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FRI HR 2 092223

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 22, 2023 11:56 pm

FRI HR 2 092223

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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See Capital for details. Donate and listen to the podcast at Alrighty, we are back and John, right now folks out there we are short $5,580. We've got one hour, one hour to raise $5,580 and so we got to hear from you. Believe me, we got to hear from you.

Do you want it? If you want us to stay on that station we're on. Remember before we told you and we kept telling the people on those six stations we had to go off and and after we went off then they were calling saying, gee we we didn't realize can we get back on you know I'll send you a donation now I should have sent you a donation.

Got to hear from you now because I've got about an hour to raise five thousand five hundred and eighty dollars is what we need to write raise tonight so the numbers are eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three. John, right now I'm thinking right now if the governor of Texas was to say look we need we need a militia because Joe Biden is the enemy he is the enemy of patriotic America he is against everything that America stands for I know everything that people that the Christian America patriotic America stands for Joe Biden's a communist to the bone okay and he's a very wicked communist to the bone and so if the governor of Texas John was to say look we need a militia we need we need concerned we need citizens we need the Patriots come to Texas how many armed Americans do you think would show up there for the border? I have no idea Pastor Ernie seriously I hope many many many the problem the problem is the Texas border is it's so long you know it's huge from Brownsville all the ways to El Paso and beyond but he did he's so what he did was he said the invasion was by the drug cartels now the drug cartels are ones that are they're smuggling huge amounts of the people in especially women and children to get them into the slave market and I I'm absolutely saying this without any hesitation under the control of the Democrat Party Pastor Ernie well absolutely they're the drugs that are coming in under the control of the Democrat Party all right Patrick and Cleveland pledges 100 Thank You Patrick already 8 8 8 2 8 1 folks we got to hear from you 2 8 1 1 1 1 0 or 8 8 8 6 7 7 9 6 7 3 you know to show you what happened you know here Joe John Biden's DOJ this Department of Dirt really knew nonviolent j6 or Matthew Perna who walked into the Capitol through an open door with suicidal they knew that Biden's Justice Department or the department yeah knew this but instead of backing off they did the unconscionable we talked about this before independent reporter Laura Logan has dropped a bombshell report that yet another hidden truth behind a casualty of the heartless and punitive government agency that has become so frighteningly powerful under the Biden regime and her report featured on truth in media Logan reveals how the DOJ knew that 37 year old Matthew Perna a nonviolent January sixer suspect was suicidal yet instead of backing off over concern of his well-being the callous and highly politicized government agency that it's really out there they're just a protection racket agency for it to protect Hillary and Biden and these and Obama these other criminals they pushed even harder they push harder on him and harder on him leading what his family and friends believed was the final blow which led to the death of an honest young man who loved God and look and family in this country before peacefully walking into the Capitol on January 6th Matthew Perna and his whole life ahead of him according to NBC News Perna told police that when he reached the top of the steps on the building's west side he was surprised to find the door open he claimed it when he was pushed into the building by a crowd and gathered behind him he was in the building 20 minutes it was seen recording the riot on his phone chanting USA USA with a crowd in the statement of offense the same day he posted a video on Facebook with two others in a hotel room he claimed the people with antifa were chiefly responsible for breaking the doors and the windows and the capital and of course they were working for the FBI you can bet on that already that's the government that we have now pestering oh I wanted to add to the this this invasion at the southern border Biden was speaking at a Spanish group I think it was yesterday and I could be congressional Hispanic caucus and he was addressing it as the black caucus pastor her name anyways he gets up there and Biden boasted about all the steps he has taken to increase illegal immigration and work permits and then said I've also directed my team to make a historic increase and the number of refugees admitted from Latin America now those are illegal aliens people fleeing violence and persecution who simply want their kids to have a better life pastor Ernie how many of these refugees that we see are single males coming through you know 18 16 to 30 and 35 and the children how many of them are being taken into sex slave and women's rape women rape thousands of Venezuelan and these are military aged men just were just came into thousands and thousands yesterday