a school.

When the countdown is almost yes okay so would also recommend for any any young person making a transition from high school into whatever it is that next step to two to really embrace the idea of networking find people that are little bit older than you, that you think may be in a field that would be well suited to your in a job that you might be well suited for. Ask them how they got there job how they got started on. There's a good chance that the college degree may not have mattered or wasn't even a factor to getting that job, or they may not have the four year degree either. But I would steer people, young people to engage in networking and mentoring around career is down as much or even more so than just what university and what careers are going to go together may want to think that that we hear and we mentor a fair amount of young people making this transition is that when we talk to somebody is either facing graduation is on the backside of graduation and they genuinely have no idea what kind of job that they want to get let alone what would be well suited to them and you put on the death of today college on top of that it does get to be very discouraging very quickly and they also limited to being at the college studying at the college networking and interacting with people and learning from others and trying to use their gifts to the best of their ability. Because I know that when I was in a four year college. That's all I saw was studying. I thought of anything else. And so that was my world.

Whatever was inside the college.

My little daughter at home. Of course, your Chris is also different because you know nursing is studying to be a nurse, but there is no there so many things. The study that you really don't know what you want within their. There's a lot a lot of major and what we did with our children. We encourage other parents do their third child growing up through high school and especially high school is to think about about the major you may not know exactly what you want become comparative due to wanting to go on dictation, you can just start to narrow it down. Let's start out your your junior high school and you were just thinking in words thinking something in the sciences and when you think about a vacation you're thinking okay let's go out West someplace in the process of talking with them, talking with teachers and and and is best mentioned other mentors of people I can help you narrow it down to going on vacation out West to you in a while. Let's just go out to Washington state of Washington, Michael. Then you can narrow your father to like you know what, let's go to Seattle and rest stop at Mount Rainier. You can you really focus on where you want to go on dictation similarly is your major discussion of the people that know you well and you can help SHEPHERD separate these conversations so that a child at least have an area if not a specific major and then let that drive your college of your choice if you choose to go to college just don't sometimes you students go to college just because just because your parents wanted to go or just because they're kind of expected to go and I really don't have a lot of good direction into what they want to do in college and hampers them to allow during a time there and everything that as well as on the backend, though, get a degree and then take a look at the college resume and there's not been a litany of some good steps that have narrowed down not just her major, but also getting a job on the back and seeing too much.

For example, mother of the millennial and she has a friend of course is they both feel like the place down.

It's it's really difficult for them. I'm seeing it everywhere dumb for those that are attending in steamy capital and this is the care today show is helping is focusing on helping adults find their way. We are doing until bronze authors of mentioned life in this picture. Life entities to stay with us. Love is the answer.

God is the cure reveals from a very sincere and honest position. Amy Cabo's life, a warrior who didn't give up and achieve the dream of her life. You can get to know more about her at her story on for buying her book on and now we continue with Amy Cabo and the 218 80 cell have. If this is your first time we are talking Elizabeth Burns help us find a way.

I like this quote from there that actually when you understand you are and how God is at work, you can really start to dream if you can establish those dreams and the foundation of God and his word. You can soar. How can we help these in adults a more meaningful dream dreaming like were talking about is making a match between God work in your life and getting some insights around the God dreams are for you and catching those dreams that you have five people to look at with God around where is a good match and I'm an engineer on the technical person and one of the things that I take great purpose and mentoring of young people obvious. Looking at my life as a highly technical person and a highly technical job you spoke to God but God admit that to be able to mentor and coach people and career development, and letting a professional J matching service of God. In my case embracing who I am is a technical person but also embracing what God put on my heart which helping women who are in technical careers or math or engineering or science that can be a little bit daunting sometimes email my provider in providing a ministry for younger people that younger women claiming that God has a dream for me and I break with God and our black is meant to help match that opportunity inquiry without inquiry with yourself. You can be grounded in what God wants you to dream about.

So basically integrate God into your life into your work into what you do, so that you could see how God could work do you and I see what you mean because I know that we need to work that we need to learn to live to survive God and career socialite. Those things are not separate it's on to wind it all comes together because most of everything were doing we doing the service of other.

Therefore, everything that we do.

