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8-7-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence
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August 7, 2023 5:48 am

8-7-23 After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 2

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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August 7, 2023 5:48 am

San Diego Padres radio analyst Sammy Levitt joins the show | Reds rookie Lyon Richardson allows HR's on first two MLB pitches | Jose Ramirez/Tim Anderson BRAWL. 


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Just go to and enter code PROGRAM. We spent the first hour on the Women's World Cup turning our attention to Major League Baseball now. Still the dog days of summer, so even as I point out, it's five weeks until we are immersed in reaction to NFL Sunday week one. We got to get through the month of August in Major League Baseball and we're post-trade deadline, which means teams are trying to find their stride. They're trying to get comfortable. Maybe they've shuffled the lineup. They've lost pieces.

They brought in new pieces. The lines are clearly drawn and we're seeing strange, strange happenings. It's like Halloween in early August for teams like the Angels who've dropped six in a row, the Reds who've dropped six in a row, the Diamondbacks who've dropped six in a row. Well, the Mets no one really cares about except Jay. They've also dropped six in a row.

He doesn't care either, but the other three are contenders and so here you are seeing these teams that did make moves or did position themselves and instead they're going the wrong way. It's the opposite for the Padres. Have they waited too long? Have the Padres screwed around, wasted enough time that they're not going to be able to recover and compete or are we seeing a repeat of 2022? They were hosting the arch rival Dodgers on Sunday night. And now the 3-2 and a high fly ball to right. It's deep and it's on its way and Freddie Freeman with a three-run home run. And the Dodgers are doing damage to their former teammate Rich Hill.

They are beating them to a pole. Oh, Charlie Steiner just not pulling any punches there on Dodgers radio. Yeah, Rich Hill gave a bunch of home runs.

That was a problem. San Diego manager Bob Melvin knows the team is so close to getting over that 500 hump. We've come up against that 500 mark a couple times now and you know we'd like to be able to push through that and get on the other side of it.

Hopefully that'll be a big hurdle for us. They're so close. Two games shy of it. It's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Pleased to welcome Sammy Levitt who is the pre and post game host for the Padres radio network.

It's now midnight San Diego time. He's had a chance to breathe and at this point there's plenty of time left in the season Sammy. We know the Padres are making up some ground. So what's gotten into them the last couple of weeks? Well, they've played a better brand of baseball overall even with the loss earlier tonight. The Dodgers they're 18 and 12 since July began.

Obviously the first half of the season really the first 90 100 games. They weren't what people expected here in San Diego. This was a team that came in with true World Series aspirations and even taking a step back before that had real aspirations to win this division and obviously the Dodgers have a big lead on them right now and I don't think anybody here in San Diego is necessarily thinking about the division right now but what they are thinking about is the wild card and that is very very doable right now. The Padres even after tonight after a loss they're three games out of a wild card spot in the National League. The teams in front of them whether it be Miami or Arizona or Cincinnati have not played well lately and you look at this Padres team they are super super talented and they've done some things this year that would lead you to believe their record should be much better than where it is.

The teams below 500. The starting pitching has been pretty excellent all year. The run differential is among the best in the National League. Obviously they have star power offensively with Soto and Machado and Tsitsis and Bogarts.

What Hassan Kim has done. You know they've got back end relief in Hader and Suarez. I mean it's a team that that should have the ability to go on a run here and I would think make up three games you know in the standings and 50 games especially with the teams really struggling in front of them. So that's where they are right now. They played a better brand of baseball here the last month plus and the key for them right now is they have to keep playing that way and and really get above 500. Get above 500 and then go from there.

Well I'm glad you mentioned that because I was going to ask even if it's just more of a a benchmark for where they are and how far they've come. How much does it matter that they are getting so close to that 500 mark? Yeah well they've had a little bit of a ceiling with that 500 mark lately just in this series against the Dodgers. They had an opportunity to get back to 500 on Friday.

