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REShow: Matthew McConaughey - Hour 3

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September 21, 2023 4:18 pm

REShow: Matthew McConaughey - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 21, 2023 4:18 pm

Matthew McConaughey and Rich discuss his new children’s book ‘Just Because,’ the building hype surrounding his beloved Texas Longhorns after beating Nick Saban and Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and his reaction to college football’s Deion Sanders phenomenon at Colorado.

Rich explains how the Giants-49ers ‘Thursday Night Football’ showdown could impact Saquon Barkley’s future in New York and weigh in on whether Joe Burrow’s calf injury will prevent him from taking the field for the Bengals in their Monday Night Football matchup against the Rams.

Rich previews the top college football matchups this weekend including Ohio State vs Notre Dame, Deion Sanders and Colorado vs the Oregon Ducks, Nick Saban and Alabama vs Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss, Florida State vs Clemson, UCLA vs Utah, and Oregon State vs Washington State.

Rich weighs in on Steelers S Minkah Fitzpatrick defending the hit that ended the season of Cleveland Browns RB Nick Chubb. 

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This is The Rich Eisen Show. Justin Fields did not have a good day.

Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. What do you think was causing you to think so much? Yeah, it could be, uh, coaching. Oh, my goodness. Coaching.

Yikes. The Rich Eisen Show. Earlier on the show, co-host of Good Morning Football, Kyle Brandt. Senior writer for the M.M.Q.B. Albert Breer.

Still to come, Academy Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey. And now it's Rich Eisen. Factual hour number three of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. If you've missed anything that we've done over the last two hours, guess what? We re-air right away right here on the Roku channel. We're live on the radio.

We're live on the Roku channel. We also have our podcast every single day. All three hours, our podcast version. We've got two new podcasts out over Reaction Monday on Mondays. And my wife, Susie Schuster and Amy Trask, do their own podcast every Tuesday. Former Raider executive Amy Trask called What the Football. Check it out where all podcasts are acquired.

844-204-RICH number to dial. I've got my top five college games of the weekend to get to you. As you know, we're turning nine years old next month in just a couple of weeks. And one of the many reasons why I love doing this show is because we get to talk pop culture, we get to talk sports, we get to talk life. We talk about the real important things in life, which sometimes can be, you know, your sports teams. And it can be what movies coming out of what TV shows coming out, which makes our next guest truly one of our favorites and perfect guests.

He's come on the show talking about his his projects, but also about his memoir and now a children's book called Just Because. The great Matthew McConaughey back here on the program. How are you, sir? Be good, Rich. Good morning. How you doing, bud? I'm great.

Tell me about this book. Why? Why? What do you got for me here?

Just because. So you're a parent. I'm a parent. When you're a parent, you start seeing the whole world through the lens of like your dependents, your kids.

You know, what's the best decision to make now that I got kids for me, for them, for our family? I guess I dream I was I dream in that same lens, too, because this came to me one night in sort of a Bob Dylan ditty. I had this little dream going in. Just because they threw the dart doesn't mean that it stuck.

Just because you got skills don't mean there is no luck. So I woke up. I kept that rhythm in my head. I wrote it down. And that's what's in this book. Just because it's about the teaching kids that the that there's contradictions in life. You can be nervous and excited at the same time. That's a good deal.

You can bogey today and birdie tomorrow and wake up and make up for it. And it's just letting kids know a little bit about the poetry of life. My wife and I, we call that nervous sighted in our household. Matthew, that's our sighted. Yes, that's the that's the term that our children use.

And we use with them nervous sighted. Yeah, because that is it. That is you can be both happen at the same time. And I think kids start to think, oh, I should only feel one way or the other. And it's like, no, you got both those feelings.

And that happens a lot through life. And I think it's just it's a it's a properly lenient book for our kids and for ourselves, I think it's reminded me in a lot of adults and stuff that we were taught when we were younger that maybe we forgot along the way. Well, how old are your kids, Matthew? I've got 10, 13, 15.

OK, so you're in it. I've got I've got those are the ages, too. My two oldest boys are 15 and 13 or about to be 13.

And my my daughter is 10. And what I'm seeing and I'm wondering if you're seeing it, too, is maybe it was covid or whatever. But these kids don't know how to communicate with each other face to face with words anymore, that they're talking, you know, on their phones. They're they're Snapchatting. They're doing all sorts of stuff that being able to actually tell people how you feel or what you're doing. They're not really expert at that. I wonder what you're seeing.

No, they're not. I think a lot of times they'd rather be communicating with each other on a device, even if you're just in the other room. Yeah, I've seen that.

Yes. I mean, you know, we practice a pretty good ritual. We have that. We still have the dinner table each night where there's obviously no devices.

Everyone's got to sit down. Tell us a little something about your day. Give me a rose. Give me a thorn. Give me something that made you laugh.

Give me something you're thankful for. And, you know, when they have been, you know, more secluded, whether from covid or whatever, their social skills did get a little rusty. Hell, mine got rusty. Yeah. When I went back and reengaged, I noticed I was socially rusty. But, you know, they they were able to rely on this awesome device of communication. But then when they reengage back in life to go, go get on the front line, go shake his hand, go look her in the eye, go do it in person. They were like, what? That sounds like a magic trick now.

