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Healing through an Unborn Child

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore
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February 29, 2020 2:09 pm

Healing through an Unborn Child

Kingdom Pursuits / Robby Dilmore

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February 29, 2020 2:09 pm

Today we have Danny Damron for Celebrate Recovery and Alice Meindl from Pierced Ministries and also Jessica Pike. We talked about Addiction and Healing through Gods Grace. Danny shared his Testimony and how God saved him through his unborn grandchild.

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This is the Truth Network kingdom versus where you hear from ordinary people instilled with an extraordinary passion together we explore the stories of men and women who take what they love and let God turn their passion into kingdom versus now live from the truth. Your host Robbie Gilmore. All right, good morning everybody and welcome to kingdom proceed, my name is Danny Trenton I'm going to be sitting in for Robbie today.

He's out at the religious broadcasters convention, which is pretty awesome. I think we've got a very exciting show for you today have up 33, Folkestone, and stadia. I feel so cozy and warm and happy. Danny Tamron Damiana was with me that the very first time that I just hosted the show for Robbie and so happy. Danny's back is going be talking. They shared a testimony a week not this past Friday, but Friday before and I wouldn't unfortunately were unable to be there but I did get to see it sent me a link and I had to stay in my bedroom by myself because I was sopping mess brought me to tears man was unbelievable.

We also have Alice Mendel sees the founder and Executive Director of Pierce ministries and in rehab services hey Alice how are you hey Danny I'm guide I'm glad I'm so glad you're here. I know you've been here before with Robbie, I have it's always an honor and a pleasure.

Well it's terrific to have you here today and we also have Jessica Pike. She is missing. I got her car choose the marketing specialist for Pierce ministry yeah.) Thank you for having so glad to have you guys feel like a said it, it feels like we just hang out in the living room, but enough, not a living room but I got some grills for you today and I hope these are funny, I thought they were well here we go. What do they call pastors in Germany. German Shepherd. I got a okay what sort of lights were on Noah's get this floodlight Lord which area of Palestine was especially wealthy. This is tricky. The area around River Jordan. The banks were always overflowing how good I get tickets okay. Why did Noah have to punish the chickens on the ark. They were laying that's that's close so they were using foul language have found language from the chickens that were thank you for that five if Moses were alive today, why would he be considered a remarkable man. This is fairly obvious because he be several thousand years old remarkable teaching. Okay, here's what did Adam say the day before Christmas, it's Christmas eve. Okay, here's the here's the riddle that I'd love for someone calling in wind and today there when a book from the kingdom.

Proceeds prize vault so the riddle and if you if you think you know the answer call 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH okay and so here we go, what, what do we have that Adam never had okay what did we have that Adam never had that you think you know the answer gives a call 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH okay that was awesome. Made me so happy. Okay let me talk or let me just tell you little bit about Danny. Danny Tamron C. He graduated and is an advocate for teen challenge, which is a 14 month program and that's when it takes dedication, he served also with the Salvation Army Nightwatch and in ministered to homeless on the streets that takes someone special someone to do that and he served with rocking ham rescue mission ministries and minister to those with physical, mental and and financial needs around the phones are like not and I he's been a guest speaker at various churches throughout the triad and is also with celebrate recovery and and that's where he was when Davis testimony right a week from Friday right this past Friday and it was so powerful to think Danny's let us thank you for being here again, thank you for Natalie analyze glad to be here and and we also have Alice Mendel and Micah said that she's Executive Director Pierce ministries in rehab services and Pierce ministries is a residential discipleship program for men and women were seeking healing which is the keyword I understand healing from substance abuse and addiction. Alice recovered from childhood abuse and trauma. When when she began to fully trust God. That's that's when she was able recover and it's if it's a it is from that healing that drives a passion to see people walking and complete freedom and man freedom. Once you you know when you have freedom you never want anything else know and peace and and now. That's why Pierce ministries believes in making disciples who are making disciples think that's awesome and she says we don't focus on problems because we know that Jesus is the answer and that is so true in every area of our life.

Welcome Alice and because we have Jessica Pike and so welcome and so happy to have you here. Thank you Sam, I was just saying that healing when I was laying up in a hospital bed last April. Alice asked me one question Jessica, do you want to be cyber or do you want to be healed and it resignation.

