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Hunter Biden’s Slick Tax-Free Sports Car with Sen. JD Vance

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August 9, 2023 4:59 pm

Hunter Biden’s Slick Tax-Free Sports Car with Sen. JD Vance

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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August 9, 2023 4:59 pm

After House Overnight's latest memo exposed $20 million in suspicious payments to the Bidens (including the exact price tag of Hunter’s sports car), Charlie reads the memo live and debates whether impeachment is a sound next step. Plus, Senator JD Vance discusses his bold play to slow down Biden’s weaponization of the politicized DOJ.

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That's, the only gold company I trust. Hey, everybody. How Cornel West, third-party candidates, and also the Bernie Bro revenge could disrupt the 2024 race. J.D.

Vance also joins us to talk about his fight against Biden's Department of Justice. Email me your thoughts, as always, freedom at Subscribe to our podcast and get involved with Turning Point USA at

That is Buckle up, everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campuses. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House, folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country. That's why we are here.

Brought to you by the loan experts I trust, Andrew and Todd at Sierra Pacific Mortgage at It just keeps coming. It's another day at the office. $20 million in payouts to the Bidens from Russian, Ukrainian, and Kazakhstani oligarchs. You know, it would be interesting to interview one of these oligarchs. It'd be fascinating. I guarantee you, you would find one of these oligarchs to tell you that word got out. Word got out that all you had to do was find the coke head, the crack head, and give him some money.

It'd be fascinating one day. For example, to interview Yelena Batorina, who wired $3.5 million to a shell company associated to Hunter Biden and Devin Archer. The House Oversight Committee says they've now identified $20 million from foreign sources. By the way, this doesn't include the $10 million bribe alleged in the F.D.

1023 forum. And as we have said before on this program, I think this is a tip of the iceberg. I think there are tens of millions of dollars in unmarked accounts and listed properties, Swiss bank accounts, Cayman Islands.

We may never find it, ever. Only Joe Biden and Hunter Biden would know that. So this is now $20 million in verifiable payments from foreign governments.

And it's hilarious. We had Bob Mueller. We had the entire media telling us.

Well, Bob Mueller didn't, but we had the Mueller investigation and we had the entire media tell us that Donald Trump is a Russian agent. Oh, here's $20 million to the Bidens from the Russians, Ukrainians and Kazakhstani. And one of the more incredible developments of this story, $142,300 was wired to Rosemont Seneca-Bohai, and then Hunter Biden goes and buys a sports car.

That's a really expensive sports car, by the way. $142,000? Not exactly known for financial discipline in the Bidens.

And by the way, the key is that these two payments match. It's $142,300, $142,300 day after day after Hunter Biden met with Kenneth Rakesh at a Washington D.C. hotel. This is while Joe Biden was vice president of the United States, which also tells us what we have known all along. Barack Hussein Obama knew about this. Now, did Barack Hussein Obama benefit from this? That is a very interesting question that we may never know. Did Barack Obama say to Joe Biden, make as much money as you can, man, but don't forget 10 percent for B.O.?

Maybe. Who knows? Maybe Joe Biden taught Barack Obama how to grease the foreign oligarchs.

This is only speculation, of course. Now, normally the money comes into shell companies and then is paid out in small increments to conceal the size and the source of funding. But in this case, Hunter Biden needed a sports car.

Do we know what kind of sports car it was, by the way? And so they just money in, money out. We now know of at least 20 plus shell companies, at least 20 plus shell companies.

So the wire comes in and the next day a purchase for the car was made. A full report on the findings marked this as a bribery payment. Noting, quote, the law recognizes payments to family members to corruptly influence others can constitute a bribe.

Our federal law enforcement doesn't care about this at all. By the way, Jack Smith breaking last night is probably going to do another indictment against the Trump Super PAC. Meanwhile, the Bidens are receiving 20 million dollars from Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakhstani governments buying sports cars and nothing happens to them. Then Vice President Biden had dinner with many of the paying oligarchs between 14 and 15. The oversight committee added in the thread announcing the release of these records that, quote, there is clear corruption that enriched the Biden family. But of course, our FBI and DOJ would not be bothered.

To thoroughly investigate this. Now, it's important to remember this is an awfully messy situation that the Democrats are not thrilled with because Joe Biden was never supposed to become the nominee or president. Bernie Sanders was on pace to become the Democrat nominee in 2020 prior to the South Carolina reset. This is a piece of history we mentioned on this program and the government, that government, the regime and the Democrat Party really has covered this up.