How do I pull that off? It's like, well, that's that's really done still. Right. And that's why it's important to actually have a book, put it in, put out there and put it together like what you did. New York Times bestseller number one right now called Just Because. What are some of the what are some of the messages that you have in there that you'd like to sort of sprinkle here, Matthew?

So here's some like from sort of sports related. All right. OK, we're a couple of the cupboard. Just because I'm in the race doesn't mean I'm fully ready. Just because you're shaking doesn't mean that you're not steady. Just because you follow doesn't mean you're not a leader. Just because I keep winning doesn't mean that I'm a cheater. You know that that those those last two, I love to talk to my kids and people about, you know, we always think, oh, if I'm if I'm going to be a leader, I got to be in front. Well, not if you don't know where you're going. You're a good you're a better leader if you find somebody and follow somebody that does know where they're going in that particular journey.

And it just because I keep winning doesn't mean I'm a cheater. We have a we have a tendency when we see greatness. To go, hmm, something must be up.

Mm hmm. Somebody must be hoods good. Something there must be a Vegas foul in here. Something must be a ride. And instead of that and we call things unbelievable instead of awesome. Right. And I think we need to remind ourselves that, no, some people just have an innate ability and some people just work harder and are better at things because they're great at it. And let's applaud that and appreciate that. Matthew McConaughey, author of Just Because Again, where all books can be acquired, a children's picture book that is delightful and is great for all families and all ages, just because right here on The Rich Eisen Show, where does beaten Alabama rank from a couple of weeks ago for you?

For this season right now, it's at the top. I mean, look, that's a stepping stone, a big stepping stone about where we're headed. Mm hmm.

Mm hmm. You know, to go down there in their house and I was there, as you saw, it was awesome. You know, and to feel in that second and third quarter and even early fourth, oh, have we seen this script before? Oh, it kind of felt like here Bama Bama gets the ball last and kicks a field goal to win by one. And then we just unleashed the floodgates and the levee broke. And we just and we loosened up and poured it on similar but different to what we did last week against Wyoming, which, you know, we're going to have to turn it on quicker than in the fourth quarter, obviously, to make it through the game and the gamut of the games we got coming up.

And, you know, I mean, it wasn't national championship, obviously. It's just beating Alabama and how quickly we get past going. Yep, that's where we're supposed to be. That's what we're supposed to do. You know, there's this question of Texas is when is Texas back?

And I was always like, look, man, we're back when we're back. You know, we we won't have to advertise. We won't have to ask permission. It'll be obvious. The world will say Texas is back and we will humbly agree.

Well, it's also a nice little calling card to leave for for your entry to the actual conference in which Alabama plays and where Texas is coming. Right. Perfect. Contrary, you know, had us over for a little dinner to see if they want to, you know, before we come over and move in the house, you know, it was awesome.

Right. And then so being at the game, what's your favorite story from that one? Where you were, sideline, anything you got something? Well, sideline and then I get down there, down in the the end zone over there with McPhee and the guys. And that's right when Quinn, you was just unleashed this beautiful moon ball. That I was I was outside. I was in the back of the end zone.

Right. And I looked at it and I thought it was going to be over my head. And in X in full stride, just it was it was exceptional.

Every area is just perfect. It was untouchable. And only the only person could catch is the one that did.

And there was not another couple of feet left in the end zone to catch it. Right. So to be right there was was pretty special. Yeah.

Yeah. After the game, fans in Alabama were great. They were good, rowdy.

It's one of the things I like about the SEC, the most rabid fans, probably in all college football. But they love they like when I'm giving them this, they loved it. It's like, oh, give us more. Well, they didn't like it, but they loved that. They were like, yes, come on, come on.

Come on, come on. Right. I think the SEC is one of the greatest forms of tribalism we have.

Healthiest forms of tribalism we got. Right. And you're you're heading there now. So is there any truth of Matthew McConaughey that Texas is leaving the Big 12 because you knew Dion was coming? Is there any is there any truth? Yeah. What do you think?

His phenomenal story right now. Right. Wow. What's the what's the latest what's happened in the last 12 hours?

I know you got to keep checking back in, right? You got to keep the Oregon did the Oregon water boy say something? I don't know. I think everyone in the state of Oregon, maybe by order of the governor, was told to zip it. Exactly.

Nobody is allowed to say a word about Dion or any of his family or any apparel. Nothing. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Don't do that. You know, about 1000,000 percent right now with that. But that was amazing, right? I mean, this has been an amazing run that we're seeing right now.

Credit with Prime. Right. And incredible.

I mean, the way he's levitating, obviously, those young men's young men's minds, because they didn't mean he cleaned house. They weren't they picked to come in at the bottom of the barrel. Of course. Talk about turnarounds. And again, we're going to see. They got a major competition, a step up this weekend.

And can you sustain it for a year? But irregardless, so far, it is it is incredible to go into Fort Worth out of the gate and then follow it up with two games they've had. Incredible. Do you ever cross paths with them with prom? I have. We've reached out and spoken a little bit about on text.

We look forward to getting a high five and amen together. OK. Yeah. I mean, you know, I worked with him for a decade and a half and just seeing him, what he's doing now, he is.

He is as genuine as he's always been. I mean, what you see is what you get. I mean, and I don't know if this would be part of your book just because. But he ranks his children in a like a ranking on his Instagram account. Matthew, I don't think that's in your book.

