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REShow: Justin Jefferson - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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August 15, 2023 3:13 pm

REShow: Justin Jefferson - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 15, 2023 3:13 pm

Rich weighs in on Jerry Jones and the Cowboys’ reversing their stance on paying All-Pro G Zack Martin and offers up some advice to the Colts on how to deal with disgruntled RB Jonathan Taylor in the wake of Indy naming Anthony Richardson their Week 1 starter.

Vikings All-Pro WR Justin Jefferson and Rich discuss his #2 player ranking as voted on by his NFL peers and why he thinks he can improve, his reaction to Dalvin Cook signing with the Jets, if he can reach 2,000 receiving yards this season, and his time at LSU when he, Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase were all on the same team during the Tigers’ 2019 National Championship season.

Rich and the guy's debate if Jefferson or Miami Dolphins WR Tyreek Hill has the better chance of reaching 2000 receiving yards this season.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Drop a beat. Rodgers, he's not there anymore. The Packers will miss him significantly. What do you say to that, Aaron Jones? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. People are sleeping in on us, not giving us a chance. Kind of like being in that place, you know, where nobody gives you a chance.

You just go out there and fight and you'll shock a lot of people. Earlier on the show, NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. Still to come, Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson.

Chargers defensive lineman CJ Okoye. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. Live on the Roku channel, channel 210. We're live on this Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate, smart enough to have a Sirius XM Odyssey and more. And I am not going to stop promoting where you can see this program, just because some comedian on Instagram poked fun at me mercilessly for doing such a thing every single day on the show. I will not stop.

It's 1001. There is an I in Rich and Eisen and Rich Eisen Show. Back here on the program, we've got our number one guest, Tom Pelissero in the books. Justin Jefferson's going to join us. It's my cousin Rich. Is he really? I mean, probably. Ladies and gentlemen, TJ Jefferson and the ladies.

A new segment here on our program called 23 and him. I mean, there's a good chance I'd say. Because you are him. Obviously. He is. Congratulations, TJ on Zach Martin coming in from the cold.

Yeah, we got that news right as we were leaving yesterday. So it does appear that Jerry Jones came to a census. Well, yeah, because Zach Martin is going to the Hall of Fame. Absolutely. I don't think I'm telling any tales out of school on that one. Right.

I believe you're right. Zach's going to the hall. And you know what came on? Thibodeau is coming out week one and the rest of that defensive line for the New York Giants, they're coming for Dak. And I don't know if you saw over the weekend. The Carolina Jets preseason game.

I don't know if you saw that, but there is an indentation new fresh. It's fresh in in Carolina, in Charlotte. And it's it's it's it's Bryce Young's body. It's right there in the middle of the turf, pounded into the turf by multiple New York Jets defensive linemen. And they're coming to town in in week two.

So now Zach in the mix is a good idea. I don't know who's tackling Bryce Young in that photograph we keep showing. Yeah, the one I was talking about yesterday. That dude's arms are so big. Look at that, man. You know, that is 90 something number 90 something. Good for that guy. That's number one in my heart. Whatever is 90 something in the program.

Not skip arm day. No, he's not. Plus, Bryce, he's a very slight of a slight man.

But still, it don't matter, though. He fits in that dude's pocket. So the Cowboys decided after Jerry Jones basically said, yeah, we're not going to you know, Zach just needs to come in.

I have to pay other people like say Micah Parsons. He basically said Micah needs money at some point. He did. He did. I'm not paraphrasing either, you know. No, that was almost a direct cut.

So I guess I am paraphrasing. Eight and a half million dollars has been added to Zach Martin's compensation over the final two years of the deal. It gets him closer to the top of the list of the best paid guards in the league. Reading from Pro Football Talk's latest missive on all of this. There is less pie.

There is indeed. And I just it's I feel that when it comes to the salary cap, New Year, it's like it's a it's a it's a hard cap. I mean, we can't what are we going to do? We can't pay everybody.

We got to we got to figure out how to pay people. And Jets figured out how to pay Dalvin Cook. And now it was helpful that Aaron Rodgers decided to take thirty five million fewer dollars than was owed to him over a two year contract.

And they did, you know, redo it. So he'll get more guaranteed over those two years than he was going to get over his final two years. But he is going to earn fewer dollars if he plays both years. And I believe he will. And the Jets use that to sign Dalvin Cook. Right. Unfortunately, as you just heard Tom Pellicero say about how the Jets are all in, as long as Aaron Rodgers is going to be there, they're going to keep doing it.

There might be in the trade market this year and things like that. When when Zach Wilson gets the team back, it's going to be on the credit card. He might be playing with two guys who actually helped construct the stadium years ago.

I don't know. Fireman Ed is a great blindside tackler. You know, he's a great blindside tackle. But at that point, Richard, Zach hasn't improved tremendously just sitting under that learning tree. Then, you know, he should be the starter.

