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REShow: Jake Tapper - Hour 2

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August 11, 2023 4:28 pm

REShow: Jake Tapper - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 11, 2023 4:28 pm

CNN host/bestselling author Jake Tapper and Rich discuss his new ‘All the Demons Are Here’ novel and reveals how Jimmy Kimmel convinced him to include Evel Knievel as a character, weighs in on Trea Turner’s billboards aimed at making nice with the infamously not nice Phillies fans, says if calling someone “solid” is a compliment or not, explains why ‘Die Hard’ is 100% a Christmas movie, and does a game-by-game prediction of the Philadelphia Eagles 2023 schedule.

Rich and the guy's debate if the ‘Stugots’ boat from ‘The Sopranos’ is worth the $300,000 asking price.

In ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on NFL rookie quarterbacks C.J. Stroud, Anthony Richardson, and Bryce Young, Baker Mayfield, Vikings, Seahawks, Rams, Trevor Lawrence, Dak Prescott, Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson, Jared Goff, Daniel Jones and more!

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The one and only The Rich Eisen Show.

Now Stroud hanging in, throws it to the near side, picked up. Live from The Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. One mistake on national television is it blows it all up.

But like it's cool, I just keep growing and keep learning man. The Rich Eisen Show. What can you tell in pre-season?

What you see in pre-season is everything. Earlier on the show, Senior Writer for the MMQB, Albert Breer. Coming up, author and CNN host Jake Tapper. Co-host of Good Morning Football, Jason McCordie.

And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of The Rich Eisen Show is on the air. We're live on the Roku channel. Free on all Roku devices known to man. Free on select Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV. It's free on the Roku app. You know why? Because the Roku channel's on it.

And guess what? It's free. if you want to use the old internet tubes.

844-204-rich is the number to dial. We're live on the air on this Rich Eisen Show. Terrestrial radio affiliate smart enough to have a serious XM Odyssey and more. The reason why I run through all that is not only because I'm very self-promotional.

Despite there being an I in Rich and Eisen. I'm trying to flex for my friend who's waiting on the phone line right here. Who only like interviews world leaders while writing best-selling novels. While being a dad at the same time and a husband.

How the hell does he do it? Is he still on the phone line? Introducing here from CNN, the host of The Lead with Jake Tapper. And the author of the best-selling book, All the Demons Are Here.

Which is the third book in the Martyr series. Jake Tapper, how are you Jake? Rich, do people know that we're actually friends and we actually talk? Not when it's being broadcast? Is that a thing?

Well now they do. It's true. I'd say we're good friends. We're not just friends, I'd say we're good friends. Yes, 100%. Separated by 3,000 miles.

That's true. How are you? If I lived in LA I feel like I'd see you at least once a week. Absolutely leave it up to our wives to figure out our social schedules with each other. If we lived in the same town Jake. Without a doubt, right? We wouldn't figure it out.

We'd have to lean on our better halves to do that. I think our wives would like each other too. I do think so. I don't think they've met.

This has to happen. But you're too busy doing what you're doing. You're kind of busy. Yes. Congratulations by the way. On the book.

On Michael Lorenzen's No Inner. Thank you. I had a lot to do with it. Did that make sense?

If I wish. The image of his mom and his wife watching him on his first appearance with the Phillies. I mean, just beautiful. Just beautiful. You know what?

And the kicks he was wearing and just the moment for him. All I could think of were the Detroit Tigers sitting somewhere going, Really? Really?

That's what you do? He looks like he belongs in Philly. That mullet? Are you crazy? He does not belong in Detroit.

Yes he does. And now how about Trey Turner? Love it. How about the Philadelphia sports fan known for so many years as being just a very irate group of people.

They painted with one huge brush of A-hole where they throw batteries at Santa and stuff like that. He had it coming. Let's be honest.

Let's be honest. He had it coming. Santa had it coming is what he's saying. He knows what he did. Yes.

And how about them cheering for him while he's struggling, standing ovation, and he has responded with one of the best weeks in Major League Baseball for anybody this year. You love to see it and it's a lesson. It's a lesson for all of us in all of our lives.

Yes. Somebody is underperforming and you treat them with love. You throw love at them. Brotherly love.

Instead of booze. And it took a little while for Philly to get there but we got there and I think it's a beautiful thing. And it's a lesson I will take with me instead of throwing batteries at my staff when they mess up. You know what?

And that was so long ago too. Is the message in all of this that all Ben Simmons needed was a hug? No. And you know that I don't think that.

Because I texted you that. Ben Simmons has another issue and love to him and support and prayers to him. I don't think the booze were the issue with Ben Simmons but let's not talk about that. Let's not dwell on that.

Okay. Let's talk about the positives. The positives of brotherly love and Trey Turner. I guess he put up a billboard thanking the fans. Thanking you, I think. Thanking Philadelphia. Thank you, Philly.

Yes, beautiful. And can I just say, I read a column in The Athletic about how this is an indication of Philly no longer being Philly. That Philly is now, that it's great and everything but Philly is now as soft as a soft pretzel. That's what the columnists wrote.

Okay. And I have to say, that is a typical statement but from an out-of-towner. Because anybody in Philadelphia who lives in Philadelphia knows Philadelphia and has eaten soft pretzels knows that most of them are as hard as a rocker. Oh, I thought you were just going to push back on the... The metaphor is faulty.

