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THU HR 1 081723

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 17, 2023 11:59 pm

THU HR 1 081723

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Coming to you live from Independence, Ohio. We change our life for the better in many different ways. Heard around the world every Monday through Friday. Pastor Sanders is always years ahead of the rest of the media telling you exactly what they're covering up.

This is What's Right, What's Left. I tune in every chance I get to hear exactly what's going on with the voice of the Christian resistance. Unabassively cutting through the rhetoric by exposing the hard topics facing our society and world.

A lot of the other news medias don't pick up the news items like he does. And bringing to light the enemies of freedom who are out to steal your rights, your children, and enslaving you. You really get the truth out. I can tune into your show and hear the unvarnished truth. Thank you. This is What's Right, What's Left with Pastor Ernie Sanders. Good evening and welcome to another edition of What's Right, What's Left on the 17th day of August 2023. Indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance and tonight this is again pledge week fourth day of the pledge week and way back in the booth right that's right the phone booth we have Eric and Randy and Frank the three wise men that's right the three wise men right back there in that booth and uh in the glass cage between here and there he smiles on the dials our producer is styled good evening pastor and here i haven't heard a cackle yet but usually there's a cackle by now and that's little lisa good evening everyone all right there you go and we have in here with us uh it's we didn't do too well last night folks we didn't finish so now my nurse is in here with me tonight case in case it happens again she's here to take care of me nursing elaine conley good evening everyone and then the way out he yonder in missouri we have that legendary pastor pastor joe larson i'm here just like elaine ready to go to work already now uh folks i got a couple announcements right off the bat to make one is there'll be no evening service the doors of the word this this coming sunday no evening service because we're having uh a baptism and then we're having all day festivities at the church and so we have no evening services more like it's baptism and a family day and then the message lord's willing will be two kinds of cities two kinds of cities kind of like a tale of two cities uh this coming sunday very you'll find this to be an interesting message i believe and then i wanted to make a point like people keep telling me what is happening why why do they keep dumping on us why every time we turn around there's more and more wicked more and more evil folks it's it's not a mystery the devil out there is trying to discourage you he's trying to dishearten you uh this is everywhere you look and i'm talking about the devil and his crowd the satanists and all of those basically democrats and satanists have become one of the same today out there if it's evil they're promoting it and the whole idea is to keep dumping more and more evil on you and um until you become disheartened and discouraged there is no reason to become disheartened no reason to be discouraged just the opposite and i think you'll find that out in this coming sunday's message so uh i gotta tell you the phone lines here now open this is pledge week pledge week and we're gonna finish strong there's no quit here you'll find no quit here at 888-281-1110 that's 888-281-1110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 now not not the rest of this week but starting uh during the weeks that it's non-pledge week uh you folks will often call you know days after we do a program and you'll you'll ask me to send you or ask our office to to send you this clip or to send you that clip we don't have that kind of manpower to do that we don't and besides that by the time you've called in you know we've we just erased 37,000 emails 37,000 okay and so by the time you call in uh there's probably been i don't know maybe six seven thousand more emails or more come in so what you need to do when you call in when we play a clip uh if you call and ask the board operator if when he has time if he has time that he can send you that clip because we don't have the manpower to do it i think uh style just fainted in there just faint it in there can you do it style i can do it all right there you go uh get him out and also pastor right at the onset um if any if people donate at least 100 they'll get a free integrated health consultation for me um that basically reviews what their concerns are and i let them know what other people have done successfully to address their issues so my phone number is four four oh four seven eight four zero seven three elaine conley c-o-n-n-e-l-l-y my number is four four oh four seven eight four zero seven three if you donate at least a hundred dollars you'll get a free uh consultation it can be in person it can be via the computer it can be by phone or it can be in person so if they're like in hawaii or alaska it'll probably be by phone yeah by phone or zoom all righty there you go all righty all righty with that we're going to get into the most important part of the program and that is always the word of god it it's what it exceeds everything else isn't it correct it's prioritized but first i got to give that number out again eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three we need you to start calling right now joe do you remember the title of the message treason traitors and the forthright and boy are we are we living in a day of treason right now i mean it's just exactly the way guys were in the bibles exactly the way guys where the bible said it would be and uh when you go through it you see how people dealt with this in the past and then we look at today there's nothing new under the sun there's nothing new under the sun now we're going to pick it up where we left off in the book of esther chapter three and so