The media has never published a book on this. I have my own theories that they threatened Bernie Sanders' wife with federal charges in regards to her handling of a failed, defunct college in Vermont and Bernie backed off. Bernie should have won the nomination in 2016. Bernie Sanders should have won the nomination in 2020. He was robbed twice. And Bernie Sanders was an awfully agreeable team sport, wasn't he? So this whole thing, this mess around Biden is all because he was thrown into it when the machine coalesced with the South Carolina Clyburn reset.

Remember, Kamala dropped out very early. Buttigieg was this, all of a sudden, all the forces came together and Joe Biden was anointed to become the nominee. Stay in the basement. We'll do the ballots. We'll suppress your opponents.

Just do what we tell you to do. And remember, Buttigieg called Joe and that call was leaked. So this mess is not ideal for the Democrats. The Democrats, I think, actually look at this as a challenge. I think the smart Democrats say, hey, boy, if we can get this guy another four years, if we can navigate this corruption, we can do anything.

We got John Fetterman, who is a brain dead idiot, to become a U.S. senator. If we can get Joe Biden another four years, it proves that our machine is bulletproof. Now, remember, they feared that Bernie Sanders was too radical to get elected in 2020. So they just threw Joe Biden into it. But now they look at this and they say, hmm, maybe we can do it again.

Now, mind you, there are elements to the 2024 race that have yet to really play itself out. The Bernie bros might come back for revenge. I'm telling you, this Bernie suppression campaign, it very well could end up destroying the Democrat Party in 2024.

They're going to do everything they possibly can to prevent it. But they're an ideal with this on college campuses. They are not Democrats. These are Marxists. They're not a majority of the Democrat Party, but they are the AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar. They are the activist base. As to the Republican MAGA base, the Marxist based is is the core of the Democrat Party. And the elites of the Democrat Party have been taking them for granted.

And I am telling you, there could be a splinter campaign with Cornel West running for the presidency in 2024, because the Bernie bros have had their wishes stolen from them. They are the source of the activist energy base. They are the loudest by far minority. And I'm telling you, they are angry.

They are resentful. And the Democrats are playing with a thermonuclear weapon. And they think they can control the activists of Madison, Wisconsin. You think you can control the activists of Lansing, Michigan? You think you can control the activists of downtown Minneapolis? That worked when Trump was an incumbent because they hated Trump so much.

We've got to get rid of him. But will it work with Cornel West, who, remember, is very close to Bernie Sanders? Is there a realm of possibility where Cornel West has been dispatched by Bernie Sanders himself to get revenge against the regime?

It's awfully interesting, isn't it? If Cornel West wins two to four percent of the votes in Michigan, in Wisconsin or Georgia, Donald J. Trump will become president of the United States again, not to mention the whole no labels thing. This mess of Biden is not ideal.

And I think you are going to see unexpected, unpredictable splinter campaigns that might just jeopardize the Democrat Party's stranglehold over the American people. Courageously, he risks it all, defying his father's wish to follow in his footsteps to become a pastor. Ricky tries out for a major league scout, pushing hard to overcome his disability. He goes on to become a baseball phenomenon.

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It's in theaters Friday, August 25th. Check out The Hill. I could tell you more than most conservative commentators out there, I can give you an accurate picture into the Bernie Sanders Marxists. I've been debating them, organizing against them. Turning Point USA has been on these campuses understanding what drives these people.

May have not gone away. In fact, there's more of that energy on certain college campuses than ever before. And the auxiliary towns. Just take Dane County, Wisconsin, for example. Dane County, it's not just that the University of Wisconsin-Madison is liberal, it's the entire city has become liberal. wrote a whole piece on this, that it's not just the college, it's the college towns that have become the blueprints of Stalingrad. We've been saying this on this program for quite some time, but we're now seeing it manifest, which is the Democrat coalition is an unsustainable coalition. The Republican coalition is actually far healthier than the Democrat coalition. The Republican coalition is muscular class, ordinary folks, parents. The Democrats have an unstable, easily broken political community that they've built, by force.

The expression would be square peg, round hole. They've forced it through, which is rich white liberals with activist racial politics and suburban voters and Green Party Marxist types all together because we hate Trump. It's important to remember, why Bernie Sanders picked Cornel West to help write the Democrat platform. Bernie Sanders and Cornel West are buddies. They're close.