Had a late lead. Bullpen couldn't hold it and they dropped back to two games below 500. They get a big time win yesterday. A huge rally in the eighth inning and I think you could argue their most important rally inning game win of the season yesterday and then here today they fall behind six nothing and they lose the game they fall back to two games below. So they they cannot right now find a way to get back to 500. They haven't been at 500 since May 11th when they were 19 and 19 which is which is hard to believe considering the level of talent on this team and what the expectations were. But we all I think acknowledge here in San Diego that in order for them to get to the postseason to do what they need to do to get there and it is doable right now with how the standings line up and the teams ahead of them all of it what we just discussed they are going to have to get back to 500 at some point and then get over it.

So that is the next plateau for this team like I said they're playing better baseball but absolutely getting to 500 and then getting over it that would be step one and what they need to do these final couple of months. Looking back over the first two-thirds of the season what would you point to what culprit maybe what challenge what fatal flaw has kept them from being competitive? Yeah there are really two areas Amy number one they've had issues with runners and scoring position all year it was a major issue throughout the first half it's been better lately but they've been towards the bottom of major league baseball in at bats with runners and scoring position team batting average with runners and scoring position all year.

It's been a big problem all year and there are still times even in this nice run they've had since the start of July where those issues have popped up again. The other part of it is the close games I mean there's 6-18 in one run games there are 0-10 in extra inning games which is hard to fathom being 0-10 in extra inning games because as you know Andy as everybody knows you're tied going to extra innings and certainly with the randomness of having the runner on second base now you would think one of those games would fall your way especially with the lineup the Padres have it is not they're 0-10. So those two things issues with runners and scoring position and then you know it's been sort of in some ways a very mystifying team at times with the issues in close games the the issues and extra innings but it's just been that way for whatever reason and they have not been able to figure out those issues in close games consistently you know they've won some of them but there have just been a lot of games that that they've lost in a variety of different ways so that's why when you look at things like run differential when you look at how good their starting pitching has been right and then you look at and then you look at their record it doesn't really make sense right because you would think with with some of these numbers they'd be better and in fact their expected win-loss record is a lot better than where they are but then you look at the issues in close games and one run games and extra innings and it sort of tells the story and that part of it has been really hard to figure out this season why exactly they've had so much trouble their bullpen has been very good at times it's been not as good at times but still you know 6 and 18 in one run games is obviously something that's been hard to figure out I think. Sammy Levitt is with us from San Diego after Sunday Night Baseball where the Padres do fall to the Dodgers but getting so close to that 500 mark figuring out what's behind the surge and how they can maybe make another run to the NLCS he's with the pre and post game show on Padres radio network and our San Diego affiliate 97.3 the fan it's after hours CBS sports radio how much confidence can they take from last year when they did get all the way to the NLCS as a wild card and as a team that made a late surge similar to what they will need this year Sammy? It's a great point Amy and I say this with confidence I don't think there's any team in the National League that would want to face the Padres if they do get into the postseason for all the reasons we've discussed the quality of their starting pitching the star power they have in the lineup the back end arms in their bullpen whether it's a Robert Suarez or a Josh Hader who's obviously or I should say arguably been the best closer in baseball this season he's been terrific for this team here in 2023 I think this team should have a lot of confidence and again it's a very it's a very doable thing they have to do which is pick up three games right now in a wild card race in 50 games especially with some young teams struggling ahead of them I think if they get in they are extremely dangerous and they should take confidence in the fact that you know they got in via a wild card last year they ended up beating a couple of 100 win teams in the Mets and the Dodgers and the wild card round and then the National League division series and you know a couple of things go differently in the NLCS who knows how that series ends up against the Phillies so you know for them right now in my mind and I think in their minds too it is do what we got to do to get in they've got work to do they've got ground to make up they've