This is so good. He ranks. He's got five of them and he ranks them one through five openly on Instagram based on what they're doing or whether, you know, he said he cannot put Chidor number one right now because he's afraid Chidor might leave him by the end of the year. Yeah, that's the way he's working.

That's not in your book. Number five. Shiloh, it's Shiloh and he's the one Shiloh is running in the nickel slot.

And wait a minute. So does he update the ratings through the week or the month of the year? It's every week, it appears is what he's doing. Yeah. So good. Yeah, that's so good. Yeah. And his son, he refers to his Bucky is number one because he's doing all of his social media and they are killing that.

They are absolutely killing that game right now. Absolutely. All right. And so before I let you go, are you locked in on the commanders as well?

Are you looking for the only NFL owner? The Sun defeated. Come on. Hey, yeah, he seems like it looks like now and I hope this continues this. We may be making the transition from being a tough out to being like, I think we win.

It feels like that's what the first two weeks felt like. Let's hope we maintain that. Hal has his moments where he's looking good in spurts.

Let's see, you know, I like how he started. Yeah, I know that. Right. And the enemy is dialing up the plays and Rivera is making it work and making a cash defense.

Chase Young looked like the old Chase Young this past week. Nice to see. Yeah. Yeah. OK, all right. Going from moving from a tough out to a. We expect to win.

Yeah, Magic Johnson's now in the ownership suite, along with the whole group of people. So things are looking OK. OK, fantastic. Very good. All right. Well, look, I appreciate the time.

Matthew, you're the man. Congrats on on your on your book being a best seller and everything. Appreciate it. You got kids out there.

Any dads out there? Check it out. It's a fun one to read with your kids. Start. It's a good conversation starter, too, before they go to bed. It'll get you going.

I'm going to do that this very week with them, sir, because it again, it seems like your parenting skills and and what we're doing in our house. We're kind of we're kind of locked in on that. So appreciate it. Right. Appreciate it. Thanks for having me on as always. Always. You always have a place here.

That's Matthew McConaughey, author of Just Because the number one best seller on The New York Times list right here. Get wherever your books are sold, as is Texas Longhorns and Commanders are just crushing it right now. I guess a book. Commanders, Longhorns is all right. All right. All right. Look at you. See how I work it. Look at you, Rich. I only know one speed, Chris. Should we should I bring to the public the exchange we had during the commercial break just so he could hear me and I could see him and he could see me? Where is A.A. Ron right now? That's not it.

What is that? Timofe, that's for you, Rich. He saw me, said that I looked good. I said, I'm out of options. And he said, what's the did you write it down? What he said, did don't make a straight line crooked, bro. That's what he said. What are you talking about? He says, don't make a straight line crooked, bro.

That means it's working. I'll tell you, no need to mess it up. Don't mess it up. No need to mess it up. Don't change it. I mean, keep it. OK, let's take a break. Top five college teams of the weekend.

Albert Breer gave us a little nugget about, you know, the Giants season and what might come of it. And your phone calls 844-204-RICH number to dial right here on The Rich Eisen Show. Wait, are you gaming on a Chromebook? Yeah, it's got a high res 120 hertz display, plus this killer RGB keyboard. And I can access thousands of games anytime, anywhere. Stop playing. What? Get out of here. Huh? Yeah, I want you to stop playing and get out of here so I can game on that Chromebook. Got it.

Discover the ultimate cloud gaming machine, a new kind of Chromebook. On October 5th, Loki is back in a brand new season. Reunited.

That's right. The countdown is on. I've been waiting. Don't miss the return of Marvel's most watched Disney Plus show. Loki, Loki, Loki. All over the top, don't you think? I thought it was spot on. His time is running out.

Marvel Studios Loki season two, new episode streaming October 5th, only on Disney Plus. Dude, Tom Cruise was such a baller. He was he was he was probably one of my closest friends. He was so great. I was looked up to him and he always had these cool things he would come up with. And I remember he was the first guy that ever came up with this conceit of tightening the titles of the movies he was in to make him sound bad ass like he did this, you know, the football movie, all the right moves. But yeah, man, when I was making moves, and I was like, he's a bad ass baller.

It's so baller. But then, you know, it was a problem when he'd be like, yeah, when I was making cocktail, it was kind of, you know, I liked. No, the other one's no good.

He's long. Yeah. When I was in tail. When I was in tail, I can't do it either way. Do it either way.

It's no good. So you'd go like wing. Is that what you do? And you know, I'm not doing West when you're in West.

You know, when when when Marty Sheen and I were doing West, you know, on the set of Boy, me and yeah, yeah, boy in Oxford Blues sets up just blues. See, it's important to choose if you choose the wrong one. It's not as good. There's always one that's cooler there, like which is like like when I was doing recreation. Yeah, does it. But if I'm doing parks right instead of parks, parks? Yeah, man, Amy Poehler and in parks, we left all the time on parks. On the set of Wayne, I was just, you know, by the way, you want to talk about Tom Cruise, too. This was the fact that blew our minds when the last Mission Impossible came out and he was running all over London. Right.