It did wow that's awesome. Let me before we get started here we go for counseling take when you take a call here go to see. Okay, I think we got Eric from Winston-Salem. Eric you insert your own. There you got an answer for the little for me and did not have a bellybutton I never thought about that. That's pretty good. That's a great answer yes.

So I will appreciate that when I get your information and that send the book out to you. It was that was a great answer. Thanks Eric.

I didn't really know that it makes sense now that it never occurred to me that Adam didn't have a bellybutton and you know why I didn't have Eric tells why didn't you tell us why didn't have a bellybutton will hold true to what we boarded trying to give them according Eric, thanks for that man just to get your information and and will get a book sent out to you. Okay I okay see okay well I think him were almost going into a break here so when we come back and take a couple more calls than talk to Danny talk to Alice and that and Jessica and so were going to have a lot of good information for you about these ministries celebrate recovery and Pierce ministries and will have some websites for you and will also let you know how you can contribute to these ministries and sponsor. Possibly so, stay tuned. Will be back right after these very important short messages. Okay thanks all right. Welcome back kingdom pursuits. I'm your host today. Danny Trogdon, Robbie's at the national religious broadcasters conference. So if you if you want to call in and in and speak to or have a question for Danny or for Alice.

Please Colleen 866-34-TRUTH undertake a call right now. Talk to Randy hey Randy, you're only there. Yes sir.

Glad to your answer for the riddle today. What right.

Oh yes that's right the Holy Spirit.

Yeah, it's the Holy Spirit didn't come until until Jesus until after Jesus was crucified right and then God sent Holy Spirit.

That's right man that's a great answer. Randy assured appreciate that more than to get your information I will put you on hold and Jasper will get your information will get a book right out to you shooting percentage, and you're the best part of of the show are listeners and to participate so thanks again for calling what God bless you, but I will put on hold. Okay alright so let's let's get on the highway here and get it up to about 60 Danny will talk to you first about about about your participation with celebrate recovery and specifically about your testimony man that brought me to tears and so so sure little bit first. How you got involved with celebrate recovery and then talk a little bit iffy if you will about about your your testimony okay well I went through addiction problem in my life. Number years ago, nine years ago I was when I cried out to God, I've been through a number of secular type rehab places and I got, tired of the situation where they're telling us like Allison and Jessica were talking about, you know, it's a healing process.

You know i'm going to be the tools to work with you know I'm going to give you to fill up your toolbox. You know, but nothing was ever being fixed in my life.

But anyhow I had a situation and this is where this story comes in about how I unborn child God used to save my life that you know when you shared that when you when you said that testimony that I had to put it on pause and and just absorbed that house one of visual God would use an unborn child to save a life that will in Jeremiah he said you know I knew you before you in your room and us before you were born I consecrated you or set you apart and I said I had gone through. I had a relatively successful life okay and but I did not realize I was standing on quicksand and so I started having some problems in life and anyhow.

Ultimately, in a period of about five years I started using alcohol as a crutch.

Before I knew it I was drinking about 1/2 a gallon a day. I had two DWIs over several hundred thousand dollars in debt. I had lost my business lost my house my family was in complete shambles, and I literally had no desire to live, so my daughter came to me one night I had my third trip into the hospital and I was sent to Bronson my third trip into the hospital after doing a nine day blackout. My daughter came to me and she said that I want to taste something nursing to be a day that I spent nine years and it still gets me some said there's going to come a day when I make the right man and one a day I plan on having children. If you're alive, and if something hasn't changed. You will not know you from clincher that was when it hit me that it had in my mind. Alcohol had taken everything it could possibly take but now it's starting to take things I didn't even have a snack that was the night that I cried out to God, so that led me to teen challenge. Went to the 14 month program and found my relationship with Christ and that's what led me to doing service work and you have faith without works is dead, dead, etc. Scripture, that means a lot to me. Yes, and so anyhow. It led me to doing some of these other ministries and it's what led me to celebrate recovery and now take Pierce ministries but anyhow it's some interest.

It's been an amazing recovery process and led me to want to serve and it's just amazing how he opens doors but here's a guy or four years ago now. He brought that unborn child just send the flashing ahead and send out and granddaughter and I am a you know what I've seen the pictures because were friends on Facebook since I've seen pictures of you with your granddaughter man and your face so brightly lit up yeah and and that little girl just I can tell she loves what she call you grandpa PalmPilot Pat Pat is pretty cool okay or whenever she wants anything that's awesome dance hey man what what an effective testimony because it just creates a visual that that otherwise I would've it would've never occurred to me that God would use an unborn child to save now someone's life. It's on house. I'm sure there's so many other stories similar to that that people tell about how God is intervened in in their life somehow brought somebody from somewhere.

