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REShow: Seth Wickersham - Hour 2

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September 7, 2023 4:01 pm

REShow: Seth Wickersham - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 7, 2023 4:01 pm

Rich and the guys discuss the latest on Travis Kelce and the Chicago Bears/Green Bay Packers rivalry.

ESPN’s Seth Wickersham and Rich discuss why Sean Payton took the Broncos head coaching job, if the former Saints HC can bring Russell Wilson back to Pro Bowl form, how hot the hot seat under Bill Belichick is getting, Tom Brady’s new role with the Raiders, and Jimmy Garoppolo and Josh McDaniels’ circuitous reunion in Las Vegas.

Rich takes an entertaining call from a Cardinals fan who plays the “Win-Loss” game for Arizona under rookie head coach Jonathan Gannon.

TJ offers up his fantasy football start ‘em, sit ‘em and sleeper picks for NFL Week 1.

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Subscription auto renews. This is the Rich Eisen Show. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. The Rich Eisen Show.

This is it bro. Here we go. Earlier on the show, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey. Still to come ESPN senior writer Seth Wickersham. Comedian Tracy Morgan. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome to our number two of this edition of the Rich Eisen Show on kickoff Thursday. The wait's over. It starts tonight. The it being the National Football League playing season in 2023.

844-204-RICH is the number to dial at Rich Eisen Show on all our Twitter and all of our social media feeds except TikTok at the Rich Eisen Show. Oh so we're a little hypocritical. I mean I hate to say it.

I don't want to call ourselves out but a little hypocritical. Why? Putting the in front. Well we have to turn to the man who created the account back in the day out of pressure from my then I believe 12-year-old son Zander Eisen who came on the program saying dad you should have a TikTok account.

By the way couldn't have been more right. Why did we put the V on there? Did somebody already have, was somebody squatting on our show account TJ?

I think it was just like I was making the account and I was just putting I just put the Rich Eisen Show and it popped up. Okay. And I didn't even think that the V was.

It's not hypocritical at all. He does not have your back. All this talk about say it with your chest. TJ Jefferson.

Say it with your chest. TJ Jefferson. He goes and puts the on the TikTok account.

Hold on let me set up one more time. TJ Jefferson. Doesn't have your back. Let me explain to you what was not in my thought process was the Ohio State thing I was working on. I don't know I got receipts I might have to go back and finally hey watch me troll Rich on the TikTok account. Might have been a thing. You know what Chris here's a deal.

What was that voice by the way? Now that you bring that up I'd like to I'd like where it's at I wish I could say that was part of the process it was not but wow that was from now on yeah I did do that on purpose. Wow.

At least you know where I stand. I say it right to your face. But our words I've never really said before and I'll say again multiple times our TikTok game's on fire right now. I get people saying somebody told me that when I was at the NFL network for the premiere of the pick is in the uh Roku channel documentary with NFL films about last year's draft somebody came up to me said Rich your your TikTok game's on fire. I'm like wow can you say that again?

I just want to mark the date and time nobody's ever said that to me before. Okay Rich Kelsey update we got Pelissero and Ian and and Garofello are on NFL network right now. Yeah.

Kelsey will work out this morning. He already knew this. To test hyperextended knee he listed his question. Oh okay. He's playing. Okay.

He's playing. It was funny last night during the NBC broadcast that I was that I was hosting um yeah this that's the uh that's the NFL uh plus thing the dress down. Oh. By the way we don't dress you know I guess I dress down for streaming.

I don't know sometimes you know. I think I'm wearing a black tank top tomorrow. No you're not. No you're not. Let's stay true to ourselves sir. Let's stay true to ourselves.

I dress down every day. Um oh yeah so last night Kaylee Hartung on the NBC broadcast was interviewing Donna Kelsey live and she asked for 15 minutes. They're still going. Yeah well mama Kelsey's there the Kel there's a documentary I believe called Kelsey that's debuting Friday in Philadelphia. Oh it's for Jason. Yeah that's right and so um so she asked her mom she's like you know hey um I gotta ask how's your son? It's like you know. Kind of got to.

Yeah and and she's just like well we'll leave it up to the trainers that they've got it whatever and I swear to god I swear to god I thought to myself how would my mother have answered that question? Right. Well you know. I don't know why he's gonna play with a hurt knee. Right. Why would he do such a thing?

You know the difference between a Jewish mother and uh not Jewish mother. Why? I told him.

I told him don't go out there. Why are you hyper extended? You what did you do to my name?

Hyper extension. I'm just picturing. I swear to god I was thinking that I'm like do I say something to that effect on NBC?

I turned it down. Yeah. And I figured this is the more this is the more appropriate setting to talk about what's in my. Folks sometimes like wonder how I you know go about my business if you do.

There's a filter up here in my head and and and it catches some things before it comes out of the mouth. Sometimes. But I honestly thought to myself how would my Jewish mom handle how's your son feeling? Is he okay?