And like a broken, broken ankle that had just healed or whatever. Is that he was he is right now the age in these movies doing this at Wilford Brimley was during cocoon. That's a fact. That is that's boom like mind blowing. That's it's mind blowing. It is. And I don't know what it is. What makes it mind blowing is that Tom Cruise is doing that at that age.

Or Wilford Brimley was really that young in cocoon. All of Rob Lowe's appearances are on our YouTube page, slash Rich Eisen Show back here on our radio network. Rich Eisen Show Radio Network, along with our Roku Channel stream.

We're one big happy family. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger, with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. The New York football giants tonight take on the San Francisco 49ers, and I will say this. Using all of my 20 years of NFL. Professional. Analysis, congratulations, great career, putting it all together.

It seems like a steep climb. And I'm I'm I'm just channeling all of my knowledge. Yeah, going back to the ESPN days as well. When I say looks like a taller 10 point dogs because we're short weekend.

Short weekend, short weekend. Yep. They did stay in Arizona, then went up the coast. Smart.

Yep. And and they don't have their best offensive weapon for Daniel Jones. And the Giants, when they have played opponents.

Of championship caliber. There has been a curb and a stomping even in the day ball era of being coach of the year, right? It hasn't been pretty when they're taking on, when they're punching up. It's been rough. And then not have Barkley, what a terrible blow. But the silver lining is they did have the second half that they had, and they are one and one, because if they were 0 and 2, having lost the Arizona Cardinals coming in. Well, look out below.

And Albert Breer just. You can't say hung up. I mean, what do you do? You leave the zoom, you left the zoom. Yeah. Is that how you just kind of click the off the zoom or whatever? So what's that?

Is that it? Yeah, we just we did that with him and and he said, because I mentioned Jonathan Taylor, when might he get traded? Since Albert's the Jonathan Taylor expert, having been in Indianapolis and gotten a text from Jim Marcy saying we are not trading him now on July twenty ninth or in October when the trade deadline is. And I said, yeah, we're going to trade him now. The trade deadline is.

And I said, oh, it's still September. You can kind of shoehorn the loophole right there. Get a little trade in there. And he said that there might be some people calling and the Colts will be willing to listen again. The question is how willing are they to trade him?

I still can't believe they asked the Dolphins for Jalen Waddle. Like, yes, you don't get what you don't ask for out of here. Yeah. Close your mouth. Don't get fed.

Thank you, sir. So he said that if the Giants fall off a cliff, maybe Saquon gets traded. I haven't heard that. I've heard I've heard I've heard Saquon is Saquon is is happy there. Saquon doesn't want to leave there. Saquon would obviously love the New York market.

But what he doesn't love might be the way his spring and summer was spent. Yeah. And now here he is hurt again. And seeing what happened to Nick Chubb. And how you're always one bad hit away from being out for the season or who knows worse with Nick Chubb, right?

So. Breer said maybe the Giants and you look at the Giants schedule. Oh, what do we got after tonight? Let's see the New York football Giants go home. And face the Seattle Seahawks on a Monday night.

Oh, really long week. Geno Smith's coming home. And they're also showing up in the spot where they won a Super Bowl Seattle. Then the Giants visit Miami and Buffalo. Arguably the two best teams in the AFC. Period. Yeah.

You can make an argument. Chiefs fans, sorry. Two out of three. OK, two out of three or the two best teams in the AFC East. Or your highest power ranking teams for sure. Then they're home for Washington. Home for the Jets at Vegas, at Dallas, at Washington. Bro, there's a lot of punching up, and I already described to you what happens when the Giants have been punching up. You get punched out.

Just food for thought here. Like, Dabo's got to sprinkle some coach of the year magic, some Cody magic here, because at San Francisco, let's just say it's three weeks without Saquon. At San Francisco, home for Seattle, at Miami without him. And he returns at Buffalo.

OK, that's not the easiest spot to return. Tonight, the Seattle game, the Buffalo game, all in front of the country to witness what is happening with Big Blue. So when Breer is like, hey. Maybe like he said, how would Saquon look on the bills is what he said.

And the point is, he said. Christian McCaffrey has shown what the Niners look like with him that, you know, as you know, everything in this world is plus now. You know, he makes it Niners plus the Niners alone, we're we're we're good. We're good. Like NFC championship game, maybe Super Bowl quality. Now they're they're Niners plus favorites.

So you got a chance to be plus like Bill's right now. Dolphins right now. Dolphins plus with Jonathan Taylor. Dolphins plus.

But Saquon Barkley like the Big Ben, Jeff. Oh, yeah. Because that would be, by the way. One of the most what an O. Henry like twist it would be to the running back story that the guys who don't get paid get traded, get traded. Yeah. The guys who aren't supposedly valued monetarily get valued by other teams in draft choice capital. They're really we're willing to cough up the draft capital for the guys commensurate with their talent, but pay them? Not really. But have them right here to plus it up when we can win right now?

Yeah. If these running backs are not paid long term, but become fungible fungible trade market commodities in the NFL that are beyond valuable. Because they can join now half a season, season and a half, and then see a win now. Wouldn't that be quite the twist to this plot? Something to play out over the next month, food for thought. That's what we like to give you.

So you're around a water cooler if there is one. And you go, you know what I heard on the Rich Eisen Show, what I saw on the Rich Eisen Show, along with his incredible. Button down shirt that even Matthew McConaughey said, OK, when we checked in the commercial break. Is that what I told him? No, he didn't. He said he did say I was looking good. And I said, all right, all right. He said, whatever, whatever normal version of that would be, that is normal.

