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Word of the Year Update Part 2

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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July 6, 2019 12:30 pm

Word of the Year Update Part 2

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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July 6, 2019 12:30 pm

At the beginning of the year the guys did a show about one word of the year that God put on their heart. This week we continue to discuss the words chosen with the help of clips from movies " Kung Fu Panda," and " World Trade Center." We have reached the half way mark of 2019, and there is so much more wisdom to uncover and discover. Grab your gear and be blessed as the guys take you on a journey this week with Words of the year Part 2

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This is the Truth Network everyman life as it usually feel that way.

Jesus speaks of narrow gauge and livelihoods of the masculine journey is filled with many quests and journeys. So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request band of brothers will serve as the guides recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now are loaded for bear today on the masculine journey we got Sam back with a sentence be in Florida the day and we got Dennis and oh my goodness, we've got a continuation of our word of the year so it's June were getting updates from everybody we got these words would begin your Gottesman working with us and so it's good to have you back, Sam. It's good to have your shoulder back.

Thank you. I knew one of us needed telling yeah is is July for a while. Good to be back in a better America every bit looking at your look. It really doesn't hurt. Night night recovery at my brother and I do look at the side of the wall in the hospital so we elastically wait talked with Andy at his word was on health and Rodney's worth word was overcome her, and you might remember, if you listen last week. If you didn't know, by all means go back to listen to the podcast and and listen in iTunes or spot of fire. Just tell Serge Lalas the messenger and radio broadcast, but in my word was applied while we found a clip this week. That kind of has a combination between abiding and overcoming and health and I happen to know Sam's word is believed sorry I get that in a minute and Dennis's word is hope for the living living hope living hope it's got all that in one kung fu panda will experience so Alyssa Congress didn't mean to wake you just down you don't belong here. I yeah yeah course, this is your room. I mean, you don't belong in the Jade Palace your disgrace to come through and if you have any respect for who we are and what we do. You will be gone by morning big fan I see you have found a sacred Peachtree of heavenly wisdom all I'm sorry I got a regular tree. I understand you eat when you upset Hawaii. I probably sucked more today than anyone in the history of kung fu in the history of China and history of sucking probably should seemingly totally me totally because she turned me into the Dragon warrior five clause no wings, no venom even mantis has those thingies just quit and go back to making noodles quit, don't quit noodle don't noodles.

You are too concerned with look like and what will be saying yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery today take Scott Harris a lot, you know one little animated clip there. Sam, it even speaks to Jim's word which was presence to me anyway what what is your belief, what you believe that your that was the word it was what you know you have your belief you have, do you live your life like you truly believe in on me because I really wanted to take control and I love all my life and this fear Gottesman on a journey to teach me not you believe that I'm not be there for you. Let me show you that I'm not bitter. You really have been doing that I have that happen today. Actually, you have been on leave from work and I thought I'd figured my paycheck work was about third grade to have you check 01 and the part one and all that that not only had a part one.

What was really not what my mother gonna be was very concerned about that and hadn't heard anything from her ability to call their prayed that God thought about the need to call and I called them for some reason they closed out my paperwork and you know I thought a big battle.

Normally I would got really really got rap Brown act (by and I do not think I got the they called me back and the lady was incredibly helpful and they're going to get a check out to me the direct deposit out to me by the day after. By the day after tomorrow, Monday, and come in and time them enough to cover what I need yeah a little shorter than what I thought of going to be. But you know it's going to be enough to get me through until I get regular paycheck began and I can hear God and you believe you know what you believe in me was that I felt that was the let me know that I am really starting to live in the belief while the cool thing about kung fu panda C was actually able to eat you know when he was upset and still beat the Dragon warrior and the undersigned. I was hoping we get experience with health and yeah I guess that that's probably a proposal I'd probably do have a tendency to eat when I'm upset so just another word for me. Thanks guys and Allah is there something him therefore that I said I think it's cool that it does seem to touch on all of our stories are our words of what were going through and there's certain to be learned in that one clip about like Robbie and Sam said just everything really and you know I think when God goes to teach us something he teaches us individually also teaches us in community and that's the cool thing about it that we can actually learning community and something that seems somewhat unrelated to eating where the hell's this is related to our beliefs and our trust have seen more of a desire, I can what I was where I was getting myself straight are really getting closer to him and trying to believe in more trust him or not, thanks.

The last thing I was worried about was my outside of my health. I was really focused on getting my sit inside right and it's easier much easier to handle and get your outside right if you get the inside right and so you're just tuning anyone and will in the world messenger and is talking about today word of the year which starts with you know at some point, which by the way, you can do it today and begin to ask God from John chapter 10 where the sheep hear his voice and so it's fully okay the Bible is full of examples of people that heard from God and so it really is absolutely normal to hear from God and it is absently normal to ask God that I know what are we working on this year.

