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WED HR 1 091323

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 13, 2023 11:31 pm

WED HR 1 091323

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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See for details. Tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian resistance. Unabashedly cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bring into light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out.

I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth. Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left on this... What is it? It's the 13th day.

Yeah, 13th day of September 2023. And tonight we have on the board, he's at the helm, our producer, none other than Kyle. Hey, Pastor Ernie!

Hey, Kyle, man, you're on the job. And tonight we have, she's our all-natural little lady, Ms. Wendy Wilson. Good evening, Pastor. Good to be with you. Good to have you here. And then tonight we have with us the Missouri legend, none other than the parson, Joe Larson. I'll just say infamous and glad to be with you. All righty. You guys ready for tonight? We got a bunch of stuff we're going to do.

A little different tonight. You know, we've been going through the King James Bible, and why the King James Bible is so, so, so far superior. Why it is the Bible. It is the Bible. God didn't give us 400 different Bibles.

Why the King James Bible is superior in all the ways. And tonight we're going to do, we're going to do a little something a little different. You hear all of these sound bites, you know, you can bet on it, right? I mean, all these little phrases that you hear today.

Take it to the bank. Yep, you can take it right. Where did all this come from? Well, we're going to take a look at that tonight. Now, Wendy, what we're going to do is I'm going to read a complete verse and you and Joe tell me which part of that verse is what a phrase that's commonly repeated today. In fact, this, this first phrase that we're going to do is so commonly repeated.

It's actually etched into something very famous. Okay. So we're going to start tonight with Leviticus chapter 25 and verse 10.

Are you ready? And you shall, you shall hollow the 15th year and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto the inhabitants thereof. It shall be a Jubilee unto you and you shall return every man into his possessions and you shall return every man into his family. Which part of that verse is a common, common known phrase today?

It's basically bankruptcy law. Uh, well, claim liberty throughout the land. Right.

We'll give one to Joe. That's right on the Liberty Bell. Yeah. Yeah.

Well, they, but they use that for, well, they had used it for bankruptcy law. So after seven years that came off of your report, you're, you know. Yeah. You both got one right. Yeah. You're right there. Yeah.

The phrase itself was on the Liberty Bell first. Yeah. You got it right, Joe. I, I, I was just first in your second, right? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah.

But her rights prettier than yours, Joe. Of course. Okay. We're going to go to the next one.

Remember, I've got the face for radio, Wendy. Yep. Yeah.

All righty. Here we go. Here's the next verse. This is a very short one.

Okay. For the men of war, this is out of a number 31 verse 53. For the men of war had taken spoil every man for himself. What part of that phrase is very common?

Every man for himself. Correct. All righty. Let me see. Unfortunately, they're using that in the wrong manner.

It's kind of like you're on your own, dude. Yep. All right. Here's this is Deuteronomy chapter 32. And this is verse 10. He found him in a desert land and in the waste howling wilderness. He led him about. He instructed him. He kept him as the apple of his eye.

What part of that verse is commonly? Wendy's got that one. Well, it's apple of the eye. That's that. Yeah. Yep.

Yep. All righty there. Let's go to the next one here would be out of judges chapter 2 verse 3. Wherefore, I also said I will not drive them out from before you, but they shall be as thorns in your sides and their God shall be a snare unto you. So which part of that is a commonly known phrase?

Thorn in my side. You got it, young lady. Exactly.

Boy, man, I get my contestants tonight are pretty smart. All right. Here you go. Now I'm in judges chapter 4 verse 21. Then Jael Heber's wife took a nail of the tent and took a hammer in her hand and went softly into him and smoked the nail into his temple and he fastened it into the ground for he was fast asleep and weary. So he died. So which part of that was a commonly known phrase today? Hit the nail on the head. Well, that's not actually what it says.

It says he smoked the nail in his temple. Okay. That's true. I mean, you don't hear too many people say I got one. I think I got it. I think I got it.