Is he gonna play in the Thursday night game? Words probably never asked never asked of my mother. Oh my gosh. But Donna was like yeah well the trainers will handle it but I think you know. Coached up. She mentioned a little swelling and then she mentioned the and then she promoted the uh the documentary.

Well done. Don't forget she's the first mom in Super Bowl history to show up to the game with a promo code for pizza and beer and whatever. Speaking of which have you seen the new commercial speaking of the scripts thing where they're talking about the season. Yeah we aired the two-minute version of it at the top of the NBC show last night with Keegan-Michael Key. So you saw the Miss Donna part where she said that how about I date Jimmy Garoppolo and then everybody went nuts.

Oh man that's hilarious. That was great and Travis. He goes he's a good looking man. And Jason was like whoa. Travis like he's a good looking guy I understand mom and Travis like what?

Jason was like what? It's funny that's a funny spot. It's like maybe I should date Jimmy Garoppolo. Funny spot and tonight I'll be at the mic on Westwood One radio for Thursday night kickoff. Andy Reid and Dan Campbell are the guests and you can stream the NFL on Westwood One for free sponsored by AutoZone all season long. You can listen to every Westwood One broadcast of the NFL live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports on your Westwood One affiliate stations digital platforms. Kevin Harling, Kurt Warner and yours truly all season long for free and get in the zone with AutoZone. AutoZone's free battery testing and charging is available for free at your local AutoZone. Get in the zone AutoZone.

I wonder if AutoZone freaks out. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Restrictions apply. Please TJ. My bad.

I mean honestly you jump in people believe they think it's completely unrestricted and they're like willy-nilly. I'm like no they have to apply. My bad. I apologize. You should. You should. Sorry.

Because you know restrictions apply. I'm just doing a Twitter search on Kelsey for the latest news right and someone posted a video remember when he threw a towel at the ref? Oh yeah that was early like his second year right?

Let me tell you something man. Like super early in his career. Travis Kelsey was a hothead when he came into the league. He had some issues like Andy Reid basically had to tell him hey you can be great you need to chill and I think Kelsey some one I don't know what one he had an epiphany. Travis Kelsey had an epiphany. Hothead you know maybe standing in his own way type talent to first ballot hall of famer Walter Payton man of the year and thank god he had that epiphany. Oh dude he threw a flag I think he also there was a veteran there was a veteran's day weekend. Yeah so it's it is the the towel right yeah it's the towel right it was yeah he threw he threw like a services towel yeah against Jacksonville it's really fun a camouflage type towel yeah I remember that he's yelling at the ref the ref hits him with a personal foul he's like what man and then he throws his towel yeah I know he was a hothead yeah he was a hothead now he's going to the hall of fame and and he'll beat Mahomes there because Mahomes will still be playing.

Yeah Kelsey's 34 so how many years does he have left? So we'll keep I I sure hope he plays tonight uh as does the rest of uh Chief's Kingdom. Yeah Clark Hunt was on Good Morning Football said you know expect to see him out there but we'll see. Chris in Denver let's take your phone call what's up Christopher? Hey uh how are we doing gentlemen? What's going on man? Uh I'm gonna beat Mr. Brockman to the punch and say how we how are we doing? Oh well look at Chris picking up on your other and also I'm gonna I'm gonna raise the stakes here um here on the on the Rich Isman show on the Roku channel.

Okay at 10.09 a.m. Getting back on the spoof which I super duper appreciated. Okay I have a question for you guys about the ceiling for Justin Fields uh given all the variables that have been moving pieces for the Bears uh there's been a lot of intriguing moves and the NFC North in general has been a very shifting landscape and you know Jordan Love, Justin Fields. Yes sir. That step forward any which way it's going to be the difference between make or break in that division as far as I see it. Well I mean they kept him which I think was the right move. Let's not forget let's not forget that's how this that's how the year started. The year started with wow Bears thanks to Lovey Smith's largess and thanks to the call Chris and thanks for the shout out to Chris and also to uh a spoof of me but that was thanks to Lovey Smith's largess the Bears were gifted the first overall pick and I gotta tell you you give Ryan Polz a chance you gotta give him a pat on the back man you can have Bryce Young and go and start new with a rookie quarterback or take your equally as young quarterback who's now been seasoned unfortunately tenderized but also seasoned and uh go to work with his clear clear terrific talents and get him DJ Moore what because that's what he's done and Khalil Herbert if he has that home run ability right let's see uh you know giving up Roquan Smith is not uh the greatest idea but you know obviously he wanted to get paid and they're remodeling everything and we'll see what they do but um did you see Justin Fields' comments about the rivalry between the Bears and the Packers? No. Yes because it's Jordan Love versus Justin Fields the uh the days of of Rogers tormenting Jay Cutler and everyone else are over and it's a new iteration of a the longest standing rivalry in the National Football League here's Justin Fields on being part of this rivalry with a new partner in it to kick off the season on Sunday.