I thought you were just going to push back on the notion that Philadelphia is soft. You know, that it's the pretzel analogy that you have a problem with. Well, that offended me because like I have eaten so many of those things where it's just, you know, I might as well be chewing on the sidewalk. That was almost like that Seinfeld episode, so this offends you as a Jewish person. No, this offends me as a comedian from the yada, yada, yada episode from years ago.

Yeah, very nice. No, it doesn't. Exactly. Once again, you have crystallized my very thoughts.

Jake Tapper is here on The Rich Eisen Show. All right, so how do you find a time to do this, to write books like this, man? It's a great escape.

Instead of therapy, I just write. And it's great. It's a great escape. It's a lot of fun. I enjoy it, you know, and it's fun to read through. Actually, you would appreciate this. Okay.

So our mutual friend, Mr. Kimmel, Jimmy Kimmel, is the one who first told me... Okay, so the book is called All the Demons Are Here. And you don't have to have read the first two to get this one. It takes place in 1977. The main characters are Ike, an AWOL Marine, and his older sister, Lucy.

She's 22. She's an aspiring journalist, and lots of real people from the 70s are in the book. And Ike, in fact, works for Evil Knievel. And Jimmy was the reason that Evil Knievel is in this book, because Jimmy loves Evil Knievel.

And I will be honest, Mr. Knievel's charm eluded me as a child. I did not have the lunchbox. I did not have the action figure. I never got it. Okay, yes. I also wasn't a big ABC wide world of sports family, which probably is the problem. Yes, indeed.

But in any case, a problem for many things. But in any case, he hooked me up with... He said, well, you got to watch Being Evil.

Johnny Knoxville did this documentary about Evil Knievel called Being Evil. Great. And I'm like, oh my God, I got to make this guy a character in my book. And it worked. So that was... I know you're a sports guy.

Well, no. I'm a real world sports guy. And I know this is part of the charm of the books, because I've read them, that there are real life pop culture figures that you weave into the narrative of your books, which makes it... Including your hero, Frank Sinatra. It makes it a lot of fun.

It just makes it a lot of fun. So if the charm of Evil Knievel eluded you, do we throw the flying Willendas into that group as well? The Willendas are not in the book. But, you know, I did really do... I mean, he was fascinating. I mean, horrible. A horrible guy. Awful person. Don't get me wrong.

Horrible. Fascinating. Really fascinating. And his ability to get attention and media coverage and fans. And I still am not entirely sure that there is any athleticism involved in anything he did. But he was willing to try more daring things than others and inspired generations of extreme athletes.

Tony Hawk and the X... You know, all those people were inspired by Evil Knievel. And again, I am fascinated by this, Jake. And I have asked you this off the air.

I'll bring it here as well. So if you just conducted your daily work, CNN, but on a particularly unique day where you're interviewing a head of state or moderating a debate, and then you go home, you might pour a drink or not at all, and then you're like, okay, I gotta bang out a few pages. Like, does that happen? Well, I do try to write... When I'm in a writing project, I do try to write at least 15 minutes a day. And the project is more along the lines of outlining the book and then dividing it into chapters and then going in, you know, okay, now I'm up to chapter three, what do I have to achieve in this? And writing at least 15 minutes a day, at least 15 minutes a day, which everyone has.

Even somebody as busy as you has 15 minutes a day. And by the way, just so people know, I have been trying to get Rich to write a book for three or four years now. And I've known you since the 90s, but I've been trying to get you to write a book for three or four years. I think you would be great.

I think it would sell a million copies. I mean, I really do. I appreciate you saying that. I already tried it once.

It was one of the most, you know, exhilarating and then thoroughly disappointing experiences in my entire life. Really? Yeah. We'll have to talk more about that.

Yeah, we'll do that a little offline. But no, I appreciate your confidence in me. Jake Tapper here on The Rich Eisen Show. Okay, this is going to be good, guys. This is going to be good because I've been talking about this for a while and you're the perfect guy. You're the wordsmith to bring this to. I am of the mindset that the word solid is not a compliment. When somebody says, you know, you're solid, you're solid.

This is not doing someone a solid, but referring to someone or their job is solid. I say it is not a compliment. What do you say? Oh, that's interesting. I never had thought about it.

What do you think? I think I disagree with you. I understand.

I think I understand where you're coming from. You're basically saying that that is the minimum that somebody should be, right? You're saying it's like a C in school, like it's just a... Not just that, but there are far more, I would say, superlatives to attach to somebody's job or character, right? You know what I mean? Well, I mean, sometimes people employ understatement as a way of compliments, you know, good people.

You know, that's not like the most, you know, exalting compliment in the world. But when somebody says he's good people, you know they mean, I love this person. But I did refer to you when you said at the outset of this interview, you know, we're friends. And I'm like, I'd say we're good friends. Yes. If I'd said we're solid friends, you see what I'm saying?

That's a downgrade from good, is what I'm saying. I agree. I agree. But also now that we are both, well, I'm not going to age you, but I'm 54. So am I.

So you can age me all you want. I think we both look terrific, Jake. So you look fantastic. Better than solid. You see what I'm saying? You're like, hey, you look solid. You know, you're look, look, you got a solid look. You know what I mean?

Like that's not good. Well, okay. I hear you.