How about walk softly and carry a big stick? No, no, no, listen, I'm going to do this again. I'll give you a little hint. Apparently you guys need a little hint.

Okay. Then Jael Heber's wife took a nail of the tent and took a hammer in her hand and went softly into him and smoked the nail in his temple and fastened it into the ground for he was fast asleep and weary. So he died. Do you know the clue was fast asleep? There you go. Fastened to sleep actually is what it kind of was.

Yeah, he was fastened to the ground, wasn't he? Okay. All right there.

I'm going to keep moving on here. We're going to go now over to second Kings chapter. Did I miss one?

Yes. Second Kings chapter two, verse three, and the sons of the prophets that were at Bethel came forth to Elijah and said unto him, knowest thou, knowest thou that the Lord will take away the master from thy head today? And he said, yay, I know it. Yay, I know it. Hold your peace.

Hold your peace. Yep. That was a pretty easy one.

You got it. That one was, I have to admit, but it's amazing how many of these things that are so commonplace come from the Bible and yet most of the Bible illiterate people have no idea where it came from. So it's a wonderful study. Absolutely.

Here you go. A great part of our English language culture right out of the King James Bible. Now you guys know that millions of people are listening to you. So if you mess up on this, they're going to know it, right?

Well, I hit the nail on the head once. I'll just keep doing it. Yeah.

All right. Now second Kings 25, 27. No, actually second Kings 25, verse 30. And his, his allowance was continual allowance, given him of the King, a daily rate for every day and all the days of his life. Which part of that phrase is a commonly used phrase? Oh, daily rate.

We use that in many things. If you want to buy gold, you have to look at the daily rate. You want to buy silver.

You look at the daily rate. Well, there's three of them in that one verse. One is his allowance. His allow. Allow. Yes. An allowance. Yeah.

Yeah. And the last part of days of his life, the days of his life. And so you guys, boy, I'm going to tell you, here you go.

Let's go over to three and one. What verse was that again? That was a Bible verse, Joe. I know which Bible. Let me see.

I believe I was in second Kings 25, verse 30. It was. Okay. Thank you.

I got to go look that up again. All right. Second Kings 25, 30. Now, this is first Chronicles 9, 25. And their brethren, which were in their villages, were to come.

After seven days from time to time with them, which part of that part of the time. Alrighty. Okay. You got it. There you go.

Here you go. From time to time. Even Ernie cracks a funny joke. Yes. Time after time.

He could just make it time after time after time. Okay. And, uh, Hilkiah, this is, oh, by the way, the second Chronicles, chapter 34, verse 22, second Chronicles 34, 20, uh, 20, 34, 22, and Hilkiah and they, that the King had appointed, went to Huldah and the prophetess, the wife of Sheolam, the son of Tikvah, the son of Hazret, keeper of the wardrobe. Now she dwelt in Jerusalem in her college and they speak to her to that effect.

Keeper of the wardrobe? No, not hardly. That's not a common phrase. How about that effect? How about that effect? To that effect. You got it.

That's it. Alrighty. Okay. Here we go. The next one is over here. Oh, okay. This is going to be a two-parter because I'm going to ask you what, uh, well, let me get to that.

Okay. We're in, uh, Esther chapter eight and verse 10. And he wrote in the King Hazareth's name and sealed it with a King's ring and sent letters by post on horseback and the riders and the mules and camels and young domedaries. So what part of that was it commonly letters by post? Yep. That's where we got the name of what, what, what express. Yeah.

Well, it was actually called the post office. That's where you got from this. Yeah. From this verse, that's where that word came letters by post. Right.

And so, uh, today, when you post something, you could have a letter and post, it means to place it someplace like in an ad or, uh, like Luther with his thesis. Right. Right. Right. Let me go here.