joe read verses seven through nine all right okay there we are seven in the first month that is the month nissan in the 12th year of king uh hersaurus they casper that is the lot before hayman from day to day and from month to month to the 12th month that is the month adar and hayman said into king hersaurus there is a certain people scattered abroad and dispersed among the people in all the provinces of thy kingdom and their laws are diverse from all people neither keep they the king's laws therefore it is not for the king's prophet to suffer them if it please the king let it be written that they may be destroyed and i will pay ten thousand talents of silver to the hands of those that have charge of the business to bring it onto the king's treasuries into the king's treasuries all right so now this this guy hayman he was today we would he would be a democrat he would be like a senator or uh he was a very very wicked man maybe a governor but under the king there he had just been promoted and one of the things about hayman is that or hayman is was he was thought to be a descendant of agag now remember who agag was he was the king of the amalekites and remember how god had ordered uh solomon to go out and destroy all of the amalekites every down to the man woman child and all of their animals okay well solomon solomon uh decided to not solomon sow king sow king saw that yeah solomon sound a bit alike but so king so decided where he was going to uh do something a little different one he kept the best animals instead of destroying them and uh when samuel the prophet asked him why do i hear sheep bleeding okay and they always had a tendency to keep the keep the prettiest women the the virgins the best animals and now here he decided to make himself look really good by sparing the life of agag uh and so when um when solomon came in he asked or when samuel came and he asked sow samuel's house well samuel the prophet came and he asked sol the king why do i hear sheep bleeding and what is this agag here well he didn't really have a very good excuse for what he did did he and so no well you never have a good excuse really for disobedience so samuel took a sword and hacked him in pieces and now here uh he he's a hayman is a descendant he's one of his descendants and he don't care too much for the jews at all in fact it's not just mortichai that he hates he hates all jews and so that's where we pick it up so that's where we pick it up so here we see now have them all killed right absolutely he wanted to have them all killed and and and with the mortichai especially because mortichai would not bow down to him he would not bow down to him now he gets appointed to his position you might say is like a high governor over the kingdom immediately after mortichai uh blows a whistle mortich Mordecai's he said at the city of the gates of the city meaning he had a government position and when he was aware of a big thin and terrorist uh two of those that also uh had a government position he had overheard them discussing that they were going to assassinate the king and so here when he had he had told uh esther about what he heard uh esther went to the king and said hey listen mortichai he's got a message for you right so anyhow uh they wouldn't they took those two fellows and they hung them for treason and boy you know i'm telling you hanging those for treason in those days worked didn't it sure did and boy do we have treason today but today treason's it's kind of out in the open isn't it yeah well i want to go over now joe one thing you were talking about how uh psalm disobeyed but in verse 13 the uh the letters were out to destroy to kill to cause to perish all jews both young and old little children and women in one day and it goes on about what day but that was exactly god's orders that were disobeyed they're now being used because the children of israel disobeyed the same orders are being used against them all righty all right bill in ohio pledges 100 betty and michigan pledges 100 uh deacon mark pledges 100 bill from boston pledges 20 no 30 and billy from ohio pledges 20 we got three bills there whoa anyhow thank you thank you thank you thank you on all five already so now let's go over to chapter six six and go ahead and read me uh in chapter six verses one through three on that night could not the king sleep and he commanded to bring the book of the records of the chronicles and they were read before the king and it was found written that mordecai had told of big santana big santana and terrace yeah two of the king's chamberlains the keepers of the door who sought to lay hands on king ahazures and the king said what honor and dignity has been done to mordecai for this then said the king's servants that ministered unto him there is nothing done for him and so so the king orders he says well and the king said who is the court now hayman was coming to the outward court of the king's house to speak into the king to hang mordecai on the gallo who's that had he he had prepared for him and the king's servants said unto him behold hayman standeth in the court and the king said let him come in so hammy came in and the king said unto him what shall be done unto this man whom the king delighteth to honor and now hayman thought in his heart see hayman was thinking that he was talking about him to whom would the king delight to honor more than himself sound like a is that sound like a attitude of a lot of people out there today yeah it's got to be me it's all about me yep those in those in politics and those especially in in uh the sports those some of those athletes out there it's the world's all about them isn't it yeah and the so-called movie stars out there are huge yeah and like elaine said and the movie stars but but so many of them are but but there's so many out there today it's all about me my and i isn't it well the movie stars are dying off yep and haman answer the king for the man whom the king delighteth to honor let the royal apparel be brought with the king he's to wear and the horse that the king writeth upon and the crown royal which is set upon