got to get back to 500 and yet everybody thought they'd be battling for a division and they wouldn't be under 500 here in early August but if you forget all that and you just focus on getting into the dance I think this team has a ton of potential to go on the same type of run they did last year and maybe even further if they can get in but that's the key right now getting in because again you look at some of the things this team does well some of the parts some of the star power it would be a team that if I'm in the National League would really scare me if I have to play him in a wild card round and beyond no doubt especially with that experience they actually did do some homework on Justin Verlander and potentially bringing him in and it wasn't the right fit they did have a couple of their own pitchers who were at least dangled but they didn't like the offers they got at the deadline so what's your reaction to them not being the Mets right not deciding to divest themselves of big time pieces standing pat and believing that they can in fact make something special of the rest of 23. Yeah Amy I thought it was the right thing to do on a number of different levels first I just felt like they were in it and I looked at the teams ahead of them and and I think you know even you know they were I'd have to go look where they were a few days before the trade deadline they weren't three games out it was more like five six games out but I thought you were within striking range enough and there's been so much investment in this team you know something we talked about I think during the playoff run last year was was just the crowd in San Diego and how unbelievable it was Amy it's been it's been amazing in San Diego at Petco Park this year to give you an idea they've sold out the building 48 times in 55 openings including tonight wow I mean this this fan base has so passionately bought into this team even despite them not playing up to expectations to this point in the season you know I think again from what they can do if they just get in to the idea of of rewarding the fan base a little bit and saying you know we're not gonna trade a Blake Snell we're not going to trade a Josh Heater what we're going to do instead and this is what they did was add on some depth that's making the trade for G-man Choi and Rich Hill for Pittsburgh getting Garrett Cooper from Miami some bench pieces some guys you can DH they can play some first base adding Scott Barlow from Kansas City in the bullpen adding on to this team's depth um you know I again I just thought with the potential this team has to go on a run and with the teams in front of them starting to struggle I personally thought it was worth just adding a little bit and and not selling any pieces away and also from the emotional standpoint I admit like the stuff with the fans and things like that that's me talking as somebody who's at the ballpark every night but I you know I wanted a fun final couple of months I want these fans to keep coming out and and be rewarded a little bit with a team that that can go on a run so I felt that way about it on both those levels and you know obviously you make a great point on the Mets they were in a similar situation little bit different just because of the contract with Scherzer and Verlander and having those guys on short-term deals and their older pitchers and all of that a little bit different but very very similar in the sense of a team that has a big time payroll uh you know big expectations and to that point by the trade deadline had not lived up to those expectations and you're right they've gone in very different directions you know was it 100% the right choice for the Padres not to get a return for Snell and Hader things like that I think that's a conversation we can only have once the season is over and we see where the Padres go because I think if they make the postseason it 100% was the right decision not to move those pieces so long answer to your question but I I really thought what they did was was the right thing to do on multiple levels and again I think for them if they can get in yeah they're really really dangerous and like I've been saying right now three games out 50 games to play it's very very doable this team all they have to do is play the baseball they're capable of well and you think about the crowds as you pointed out which is a major home field advantage but also their recent sweep of the the Texas Rangers who have been in first place in the AOS the entire season Sammy Levitt is Padre's radio host joining us from San Diego following Sunday night baseball after hours CBS sports radio if you don't mind just a couple of words about Fernando Tatis and how he has been reintegrated back into the lineup the roster after everything he went through how different is he as a person and a baseball player yeah I think Fernando's done everything right you know I was there last summer right around this time when the suspension came down and when he spoke inside the dugout with Padre's president of baseball operations general manager AJ Creller and he apologized and and you know all of it you know that happened last season obviously it was very disappointing season between the injuries and the suspension and then ultimately comes back in mid-april this season I think Fernando's done everything right he