He looked great. That's not the Zach I was intending to talk about. This is my point. My point is to use a phrase from the great television program Arrested Development. It appears when it comes to the salary cap in the NFL, there is always money in the banana stand. And you can find it. There's always money in the banana stand. They found eight and a half million dollars in the banana stand for Zach Martin.

Where the heck is the money in the Indianapolis Colts banana stand for their running back? It's in the ocean with the whale. It's in the ocean with the whale. Maybe it's in the blowhole and you need Kramer to get in there and Taylor Costanza to take it out. Titles.

Titles. You know, maybe that's what Jonathan Taylor, with all due respect to the agent, you need a marine biologist. Go find his money in the blowhole. That's the banana stand. It's the blowhole of the whale that Jim Mercy is saving. And again, I do not understand if Jonathan Taylor left camp to get treatment on his ankle. That means he is a few weeks away from playing in the NFL for the season with an ankle that requires still treatment.

So how is that a figurative leg to stand on? And if he wants to be traded and I'm like, wait a minute. So I'd love Jonathan Taylor. You know, if I'm in charge of a team. I am trading for Jonathan Taylor. I've told that to his face in that chair on The Rich Eisen Show that I have told him that to his face.

You're on my team. But even I would be like, so what was that, you know, leaving camp about to get treatment? Also, did Tom make it seem like he was doing the Kobe thing and going to Germany for some weird... I mean, there are places that you have to go in order to get a treatment.

That's fine. Stem cell stuff maybe? Hopefully he found a great spot for, you know, for a hangout in Frankfurt for the season. Was he going to like Glaze's back guy in Panama? I don't know. He could have gone to Frankfurt because, you know, it's cults and patriots in Germany. Maybe that's where he went.

He could have been going to Columbia, getting some stem cell. I don't know. Who knows? Is this what I don't understand? Here's what it seems like to me. And I honestly do not have any inside information on this. Zero point zero, full blue tarski on this one. It seems like to me things didn't go very well with between he and his agent and the man who wants to free Willy.

And that man came off his bus and sat in his golf cart and basically said, hey, love the kid. Can't wait for having her to play. But we can all be dead in like five minutes. And life will go on. The league will go on. A fascinating negotiating position.

And then it comes out an hour or two later. He's not going to be traded as Bria tweeted that out. Not traded.

Down to the exclamation point. Now or October. Right. Not now, not in October, which is the trade deadline month.

And then it comes out. You know what the Colts might do is he complain about his back coming in to training camp. And, you know, there's something called the non football injury list because we didn't know about any back last year. We know about an ankle. We don't know about a back. So maybe the Colts will just apparently somebody told somebody that maybe they might just non football injury list him and he doesn't get paid. And that's when I said he's got to pull full Al Czerwiec from Caddyshack, full Rodney Dangerfield, my own. And so all of a sudden he needs treatment on an ankle of all body parts.

Isn't that interesting? The one that proves it's a football injury that he's got. Tom Pelissero came up with it.

And I'm wondering, Chris Ballard is smart. He got he's got he's got to be he got it. He's got to be on this.

My old 1996 self just came out. He's got to be on this. Hey, Jim, here's what we do. You know, we want to keep him to the point where, you know, you're talking about. We're all dead in five minutes because, you know, you've got the leverage of the hammer of the franchise tag next next year.

Twelve million dollar extension, a little bit more than the franchise tag next year. And he gets a little bit now, a little taste that brings him in. We say face wet his beak.

We put his beak a little bit, you know, Don Fenuch knows there's less money than the rent underneath the hat, but it's still money. And then next year, he's he gets to show that he's healthy and then we'll have to deal with it down the road. You go. And then we got the franchise tag after that, if you want a franchise tag. How about this? We get our running back back. You get your whale. Let's go.

You're welcome. I don't understand it, especially since they are they named today Shane Steichen, the new H.C. of the I.N.D. Named Anthony Richardson the starter, not just for week one, but for the season, which makes sense. You got your guy at the quarterback spot. He's not. But here's what here's what Anthony Richardson is not pushing 40. Like pretty much every quarterback minus Sam Allinger, you've attempted to start. In the last, what, two, three years, seven, I guess, Carson Wentz is younger, so as well as to be the seventh straight year with a different starting quarterback week.

I got it. Andrew Luck. They're still they're still spinning gears, but this is the guy that's going to stop the gear spinning.

One would think and the best way to make sure he swims instead of sinks again, I'm using more whale terminology. Get Jonathan Taylor in the backfield and get it to get him get him now. Well, you got the muscle.

No, he's another Godfather part two phrase. Don't worry about it, Mike. You don't need to call up Frank Pantanjali. Can you name all the Colts starting quarterbacks in seven years?

I will try. Mike Pagel. No, I'm just kidding. That's a little further back. Wentz, Ryan, Carson Wentz, 21, Matt Ryan, 22.

Phillip, 20. Nick Foles. No, Foles never started. No, not week one. Oh, week one you're talking about. Yeah, week one. Oh, OK.