You know of course it's a big rivalry but uh this is game one it's the most important game of the season so not really looking back towards history I'm looking to you know now so um like I said before we got a different team this year um last year that that was last year so it's a different year um yeah I mean we're not don't worry about we don't really care what you know happened in the past that doesn't affect you know what's gonna happen on Sunday so we're just looking to go out there play our best and you know put our best foot forward. Yeah take your leather helmets and stuff it two things first of all who's the the heavy-fingered uh typist? I think my goodness. A typist or a photographer? Yeah we think that might have been Cameron.

I don't know about that. Somebody's got a heavy finger. Can you type a little lighter please we're trying to have sound bites. Oh you're the and you're the heaviest typer here.

I'll be. Mike I mean seriously you're like sledgehammers over there. Yeah there's times when Rich is actually. Honestly the sound the audio engineer keeps his microphone open I'm trying to talk and I keep hearing tap tap tap. I gotta get a new keyboard.

Like is there a leak? No yeah it's the keyboard. I remember after like the second time you yelled at Mike I went and got this. I didn't yell at him excuse me.

You didn't yell at him. You give me a look Rich. You give him a look. You give me a look. I give you the look and I'm like I feel excuse me the look I give you is the look I give people when I pass them because they've been trying they've been driving too slow in front of you you have you feel better looking at the person.

I always get a stare. I don't know. Like what are we doing? It's like what are we doing? I never have that vision in my head of that that person's going to look like fill in the blank ever but I just need to see what is the face of the person who drives like that. I need to see it. I get that look about but that's how I look at him.

The other thing is too is like it's a different generation here now they don't care about the Leatherheads. No. Honestly I and I know that fans are are like we gotta beat the Packers you know but this is also his mentality it's a new year it's a new everything and I can't wait to see what he looks like. I hope it works out from Rich because I drafted DJ Moore last night. It's a great choice.

It's a great he's a terrific DJ. We have fields in the best ball. Yes we do. So we're invested. We're in we're invested. All right let's see what we got here.

Let me see like take a phone call. Everybody's chiming in we've already played these games. Let's go to Phil and Fargo North Dakota just because it's Fargo North Dakota. Phil you're in. Phil how are you Phil? Good morning Rich.

Are you are you checking the lot for True Coat Phil? What's going on there in Fargo? What's going on there? What's happening?

Just getting ready for football football to start up the season as it were. Well I was just in your lovely state of Michigan Mackinac Island. Okay beautiful spot.

What a spot. My first wedding anniversary is actually a year ago today that I actually called in here as a show because I needed wedding advice. Oh yes what was our wedding advice and did it work out?

Let's check our work. So first thing was Chris Brosman told me to make sure we settled who gets what bathroom. That got settled right away. Your advice was to just take a quick moment with my betrothed. I remember this. Stand in a corner take in everything for a few seconds and you can't spare anything more and that was that was a really nice moment of all the blur and hubbub that was our wedding night.

I do remember that and that was a very lovely moment. And I think that I'm glad that you got advice of varying degrees. Yours may be more physically lasting Chris than than mine you know. Yours was good day advice.

Mine was my lifetime advice. How are those memories? Right how are the memories?

It's the best of both worlds with rich eyes and consulting. Thanks you so much. I think Phil sent us a picture from his wedding too on twitter. Okay very good.

Now it's x. Oh my bad. Okay um but back when he sent it was the artist formerly Phil. Do you want to Phil Phil is Phil gone?

Yeah. You cut him off. Did you trigger him?

You got my game when you talked about the typing. Why would you hang up on him like that? Phil call back.

I am so sorry. Wow and then he tried to play it off like oh he hung up. No that wasn't my fault. I hung up. I screwed up. No I didn't. I admitted I did it. I said I hung up on him. Now he probably regrets telling us the bathroom story because he could have gotten it.

We could have been halfway through the win-loss game. Adam put him back. I'm sorry. I don't know what you're doing. Phil call back.

Mike's still in the preseason. I don't know why that made me laugh. Phil call back. Phil call back.

Mike you were not going to say that you hung up on him. I totally do. I admit when I do that. All right let's take a break here. No we're taking a break. I just feel bad.

We're caught we're taking a break. Seth Wickersham's up next. What a what a story on Sean Payton. Yeah. Telling uh Russell Wilson stop kissing effing babies. Start playing football. Running for office.

Yeah wow. The senior writer of ESPN also would know if Bill's on the hot seat in New England. He wrote the book on it. Seth Wickersham coming up next. Let's talk about AG1 people.