Mostly we doing this for the glory of God like that is one of the things we help people with on top of the dreaming idea is that life is useful for God, not just the sometimes dark and he get to know when we do church activities only go to church are like that stove in a church versus looking at it as your whole life with the service of God in all the really really important point that you take on trying to formulate a career that knowingly that what you're using to spend your time on the moment of the day God, how can you make the most of them that way you can make the best out of every day you could be a better you each and every day even on the two years, and anything that we can do as a career. I think the most important meaningful job that we have is how we treat each other what impression we see whether we make an imprint in the world make a difference whether we set a good example for somebody with a good friend to someone here, what with somebody needing loft over somebody who's nervous because I mean all those little things. Those things you find opportunities of those things and work in career in your social life and I believe that it's important to have Christianity from mental strength and for self-discipline and sometimes I do worry about and I used they feel so much against the world. A lot of them are straying away from Christianity very easy so grown up in a church, not to minimize the power of God in a lot in one way that happens is we don't see how God is really working a lot.

Believe your God working to help create our lives and who we are through the book and I want to like what we reference to David at one point he looks like you looking at a baby or looking at baby maybe so, but he think about how wonderfully he was made with the click as a small baby and how wonderful you what you created in his mother's womb, and so forth and so, very beginning, God's been working a lot through the experiences whether through different people B (outdoor plan to bring us to the point we are like creating the package and other scriptures that talk about God, like the clay pot. God is the pottery and building pot with his hand, and I think you take me think God takes a very vested interest into our lives and goes way more than just a Sunday morning that he cares for us each and every day you just because like the good work here to be involved to help other people need, financially or someone who needs a smile to help discover who God is and God works. And you know you mentioned millennial things that we talked generation younger folks is that they are really an amazing group of people all is strong to be have to be yet the people that inspired us to really write the book feature yeah yeah yeah amazing amazing car and got the connect mean the realities of the world. They are in here writing challenge and I admire any millennial ride in the challenge trying to figure it out. 11.

Inspiring life and I think sometimes the challenge of the world that we live in, but they aren't yearning to take even they do feel that and I think sometimes that can be misunderstood and discourage minor depression or depression but not coming from a place of laziness that I don't care or not you know I I I'm discouraged, I want to move forward. I just don't know how to do that with God at the time I don't have a dream God at times and I don't how to put that dream for God is a concrete plan with a good career your way doing something you feel I got along really trying to bring the concept together in the life approach Elizabeth. The quote from your book, you said you are not you you're the only one who can fulfill the role God has offered you and he has been preparing you for some time getting ready to just don't know and I let the case that is from the Bible in his history when we return. Can you tell us how God is already preparing for his career do the stories what you mean by Personal Brian after this will continue talking to learn to discuss the challenges in space such as struggling, lacking faith for this Amy, listening to now we continue with Amy gobble on 880, and this is the key here. Well, I think Friday at 2 PM on the chair asked for Apple devices and today we are doing business and we're talking about helping adults with life's challenges boy when I was young and dumb and broke not so young anymore okay but no about.

Let's say how do we how do we avoid young adults to start their life broke financially and spiritually.

Well let me start with part of that because I think the financial part and from the part of the lot you like what you referenced before the break passage that when I wrote it actually had tears in my eyes and passionate moments when I was writing about how special you are and there's only one of you and pretty. We go in depth into that because you know but it's a pretty powerful thing to think about God and made me and made you and billions and billions of other people, none of which are identical to each other and God's work in your life you know to create who you are and pretty special to think about that and really let that soak yeah and so I think I think you start with that and you dream about God getting getting sometimes sometimes people give you a relationship with God and in the church and the meals were something like that. I think the church is so much more than that relationship with God. Walking with God is Bible talk about that and I want to like book becoming having a real relationship with God, could really lift your spirit and give you confidence and trust the financial think and feel a little bit hard when you go into a job interview or you can you go go go to your your day job and maybe so whatever it might be whatever the job you haven't relation with God that can help you better just day-to-day. And you do that with things we suggested in the brought and hope your financial situation. I think as long as God sees you trying and you struggling trying to work kinds of people. If he did the things please are not the things come back to you and that person can run into somebody and Amy got a great job opportunity for him finds out that he's the right match and got the right people in our past think that even if we don't have that in mind and we discover our talent by mistake the world you you he does work in mysterious ways, but I think that's what you mean by personal brand. We have our personal brand covering and being about a personal brand and talk about that some products and brands every day and you consume products and brands.