They may know them. They may not know that that made that impression that that Lenten to wherever they needed to go to to see what they needed to receive exactly right and get to hear they stories every day when men and women are walking out of the darkness which the common denominator that we have to bring them to Pierce ministries is the addiction and when they keys to walk out of that darkness. And they began to discover who God really is, and who God says they are to find an identity that they had no clue ever existed and they began to walk in freedom.

They literally want to shout it from the mountaintop yeah they can't wait to share it with everybody.

They come in contact with with their families and so many times I may have promised a daily occurrence have a is whether a men's ministry and women's ministry that I see the women more because they run our thrift store in Archdale and so as they come in and I say Miss Alice. Let me show you what God showed me. Sometimes they get in trouble and they have to have consequences since our consequences when we give them dies are designed to be something that will point them back to that relationship with Jesus and bring freedom.

I recently had a couple of girls that had to write the books of the book of Proverbs and one chapter a day and then a paper about a particular scripture out of Proverbs. That meant a lot to them. They found so much freedom in doing that neither Dave and remember why I got the consequences is what God showed them in that and that's what we do we take of the Scripture to be able to come to that healing point and let them walk in amazing freedom that's that's incredible consequences are actually things that are meant to lift them up to date and to teach them and to encourage them that I wanted to ask you about encouragement because one of my things that are so important to me and actually helped to bring me closer to God was when a particular pastor took took a personal interest in me and man. He showered encouragement on me and encouragement.

Only I realize that through my life. It was encouragement that brought me to my greatest strides forward and so how important is encouragement in life. Find yeah men and women come in. They have been so wounded and they been rejected enough they know what all that feels like. They lived in isolation. They lived in trauma. They lived in defeat. They've been told that worthless they have.

They don't see the value that they have when they look in the mirror basic junk they don't see how God sees them suggest to be able to speak the truth into your life and your important you matter.

Wait until you really grasp what God's incredible love is going to look like in your life and so man tell me one time I was given him consequences. And he said you're the only person I know that can give me consequences and I enjoy it. I feel good about motivation to write the words in red or something. Let me know it's it's helping a person to see how valuable they are. Because when I was able to see myself as God sees me, changed every thing and I went from being angry mean unforgiving, better all that to a person that asked see my value and I see my worth. Well, that's not just for me.

I want each man and woman to be able to say that and then their families to say that because we are not about that one person where going for the generations that house and generation is that walk in freedom with the Lord writes) and it's so important.

I know for folks that have such a terrible self-image exactly who realize that that is not how God sees you know that is not the person God sees God sees the person who has the victories and and they see somebody entirely different and for me to once I realize that you know this dirty old man. I'm not a dirty mouth, totally wrong is that person in God's eyes made all the difference will when we come back and continue to talk to Allison Danny and Jessica and find out some stuff you know where you can meet and different things websites and stuff. So stick around.

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Just go to my and click on the new radio listeners specials and get deep discounts on all my pillow products including the body pillow for only 2999 enter promo code get truth or call 800-942-9613 for these great radio specials. All right, since I'm posting today. Robbie, my name is Danny Trogdon I'm here with Danny Damron and Alice Mendel and Jessica Pike so happy to be here. I'm so blessed to be able to sit in and and talk with you guys about these ministries and I want to I want to pick up where we left off. Just not know that you that you wanted to talk about how they celebrate recovery and Pierce ministries sort of interlocking how they how they have a work like that.

Absolutely I think I'm for a lot of people that are struggling with addiction there. Searching for a desperate sense of peace and contentment in some sort of film and satisfaction in for myself and Danny go into these secular rehabs and recovery programs. A lot of times you have to identify yourself as for me hello my name is just common alcoholic and there is a lot of shame and guilt that that comes over you identifying yourself in that sense and so at celebrate recovery because it is not your identity right now right… God's eyes exactly wheat we find our identity is found in being a child of God and introduce ourselves recovery hello my name is Jessica and I'm grateful believer in Jesus Christ is not an alcohol alcohol in my life is terrible right hand.