said all the right things he's come back to the clubhouse come back to being on the field every day and has had a terrific attitude he plays hard he's embraced playing right field 100 and Amy he's been a gold club caliber right fielder he's been sensational out there offensively I think considering the time he missed a full year in the major league he's been pretty good you know it's it's been a little up and down he's been slumping a little bit lately and but he's been hitting the ball hard and I think a lot of that's bad luck too but you look at his numbers and he's going to end up having some some very solid numbers this season on top of that dealing with a position change to right field playing truly a gold club caliber right field and obviously just getting back into the swing of playing major league baseball each and every day something he hadn't done in a while so to me he's done all the right things even early in the season when he's dealing with hecklers in New York and Chicago I mean he's dancing with him he's played it the way I thought he should have played it with that personality the infectious smile he has he's he's kind of just embraced it and you know we we haven't you know there have been no issues with any of that stuff to him so it's been fun to watch he's such an exciting player and I think all things considered both with what he's done as far as coming back what he said how he's reacted and what he's done on the field you know amidst the position change which is very significant I enjoyed this season from Fernando I think he's done a very good job. Even as the Padres are surging now they're looking up at the Dodgers again the Dodgers are the team that people thought before the season started really weren't equipped to battle in what was a much deeper NL West they didn't make a lot of moves they lost Trey Turner what do you think about these Padres or excuse me these Dodgers who seemingly have staying power that they shouldn't? Yeah Amy you know coming into the season the talk or the the wonder was what would the Dodgers be would they be nearly as good as they've been all these years past and it's a it's a different looking team you know they they assembled it a little bit different differently relying on younger players coming into the year but the constants at the very top of that lineup Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman and they've both been terrific I mean Freeman is one of if not the best hitter in baseball right now he's just playing so wonderfully offensively have a home run today Mookie Betts also had a home run earlier today or tomorrow or yesterday I should say whenever you're listening to this on Sunday they're the constants at the top you know they've had guys like JD Martinez you know signed and Jason Hayward veterans that have found it again with the Dodgers I mean the Dodgers seem to have this ability to take players and and find what makes them great again he's had a great season Martinez has a word contributed you know they make some deals at the trade deadline Lance Lynn a good example today of somebody who is not having a good season at all with the Chicago White Sox and what do you know he goes seven innings three runs given up earlier this week in his doctor's debut and he goes six innings one run given up here today against the Padres all of a sudden he looks like Lance Lynn of all and you look at Ahmed Rosario had a home run today Kike Hernandez is contributing so they made moves Rosario Hernandez Lynn at the deadline that are contributing right away so again the constants are Betts and Freeman they've done some really good things with guys like Martinez and obviously they have Max Muncy who hasn't been in the lineup for a couple of days he's contributing in a major way they've got James Altman some other guys younger players that have contributed and you know their pitching I think is still a little questionable but you know they're doing it they're finding ways and again I just always look at the top two right now and Betts and Freeman and and they set the tone they've both been just simply terrific this season once again. And yet the Padres are making up ground now just three back of the final wild card in the National League and certainly have the experience the veterans we know about their power and their pitching so watch out nobody wants to face them in October but they got to get their first Sammy Levitt is the pre and post game host for the Padres radio network and also part of our San Diego affiliate 97.3 the fan you can find him on Twitter at Sammy Lev L-E-V great to catch up with you again let's see if we'll do this in October Sammy. Absolutely Amy I hope so I hope I'm talking to you again after a playoff series at Petco Park that would be a lot of fun thanks so much. So the Padres are getting close but haven't been over 500 since they were what 19 and 19 he said that's that's a long time the potential is there though and the point that I made with him that I think is critical they did this last year remember they made moves at the trade deadline but what was it Juan Soto who couldn't hit the broadside of a barn when he first got traded there and even though they didn't make as many drastic moves at the deadline this year still the point is that they this group for the most part it's the same group found a