This is seven in a row. Oh, I thought different starters week one. Oh, Jacoby Brissett. Yep.

So I got Phil, I got Brissett, Ryan. You need 2018 and 17. 2018 and 2017.

Well, 18. Wasn't that luck? Andrew Luck was healthy in 2018.

Sure. He was not healthy in 2017. Oh, that was Jacoby.

Wasn't it the former Wisconsin with Scott Tolzien, Wisconsin? Yeah, that week he was week one. Yeah.

In 2017. And now Anthony Richardson. That's seven in a row. By the way, congratulations, everybody.

I've been trying to turn this show into immaculate grid. And we did it. And we just did it. Scott Tolzien, baby.

Yeah, I got to redeem myself from that running back game that Brockman did a few weeks ago. So this is what are we doing here? What are we doing? There's money in the banana stand for Zach Martin. And I know that Zach Martin's going to the hall and Jonathan Taylor is not yet.

Or on a path or whatever. But come on. You got to give this kid even in just in the name of Anthony Richardson, you got to give him his best shot. If you're. Come on. If you are the Indianapolis Colts and you have gone through everything we just mentioned from Scott Tolzien to Matt Ryan. And this is the kid that's going to break the cycle.

Let's make sure the 2024 starter is this kid by getting Anthony Richardson, Jonathan, Taylor. Figure it out. What's the number? The number exists. They just don't want to put the number on the table, I guess.

And the other thing is point is just just maybe I talk Jim Irsay's language here. Live for today. Because tomorrow the NFL might grind down without you. That's so sad. I don't like it.

And Rich, they give him that job and just let him play through everything, right? You got to remember, Peyton had what, 58 picks his first three seasons. Growing pains. One of my favorite Marshall Fox stories.

I'll tell it to you right here. Peyton Manning, I believe, had 28 interceptions his rookie season. 26 touchdowns, too. Well, I mean, it was clear he was going to make it. Professor Manning came out of the box looking terrific. And Marshall told me that he just threw one interception after another after another and said the same thing coming off the field to him.

I didn't think he could get there. Meaning the defensive back. And Marshall just didn't say anything for the first several times Peyton said it. And then Marshall had kind of had enough.

He said, Peyton, this is the NFL. Everyone can get there. They all get there. And Anthony Richardson comes from the same southeast conference where it just means more. As opposed to the Big Ten where more is more.

They have way more young guys. And so here we go. Big 18. He's got to make sure Anthony Richardson gets in his lumps so he does become the first back to back starter of seasons for the Colts since pack four is Andrew Luck.

Pack four. Yeah, dude needs reps. He's going to throw a lot of picks, man. But he's going to have one like, holy crap, did you see this play per week? Oh, yeah.

Right. And it could damn well be the first game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Remember, Cam Newton really struggled in the preseason. And then his first one against Arizona, it was holy smokes. You want to read off that?

Do it. And everyone mentions it is Cam. He's like the second coming of Cam Newton. And everyone that I speak to says, doesn't Daniel Jeremiah say Cam Newton had nobody in Auburn?

Like nobody. Yeah. Week one, 24 of 37, 422 yards, two touchdowns and a pick. Ron Rivera, coach of the year. Not that year.

They were six and ten that year. And then he had 432 yards in week two. Unreal. All right. So let's take a break. When we come back, one of the best in the business, Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings will join us.

Robert Sala has spoken about the Jets signing of Dalvin Cook. We got that coming. Hard Knocks is tonight.

Somebody's in an edit bay in Mount Laurel, New Jersey with a rewrite. I'm sure. Because I'm sure they have some some footage. Absolutely.

When Dalvin stopped by a couple of weeks ago. But if he signed yesterday or this morning, that's getting in tonight. Oh, a million percent. By the way, that probably ends the episode.

Even if he didn't sign and he made a visit, that probably would have still made the episode anyway. I should do an entire an entire hour on it because I love the idea. I'm just wondering how they follow up the Aaron Rodgers documentary. Oh, this guy. Let's pause. Let's let's let's let's dive in.

Let's dive in. Mr. I love Zeke all of a sudden. Oh, yeah. This guy over there. I'm jealous. I've been watching a lot of Patriot football this. Come on over. I have a top five list coming up in hour three.

CJ Okoye, the player from Nigeria who came up with a I can't wait to talk to this young man, came up with a sack in his first preseason game that turned out to be his first organized football game ever. What? That's an hour three here on the Rich Eisen Show. Refresh your healthy habits right now without missing a beat. Choose from 34 or more weekly flavored packed dietitian approved meals ready to eat in two minutes. Level up with gourmet plus options prepared to perfection by chefs and ready to eat in record time. So go to factor meals dot com slash eyes and 50 right now and use the code eyes and 50 to get 50 percent off.