The reason that you're enthusiastic about a lot of times the things that you consume in terms of pricing plan have no higher purpose or higher meaning appreciate their social because you appreciate their environmental footprint and useful appreciate yeah there useful in whatever job you what to do in your life. We would suggest that people have brand and that when you are interviewing for a job or you are an employee at a particular job that your equity are those things that you're known for things we try to help people get in touch with are those personal equity paying that can amplify your effectiveness in the job just because you were God and God's word is gone back to a lot interview being kind and loving humility, servitude and godly qualities that what employer wouldn't want all the bad qualities we don't like that's from the me like anger and jealousy anything engine traded and you know I think that someone says you should good things in your mind and think good things and that's it. That's of God negative thing had been done yeah. That's why I pray pray pray pray and you guys go a little further than that. You guys talk about a concept called I see a intentional planning action. Was it while you read the book while I will though I will like you bring it up. You know you can't equip in the book of you familiar with craft beer we write about in the book is going to be a lot more ill will and so yeah so you know why you think that which we know. I would love to go to Europe on dictation.

I would love to go to the maybe have that attention that we put out there for planning. We might even plan to to go to Europe as an example, plan plan and the you know where we might want to go cities, but unless there's action action will not pack a bag intention and the planning are just dreams and thoughts is all they are, and we need the action intention planning and action IPA so we talk about that because it was actually the very last thing that we wrote that we put it right at the front of the book because any kind of growth any kind of changes in category dreams you walk without their unless you have action towards those goals dreams that you whatever that might be backing towards that goal remains and so wanted to put some practical things that you can do exercises in the book that I want to rock so that you can actually achieve the dreams and work towards and then at the very early and we talked about just everyday. We mock you working towards those girls working on your life.

Working on moving talking with a mentee couple weeks ago and have a follow-up with her next next week is matter fact to make a job change is not happy. She does not think it got well. She desperately needs a job change is talking through what could be where she could go for her resume had sent out a whole action part and so I bring up the effect of how you put this into action.

Pray about God apart the red side not done apart the red, you don't walk up and in the Bible is clear about hacking, seeking, and knocking, and even in that life had to walk up the road felt daunting and hard. Now you can buy a girl while you're Character at the big action oriented brought philosophical book on how to move forward in your life and that's important because action is what makes it actually happened and in so many of us, and I even when I was a kid I now begin tax and I think that's what you get with maturity by yes it's it's very important because otherwise it's just a watch like what we write right section.

Yeah, we want to help with the eye of the P but ultimately is going to come down to the person for the cheerleaders and the younger people we were like the biggest cheerleaders and make them but help them to know that they can accomplish whatever that whatever they want to do and I got back going to use them in the right whether there are student whether their worker. You mentioned earlier we go into the book number of biblical men and women were God clearly you still live through their job and their great not because they quit their jobs and in these amazing things for God. God working through their careers working through an amazing people had jobs he got up every morning, went to work. Some of them have some real high level job God work through their firing really. Yes, it is fitting spanning and just to let people know young people. We have a lot left to guess now we have some knowledge through experience, sometimes to experience so we can be helpful to you. Just go to come from you remember a lot a left again and that's basically what it's all about and that it is really interesting because I've known a lot of people, even my sister and what she's doing and you know God does work, he works you people and their careers and she's done a lot of things through her career. My niece is doing a lot of good things with with in college she wants to travel and help people do ministry so and later on maybe get this just so many things that happen and you think that the rest of our life is existing working and making the bills.

There's much more to it than that. Everybody goes through a spiritual journey, you can't avoid anything at one point to another questions themselves. What am I here for what's my purpose is to so we all go to the challenges that we need to leave. I believe successfully is to God, life Life is very scary and very difficult not worth testing in their gun that don't want to go there again. Agree challenges like talk to talk to some of my mentee. I want to die, trusting in God as it relates to something about their future overcoming thing in their path literally God and supporting them almost like it's a springboard for more more love, more focused and being useful for God more integration of God into their lives, and we just have to hope each other, string together that God working in your life as we are walking with our daughter cell on and following his word on the virtuous circle that can be for good or great things by embracing that God has a path for us and we need to just embrace it and can't get on with coming to an end questions. I think it is as if you guys grandparents with that if you had something nice for them. Your young person, child or grandchild as they get older you know we being more and godparent kind of a relationship to be more of. And so we encourage parents to move into your child is in college and got them even more than that is what I said earlier about just being a cheerleader and they cannot have enough people telling them how amazing they are special they are doing a great job keep going after inspiring and could be a big fat cheerleader and I think that the best thing they can do for young people person you want them to be exactly it's so much more. It was a pleasure to share with all my listeners thinking to you. All special guest said that cohost Boris and the great one. Again, thank you, Elizabeth, for your participation.

Thank you so much more information on Elizabeth until funds can be found in hundred guests. Please check it out and get the book luncheon life and you can hear. Thanks for listening to Amy,.com for previous shadows and until next time you work with Amy, was brought to you by IM IC research 786-310-7477 or to name every Friday at 2 PM with Amy, right here on 880

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