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53- All Depressed and Nowhere to Go

The Cure / Aimee Cabo
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October 9, 2019 2:00 pm

53- All Depressed and Nowhere to Go

The Cure / Aimee Cabo

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October 9, 2019 2:00 pm

On today's Saturday Edition show, Aimee talks with Dr. Nikolov and guest Greg Horn about the debilitating effects of depression and how to begin to take your life back.

THE CURE Live streamed podcast is hosted by Aimee Cabo and offers a platform of hope to anyone who has experienced domestic violence, abuse, mental illness, any trauma or is experiencing problems now in their lives. It's a place to find comfort, knowledge, strategies, answers, hope and love while healing the wounds and 'affirming' that you are not alone.  

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Aimee Cabo Nikolov is a Cuban American who has lived most of her life in Miami. After many years of healing, finding love, raising a family and evolving her relationship with God, Aimee's true grit and courage led her to pen an honest, thought-provoking memoir. Years of abuse became overshadowed with years of happiness and unconditional love. Now Aimee is the president of IMIC Research, a medical research company, a speaker, radio host and focused on helping others. You can read more about Aimee by  visiting her website.
Dr. Boris Nikolov is the CEO of Neuroscience Clinic. You can read more about Dr. Nikolov and the work he is doing by  visiting his website.


Greg Horn, host of HOPE is Here, is best known as an encourager, coach, motivator, and speaker.   Greg not only talks about HOPE, he lives it.   He battled his own depression and thoughts of suicide after losing his business, his home, and his marriage in a 24-hour period.   He understands how devastating the thoughts of despair and lack of HOPE are.   Greg has also experienced the loss of several friends by suicide in his life, and the recent suicide of a friend with two beautiful young children and a great job showing no signs of depression brought Greg to his knees.  

In December 2017 Greg started “HOPE is Here” a podcast and daily radio show with the message of “HOPE is Here." With more than 1000 downloads a month, “HOPE is Here” has listeners from California to Brazil and Canada to New Zealand.  You can learn more about Greg and his work by visiting his website at

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Go to with Amy Kabul life can bring many difficult situations domestic violence addictions, poverty and even sexual abuse by your loved ones welcome Amy Kabul and Q and thanks for joining today and yes any capital and this is the care redline every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern economic intern is not on the radio on our deck here on Roku ticket channel on fire TD on and RTD on God's I can listen to the recorded shows later. Any podcast I'm also joined by Dr. Boyce.

Nicola is my partner at work and in life. Hi everybody. This show deals with suffering challenges and the tenacity of the human spirit. The will to survive and the courage to keep moving forward despite any obstacle with the help of God and each other. We do provide testimonials to let people know that they're not alone in this show. The testimony started with me having been a survivor from child abuse long to get mental. We also have professionals in the medical field and inspirational speakers that are willing to help and get valuable information because education is key. Transparency is needed and I believe we can help each other for me.

My feeling came from God, but other forms of healing are presented as well to service everyone that can be very challenging, but always known that were now the song I displayed has to do with today's topic like to suicide.

It also brings me back and reminds me what it's like to fall apart. The price of the loved ones have to pay is so expensive. If the topic nobody likes to talk about you try to bury your feelings, head bowed, and sometimes we compromise our soul. It's good to remember the past. So it's not completed, and keeps you in check. Suffering in this world is still real. Today I want to talk about depression and its most strong presentation suicide and how to help others.

Those with her friends that are suffering.

Today's guest is gray corn gray corn is the host of radio program called hope is here a coach a motivator and a speaker Greg himself battled his own depression and thoughts of suicide, after losing his business, his home and his marriage with God's guidance. Greg is offering hope to his voice and providing a platform for others. Hello Greg and thank you for joining us. Welcome to the care you get thank you, thank you so much for joining us.

You have a very important topic to talk about. I know that you have had a personal experiences suicide, as have many of us and when you fell apart. What was the price that you had for others. Can you share a little more detail about the dark seasons of your life. Your million dollar bills both started writing you right.

24 hours. So what about to have faith throughout. I recall my intro was waiting for the water.

Bad news regularly type of insurance except for what little flood 89 years of the area. Nobody aware of the multimillionaire.