Don't make a straight line crooked, bro. You know, after I demurred, you're not going to apologize for winning. Thank you.

That's a good new drop. OK. Joe Burrow, we had Zach Taylor on yesterday. And Zach, I said, is there any question out there that you would consider looking at the on the horizon by week? I said imminent to start, but I had to correct myself because Cincinnati's by week isn't until week seven. As we know, this is week three that they they they say, OK, the the rest between him scaring everybody to playing in week one.

By the end of week two, it proved it wasn't long enough. For him to avoid a reaggravation or an aggravate. How about this?

An aggravation or a re-injury of the same thing? Get Neil Elitrosh on the phone. Maybe you can help us with that. I'm sure he's not busy. OK. That's good.

We need to barge into the operating world. Neil, Neil, Neil. I have a quick question, and it's odd. It's odd.

It's not a medical question. It's a phrasing. Yeah. Yeah. It's more an English question. Yeah. Grammar.

Is it possible that maybe you just try it again, sit him out now, he gets a full month off and a bye, so it's so it's five weeks and then you hope you're, you know, decent enough. You hope you're not one in five. Hope that you're not toast. Correct.

No, they may have played six games. Yeah. Hope is a dangerous word. So he basically said, I'm going to make the best decision for him. You know, obviously he passed up on any opportunity to talk about an injury shocker. An NFL coach would do that in a live zoom interview.

But luckily for him as a thank you. To him coming on this program, he chose the right program to say yes to because we are experts in evaluating in real time, quarterback, lower leg injuries. Last year, Rich Eisen. So Rich Eisen Consulting, we made it was a cottage industry for two weeks, Patrick Holmes's ankle. I haven't seen this yet. This is practice video today of Joe Burrow.

Always walking to practice. Oh, OK. We have to cross like a concrete, like a real road. Yeah. So we don't you card him.

What are we doing? I don't know. Really? All right. Let's take a look at this video. I haven't seen it yet.

This is my first one. OK, let's see. And there is number nine. He's helmeted just in case he's got a sleeve on his right leg sleeve. Oh, that doesn't look like he does now.

He's walking very comfortably. It looks his head's down. Well, he's got a helmet on. They should have. Well, just in case, you know, it gives way and it protects his head if he goes down, maybe.

All right. Re-rack that Hoskins. Re-rack it.

I got to see it again. They should have linemen surround him. So you can't see it's uphill. Jay Morrison. We couldn't keep rolling until he crossed the street. What are we doing? Yeah. Keep going.

Keep rolling, Jay. But ever look at the guys across the way. So two guys hugging. See two guys hugging it out. I don't know what that was. Wow.

They just saw each other. It's like, excuse me, the biggest story in Cincinnati sports with all due respect to the wild card race that they're locked in. And the Reds win.

They lost to Monroe. We need Ellie. We need Ellie Dela Cruz. He is a major slumber. I know that.

You say that every time I say that, too, but we think because, you know, I wake up. Let's not lose focus here. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Expert analysis. Yes. Rich Eisenberg. Joe's not playing. Oh, T.J. Well, you know, we got say weeks. Questionable. He's questionable. Not playing. Not playing. Oh, all right. Roll them out.

That's true. Well, you know, we got the footage of Trey Lance when he came to Arizona for the Super Bowl. I recorded his ankle. His gait looked great. His gait did not look that great. But I believe they're going to play him because that's what football players do, man.

They go out there and they go out there and ball. So I think he's playing one more time. I need I need I need a third look at this thing again. He's wearing a helmet for the radio audience. He's got a sleeve on that the entire body sleeve, his body language.

And I'm not one of these body language looks. Yeah. Yeah. Like he's looking down like he's kicking rocks.

It's like he knows he did something wrong and he's going home and his dad's waiting on him. Oh, I want to know the story of those two guys dapping each other up and giving each other a hug. We got the shot. We got it. Yeah. Let's get that back to headquarters. I'm going to say he's questionable. That's if I'm Aaron Donald, I'm like, please have that guy.

Oh. Or you just like get rid of the ball. Three steps out.

Let's go. Yeah, that's easier said than done. Everything is easier said to them. Playing quarterback in the NFL for you people that don't know extremely hard. I would assume the quarterback of the last three years.

Something like that. Yeah, that line has not done him any. Next up is Tennessee, which is, you know, got him nine times in a playoff game that they lost. Bengals won. All right. So your expert opinion is no chance. He's been sacked 127 times in his career.

Your expert opinion is a lot. I'll take that as a yes, that he's out with that, with that statistic. Joe, you're going to have a hard time pulling him. So I think he plays Jake Browning on a Monday night.

I don't think he's going to happen. That looked like a guy that's not ready to play right now, but we're going to stem we're going to we're going to stem. We're going to ice a lot of stem. We're going to we're going to do a lot.

It's also that case, rich of 80 percent of one is better than 100 percent. Somebody else got it. Didn't Jake Browning play well on the preseason?

Oh, my God. Is that what's with you in the preseason? You know, we played great in the preseason, Kenny Pickett, once he looked at it for the first two weeks, one to one. He's one to one.