That's code eyes and 50 at factor meals dot com slash eyes and 50 to get 50 percent off. Are you currently enjoying the show on the Stitcher app? Then you need to know Stitcher is going away on August 29th.

Yep. Going away as in Kaput gone dead. Rest in peace, Stitcher. And thanks for 15 years of service to the podcast community. So switch to another podcast app and follow this show there.

Apple, Spotify or wherever you listen. Back, everybody. Hey, hey, hey, hi, hi.

Are we filming? Hey, hey, hey. No, I just you know, I'm not going to I'm not going to stop being promotional. Don't ever be 12, 10, 21. I'm not going to change. I'm not going to change. It's like me with my selfies.

10, 21 here on the Roku channel. You know what? I'm going to be inspired by your self-promotional. I self-promote. He wants to kill me, but I self-promote.

Self-promotion. Mike, you're happy. I'm happy. I'm still going to laugh at you because I think it's ridiculous. Pharrell, I'm happy.

Because he's happy. Oh, my God. Now, Rich, never stop being self-promoted. Too late.

10, 22 here on the Roku channel. That was good. Are you going to take this guy number one? Didn't you say you have the number one pick in your family?

Three, three. I don't think I'm getting them. OK. I'm not getting Justin Jefferson. Be nice if you did.

I don't think. Boy, would that be great. I would be.

It would be great. Then you got to take Cousins and get that double dip. Cousins.

You're like that. I'm not going to do that. Cousins is a really great fantasy quarterback. I understand. 4500 yards, 35 touchdowns. Like what?

What do you complain about? Are you taking him? If I had Justin Jefferson, I would take him. I like to match my quarterback with my number one receiver. How do you do? How does that work out for you?

Great. How was it? So you had you had Courtland Sutton last year, right?

How did that work out for you? Well, in 2007, I had Tom Brady and Randy Moss. Oh, dude. I mean, that was awesome. 16 years ago. It's been 16 years since you successfully pulled that double dip off.

It was. OK, great. Great. Here's what you should do, Rich. You should do something that worked for me once. Sixteen years ago.

No, it's worked before. Mark Bolger and Tori Holt. OK. Let's see. OK. OK. Brett Favre and James Jones. Yeah.

You had Bart Starr and Donna Hudson, Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards. Good one. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you. Call or you know what? Just simply stop by. Why don't you?

844-204-rich is the number to dial on the program. He is simply the best in the business. And I'm not just saying that because he's about to join us via Zoom courtesy of Sleep Number. He was the top rated wide receiver on the top 100 players in the National Football League, is voted upon by his peers. The now suddenly for three years, perennial Pro Bowl wide receiver of the Minnesota Vikings joining us here on the Rich Eisen Show.

The great Justin Jefferson. How are you, Justin? I'm doing good.

How are you? I feel like this is now an every week thing. I spoke to you on NFL Network when you were named the top two player in the National Football League. And now here we are. Look at this. I love it. That was a nice show, by the way. You did that very nice. Well, I appreciate that. It's my version of a one handed catch on fourth and forever.

You know, I'm just I'm just trying to pay rent in your world. What what does it mean for you to be the second overall player in the NFL as voted by your peers, Justin? It's a blessing. Definitely. All of the hard work has definitely paying off. Just being a player that was, you know, ranked 300 in the years coming out of high school to now rank number two in the whole world is definitely something that I've been thinking about a lot. But, you know, just the work ethic that I've been having since since coming out of high school, just trying to prove myself to the world and try to be the best receiver that I can be.

And I definitely want to be number one next year. So what can you improve on? Do you think just, you know, just everything I definitely can touch up on a lot of my a lot of my game, just, you know, the technique for sure. Just being able to get get past those press corners, being able to beat those double teams that that I will be facing throughout the year. Just being available whenever Kirk needs me, just having that confidence in Kirk and Kirk having that confidence in me to where he can put the ball at a certain point.

And me having the confidence in me to go to go get it. So it's all about building our confidence with the whole team, having that connection and all one and one goal is to reach the Super Bowl. Do you feel that you were defended differently towards the end of the season, weeks 17 and 18, just five catches on 10 targets, a little over 50 yards the way that you finished up the season, certainly in the playoffs as well? Do you feel like there was different things thrown your way on defense that that you you feel you'll be better better ready to face this year, Justin? How may I feel like it's all about, you know, knowing where I'm at on the field, being able to emotionally throughout the offense, being able to put me in different positions. So I won't get those double teams, but they definitely they definitely played me differently, especially the last few games of the season. And of course, of course, you know, the week 17, 18, you know, we already have solidified that playoff, that playoff spot.

We already have won a division. So, you know, I didn't even really play the whole game. And so to really be, you know, you know, in the game playing that much.

So it really was all about, you know, resting and getting to that that playoffs, that playoff game. And, you know, I'm just going to be seeing different coverages throughout the whole year. You know, it's not anything new.

It's not a surprise. You know, when they double teamed me, triple teamed me trying to take me out the game. I'm the best. I'm the best receiver in the league.