I'll ask the folks out there later on how you guys are doing. We're going to, we're going to go to Job chapter 19. And this should be a very easy one. Verse 20, my bone cleaveth to my skin and to my flesh, and I am escaped with the skin of my teeth, skin of my teeth, but it's almost a double.

It's almost the skin and bones is almost there, but skin of my teeth. Yep. You're right. All right.

I'm going to go over now. Hey, what did they call? I had going back that, uh, something about the wardrobe, isn't that a wardrobe mistress or something in a movie studio, they have a wardrobe, uh, person there's a name, uh, keeper of the wardrobe or something. I think it's just referred to as wardrobes.

I think they just referred to him as Robert to his wardrobe section. Okay. Now that's what I was thinking. Okay, now we're at Psalm 107 and in verse 27, they reel to and fro and stagger like a drunken man and are at their wits end. You got it to and fro and straggler like a drunken sailor. Well, that actually whole verse, you can put that whole verse in there.

Couldn't you could. Yeah. Okay. Here's one. Let me. Psalm 90, Psalm 90 and what?

Okay. Verse 12. So teach us to number our days and that we may apply our hearts into wisdom.

To read that again. So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts into wisdom. They have to be number our days. Yep. It's number our days. Okay. Here's one Proverbs.

Let's see if you get this one because this one might be a little bit harder for you. Okay, and that is in Proverbs 23, okay. Proverbs 23 verse 6. Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, neither desire thou his dainty meats.

Evil eye. Yep, you got it. What about here? This is another one. This now this is this is really too easy. It's too easy. Okay.

Isaiah 40 verse 15. Behold the nations are as a drop of a bucket and are counted in the bucket. Yep. Okay. Well, there's another one in here too.

Okay. And it counted as a small dust of the balance he taken up the aisles is a very little thing. So you've got it's a very little little thing is one. Yep, and he will actually you can almost put let me see the small dust of a balance. Oh, yep. All righty.

Sure, I've heard that I know you can measure a little bit of gold dust in the balance, but small dust in the balance, huh? Yeah, let's look at let's go over to Isaiah 52 and read verse 8. You ready? All right. The watchman shall lift up the voice with a voice together shall they sing for they shall see eye to eye when the Lord shall bring that's that's pretty easy, isn't it?

Yeah, that one was. Isaiah 60 verse one. Okay, this is a very easy, easy one. Arise and shine for the light has come and the glory of the Lord has risen upon me. So what do you wonder when the say it again? A rise and shine.

Yeah, that was that was that was pretty easy. I've heard that one since I was a small child. And so, well, I'm going to give you a couple more real quick and then I'm just going to read them off to you in Matthew Matthew 1515 14 we read them blind leading the blind that is their blind leading the blind. Yeah, in Matthew 16 to was we hear fair weather.

This is one that you hear commonly, Matthew 22 verse 12. And he was speechless. He was speechless.

Don't you wish that that would be the case with Joe Biden? Oh, yep. If he could say nothing, that would be a miracle from God.

I just give you give you two very quick ones and then we're going to go to our break. Mark 321 we read, and he is beside himself. He is beside himself. I am beside myself. Yeah. And so and then if I remember this one, I'll try to Yeah, I can remember over in Mark 1472 called to mind.

It's called to mind. And with that, we're going to be right back after this. Kyle, take it our way. Elections have been rigged for centuries because government is a form of slavery, which is why what the founding fathers of these United States gave us is so revered. They drafted a form of government unlike any other in history, a revolutionary form of governance based upon the foundation that all men are created equal and independent, and that all are born with the inherent and inalienable right to the preservation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. George Washington wrote, If men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments on a matter which may involve the most serious and alarming consequences that can invite the consideration of mankind, reason is of no use to us. The freedom of speech may be taken away and dumb and silent.