That's true. He's got more wins than Joe Burrow. You're not going to apologize for winning.

The thank you, Mike. Tires the Bears. That's the Bears. The Bears look good in the preseason, too. And Justin Fields didn't look robotic in the preseason, did he? Coaching.

That's a coaching issue. So I've heard. So I'm told. All right. I need I need I need I mean, it's college.

And I mean, it's still going to say it the right way. One, two, three, four and five. Rich's top five. It's my top five college games of the weekend.

There's so many good ones. There are there are there's a lot of parentheses with numbers in between the next of these names, which means they're ranked. And I'm going with a Pac-12 game at UCLA. At Utah is cam rising playing for Utah. And is UCLA equally three and oh, going to show up with Chip Kelly in Utah and show them that, yeah, a team from Los Angeles can beat you.

And so I can't wait for this one. Chip Kelly, Chip Kelly going for no beat in 11th ranked. Utah would be a great way to say, OK, we're more than just Dion and everybody else. You know, and by the way, everyone else is pretty damn good, too. Number four on the list is the fourth ranked team in the United States of America. Can Florida State just nail it shut on Clemson? Four games into the college season, can they send Clemson to a two and two record?

Go in and say, this is our conference. You're yesterday's news. As a matter of fact, you are a has been. I mean, that's a fact. They can come in and go to four and oh and tell Clemson and Dabo your husband's bye bye. Like you're.

Yeah. And what would what Clemson going two and two losing to Duke and Florida State to start the season? And obviously Duke is one thing. Florida State's another with the way that they've played. That's game number four of my top five college games of the weekend. Anytime Lane and Nick Saban match wits, it's good. And when they're both ranked in the top 15, that's better. And then when Lane Kiffin puts it out there, that Nick Saban's not telling you the truth is who's calling plays on defense.

Well, that's what we call chef's kiss. And that's what is happening when Ole Miss visits Tuscaloosa to try and just like Florida State tell Alabama, you're yesterday's news. We're four and oh, you're two and two. Can Nick Saban go two and two? Can they just basically shut it on Alabama? Because if Alabama with two losses last year was on the cusp of being talked about. This is all this would be a wrap over, right? It's like so many good teams this year that it basically eliminates Alabama. That's it, wouldn't it?

Yeah, I think before before the end of September. Can you look Nick Saban in the face and say it's just Aflat commercials for you from here on out? Aflat.

Aflat. You know what I'm saying? That's big. And the fact that Lane Kiffin can do it after Lane's talking all this stuff, number two on this list.

It's prime. It's Dion going to Oregon without Travis Hunter. I mean, we're all talking about this team.

Everybody's talking about this team in Colorado. And here comes Bo Nix with what their heat seeking uniforms that they're apparently wearing. It's going to be a jersey off. It's a Nike it's a Nike festival.

Heat vapor Nike cleats something or other. And the black. Oh, it's going to be amazing. It's going to be lit. Dion on the road.

On the road in conference. Yeah, he activated color changing Nike vapor edge KF dunks shoes. Oh, so, yeah, that black helmet and the all black shade. Phil Knight's basically telling Dion like, hey, you know, I'm an OG myself and I'm going to also at Nike school, though. So maybe they'll have them too.

Hudson Stadium is going to be lit. But you know, Phil Knight keeps the really, really, really good stuff for us. Oh, yeah. You know, he puts his thumb on the scale for the Ducks. We know that. Come on.

But so. What if he does it? What if he goes 4-0 to take on USC? What if what if he beats Bo Nix possible?

What if Shiloh, you know, picks off Bo Nix and Chidoor takes care of the rest and Dion high steps out? I mean, it's good. Well, last week was nine and a half million.

This is going to do 10, 11 million. And you take Del two foots literally the fourth time he's put his shades on this show, and he's dying to tell Dion, look, I bought your shades. Those aren't the shades, though. Yes, they are. No, they're not the ones that he wears. They don't have the gold ones yet.

OK, the gold was on shift in December. Did you get those? Yeah. He won.

He won. He's like, he'll hook you up. Remember, Michael isn't here on Friday. There's anybody who knows you about the free stuff more than us.

It's him. Exactly. All right. Anyway, number one on the list. Look, is there a possibility that this game just ends in a complete tie and neither of these teams win? And and both of them get eliminated from playoff contention. Which one do you hate more?

Oh, Ohio State. OK, until Notre Dame wins and then I'll hate them. Yeah, I hate them both. I hate them both.

And I thought, is it Yankee fan watching the Red Sox and the Mets in the World Series together? I'm like, can we just have an implosion of some sort? I'm not a fan of either.

Oh, my gosh. I hate them both. I want them both to just lose and both lose.

But it is the number one game. And for good reason, let's just root for Notre Dame. I can't. I can't. I can't either.

I know that I told my children at a very early age that there's two teams we root for Michigan and anybody that plays Ohio State. That's it. I'm with you. So I get it.

They're playing. But then it's Notre Dame. And I think of Rudy and the terrible movie that was a total fable. You know, more true in the leprechaun moron. I know I'm calling a college student morons. I know what I'm doing. I know this is not my best foot forward. I know this is not a good side of me.

But I'm being honest. You got your fan head on and I'm wearing mauve. You got your fan head on right now. We like Sam Hartman. He's awake.