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Check it out. slash eisen. brought their dachshunds it really is because they kind of look like dachshunds something you should know wherever you listen by the way phil is not called back no phil is gone i think i may have phil i'm i'm sorry phil i mean i can't apologize more i can i can only do what i can do rich but you do know when i do this what does that mean i can only do what i can do i can only say i'm sorry i can say i'm sorry that's it i can only that's true you can only say you're sorry i can admit i've made a mistake in the meantime do you see the blank square rectangles next to the the last caller on i don't i need to know who's calling i don't know these are these are important pieces of information yeah what that's like everyone there's a bunch of win-loss game players that they want to go rolling which is great we're going to do it we're going to empty um we're going to empty the uh the phone banks also uh later on we've got our super bowl winners and predicting the what else we're gonna do mvp players of the year on offense and defense and the coach of the year correct or very good so that is today my bad you didn't you haven't done it i did i'm my bad i did send it in sorry i think because i'm pretty sure we were discussing if we do it today are you all right we're gonna do it today i'm good tj's got a fantasy segment oh it's coming up at the end of the hour yeah oh i know that that i know i'm just making sure that he knew tracy morgan oh i know oh by the way i'm gonna show him that picture i took um uh at the nfl honors as i sat down and i sat down i said i sit down and then at tracy morgan's walking past me and um and i was about to say hello to him but i realized he was just sitting down right behind me and he says to tony dorsett and i took a picture of this just as he was saying tony dorsett you are my biological father he said to him right there and as soon as that happened i took this picture he's like what that's a great picture i mean tony dorsett is like what did you just say i don't know actually i did not hear what tony dorsett said i can't wait to ask that of tracy he just said yes and you haven't talked to tracy since then no that's coming up hour three back here on the rich eisen show radio network i'm sitting at the rich eisen show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by as soon as the playing season ended and the non-playing season hit i said one of the top storylines entering the off season was what will the sean payton broncos look like and we are about to start getting that answer sunday against the raiders in denver holy cow and russ already looks a little thinner right he looks he looks in shape he looks more you know warrior like not as thick so that's why i immediately read the deep dive written by our next guest on sean payton it's must reading material on espn the senior writer from espn back here on the rich eisen show seth wickersham how are you seth good man how are you i'm jealous you got to spend all that time with sean payton one of the most interesting men in the national football league jealous he was awesome like you know i really i visited him in idaho for a couple days and then in denver for training camp for a couple days and um he's an entertaining guy he was an entertaining guy there's no doubt well and again your piece begins with a an italic uh paragraph or two flashback to the night that payton won the super bowl in new orleans and it kind of does inform uh quite a bit about sean payton trying to find that next one why do you think he took this job is it is it the walmart money what uh i mean honestly like why do you think sean payton said yes to this one seth yeah i think it's interesting he told me that he got so tired in new orleans of feeling like he couldn't win a jump ball in the league you know i think that since bounty gate happened um he's been suspicious of the nfl and everything the league does from officiating to memos to investigations and i think that the even though he rebounded well from you know the team rebounded well i think that like after he lost that nfc championship game with that no call on the passenger appearance i think it scarred him on a deep level and i think that when he walked away from new orleans remember he was never going to retire he was going to go to a different team that he felt the league was more invested in their success and that's it's a really really interesting idea and goal right that like that that the league would play favorites like that but i think that after all this time in new orleans he was exhausted on an existential level and coming to denver an iconic franchise that hasn't you know won a playoff game since the super bowl almost a decade ago um you know i think he felt like that the league was more invested in their success and as he told me he thought he could get a jump ball here and there yeah here in denver i guess with the with the walmart family the new owners of of the denver broncos interesting so um did he take the job with the sense that he needed to rehabilitate russell wilson how do you think he is approaching this season with russ seth well i i think he's invested in russ being successful and you know i know that his comments to usa today um a month ago or so got a lot of attention but it's clear that he thought that there was offensive malpractice that occurred with russell wilson and he you know wants to find ways to build an offense around russell that give him the best chance to do what he does well and i think that he wants him coming to the line quickly getting the ball into his hands and making quick decisions i think that last year you saw a lot of indecision on russell wilson which was really atypical for most of his career and i think that one of the things that that sean payton has really tried to do is to get them to the line quickly i think that last year the broncos i think only three teams had more pre-snap penalties last year than the broncos he wants russell wilson getting to the line diagnosing the defense and snapping the ball and that's one of the reasons why payton has spent so much time this off season and will spend so much time this year not drawing up these elaborate plays but trying to find ways to decode the defense before the snap to make things quicker and easier for wilson well i i i know he mentioned it was malpractice um on the part of nathaniel hackett in operating or having the operational manual all whacked for russell wilson but you know russ had a part to play in that and also the uh