his head and let this apparel and the horse be delivered to the hand of one of the king's most noble princes that they may reign a man uh with all whom the king delighted to honor and bring him back on horseback through the streets of the city and proclaim before him lest shall it be done to the man whom the king delighteth to honor can you imagine this can you imagine president donald trump on a nice white horse and joe biden leading him through down the street because no i i can't picture joe biden couldn't lead the horse well joe biden is is out there for the first time in the history of our country he has weaponized the government like third world status countries to go after his opponent to go after this is this is we've never seen anything like this well he's going after the american people too well absolutely now let me ask you this hey men wanted to kill all of the jews do you think that the democrats out there today would not like to kill all the christians correct that's exactly the plan the world health organization the un the new world order george thoris there's a whole list radical islam you can add it to the group okay now you're gonna have you're gonna you're gonna have the simple-minded say and and the prissy preachers pastor oni why would you say that why would why would the democrats want to kill all the all the christians well let me let me say this there's a word they use is called depopulation okay have you heard that word depopulation yes okay and they want to depopulate about 90 of the world's population now who do you think they want to start with the christian patriots absolutely right what they don't realize is that it's so apparent right now the atrocities that are going on in the direct attacks on the american people uh that they're actually shifting people to the right in their beliefs and especially because they're going after the children right right well they're trying to provoke they want to provoke a civil war correct i don't think it's going to work well they're not planning on it being just our side against theirs they're planning on bringing in troops from the un chinese this this is what they planned on for a long time uh surrendering america uh and so this is this is their plan but well but that's where the american people are armed all right and i'm sorry but even if you have a left-wing policeman when it comes to defending his home and his family and his community what do you think he's going to do well let me ask you this if the people in america did something here if they were to do second chronicle 714 right yes do you think that god would answer and honor that yes has he done it in the past have have have have we've gone against outrageous odds in the past when george washington with 500 soldiers stood against an army of 50 000 did god honor that dedication yes he most certainly did it's it i think the figures that i saw was with the american revolution there were only really 17 of the population that were directly involved in that yeah i know the vast majority were like today in america they were passive all right but it doesn't take that many you know to turn the tide and so god moves god but god backs us it's estimated right now if that civil war were to break out that we have 10 million americans that would be willing to defend their their lives and their families and their property with firearms and i think that's higher higher yeah because because you know those are they talk about the registered weapons what about all the unregistered ones that are in the hands of christians and patriots you know why do you think that nobody's come against and the u.n troops haven't landed in the u.s yet or even from china well they're they have landed well they met they're landed but they're not biden has been bringing in thousands thousands of national chinese nationalists he's brought them in here okay they're here they're waiting they're waiting for their orders that's that's the reality people better understand uh but we need to be prepared but if it looks like uh that the american people are up in arms and aware and the giant has awakened uh they'll they'll stand they'll stand down then they won't stand up against it uh well out where i live people are ready to play cowboys and chinese so there you go so anyhow i could just imagine you on a on a horseback right into the battle kind of like uh like george washington did you know i'm old but i can still shoot all right very good so let's go to uh what happens with hayman now so hayman was humiliated he was humiliated okay and so what happened then the king said to hayman make haste and take the apparel and the horse as thou hast said and do even so to mordecai the jew who saideth at the king's gate let nothing fall out of all that has been spoken so again can you imagine now here old mordecai or old hayman uh don't the opposition always accuse us of doing what they're doing yes they do they always accuse us remember everything that they're accusing donald trump of doing every single law joe biden has broken and not only that but even dershowitz has come out and said that this uh jack smith has committed every single violation that he's accusing trump of correct and then either the um opposite side trying to take over america tells you to do something you really want to do the opposite so so here now old hayman boys he's not doing this is not setting well with him uh he's got mordecai and hayman had built gallows for this very mordecai and verse 13 says and hayman told zesh were his wife and all his friends everything that had befallen him then said his wise men and zarish his wife into him if mordecai be the seed of the jews before whom thou begin to fall thou shall not prevail against him but should surely fall before him and while they were yet talking with him came the king's chamberlains and hasted to bring hayman unto the banquet that esther had prepared okay so now here they were kind of kind of prophesy there a little bit right they saw what was coming absolutely to go ahead and read verses uh five through eight in chapter seven then the king