So they'll be smart to not, you know, let me get into the game and have a big game. All pro Justin Jefferson, courtesy of sleep number here on the Rich Eisen Show. Let's talk about the offense this year. Dalvin Cook is a jet now, Justin. And I think Vikings fans are a little bit jarred by that.

I understand Alexander Madison is ready to take his place here. What can you tell Vikings fans about the offense this year with a shakeup at the running back spot? Yeah, well, you know, first of all, I'm definitely happy for Dalvin. To get an opportunity, another opportunity, especially for how the market has been going for the running backs.

Definitely something that has not been easy on all of them. But, you know, to have him some of the Jets team that is building a team that has a lot of great players on their team. And for him to come in and add to that, that talent. So it's definitely going to be fun to watch him in that offense and, you know, to see the amount of talent that they have and see what they can do with that talent. But our offense, to have Matty in our offense, you know, someone that also was in the playbook last year with us, you know, he knows the offense. He knows what they all likes, you know, he knows all of the different other playmakers on his team. So Matty is definitely, you know, not that selfish, selfish running back that won, you know, 20 something carries a game. He wants to, you know, go in there and provide for his team. He wants to do whatever it takes for us to win the game. And I definitely have that confidence in Matty to go out there and, you know, make some big runs and, you know, let everybody come down so we can throw at the top. There you go. I understand how it all works together.

So you mentioned the running back market, Justin, in terms of the wide receiver market. How big is your bag? Hopefully, overly very, very big. Okay. Yeah, I heard two varies.

I heard two varies. Ginormous, is the bag on the table right now open? I mean, where's the bag right now? I mean, I don't have the bag at this very moment. So we're still working on that. Hopefully, you know, we get the bag soon. But, you know, just like I said, at this moment, I just want to win with the team.

I want to get higher in playoffs and especially get to that Super Bowl. And I'll let all of the money stuff work out on its own. Okay. So what's bigger, the king size sleep number bed or the bag? What's bigger, the bag or the king size? Is it king size? That's a close one. That's a close one.

That king size, that's pretty big. Okay. Very good. And what you're doing with sleep number, it's you and Jamar Chase teaming up?

Justin, what are you guys doing? Yes. Just teaming up with sleep number with Jamar. Well, this is my third year partnering up with sleep number.

Yes. But it's been a journey for sure. The amount of love and amount of, you know, things that they have been helping me out with, with sleep and getting that recovery, it's been amazing. I'm definitely happy by making this move, by partnering up with sleep number, getting that quality sleep every single night, getting that recovery that I need. And of course, having that ability to track my sleep and to really track the things that I have going throughout the night that I cannot really see at the moment. But as soon as I get on that app, check the data, check the results.

It's right there on my phone. So it's definitely have been an experience with them, seeing the different technology in the bed, the temperatures that you can control throughout the whole night. It's definitely been a journey. Well, you know, it's pretty wild.

It's already become something that everybody mentions every now and then. You and Jamar Chase, obviously teaming up here for sleep number, four teammates once upon a time with Joe Burrow pulling the trigger in college. And it just blows everyone's mind, certainly what you have become and what Jamar Chase and Joe are doing together in Cincinnati. What was that like together in college? It was crazy.

It was crazy. I mean, just the amount of talent that we had other than just me, Joe and Jamar. But to see the things that we have done and what we are doing in the league now is outrageous to say that we were on the same team, you know, winning the national championship together and being classified one of the best offenses to ever play college football. You know, everybody is kind of, you know, understanding the reason now. They kind of see how all of this stuff played a part by Joe winning the Heisman, Jamar winning the political, and me having a great year as well. So it definitely was unfair.

I mean, that is a way to say it. Was there ever a moment where you and Jamar went back to the same huddle and both of you told Joe, I'm open, I want it? Did that ever happen? Did that ever happen, Justin? I feel like that happened a lot, especially when we, me and Jamar, started making those bets to see who was going to have the most yards and the most touchdowns throughout the year. Yeah, and you would go to Joe and you say, come on, like, it's my football? Because I can't imagine how Joe would handle such a thing, you know? For sure.

He had to be cool. For sure. You know, me and me, I was in the slot. I was in the slot getting those safety, those safety highs, and going against those niggas and stuff, and Jamar having those one-on-ones with the corners, having the jump balls and stuff like that. I definitely, you know, shared my opinion by me getting the ball a couple more times throughout the game.

All right. So before I let you go here, Justin Jefferson, you know, again, you're number two on the top 100 players in the NFL list as voted by your peers, but I think you're probably aware you are number one virtually on every fantasy football draft board across the United States and around the world right now. So I understand that sometimes you don't talk stats, but you must have an idea in your mind what you're looking for this year, catches and yards. What can you tell people who are interested in drafting Justin Jefferson if they are fortunate to have the first overall pick in their fantasy drafts?

