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Purpose Driven

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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August 17, 2019 2:01 pm

Purpose Driven

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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August 17, 2019 2:01 pm

We have a sweet treat for the wonderful Kingdom Pursuit listeners.   Brad Wall is Opening a Abbot's Frozen Custard Stand in Clemmons, NC on Aug 24th. He speaks about the grand opening,the great prize for the very first customer, and how he ended up in the frozen custard business. Our 2nd guest is Robert David, and he's back to talk about his recent released book titled Gangs Vs. Kingdom, as well as his work with the youth in his community. All of this and more right here on Kingdom Pursuits

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This is the Truth Network where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love God turn their passion into kingdom pursuits now your host Robbie Gilmore saying today show is going to be a treat would be an absolute understatement because we have oh my goodness you can be so glad you tuning them because this could mean sweet treats for you for a long long time. I mean this is huge because my first guest here is Brad wall and he is opening Abbott's frozen custard is a grand opening next Saturday in Clemens. It's right behind Addario's next to planet fitness in Clemens you Norm talk about. I hope. But here's the deal. The first customer through the door next Saturday at 10:30 AM Re: Re: goodness Robert pay attention. This is the first customer to come through that door gets the golden ticket and Brad tell us what the golden ticket is going to give you free custard for year one, skip a week and not just any custard. Not just your run-of-the-mill custard were talking about Abbott's famous if you're from Rochester New York. You know what entices secret recipe that only sold Abbott's and you only get the stuff is, it's like nectar, you know, whatever you want to call it.

It is that custard you beginning scoop every week for year's right so to mark this momentous event and I'm actually truly I really am excited because were to be there live next Saturday for that event. We will start broadcasting attended to Kristin Cargile at the middle of the show 1030 that first customer come to the door and they get to be getting that golden ticket and you find out that God is taken Brad's passion actually for this type of restaurant business and his easement to build the kingdom were to find out a lot about that but also I am really really thrilled that my second guest with me.

Robert David and you might remember, if you listen regularly that Robert was with us.

What about six weeks ago.

Suddenly, something like in his book is just come out to tell us about your blood pressure in the book is gangs versus kingdom and I guess the basic premise of it is to educate faith-based organizations and that the battle for the next generation.

Are you is coming because gangs are a religion. They have a Trinity just like we have a Trinity in the operating they worship just like we worship is just a perverted version of that because we understand the Satan can create. You can only copy and mimic.

So what he did was he to Christianity and mimicked our structure mimic the Trinity.

And so, my book explains that, little bit of the history binary gangs would also how the process laid that up to these young men and women involved in the gangs on a spiritual level, because we can defeat any weed on some cool and a and I'm either going to be excited to hear what we have today. I'm test Tanya you to London on the right. They should be so thankful that speaking of frozen custard and soda right my best, Brad's job all next week is frozen custard Sunday school and I'm leaving this test in truth and reveal it was a Sunday when a banana split groaning and not really laughing waiting for this intercourse. Brad wants to give you the stupendous saying he wants to give you the scoop because he wants to incentivize his customers to make sure that this is not custards blasting there. I got a little bit of a chuckle out of that one keep, yet admit custards last and right because that would be so depressing so depressed I would be here all day so that I actually have a Bible riddle. I have never riddled before. I've never even thought of this riddle before it came to me in an Internet search today and I was not aware of it myself. In fact, when I saw it, I just thought actually took me about 45 minutes to even determine what it was.

It was so realized I mean is just this is a riddle. So what was the first ice cream maker in the Bible. What was the first ice cream last night. It was the first ice cream maker in the Bible. Now, that's not custards owes nothing to do. This is an ice cream maker in the Bible where was that if you know that Keith tell Mike that went to my prize not just a book that I found out later he didn't know the book.

Not well, not the got the book but a book of really cool book gangs versus kingdoms battle for the next generation.

Robert brought one with him. This is hot off the presses at Osborne.

My fingers is right here. All you have to do and believe me this is deep stuff man. I couldn't believe it took me a while, even I saw the answer and I did as the ones that have to do with the first ice cream maker in the Bible but it will come to you after you hear. If not, I'll try to explain what was the first ice cream maker in the Bible 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 truth, but we also should tell you one of the cool things Brad is that you 10% of all the proceeds right that are coming in on this grand opening next Saturday are going to go to special needs, and other charities.