ahazurus answered and said unto esther the queen who is he and where is he that does presume in his heart to do so and esther said the adversary and enemy is this wicked hayman then hayman was afraid before the king and the queen and the king the queen and the king arising from the banquet of wine and his wrath went into the palace garden and hayman stood up to make a request for his life to esther the queen for he saw that there was evil determined against him by the king then the king returned out of the palace garden into the place of the banquet of wine and hayman was fallen upon the bed where on esther was then said the king will he force the queen also before me in the house as the word went out of the king's mouth they covered hayman's face so here now just picture this the king's not having a good day and as he walks in there he sees his wife in bed and he sees hayman in the bed and haven and that's that that wasn't a good thing for hayman to do wasn't falling on the bed to beggar but it probably looked pretty bad to king walking in right right absolutely already taintite will be in the world let me just say this hayman got hung he was hanged upon the gallows that he prepared for mordecai and folks let me tell you something when you the bible says touch not my anointed when you touch god's anointed that's the way it ends up one way or the other we'll be right back more research needs to be done i can't find mal intent but what i can find is malfeasance of office from high government officials i i can find negligence and it could even be criminal negligence and i have found ulterior motives that are undeniable and we're going to break it down for you right here so let's get started number one and what's really been made a big deal about it is no early warning system now there are two ways that the people could have been contacted one where the tsunami warning um uh sirens that could have that should have been played the governor was asked about this i'll tell you i have real concerns about this governor the governor was asked about this and you know what he said uh we don't know if it was human error mechanical error but then he turned around two sentences later and said well the equipment was destroyed which is a governor i mean the guy can't get his his facts straight and that was very concerning the second way that people should have been notified was through their cell phones if you recall a few years ago hawaii county government are the well actually the county government on awahu they actually put out alert and the state of hawaii picked it up and echoed it and they said that missiles were headed for hawaii take cover remember that and went to their cell phones and this was a major news story they couldn't hide it well that warning system is in existence and here's what we do know you know i said this to a relative of mine and they said well dave maybe all the cell phone towers were down and all the sirens were destroyed and i said i doubt that but let's assume you're right but the evidence doesn't say you're right she goes what do you mean and i said well there were people that escaped into the ocean some of them kept their cell phones above their heads they were calling the coast guard of the navy clearly there were some cell phone towers in operation there should have been notification for the working cell phones from the working cell towers agree or not agree i think we all agree so that's a major concern i have um where's fema the federal disappearing agency is that what this is where are you people at well worse than that worse than that i've seen interviews with the locals now they're keeping the media out but there's a lady that seems to be getting on the inside she used to be here in the phoenix market she's now in maui and she's been reporting daily on independent news station channel three and their morning news and she's had some very pointed comments and i'm going to center on some of the interviews that she's done but they are keeping the media out in large part that's very suspicious very suspicious the maui times editor has produced a video that's gone viral uh where she just went off dropped a couple of bombs you know um you know she swore a little bit i don't blame her and she's on media i get to go in here and interview these people i'm the editor of the maui times no go no go but this reporter who used to be in the phoenix market she went around and she said there's no county state or federal organization helping the people when they actually had to categorize people it was a civilian effort so that war memorial coliseum they have where they play the maui classic the college basketball tournament they were using that as a shelter well they had to categorize people who needed shelter okay who needs food um so what they did was they had to go the local teachers had to go had to go and pull out wristbands from what they use for the prong and they use that to categorize the the people who were distressed this is totally a local effort it's brave people saving brave people there's no help from government county state federal and the governor the governor is either a criminal or he's a complete buffoon he reminds me of a scaled down version of joe biden without the dementia just the stupidity um so this reporter she also interviewed some locals what do you fear now here's what you'd expect i've got missing friends i've got missing family i feel terrible for the people who've died they we've all lost everything this is terrible but brighter days will come and blah blah blah blah blah that's not what they said that's what they always say in other types of disasters here's what the residents of maui said we are afraid that the developers will come in and swoop away our land stay tuned because this fear has been realized so no media no coverage no warning total incompetence with government aid and assistance and then of course we've already covered this 6 billion for maui 24 billion for ukraine what's wrong with that picture america last um the developers let's talk about that after i saw that interview i went to