but but there's an estimated it's an estimated at 45,000 Chinese Nationals which basically what they are is their soldiers when plain clothes soldiers and plain clothes that were brought into this country and so again the Biden group is out there the Biden regime they're working for the Chinese Communist Party and they're out there to destroy America as quickly as possible Andrea Medina pledges $50 Thank You Andrea Medina yeah pastor Ernie here's another story about the border Biden makes border history with highest illegal crossing attempts in August more than how many pastor Ernie immigrants entered the United States and unlawfully in August how many do you think I don't know I know lots take a guess just a guess oh probably 50,000 try again hundred thousand try again oh just tell me go ahead three hundred and four thousand one hundred and sixty two well I know that all together over seven million since Biden has been in office since Biden has been in office over seven million have come into our country so here's what the article says more than three hundred thousand immigrants attempted to enter the United States unlawfully in August surpassing all national records all national records August jeez so what it's swamping you know we're gonna lose Texas as a state it's gonna be just a part of Mexico there's that they're not gonna speak English who's gonna who's gonna feed these people who's gonna medical I mean they're gonna they're gonna bankrupt in Texas if they keep what would this at the way at the rate that they're going and not only taxes but they're coming in or look at New York City they're crying in New York City that it's being bankrupt by because we're shipping them Oh best Ernie here's what's happening now with Governor Abbott he's taking the buses right on the border and they're filling the buses with these illegal aliens and they're taking them right to New York from Texas and right to LA from Texas they're all crying about how awful this is stop Abbott from what he's doing in LA they want the they want criminal charges against the governor of Texas for what he's doing so but that's a try that's a drop in the bucket compared to all these illegal aliens that are coming in I know and they're crying the blues but you know don't worry in New York City they want to remove George Washington statutes and any statutes of any of the Patriots any of the Patriots any of the founding fathers the pro-american they the Communist Party the Communist Party they're hokal what's your name hokal there and wants to remove any any traces anything that might lead to patriotism she's a wicked wicked and this is when I'm going to be preaching on that Jezebel spirit hokal has the Jezebel spirit boy you can bet on that and so anyhow folks eight eight eight we got a whole got to hear from you what time is it no oh my gosh it's it's I've got about 45 minutes total tonight to raise how much was it five thousand five hundred and eighty dollars the last count five thousand five hundred and eighty and I got about 45 minutes to do that so that's more than a hundred dollars a minute John I just like to give a plug about donating yeah folks the reason you may not be aware of the need for the donation is that tested Ernie to say what he says to say what we can say on his show day after day week after week for years he has to have your support because what he says the truth is so powerful that if business supports him in you know after their advertising they'll do be attacked the hard left will attack them so to say what he's free to say what he says he has to have your donations so that's the reason we have it and it's something he has to do on a fairly regular basis and shows have not supported him or let me put it this way cities or a market has not supported him and how many did you have to shut down this journey we had to shut down six stations the last time we had to shut down six nations right so the same will happen if he doesn't receive the support he has to shut down those stations so what you're hearing a lot of this you will hear no place else I mean then he's been doing this year after year after year after year so to continue that's why you have to help support yeah within one or two days after we go off those stations the people were calling wanting to know if they gave can we get can you get back on now if we contribute now and well folks again we're heading John we're heading for some very turbulent times and in this and this the this radio program is needed more now than it ever has not more right now because of the days we're headed for we're up we're heading towards an all-out flat-out we're in a collision course with the Communist Party with the Antichrist Communist Party and yeah and pastor Ernie it's not us it's them we're living our lives like we always did and they can't stand us they hate us they want to bring America down they want to make it look like Cuba or whatever other kind of China or Venezuela Venezuela Venezuela whatever folks their job or their goal is to completely destroy the middle class in America because if you're poor like Mexico let's say and in Central America you're you're based basically under the control of the government they've got you you have no way to like thwart them but here in the middle class that's one of the big powers of America the middle class we can do a lot