Brad, you know. Interestingly, I have a special sauce pot. My heart for special needs, but so do you tell us about the wall foundation. We found the law foundation in 2011 and my wife and eyes. We were looking.

We wanted to find a way to give back to community and we saw a need and so we actually started the wall foundation is to benefit the family special needs to experience competitive sports, so I started. We worked with the Challenger series in Clemens that with Southwest Little League. We've actually started at your program. There is an CSA which does allow us to SF with special needs. We have over 30 simple kids in that program. Graham been working with him ever since 2011 and this is been such a blessing to see that this is something that you just can't. Words can't describe how you let me do some words since that's what I do okay is pregnant. As I teach special needs at Calvary. So we have several of the benefactors and I did not even notice until I talked to Brett the other day that he was the one that was help support this, but these young cheerleaders whether not so young summer in their 30s coming to my class right and when they've learned these cheers.

If you could see me be more precious in somebody that really is struggling to speak, to save the four victory Art show in a golf chair and eat it. You can see what that I understand the competitive sports team teach all of us.

You know it did for you big time in your in your life how to walk with God. You know it. It's the same thing for them. There get a chance to to really say look at me. I matter.

You know it's it's a big part of what the whole gang thing is right. Robert exactly. Everyone wants a sense of self-worth.

Everyone needs a voice and once you take that away from someone they will find an avenue to have that voice what you doing is often gives him a voice gives a sense of empowerment and when you doing gangs S how the transition happens if we stifle the voices of young people and not allow them to on lease to try to find their purpose and pursue their purposes and find an outlet and gangs are created that outlet because they provided a religion is created so that purpose at God-given purpose that is going to manifest anyway. As we noted gift is without repentance that God-given purpose is going to manifest some gangs give these young man an opportunity to manifest a gift even if the gift is been perverted still manifest it's enough to make me want to cry you know since you are on my show.

The last time I thought about it several times what a gift. You are to have walked in the work God you put your heart with this because how true could it be, that is, these young men feel like somebody is given me some risk that somebody is given me up as a voice somebody is sent.

This is treating me with grace like they love me exactly then all the sudden you know all my gosh in they've been taken down the wrong path. So we got so much fun and I'm shocked that nobody has called and was the first ice cream maker. The bottle well I understand that's a tough one but were challenging you with today, 866-348-7884 marketing. This is where talk about your and uses it to build the kingdom and we are really really blessed today to have a guess about what poster children for that whole concept we have Robert David who is the author of gangs versus kingdoms battle for the next generation really talk about that as well as Brad wall who is within you gotta get this information. I mean, I know you may be in Richmond at that you might be in Charlotte moves can be worth the trip is if you can be the first customer in their next Saturday in Clemens right is correct, you will be you will get the golden ticket first Christmas dog is a golden ticket free custard for a year. One scoop a week right and we have them begin to if you if you weren't hungry before the segment, you may want to turn the channel is Tanya because all my good to see my eye I pulled up and I was like ma'am this looks so familiar. Why does this look so familiar to me and as I began to see what Abbott's was. I went oh yeah when I was a little kid my mother was from Rochester New York. So when we would go visit the grandparents guess where we went. We went to Rochester well if you go to Rochester in your grandparents. You can take it somewhere where they take.

I can assure you they are going to take you to Abbott's and why they can take you to Abbott's grant quality product and is been there since 1902. You get all the things you can get from the custard to the turtles to the whales that Shipley is just amazing. And why not take them there.

Is this a great experience. Here's an ice cream stand. And since on Lake Ontario is correct and so and it's been there since you know in this world for. I mean literally this this recipe family recipes been handed down by janitor there's there's custard.

And then there's Abbott's okay I was just like there's donuts.

And then at Krispy Kreme yeah there's doughnuts, but you know what I'm saying or what when there's there's ice cream and then there's custard. And then there's Abbott's because you know what Dairy Queen tried to do. You know I hate to tell me just didn't measure up. But then if you are really good kid in your grandparents really like to. Then you would get the turtle so, the turtle is things like this since this is Sunday school right here you're fixing to go everything in her stories made in our store.

So the turtle is basically fudge with talk to this guy custard with Spanish peanuts with more custard with more fudge frozen and dipped in chocolate and then frozen and served, and I on a stick and it is unbelievable to you and be hungry by the time you see this thing so I mean you know because my mom in her. She just had to say the word turtle and we all got the picture.