They're best friends, some could say. So now Cornel West is running for the presidency. And as we predicted on this program, and I wasn't even joking, we predicted, I said, how long before Cornel West is raided by the DOJ or investigated? Now that hasn't happened yet, but the Daily Beast did write an article, literally hours after we said it, where they said, look at all the unpaid taxes of Cornel West. Cornel West, don't be surprised if they have Jack Smith come after you next.

Cornel West indicted on tax fraud, evasion, obstruction of justice. Do not be shocked, Cornel West, because you are now challenging the Leviathan. They are not happy that a Bernie Sanders type who knows his Saul Linsky, who knows his social contract theory, who knows how to talk about justice like a Southern black preacher. And by the way, I am the first to acknowledge Cornel West is one of the most talented and gifted communicators on the left. He goes on Sean Hannity often. He's very persuasive, awfully authentic, totally wrong on almost every single issue unless it's Ukraine. But in a TikTok era, in a social media viral political landscape, someone like Cornel West, he can catch fire in 30 days or less. He's fun. He's interesting. He resonates. We have a generation that is a generation of renters and not owning property where they're creating a new Russian surf.

Someone like Cornel West can come blitzing into college towns like Athens, Georgia, Columbus, Ohio, Tempe, Arizona. You can come in and draw a couple hundred thousand young utopian minded voters who don't own anything. These are the people that fell for the siren song of Barack Hussein Obama. These are the people that were the driving force of Bernie Sanders. They're idealistic. And Joe Biden does not talk to these people. They only are filling out their mail-in ballot for Joe Biden because of anti-Trump, anti-Trump, anti-Trump, anti-Trump, anti-Trump.

That recipe is fading. And now if you have real options like Cornel West, who again is good friends with Bernie Sanders, why Bernie Sanders picked Cornel West to help write the Democrat platform. They're like this.

It's fun to go back in the archives. Shot and Chaser, published in 2017. Federal inquiry into Bernie Sanders' wife may tarnish his liberal luster.

So that was the shot. You better comply, Bernie Sanders. 2015, we're investigating you criminally, Bernie Sanders. 2018, after Bernie Sanders was a good old boy. Did what he was told, didn't challenge it, didn't start a third party.

No charges in land deal, led by Bernie Sanders' wife, aid says. We threaten you with federal prison, and if you do what we tell you to do, like Rachel Maddow said, remember Rachel Maddow, Rachel Maddow, who is indistinguishable from Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow who says, well, maybe if under a deal where Donald Trump doesn't run for the presidency, we could drop all the charges. They look at the DOJ as a bargaining chip to get what they want politically, and Bernie was a threat. I'm telling you, Bernie was a threat, and his supporters have not gone away.

In fact, some of his supporters have actually become right-wingers, but there is this remnant, there is this four to five percent of the country, they are irritable, they are resentful, they're energetic, and they are not going to support Joe Biden, and given another option like Cornel West, whoo, you have a volcano ready to erupt. Right now, our world is changing in many uncomfortable ways. It's not just natural disasters, political and economic disasters. The bottom line is you must be prepared for anything to happen at a moment's notice. You won't get a warning.

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Save 20 percent today, 25 percent today before the sale is over. Go to That is There's a lot of negative news out there, but I am comforted that one of the best political stories of the last few years is J.D. Vance, someone that I support in the primary. And he has been an exceptional senator, as I knew he would. Senator Vance, welcome back to the program. Thanks for having me. All right. So, J.D., I could call you that, too. You talk here about announcing a hold on all future nominations to the Biden Department of Justice.

Talk to us about it. Yeah, so here's the basic idea. Procedurally, most nominations to any presidential administration go through a process called unanimous consent. Basically, we don't actually vote on it in the United States Senate.

We just let it sail through. Now, obviously, voting takes time. We're not going to win every vote, but you at least force your colleagues to go on the record for whether they support someone or don't. And so what I've said is we're not going to do any more unanimous consent on Biden Department of Justice nominations. We should vote on them.

We should have a debate about Joe Biden's weaponization of the Department of Justice against his political opponents. That's all we've done is basically say we're going to gum up the works a little bit. We're not going to let these guys sail through. And it's crazy, Charlie, the media and the left has completely overreacted to this, which of course I welcome. But all we're doing, the only thing that we're fundamentally saying is if you want to have more foot soldiers in the Department of Justice's political war against conservative America, we're going to force you to vote on it.