of things like right right now like this radio show you can't have a radio show like this with with the Tolitarians are where the people aren't free so the middle class here is the is the strength of America against them and they're doing everything they can pass to this inflation that by Biden initiated I mean that's what was that hurting it doesn't hurt the rich you know that's that's ironic because they always talk about the Democratic Party the party for the working man you couldn't be farther from the truth just about all of the billionaires are within the collective within the Democratic Party the 10 richest US senators right now here are all Democrats oh yeah the wealthiest Congress people are all Democrats it's just unbelievable all the woke corporate managers the woke corporate managers are all Democrats okay there you go folks what can I tell you Carol and North Olmstead pledges 100 Thank You Carol Patrick and Oh No Patricia Patricia Patricia in New Jersey pledges 100 Thank You Carol Thank You Patricia already again folks you're absolutely right they want to totally do away with us who made the big money during the COVID lockdowns the Democrats all made the big money the Foushee Foushee a Democrat all of those all of the heads of the the CDC all of those that that he appointed those people look remember we talked about how wouldn't Oh Mike Gill was here on it and he referred to the Pandora papers that they had in list this is why Hillary said what she said is it runs a list of all of those people in the top agencies in the IRS the NSA the FBI the CIA all the top people out there and Justice Department all got paid you're talking about billions of people and the Clinton mob right now with the the Clinton Foundation they were worth something like seven hundred something billion dollars billion billion not million billion okay and this is why Hillary got away with what she was doing when she put acid on her hard drives and beat him with a hammer the phones with hammers she could do all that because she owned the FBI she owned the Justice Department she owned all they were all in the payroll yeah and Pastor Ernie during that shutdown noticed that the mom and pop stores were all closed because they weren't essential but Walmart was kept open and Lowe's and all the big stores you notice that I certainly did notice it yeah yeah that's the middle restaurants were closed that's all the middle class that they were right after the middle class now I'm saying that to tell you this when when gasoline goes from I don't know three dollars a gallon to I hear now in California and some places like five six dollars a gallon but when it well let's put it when Trump was president it was down to what 150 a gallon pestering 158 but 158 yeah now I don't know what the national average is Pennsylvania Texas here it's in Ohio it's about five four out four dollars and seventy cents a gallon Wow all right now do you think that the the big oil companies are losing money pastor do I think that the big no I don't think the big oil companies are losing now they're taking care of the oil companies they took care of the pharmaceuticals with the first with COVID and all those other companies now they're taking care of the oil companies they're not they're raking in all sorts of money on this you know in case of a war or a national emergency we had our oil reserve and Joe Obama Biden what has sold our oil reserve off we have no oil reserve left well we do it's locust Ernie but you know why he did it yeah because he's he he did that because it was like near the 2022 election and they wanted to drive the price of oil down before the election so it wouldn't be an issue against him and the Democrats that's why he did it well you got to remember this folks that no matter what what lowdown slimy scheme that that they have the American people to eliminate to the middle class they will have the full aid and cooperation of NBC ABC CBS PMS NBC CNN and most of Fox News will be the way they will completely cooperate and and take it away your your wealth your freedom your rights because again they're that they're just a part of the block of the Democratic Party the Communist Party aren't they they all pastor neither an arm of the town oversight committee issues statement following hunter Biden's lawsuit against the IRS witness intimidation is just another dirty tactic by the hunter Biden legal team under Biden final lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service last Monday and the lawsuit alleges that the IRS agents unlawfully disclosed his tax information and failed to protect his private records the legal action comes amidst several other legal challenges facing hunter buying included an indictment on federal firearms charges and potential additional tax charges under Biden's lawsuit accused of the IRS of unlawfully disclosing his tax return information you see the way the IRS T treated our president the real president of the United States President Donald Trump and look look what oh my gosh did this is so pathetic I know they're there I think it was three years non-stop they were auditing him well this is why you have trumped arrangement factor because they're they know that Trump has the goods once he gets like he said he gets back into office they're going to jail and and so far he's done everything he said he would do