groove and took off like a rocket not only made the playoffs as a wild card but then stunned several other teams that they had really no business beating unless you recognize what they had done the last month of the season so could they potentially do it again it makes no sense why they wouldn't because they have all the pieces they need of course that is sports find me on twitter a law radio we we've got a video up in which a former olympian and now fox soccer broadcaster went to the sydney zoo and had an encounter with a lion you seriously you have to watch this i can't decide if i would do it but we're asking you would you do this let me know would you do this on twitter on facebook too it's after hours cbs sports radio you are listening to the after hours podcast first pitch presented by cincinnati children's changing the outcome together lion richardson's first pitch is hammered to right field very deep very gone cj abrams takes lion richardson deep on the very first pitch that richardson throws of his major league career for abrams that is his 11th home run of the year it is one to nothing nationals that was a bit anticlimactic yeah it was a bit first career lead-off home run for abrams that was a no doubter he got it all here's lane thomas i'll see if he can settle in now the pitch thomas swings and he sends a high fly ball this is to deep center field fredel back he's at the wall he leaps that's gone two pitches two home runs for the washington nationals on back to back pitches 19th home run of the year for lane thomas of course he just continues his assault on reds pitching that's two to nothing washington this is after hours with amy lawrence that's not exactly what the reds were looking for i suppose though if you get it out of the way early maybe it doesn't ever happen again no place to go but up for lion richardson poor guy i actually felt for him the reds pitcher making his baseball debut so literally first two pitches thrown in the majors as you hear on red's radio he gives up two home runs on two pitches so oh i didn't think i made that bad of a pitch i might have missed a little bit more middle than i wanted to um i think he was just ready for a heater and hit it um i don't think i'd redo it oh uh if only i could have that pitch back how often do we hear that and yet right it's right it's one pitch it's not the rest of his career it's just that how do you forget that when you give up two home runs on two pitches so what about nerves any anxiety while you're out there for your debut there's always nerves but i uh i do a pretty good job managing it and it was just it wasn't necessarily the nerves that got the pitches hit it was me um so no it was good that was all right you don't see that very often and um i thought you know in the end i mean it's an unfortunate way to start the game and your major league career but he's he has a long one ahead of him and just the way he was able to really just keep pitching and hold it together and uh get get through the three innings was you know really says a lot about lion i mean it's a tough way to start i mean you get off to a rough start like that in your debut we've seen guys just like you know back away and we know that about lion but i thought that he really was given an opportunity right there to demonstrate who he is and why he's going to be so good here well isn't that nice validation from david bell the manager of the reds i love what lion said though it's got to be my new favorite drop or my new favorite bite the nerve didn't give up the pit the home runs i did well that's a good point still that's awesome how often do people talk about their anxiety i was nervous i was trying to talk myself down a wall trying to keep myself calm yeah that's not actually what happened it wasn't necessarily the nerves that got the pitches hit it was me that's so good it's after hours with amy lawrence cbs sports radio coming up it was the brawl heard round major league baseball over the weekend i'm not even sure what happened still but the words are flying back and forth between the the reds oh sorry not the reds we just talked about the reds between the indians and the white socks different central even now the two teams still jawing back and forth and the brawl seemed to go on forever that was the part that was crazy tim anderson would not stand down not with a dozen of his team mates try to hold on to him he would not stand down and i'm not putting it all on him only that this brawl had multiple waves if you will you can win the war and yet lose the battles so we'll get to that and next hour it's always emotional at the pro football hall of fame clearly the induction was more compelling than was the hall of fame game on thursday evening evening plus i got to tell you my story of seeing john williams the john williams my all-time favorite conductor composer the boston pops who i'd never seen in person in a venue that had phenomenal acoustics for those of you who've been to outdoor amphitheaters i've never heard a venue with better acoustics than tango wood in the berkshires in western massachusetts now none of that helped me get out of the parking lot well i got out of the parking lot i just couldn't just wait this is so classic amy it's after hours with amy lawrence you are listening to the after hours podcast here it comes a swing and a