My bid $32 million that was less congested. To my surprise, super difficult. You must watch a whole life to get to this point. We all have God only one from without. Without daughter without sorrow and so you know, we know the tragedy happened, but with the help of a lot of friends, family, yeah, real for about 21 days Lombard will call or write a cover story about a fortune about two years later I can overcome all the flood of public moment of life by Charlie both have filed bankruptcy that I went home and watched my wife love you more. One parental loss marriage if I put the whole book that will go a lot better about 24 hours. That was the dark hole roles coming down on you and everything outlines I can just imagine most people with come to a point of despair means especially your life. The person that you love them is been very difficult and God must really love you, that you're still life tell me, how is it that you were able to come out that darkness of despair, feeling it was no reason for living well.

One minute one hour one. Everything was gone really write about angry with God sure with list that it's okay God telling what happened about five of the street. Yet if I was on Fay's family friend great Christian counseling antidepressant for a while, they should be home safely. Part of that God young to go to church, always your father really real revelation I was reading the book of Psalms) with the bed fell sleep from 28 7th St. in Marshfield are hard pressed, the Lord will post about bathroom mirror put the four on my laptop now. It's funny that you should say interesting that used to say that God and it's okay to be angry with God and I've had a lot of dark moments in my life. I never blamed God because I realized things happen but supposed to suffer why not Jesus texts and of course there's evil. Of course there's the devil, of course, will be challenged in life that I never I never really got angry at God because I realized that no matter what. I went to talk my times where I have allowed God in my life to look through me anything bad, anything Tariq keeping the best that he make something good, because imagine if you had gone to this flight and you can't do these perfect moments which you have feet which have felt let me see if this works, which you have had any other choice. Let me turn to God, he couldn't stay successful and felt like he didn't need God, so God can't enough I gripped a great point. March 31.

You can become better better but oh the right job word really studied the good. Romans 828 all things work together. Love the Lord called the perfect life with you chose to do nothing.

God always knows what's best for us, not somebody said what this is can happen, you know, this sentence can happen all because I prayed a lot and nothing changes and it's it's not necessary that we don't know how complex God works in mysterious ways we can say God. This is what I want.

And God is RD Boykin God knows what's best for us.

I like to ask God for his well and hopefully I don't understand it. Help me be strong enough to deal with it and of course I'm sure God wants to know things that we want any think that the prayers that are most answered are God give me strength God gives me a kind heart. God can you get ears to listen eyes to see the truth. Things like that. It can be very difficult. I know that when you're suicidal.

It becomes very difficult. I've been there.

I been that suicidal person and I always had faith in God. Sometimes you just feel like the surf to let and you don't have to help yourself and talking can't possibly help you when you such terrible person and you hate yourself so I understand perfectly.

But here's the beautiful thing a person in your path brings you a way to many things you mentioned Greg all the things I believe that it was influenced by God because you are today helping others. I believe that was the purpose and that's faith God allowed to real and personal, like for your recovery Bob I want to call in writing I will come back to the cell by Nini Cavanaugh and his care.

If this is your first time tenting in we are talking about preventing suicide. We are joined by Greg Horn.

Exxon is interesting to me because the devil does keep dreaming he does keep scheming.

He's a place in my life he's been dishes when I was undressed in front.

I felt like I was trying counting and I never want to go there again so it helps me to respect that there is evil and that I need to stay close to God. Greg what what rule that's faith hot and helping others to the dark seasons of their life. People will let you down like the people that are close to you so role Jesus Christ yesterday day and so we put our hope other people we let them know God did mark the individual be able to meet each other everyday yet do need help one another change world with 12 God but wanting us to have a personal relationship with him.

I faith the public to me. You think our flaws all the material about the money. My car home all the stuff temporary or to be gone in a moment and just the same way that God works to people to bring about Dean's thing goes for the devil. She does these people and because he's always scheming how important it is for us to surround ourselves with people Instead as bringing us down to see if you don't want to get burned.

Don't go near the fire boundaries are important come to reason people hope because Barbara and I can be put out some of the people that we hang out with, or the topic you would like suicidal to have hope is put yourself in a new apartment that may be involved in your friendship, family members do believe that the boundaries are help.

Hope so. Hope your bar. Besides support groups may be tell me what is the role of churches when he comes to addressing mental suicide part number 1 Being Safe Pl. You know, people have to answer like go through the force. Absolutely, we want to help you through the people were dealing with depression that will stop without church to be a safe place where people come with her wound site.