the the complete lack of control on a player who had run of the place in a way that few players want to have run of the place or get to have run of the place walk me through what sean payton had to say to you on that front there's a soundbite that uh or a quote that really is making the rounds today yes well he told me that early on he told wilson you know look we gotta back off russell inc a little bit and he said you know can you stop effing kissing the babies you're not running for public office and you know look it's it's a classic sean payton thing it's it's a message delivered through humor you can see you can hear a lot of bill parcells in there too yeah but he likes russell wilson and i think that he thinks that look the the team and i think that it was not just russell but everybody got a little too excited about russell wilson last year and from a franchise point of view you can understand it i mean they had gone so long without a franchise quarterback that when they finally got one and they gave him that contract you know yeah they wanted to be excited and they wanted the fans to be excited but all of this stuff you know completely backfired and i think that you know one of the things that sean payton wanted russell wilson to do is to get off social media as much you don't need to you don't need to give people fodder out there and we all remember last year that wilson you know he got mocked on a level that we've rarely seen for a superstar athlete in the social media era um i mean it's continued into this year the arizona cardinals after a preseason game made fun of him on their social media account i mean it's like this accepted practice to to put russell in his place and so i think that like payton didn't want to give the opponents any ammunition out there and he wanted russell to kind of come earn his work go about it quietly and russell wilson has he's had a good camp how yeah how has that landed on rus because that does inform the entire broncos season in my mind is how how is he taking this coaching from from sean payton seth well right so far he's taking it great now you know if the season gets off to a bad start and if they're losing and it's november and rus is a key reason why you know will payton make a change i think that's you know a fair thing to contemplate but a lot of this stuff didn't make it into the story but i watched a lot of film of the training camp practice with sean payton the week that they were practicing against the rams and we would watch offensive snaps where wilson would throw the ball to receivers who were open and the ball would sail over their head and if i didn't know better i would have thought wilson was just being inaccurate when in fact wilson was throwing the ball exactly to where it was supposed to be thrown and the receivers weren't where they were supposed to be so much of this stuff is predicated on trust and timing and reps and it was a reminder for me that as much as we want to be able to diagnose football in the in the moment um you can't do it for most of the plays unless you know intent because if you were just watching those you would just think that rus was just completely inaccurate and was missing guys when in fact he was throwing the ball to where they were supposed to go and the receivers weren't running the version of the route correctly what's your sense on the broncos buttoning that up and time to take on the raider sunday yeah i mean seriously there's injuries as well there's there's a lot going on that that we obviously knew that happened last year that it's go time now right this conversation is over it's now time to see the results it is go time and you know when i was with sean payton um his wife skylene you know she was like hey you know you never talked to me about your day and sean was like well you know it's just training camp but yeah it isn't just training camp and in fact he knows that when you come in with the presence like he's come in on where you're the program you're the instrument for change you're the device that everybody's counting on to change that team from a loser to a winner it's all on your shoulders and it's tenuous and fragile he often talks about how essential it was that when he got to the saints they started three and oh not only because it helped convert the skeptical but also because it gave everyone confidence and you know the broncos open with two games at home both games should be winnable and you know the pressure is on and he feels it he knows that like you know if they go oh and two look out because it could be an ugly ugly ugly time in that building seth wickersham's espn senior writer seth wickersham here on the rich isin show great deep dive currently online uh with him reporting on sean payton uh let's talk about let's talk about the patriots here uh the craft belicheck relationship has been quite discussed over the last several months and you literally wrote the book on the craft belicheck relationship as a matter of fact over your left shoulder is a the cover of that book it's better to be feared the new england patriots dynasty in the pursuit of greatness where do you stand on the sense that belicheck is on a hot seat this year seth i think it's warm um it's my opinion that i think if the season ends and the trajectory of the franchise is clearly trending down that i think craft would way making a move very very very hard and might be willing to it's a different structure than bill's had you know bill has always managed his staff as he's wanted to manage it and this year it's been different you know they did the press release with jirad mayo announcing a new role for him they did a press release for billy o'brien announcing his presence that's not what the patriots usually do and they've got an interesting dynamic where you have two assistant coaches who have kind of been empowered by the owner and you have bill who obviously is used to you know complete autonomy overall football matters and i think that everybody is hoping this thing goes well um you know this season i don't think that robert craft wants bill belicheck to break the all-time record for wins um wearing another team's hoodie but if if they're not playing if they do not have a good year um and clearly it looks like the franchise has hit a morass um i would not surprise me at all if robert craft makes a move like that i mean you know these it's just been a weird off season you know belicheck a couple months ago comes out and he talks about cash spending and how the patriots are always at the bottom of the league for cash spending and then i