That's all that we've done. And they have absolutely had their heads explode. Now, Senator, for people that don't know, I lived through this because some of my friends had to go through it. When Donald Trump was president, Senate Democrats would put holds on ambassadors to give an I under like non controversial, like, hey, I'm going to be the ambassador of Barbados hold. I mean, they mucked up every single personnel selection of the Trump White House. But so these are Senate confirmed people.

And I think what you're doing is so important. But you're going to have to explain to the audience and to me what why would most Senate Republicans just kind of do a rubber stamp of approval for the lieutenants of a all out crusade against half the country at the Department of Justice? Why would this not why wouldn't every Republican senator say you get no more Joe Biden?

Sorry, your lieutenants are done. You know, it's a good question. A few of my colleagues have joined me and they hold, if not every single Department of Justice nominee, at least a lot of them, Josh Hawley of Missouri, a couple of others have been real leaders on this issue.

But look, it's a good question. I think every Republican or Democratic senator should have to answer. Why aren't you willing to put holds on nominees that are being used?

This is not an abstraction here. These guys are being used to bring the full weight of the federal government against Joe Biden's political opponents. I mean, obviously, you know, I'm a Donald Trump guy, I'm supporting Donald Trump. Step back from the Donald Trump conversation.

What about parents peacefully protesting at their kids school board meetings and go have an FBI investigation launched against them, or a pro life activists treated like a common thug in front of his children arrested for peacefully protesting. This is crazy. And every single one of these guys that we give to the Biden Department of Justice, we know they're going to be used for politics and not for law. We shouldn't stand for it.

Yeah. And it also is important. We have very few ways of fighting back right now against what Jack Smith is doing. There's not widespread appetite in the Republican Party to defund Jack Smith, unfortunately, in the House of Representatives or to defund the Department of Justice. And so at least we could throw some sand in the gears and slow this down and remind the Department of Justice that there are co equal branches of government. We have separation of powers in this country. And you cited off some of those J.D. and I think that's great.

It's also there's so many other examples. I mean, the constant persecution of Steve Bannon, of the harmony, the harmonization of state and local attorney general's offices with DOJ and not to mention the gulag that has been created of pretrial detention of January 6th defendants. This Department of Justice believes they're above the law.

They do not believe there's anything that could be done. So Senator, tell us who specifically are you holding up and what positions are these people going to take or what power they will assume if they're able to get approved by the United States Senate? Well, Charlie, you're so right about that. It's, of course, not just we could we could spend the entire show talking about the ways that Biden has politicized the Department of Justice.

And here's here's my basic issue, Charlie, is I'm sick of the whining. People elected us to do a job, not to sit around on our hands and tweet about things and complain about things as important as it is that we let our voices be heard. We do have power. And I'll be the first to admit that power is limited. The president of the United States has allowed the border to become a total mess and the Senate is limited in what it can do to respond. But one of the things that we do have is the advice and consent power and where we're going to use it.

Now, this is a relatively new thing. We have we have a hold on a couple of Department of Justice nominees, the Biden administration. And as he issues new ones, we will hold all of them.

That is the policy. And by the way, Charlie, there's a way to end this. I have offered the olive branch to Merrick Garland. I don't think he's going to take it. But I have said, if you commit to change the way that you have used the Department of Justice against your political opponents, then we'll revisit this whole policy.

In other words, if you actually use the Department of Justice for justice instead of politics, we will revisit this. But I just don't think it's in the guy's DNA. He is obsessed with using this power while he has it. And it's why we're going to continue to do these holds. I think it's incredibly important and admirable. And I think we need to do more of it, by the way. And the other part that frustrates me is it's kind of this anarcho tyranny where they're ignoring the enforcement of basic laws, I don't know, crossing into our country. The visa overstays, which I want to talk to you about, J.D., but then they are cracking down on things that should not be illegal and or enforced. Like you said, the pro-life family leader in Pennsylvania that gets rated as if he's El Chapo. I want to talk about your visa overstay bill. Tell us about it. J.D.

Vance. Yeah, very simply, one of the main sources of illegal immigration is not just the border jumpers, Charlie. It's the people who come in through a legal visa, but then never, ever do anything to either renew that visa or to go back home when they're supposed to.