smash to first by the diving gun down the right field line kicks into the corner ramirez on his way to second head first slide safe and in the score is jimenez and another hustle double right over the bag at first now hosie and anderson square off they're fighting they're swinging down goes anderson down goes anderson so ramirez went in with a head first slide hosie never gets upset about anything they came up chewing anderson squared off hosie decked him it's a five to one chicago lead but everybody from the dugouts and the bullpens congregated around second base you never see jose ramirez get upset like that and tim anderson was on the wrong side of that punch this is after hours with amy lawrence tom hamilton on the cleveland guardians radio network oh my gosh down goes anderson is he calling a heavyweight fight or is he calling a brawl in major league baseball now i'll give him this he's got a flair for the dramatic and this one seemed to last for a while so not only did it clear the benches but it had multiple waves there was the initial brouhaha out at second base then even after anderson was contained and corralled by his teammates held back he somehow managed to start another altercation the third time he had teammates throwing him down the stairs toward the clubhouse but yeah it spread it was like poison ivy and it just kept spreading and for those of you who have a problem with poison ivy i know not everyone does i don't particularly but my mom she can look at it and all of a sudden breaks out in a massive rash same thing with producer j this is why he tells his parents he can't possibly do yard work because the poison ivy flocks to him that's the reason it's it's your version of mosquitoes mosquitoes love me poison ivy loves you i'm similar where if i'm just in the vicinity it's gonna find a way to stick on to me somehow i don't know why it does it's gonna stick me poison ivy's gonna just it's gonna leap onto my skin somehow the droplets from the leaves are gonna fly onto my skin anyway that's what was happening here this brawl had poison ivy it was spreading jose ramirez why go after tim anderson initially i think he's been disrespecting the game for a while it's not from yesterday from before and i've been having the chance to tell him during the game don't do this stuff that's disrespectful don't start tagging people like that because in reality we're here trying to find ways how to provide for our families and when he does the thing that he does on the basis he can get somebody out of the out of the game so for me i was telling him to stop doing that and then as soon as the play happened he tagged me again really hard more than needed and then he just he had reactions like he said i want to fight and if you wanted to fight just have to defend myself i'm not sure i know everything um you know before it started i know that anderson was yelling at arius because i mean the um you just i think the umpire went and told him to knock it off and then when hosie stood in the second i think hosie felt like he kind of stood over him and then things got got away from everybody terry frank coda he cracks me like i i don't really know all of it to be honest i'm not sure i know everything trying to wade very carefully into this altercation started by tim anderson tagging jose ramirez hosie as as frank kona calls him tagging hosie too hard no hosie himself through a translator indicates i warned him oh okay you warned him well that doesn't sound like an invitation to cross the line you warned him not to tag you too hard there's a couple of things here there's a couple of things here did you get a bruise is that what happened when he tagged you too hard did it hurt more than your ego and your pride what are you so soft that if a guy tags you too hard you have to defend yourself that part cracked me up the translator saying at the end that and this of course comes from jose was standing right next to him if you watch the video that jose had to defend himself from tim anderson tagging him too hard what does that even mean he tagged me too hard now jose does say when you don't respect another player's livelihood livelihood when you are a little bit too rough it can be injury inducing but come on he tagged me too hard i warned him the tag was applied with a little bit too much mustard on it they put mayo on my burger at wendy's so for that reason i'm going to pick a fight come on get over yourself down goes anderson down goes anderson down goes anderson down goes anderson that's tremendous it is oh again tom hamilton turning into theater actually worthy of hamilton on broadway seriously just listen to jose hosie jose as frank kona calls him about why he fought with tim i think he's been disrespecting the game for a while it's not from yesterday from before and i've been having the chance to tell him during the game don't do this stuff that's disrespectful people like that because in reality we're here trying to find ways how to provide for our families and when he does the thing that he does on the basis he can get somebody out of the out of the game so for me i was telling him to stop doing that and then as soon as the play happened he tagged me again really hard more than needed and then he just he have reactions like he said i want to fight and i if you wanted to fight just have to defend