think greg bedard from the boston sports journal goes to craft craft says well we've always paid you know we like finances and support and financial wherewithal has always been there for all football matters nobody can say that it hasn't hasn't and then a couple weeks later bill kind of backs off saying that cash spending isn't really indicative of you know team success like i said there's just little cracks that even the most disciplined football men like craft and belicheck are seem to be slipping into and did you see brady at the locker room door for the raiders in the preseason sending them out on the field tell them to go win the game did you see that uh seth it's just and he's i think he said he said go ruin their day right ruin their day for preseason i mean it's just what an fascinating aspect of what's going on with the raiders mcdaniels is the coach brady's in ownership right now right uh you know your colleague don van nata was here in studio a couple weeks ago saying the league is wringing their hands over john gruden's court case making its way through and then the super bowl is in las vegas this year and a season that starts tonight i mean vegas is fascinating to me i'm wondering where you stand with brady and his post playing career that does appear to be over right seth it's over correct i think it's over it's weird it's the first it's the first year that i've covered football since i graduated from the zoo that brady hasn't been in training camp you know he graduated in 2000 i graduated from college in 2000 also it's the first year and it is weird not having him in there he's just become such a fixture that you think it could go on forever but yeah things are a little weird in in in vegas i mean you obviously saw what general joe with chandler jones put on social and then deleted and you know i believe in josh mcdaniels as a head coach i think that he's a really smart guy i think that he has found ways to take the system that he's learned and learned and adapted into his own personality but i'm worried for him that you know he's just alienated so many star players there and that his second stint as a head coach you know will go south like it did in denver and how about him relying on jimmy g right i mean like you can't make this up you can't make honestly did i just hit on how many chapters of that book of the that's behind your left shoulder did i just hit on right with the vegas writers i it's crazy i think i could write i could write a whole other book about just the relationship between jimmy g and kyle shanahan i mean that will be a a grade 30 for 31 day what i got for me on that you got anything for me on that you're willing to share i'm serious what do you think it's i think that like look that was a weird situation right the entire impetus of the trade now i reported that craft pushed the trade on bill remember bill was very invested in jimmy g um obviously craft denied that but bill was very invested in jimmy g and after they traded him at the deadline in 2017 to the 49ers remember the 49ers jimmy g wasn't on their radar they were planning to go after cousins bill kept texting jimmy g after every win that year and he ends up getting you know the biggest contract at the time for any quarterback and then you know they go to the super bowl they almost win you know he's three yards from a spectacular game-winning touchdown pass in the super bowl and i think that this the relationships just got strained you know jimmy was struggling to to stay upright i think that the coaching staff wondered whether he had the will to win like tom brady does remember kyle you know when brady left new england he wanted to go to the 49ers like he wouldn't have had to train you know a free agency tour he would have gone there if they wanted him and they ended up staying with jimmy and things cascaded from there you know that covid season was a bad year for them um they end up getting relocated to arizona for part of the season jimmy g's hurt and the rams get stafford they you know the 49ers try to get rogers he doesn't go anywhere and you know kyle is looking at a division with the rams and stafford and seahawks and wilson and the cardinals and kyler murray and he trades this huge amount of capital up to get the third quarterback in the draft and of course then you know jimmy keeps ending up you know being his starting quarterback somehow and i think that the relationship there i think you know didn't end on the best of terms and wasn't on the best of terms for a while and i think that jimmy found a team and a coach that i think believes in him in a way that he probably not only he didn't always feel in san francisco what a season that's gonna tip uh kick off tonight uh seth wickersham thanks for the time right here great piece on sean payton good job again and let's chat down the road thanks man always good to see you fun stuff with seth wickersham right here on the rich isin show let's beat it to break because we got lots to talk about a fantasy football preview by tj jefferson and then the phone calls win-loss games up and down a lot 844-204-rich number to dial hey it's rich isin you want an exciting and fast-paced podcast based on one of the most popular segments in the history of the rich isin show well you got it over reaction monday hosted by me rich isin and my compadre chris brockman and every monday we're going to dive into the headlines from pro and college football and overreact are you ready chris brockman yay or nay yes rich no holding back buddy i'm coming for you absolutely what you need to hear overreaction monday every single wait for it monday wherever you listen is it true that you met lauren michaels as a vendor at yankee stadium the snl founder is that true four gate four and i was i was a kid and um he was my friend so that's lauren michaels that's going michaels he came out of the players gate and um i overcharged him for like three bats and some shirts some yankee shirts and then when i became a cast member i gave him back like 14 in some sense and he said what's this for i said because i overcharged you for some items he started laughing he started dying this is when you said game four like what the 96 world series is that what that was tracy uh what do you think let me see what when were you when it was it was a it was a doujina no no no manningley i think manningley was played okay so that was probably like 95 or something like that okay so so you're playing so what were you doing out there you were selling stuff so we were shopping tickets i scalped tickets i sold souvenirs and i sold