Awake guy. Golden Dome touchdown. He wins this. He's in the Heisman race. The fact that he roots for them and he's like, you know, like there is. He's not a real fan.

That's a real fan. Stop. My who in your family went to Notre Dame?

Nobody. My sister, my nephew and my niece is going to wind up going there. You know, we need to we need to 23 and me that for truth. I mean, to those tests on the phone. Can we use some sort of DNA test to tell the truth?

Your sister send a picture of her diploma. I root for Marcus, and that's my that's my that's my top five right over there. Hit the drop. I'm going to do it, too. No, no. Come on, dear.

Give me give me. Thank you. All right.

I do have one more. Oh, of course. It's the first ever meeting. The first ever meeting of the pack to the remaining battle. And by the way, it's going to sound ranked.

They're ranked. Hey, your game, Oregon State. This is the game you're doing.

This is me. Oh, it's going to sound great. Wow. Get ready. It better. Mike, do me a favor. Pronounce the name of the Oregon State quarterback.

I can't look at it. Don't worry. I can just, you know, just call him by his first two initials, because that's what you do on on on Friday night. Here you go, Mike. Try. Here you go. You can do it.

This is good television and radio. Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on a minute. Oh, it went away.

What do you mean it went away? I hit a button. OK, here we go, Mike.

Mike, you talk into the microphone and read it. Do it. Do it. Do it. Do it.

There is not a chance. Try it. Try it. Try it.

It's good content. Try it. Oh, yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, that's a new drug. I mean, wow.

I told you, I told you I would never get that pronunciation of his name on my phone. Here it is, man. Oh, Joe Cinco versus Ryan Leaf. Here we go. Oregon State versus Washington State. The winner takes the PAC two championship. That's so sad.

Who here lately? There you go. It is seven Eastern on Fox Tune in to watch them have at it and listen to Mike just, you know, ride those faders. You sound right.

Ride those faders. Top 20. See, not top 25. Yeah, I know. I mean, you know, half a gummy and then Bette 10 K. Well, you're so saying get sauced.

I don't know. He almost gave out his bookies phone number. I loved it. He read six of the numbers.

Marcus Spears was losing his mind yesterday during that. H.R. ESPN H.R.

on the phone. Well, there's nothing wrong with gummies. Oh, gosh.

Gummies are great. Yeah. Oh, in all honesty, I think it's the the bookie stuff that they probably are. All right. Well, take a break. Eight four four two.

Isn't that crazy what they are in this day and age? Eight four four two oh four rich number to dial here on the program. Minka Fitzpatrick has chimed in on whether he's a dirty player. What is he going to say?

Yes. And Monday, every single wait for it Monday, wherever you listen. It could be information to change your life forever or the Something You Should Know podcast could just be something interesting. My guest is Kim Zuckman.

She is author of the book There's No Cream and Cream Soda. I don't think I've ever really known the story of why they're called hot dogs. There is so many legends about the name of the hot dog. When the Germans immigrants came over and they brought all their sausages, they also brought their dachshunds.

It really is because they kind of look like dachshunds. Something you should know wherever you listen. Fun stuff today, guys.

Fun stuff today. Bobby Wagner on tomorrow's program. Also on tomorrow's program, Big Hat. Ryan Robinson, Jr., man. And oh, that's your coach. Oh, baby. Oh, yeah.

Mike McCarthy. OK, great. I mean, I know I know I'm coaches. Got it.

You go. Could have been Greg Popovich. Could have been, you know, could have been Mike Norville.

Right. Could have been Mike Norville. Could have been James Franklin. We had win prime last week. It could have been.

Look, I'm not going to apologize. Who's the Georgetown coach now? Could have been Tyrone Lew. You have Ty Loo getting ready for the nurse. They see the nurse, see the Kawhi rumors. We're going to Philly. Yeah, just rumors. What for harden? Wendy was saying like Kawhi or like they might go after Paul George or Kawhi. I'm giving you permission to Colorado up there and go after.

He's there under contract. We can put Colorado in that picture now. I'm not in. It's not up there.

No, no, no. We got to add Colorado. We didn't.

I'm willful. I thought we did willingly saying put them in. Oh, I thought we did.

Oh, yeah. No, we're the Spurs one. We would put the Spurs one.

Spurs and Colorado. Look, there's so many. It's hard. I get it. He just likes sport.

I love amazing men. He roots for T.J. The United Nations of Sports replace the Mets with somebody.

He'll never do that. Is baseball still? I just stopped watching the sport when they're bad. Sox got officially eliminated yesterday. So baseball season. Yeah.

Yanks aren't too far away. It's too long. I keep trying to tell you. King got me 13 K's and fantasy five. And the Yankees scored only one run and lost six one. It's just I can't wait for the season to end.

No runs. Oh, my season's got to end and a half ago. We got to get this season over and then, you know, have a clear eyed, full hearted look at this season and not just go, oh, well, the kids came up and things look good for like three weeks.

Well, we'll have Otani next year. So I feel better. Season is not over. Almost. Yeah, it is. It's over.

Speaking of Peter, I think Otani to the Sox because of the new balance. Oh, stop the what? All right. We're back here on the Rich Eisen Show. Mike doesn't know what we're doing.