We may be led like sheep to the slaughter. Benjamin Franklin wrote, Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government. When this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved and tyranny is erected on its ruins. And this is where we are at today. Our First Amendment states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

And it has been stripped away from us by tyrants. News host Owen Schroyer is being charged with the crime of questioning the results of the 2020 presidential elections, the most blatant election fraud in U.S. history. And he did so peacefully, which is his God-given right under the U.S. Constitution. Schroyer isn't being charged with conspiracy, incitement or any actual crime at all. He is being charged for exercising his freedom of speech.

The sentencing document goes on for pages, quoting him for saying what Americans on both sides of the crippling two-party system have been saying for over a century. In short, that the government is tyrannical and criminal, which should be obvious to just about everyone at this point. And this is not a crime.

It is the first line of defense against tyranny, our freedom to call it out. The document mentions a simple misdemeanor that involves Schroyer being on Capitol grounds. This was a violation of a court order that resulted from a 2019 arrest when Schroyer stood and protested a House Judiciary Committee meeting. But this is not the crime he is being charged with. The 30-page sentencing document is nothing but hot air being blown by a legal team held on the leash by tyrants who occupy the halls of our government. What Schroyer is actually being charged with is best summarized on page 20, where it states, his statements and actions after January 6 illustrate his complete lack of remorse. To date, despite a number of opportunities he has taken to speak about the election, and January 6, he has yet to sincerely demonstrate genuine remorse for his conduct. In other words, he won't shut up about the stolen 2020 election. This is his God-given right. But the criminals who have hijacked we, the people's government, are letting the rest of us know that those days are over and we are now their slaves to be experimented on, thrown in jail and murdered. Reporting for Infowars, this is Greg Reese.

and there's not a bit of truth in them, and that's the fact. CIA, all the intelligence officers, the news, and all these people hiding the truth, the sin of omission, the lie of omission, those two things alone, according to a lot of the experts, should have swung the election even if every vote was legit. It would have changed the election to Trump. So there we know it was an illegitimate election. When you get it, when you get several thousand ballots turned in with different names, but all at the same address, you kind of know that you can't put that many people in an apartment, right?

Yeah, especially when it was a funky place to start with. But like I said, even if the election were perfect, which it was far from that, we saw them pull the suitcases out. We were sitting there watching them send the Republicans home in the middle of the night for a break, and they pulled the suitcases out.

We could see them pulling out stacks of ballots, starting to run them through the machines. I mean, we could sit on the TV sets at home and watch it. Uh-oh. Somebody don't like what you're saying, Joe. I know.

We have a tendency to do that a lot, don't we? Say things they don't want. All righty, Wendy, guess what? Let me say this real quickly. Tomorrow morning prayer meeting, Doers of the Word Baptist Church, 9 a.m. prayer meeting, right after the prayer meeting, we have the newsletter. We've got to get the newsletter out, folks. I'm counting on you.

Listen, this is your hero speaking out here. We got to get you out there. Tomorrow morning, make sure you're there. And then sign deployment. We have signed deployment. We picked up 1,000 vote no signs. We picked up 1,000 vote no signs.

I need Doers of the Word to show tomorrow. And we got to get her done. So, all righty. Are you back, Joe?

Joe's back. They can frustrate us, but they can't shut us up, right? No, no. I think we just, well, I can't say it, but there's something that we have done, we've learned when this happens, how to get around them. But I can't say that because just in case they don't know, then they would know. Okay, so anyhow, so with that, we're going to let miss, oh, I got to say this very quickly too. You know, every now and then you have a, like Wendy, somebody that gives excellent service, a good product and excellent service.

And when they do that, I give them a free, a free ad on the radio because they deserve it. And I got to say Middlefield Sign Company, Jacob Lashoff out there runs Young Jacob runs Middlefield Sign Company and he's been there. He took it over for his dad, who was a dear friend of mine.