What we want to do this year and so Sam's word was belief in before was, as you heard health and and Rodney's word was overcome. Interestingly, my word was abide in the beginning of that. You might've heard the girl tell you kung fu panda you need to get out because you're not one of us and interestingly, God is been teach me. Just this week that it is about that. It you are one of us in the orphan spirit wants to get in there and make you feel like you gotta do all this all alone, but it is fascinating to me even in my prayer time today, I could sense my brothers. I could sense the way that God was working in their lives for these different words and Rodney. There's overcome or panda) to you know he's right in the midst of that in order to overcome the Dragon warrior yet he's got abide in his heart and leave that he is going to overcome because he's in a very bad place right now so he's going to really struggle to do anything he needs companionship needs a partner you need somebody else to help believe in him and us what we need in our lives. So God sends other people to help speak in our lives. I am my word got that last week when were talking about our word and community and talk about how were coming along with her word and I'm like wow is more than just me doing something that's what God is doing in and through me in my life and this is what my life this year is about and even though I haven't done as much study myself. I don't have to because he's doing a lot of work for me and being able to see what's going on. That just makes me really excited for the next half year me to and so I got it since Jim's not here to defend himself and the clip is really more about his word than anybody else's word even talked about his word last week was presence in the wisdom of what we just heard what you and I was pretty catchy because you can remember. You have yesterday's history.

Tomorrow is a mystery that is a gift because it's a present right. I mean all that seems there's a song in that somewhere really.

But the point is we all are gotta take on the Dragon. What I mean we all are in that role, but worried about it, which is where he wasn't mad and eaten peaches and whatever else is going on.

You know what the guy was telling him as wow if you just take on today is a gift and and walk with your brothers and walk with God and let him what you know he's the one initiating you and what Rodney just said if you to be in overcome her decision to get to their you know it's it's it's part of what's going on right in and is a sneak peek into my words. You know when your person like I was, who entered a lot of days full of anxiety to live a day full of hope was an entirely different thing for me because most days I started out anxious about what was going to happen that day or whether or not I would make a sailor whether or not I be able to get through the day without overeating or doing some of the other things that were going on in my life at the time said so yeah it's a and in comes back around to that to that I've been given a gift. How my going, how my going to use that today was my going to do with IQ. Yeah, I like that yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery come to the camp that is a little bit of a mystery that we would like an engaging] wonderful song.

This is my son Eli talk about ways you can help support Lily smiled as he was on the information that where you can click the donate button waking into masculine mouse PO Box 552 7285 what God doesn't close off each person is kind of chipped away at this feeling I was having to wait this mask. I was hiding behind never heard I had to tell you guys I played and listen to that song many many times on the radio and nothing was like yeah I get it, but it's not really hit me where I live it. Nothing's happening December 1 of last year I had to move. It was an unplanned move. I was perfectly content staying where I was. I ended up having to move somewhere else. I tried to settle him. We had a blizzard the next weekend so I'm sitting there and I'm thinking you know okay were coming to the end of the year. It's sometimes around the corner and my life seems to be kinda messed up again in a lot of ways and where my going with this, and on I got there December and then after the first of the year and I think last year was the first year I done that in terms of a word had really gotten into that and prayed about it and waited to hear something from the Lord. It was it was in January and I'm like okay what what is it you know were getting close to February. What's happening here in the words of that song just this nailed me was like living hope in.

It was kind about I don't know if I have the right were to send an M or a dual meaning. Whatever it is.