yes yeah yeah and and Trump when the order was over there was no tax there was no tax through he paid well whatever whatever his returns were all within the law there was no tax and then they wanted remember the Democrats and the Senate wanted his tax returns mm-hmm they bought them and they got the tax returns they were all gleeing and all they figured they had him for this that and the other thing and there was nothing they released his tax returns there was nothing in them all right folks we right now need five thousand three hundred and thirty dollars five thousand three hundred and thirty dollars short and we have we have oh my gosh we will be here for another 36 minutes so we have 36 minutes to raise five thousand three hundred thirty dollars that's all that's what that's close to almost two to two dollars a minute huh and so folks we got to hear from you again we really do want to stay on the station you're you're listening to us on eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three you know the day will probably come when you know we we're gonna be if if Trump fails if they we they're gonna go after programs like this the word is they will they will come after they will try to shut us down if we fail in this next election if America lasts that long folks but between now and then don't let us go off because of lack of funding lack of interest okay we're gonna fight with everything we have there's no quit here you won't find any quit in this any quitting this if people don't know people don't support us tonight that's not gonna make me stop a bit I'm gonna continue to fight that's what I've done for 50 years and that's what we're gonna continue to do we're gonna continue to fight because that's what God's word the Bible tells us that we are to storm the gates of hell so anyhow eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero credit card line especially or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three I'm having a I'm starting to lose my voice a little bit John and so yeah yeah all right John if I was to say to you what is the most wicked evil organization in the world that that that is like a creeping crawling cancerous death killed more human beings than any army what would you say that is John Planned Parenthood that's exactly what it is Planned Parenthood tied to another one more sex scandal it appears that not even criminal activity will deter progressives from supporting abortion and providers Samantha Kim and an opinion piece of the Washington Examiner was referring to yet another sex scandal involving planned predators the most wicked evil ungodly creeping crawling beast of death the Daily Mail of London broke the story of the abortion industry's giant provision of prostitution to his staff donors and partners that's right again you know when we when we said a little while ago what does the Democratic Party platform of course is abortion it's a beast reality is pedophilia but it's also prostitution and whoredom you know again if in fact it's a sin that they'll embrace it despite an investigation of the internal planned predators Federation for sexual misconduct the United Kingdom's Department of Internal Development donated a hundred and thirty two million pounds which is about a hundred and sixty eight million to the organ is dollars to the organization to this wicked evil organization all right Kamin expelled explained that the international plan predator Federation hired a number of a large number of prostitutes for staff donors and guests and official functions internal documents related to the case reveal repeated claims of sexual harassment bullying and abusive conduct and intimidation of whistleblowers for example the transmission of you know that they're just like the FBI the whistleblowers that came out and in in plan predators and blew the whistle they they brought in all these prostitutes could see a lot of those women a lot of them that work for plan predators probably a majority are lesbians okay and they didn't like it when they brought in these ordinary non lesbian prostitutes and she says internal documents related to the case revealed sexual harassment bullying abusive conduct intimidation whistleblowers the transmission of pornography or pornographic videos to a executive in order to terrify her into silence she wrote these shocking allegations raise the questions of whether or not abortion providers are being held to high enough that how would it wait a minute wait a minute abortion providers held this high standards unbelievable that anybody would even write such a thing as them that's an oxymoron oh my gosh Kamin noted that the worst allegations have come from Lucian Kuka formerly African regional director for international plan predators he was dismissed over allegations of sexual misconduct but then revealed the group had been offering sexual gifts to guests at African events for years Kamin said they've been known for years and years folks 888 we're running out of time why are we running out of time all right you know John today is the first day of autumn did you know that no it's tomorrow wait a minute I thought it was today it's Friday right no it's tomorrow are you sure John well let me see what does that mean to you well it means the fall coming we're only 30 minutes away from tomorrow John if you get 30 minutes from now that's