I hear what you're saying. But you look fantastic. Thank you, sir.

And in fact, I called you the other day and said, I am seeing you everywhere. Do you have a new social media guy or am I just exactly your demographic, 54 year old white Jewish guy who likes sports? Hello fellow youths. Yes, exactly. Right.

You're we're fellow youths. I agree with you. Yes. So but in any case anyway, my point about the 54 thing is now we know I now I know how many people are undependable and unreliable and cannot be counted on to do something with efficiency and how many bad people there are in the world. And so now I know that the you know, it's like when you figure out like the average IQ is 100. That means half the public has an IQ under 100, which is something to say.

So the idea that somebody is solid actually in this day and age, if you correct for how many people are not solid, who are weak, who are trembling, who are unreliable, I don't know, then maybe maybe it is more of a compliment than than you acknowledge. Interesting. I don't know.

I mean, I mean, look, I live in Washington, D.C., and I cover politics. And so I you know, you're in the in the suite. I'm in the toy department.

Athletic. I'm in the toy department. Yes, I agree. Occasionally the real the real world will crash in. I understand. Yeah. That's nothing. Nobody in sports ever does anything mean. That's true.

That is true. I mean, I would never describe you as solid. I would describe you with much nicer superlatives. Thank you. Chris, you see what I'm saying? You understand what I'm saying?

Chris? I understand. I don't mind solid. I'm kind of with Jake. OK. I get it. OK. Very good.

I'll move off it. Congrats on the book, Jake. You know, I oh, I missed you the other day back in July 15th for the 35th anniversary of Die Hard, but I was too busy turning the air conditioning on in my house during the summer.

Jake. So for the for the miracle on 34th Street, no, no, no, no Christmas movie that came out in the in the summer. No, no. But that's clearly about. So can I tell you, I'm sure everybody's familiar with the fact that you, for whatever reason, have decided. I'm a truther. Yeah. I'm a die hard truther to just to double down on your wrongness on the Die Hard is a Christmas film thing, which you refuse to acknowledge.

So I will just say this. I found more at first of all, for people who want to know, I have written not only a poem outlining in detail why Die Hard is a Christmas film. I wrote it in the in the style of A Night Before Christmas. It has GIFs. I will find it and put it on my Twitter page. I will bump it up on my Twitter page. I think I did it like five years. You mean your X page, right, Jake?

You mean your X page? Whatever. So let's not follow that self-driving car into the tree. So the other thing I want to say is I watched Die Hard last Christmas, as I do, because it is a Christmas film. And I realized that I have been ignoring, I've been not up to snuff when it comes to defending this, because you said it's a Christmas film is a film that could only happen at Christmas. And I've been I've been making the argument about the fact that his wife's name is Holly. It takes place during a Christmas party, doing that. All the, you know, the story of redemption.

Yes. Etcetera, etcetera. But here is the thing. And I apologize to anyone. If anybody who's listening has not seen Die Hard, I am about to... It's all right. Thirty five years. Spoiler alerts have no place 35 years later.

So go for it. They're actually, this movie actually could only have taken place on Christmas. And I'll tell you why. Because at the very end of the film, Hans Gruber has his his wife, Holly. And Bruce Willis, aka John McClain steps out and he all he has is a gun and two bullets. That's all he has. And he has no way of going out there with the gun without immediately getting shot.

So so he doesn't know what to do. And then he looks to the side and there is a stack of Christmas presents. Yes. And Christmas tape.

Yes. Thick Christmas tape. And he takes the thick Christmas tape and he tapes the gun to his back.

And because of that, he is able to save the day. Understood. Only because this took place on Christmas. Period.

Well, that's a solid take, Jake. But here you go. My opinion on that would be, of course, it has to take place in Christmas. What other event during the year has an entire office get together for a party? You know what I'm saying? Like there's no there's no Easter party. There's no. So none of that. Right. Right. Right.

For instance. Yes. Right. And the office comes together. Right. And the book of Lamentations. And they go into the office closet and break out scotch tape and put the gun to his back.

Like they're happy. These are all constructs for the film, not the film's reason for existing as an allegory. That's what I'm saying. But I disagree because it's about rebirth and renewal, which is a Christmas theme. I mean, it's not my holiday.

It's not my. Or it's about a terrorist trying to rob a bank. Right. It could be that too. Right.

They just smash him up. Right. And I just think at this point, you're just you honestly you're like Rudy Giuliani with the voting. Oh, really? Yeah. OK.

It's like it doesn't matter. Hold on a second. You're saying I'm the Sidney Powell of diehard takes? Is that what you're saying?

That's worse than solid. I didn't I didn't say Sidney Powell. OK.

I didn't I didn't go. I mean, like I at least look at us right now. You at one point with Times person of the year, at one point with America's mayor, now what he is understood there was a, you know, respect that at one point. And I would like to say I'm just saying this discreetly on this one issue, not my overall perception of you as a person or as a sports commentator, et cetera.

But on this one issue, you are Giuliani ask. I mean, yeah. OK. I appreciate it. Do you want to do this one last thing with Jake?

Do I have a couple more minutes with you, Jake? We got that. OK. I'm going to have you predict the Philadelphia Eagles schedule. Win loss. I'm going to go one game by one game. OK. You're going to tell me if they win or they lose and then we'll just we'll check your work by the end of the season.

