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John Eldredge "A Story Worth Living"

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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May 2, 2016 5:11 pm

John Eldredge "A Story Worth Living"

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The human heart is made for an epic story when we give up looking for that story we give up years ago. He walks a series long way around watching those guys right cycles across the face of inspired us to go out and try and always had this dream of day trip like they did don't have the background on just buying some rough road all is on the call that the trip is happening that were collecting motorcycle. It was incredible and terrifying on the same time.

It felt like we had begun stepping into waters and something back. I am wildly and prepared for this movie a story worth living, featuring John Eldridge and his sons join the masculine journey team May 19 at the grand 18 the grand theater May 19 only got heavier in the masculine journey. Today we have a special guest with John Eldridge great guide it's it's amazing of the red much, a lot of your stuff. It's made a huge impact in my life was able to go to one of your first boot camps that you did actually tended a couple of those in advance.

Campen just that the change that made my life changed made in my kids lives was just amazing.

And thank you for the calling the God put on your heart and being obedient to that is really up to something special with me. Something on the heart of God really really restore the heart of man, got caught up on that way credible thing to watch God so needed in our society and needed around the world. You had an impact around the world without ministry of The Different Places Yeah I Tell You Here's a Really Cool Thing Make It Just That We Just Got Word That They're Going up to Wild at Heart Block in Arabic and That's Massive Because so Many of Those Young Guys That Are Getting Pulled into Isis and Such That There Is Actually the Issue of Fatherless. This Is an and Massive Father Wounding, a Study Done on That so If We Can, Yeah, We Can Get This Message around the World Can Bring A Lot Of Healing. Absolutely the Opportunity to to Watch the Movie That's Coming out.

It's Called a Story Worth Living Units One Night and It's May 19 at 730 and Its Primary Nationally Is That Correct Yeah Right Nationwide.

One Night, and I Know Here Locally. It's Playing at the Grand Theater in Winston and Also in Greensboro and If You're in Raleigh.

This Place Is There and Robby Will Talk to That in the Christian Car Guy, but There There Is Opportunity for You Guys Got Sued. We Recommend You Do and We Recommend You Join Us Were to Be with the Winston Location Watching That. That Evening, so If You Come out Hang out with Us or Not Hang out with Us Becoming Watch a Movie Anyway. I Recommend That the Movie Was Just Amazing What How to Gobbling That on Your Heart. How Did That Come about While While God Story so Years Ago My Son That I Got Hooked on the BBC Series Long Way around, Which Is the Story of Ewan McGregor Obi-Wan Kenobi Erin's Buddy Charlie Borman Taking the BMW GS Bikes All around the World. He Literally Three Months around the World That We Got a Streaming You Know Sometimes It Takes a Story Someone Else's Adventure Get You Dreaming Last Summer My Sons and Either They're All in Their 20s Now. Great Young Man Decided to Find Some Used Bikes and and Our Buddy John Had Done Trip like This before, so We Asked Him the Kind of Allocated and Broader Buddy Dan Allender in from Seattle and the Six of Us Took off on This Thousand Mile Adventure through the Backcountry of Colorado Nominal Nominal Scenery River Crossings and Mountain Passes Dirt Turned into This This Epic Story and to Be Honest We Actually Didn't Have a Film in Mind, We Were We Were Shooting for Some Small Videos.

We Thought Well You Know Guys like to Watch That Stuff on YouTube. Will This Put out Some Short Videos on This Trip and in the Story Got Really Wildly Got Back in and That We Dislike I'd Say Last Night You Got a Full Length Film Here on Your Hand As We Began to Build It out with the Director. We Are Working with.

It Turned into This Incredible Project a Minute Is Gorgeous and the Adventure Is Thrilling but but What We Woven in There. Is This Really Be Gospel Message. We Think Can a Retail Absolutely Reach A Lot Of Women Watching Yeah Exactly. Back Then the Fun Thing Is That the Gals Have Sat in on Different Screenings That We've Done Not Motorcycle Riders, but They Love the Film and the Reason Why Is Because There's so Much Depth and Going to the Heart Harden and How Our Lives Are Historian, How Are Story of Our Lives Really Doesn't Make Any Sense until We Find It in God Story so Now Women Are Loving. Just Amazing Part of the Watch Was Interaction with You, Your Sons, That Was Really Pretty Cool Vista Have Read about Them in Different Books with Their Different Ages You Really See Them on Screen Was Pretty Neat to See the Personalities but That Had to Be a Joy for You Just Experienced That with Your Kids. Yeah, Yeah, It Why It Was There in Other Wild Horses Get These Young Guys in Their 20s and and off on Their Own Adventures in Getting Married in Certain Families and so to Build a Come Back Together, Share a Week in the Backcountry Was the Kind of Thing Every Father Dreams of, but You Don't Know If It'll Ever Happen, and I Don't Know Little Else Ever Happen Again. Sure, We Sure Love the Opportunity. Dan Being along for the Ride.

He Really Is a Special Addition to That Distant the Insights That He Has and He Has Been Friends for Quite a Long Time but Just Want You to Kinda Play off of Each Other and the Things God Was Shared and in Again the Whole Cast Was Great. It Was in It but It Was Is Very Special to Us to Hear the Authenticity Yeah through Their Yeah We Knew That We Wanted to Bring to People Always Understanding Their Own Story.