He went home to be with the Lord. He does indoor, outdoor signs, vehicle decals, banners, magnets, wide formats, printing yard signs, stickers, all a lot of those things that we use, we've been using over the years for the right to life. He does. And that's Middlefield Sign. So if you folks need signs made, I'm going to tell you here. When I say the good service, I called him yesterday and said, Joe, you know, I need this sign. Very important that I get the sign today. It's a big sign that I get it as soon as possible.

I didn't say it today and I couldn't believe when he said, I'll have it for you tomorrow because I know he is really busy, but he did. Sure enough. So call if you need a sign, you can call Jacob at 440-632-0708, that's 440-632-0708. That's the Middlefield Sign Company.

And the website is, So go to Jacob out there to get a sign. All right. Ms. Wendy, take her away, young lady. Well, I thought we'd talk about human organs and what they're doing about having a shortage because organ donations passed are at an all-time low and they need organs for organ transplant procedures.

I've got all mine and I'm keeping them, Wendy. There you go. Well, according to Health Resources and Service Administration, there's a little over 104,000 Americans on the national transplant list and we're told on average 17 people pass away a day waiting for an organ transplant. Now, some countries offer incentives for organ donation, but the problem here is there are more people needing transplants than organs that are available and science is looking for ways to grow and harvest new body parts.

Okay. Well, let's look at the stats in 2022, 42,000 transplants were given in the United States. The organ that is the most in demand is the kidneys.

Liver is the second, yep, liver second and then heart, lung and pancreas after that. And according to the National Library of Medicine Center for Biotechnology, they said the donor organ shortage has become a global problem that has limited the development of organ transplantation. Human animal chimeras provide the ability to produce human organs in other species in order to stem the gap and they're using stem cells to do this. So what they call this is organ farming. I don't know if you've heard that term, but in Beijing at the University Academy of Scientists at the Gua Zu Institute of Biomedicine, the scientists there are creating chimeric embryos for the purpose of making translatable organs, they call them translatable. So the chimeric embryo is a human generic stem cell and it's incorporated in with an embryo from an animal species. So the human stem cells are transplanted, if you will, into an animal embryo to generate the development of new cells, which create multiple tissues and organs. So the Chinese scientist pastor have implanted the human stem cells into a pig embryo, which was then transferred into a surrogate female pig. And so far they have created human size kidneys said to contain normal form, structure and tubal formations in just 28 days. The research did get published in the September 2023 Journal of Stem Cell and we're told that this is a young field of regenerative medicine that is gaining a lot of popularity. So what we're witnessing is a new field of medicine creating half human and half animal creations and then sacrificing them. So let me read you a quote from the stem cell journal. They said the researchers focused on kidneys because they are one of the first organs to develop and they're also the most commonly transplanted organ in human medicine. So they've been experimenting and growing rat organs in mice and vice versa. But this is said to be the first humanized organ they have been successfully manufactured in an animal.

So they've been working on this probably 10 years at least. But I want to run the numbers by you, pastor. The cost of a kidney transplant right now, if you get, you know, an organ from a human, runs about $83,000. But this does not include the fees associated with the harvesting of the organ from the deceased and that's often paid for by the deceased estate. Now with the chimeric embryo or animal human version, the cost could be more expensive according to a paper that was published by Stanford University in the Intersect Journal in 2017. And this article was called The Unknown of Human Animal Chimaera Research.

They said this is by Alessandro Luna. According to Luna, he said the cost to make a chimaera tissue starts around $100,000. So again, the National Library trimes in, they say, crossing the species boundary between human and animals is always connected with many ethical issues. The possibility of inducting human cells into animal neural and reproductive systems has met particularly strong public resistance. However, the human-animal chimaera is not only a promising strategy but also will allow alleviate the organ shortages.

Any questions so far, Pastor? Yeah. When was the first time something like this was done and what was the consequences where you had human DNA and DNA of foreign beings where they were brought together and they ended up creating a half-human being, when was that done, the first time?