the state of hawaii website and i wanted to see what the i wanted to see what the status was with zoning and projects and oh boy they want to turn maui into a 15-minute city it's really clear from the organization structure they don't say that in writing but i recognize it from the tucson plan the cleveland plan that i've seen they want to turn maui into a 15-minute city and they want huge developers in there and they already have them slotted in but i saw this map where they had a color-coded map can't do here because you're right on the beach can't build here because that's lahaina and then everything around lahaina and down to near the beach all developers the fears of these people were realized this is why they feel this way but it's worse here comes the governor again he took away the national excuse me the state development council they're basically a business alliance group from the state government that was designed to keep uh out of hawaii investors out of maui he cancelled that earlier this year how many coincidences are you going to buy oh but we're not done then there is the infamous jeff bezos owner of the washington post partners with the cia 800 million dollar deal and we've covered that years ago um you know the washington post anyway uh bezos has offered a hundred million dollars to west maui to build a smart city hello 15-minute city it's exactly what this is now we don't necessarily have a crime and some people are going to yell at me oh dave it was a false flag okay then show me the proof i don't have the proof but what we have are vultures incompetent government insensitive no comment joe biden government yeah oh no comment you know what i wonder if he even knew he was on vacation on the beach comes off the beach a reporter from bloomberg says mr president mr what do you think about the deaths of maui do you know about that no no comment you should have seen his face everyone's focused on the no comment is being grossly insensitive but if you look at his face you almost feel like he didn't know now is this the advancing of dementia or was he left out of the loop he wasn't told i don't know but you go back and look at that clip and you tell me a lot of people who after i've said this have emailed me or texted me and said dave i see exactly what you're talking about the body language is bizarre he seemed bewildered and surprised well there's more there's more what's on maui now i can't say the chinese did this chinese did this but they sure as hell would have benefited what we don't know is this there is a plethora of military targets on maui space force near earth near earth orbit surveillance deep space surveillance surveillance over the whole planet with satellites tracking like russian submarines chinese battleships troop movements all headquartered maui the highest performing computers in the military housed in maui and they serve the rest of the military if these are some of these agencies installations organizations were to go down this would make the west coast extremely vulnerable to chinese invasion now maybe i'm looking at a coincidence it doesn't exist but here's the deal this is a hell of a coincidence because maui is very sensitive from a defense standpoint i don't know what if any damage has happened to these institutions and organizations but this is a paramount concern so this is where i'm at at this point in time with maui i have grave concerns i would say that i would use the word competency human compassion and empathy are totally missing lack of priority they're not americans not in the administration's eyes ukraine's more important we'll send four times the aid there than we will to maui who are the americans oh do we have a treaty agreement with ukraine no no do some research let's keep this topic alive keep talking about it and we may not find modi beyond what we've seen this is gross incompetence don't you agree gross lack of human compassion the navy should be delivering and the coast guard should be delivering supplies to lahaina do we not agree when we had the tsunami of 2004 in malaysia what happened the navy was there on the spot and and it was a good thing i praise him for this i praise our government for this for trying to save lives well why aren't they there well biden's the commander in chief and people wonder why i want a complete overhaul of this government case closed already that was that was dave hodges and good job dave now joe on that island and elaine there they had a very very high energy machine weapon that would that could take out hundreds of drones at one time all at one time uh and not only that but they had some of the most our most sophisticated weaponry stationed right there that that was the headquarters for space force right there now ask yourself there this would joe biden now you had all these people you have oprah you have markey uh little mark zuckerberg have all these democrats wanting to buy maui they wanted to they want that paradise there would joe biden would he sell america out uh joe you mean again uh do you think that he's done it several times what do you think what would would be uh what kind of rewards would he get from the communist china because you see that would be that would be you know very very important to them to be able to take that out uh and of course try to make it look like like something it wasn't but can you trust that government to betray the american people in every way possible i think you can can't you yes you can and i heard that uh one of my clients was telling me that uh facebook was was basically blowing up in twitter because it is the fact that oprah and uh zuckerberg had bought that land all right and then the other thing that was blowing up was the fact that the police and the policeman in charge um of the police department in that area uh was also the policeman that was in charge with the las vegas shootings oh yeah all righty folks we have uh carol in ohio pledges 100 marlene and michigan pledges 70 uh eight eight eight two eight one what we got to hear from you we've got to hear from you uh eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three joe for those folks that would just want to help us by sending us a donation give them the address it's w r w l ministries is how you make out the address at one four seven eight one one forty seven eighty one sperry road that's s p e r r y road in newberry n e w b u r y ohio four four zero six five w r w l ministries one four seven eight one one forty seven eighty one sperry road newberry ohio four four zero six five if you're driving down the road couldn't copy that just go to w r w l dot org w r w l dot o r g and that information will be available now you also need to know that if you go to and you do a search for directed energy weapons uh results uh just put in the dew uh you will find podcasts where they have looked at california and some of the areas where there have been fires started and uh what's interesting about the directed if it's done by a dew then uh things melt uh so that it shows uh the trees that should be burned to a crisp not being burned to the crisps and basically they're they uh died from the inside out yeah and you're you're right high energy uh and it also showed uh play sets in the backyards of some homes that were not touched in the horrendous fire supposedly yeah there you go folks um again if you if you're asking yourself would with your own government that has been weaponized against you and even your military now would they do this why ask yourself this what did they do to the january 6th patriots what did this completely anti-christ anti-christ uh anti-american treasonous government due to the january 6th patriots and if they did that to them and they did it and they loved it they corrupt that wicked corrupt judge there in dc the one that's that's uh trying to prosecute president trump uh she loved being able to to persecute uh christians she hates christians so would they do that would joe biden sell america out completely to the chinese i have no doubt in my mind chinese influence and espionage new links between the biden and the clinton corruption here's this is an article by uh the global law and order by the global law and order magazine and uh chairman of the house oversight committee james comer who was tasked with overseeing the investigation of joe biden's influence pedaling racket referred to the biden scheme as organized crime of course it's organized crime much of the investigation has revolved around the biden's ties to the cfe c a front group for the chinese influence and intelligent tactics however the organized criminal criminal syndicate comer referred to extends far far beyond the biden's with the spotlight on the biden family corruption new connections are resurrecting buried clinton scandals to shed light on the depths of the chinese political warfare campaign to capture and compromise american leaders joe didn't we we report on bill clinton selling us out to the chinese uh when he was in did and the whole clinton foundation selling you know out he advanced the chinese uh at los alamos the the information that bill clinton sold to them advanced them 25 years years what he did he sold them these gray super computers and at the time of the sale we graduated over a hundred and it goes around 105 chinese scientists with phds and artificial intelligence and the gray super computers did not have their hard drives erased and a lot of these hard drives were used in mock testing and nuclear weapons all kinds of things were left on the hard drives that bill clinton sold to china at the same time he let laurel corporation go over and teach the chinese how to launch weather satellites well the technology to launch a weather satellite is the same technology used to launch an atomic warhead thank you bill clinton well that wasn't enough remember uranium one you know our enemies how in the world are they going to threaten us uh with without enough uranium to to supply their atomic weapons right well hillary took care of that yeah hillary helped them out a whole lot now now 25 of our stockpile and was sold to russia russia uh who has the largest nuclear force in the world and so uh and then we hear russia russia russia we we hear about trump being in cahoots with putin did trump ever sell him anything nope okay i tell you what guys sold is the american people were sold out by nbc abc cbs all of the fake news media if one for radio programs like this people would not have any idea what's going on huh we were sold lies and a bill of goods well uh i i want to throw in something before you do that i gotta say felicia new york placed 100 chang and michigan French no that's Craig and michigan French 100 and mary and texas punches 100 thank you thank you thank you the number is eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three go ahead joe and if you think what we've been talking about is unimaginable or we're exaggerating or it couldn't be this bad or our government wouldn't do this uh there are two places you can go world news daily prison photos document torture of jan 6 defendant or you can go to the gateway pundit uh jim hoff writing there and it's the story of ryan samsil who's been in prison now since january 2021 that folks is two and a half years without trial without bail he's been in 17 different facilities he's been beaten abused tortured neglected and this week the gateway pundit has exclusive photos of his prison cell at the fbc federal detention center in philadelphia i'm looking at the pictures the cell is the size of a closet it has one light that is never off the cell has a thin blue mattress that i doubt is two inches thick and less than that the man has no sheets no blankets he has a pair of shorts he has no clothing and he has been kept there for five months straight there's a little spigot where he can turn on water and wash his face there's some dirty rags that he can wipe his body with occasionally um this hard cell and he talks about uh even the judge was trying to get a hold of him they were he kept saying he was missing he wasn't in a named cell he didn't show up for court appearances because nobody knew where he was they weren't letting