What do you have for me, sir, on that? Well, I already have been showing them, you know, what I can do, you know, just entering into the league. So me going on my fourth year, me being comfortable in this offense, me having the same quarterback as I came into the league, the ceiling is definitely high, you know. There's definitely so much things that I want to prove, that I want to achieve for myself, for the team. And of course, we want to get on that winning stage. So whatever I need to do for that to happen, if that's getting to 2,000 yards or if that's getting, you know, 150 catches or something like that, that's definitely something that I'm willing to do.

Well, 150 catches, 2,000 yards. So that's what I heard. That's what I'm taking out of this. That's the headline from me. Not saying that you're, you said you're willing to do it. You're not saying you're going to do it. I totally understand that. But I heard 150 and 2,000.

Those are benchmarks for Justin Jefferson. Very good. Justin, I really appreciate the time here.

Good luck to you. Fill up that bag. Fill up the bag. Thank you so much.

We tried to. Okay, good. Very good. King size bag coming or California king size bag for the Minnesota Viking. Justin Jefferson, courtesy of sleep number here on the Rich Eisen show.

Just a delight. He will fill up that bag. In hosting the top 10 reveal of the top 100 players in the NFL with Andrew Whitworth Prime Videos, Andrew Whitworth, this statistic came across the desk to just show you how remarkable Justin Jefferson is and has been. So you take a look at his numbers that we just talked about with him. 150 catches, 2,000 yards. Last year he had 128 receptions for 1,809 yards. To give him in his career through the first three years, 324 catches, 4,825 yards. That is a record for the most receptions and yards receiving in the first three years of an NFL player's career. Not only that, it is the record for most receptions and receiving yards by an NFL player in his first four seasons in the NFL. So what he does in his fourth year will just put distance between himself and anybody coming out of college right now attempting to break his record.

Let me repeat that. Not only are his numbers the best through the first three years of your career as a receiver, they're the best numbers through the first four years and he's done it in three. Get out of here.

Get out of here. So when he says a buck 50 and 2,000, you take a look at his numbers again last year, 128 catches, 1,809 yards. So I normally don't do this on the air because I'm not very good at it. That's 22 catches and 194 yards shy of those numbers, right? Correct? Did I do the math right? I was looking at Michael Thomas' single season record. What is that? 149. Okay. That's probably why he said 150, right?

Yeah. So he was again, 22 receiving receptions shy of a buck 50, which is the record, and then 193 yards, pardon me, I'm terrible at this, 191 yards shy. And last year, as I mentioned, in his final two games of the season, for whatever reason, and he said it's because we were kind of wrapped up and wasn't part of the game plan, the Packers smoked Minnesota on New Year's Day last year.

They had a foot off the gas. And he had one catch for 15 yards. And then in the final game against the Bears, four catches, 38 yards. And then he had one game in week three against Detroit, three catches, 14 yards against Dallas, which was just an absolute disaster for the Vikings. If you remember that one, that was a game the whole country was settling into because it was Minnesota versus Dallas and both teams making runs here. Three catches, 33 yards. They lost that one 40 to three.

That was just a total disaster. That's a Trayvon Diggs factor right there. So it's there. I mean, it's in there.

It's there. Those are four games just to give them a few and you add it all up. Now obviously there's 17 games that you're playing as opposed to 16, but his numbers are not only records through the first three seasons. Those are the best through the first four seasons of someone's career.

He might stay ahead of the curve, so they'll set the record after this year for the first five years and set the record after the fifth year for the first six years. And that sleep number bed that he's sleeping on might just be filled up with air or with whatever. It's filled up with money.

Yeah, hundreds. Yeah, yeah. Wolf dollars. Cash. Right in there.

Just stuff it right in there. You guys, I want to put up a poll question if I couldn't ask, since this 2,000 yard thing is going around, which wide receiver do you think is more likely to hit that number? Is it Cheetah or is it J. Jeff?

Oh, man. They're both talking about it. Put it up there and tag them both. Will you please?

Chris. Let's do it. I got you there.

I've already typed it out. Okay. You're allowed on X? Yeah.

Through the show. Oh, okay. I just didn't know if X let you back. X gonna give it to you. X gonna give it to you. You're following all sorts of Nazis.

So I figured if that's fine, if he's doing that, you're fine. I see what he I see all of that. Get out of here. You should be back on. He's back. TJ's back. Oh, my God.

No, no, no. He's back. No, I mean, it shows up. It shows up. So you've got your account back. It's always showed up.

No, no, it hasn't. It would show up as suspended. It shows up as suspended. You're back.

You're back, TJ. Wow, hold on a second. Is that right? Yeah, I was going to do a whole thing with it.

But since now that it got ruined. Why didn't you tell us? Yeah, you're back.

Yeah. It came back the other day. Like I said, I was going to present it tomorrow, but you guys jumped the gun.

Why'd you wait? All the people that he's allowing back on this site, you know, would like to wipe me and my family off the planet. You should be allowed back on. Free to jiggy. Okay, here we go.