This is something in this is once oasis is got custard.

He says it just like it's custard but he knows this is not just custard this is Abbott's stuff man. So this is like huge and that's what was so impressive for me to come in for Krispy Kreme lab work because you can for 20 years and the brand in the in the secret recipes and all that it took me a while to find something that I felt that that the blessed, met with the brand and Abbott's gave me that feeling them in the egg. The secret family recipe goes back to 1902 and they said everything starts out upstate New York.

We bring you here and we make it fresh in our shop that they turn it there every day's current turn in the stuff of the neat thing is is in and I gotta share this to see if you want hungry. Maybe you're thirsty so my father that this interesting how this all relates to my dad but my father would often tell me when he was a kid. He was literally at what they called a soda jerk now maybe had never heard the term. But if you look at the little tabs that we pull sodas out back in the day, they had soda jerks and the drugstores and you would be able to get a real soda in out and and so my dad when he would. You know he had a little hat that he would put on and he would play soda jerk for us and he he knew how to make a real soda and so interestingly Brad, you took the Abbott's idea and you've added the whole real soda deal is one of things that I was allowed to sedate in Clemens's will be making sodas with their signature flavors so you can come in and get a black raspberry soda with a black raspberry custard in the black raspberry accent float things like that will be doing will have over probably 15 different varieties of soda and weakness and limited to the customer's imagination. Basically, so you you can see all the different levers levels that levers that are there for them to make you the sodas and and so Robert, you just sit there thinking man you are you thirsty for a soda house to think about that sir. We also entered a little bigger is better, but it's really cool how God you work trying to decide what franchise to get you where you want, where you going with hatting can you can't attend interlinear really wasn't about what franchise to get it was about purpose. We talk about purpose. We talk about were God's colony and I think through my whole career.

It was always trying to pursue what God's purpose was for my life and I think is as believers and as people of Christ, we have to seek our faith and believe in our faith in the liner passion to that faith. And when you find an opportunity for you online faith and passion in what you do on a daily basis. That's the secret of the recipe and you know that we were shot Sharon out in the lobby you know if God would show us our whole path we would never probably never get there, but he shows us just enough light to take that next step and having the faith to take that next step is so important and I think a lot of times is scary but is also this what were called to duty the islands and John Eldridge describes what you do, said you know that God rigged the world in a way that we can't do without him because if he gave us the path you know we'd be about 200 miles down the road and go LOL oh tiger when you left me mind somewhere, and in the beauty of it is how quickly we get to keep asking you you start walking with them on this book journey and oh my goodness, Robert amazing thing about this book is that I did this teaching like 10 years ago, I introduced it. I've always been over the past 20 years working against California and North Carolina and work with at-risk youth and so I got gave me this about 10 years ago 2009 and I put into PowerPoint more the teaching ministry and so I presented a couple places in my hometown.

They were ready yet.

Like a lot of cities they were ready for that gang conversation, so I took it and I stored it away and it was sitting in my cabinet for 10 years and uploaded out about six months ago looking for some baby pictures out to the Loomis dowsing wikis run out and I saw the audio clip is also listen to and I was blown away by God.

This has to be you because I'm not that smart. So listen to him like the work reasons.

I see this is so relevant, especially with the job that I have now is you thinking about the physical NAIFA city Danville and so from that six months ago I began writing the book and the more Brueggemann understood that this really paints a really simple picture to a conflict situation. I understand the language of gangs because I'll be working in it with average person who just is not around that environment have no idea the complexities of the gang while they are formulated to share a little language. I mean I'm that's used on the radio terms are used OG which might be familiar, which is called original gangster will he's the leader of these, the leader of the of the gang OG.

As I stated in the book he is there Jesus because through Christ we saw only way to salvation will righteous through the blood of Jesus. Right will during leader because money is that God if they wanted receive money they have to go through the OG. So in that comparison.