How does that sound? All right. All right. Hold on. That's all right. I'll read it off to you. You don't have to have it in front of you. Don't worry. I've got you. I got your back right here. Yeah.

Put on. Give me the music. Just this is another again for someone from Philadelphia. It's just right across the way where this music was created. I'm not mistaken. John Fescenda once did the news in Philadelphia, right? Jake? Isn't that right?

He's a Philadelphia newsman first and foremost. I'm not sure. OK. That's true. We'll look at you.

I'm teaching you a thing or two right here. OK. Here we go.

Jake Tapper. Eagles schedule. Let's go win loss. First game at New England.

What do you got? Win? Yeah. OK. Then here is their home opener, a Thursday night against the Minnesota Vikings. Win. At the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on a Monday night. Win. That's three in a row.

The Washington Commanders as they're still. Wow. Wow.

OK. We'll put that down as a. I mean like assuming the team still exists. Yes. Win. OK. Very good. At the Los Angeles Rams.

You're in Southern California. Win. At the Jets and Aaron Rodgers. Win. That's a 6-0 start. Home for the Dolphins on Sunday Night Football. Win. That's seven. Win.

At the Washington Commanders. Oh. Win. Are you going to that game? Would you go to it? I might.

I might. October 29th. Write that down on your calendar. Are you going to be there? Hell no.

Next up, the Dallas Cowboys at home. Oh. OK. So here's the thing.

OK. Like obviously this is a bitter rivalry and has been for years. Yes, sir. And, you know, at some point I have to say loss. I don't want to make it this and I wouldn't say that I'm super impressed with the Cowboys but so I'm going to say win. That's 9-0. OK. That's 9-0. I'll take it. 9-0 going into the bye week. Oh my goodness.

We're starting to grease light poles. All right. Here we go.

At the Kansas City Chiefs on a Monday night. All right. We have to lose at one point and so OK. You'll give that one?

We'll lose at one point. All right. Home for the Buffalo Bills. Win.

Oh. Home for the Niners. Win.

By the way, what a stretch of games this is, Chris. At the Dallas Cowboys. Win. By the way, my home at the big flick this year tagged me out.

Yes. I said the Super Bowl wasn't enough. At the Seattle Seahawks. Win. Home for the Giants. Win. Home for the Cardinals. Win. At the Giants. Win. That's a 16-1 season. OK.

But you'll be resting guys week 18 so that's probably a loss. Maybe not. I don't know. Never know. Never know. You know.

I feel really good about the boys this year. OK. 16-1. OK. Yes. Yes.

That's Phil Mickelson sitting in for Chris Brockman right there. OK. Nice. Nice. All right, Jake.

Thanks for the time. Have a great show today. We got a lot of news. Special counsel for Hunter Biden. Oh, really? Your 10th favorite Biden. Here we go.

Yeah. Jake Tapper. Put the latest on all of that on CNN later on and everybody go check out his new book if you already have it. All the Demons are here.

All books are sold. You the man. You take care of yourself, Jake. OK. All right, buddy. Take care. Right back at you.

This is Jake Tapper of CNN. Again, all the demons are here. 16-1. Seriously, we're going to make a ton of money on the Eagles this fall. By the way, how about that stretch of games? No, end of the bye week, home for Dallas. Bye week at the Chiefs, they got the Bills and the Niners and the Cowboys in three straight weeks and the Seahawks. It's crazy.

Going to Seattle. It's a tough stretch. I mean, that's one of the stretches you're lucky to win. You know, three and two, you come out of that three and two, you're feeling pretty good. Nine and O into the bye week is, you know.

By the way. Doable given the schedule. Weren't they the longest undefeated team last year?

Yeah, I think so. Does Jake realize that the Eagles are four and eight in their last 12 games against the Dallas Cowboys? I'm just wondering if he realizes.

He's too busy worrying about special counsels to know about. That fact. I should have told him that before he gave two wins.

Well, Dak's throwing a lot of picks, so. Oh my God. One time. One time. Sorry, TJ. 844-204 Rich, number to dial right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Jason McCourty in hour number three.

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Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen. Mr. Brockman in old school gambling parlance, are you familiar with the term cooler? Yes. If you're at a hot table and you sit down and all of a sudden the cards don't go your way, you're the cooler.

And do you believe that the concept of the cooler also can exist in sports? Sure. I think that's possible. Mr. Brockman, is it true that you attended Super Bowl 52 as a Patriots fan in game seven of the Eastern Conference Finals as a Celtics fan?

Where are we going with this? Yes or no? Did you attend those games?

Yes. Can you please tell the committee the results of those games? The Eagles won the Super Bowl and the Cavs won game seven. And Mr. Brockman, is it true that the Rich Eisen show for the past four years has conducted a March Madness bracket challenge in which the loser has to wear clown makeup?

That's true. We've done that. Who'd lost this season? I lost. And the season before that? I lost. The season before that one? I lost.

And the season before that one? I lost. Mr. Brockman, do you think your history of bad luck will have a detrimental effect on the Rich Eisen show as it heads to Washington, D.C.? Well, actually, I think that it's just... I plead the fifth. Right. Mr. Brockman, what I mean by bad luck is any unforeseen mistakes or accidents, like last time when the show was in Washington, D.C. Hit it. This is definitely not going to end well.