him go to medical it was always cold there was no uh sunshine no window and he was talking about how horrible the silence is he said you have no phone no commissary no clothing you might hang yourself with clothing while you're freezing and you look at these pictures no books no letters no photos no nothing there's a big yellow bucket that was his toilet and when i get full they would just give him a new bucket this is about this is worse than a lot of prisons i've heard of in foreign countries where they talk about how horrible they treat people and uh they they were trying to force him to testify against the proud boys and he wouldn't testify he wouldn't lie he wouldn't do what they wanted and uh several organizations are calling you know where is the republican party where is it get a hold of your local congress critter ask why the heck are they allowing this where is the aclu where's amnesty international where's the human rights watch where are these organizations it's real easy to put aclu in your search engine and it'll come up and give you a phone number two one two five four nine twenty five hundred call the aclu and say hey why aren't you you know they're defending this man two and a half years in a closet with no shower no you know no real toilet no blanket no clothes i mean this is this is america today folks if they will do this to american citizens and he's not the only one but if you have the stomach go to and you will see there that's called prison photos document torture january 6 defendant and you can see the article there are pictures there when you look at these pictures you will be shot to the core this is now america this is the way your government is operating this is what the government does to people they do not like that will not cooperate which other what they're trying to do first of all again they're trying to send a message we can do whatever we want whenever we want to you you people cannot do anything your republican congressman and senators they're wimps they they they they can't fight well we have some that will praise the good lord for people like jim jordan well you have to people have to understand also that washington dc is not part of the united states it's a separate entity and the who is responsible for washington dc who has authority over washington dc the u.s congress and the u.s congress is doing nothing about it washington dc doesn't abide by the united states constitution it's this it's the u.s congress that we have to go after to correct that piece of things that so-called select committee that they had every one of them on there should be charged with high treason against the american people that's what they did right every single one of them on that so-called select committee should be charged with high treason every single one of them including that corrupt mayor of dc and that corrupt judge there uh needs to be needs to be serving time in that dirty dirty jail that the christian patriots are in but the speaker of the house should be addressing this issue because they have authority over washington dc they are doing nothing there are some representatives in washington who have introduced bills related to treason related to biden and he's not moving on anything the speaker of the house is not moving on anything all right well then speaker mr mccarthy needs to hear from us huh yes you got that exactly uh let me i want to finish this first i wanted to say uh let's see mary and texas just placed 100th and uh carla and texas placed 100 thank you mary thank you carla and the folks the numbers are eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero eight eight eight two eight one one one one zero or eight eight eight six seven seven nine six seven three now uh very quickly elaine you have we need to give a phone number out and maybe we should wait to the second part but uh and that is to the speaker of the house here in ohio and that's the speaker of the house because we're talking about the safe act and the saving adolescents from experimentation tell us a little bit about that very quickly yeah this is a house bill that was started probably a year and a half ago house bill 68 and it passed the house it went over to the senate in june and uh jason steffens the speaker of the house basically has shoved it into committee what we do know is is that governor dewine has said that he will veto it but what this bill is is is a protection against transgender surgeries um and mutilations uh and again um the safe act uh is being stalled in committee uh and jason steffens is not moving it okay we're going to give you this number in the next hour so we'll be back right after this one more if we're up against a heartbreak be right back one more don't go away thank you for listening to what's right what's left the voice of the christian resistance to support this ministry head to that's mail your donations to what's right what's left ministries 14781 speary road newbury ohio 44065 if you missed part of tonight's program you can check out the podcast at the word the word once again thank you for listening and supporting what's right what's left ministries the voice of the christian resistance stay tuned the second hour is coming up next when i grow up i want to work for a woke company like super woke when i grow up when i grow up i want to be hired based on what i look like rather than my skills i want to be judged by my political beliefs i want to get promoted based on my chromosomes when i grow up i want to be offended by my co-workers and walk around the office on eggshells and have my words policed by hr words like grandfather peanut gallery long time no see no can do when i grow up i want to be obsessed with emotional safety and do workplace sensitivity training all day long when i grow up i want to climb the corporate ladder just by following the crowd i want to be a conformist i want to weaponize my pronouns what are pronouns it's time to grow up and get back to work introducing the number one woke free job board in america red balloon dot work
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