I'm really really struggle with survey of national church member and over 80% of the response to said you know you friend or somebody with and so I think the other part of God. Two beers, one bowel, which proportionally made problems with white great list or part of the people be available to listen you reaching out to people and letting people know they were safe place. You need to reach out to somebody you're hurting you got cancer, you let people know you want to the Porsche let people know you but death, love really are. Jeff, let my church know but a lot of times people don't want to say hey I'm struggling with depression from average suicidal thoughts and I want to encourage our churches to build a bike safe place for people to say I am struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts was struggling with depression is forcing me to abort the pregnancy went to three nuns asking for help. They tell me to the story of Jim because I told him how long I've been suffering. I'm sure there is plenty of churches will bring up a great point that they were used because people put your experiences happen saying because you think that people are there close to God. They want to do is help others because God lets us all and he actually taught us to love others the way that he lacks us some and I think that I running into disappointments in the Catholic religion because that's where the devil wants to attack the most and one time ancient times.

Can I leave the Catholic religion until I caught on. I really apologize I'm sorry. Looks extremely good quality people want to read about here because I wanted to write a place for people to say hey you know I don't like go to watch her running the top with a family member but break you're willing to share say you are sexually Bob Ali's as a child through the blood. The bankruptcy's unexpected divorce. You went through all those things that you're very transparent in your programs each day. Sure you're hurt.

Other people that's one thing. It's been a blessing, but maybe sometime the person doesn't get to helping the church like a I can reach up to Amy or I can reach up somebody like Greg hope is here and be able to let somebody know I'm hurting and I'll get a response. It's amazing so I just hope for you this help for others.

I believe that using the right hope to help those who are really discouraged to expand absolutely. I just was praying for your program back in December 2017 job.

What is it that how can I convey to people that there is hope The word hope, HOPE, and that I actually met with the Dr.: the board who is a specialist in suicide actually a special called cytology world that I felt like God, give me, but I will make sure to back verified with scientific and medical, educational, research, and she looked at and that's great. You are right on the well that that makes me comfortable sure know so I can impose HOPE the first letter a just to simply hold on to let them sample but the fact the matter you been there. Amy went you feel so overwhelmed like there's no hope. Just want to quit the above will seek exactly. It's always darkest right before the dawn of the Bible verse is called the weeping night but joy comes in the morning, this is just 1 PM Eastern media.

The care podcast. This song really has special meaning to me because sometimes it's best to let it go.

The road sometimes gets client and you feel alone and try to get by today. See song. I had to let go and let God that I kinda got a reason to pass by him holding onto God and I'm holding onto hope, because when he came to my brain injured adult daughter. She suddenly moved up to Chicago she had spoken to us in a couple months we hear from her again because she needs help or something to her apartment and after requesting large amounts of money in a short period of time. We ask questions. She tells us that there is a curse on her dog die in incurable care about that she's going to get cancer. She's not can be cured from spirit in the mountains that asking demanding this money.

$3500 and her psychic is the intermediary Christina give the spirits the money then I find out psychic listen Chicago then I find out. This relationship has been going on for seven years and I find out when my daughter survived her near-death experience where somebody tried to kill her Valentines 2016.

It was a miracle that she survived and was a miracle from God is the psychic that some special ceiling ritual and she was able to survive 24 day, where she almost died so my daughter tells me this money by tomorrow.

I'm killing myself because I can't lift this so now I'm dealing with photography suicidal so the psychic because my husband yes I know she suicidal he should look at the taxes. She's sending me, and this is why you need to pay this money and thousand that she works through God and she's trying to convince my husband. This so much detail on company suicidal. Okay Greg you have developed an acronym. The snow might help to help everyone who I really discouraged H stands for hold on oh and open up someone immediately open up to someone immediately. Talk to somebody asked for help.

Don't be afraid to share your feelings talk about it.

Not a sign of weakness doesn't mean you broken it just means in denial come to the terms that we need to and that's a start.

Put yourself in any environment. Surround yourself, set yourself up to be happy living a clean environment. Organize your things surround yourself with people that are good and fun to sign you away from the pot influences that would help expected these changes tell us about me and I want you community with but it is a mental battle but expecting things to get better and looking forward in the small things mean you're just a really small things. I think sometimes we focus on the day getting through the weather nice weather that we got the sunshine or what it right heel in our hearts.

I think that it's important to believing yourself believe that there's hope that things will get the lead. This too will pass. I think that's very important because reality is what you believe is what you see, if you believe things will get better things BETTER thing than Freud once said, you can live as if everything is a miracle.

Or you can live nothing is a miracle entry. My mind has a lot to do anything yet about one dollar the great things you wrote on attitude like that. What happens to us 90% how we react that each day you know we are in charge of our attitudes and even when the dark overcast cloudy days.