Free at last. Congratulations. I mean, I'm not going back on there. All right. Yeah, right. At any rate. Daytime demo king. At Rich Eyes and Show, which wide receiver will get to 2,000 yards in a season first or is more? Let me ask you just to be grammatically correct.

Is it more likely or most likely? Just let me do it. Very good. Oh yeah, because he's the master of the English language.

Someone on this set is an award-winning journalist. It's not any of you. I'm going to reserve, because as you know, anytime I mentioned something, I don't want to put my thumb on the scale. Okay.

I'll reserve judgment. When we come back, Robert Sala has spoken about the Jets and Sonic Dalvin Cook. 844-204-RICH is the number to dial here on this edition of the Rich Eyes and Show as well. It's time for kickoff and the Believe Podcast will get you ready for the new season. How do you live through this as a Detroit sports fan? Believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams and many of your favorite college teams too. You solidified your defense. You got better. Sideline to sideline, end zone to end zone. If you don't do those things, then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football and I don't know what we're doing.

There was a lot of great players on those teams that I was fortunate to be part of. Search BLEAV Podcast wherever you listen. Back here on our show. So there's that. I'm not going to stop. 1046 here on the Roku channel. Oh, stop it. You're not going to stop.

1046-33, Roku. No. Won't stop. Can't stop.

No, somebody's already tweeting at me, man. Rich. I'm telling you, Rich.

Don't ever. Yes. So you're on 2Jiggy.

You're back. Yeah, but I went to- When did you discover that? Did they send you an email about it?

No. Like this weekend, I went to tweet something about a preseason game. I thought I was doing it from the show and then I tweeted it and I was like, wait a minute. How did that- Zoinks. How did that just happen? So what happened? They reviewed your case. Did you ever send an email to complain about it? I sent an email like five months ago when you were like, you should just try. I heard nothing back. I got no confirmation. I got no, hey, you're back.

It was just like- Does Zone let you out? I guess. There he is. Daytime demo king, minister of propaganda. Catch me on Rich Eisenshaw.

Very self-promotional. Oh yeah, you got to up- Yeah, by the way, you've been away a long time. We were nominated in 2022. You got to update that. Well, I was banned at that point.

I understand that. My last tweet was on September the 17th, 22. Wow. And that was that the one that you shot his own footage off of a television set that caused you to get bounced?

No, that was two tweets prior to that one. Oh, so you got two more in. I got two more in.

Before they caught you. They yanked me. Just stop shooting television screens. I can't stop. Won't stop.

I just told them- Your phone. I'm going to retweet the exact tweet that got me banned in the first place and then hopefully they kick me off again. I don't want to be back. Life was good without X. I think rules have changed.

Life was great without X. I'm not going to lie to you. Chris won't do it. Twitter. I haven't updated it either.

It's not doing it. It's X on my laptop, but it's still Twitter on my phone. X has got y'all bouncing again.

I like that blue bird too. You're principled. You're a principled man. Right. Well done.

That's right. Well done. He still has Twitter. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show Radio Network, along with our live Roku channel stream. Nathan in LA. It's been a while since we've chatted with a longtime caller of this program. What's up, Nathan? Hey, Rich. Great to talk to you. I appreciate you taking my call.

What's going on? I wanted to ask if you thought the Jets were sort of entering into potential like Miami Heat super team territory, if you remember what that was like once things got rolling. If you remember, I think the Heat back then lost like the very first two games of the 82 game season. Right.

And everyone treated it like a humongous calamity. And there was nothing that LeBron or Wade or any of them could do that even if they sneeze, they went wrong. And I'm just wondering if the Jets are kind of getting into this scenario where there's nothing they can do right other than win the Super Bowl.

Well, yeah, I mean, and thanks for the call. I think at this point in time, they've got to reach at least the second round of the playoffs with a team like this and a quarterback like this. Just making the playoffs for the first time in 12 years would have been nice if Zach was a quarterback.

That you can handle because, hey, there's an upwardly mobile path. The kid that you drafted has proven out to be a playoff caliber quarterback. He's in there and the quarterback that strolls into the playoffs for the first time normally has a rough go of it. I think first time quarterbacks in the playoffs are on average, what, 500?

Maybe a little bit south of 500? First time quarterbacks in the playoffs. Yeah. I think more often than not, you lose your first time in the playoffs. You don't usually come fresh out of the box like Russell Wilson did or Mahomes.

Just stroll in. Normally you get beat down and then you get back in and you start climbing the mountain again. And that's what the Jets hope to do when they drafted Zach Wilson is let's take our lumps. We're not ready to win right now, but let's take our lumps and he'll grow with a young team. And the young team got all groansed up last year and he wasn't growing with them.

His growth was stunted for various reasons. And I give credit to the Jets. I'll tell you what, man. I'll tell you what, man. Buddy Johnson had had enough of getting kicked in the nards. Enough of it. And to Joe Douglas, look, Joe Douglas was brought in to build the team through the draft long term.