Your Life Is a Story, Making Sense of Know the Hard and the Good Lawson We Go through and That's That Stand Expertise. He's Written A Lot Of Books on Matting's PhD Psychologist Great Guy and so We Brought Dan in One Because You Love Motorcycles to Because He Actually Has Had A Lot Hang Time with My Son so There Is A Lot Of Camaraderie There and and and and to Let Dan, Riff on Some of His Insights on Know the Human Story in the Story of Our Lives and How, How to Make Sense of Things That a Connection.I Think We've Done Is We've Offered Something That Is Very Rare These Days. It's an Adventure Film. I Love Adventures Film Play. I Just Watch the Big Guy Climbing Film That Was a Big Hit Called Meru Conrad Anchor World-Famous Climber and They Did This Experiment Done in the Himalayas before It's an Amazing Amazing Adventure Story to Get to the End of the Film in Your Life Waiting for the Big Moment in the Nothing to Say. No Content Is No Meaning so You Get All These Guys out There Who Are Devouring the Other Red Ball Adventure Stuff Online and without without God, without Meaning without Purpose. So I Decided We Created Something Really Cool.

It Was Amazing When I Laughed Incredibly Hard. You Said Something about Dan. I Don't Spoil It, but Dan and a Character from a Movie Series.

It Was a Comment That You Made It Look like He Fell Out Of a Certain Movie and I Just Made Me Laugh Pretty Hard to See Again the Interaction and the Fun That You Guys Have Just Been Men Together.

Yeah, Exactly. This Was Fun. I Interview the Other Day with the Huffington Post and the Secular World Is Beginning to Come to Hear about This Film and Get with a Gallon Interviewer and Watch the Screening Said I Never Seen Men Talk like She's like You Guys Talk about Real Stuff and She Just Went on and on about How Much She Just Love That Friendship and Camaraderie in the Report, You Know, Father and Son and Friends and and I Think That'll Have To Model for Guys, There's There's a Way to Live with One Another. That Action Be Really Fun. A Lot Of Joy in It and Also Have A Lot Of Substance to Talk about Folk like Absolutely Work through Controversy or Challenges in Writing Amazing. Yes, Didn't Purchase New Bikes for This Part of the Adventure Was Finding Bikes Wasn't Adventurous.

Six of Us Have Never Even Ridden Off-Road Well and so We Had. We All Had Street Experience on Bikes, and We Own Street Bikes of Various Kinds, but Only John on the Team Had Done These Big BMW GS Bike for Phenomenal Engineering. It's like the Best of It, Touring Bike, but the Best of the Backcountry Bike and so You Can Take Them through Rivers.

You Can Now You Can Go over Boulders. There There Phenomenal Machine and and the First We Had to Get on Craig's List All over the Country and Track down Some Use Bikes at a Reasonable Price. I Thought Lives We Get on.

We Can Fix Them and Then Sell Them at the End of the Trip and Probably Pay for the Adventure and the Work Working on These by and They're Coming in Here, We Found One in Seattle and We Found One in Arizona. We Found One Right Here in Town in Colorado and and That Dan Looks at Us and He Goes No, I've Never Ridden Off-Road to Go with School and Worked Look at Each Other Going like What Were We Thinking so Part of Finding and Part of the Story and the Film As We Went Did One of One of the Off-Road Schools, Three Day Deal Here in Colorado.

Learn How to Ride These Bikes in Mountain Terrain You're Crashing All the Time You're Dropping by. It Was a It Was a Very, Very Humbling but Really Awesome Experience.

It Upgraded Our Skill Level and We Probably Would Kill Herself If We Had Absolutely New Scenery, the Beauty, Oh My Gosh, I Never Realized until I Watch the Different Terrain in Colorado Right to Voice so Diverse. There Are Parts of Colorado at Her 21 Years Part Colorado I've Never Seen and and That We Try to Do. We Try to Kinda Give It a Visual Feast like Let the Let the Viewer Kinda Come along on the Journey. We Had a Drone Crew a Camera Crew and so the Cinematography Just Popped Towards Absolutely Exquisite down These Desert Canyons and and Then You're Going to the Ranch Country and the Gorgeous Meadows on up into in the 14 or so the Big Big Peaks in Colorado down by You Ran and There Some Backcountry Routes That Are Just Jaw-Dropping Gorgeous and You Look at It. It Looks like We Filled It in the Yeah I Can You Describe the Beauty of the Video and I Encourage Everybody to See It in Generally about a Little over Minute Laughed. What Would You Really like for People to Take Away from This of Me As a Father I Take Away.

I Got Have an Adventure with My Boys and I Got to Do Something, Maybe Not. To That Magnitude Would Something Meaningful. So What Would You Really like People to Walk Away from with the State. Two Things I Think Folks This Is an Incredible Opportunity to Bring Somebody That Doesn't Really Feel Comfortable at Church but They Go See an Adventure Film While Because There's a Very Gentle Very Kind Very Gracious Presentation of the Gospel through This Worry Credible Filled Introduce People into the Jesus Message and and Then Coming Out Of It. I Think We Were Hoping Thursday Everyone Understand Their Life Is a Story and to Think about the Power of the Film Is a Story Worth Living. Are You Living Story. Worth Living Make Chassis Questions and Thank You for Being on the Journey You Are Part of What We Do All the Time and since the Changes It's Made in Our Lives through What Gets Placed on Your Heart Think That Think I'm so Honored, so Probably. Here Colorado

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