Now that I got involved with celebrate recovery and after a few months of persuasion from the Pierce ministry girls because at celebrate recovery. We going to a small group setting. After the large group worship and a testimony shared that which is where Danny was able to get his testimony. We break up in the small groups and am January 2019.

I stumbled into Tria church and I was in small group with a lot of the Pierce ministry women and they greatly encouraged me to seek out help through Pierce ministries and it took me four months to gain the courage to quit my job and get out of my apartment and get rid of my car for nine months. I mean, you know, but the Lord chased me down that sound reckless love in the South.

Now it is noncombatant. He leaves the 99 and he feed he finds you per se as you end up now landed in the hospital with a .5 a blood alcohol level and possible third DUI and I said okay. Got here. Yeah, I'm gonna go and just bring things full-circle that fulfillment and satisfaction that I had been searching for in the bottom of the vodka bottle.

I have found truly when I'm able to tell other people about the Lord and what he's done in my life. Through this ministry and I had all the peace and contentment. I could ever imagine.

It's amazing. It is amazing and it sounds clichéd to tell my doctors when I go to the doctor's office and they say Jessica, you are nine medications. What has happened are you doing AA are you doing the 12 steps are you sure you're not on Risperdal for bipolar and I just tell them love.I know it sounds cliché to say that I had an encounter with Jesus, but I did and let me tell you about it in their minds are just alone hello United I listen absolutely respectful and kind actually had a doctor on Tuesday. Tell me why you just gave me chills and I thought, now that's the Holy Spirit right now because you know when you're out. Sharon you don't know who's going to be affected.

It's really not for us. We don't need to know doing that's right because God is in control, that he will put the person or the people of the group in your path and if you continue to to obey is what I say obey and and share these things came to the staff apartment.

He said he said simply minute. A lot of friends are struggling with with the crack addiction Bob about what you mean. You just put down the alcohol because of Jesus, and there I am in my living room in front of the pest control guy testifying to what the Lord is done in my life and I to go look at myself in the mirror like missiles was talking about and is about how we see ourselves and I had to say wow is this girl, well control guy you're an instrument of God right about encouragement earlier something that I've said and believe is that a and encouraged Christian is a powerful instrument for the kingdom of God absolutely right is when you get to the word. Let's look at what just the Gospels of what Jesus did when he was in front of somebody he never said to them, you got a go and you are lousy your behavior is out of control. Need to straighten up your mass know that's not what he said. He said Dempsey I don't ride. He said get up from where you are, take up that bad. He said I seen what you've done, but I'm not defining you by the I want to introduce you to myself and said to encourage somebody I know in my life. How much people have encouraged me to be able to give me the confidence of who I am in Christ. Why in the world. What I'm not do that for somebody else. Jesus was somebody that said that we were that he loves us unconditionally and if he's doing that and I am to be like him and be Christlike. That means that I love unconditionally, he says, put away the bitterness and the malice and all the garbage and junk away and put on the righteousness of Christ in gentleness and kindness and perseverance, and self-control and all those things.

So even when somebody is at a point of the Lois that their behavior seems to be the Lois that it could guide a little bit of encouragement and a little bit a love will take them so far. They are not going to remember the good things that we say unless they're followed up by actions on the outcome. A little different direction. In the distance. Jessica does because I know I was on the other end of recovery. When I started get involved I gone through a number of other you know, like you said the rocking him rescue mission Salvation Army not watch program in various different things. Anything I ever did. It had to be at the heart at it about being able to witness to someone. Okay it was not about just going out and doing good deeds and you know certain food to the homeless on what you know that there had to be a chance to sit down and spend time with them and being able to share testimony or what have you. But you know that's what really attracted me to this celebrate recovery when I, discovered about accident. As you know, I just saw the amount of amazing people that were there that were sharing their stories that were showing the difference in the life that it had made to them what Christ was doing in their life and were to talk about ensuring a second about the people that were going off into ministries around the world calls that you know after they graduated from, you know Pierce, but you know that the main thing is I look at it now as for talking about is I go through and I talked other people that have gone through secular programs and what have you trying to recover and they say, you know that they were cursed with an addiction or they were cursed with this.

I do not look at it that way I look at is God gave me a gift of addiction because it gave me a test to share with people to change lives 11 way that is so awesome that you can take the situation and turn it around just a little bit, look at it from a different perspective that makes so much sense.

It's a reminder that nothing is ever wasted in God's economy back to the love and encouragement that you are talk about love covers a multitude of signs hollowly well, what's the good one.