Is this necessary? I'm out of here. Yikes. Medic. Mike Hoskins with the medic line at the end there. Well done, Mike.

Sam Tullo. So good. At the Inquisitor. That was my note. Well done.

That was your note? Just icing on the cake. Attaboy. Look at you. Look at us.

Look at us. The Rich Eisen Show radio network's back on the air. I'm sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger. With supplies and solutions for every industry, Grainger is the right product for you.

Call or just stop by. Jake Tapper gave you a news nugget out the door of what's being discussed in Washington, D.C. today. Outside of that, in our toy department, what's being discussed in Washington, D.C. is Eric Bienemy. Mean, mean, mean coach. You mean man. Big old meanie. Jerk.

But a big old meanie. Yelled at me. Telling players to stop sucking and do better.

Eighteen losses in two years. Okay. Well, look. A lot of that has to do with, you know. I'm just saying.

Not having good players. Well, again, Scott Turner, Norv's kid, apparently is the antithesis and it appeared Ron Rivera thought somebody needed to take their foot and break it off where the sun does not shine on the offense. Because you don't hire Eric Bienemy thinking, let's see what he's got in store. It's well known he's a real red-ass. He's tough, man. He's tough.

He's got a taste for some. So is Bill Parcells. I know. But Parcells had to win first in order for that to actually work. And Eric, wait, I'm being told Eric Bienemy's won. Part of the reason why, it's not only because he's good at his job, but the coach was atop the offensive flowchart, good at his job.

And the quarterback atop that flowchart is good at his job as well. But he also, what, like he never heard it from Bienemy? You don't think when he's coming out of Texas Tech, he didn't hear a thing from Bienemy. He didn't hear a thing from Bienemy going into the Denver week when he first got his first start coming out of Denver week. You don't think he's heard it?

Patrick Mahomes has chimed in on the subject du jour. Roll it. I saw E.B. say it, I mean, perfect.

I mean, E.B. is going to be harsh on you. He's going to really try to get the best out of you every single day. He's not going to let you, he's going to hold you accountable whenever you don't even want to hold yourself accountable. And it made me a better player, and I think what he said that that was the biggest thing is he's your number one supporter, though he will go to war with you just like any other guy on your team. And you've got to know that and you got to know when he's talking to you on the football field that he's trying to get the best out of you. He's not trying to put you down. He's trying to push you to be even better than you think you can be. And so that's something that I think that they'll understand when they go out there and they start winning football games is there's a reason to why he's coaching you the way that he's coaching you and that he loves you. I mean, he loves every guy that he coaches. And you see that with the guys that come out and said stuff about him, Jamal Charles, Adrian Peterson, Tyreek.

I mean, they understand that he loves you and he's going to try to get the best out of you every single day. Well said, sir. Best player in football, right? Yes, sir. Oh, OK. That's the one. Let's check in on that. OK.

Helps make the coach look good. Well. Let's see.

You also have to know your players. You can't go hard on everyone. No, that is very true. True? Yeah. My Mooch Mooch said that yesterday.

So so you can game on, baby. You can't really yell at Del Tufo. He's a little bit more sensitive, please. You know, I'll take it a little bit more. You know, again, this is this is being discussed now. This is being discussed now. The coach put it out there.

This is a this has been a two, three day news cycle now on this story. Now, that Mahomes has finally chimed in on it. This will be put to bed. And we will see. How these guys perform on the field this year, I will say this to Philly fans, I know that Jake laughed when I just mentioned the Washington commanders.

Disrespectful. If I'm not mistaken, the Washington commanders are the ones who ended the Eagles undefeated start last year. They've got it in a man.

They've got the players and they've got the defense. Oh, God. Chase Young can come back, right? Possibly and be the chase young. Yeah.

Didn't play last year. Here we go. Can't wait. Can't wait.

I know, man. This season is going to be great. Washington at home to start the season against Arizona. That is one that they have to win. That's the one has to win because they're at Denver and home for Buffalo and at Philly after that. Yeah.

I don't know where the other ones. Guys, obviously, all that yelling will not help them on Thanksgiving. That's automatic.

Oh, but for the rest of the season, I'm sure. See now. No, no, no. Second. Hold on a second. This is a perfect example of you're like, why are the Cowboys why is the Cowboys name in everybody's mouth when they don't put it in? It's like I have that thing. I'll give it to the NFC East. It's these other jabronis that want to chime in.

I already have time for the NFC East. You know, they talk bad about us, too. Am I not mistaken? Alex Smith strolled in there on a Thanksgiving. Dallas always steps on their turkey leg. It's true. Wow. Gobble. Gobble.

More often than not on Thanksgiving. That's funny. Yeah. Before Buffalo is Buffalo, remember, the Bills went down there and beat them. Well, they're a good team. Not when they beat you guys on Thanksgiving. I mean, everybody brings their a game to us to understand, you know, what we need to do here is we need to refresh everyone's memory.

I think this is a perfect opportunity to refresh everyone's memory as we go into a season. That T.J. Jefferson has a tier system, whether you're allowed to talk to him or not. It's true. Talk trash.

Anyone can talk again. Tier one. This is like the athletic, but the sources are not anonymous.

One source. And it's T.J. Jefferson. If you're allowed to argue with T.J. about football, tier one is if you've got three or more Super Bowl wins, you're in you're in the VIP VIP bottle service for them. Bottle service. Understood.