The exact number is a little hard to pin down, but probably four to five million illegal immigrants in our country are visa overstays. We've introduced legislation that's going to penalize these guys and actually make it harder for them to overstay the visa in the first place. The basic idea is if you come into this country on a visa, you should have to pay a little money and that money is going to get taken from you if you don't report as you're supposed to or if you don't return to your country of origin. It's just common sense incentives to try to get this illegal immigration issue under control. It's one slice of it, but again, it's something that we can do, not just complain, but actually offer legislation to try to fix this problem. Yeah, they estimate that there's 700,000 visa overstays each year. The Timely Departure Act would create a visa bond system requiring non-immigrant visa recipients to deposit a sum of money into a holding account with the Department of Homeland Security. How much money would they potentially have to collateralize? It's a few thousand bucks, Charlie, in the way that we drafted the legislation. It's not a ton of money, but it's a lot of money for a lot of people who are coming into the country.

Again, the idea is that if you want that money back, you've got to actually follow the laws of the country. It's very simple. I have a silly but simple question, Senator. Do we even know how many people are actually in America? Do we have any idea?

I think we have a range. I asked this recently of a different lawmaker and he chuckled. I said, no, how many people are actually in our country? You know what he said?

He said, well, somewhere between 350 and 380 million. I mean, Senator, that's not a country. That's a colony. That's like a house party. That's not a country.

That's exactly right, Charlie. We actually don't know the answer. The census, of course, is supposed to track this stuff, but it doesn't do a very good job, especially of tracking legal entries. You, of course, I'm sure heard the number that there are five to 10 million illegal aliens in the country. It probably understates the real number by at least 15 million. So the real number of illegal entries, illegal aliens in the country is probably somewhere between 20 and 30 million. Look, it's a huge problem. We're going to work on some other stuff to solve this, Charlie. Think of all the remittances, all the money that these people are sending back to their country of origin.

We ought to be going after those resources. A lot of people in D.C. are going to freak out about this, but I think that's one of the ways. We've got to make illegal immigration not pay. Why does it work? Why do people do it? Because they make money doing it.

The cartels make money, the individual aliens make money. We have to stop making the system pay. And until we do that, we're going to have this problem. We're at a place in America where someone needs to run for president. President Trump should do this. As president, I want to find out how many people are in America.

What a concept. So, Senator, in closing here, I mean, this is your first year just kind of now that you're entering into the kind of the fall of your first year impressions, expectations, big fights. Just give us kind of your nine month update as being a United States senator and having these tough fights against the Leviathan.

Three observations, Charlie. The first is that you still have too many D.C. Republicans who are in bed with some of the businesses that are working with the biggest government in the world, of course, our own government to destroy our liberties and our fundamental rights as citizens. We have got to get Republicans snapped out of this idea that if a private business interest wants to do something, it must be good.

What Google wants, what Facebook wants, what a lot of these companies want are not always going to be in our national interest. We've got to wake up to that as Republicans. The second observation, Charlie, is that as important as the work that we do is, we really have a government that needs a good president at the top of it, from border enforcement to foreign policy.

Our disastrous policy in Ukraine, you've been courageous on this, Charlie, and I appreciate that. We need a better president, which is why I'm encouraging people to get out there and support the guy I believe is going to win is Donald Trump. And so we've got to change this because Congress has powers, but the president has accumulated so much power to himself.

The bureaucracy has accumulated so much power to itself. We can't kid ourselves here. If Joe Biden is the president, even with a Republican House and Republican Senate, he's going to be able to cause a lot of damage or God forbid, Kamala Harris. We've got to get Donald Trump back in there.

Amen. And Senator J.D. Vance has been a 10 out of 10 senator, everybody, and he also was one of the first people to endorse Donald J. Trump for president of the United States where these other people run for the hills. Who is this Trump?

I don't know. I can't endorse him. J.D. was all in. He deserves great credit for that. And by the way, J.D., I have family in Ohio.

They are so thrilled with what you're doing. He is. You're a rock star. Talk to you soon. J.D. Vance, keep it up. Thanks so much. Thanks, man. Take care.

Email is freedom at J.D. Vance has been exceptional versus some of these other gutless wonder Republicans. So with all the corruption that we see with Joe Biden, the crimes, treason, the question is should we impeach him? I've said absolutely yes, 100 percent.

This is not even a question. Mitch McConnell has come out and he said, ah, it could be really bad for the country. So here's the argument.