I mean, in scientific research, is that your question or just through the span of time in general? Well, you've heard about the flood, right? Right. And there was a reason that he brought the flood on because they did exactly that. They took fallen angels, took women, and they had offsprings and the offsprings were not fully human. They did exactly what the Chinese are doing here in a different way now and you see what God's judgment was on that, okay? How long did he allow it to continue before he completely destroyed the earth? You know, we're not completely sure but it was a while.

He allowed it to go on for a little while before he completely destroyed the earth and now in China, let me tell you what China is famous for. You have the, what is it, the Meggers, what are they, Meggers and Christians? Meggers. Yeah, Meggers and Christians, they have been selling their organs. They have developed a technique where they can, brain dead, they can take a person, put that person brain dead but allow the heart to keep beating and pumping blood and they remove the organs and put them in an ice chest right there so they're kept fresh. Right on the spot, they set up these little medical surgery tables right out there and they have these prisoners sitting in line and waiting, watching as their fellow prisoners have their organs taken away from them. This, you know, and the Chinese, we reported on this all the way back in the 70s, they were doing this. So, yeah, well, science is really, go ahead, go ahead, I was just going to continue with the segment but if you got a question or a comment, go ahead. Well, we normally, I was going to say the Chinese doctors said they have, one of them was, we talked about this a while back, Pastor, one of the doctors said they're still doing that live organ harvesting in China recently, just a month or two ago. Yeah, we just did a good segment on that, we did a whole clip on there, about 30 minutes with people, they were there reporting on that. Now, normally we don't open.