Sparklers, a little sign with your name on there. If you've got one or two Super Bowl wins, you're in the club in the club. So you're in the club. Oh, I'm in.

I'm in. I'm in VV. I know. I know. I'm a bottle from Brockman.

Yeah. By the time Rogers is done, I'll be in the VIP. Now I'm just in the club.

I'm in the club. I've got to dust off my card. I've got to dust off my I.D. I can feel it. If he cards me, I've got to dust it off. I've got to listen to you.

It's the it's the it's the oldest one one Super Bowl win document in the NFL, because, as you know, Green Bay had the two before the Jets and have had more couples since then. So you're in the club. Keep it going. Hold on a minute. I can barely hear you.

If you have no Super Bowl wins, you're tier three. You've got to wait in line. They're outside. They're waiting for security. That means they could get in sometime in February if they're so lucky or they could not right now. Lions fans could get in in February. They got right.

No, they haven't even been there, Rich. That's browns. Fans can get in line for February.

It's cold out. There is what I'm saying. They get one in and then they were in the club and they got one win this year. They get their first this year. They are in the club.

I don't know. But you have to have been to the game to wait in line. No, I mean, if you've got no Super Bowl wins, you have to wait in line.

If you have no Super Bowl appearances, you stay at home. Oh, is that where it is? Yeah.

I once had a fan of the team. You're going to stay at home? ATC. So wait a minute. So you can potentially go from home to in the club this year. Yeah. If you are the Browns. If you're the Jaguars. Jaguars.

Right. So Bengals, Texans. The Texans. The Texans are in line. Bengals are in line.

They've been a few times. Right. No wins. So if you take an actual sports conversation segment out of this, who are the most likely to go from home to the club this year? Browns, Lions, Jaguars, and Texans. Hold on. I don't know if the Texans are are likely to do it. They have no appearances. I put in likely.

This is a Friday. This is what's more likely. Those are the four who have never played in a Super Bowl because the Chargers have, right? Let's see who else.

That's Stan Humphries. Yeah. By the way, man.

Most appearances without it. Well, let's see. Vikings. That's why. It was Stan Humphries making it, right? I don't know.

And that's why that Cowboys-Niners game was for the Super Bowl. Essentially. Right.

Why did Jimmy have to go? Who else is there? Who else is there? Oh, yeah. Teams who haven't been. Who haven't been at all.

Like, ever. Those are the four. That's it.

Yeah. There's only four. There's only four that have been there. Never won.

But never won. Falcons. Bengals. Lions or Jaguars. Chargers. Vikings.

Right? Lions. Jaguars. Browns. Bills.

All at the crib. Throw that out there. Netflix. I want that on a Twitter. Here we go. Twitter poll. An ex-poll. Twitter.

Twitter poll. Which team has never made a Super Bowl? Which team that's never made a Super Bowl is most likely to win one this year?

Lions, Jaguars, Browns. We need the none option. No, we don't.

We don't. Even though you're gonna get a bunch of tweets saying, no, well, that's not how the game goes. That's not how the game's played.

Just pick one of the three. We're not playing the game. I mean, the Lions are gonna run away with this, yeah? You think so? What about the Jaguars?

We had an established conversation here yesterday. AFC, Rich. So what? They made the final four in the AFC last year.

And at one point, put a little bit of skill, there was an uh-oh, like sort of a swallow hard moment or two in GEHA Stadium at Arrowhead. Gee-haw. I think my tier system is fair, Rich. I think the club system is...

But that's exactly the fact that you have a tier system and who can talk to you. When honestly, honestly, TJ, if you could just put that system up. Now, this is all time, right? If you go, okay, the last 25 years... No, I'm not getting in the club.

No, I'm not getting in the club. Let's just say your tier system started in 1996. Yeah. You're at home.

But it didn't start in 1996. You're at home. You are at home. Paul is out. I'm in line. Right? No, I'm at home too. I'm at home too. But it started in 1967.

Chris is the only one out. I own the club. It's called Brockman's. Literally, the club is called Brockman's. Brockman's. It's called Brockman's. It's called Brockman's. Brockman's. Brockman's. Brockman's. Brockman's. Brockman's. It's called Brockman's.

Chris has his own booth. No, it's called Masshole's. That's the name of the club.

But no, but the tier system started in 1967. Brady's. Brady's. Brady's. You know. With a little part of ownership of Belichick's, right? Yeah. Oh, Brady's.

Scott Zolack's got his own corner. It's called Brellachex. BBK. Brellachex. It's called Brellachex.

Bill, Brady, and Kraft. Yeah, that's right. BBK. BBK. There you go. BBK's. Hey, come on out to BBK's. All right. Not bad. That's a rich number to dial. What's more likely when we come back, and where is a ton of likelihoods to hit?

That's next. This is The Rich Eisen Show. It's time for kickoff, and the Believe Podcast will get you ready for the new season. How do you live through this as a Detroit sports fan?

Believe has podcasts covering all 32 professional teams, and many of your favorite college teams too. Fight your defense. You got better. Sideline to sideline. End zone to end zone.