relative tester in the I'm in Texas and that's an hour and a half you know we don't even acknowledge Texas time here yeah I'm asking what date is fall 20 23 here we go it is September 23rd okay the first day of fall is Saturday September 23rd that may be that in Texas but in Ohio is today all right oh man we got to get some calls coming in nothing's coming in right now we are we need five thousand three hundred and thirty dollars five thousand three hundred we're short five thousand three thirty this is not good folks this is not good at all can't we get anyone look we put in this week I put in three thousand dollars this week folks three thousand dollars why because we put our money where our mouth is and we don't I don't get I don't take any pay for doing this radio program either this John we do it because the cause is a righteous cause the cause is a righteous cause and folks our country because we're doing it because we love our God or we love our country and we love you folks out there you Patriots out there and brothers and sisters in Christ but we got it we can't do it by yourself look we're out here to again warn people and by the way I wanted to very quickly again give the leadership training for the November ballot issue one this Tuesday for folks out in the Geauga County area September 26th 5 p.m. at the Geauga parks rookery great blue heron Lodge there's there's going to includes a catered meal there's no cost attendees will learn how to discuss pro-life and conservative values with moderate voters recruit and manage volunteers use absentee and early voting tools coordinate Election Day activities and work as an election judge turn out their voters folks look we're in this war to win it's not over what do we win and we're gonna fight we're gonna fight even if we're you know we're the only ones we're gonna fight Catherine and Brooklyn pledges $25 Catherine and Brooklyn pledges 25 folks we're running out of time here and we're up against a break and so we'll be back right after this with more I'm satisfied with Justin cottage below a little silver a little gold but in that city where the rats will shine I wanna go that silver Oh too often tormented and tested and like my pillow a stone and though I find here no No permanent dwelling I know he'll give me A mansion of my own I've got a mansion Just over the hilltop In that bright land where We'll never grow Someday yonder We will never know I walk the streets and Our purest bone Don't think me poor Deserted or lonely I'm not discouraged Heaven bound I'm just a pilgrim In search of a city I want a mansion A harp and a crowd I've got a mansion Just over the hilltop In that bright land where We'll never grow Someday yonder We will never know I walk the streets and Our purest bone Alrighty we are back Thank you Maria and Detroit pledges 25 and Felicia in New York pledges 100 and Susan in New York pledges 35 thank you thank you thank you alrighty folks we're running we got right now approximately well approximately 24 minutes we will be here in that 24 minutes we really have to hear from you if you're going to continue to hear from us John I'm going to give you plenty of time to give that invitation tonight and so get ready to do that but yeah Pastor Ernie I was thinking about we were talking about the condition of the country of praying for a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit to deal with this political situation we're in absolutely we need an outpouring of the Holy Spirit it can only take us so far Pastor Ernie well this isn't politics that we're talking about we're talking about moral issues we are in the Bible tells it calls it the days of sorrow or the evil day and so and we are instructed to run to this battle this is not a time to be woe as me this is a time to say I gotta get it done now I gotta place up them crowns in Heavens up there and take our nation back one nation under God we've got to do it for God and for the country and especially the children don't we well absolutely Pastor Ernie and what everybody has to understand in America right now under the sound of our voice here is the goal of Washington the Democrat party Joe Biden and all of them is they want to saturate us with as many illegal aliens as possible all over the country so you could have a small town Pastor Ernie in Wyoming and they want to dump hundreds of illegal aliens in there to crush the town economically just socially they want to do this across the country they're going to keep on doing it as long as they're in power until we're washed away as a nation and we'll be blended in with Mexico and Guatemala and Honduras yeah what they want to do is they bring in these small towns like you're talking about out there where you have these small towns maybe you might have 700-800 people in a very small town and they'll bring in more people than that they'll bring in and then they'll live there they'll become citizens and then they'll vote themselves into power and I know that some of those towns right along the Mexican border there in Texas with Texas you know they got the Mexican flag flying outside it's not the American flag the businesses in that everything is Spanish and I know that even here in Ohio in some places they've got oh I'm having the country that is so very well known for pirating ships out there on the sea you know what I'm talking about?