Something that Jesus said the greatest faith, hope and love love love game to 8-bit descent.

It was the greatest commandment of the Lord, you got my heart, soul and strength. But the second is his equal. Love your neighbor as yourself. It is impossible to truly love somebody else and he can love yourself is impossible to love ourselves and so true. Take a break when we come back to talk about trying a church that's were these ministries are talk a little bit about that and give me some more information and also feel free to call him if you have a question.

The numbers 866-34-TRUTH give us a call will be right back.

Since I'm sitting today for Robbie on Wednesday. Glad to be here.

I'm glad to be a part of the of the show today because we have some wonderful people we have daily Tamron here with us today we have Alice Mendel and Jessica part and I misspoke about you know where celebrate recovery and in Pierce ministries is located. I said try church and I think that that's just where you said 90% of your folks attend tribes so I just wanted to ask you to share a website where people can go and if anyone wants to make a donation. I know you take take that nothing just got the bag yes try church is in Greensboro on Sunshine Way in Greensboro is the home church for Pierce ministries. It is also where are celebrate recovery great meets on Friday nights and that's actually a ministry of Triad church now although it's also in its an international ministry Pierce ministries is a standalone ministry, but we do have about 90% of our volunteers and staff that are part of Triad and the amazing thing is that when our men and women walking to try church. Imagine walking in the first time by yourself somewhere you haven't been before and that when they walk in to try church they experience so much love that expense. The true love of Jesus, like they've never seen it before, and pretty soon that's one of the first drawing things for them to draw them into that relationship with Jesus. We are located in High Point and Archdale and we are about to open up the house for women in Davidson County assessor when Guilford and Randolph and looking to move into Davidson County, where he and property and were getting any stipend yet where nine-month Christ centered obviously discipleship program. The way to get in touch with us is our website address is pierced PIE RC ED the number four Our phone number for me pierced for me Pierce for my transgressions so our call our office phone number is 336-307-3899.

We also have our thrift store and Archdale on S. Main St. in the lightspeed shopping center that is open Monday through Saturday 9 to 6 and that is our public location for the ministry. All other houses are safehouses and we don't disclose the addresses for the safety of our management and who would later we did take donations.

We do not take government support not food stamps. Nothing and so everything that we have comes from either our thrift store or from donations from individuals, businesses, churches we love opportunities to go into churches and share with love opportunities to sit down with pastors and share about how hey you got people in your congregation who are struggling were here to help and whether they ever donate a penny or not, where there to help and you told me also that if someone wants to come through the program in an can afford it, tackling that there are sponsors or those looking for a scholarship online. People can donate to that $700 for somebody to come in for women to come in for minutes.

500 that we never turn anybody away, but the cost to have a person here per month is about $1700 and we have 18 to 20 people. Most of the time so much to do the math. There you see that 700 doesn't even touch 1/2 of the month and yet everything is provided for them for their feed, shelter, transportation, study materials, we do everything except medical.

We do not accept medications X unless they are blood pressure or something like that maintenance we don't do any medicine approved treatments like methadone, Suboxone or anything like that don't allow guys we want to meet a person at their base level, the very bottom level and I was just gonna say it's it is a nine-month Christ centered product Kregel program later today's actually stay on the property and therefore that whole 999 okay can extend that we actually can extend some people can stay up to 24 months old and we do a lot of probation on court ordered work on that kind of stuff so we don't take registered sex offenders, but people have open court cases. People who are on probation or parole. People who are involved with social services with child cases they don't scare us one bit and clearly Miss Allison Pierce ministries are making disciples. These women just don't just get kicked out after nine months there going out and their ministering to other people in their six people that have now went on international mission draft yes and we also have a large aftercare program so that when a person's finishing and we work with the we have a large family program outside were helping people to learn how to to develop a resume to develop a budget to get the debts paid off to save money for car.

We work with wills for help in Greensboro to help people get transportation to get the license back to we have a group of second chance employers that we work with to help people becoming holy and it's so important follow-up you guys follow-up yes graduates I wanted done, well you know what guys, this is been so informative.

Such a blessing to my heart and I know so many others, and so I just want to thank you guys for coming in again and thanks for this ministries in a three-star Facebook page and a ministry that's awesome and if you want to volunteer volunteer donate donate website go to website and thanks guys for coming in is been a real pleasure for me to enjoy the rest of

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