Wendy, did you know they did a pig heart transplant here not too long ago on somebody and I guess the last I heard it was still working so they actually tried a whole pig heart and the rejection was fairly low and the person's still alive. Well, normally, we'll touch on that in a minute. Yeah, we don't take questions until we open the phone lines and so this is going to be an exception because we did have not opened the phone line but hardly anybody ever talks to Pastor Hal so we'll let him get in there. Go ahead, Hal. Yeah, it seems like the Chinese in fact practice a form of cannibalism when they, I've heard that, you know, they even, you know, might eat certain body parts and stuff like that. Oh yeah, oh yeah. But I got a question for Wendy and it's just, it's a nutrition question, I'm not going to be able to call in later but so one quick question, I was reading about stevia in the epic times there was supposed to be such a great artificial thing to take it all kinds of nutrients and everything but then I read online where it has epirethral or something like that which strokes and heart attacks yeah somebody yeah somebody's added that you want to get a pure stevia product if you're going to use it you don't want those additives in it right is organic stevia I looked online one place said organic stevia even has it and the other one said organic stevia doesn't have that erythritol so uh what what what well it just it just depends on who's adding it you know they may say well the stevia is still organic but you know they're adding a stabilizer okay all right so if it's not on the package then they don't have it is that right right okay thanks a lot I appreciate I'll get off the air all righty okay very good thanks so go ahead should I go keep going here pastor yeah you gotta keep going well you know science really is selling this organ manufacturing to health care they're selling it in a way of saving patients and insurance companies money due to the likelihood of less organ rejection saving each patient about 100,000 a year in annual anti-rejection medicine and also they're saving much more they say in hospital expenses during the last eight years of a patient's life that it is suffering with renal failure so according to the chinese scientists after that 28 days the kidneys are formed and and come and composed they found that there's 50 to 60 human cells in it so what do you suppose the rest is made of animal absolutely exactly according to zendai he's with university academy scientists there at the biomedicine china lab he says we saw only very few human neural cells in the brain and spinal cord and no human cells in the genital ridge of the surrogate so human cells were getting into the pig's spine and brain so but they're trying real hard to get around um the ethics issue because there's a lot of people in scientific community that are not on board with mixing human and animal tissue like this and according to new york university grossman school of medicine they said this in january 2020 they said currently it's difficult to control exactly how the stem cells will contribute to their host if at all some warn that this is dangerous to toy with this concept before it is fully understood least we accidentally produce for example a pig with a human brain that could hinder regenerative medicine at large can you wrap your brain around that a pig with a human brain because the stem cells of humans went to that area the neuro neuro area and i have to say it's about the money science is really pushing after uh these ethical arguments and they're pushing them aside because they want to ignore them because the likelihood of creating serious health issues in these transplant cases is is a real concern um could these practice within scientific health care produce even more virulent and maybe deadly diseases the bible warns us up they don't know this but let me read you some there's two important quotes here one is from uh professor luna um the author of the unknown of human animal chimera research who said previous research has shown disease transmission can occur when interspecies are introduced cross species diseases can propagate some of the most prominent examples include ebola h5n1 influenza influenza a and the emergence of hiv aids in humans from primates nearly 70 years ago and then doctor miguel esteban also with the chinese biomedicine lab says before we get to that stage of making organs that can be on the shelf for clinical practice this method provides a window for studying human development and tracing the human cells we're injecting and manipulating them so that they can study diseases and how they can uh how the cell lineages are formed so they just don't know at this point how much of the cell transfer uh from um animal to human and human animals really going on um and what are the chances pastor because the united states acquires the majority of the generic uh prescription drugs from china so what is the what's the likelihood that the organ for transplantation will be provided by china what do you think yeah i i think that would be a good possibility but it would be done right here too in america because of the corruption unless we unless we get the deep state out but here look you've got planned parenthood doing horrendous things with little children children that are born alive uh and kept and even you know kept you know for months and then the experiment on these babies alive without giving them anything for pain this is being done it's been done you've got these wicked wicked wicked women that will actually get pregnant carry a child to term and sell that baby for twenty thirty thousand dollars okay it makes a years you know to these these sick morbid mad people dead doctors there had planned predators in these other places so that's i think um you know i don't think god's gonna this all of this is happening right now is showing you that we're the god's cup of indignation is just about full we're standing in the shadow we're living in of an angry god and i think it's going to happen soon in fact he's been sending us warnings but people aren't picking up on the warnings he's been sending you increased floods increased earthquakes and and things that are happening out there for example wendy you know a lot of people have missed the whole idea of what what god has done over the years where it comes to fire we just commemorated here 9 11 but what they what they miss is that the fact that if you go back and you look at line 11 uh fire people were murdered killed by fire they tried to burn randy weaver out and his family at ruby ridge they were going to burn him out at waco they did burn them out in maui they did burn them out and if there had been a way they could have done it on january 6th i'm sure they would but see people don't understand these things aren't you know there is a satanic in every one of these cases where you had the was the six people all of these are sacrifices and a lot of people don't understand this uh the the demonic satanic deep state that we have out there they look upon these things as human sacrifices