Somalia yeah right here in Ohio we have a large Somali populations where they have a Somali flag flying and so we got to take America back folks in order to do that I mean you're not going to hear it they radio programs like this really are thorn in the side of the Communist Party they depend upon NBC, ABC, CBS what is called the main line but what we know is the fake media to dumb you down they have been betraying you that fake news media as President Trump refers to it has been betraying you for years and years and years and they've indoctrinated you they've dumbed you down they've dumbed you down so bad alright 888 folks we're running out of time 281-1110 8 if we don't make our goal that's not going to dampen us a bit we're still going to fight with everything we got and if we have to go off stations then we go off stations that doesn't stop us we just want to stay on the station though that you're listening to us on we really do want to stay on those stations 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 we got to hear from you or we will have to go off some stations and just maybe hopefully it's not the one you're listening to us on right now across the country so again 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 Biden says US must accelerate climate crisis climate crisis there is no climate crisis ok that is another one of the hoaxes another get rich scheme by the opposition it's all about control there's over 10,000 actual meteorologists worldwide scientists are telling you this whole thing this whole climate thing is a hoax we know it we've told you from the very beginning uh plans to hire Biden plans to hire 20,000 soldiers to build trails to install solar panels oh my gosh made in China folks solar panels made in China through his Biden's Chinese controllers then he announced that there would be a new climate army of 20,000 soldiers strong to be paid by the US government to fight the battles of global warming again this is a lie go ahead John I'm sorry Pastor Ernie but we had I'm sure you're aware of the 2030 agenda oh yeah we've talked about that many many times here well in particular what's coming out now because I don't know what you brought out fully or not but they want to there's three big things they want for the 2030 agenda and the big cities now Houston is one of them and Austin Texas is another and I don't know if Cleveland is or not but they want to eliminate meat, dairy and cars in the cities they want that's their agenda by 2030 Pastor Ernie well it's a lot more than that they want to move everyone from the countryside into the cities they want to expand it is a lot more but I'm just pointing these three out that folks they want to take your food away this is serious stuff and there's one governor it's a mayor of one city is it Albuquerque, New Mexico, Phoenix it's out there I mean this is full steam Pastor Ernie this is she's actually this is she's trying to implement it to limit every way possible the amount of meat you can eat and dairy these people they are really they're really demented they are really sick they are just because they believe their own delusions and they have power they have power Pastor Ernie James in Illinois pledges 50 and Lou in Michigan pledges 100 and right now we need $4,800 we're $4,800 short $4,800 we're going to be here folks for another 15 minutes and I'm going to go ahead and let you start and give it an invitation how much time do we have there we're going to give you a lot of time all right you've got eight minutes this is most time you've ever had to tell the folks how they can get to heaven yeah I'll try and blend it together to get to heaven and then the outpouring of the Holy Spirit already we desperately need it in the face of this wickedness that's engulfing the country Father we come before you in the name of Jesus and I thank you for this opportunity Lord this is an amazing opportunity to share your word for eternal life in Jesus Christ and we want every one of our listeners to be in heaven and the Bible tells us how to be in heaven in fact in Revelation 5 9 the people in heaven tell us that talking of Jesus Christ they say you were slain and that's redeemed us by thy blood out of every kindred tongue people and nation God is no respecter of persons no matter where you're from no matter what your cultural background is the color of your skin God recognizes one thing and that's faith in Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross those are the people in heaven are telling us how they got there so I'm asking now that there would be true repentance that you would understand the our sin and how dangerous it is for our eternal life that God wants us to repent and fit and put Jesus Christ at the center of of our life he wants us to turn to believe that on the cross Jesus shed his blood and died to pay the penalty for our sin the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ onward and then not only did he take the penalty for our sin but he was buried and three days he bodily rose from the dead and him bodily being raised from the dead is assurance that so will we and one day the people are going to be raised from the dead either to eternal life with Jesus Christ because they're his Lord and Savior or eternal damnation in a terrible place called hell so if you confess with your mouth right now repent of sin and confess that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior the Bible guarantees you by the word of God that you will have eternal life not because of what you've done but your confession of faith that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior. Pastor Ernie how much time? How much time do we got left Josh? Oh you still have seven minutes left John. Seven minutes?