He is their Messiah Jesus Savior because they can do anything they can have their God or their righteousness right standing unless they go to OG because he calls all the shots and how do they get that right standing is that through the obedience to what he tells them to do so. OG Gwen, where did that come from original gangster that assured us that long long-term but I do, go back into several stories I gangs came to be one of things I go back to like the 1200 1400 square over and I was Southwest Asia maybe into that area over there in 1200 1400 that was that you should be a group of men who stood on the side of the road and they were wrong travelers and the name of the group's closet doggies and from that over time it translates into the draw. Discuss those things in the book so that original gangster is their Messiah. So when he tells them to go kill someone is the same as Christ telling us to love someone. So to try to tell the key will be in a gang I don't listen to him. His atrocity on Lusk don't obey Christ in this. This is why one resembled the book because I want people to understand this is not some gain or the keys are just out there doing bad things and also not teaser the throwaways dictated to it in their mind they are doing their purpose, just like we do in our purpose that what you're doing what you do and how content how convicted we all met. Imagine have the same conviction to commit crimes. Wow, I really learned something today. I did not know about OG original gangster original gangster and now you you all I can learn about my riddle because John is in Winston-Salem. John your continued proceeds. God bless you.

You know my answer to my riddle well I hope so. All I can think of it okay when when the Hebrews were again were in Egypt and one other thing that God rained down on them. But with the hail not that well there. I part of it. I get get you connected with with anything but I think once again my listeners are way smarter than me and my wife would tell you that any day of the week but that's abuse that's a great answer because it fits better than the one I found, because you got ice and then certainly when that's that's coming down. They were screaming right yeah I mean that's my screaming. I think you got it. I think it's Exodus because this happened because it was the first ice cream maker in the Bible.

The answer I found was the wall of Jericho right which that required some my screaming think I screaming but not like your eye screening is that I so like I said, way smarter than the people that wrote the Internet.

Her job to send you out the book gang versus kingdoms so much more wonderful show. Find out about habits frozen customer again morning you may be extremely hungry for next Saturday if you listen to this next stage is here in the truth network podcast of help my pillow the company it is today, and now Mike Lindell, who by the way, I've met is a great guy, the inventor and CEO of my pillow wants to get back to our listeners for the first time you can get deep discounts on all my pill products. If you go to my right now, and click on the new radio listener specials never thought that my dream job would be selling my pillows and you're getting tired of these sleeping droughts, but you can get deep discounts on my pillows, mattress toppers, bedsheets, and so much more. For example, the body pillow is regularly 89, 99, but with a promo code get truth it's only 2999 remember all my pill products, the 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty. Just go to my and click on the new radio listener specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials where we have got to and uses it to build the kingdom and if you just been sitting here with me a few minutes ago, you'd heard these two guys bashing and I'm not even rob you of that inner action that I'm an acute, try to see if we can re-create it because it's just amazing how God is lined up an ice cream person with a gang person. I may need in this case frozen custard frozen custard with a gang person who would dare to put these two people on the same show. Well let me just tell you, God would see it as is for those of wonder, Robbie, how you end up putting your guest together.

Well, it's pretty simple. I take all and I don't usually concern myself with what they do and find that God will put together, and if you really if you been here the last few minutes to hear them you you would been blown away, but we have witnessed Brad while he's with habits, frozen custard, whose grand opening is in Clemens North Carolina next Saturday, August 24. It's behind the Dario if you're familiar with claimant right next to planet fitness and the first customer through the door we have to say this again gets the golden ticket and Brad the golden ticket is awesome and you get what free custard for year one, skip a week so they are to open at 1030 we should tell you that next Saturday morning and they been put on Facebook for some time and courseware advertising at all over the place working to be there live for this event were just saying if you really want to be the first person you probably have to get in line and that line is probably coming start sooner than Saturday morning SAM and so part of what I heard you say now if you have ever been to Rochester, New York at the original Abbott's those people are going to ask for a turtle for sure. And then Megan asked for some comfortable what else I can ask for these answers why don't dogs is Alan from saying that right or not. So it's less about pleasant dogs. So here's the deal. Brad is promised that if they were camping out there Friday night that he's gonna bring some sweats logs. I'm just saying that you know that Kristin could start when all is going on here. We've had people ask if they could come out Friday night for camping out so the golden tickets happen, we are going to be there at 10 o'clock starting with first card I am king and pursuits. That is where the habits frozen custard right behind areas next to planet fitness in Clemens North Carolina and also with us today is Robert David who is the author of the book gang's versus kingdom in the battle for our next generation. Now, as I promised when I when I went to break you notes. Obviously here's a chance for these guys to relax and talk about anything they want to talk about turtles, whatever. But that isn't what they talked about so if I can re-create that conversation. I really really love it for my listeners to hear what you guys shared and so Brad, you start off by talking about David and Goliath said that David when David was out in the fields practicing with his sling throwing rocks and so forth and little did he know his in purpose within his battle against Goliath and how that God used his everyday practices to prepare him for that battle that started the conversation that Robert Nyhan and so will we talk about is that we purpose driven and wizened man should write a book like I don't even know that that the same thing that David had that were present that that manifestation of God that was going to come through these young men have the attitude we all have in game but in the process we are inundated with different things because as would David. He could've been discouraged with his brother and left with his brothers. A look at you.