and so i i've got a little quick clip to play too wendy you know about monkey pox uh-huh yeah okay here's a doctor that ended up getting uh getting a monkey pox vax and now he's crippled completely crippled but let me tell you what he has to say very quickly i had to create an educational video about the monkey pox job i researched the ingredients lo and behold it contains the most lethal antibiotic ever created cipro yes the same antibiotic that put me in a wheelchair six years ago and disabled millions around the world if you notice the videos i post the patients walking again from wheelchairs the majority have consumed the antibiotic cipro cipro contains fluoride and you are injecting fluoride into your body now why on earth would you place this toxic antibiotic with fluoride into the new shot if you have any cellular damage or an adverse event from prior post or are on hiv medication this one has the possibility of causing massive mitochondrial toxicity as the antibiotic cipro comes with a black box warning leading to permanent neuropathy muscle wasting and brain damage i hope this knowledge allows you to make the right decision about your health thanks for watching right so we're hearing more and more people are damaged by this cipro out there yeah i did a show on that yeah it's really dangerous i think uh medication and people have all kinds of um it can shred your tendons and mess with your muscles and all kinds of things well you know you're not hearing any of that on nbc abc cbs because cipro is made by big pharma and they're they're going to start again now they've got a new vaccine they want to start giving six-month-old babies and there are a lot of parents human testing right yeah yeah it's a no human test right and there are a lot of parents out there that are dumb enough and evil enough to to do that to their children and and you know that's all i can say that you've got to be dumb and evil to give your child that that vex out there i wanted to say this very quickly understand they're putting it out under the an emergency that's how they're that's how they're able to get it out so quickly it's under an emergency plan and that means the government isn't responsible if it doesn't work goes wrong if you take it you take it at your own risk it hasn't really been approved it's under emergency approval so the government's trying to have it both ways they're trying to you know do everything but again that new vaccine unless you've seen something i haven't wendy i couldn't find where there's been one test on an animal let alone on a person all right pastor are we coming i got more material for you yeah we are but i was going to tell folks right away that that in order to get your catalog apothecary herbs and find out where you can get the best natural medicines available real medicine that is the power the power or go to 866-229-3663 866-229-3663 go ahead wendy you've got four minutes left okay well back in august 2017 i reported on an occurrence where people were finding these odd bizarre grotesque creatures washed up on the beaches and this was all over the world and they were taking pictures with their cell phones and they were posting them on social media and and what was really weird is when the authorities found out about it they would swoop in and get the carcass and take it off and nobody heard anything else about it so your your regular media wasn't really covering this so that the people that were posting these pictures coined the word globsters um because there was one almost the size of a small whale and it was had this hair white hair on it almost like a um sheep dog and um it just bizarre little things like that and so what was going on is back in 17 uh countries had laws that prohibited cloning and mixing uh human with animal cells and so what the scientists did is they just went offshore where they they could uh you know go on a vessel lab do their experiments and i i think when their creations died they just chucked them overboard so um and the scientific perspective this is the journal of genome biology and evolution they said that 75 of the human dna is uh junk uh it's non-essential junk they said the same thing about your tonsils and your appendix um so the term junk dna was first used in 1972 it refers to dna that has no known function so i want to say god doesn't make junk see no and if yeah and your tonsils are the only immune system gland that makes um an antibody for polio so when you see them ripping you know tonsils out of kids you you have a polio epidemic so um people have power they just got to exercise exercise it um you know i i use herbs the bible instructs us to use herbs if you read your scripture you'll find that out and i encourage you to read it so you have power to even reverse problems that you may have and it's it's all doable people just haven't been taught how to do it um but thank you for mentioning our our website and our phone number we are we are in a cleanse and nourish sale and it's 25 percent off and it runs through the 20th of september so people are wanting to get a catalog or pick up some immune support for this cold and flu season that will be underway shortly this is a good time to do it looks this is real actual natural medicines real from god's word the bible this is what god gave us what wendy makes here at apothecary herbs and i know because i have every bit of it i have a my own apothecary you know uh and she's kept me going how long have you been taking our products what 20 years yeah at least 20 years yeah so there you go it's that phone number is eight six six two two nine three six six three wendy we're going to be listening you know about the who the world health organization right well hang on because went the other side of the hour we're going to be finding out more about them but folks the www the power the power is where you go up you want to get wendy's catalog because it tells you all of the different ailments and the natural medicines that god gave us not big pharma that god gave us uh to to make us healthy so we'll be back we're coming up to the break we'll be back right after this so don't go away wendy you got to hear all this be right back with more thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the christian resistance to support this ministry head to w r w l dot org that's w r w l dot org mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14 781 speery road newberry ohio 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word the word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next sell in your car to carvana is as easy as as easy as pie sure all you have to do is enter your license plate or bin as easy as a stroll in the park okay then just answer a few questions and you'll get a real offer in seconds as easy as singing why not schedule a pickup or drop off and carvana will pay you that amount right on the spot as easy as playing guitar actually i find that kind of difficult but selling your car to carvana is as easy as can be visit or download the app to get an instant offer today
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