myself so somehow ramirez interpreted the hard tag to be an invitation from tim anderson to fight fight fight fight soft again i do understand you don't want to hit people hard because yes if you injure someone it's their livelihood and one injury can be the end of a player's career but one injury can be the end of a player's career but not this one this particular play was so bang bang it's a throw from the outfield that and ramirez even lifts up his head as the tag's being made so that's probably why the contact was made a little higher because he didn't slide right i mean i don't know what he's talking about in the past what anderson has done particularly to him but on this particular play it's a bang bang play second base i don't see anything wrong i don't either unless of course there's he's three he did take it hard i mean he tagged you what he's i don't know he's doing his job also suck it up i'm sorry that's just whatever so i guess if it mattered to you that much you're gonna pay with the suspension more than likely we we just need more terry when you're my age you're just trying to help i didn't appreciate the fact that i thought trying to once he had like 11 12 guys in between them that's when he started yeah and i said something to him i think that's probably what their manager was yelling about but you know it's it's hard because it's hard to let somebody speak to you like that and when and not say anything so emotions that's that's the way that's that's okay yeah see i don't have any issues with people getting upset when something nasty is said right i don't have any problems with that actually it's really funny because i have nfl network on in studio and even now as i look up they're at raiders training camp during the daytime so they're re-airing this footage with a max crosby interview and they're showing video on the side of the screen of crosby getting in mahomes face and jawing with him you do know that's an invitation to get your rear end beat right max crosby's awesome and he certainly does have sacks of patrick mahomes on his resume but it does crack me up why why are you trash talking with pat mahomes now see when i think about mahomes and when i hear him giggle like a goofball it makes me want to have football come quickly and max crosby too is amazing anyway what terry said is that when you've got guys who are being really inappropriate well then it's hard to keep your mouth shut but also he's like at my age you just want to help when you're my age you're just trying to help how do you help exactly so he says he was jawing back and forth with anderson and that's why there was some some vitriol coming back his way now pedro griefo he won't really get into it he doesn't want to talk about it but he's gonna play completely dumb here what wait what i'm gonna mlb do do their you know investigation watch the watch the the video discuss it between themselves and they'll come up with some they'll come up with with what happened you know they always do and it's always and it's always on point so i'm gonna let them do their job and you know we'll you know we'll we'll discuss this at another at another time all right so both managers ejected there was a third base coach ejected a relief pitcher ejected obviously ramirez and anderson both ejected i mean ramirez put his dukes up he actually put he got into a fighting stance they legit were they were they were trying to yeah they were trying to row they were trying no row they were trying to create a row wait how do you pronounce it when it's when it's r o w is it a row or a row they were row they were trying to row i'm not sure i know everything it's actually a slang term i just googled it row it's no it's pronounced row is a british term for a noisy disagreement argument or fight is that so not baseball a noisy disagreement speaking of that tom hamilton he's adding to the noisy part of this row it's a british term noisy disagreement argument or fight it's a slang term they started at cambridge university cambridge university in the mid 1700s perhaps from the word rousal meaning a bout of drinking but row it's pronounced row is a word that may be used as a noun or a verb duh there are rows that refer to brawl or you can also row not row your boat but row is in fight i haven't seen a connection like that though on a baseball field since lucy matista rough uh rouge netto door yeah it's funny because i have this high schooler that works with me on sunday morning so he volunteers in my class where i teach fourth and fifth graders he never says good morning he walked in yesterday and immediately launched into the yankees and i was like oh my eyes glazed over i hadn't had enough coffee and then he wants to talk about the brawl and he and he he goes on and on about the brawl and he said we haven't had one in baseball like this since rugio door yeah so he said the same exact thing after he launched into his whole spiel and went through the whole deal about the the row and the yankees i said and good morning to you too well this is my good morning he said boys seriously boys this is why i don't tell people what i do for a living because i i i was just trying to drink my coffee that's it i was just trying to have a nice calm morning it's after hours with amy lawrence tbs ortradio you
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