He's playing music. Do you think the show is over? I can't tell you what's going on. I heard the Otani thing to the Sox and I don't confuse. He's already on the line. It's Otani and the Sox.

He's on to Oregon State, Washington State. You guys got me excited. It's not on Big Fox. Yes, it is. Is it on Big Fox?

One hundred percent. Big, big, big, big. Honestly, seriously, do you know how offended I would be if I worked in this shop and I heard all that? If I worked at Fox Sports one and you and everybody else who's been there forever refers to him as baby Fox.

It's first of all out here. I could be living. I'd be like, cut the crap. Big Fox, Little Fox. No, it's one big fox.

It's they're all the same. No, no, no. Yeah. What does that Fox say? Murdock just stepped away from both today, didn't he? He stepped away?

He's Lachlan's ship now. Is that right? Yeah.

Or is his name crossed out or underlined? I forget. Well, OK. Dream the NFL on Westwood One for free. Sponsored by AutoZone.

All season long. You can listen to every Westwood One broadcast of the NFL Live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports or on your Westwood One affiliate stations digital platforms. Stream Kevin Harlan, Kurt Warner and me all season long for free and get in the zone with AutoZone.

The free AutoZone fix finder service can help you find a fix for free. Restrictions apply. Get in the zone. AutoZone. Nice. Oh, you rode me on that one. You rode me on that one. All right. OK. You think tomorrow I can drop the AutoZone in at the end? No.

I don't think they're paying for you. That was such a fast. Hey, just have the show.

Such a fast move. May I have control of the show back? I'm sorry. Let me get a slow yes instead of a quick no. OK, understood. Maybe. I'll think about it. I'll accept that.

High register. So on Monday night football, we all saw Nick Chubb's knee explode. I'll be honest, I did not see it live. Took me about 15 minutes to find it on the old social media machine later on.

I have not seen it. And I unfortunately tweeted out to offend Brown's fans what I've been saying about Jets fans this entire time. I get it. Talking about myself, too.

But anyway, that we can't have such nice things. But Nick Chubb, we all saw was Minka Fitzpatrick. His his helmet hit the knee and Nick Chubb is out for the season. Minka Fitzpatrick chiming in on the whether it was a dirty hit or not conversation. What you know, I'm saying it's a tough, tough injury. Fortunately, this is part of the game.

This I know people think it will be behind the top of this. This is not the case whatsoever. I'm a I'm a guy that is competitive. There's nobody there to play the game. I'm chippy, I'm edgy, of course, but I'm about I'm not a dirty player.

I'm saying I'm not going to sit here in front of my character. I know the type of player I am. Chubb knows the type of player I am. I played against him for the past five years, twice, two times a year. And I know I love competing against him. It brings the best out of me.

And I bring the best out of him. So that's Minka Fitzpatrick. Warren Sapp, who I asked if that was whether a dirty hit or not the other day, immediately said it was not. And he sent me a video of him breaking down the film of it from the opposite end zone.

Shooting in, I guess, on the the game tape that he gets to see. And he points out, if you take a look at it, that when Fitzpatrick connects with Chubb. That Fitzpatrick's body. Wines up, unfortunately, pinning down Chubb's shoe to the ground. So that if you know Chubb's leg was straightened out when the helmet hit it. So the whole idea that there was no give is because Minka Fitzpatrick, in getting to the tackle, wound up pinning. Chubb's foot to the ground, and as Warren put it, you can't map that out, is what he said, meaning if his intent was to be dirty, if his intent was to hurt, you can't map out as you're making the hit. Oh, I'm going to make sure I pin his foot to the ground. So when my helmet hits his knee, there's no give. As Warren was saying as well in this video, that if his knee, his foot wasn't pinned to the to the ground, he would have given way and. Chubb would have been there for the next nap. If not for maybe whatever bruise he had suffered, and we know it's something worse, so.

Just the latest from 99 in your program, no one in your heart. And also a couple of the aggregators made it seem like he said he's definitely on the staff. In Colorado, he's not, I mean, he's he's preparing for it, and he said his plan to do it in 2024.

Yeah, right. He knows the job is. Potentially out there, I mean, Dion said, I want him there, and Warren says I'd like to be there. Can't wait till Tom Brady's the QB coach next year. Well, can you be the QB coach and the main NIL sponsor of the quarterback?

Maybe, maybe, I don't know these new rules, I don't know who cares. Did you see what he said on his Let's Go pod? They had both Dion and Chidor on. Yeah, and Dion said, you know, should should a should a quarterback, a college quarterback have a phantom? And Chidor corrected him on what type of Rolls Royce it was. And Brady responds by saying you should be in the film room, you know, get out of the car, get out of the car and get in the film room. Pretty funny. What a world we are living in.

We are all paying rent in the Sanders world. Tomorrow's show, Bobby Wagner, the Seahawks, he's going to the Hall of Fame. Brian Robinson, Jr., of the Commanders. And just to be fair and balanced, the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Mike McCarthy, slated to zoom in on Friday's show with What's More Likely and all of our Friday fun. Great show today with Matthew McConaughey and Albert Breer. Kyle Branton, you were back to wrap it up on the Roku channel in a moment. guests that you won't find anywhere else, it is What the Football with Suzy Schuster and Amy Trask wherever you listen.
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