Phil Wickham is talking about and that song living the hope found in Jesus Christ, so we had that eternal hope what I call eternal hope that we get to the Lord what what what the Lord was also trying to speaking to me was I want you to live hope living hope your your lip. He's living I'm here I'm living hope and I want you to be living hope this year and I was like fine how I go about doing that because that's kind of a new thing to me so is it come off of the tail end of a lot of things going on last year with having a stroke. My daughter having thyroid cancer. All these things were going on and there were times are. We were struggling to find hope when things were when bombs were going off all around us, and I thought well Lord if anyone's primed to listen. Hope maybe it's me and maybe that's what you want to see said he began to speak to me that during the year about that in terms of eternal hope versus worldly hope you know how do we live eternal hope versus Chris hope you know I can hope that Wake Forest wins football game this year. You and I can hold in and like that that would happen but that that is so fleeting, you know how you fit into this larger story and what you mean Lorimer say living hope you know I'm living eternally. You know this is a blip on the radar screen. The other part of it was was closer communication with him and I'm not up at 430 at Rob you have to tell you I don't have any 430 wake-up calls but.I have started getting up gradually. A little earlier to spend quiet and almost came out of necessity where I moved, traffic patterns, started seven or 730 in the morning so you want some quiet time you got it. You gotta get up a little earlier and non-Internet communication a lot of times is listening to what God is trying to tell me for the day of finding hope in his word when I've needed it. You know a lot tons of like you know that I'm not feeling hope today and not worry. I go and he'll leave me to something in coming back to you guys was part of that I believe because the other thing that he's been showing me as I be in community with other hopeful people or other people that want to live. Hope those people that have been in my life and their negative or they live with little bit, you know, like the whiners from Saturday Night Live rockets that was years ago. I I divorce myself from this people gradually during this year and I want to live around people that their living that hold out in their lives in you guys were that I mean we have our moments but I wish I was not getting the other part of that was that you don't get that by sitting at home alone, you know, we can live that eternal house of Christ never intended for us to do that. So in order for us to find hope he leads us in the community, which is why these boot camps are so crucial which is why this community of brothers is so crucial to band of brothers and I miss that so much and he guided me right back to it and I don't think I even realize until the other day were talking about using these words that this is been part of it coming back was part of living hope this year that coming back to my family, my brothers, who I live in community with when when I'm down. How many times we talked on the phone and you've you you. You've spoken some hope into me. We prayed over Roddy Sam how many times have we talked about things and Essam can crack a joke and he gives me hope again because I just gets me into a different place so that's what that's what all that is. That's my long version of that but that that is what it is now. I think we have a trip clip from the movie World Trade Center in if you haven't seen that movie, it would be worthwhile thing to go back and watch it. It's it was tragic what happened in these two Port Authority police got trapped under all the rubble and not in a situation where if I'd been there out of been really struggling to live.

Hope because they thought that they were going to die.

There way in hell will live in Fly try my you are. Since I am you know it's interesting at the end of that clip it it speaks to the mission as a man, which is so much about what really the mass and journey radio show what boot camps are about is the mission is a man, but the mission and ups and that being man really does end up being a collective group of mankind go you know that the women are live and it was going on and start the community. Really I'm around you noted that we've been called play to go after men are your one man of the time and end in a bit and you know we don't get a group of people there but it's all about.

One of the time, but what live at the same time as you talk by Robbie everybody getting something everybody getting better about getting 04 feeling or whatever it is they need at that moment to get onto that next thing and that you and our community grow grow through boot camp and other community form through boot camp whether PR's are the one that they do rent Mark and others all come together taking one man started time that eventually leads the community and said something on time and start provoking some of the most important things you ever hear the Scripture that you know that's pretty bold thing to say is that you are made in God's image, but you weren't made in God's image just generically you were made in God's image as a man and you bear that image uniquely, but also in community and in so what you know is I look at what I see here tonight is the image of all these different. What I would call Gil just warriors coming serious warriors, but God's initiating them individually with the word for the authorities.

This is his lesson plan for Dennis is here.

This is the lesson plan for Robbie. This is his lesson plan for robbing for Jim now and it's really cool and I think we have to understand who we talked about this at lunch the other day about suffering and you know I compare my suffering to someone like Paul and I'm like, and I had a rough weekend at the beach. That is my suffering. Paul did some serious suffering but how much of that. Do we go through in this life. In order to and how do we how do we experience hope.

A lot of times we experience hope through our suffering. These men were down there trapped.

They were they needed some hope really bad because they were starting to give up. They didn't think that anyone was going to find them and then this light shines out of the darkness in this Marine who I can see Christ standing there saying your mission you know we're here for you. I know you're suffering you're some hope you I love that line where he says we been here a long time. You can hear that you can hear the anxiety as he says that we been here a long time.

Don't leave us and man away, leaving him in the word Marine. Just a word Marie encounters up anything and Americans on the list is okay. The Marines of landed were unaware and and and the and the and there's that kind of living hope Jan what what what what that clip didn't address was affected once they found them they had to go through a very strenuous process of getting down there and get these guys out. They had a lot of operations after that there was a lot of life to live.

After that, but their lives were never the same and I think a lot of times out. What happens when you come off the mountain top of the boot camp and you come back and you think when you start live and that which I did. It took me a while to to start doing that when you start living that you're like my life will never be the same because what God is shown me are these words that he show me to live in in in my desire to want to do those things in things that we never saw before in our lives will meet at times like I was was maybe giving up hope that there would be anything but suffering, so I was rubbing one thing I would add talked about the new life reality grouted thing, everything line or something happened. The good thing is that God both in reality, whatever they are, and he hadn't even articulate and you know today is a present.

Yesterday was administrative think about that anyway.

Today is a good day to go register for November 7 through the 10th. Go to mass and journey today still

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