If you don't do those things, then you're not even trying your hardest to win at football, and I don't know what we're doing. There was a lot of great players on those teams that I was fortunate to be part of. Search BLEAV Podcast wherever you listen. Back here on the program, this caught the eye of Shawn Mitchell, Rich Eisen Show digital coordinating producer. The boat on which Pussy Bompincero got whacked, and also many other moments of Sopranos fame. The Stu Gotts out of Belmar, New Jersey is up for sale. So question, Mike, is I understand there is some pop culture significance of extreme note, but a 30-year-old boat for $300,000? That's just because of what it is.

No, that boat right there, that's a prime fishing boat. And you know, right? I don't know.

Again, I don't know. That's a decent price. 300 grand? Oh yeah, 100%. Would you buy that?

If it were out here and I didn't have a boat. Well, you can get it out here. Money is... Mike, I only have a Stu Gotts. But you can get the original, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, you are calling your boat Stu Gotts.

And it's just like, oh, I'm a big Sopranos fan. But you want to talk about a flex. Oh, and I have the actual boat?

The Stu Gotts in Marina del Rey, California. I mean, wherever you are docking your current Stu Gotts. Now, I'd rather, you know what boat I'd rather have? The Orca from Jaws, if it didn't sink. This is beside the point.

I know. We're not talking about the Orca. I'm talking about boats. I don't, I already have a Stu Gotts.

What do you want, the Stu Gotts? The boat. Is it worth it?

Tony bought JSA's captain's hat. Is that a fair price? That's a fair price. That's a beautiful fishing boat. Because you could then, Mike, you could turn on, you could do tours on the boat.

You can make money. See, that's the thing. Tony lived on that thing. For a while. Yes, for a while. That's right. That's right. Look at that right there. You'll make money on that. Boy, the story, the way, if the walls could talk on these Stu Gotts. Not in the face, okay?

844-204-RICH, number to dial, here on the program. So much to talk about, so let's do it in our favorite Friday format. What's more likely? What's more likely?

Never say never, but never. All right, what do you have over there, Christopher? What's up, guys?

Everybody good? It's Friday. Football. Football. No, no. Get this just in. Hey, CJ Stroud threw a pick last night.

It wasn't very good. I feel like there's going to be a lot of those. Which rookie quarterback is more likely to throw the most interceptions this year? CJ Stroud, Bryce Young, Anthony Richardson. I will go with Stroud. I will just go with Stroud because they're a team that has, you know, that's coming in most bare, if you will, from last year. And I know, you know, we gotta get ourselves Stroud protected and he will be better than obviously the other night. I just don't know if Richardson's gonna be winging it around as much. And I think Bryce Young has, I guess, more experience on the ball. And I'll just take Stroud based on the team that he's joining, not on what he is. I think all three will be successful in this league. I think that, even though the odds are against it, but that's my two cents on that. I'll choose Stroud. That's the likeliest.

Off the top of my head. That seems fair, that seems logical. You talked that out. Next, we've been talking about Baker Mayfield, the Bucks, Kyle Trask, we talk about that a lot.

Well, did you see the report last night from, Ira Kaufman? Yes, that it's Mayfield's gig. Mayfield's gig week one against Minnesota.

No matter what happens. No matter what happens, more likely to start more games for the Bucks this year. Baker Mayfield or Kyle Trask. You're just gonna keep pounding this drum. I mean, where's the Baker hate coming from, Chris? I don't think he's very good.

Okay, well guess what? He's gonna start more games for the Bucks this year. And I told you, he's gonna get at least four. And then there's the bye week at five. So you think they'll go Kyle Trask for 13 games? Walk me through the process in which Kyle Trask gets more games than Baker Mayfield. Baker stinks, Kyle goes in, plays well, he starts a lot more.

Or he just stinks and they're full Caleb Williams. Or they both stink and then it's tank time and it's easier to tank with Kyle Trask than it is with a guy you brought in. And it's tough to tank.

It's tough to tank with all those very prideful Super Bowl winners with rings on defense. So it's Baker Mayfield, man. And I think- All year? Well, more starts than Trask.

So double digit starts. And I think he'll do better than you think. I mean, I was wrong about Geno last year. I've been wrong before.

Can we get that as a drop? I've been wrong before. What else? They played last night. More likely to make the playoffs this year, Vikings or Seahawks. No, no way. Both made it last year. They played last night obviously. Yeah, I know. And so you're saying I can't choose both here, right?

Obviously not. They're both pretty- I really like the Seahawks. I'll take the Seahawks over the Vikings. Even though I understand the division in which I'm talking about right now.

So talk it out. Niners, Seahawks in the West. Do you like maybe Lions and Green Bay sneak in? I like the Vikings to make it again, but you're telling me I'm not allowed to do that.

That's not the game. You're saying if I have to choose one or the other, I will choose Seattle. I really like the kids that they drafted last year and this year and Pete and Geno and Jackson Smith and Jigba being added to that offense with Zach Charbonnet being added to that offense. They're really good, pal. And Bobby Wagner back to tell everyone how it's done.

So what else you got over there? These guys are playing tonight, Jaguars, Cowboys. Tonight, this weekend, week one, preseason. More likely to throw more touchdown passes this year. Talk about a lot of picks, positive. Let's keep it positive, TJ. Touchdowns, Trevor Lawrence, Dak, who throws more? I'll take Trevor. TJ? Oh, you're asking me?

Okay, I'll go with Trevor as well. Okay. Oh. I'm high on the Jaguars, pal. Very.