cocaine and that's when it was 21 dollars a gram i'm getting 45 regardless of how it go down for me so this is true because i live right up to hell so i had tickets i had cocaine and i had souvenirs you got it all that's what you're saying back in the day twenty dollars twenty one dollars a gram and so you sold hats and bats and stuff like that and that's how you met and not amazing don't forget the coat you got something that's rich tracy really was hustle man from martin back in the day i really was really was hustle man i was i was i worked souvenirs and i was tony montano on the spot the great jason morgan coming up shortly on the program 8 4 4 2 0 4 rich numbered adele here on the program we have not done this yet it's about to happen oh buddy jason in scotsdale arizona you're on the rich eisen show what's up jason how are you sir no that's the wrong line mike line five please line five jason in scotsdale arizona why how are you jason you hit the wrong button what's going on sir so i've been hearing these fanatics talking about 15 to 2 broncos games as records rather and i want to add some realism a little bit by doing the cardinals win-loss game and are you a cardinals fan are you part of the the uh the the bird the bird gang the red sea yes i am i am on both the bus and the car uh-huh i was about to ask you how did you get to the phone by bus or did you drive yourself jason yeah i'm just hoping to say that hermit was trained because that kind of derail okay very good uh give give some inspirational music to jason scotsdale arizona filling a need for us we've had nobody calling the win-loss game for the arizona cardinals all right at the washington commanders okay i think this is actually going to be the sneaky win sneaky win jonathan get him for coach of the year yeah this is a this is a tracking nobody expects us to do anything i'm not still not wow it's a win it's such a it's a sneaky trap game that's how sneaky it is all right uh home for the giants lost home for the cowboys lost at the 49ers uh lost uh home for the bangles um i think joe gross cap will be fine that'll be a lot one and four at the rams um i think it'll be close lost though one and five at the seahawks uh another loss one and six home for the ravens uh the good news for us uh people in phoenix it's the sun season starting we got kd and be able to book bad news it's gonna get washed seven straight losses one and seven at the browns oh this is gonna be close i'm not sold on deshawn watson going back slowly but i still think it's gonna be a lot one and eight home for the falcons i think this is a win two and eight at the texans two and eight at the texan can i propose a first can i propose a tie that's a first that's yes yes this is gonna be like the bronco's cult game from last year where by by hat by overtime you just want to take it out back jason it's a wrinkle jason it's a wrinkle we didn't see coming did not uh two eight and one home for the rams uh i think this will i think uh cooper cup will be out for the year i think they'll be uh trying to take two that'll be a win three eight and one at the steelers uh lost three nine and one off the buy home for the 49ers lost three ten and one at the bears close still lost 311 and one at the eagles 312 and one home for the seahawks okay seahawks are gonna rest their starters we're gonna blow it kind of like the jet school trevor lawrence and we're not gonna get the number one pick or maybe the top two picks it'll be a win 412 and one jason by the way couldn't have expected that to go any better than it did well done jason in scottsdale arizona took the bus and drove himself odd it's gonna be redstone and uh my fantasy team this year okay by the way that's station in scottsdale uh i'm recreating speed taking the bus and driving himself at speed three right didn't uh nobody saw speed didn't didn't didn't sandra bullock take the bus and drive herself in speed the movie speed and the first speed that's what i'm saying yeah yeah okay yeah 412 and one that might be first overall pick i respect it by the way their win total is four and a half so by the way if they are if they respect if they lose eight in a row or one in eight kylo more is not coming back by color if they're one in six color is not coming back i think you could just remove the win caveat 412 and one and chris you're right no one's seen speed three because it didn't exist there isn't a speed three there wasn't there wasn't a way to look it up chris way to look it up it ran out of steam around the gas was the boat jason patrick yeah two is the boat one is i mean what are we doing let's make speed three it's right there it's 105 is right here we can do it ourselves finished it's right there what vessel do we use what vessel duck boat blimp okay i'll take a duck blip dude duck we already did that in los and uh right then they did it at the rose bowl was it the orange bowl an amazon truck where where did the blimp go over uh remember bruce duran told us they would never make that movie today ever black sunday that was in miami that's right yes uh all right it's now time for a fantasy football update and now with our weekly fantasy football update sponsored by prize picks here's tj jefferson take it away tj what do we got for week number one in your mind sir week number one you know we're just gonna do this quick richman hit you guys with a start pick a sit pick and then just someone to maybe look out for one week someone to stream one week a player to drop you know a player to pick up i like all that as the season goes on and um i'm just pulling this up right here now for my start of the week you know i'm big on rookie running backs and there's a guy out there who um is getting a lot of noise as a rookie running back and and a lot of people are high on him in their drafts and they're really talking about him a lot and that's bejon robinson but that's not my pick okay i'm going with another rookie and that's jameer gibbs tonight of the lions tonight you know i want to see if he's just gonna make a statement this kid from what we understand is incredible had a great college career i i just got a feeling about this kid and i feel like he is going the ball out this season and uh i'm really looking forward to watching them and i drafted them last night good for you my money where my mouth i have my draft tonight i hope to get him and we had dan campbell on i'm like what's your plan for me as well we're gonna get him the ball rich yeah like okay thanks good to know you know and once dan said that i knew i had to have him on my squad uh and my sit look