You always out here trying to show off what you will you doing down here will best, similar to what these young men face on a daily basis he got in gangs.

They grab grafting because you thinking as make them feel a certain way and even though God is preparing them for the purpose that mine has taken over their direction and that's one of things we talked about was perspective said we pursue the purpose that is about perspective and is your perspective each day of what is God preparing you for exam having that perspective of being prepared for your real ultimate purpose exactly whether skip an ice cream write a book or skipping custards are all right in book are doing whatever we need to do each and every day. Got got that purpose for us and we don't know is we talk we don't know what this day leads to the next day I did a post on Facebook were a shoe at 21 years old. I was that senior in college, I was taken 18 hours and I was working third shift at the prison because I need money and I showed a picture myself or 21 and I said at 21. I didn't know that that will be the foundation of what I am today because that correction officer job led me into group criminal justice but at that particular day. If my perspective would been wrong.

I would be abolitionist listeners to miss out on everything. I got so what was absolutely spectacular from my perspective as I was sitting there when he said, your purpose in the and then you said God put your purpose and you when you were born. Just like when Natalie said, and we need to lease and when in Genesis.

We said a brief breath and that he became a living soul left to me that things were maybe was a did so before that in the purpose that he breathed into him also took a portion of God with the right that's what you said is that right is part of God that you reflected you reflected individually exam at an what I think is absolutely beautiful about that you know and all sorts of different levels is an and John Eldridge uses movie clips at the beginning of his talks and what he says is movies will often awaken something that senior and what their awakening is that what you're describing that that sense of all, I was meant for more than what it is and what similar heard from you father, you are more than you become automobile in and so you know that's just it, and amazingly beautiful. You know the thing that you're describing. But I can't help but note, and I and I should tell you guys.

Hey, your church, your school, whatever you got.

You need Robert to come speak to write because whether you think it or not you you can you can walk around here in Lala land like I did.

Most my life and think there are no gangs here in Winston-Salem all my goodness gangs room is bigger Winston-Salem than almost any city on this on the eastern seaboard and I write this it does a lot to get the numbers whether there is a lot and if you were to go to the Forsyth County jail and just spend a little time with people that actually know what's going on in their oh my goodness, I mean this is a huge gigantic issue and and and something that really I mean II really think you notes part of God's purpose was was allowing you to be on my show so that Summit get here you so that you could come speak to their church, their youth group, whatever. Because you have a very unique insight that I don't think you know when I can get this from what we got gave to Ms. between using I can find this on the Internet. This is this is a manna from heaven, and it comes from my life, life experiences, and in my submission to God to be able to listen. One of things I say in the book as I scrap this grandma moniker monikers or bigness and people think will you as perfectly as you would say that sir bigness say that they say is for you know my size. What I'm really talking about is that we we we are all a royal priesthood, because we have that portion of God in this and in order to unleash the thing that is bigger than you is that I should say, sir, bigness you know I look at me and say that sir bigness, but now none, and not real. When I think about this kind of big. But interestingly, Brad in in in in your own life through this idea of habits you're finding new purpose.

Even in being able to hire employees is working with a lot of our young people in the community. So were looking for ways to help them in and actually see the inset good mental be a good mentor for them and in the workplace and so I mean that's the thing.

If God's given you a purpose to be a business person, whatever that may be then wow your speaking and you know many people's lives. You'll speak into over the next 20 years. Can you imagine coming through you know that's that's what's most exciting were using the Abbotts brand were using the business of Scott custard two for the kingdom and have the opportunity to serve Clemens in whether it's Clemens or whether it's Wilmington or ever were looking forward to what a beautiful thing that find out find out about one more segment leave a lot of time just to show really cut the mustard on the custard is really right back was so much more. They did hunting the pursuits we have Brad wall whose with the grand opening of Abbotts frozen custard it's coming next Saturday, August 24 and Clemens behind Addario next to planet fitness. We talked about all our the first customer through the door at 1030.