Wow. Calvin Ridley's gonna be a huge difference maker with Christian Kirk and Zay Jones. Flipping it also to Yi Tian. Just how many times are you just gonna flip it out to Travis and he goes 50 yards untouched? Yeah, I think he's gonna have a good year. Yeah, me too. I like him. I like him a lot. Although I think Brandon Cooks in Dallas is gonna be something else.

I mean, how could he not? He's a perpetual 1,000-yard receiver where he goes. I like him. I thought that was a nice, boy, did they miss him last year.

Oh, yeah. But you gotta remember, too, Gallup now is gonna be a year healthier coming off his injury. I'll take Trevor Lawrence anyway.

What else? These two teams play each other this weekend, although I doubt these individual players are gonna see any action. Jalen Hurts and Lamar Jackson.

Which quarterback is more likely to have more rushing touchdowns, rushing touchdowns this year? Hurts. Really? Hurts. I'm thinking, I just got the third overall pick in my fantasy trip.

You can take Hurts' third overall? He's a running back who plays quarterback last year. Hold on a minute.

He's filthy, I mean. Hold on a minute. Did he have 13 rushing touchdowns last year? Hold on a minute. Is that what he had? Hold on a minute.

Let me see here. He had 13 rushing touchdowns last year, yes. Yeah.

Yeah, as many as Chubb and McCaffrey, and more than Miles Sanders. Especially since, you know, you're not allowed to push people anymore, or you are allowed to push people still? I think you are.

There was talk about getting that overturned, and I don't think it was. They're the best at that. Yeah, the Eagles have some weird thing they do there.

What else, Chris? I mean, Lamar Jackson, good running quarterback too. I think he's gonna run it last this year.

I think he's gonna be, they're gonna be emphasizing his remarkable passing skills. I'm really proud of this one. Yes.

I'm really proud of this one. Higher, what's more likely to be the higher total this season, Rams wins or Taylor Swift shows at SoFi? She had six shows at SoFi, and Rams wins. Oh boy, what a question. I mean, Brock, but this is a really good one. Well, fortunately for the Rams, she added more shows at the last minute during the summer.

Yes, yes. So it wasn't three. It wasn't three or four. And then she went to six, because I heard she, I heard she makes over $20 million a show.

Oh, it's probably true. By the way. By the way, more games we will sell. Over, I'll take the over.

He's gonna make a lot of money on this tour. So, we're games, Brock. Rams wins or Taylor Swift shows. I'll take the Rams over.

And when does the banner go up? I'm taking the Rams over. Taking the Rams. You're such a positive guy. I am. I wish I had that in me.

Yeah, what else? More likely to happen first. There's another billion dollar lottery jackpot or a running back gets paid.

This is great. So, who's gonna get mega millions first? A human being in the United States or a running back? There's already been $2 billion jackpots this year. I think we'll get another billion dollar jackpot. What I saw, I think I saw the odds of winning the mega millions is one in 302 million. It's something like that. I saw that. So yeah, I'll take mega millions. Powerball currently at 200 million. Unfortunately for running backs, they're not getting paid. It's on the way.

In the manner in which they want. They're not even gonna get a Cole Komet deal. Unfortunately. Last one.

Four years, 50 mil. Last one, Lions and Giants play this weekend. More likely to be a top 12 quarterback, fantasy quarterback. Golf or Daniel Jones? Oh, I'll go golf.

I'll go golf. I know Daniel Jones. I just think Daniel Jones is just too inconsistent.

I need to see it. But he's a runner too. I understand he's a runner too.

But Jared Goff has got some weaponry and he's got the arm for it. I'll choose golf over Daniel Jones. That's our number two. Jason McCourty coming up hour three on the show. I just need to see it from Daniel Jones.

And we saw it in Minnesota and then we saw it in Philadelphia. If you need to see it from the guy, why do you give him $40 million? Because by the way, that's on the low end of the scale. It's on the low end of the scale. It is.

It's just the new way of- But he shouldn't be anywhere near the high end of the low end. Again, the Super Bowl, we were in Miami. It was the calendar year 2020. We had Dak there and he was just about to sign his contract and the question was, how are you gonna sell the Cabot?

What are they gonna do? They wound up signing him to a $40 million a year contract and that was so eye-popping. That is now Daniel Jones's contract and that's eye-popping because it was given to Daniel Jones but that is on the lower end of the quarterback payment scale.

So that aside, I need to see something consistent from him. I will absolutely think that Jared Goff, who's been to a Super Bowl before and who can really throw it is gonna have some serious weaponry. That Jameer Gibbs kid and an Amon Ross St. Brown. I told you he was a top 10 receiver last year.

He's gonna prove it again this year. Dak at that point had 40 career wins. He was 40 and 24. Daniel Jones has half that. I get it.

He's 21 and 31. Well, I know. You're just not a Daniel Jones fan and- I'm a fan of reality. I'm aware of that. You're a very solid fan of reality. I love you. Hour number three coming up right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Don't go anywhere. Jason McCourty when we come back. For over three decades, nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson.

Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with Arn. After watching AEW's Double or Nothing, Amy wants to know, what does dinosaur taste like? It ain't chicken. It's like biting into a scented charcoal briquette. Ah. But chewy. Oh, wow, that's disgusting. It sure is. Check out Arn every week, wherever you listen.
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