i'm just gonna be a little bit of a homer with this pick all right the guy i'm gonna tell you to sit is going up against my no i'm not gonna be that disrespectful daniel jones you're you're hitting now on the head there yes i'm gonna say sit daniel jones okay against the dallas cowboy didn't i i feel as though you know dak is never lost to the giants and but the cowboys the last oh three opening games have not done well so there's that but i you know like i said again i'm putting my money where my mouth is i'm gonna say sit daniel jones okay against that cowboys d tonight and then uh there's a sleeper pick there was a point with this player that you could say he may have been the very best in the league at his position for about two seasons but then injuries after injury after injury just cost him years of his career but he's back this year i saw him play one game and make one catch and i was like you know what i feel like this guy's back and if he is this team's gonna roll so my sleeper pick is a guy that you just can't guard mike thomas of the saints i'm gonna say take a chance because mike thomas can get back to like 2018 level and i know there's been a lot of time in this past but if he can get anywhere close to that you're going to be able to get good value on him when you pick him up when you stream him when you draft him i'm hoping for mike thomas even though he went to ohio state and none of us got him it's okay it's the ohio state ohio state like the rich isin show on twitter i'll tell you mike thomas man i'm hoping that uh can't guard mike is able to have a bounce back season because this guy was really really good at football that would be a major game changer for the saints they get kamera back and can't guard mike like like back in the day and then they got chris olave which yeah olave and then juan uh juan john john john john john john john johnson along with jimmy graham that's what they're talking about and that's our fantasy football update sponsored by prize picks the number one daily fantasy sports app ready to test your skills join the prize picks community must be present in certain states visit prize for restrictions and details our number three coming up the great tracy morgan on this program but coming up next our super bowl picks oh baby has travis kelsey uh been worked out or what what's going on no update man no update right now there you're not going to get one you're not going to get one it's going to be the true game time decision that's the what when you hear what i you know that's the funny thing when you hear true game time decision you hear that what what it means is it really is going to see how he feels on the field he's going to have to get warmed up he's going to put on the cleats he's going to put on his warm-up uh gear and he's going to go warm it up and they're going to truly make a decision whether you play tonight or not that's what it means when you say true game time decision but when these information men and women call it a true game time decision well the alternative is are you lying to me it's a fault it's like it's a false game time decision like you know what that means it's just it's just we're we're definitely going to play this person we're definitely not going to play this person we know we call a game time decision it's a false game time decision yeah adam chef not really adam chefter is uh saying uh on pat right now that kelsey wants to play thinks he can play in the end it's up to the chief's trainer who will make the final call if he is out there no i'm sure it's called the eye test that's it how's he looking because we don't need this thing to linger right long season yeah no need to play that's not true sky more he's got to go oh my god look at you i mean yeah i wouldn't mind that is just a fantasy football brain rot like it really does distort your view you're a part of it you're having your draft tonight well i haven't drafted the team yet so right now i could still be above it all still above it all who do you really want to get tonight who do you have what's one player that you've got to leave with or who's one player interesting question i don't want to say i don't want to say i'm not giving away my information tracy morgan coming up it's a game time decision yeah actually because you know murph is watching time decision is murph in your league murph is in the league oh yeah he's watching he'll snag your guy yeah when was the last time you won this league oh it's been years but you have one i have okay but it's been a long time like how long are we talking seven years maybe like jets super bowl like no no my trophy is lonely i have only won it once oh you know how this works you don't have to know anything no it's no luck yes 99.9 percent you don't have to know much fantasy football you know that's how that's people go on auto pick and win their draft proof i want to leave who do i want tonight i have third overall oh third yes prime prime spot you got your choice of any running back you think he's gonna be there yes you do what are the top two projected it's justin jefferson then and then it's um jamar chase and and the guy in front of me and the guy and the guy in front of me is on auto pick oh and chase is the number two ranked player correct wow so justin jefferson will be one so he can't come off auto pick he's not going to join your dreams he wants he just wants to auto pick and somebody in our league because he doesn't know much about the the the sport at all okay uh said that that's not fair to the rest of the league that he lets the computer choose for him why because he doesn't know anything that's funny well so because it appears absolutely i took it that's funny my initial thing being the commissioner i'm like are we having a complaint about not being fair to the league before we even draft can we just back off but then i i i read into the meeting that's pretty what here is this for you guys oh god uh i think i'm more tenured than andy reid oh wow that's a long time i want to win hour three coming up hey guys it's susie schuster and i am so excited for my new podcast coming out this fall it is called what the football with susie schuster and the princess of darkness amy trask if you're looking for a new podcast to listen to about jargon heavy-legged waist benders this is not for you we're gonna have big girl conversations when we are going super deep to bring you weekly guests that you won't find anywhere else it is what the football with susie schuster and amy trask wherever you listen
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