You know, we know will focus on and expect the changes that there is a blue sky behind that is going to change in breakout. God is created, seasons, winter, spring, summer, all we do go to those winter seasons. But we don't. We can't get to depressed to start in that knowing that spring to the common thing to go to bloom again. The sun is going to shine again just like you know it is just like the season going that we go to the winner, expecting to see changes, knowing that the spring of God, did a lot of people were sports fans and yet hope so. Chicago would never want the world.

Finally, when one yelled like our sports teams. We get home. Encourage and expect this is gonna be the year that were going to win in the same way with her life that were gonna win. But I think what really can't not be able to expect to see changes. Amy is we play the compare day we compare yoke one of two things always happen.

The one we might have a little better than somebody else so that fraud. That's not a good thing. And then the other part of the handle all conflict causes depression and suicide is when we compare and we don't measure up with whatever measurements that were used make enough money or we don't draw the right car.

We don't live in the right neighborhood compare ourselves to our siblings or friend people. We graduated from high school with and then we start to have self-pity and we get depressed because we play the compare game and that's where the faith component so important that you know what God pleasingly is not what people the world measures against other people to sign you to pass these things. You can come out any and to keep the light at the end of the tunnel. Suicide is something that's parent and it's it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem on how to be addressed well like what you're doing and what I'm doing here. Stop the day you go get your pocket, and we know people that are struggling to recommend those and I think one of the how you start your day off is so important. I know I've got several people that listen to your podcast on the radio Monday through Friday at 15 in the morning at lunchtime at 12:45 PM but you can't listen to, but he listens to the podcast while getting ready the morning knowing my mind with good things.

I'm getting hold up hearing stories about the people who have overcome great obstacles not only how it effects others when somebody has killed themselves but also how we can help one another when somebody when somebody has survived. There's lots of great stories that can occur to your programs on minded. I think the main thing is just letting somebody know how you already because when you get that out there and somebody knows everybody that flopped a friend or family member to suicide always said feel if I would've known they were hurting that bad, I would've done anything to help them.

He is letting people know how bad your many phone help lines when you expensing thoughts of suicide. Please copy don't feel okay. For example, the National suicide prevention like night lifeline 800-273-8255. You can even text the counselor for free crisis text line.are there many support groups around you and you can be creative. Help think you Greg and if anybody would like to call, then please feel free to be there for you when we come back we like to continue talking to Dragon help those not care meaning Kyla come back to take care you listening to Amy L every Saturday at 1 PM Eastern on the care Roco channel got his and we are joined by credit card, talking about suicide song is so beautiful. I do use songs at for them to be therapeutic because I believe God can test messages to songs or he inspires this English to sing the song we need to hear and I imagine that God is beautiful and he makes likes like either full and I can just imagine him letting us anymore.

He could possibly, Angels, and say that he loves our imperfections.

Every angle reminds me of his unconditional love and it's very sitting I have to do is accept God in my knife asking to take control and I stop and light at the end of the tunnel. I discovered help crank you then send wish we would have known. I note that at lot of people's regrets and it's a difficult thing to live with. Not everybody talks about it when they're depressed didn't want to depressed anyone else. They don't want anyone to know, how can we recognize signs and somebody that suicidal when it's something they don't like to talk about will write doing what you can't be because you Feel the most. The older people were but the great part about it is when you know somebody is hurting. If you just take 15 seconds to decide, hey, I'm thinking about you and praying for you today that could be again paid for somebody to be a lifesaver for somebody. Just knowing that one person is thinking about them and praying a prayer on thereby have we all have 15 seconds and the other day I was praying for God. And just think about hope and how do you help people what God said, you know, Greg, you're busy. Everybody gets busy and I think we all want to make a difference with one and only life you just think about it if you just intentionally sent a text one person each day and praying please God lays on your heart and send it to that person to say I was thinking about you this morning and I said a prayer for you know how much God loves you and the sense that that 15 seconds to do that you did that this one, day, preferably in the morning to get started with your busy schedule, but whatever.

Do one a day in the year you would have helped give hope to over 300 people, and in 10 years would be over 3600 people so I think sometimes we make it too complicated.