Let's just make sure both are are presented. What are the reasons not to impeach Joe Biden? First is that people say it won't work. You won't remove him from the presidency and impeachment just sends the case to the Senate for the trial. You need three, two thirds of the Senate to convict.

Not going to happen. In fact, we might not manage to even succeed at the impeachment. The majority in the House is not large and it might fail.

There's another factor. It's simply true that we have finite time in Congress. The only reason to impeachment is to drag it out and force the press to cover the evidence of the Biden family corruption. So we only have the House and we're not going to be passing laws if we do this or we might be passing less laws, but the Biden White House does need us to pass basic spending.

So there's the big picture. Democrats impeach Trump twice. If we impeach Biden in turn, we're setting up a political norm that every house just impeaches every president of the other party and therefore it's meaningless.

I'm not as convinced by those arguments. I think that if you do not impeach the current traitor of the White House, then you're not doing your constitutional duty to check and balance and hold the high crimes and misdemeanors accountable. But I see the potential downsides and the downsides are going to be, well, Charlie, you're going to lose the House of Representatives if you don't do this. I see it both ways.

I'll be honest. If you do not give our voters confidence that winning elections is going to result in any sort of check and balance and cross-examination of the treachery and the treason, then people are just going to give up. They are going to stop showing up. So Mitch McConnell has come out and he has said that this is going to be bad for the country. You're bad for the country, Mitch McConnell. Sending money to Ukraine we don't have is bad for the country. Keeping our southern border open is bad for the country. $31 trillion in debt, which you presided over the massive, ridiculous increase of our debt is on your watch. Neoliberalism is bad for the country. What he's trying to say is like, well, it's really going to damage the country if we proceed with impeachment. I am not convinced by the arguments against impeachment.

I am not. We're already in a place where the country is significantly damaged by a bi-partisan uni-party regime. And we're just going to say, well, we're better than this. This is the type of language that produces the losing of America.

Just rolling your eyes and saying, oh, well, you know, we don't want to participate in such activities. Yeah, you know, the Department of Justice can go after Donald Trump and put him potentially in jail for 600 years. Sure, they can go after Steve Bannon. They can go after Douglas Mackey. They can go after Dinesh D'Souza. They can go after James O'Keefe.

They can keep January 6th defendants in pretrial detention. They can go after moms and dads at school boards. They can go after pro-life leaders. And also they can just say, nope, we're not going to indict a single one of the pro-abortion activists that illegally demonstrated outside of Supreme Court justices' homes. They're going to turn a blind eye to the arson and the destruction of pro-life pregnancy crisis centers across the country.

But then our leaders say it's bad for the country. If Democrats do not start feeling the heat that they have administered against us, they are not going to stop. Either we start to embrace political prosecutorial power and end this policy of appeasement or the Democrats are going to keep on marching. There is a belief in high society Republican circles that the Democrats are going to back off soon. Mitch McConnell has this belief because Mitch McConnell is protected. Mitch McConnell is a leader in the Vichy French delegation of the Republican Party.

Everything's fine. He's protected. Mitch McConnell doesn't have to worry about the Department of Justice coming after him. Mitch McConnell will give Democrats what they want. Mitch McConnell will give the Uniparty what they want, money to Ukraine.

Don't touch the southern border, unlimited bad trade deals, flows of people coming in. McConnell will satisfy all those things, but when it comes time to fight, nowhere to be seen. So there's a debate of whether or not to impeach. I don't think it's even a question. I don't even think this is worth a debate. Do it.

Go for it. Tell your voters that you actually mean business. Thanks so much for listening, everybody. Email us your thoughts, as always, freedom at

Thank you so much for listening and God bless. For more on many of these stories and news you can trust, go to When I grow up, I want to work for a woke company, like super woke. When I grow up, when I grow up, I want to be hired based on what I look like rather than my skills.

I want to be judged by my political beliefs. I want to get promoted based on my chromosomes. When I grow up, I want to be offended by my coworkers and walk around the office on egg shells and have my words policed by HR.

Words like grandfather, peanut gallery, long time no see, no can do. When I grow up, I want to be obsessed with emotional safety and do workplace sensitivity training all day long. When I grow up, I want to climb the corporate ladder just by following the crowd. I want to be a conformist. I want to weaponize my pronouns. What are pronouns? It's time to grow up and get back to work. Introducing the number one woke-free job board in America,
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