Yeah. Okay well I'd like to lead everyone into a prayer for eternal life if this is your heart's desire to make Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior it's a prayer like this pray along with me God I now repent of my sin I turn from it and I turn to your son and your word as the center of my life I confess and I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross shed his blood to pay the penalty for my sin so I can have eternal life I believe he bodily rose again from the dead on the third day and because of my confession of Jesus Christ and repentance I now have assurance of eternal life and only because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross for me I thank you for sending Jesus and I can have eternal life in Jesus name I ask if you prayed that prayer Pastor Ernie how can they contact you? They can call us at 440-338-1367 and tell us that you said you prayed that prayer with us that's very important to us because that's the most we say the most important part of this program to the last because that's the last thing we want you to remember before you go to bed you know and so and now Lord we bring the nation before you and we ask for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit we repent of all the wickedness of killing the babies the homosexual agenda all of that Lord tampering the sex of the children Lord we ask for mercy and we need your power we need a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit Lord flowing through the nation to beat back that wickedness Lord to beat back these communists and the wokeness Lord that's out there all those that hate you and they're trying to destroy people's lives and destroy the nation Lord we confess all that and we're asking for one more great outpouring of the Holy Spirit you sent Holy Spirit the outpourings in the past Lord to this nation mighty outpourings that change the course of the nation we're asking for the same thing once again Lord and this only by mercy Lord we can only ask for mercy that you would send it we want to see Jesus glorified we want to see your people edified your people quickened as your word says strengthened Lord and then a loss brought in to you we want to see multitudes of the lost come in Lord and that your power permeating America from one end to the other and I ask that it's such a great outpouring here that it would shake the world it wouldn't be limited to America it would spread north to Canada and south into the Americas and with the modern technology Lord into Asia and Africa and shake the whole world for you Lord one last great outpouring of the Holy Spirit we thank you thank you thank you Lord I ask your blessings on Pastor Ernie Lord a little Lisa we're interceding right now for her we're asking in Jesus name that her lungs would be strengthened that they would clear up she could get oxygen and breathe Lord that you would strengthen her physically and she's a big help to Pastor Ernie in the ministry so bless her Lord that that's a spirit of infirmity that's weakening her we're asking for the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen her to strengthen her thank you for this time together and may Jesus be glorified in Jesus name we ask amen. Well thank you John for that folks again we need thank you for Lewa Michigan pledged 100, Teresa and Ohio pledges 50, Anonymous of Massachusetts pledges 50 we're going to be here till uh till midnight about another seven or eight minutes we'll be here uh we need some matches can I'm asking that we get some thousand dollar matches some thousand dollar matches to match those uh three nights I played a thousand folks and I don't we don't get paid to do this but it's because the cause is a righteous cause and this is why we work so hard to stay in the air not because uh you know we're benefiting we we are in a sense the fact that we are able to let you know to be the watchman on the wall and tell you things that that they don't want you to know that these corrupt corrupt corrupt government does not want you to know and what the fake news media does not want you to know don't forget about our newsletter don't forget about our newsletter uh you can order the newsletter by going up to on the website that's WR or send us an email to uh WRWLministries at WRWLministries at or request it or the best way to just send us a letter requesting it with your your address spelt nice and clear big letters your name and address and uh that would it'll work and you get the newsletter and which information that everybody out there loves we're you know growing and growing all right we are coming up to the end of the program for now we'll still be here till midnight and so uh we're counting down to about 30 seconds aren't we okay we're counting down to 30 he's gonna give us okay there you go all right well when we get to this point of the program at night time John we always do this we say ready ready good night god bless and always always always keep fighting the fight fight thanks for listening to the voice of the christian resistance what's right what's left hosted by pastor Ernie Sanders to learn more about our ministry please visit us online at please tune in next time for another edition of what's right what's left the preceding program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content selling your car to carbona is as easy as pie sure all you have to do is enter your license plate or bin as easy as a stroll in the park okay then just answer a few questions and you'll get a real offer in seconds as easy as singing why not schedule a pickup or drop off and carvana will pay you that amount right on the spot as easy as playing guitar actually i find that kind of difficult but selling your car to carvana is as easy as can be visit or download the app to get an instant offer today
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