We think why don't know what to say or what to do under one premises, one things they do they have a really busy schedule with wife, kids, the job full-time job but don't discern the heart and the Moji with a hard on this and so you know it you could do in a simple way to know what kind I can go a long way to kindness is contagious and I leads to another and you never know the darkness and despair that somebody stealing and what's the best light was the best way to show them the night for me it was paying everything I had to pay everything because it wasn't enough to pray and ask God to help me but had to change my ways, and it wasn't that I paid everything they took this seriously. I realize that a lot of my behaviors I did because I didn't stay close to God and I realized that I had to pray every day and that's what kept me from the dark moments. I promise you taught moments will happen. Challenges will happen will be times that you want to despair if you stay close to God. Nothing scares you well everything you can handle and it's just life is just so much better before when I was depressed. Life was hell on earth now limiting paradise. And that's the difference is night and day needed for the anchor you put your hope in God and Jesus then that's where you can keep your hope that he also uses a human being, all people in our manual start they want counties or even on your worst day you could be one person is still just acknowledging somebody to be the checkout cashier at the grocery store, rafting, Even though you have customer service.

I should ask how are you doing, but lot time of his people are hurting so bad if you displayed the convoys. Hey how are you today you know really mean it.

I just smile yet absolutely they are a great quote by Helen one time he said a person to live about 40 days without food.

About three days without water about eight minutes without oxygen, but for only one second without hope.

And so that's what you do about your program. Amy what you're doing is programming your book with hope and that's what were doing just trying to provide hope to let people know that if you can overcome all the challenges that you had to go through this horrific things and yet God help you get on the other side of it. That's what I try to do it. Hope is, the same thing for both of us with love is what your hope is here that man if we grill out they will manage Amy can do it in the Greg can do it, then I could do it right and I noticed that anything that I've been doing like nothing's been there for each other. I know that even at times when I felt I let that be my child there a patch or like you said that cashier at Publix and it just just interaction with somebody that has a positive outlook on life like a happy person can completely change your mood and that's the beautiful thing about like I provided to us. He provided each other and we all have a loving heart is just that some of us have, strain, and for those of course we pray also wanted to say something very important is the somebody's feeling depressed. You should go see your doctor look for a psychologist or if your doctor refers to the psychiatrist. There is nothing wrong with seeing the mental health professional. There's a lot of stigma that people are bath window depressed but is true is just any is like any other disease like you have your attic will depression is more severe, more strong, but people should have the same look at it and don't hide it on. Try to avoid seeing somebody about only that there's many forms of therapy from me, you think it's medication. Psychologist is also attending infusion and transcranial magnetic stimulation and yoga and acupuncture and running in and dancing.

Whatever works for you.

There's many ways many things that God has provided.

If you're feeling bad just about siding and you look at the sky in nature and how beautiful it is there so many things I never took notice. So many things I can appreciate. I didn't realize that my neighborhood street had so much shade, which is helpful to me with a convertible. I never noticed that before and that's a big secret in life to keeping it together is just appreciating everything everything you have who you are and where you arrive there about the medication thing you know your doctor that was part of my ceiling profit. Amy was that part of it. No doubt about it.

I think it starts there but there's nothing wrong with all your doctor about three years.

I did take in and out of prison on top of my fave family friends exercising. I think a lot of that the combination of things to help get those endorphins going, such as an antidepressant and I think a lot of people say my faith must not be strong enough if I go take a nap on the present, present, and I think that the last three.

I assisted that you don't get help because he wants to keep you down. Yes. Medications need to just cleanse. That's why it exists and sometimes we just need to get help. I know when I was dreaming I need Academy fusions need them anymore and be me forever. Okay with admitting I need help and I think that the crates time.

I think he cracked so much for being my class thinking thing on this really love your program like hope really appreciated your program and I love your program, go to secure your providing hope. Thank you so much pain held that year helping a lot of people with different antennae think it's great what you're doing and God bless. Thank you.

For more information on take client this week. You shall hope is here can be found in God's guests. This has been a pleasure Greg, thank you for being on the care now that your Jesus Christ. We ask that you help everyone who is suicidal chitin so that Amy receive help that they need protecting prevent them from tying my suicide. We need 10 we left let them feel our love and your love Jesus Lord we ask that you contract the suicide survivors mind and that they are very special people. Remind them that they are heroes heal their minds with beautiful memories. Type and with everything that they need to work ease their pain get them hope, given comfort and guidance help them heal and help in every way possible that they feel our love and your laughter chases them in the rings norming pray for your angels there with you now know are in paradise.

Angels are among the highest their wings and magnet again and their beauty beyond imagination. Their love shines bright and embrace them like Jesus but your love and let their love to shine on down. Amen.

And here anyway. Now sometimes likely act hi close to breaking down sometimes will lose hope. Sometimes people will hurt their strength and I

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