It's the golden ticket inbred the golden ticket means free custard for year one, skip a week free and you know you will it be Mr. bigness but and we will be live for that event next Saturday still be out there with me will be doing a Christian car guys show in kingdom pursuits. We have a vacation to give away. But more than that you just get a chance to experience this wonderful new business and all the cool treats them differently also. Does your real son is mean something in my world as as well as turtles and all those kind of things and so were going to be experiencing that we also have limits. Robert David and he is the author of gangs versus kingdoms.

If you been listening you're thinking G.I. need to have Robert come to my men's group. My I need Robert to come to my Sunday school. My church if you go to kingdom pursuits.

You will see all about Robert right there kingdom pursuits. His book, just email me or him and we will get them out there to you because this is just the voice of one crying in the wilderness right I mean this is this is this is a word that is really very timely. From my perspective as I've heard so much about the gang stuff that goes on in our city here Winston-Salem. I imagine also goes on in Charlotte and Raleigh in Richmond and where it is it your listing today so I'm grateful that you're listening and and and sometimes you wonder God, why did you have me hear this today. What is it you're trying to do with this in my life and and so in a way we are talked about it Brad that young people are mean there are arrows right there going out into the next generation in a way to pass on these things. Like Roberts talking about. As you been praying that I I'm I'm wondering what God is saying about your employees can you elaborate a little bit more on that question. Sure sure I like that.

I stumped the panel catheter on small I mean I know you've been praying a lot about this opening up mean on spending time). This is clearly what he feels like I wasn't.

I mean, from the standpoint of I were you with your previous job.

Did you have a lot employees work with. She 1500 according to me so yeah you been down here and so I'm sure you realize that once you hang the word Christian above your name right then all the sudden you know it won't be long and all he calls himself a Christian. And so what is it bring up in your mind.

We absolutely have to live the example that which we all strive to live and you also have the be able to save you get when you mess up. We all fall short of sometimes enhancing the pigment scumbag Sam a step in and do that right. I think any leader needs to be humble Lisa pursuing a servant leadership my fashion. One of the things when I used to talk about leadership. Abbotts always would say the best leader in the world that ever walked on this earth was Jesus Christ and he exemplified servant leadership. If you are looking for someone to stop to be as far as their leader is an example Christ gave you that leadership example that we all need to. To be any just showed you one if you didn't catch. I did see when I asked my question.

He didn't know the answer to even answer it and you know in my line of work I find me another few people are that humble and so I admire that. That's pretty awesome.

Robert Mr. Mann.

I'm so excited about your book. Tell us what your plans are now both just continued to educate faith-based communities or anyone about what we doing with we have to go back to the community oriented save one nurture young and educate these young people live knowing that that there there were something even without Instagram takes even without addressing or getting high, having issues on this still valuable that what they have inside of them is the most valuable thing that they could ever have, and that needs to be nurtured and these should be what would wisdom he needs to be cultivated and be able to get the message across. Or they can understand that they really looking for success in the knowing comes through Christ we not asking our young people to be perfect, but we are asking them to be willing to be perfected and will gain versus kingdom. I will not inform the faith-based organizations that you know there's a way to deal with that. We have to be wise and how we minister to you that we have to have a we have to have a strategy and we have to 1 believe that there were save because I think everyone talks about millennialism and all these things but everyone is worth saving.

Everyone is worth my time. Everyone is worth given an opportunity to hear the truth and that's would gain versus kingdom is about is about opening your eyes and saying hey. The bottom line is we I walk like Christ and I was in be open. I was in Jamaica where the throw the special needs people in the gutter as they think that if you could've seen some of these kids from an accredited I think there were save right if you could've seen God reflect the same purpose for everything special something and when you see the smile come out and you see God in you see what that's worth. And so you can help support that by coming out to Abbotts frozen custard. The grand opening on the 24th starts at 1030.

As far as when they open the on air at 10 o'clock. Don't forget the golden ticket. Don't forget to go order your book gang versus and Amazon member Robert David senior is have a great week to see if it's

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