No more putting stuff on a credit card. None of this building from the outside in. You know how much I loved Jamal Adams as a Jet, the Prez, right? But you don't build a team around a safety, and I know he's more than just a safety, but you don't do that.

You don't build from the outside or the back end in, you build from the inside out. And that's what the Jets were going to do. Quinnen Williams gets drafted and that's, you know, Joe Douglas comes in and he starts drafting around the line after Quinnen Williams arrives. And that's what you're supposed to do. And then Zach's here and you wound up getting, now that you hit that line, let's get Garrett.

Let's get Sauce. Not in that order, but in the first 10 picks of a draft using one of the picks you got from Jamal Adams. And then what you're going to do is use one of the picks you got for Sam Darnold and let's go get Breece Hall and let's start building around with those weapons. But Zach wasn't ready. And to the credit, Woody's like, go get Rogers and Joe Douglas, I'm sure was like, all right. Cause I know Zach doesn't appear to be ready right now. And Robert Salas sitting there going, I don't think he's ready right now either. Can we get Rogers really?

And then keep on adding, go for it. Lazard, get the guys he's comfortable with and happy with. Only if you in getting Rogers strike a deal with him, where you'll give him more guaranteed dollars in the two years he has for your window. And he puts money back in the kitty that he could earn if he earned everything out over the two year period, then go get Dalvin, keep going. So be damned if it's like, all right, Superbowl or bust, it's about time. This is what Robert Sala had to say about Dalvin Cook being signed by the Jets.

Walk us through that. What ultimately led to pulling the trigger on Dalvin? Like I said, I think it was more, you know, from their camp, just trying to cross their T's dot their I's and go through their process and making the best decision for their family as possible. Obviously, very excited to add a really, really good football player to this team. And he adds another dynamic to this group that I think anybody would be excited about.

Yeah. And the players are excited about it. The fans are excited about it. I'm sure Aaron Rogers is jacked up like, damn, Dalvin Cook, really that guy had a front row seat twice a year playing that guy for years. And instead of Michael Carter or Donovan Knight or the rookie they just drafted out of Pitt being the guy for Aaron Rogers' first game on a Monday night against the Bills defense that's ready to show everybody that they are ruling the AFC East Roost. And instead of maybe forcing Breece Hall back in, because he's fresh off a pop list, coming off of a knee blowing out last October, and instead of giving him, hoping he gives you 20, maybe 25 carries in his first game back, maybe you just sprinkle him in and now you're on Dalvin Cook down their throats. You're giving your team the best chance to win in this window.

I love it. So bring the pressure. The pressure's on. That's why I said, go ahead and do hard knocks. Everybody's focused on you anyway.

You might as well just live in it and get used to it. I heart HK, baby. Just keep going. Keep adding. What the hell? Oh my gosh. If we don't do it. If we don't do it, at least you went down trying as opposed to whatever the hell else I've been living for most of my last 54 years, let's go. That's my answer to Nathan in LA. I'll tell you that 8 4 4 2 0 4 Rich number to dial for hour three.

Don't miss the CJ Okoye appearance in his story coming up. I still think it's the Bills division. I'll keep on talking him down that way. Hey, man. They're the ones that are more established.

Where are we going to get yours? There are the ones more established. Rogers is the first ballot Hall of Famer. Josh Allen is growing into one. He's been in his offense much longer than Rogers has been, even with Nathaniel Hackett coming in to dial it up.

He's new to this thing. It's the Bills division. Jets are just this plucky team trying to knock off the Goliath team filled with like how I'm immediately dialing back what I just said. Hey, when are we going to get your schedule prediction? Okay, now that Dalvin Cook is in.

We can start to draft. I need to see. I need I need to get through. I need to get through one more preseason week next week.

Why do you get all this time and I had to do my like a month ago? What's the name of this show? Let's just wonder. Let's just wonder. Right. Well, I'm looking at it.

This is the Rich Eisen show and hasn't done the Patriots yet. Yeah, exactly. My point. Why did I have to go so early? Because you had your team locked. Yeah, your team was locked.

I mean, still, you know, I didn't have my all world guard. You knew he was coming back. Yeah, that's, you know, his money in the banana stand. He had to come back. You knew he was coming. No, no. Okay, Chris. You're welcome. You're welcome. The Jets are the ones who did it.

How so? Oh, my God. Are you kidding me? Oh, that guy with the big arms? We're going to put Zach behind that. Without Zach? We got to get Zach back. That's true. There's got to be money in that banana stand.

Go find it in Frisco. For over three decades, nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson. Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with Arn. After watching AEW's Double or Nothing, Amy wants to know, what does Dinosaur taste like? It ain't chicken. It's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette, but chewy. Oh, wow. That's disgusting. It sure is. And check out Arn every week, wherever you listen.
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