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CGR MONDAY 071723 Rick Manning

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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July 17, 2023 8:00 am

CGR MONDAY 071723 Rick Manning

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Negro products do not treat, reduce, cure or prevent disease. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host Pastor Greg Young. But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, that you should chew forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light, which in time past were not a people but are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy.

And now, Chosen Generation, where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. And now, here's your host, Pastor Greg. And welcome to the program. Great to have you with me. Thanks so much for being here. I know you have a choice in where you can listen each and every day. And I thank you for keeping it tuned here to Chosen Generation Radio.

Incredible program lined up for you today. Bill Courtney will be with us at the bottom of hour number three. Businessman, coach, Oscar-winning undefeated recently wrote about the commercial appeal about how an army of normal folks can give back power to Americans.

We'll talk with him about that. America's psychiatrist Carol Lieberman is with us. We'll talk with her about trans killer and the trans manifesto that they don't seem to want to give us. And trans activist, the danger of that whole movement.

Sheriff Richard Mack is with us, our constitutional sheriff and peace officers association founder. And we'll talk about the rise of crime and getting back to the rule of law. And then Dr. David Wormser is also with us next hour. We'll be talking with him about some shifts that are taking place in Israel.

And the mood of Israelis, they're really getting tired of these protesters. And we'll tell you why coming up here at Chosen Generation Radio. So, lots for you today on the program. Each hour will be posted in audio.

I'll get the video up when I can. But video is live right now at, It's also live at Pastor Greg CGR on CloudHub, at Pastor Greg CGR on, what's that other one, Getter. And then also on several Facebook pages as well.

And that's up all the time. You can watch any of that anytime that you want. If you go to and click on show archives, you'll also get links there. There's a permanent post there that gives you a link to the video which is up on CloudHub that you can look at at any time that you want. It's also a link to our Rumble video page. And then there's also a link to our audio. And then from there you can go to any one of Podchaser or Deezer or iTunes or TuneIn or iHeart or Jeezavon. Whatever it is that you prefer to use as your podcast player, we're probably there. And the direct link to our channel on each one of those is available to you through that.

And also at the listen page at Alright, I think I've covered all of that. And hey, don't forget to stay healthy, huh? To your health?

To your health? I'm serious. It works. We'll talk about that later in the program. Alright, I'm very pleased to welcome to the program as we do on our Monday morning opening show. I want to welcome Mr. Rick Manning to the program. Rick, welcome. Good to have you.

Hey, thanks for having me, Pastor Greg. How are you? I am, I'm good overall, I think. I think, yeah, I think I'm doing okay.

He's doing an inventory. Okay, I'm not going to go with good. I'll go with good, yeah, good. Yeah, let's just try to stick with good. We'll hold a good thought and stick with good today. That sounds like a plan. Nothing wrong with good.

No, no. So did any action over the weekend? We didn't really talk about different ministries and stuff. Well, it wasn't, we didn't do one this weekend.

Now, next weekend, we're going to be putting in well number 42. And Thursday, we did have a service on Thursday. And the report that I've gotten back is that we had 39 people confirmed salvations, 17 people healed instantly, three sisters were healed from back pain, one was delivered from an evil spirit, another brother was healed from a problem that he had with itching. He'd been itching the whole night. He was never able to sleep without medicine. God touched him and healed him.

Another brother had had knee pain that he'd suffered with for two years. And then he just says that many more were healed as well. So we praise God. Yeah, we praise God for that. We've got a pastor's meeting coming up that will be held on the 27th of this month.

Yeah, Thursday, the 27th. So you'll see, folks, you'll get kind of the beginnings of that. And then you can watch the rest of it over and on our social media feed at Cloud Hub or at Getter. But we're bringing about 250 of our close to 600 pastors together in one place for a teaching. And you just kind of build them up and help them.

Because the growth is just explosive. I mean, we're sitting in about 750 churches. And I was talking with Pastor Samuel. You know, every time we are going into a community and this is what he's getting back, even from the members and the people who go, every time we go into a community, not only do we have the salvation's that we're getting counted, but we have people who are sitting in their homes that are hearing the amplification. And we find out later that they prayed and gave their lives to Christ. And out of every meeting that we have, there's the potential to create two to three churches in those communities. The numbers are that significant. Wow, that's amazing. That is amazing. And God bless that ministry.

He is blessing that ministry. So we've got our 42nd well going in, which provides water for a decade for about 2000 people. Right.

Yeah. And so making an impact, a real physical impact on people's lives by providing potable water. Because let's just be be clear when, you know, when you've got one point four billion people and you still have to process waste through your own body and animals process waste through their bodies, it goes somewhere and where it goes is into the streams.

And so people are have streams that are not. You know, you really know nobody in America would drink that water. And so literally a well, which is very inexpensive, makes a difference to 2000 people for a decade, raising children who aren't sick with bacteria and other things that that make them ill and from drinking the water.

And it's a it really makes the community more healthy. It makes it so they're able to go to work and do things like that because they're not sick all the time. And they don't have to they don't have to plan within their day, you know, roughly two as much as two hours out of every day of going and trying to retrieve water. And and potentially and and the, you know, the wealthy ranchers and farmers in the area where the people would go and basically beg for water, hold that over their heads. They are enslaved by by those individuals.

And so, you know, you want to talk about helping set people free from slavery. This is one of the ways of doing that is giving them access to clean, healthy water. We had a situation where the cost again for a well, four hundred dollars is all four hundred dollars. So you're talking about, you know, eleven, twelve bucks a day. Basically, and, you know, saving twelve dollars a day, a couple of cups of coffee over over the course, you know, of of a month. And, you know, whatever you can do, I mean, if if you're able to put together one hundred dollars and somebody else gives another hundred dollars and you know, I get four people that give one hundred dollars, that's four hundred dollars. That's a well. And that's going to impact lives for the next 10 years.

And, you know, and so you're talking about generations of people who are now going to have their entire life course altered. So it's huge. You can go to the chosen generation radio dot com website and just click on donate. I know that the vehicle that's there right now is is the PayPal vehicle. You do not have to sign up for a PayPal account or or have your information saved in order to to to make a donation.

Just click in that it's a one time donation and and and you're and you're using your card and that's it. And and we'll be incredibly grateful to you if you if you're able to do that. So, yeah, it's it's a it's a big thing. And and and then we also have our sewing school for widows. We have four sewing schools for widows whose husbands were killed because of their Christian faith. And this is what allows them to learn a skill set so that they can provide for themselves and their young children. And and that, again, is is life altering for them because otherwise they would be kicked to the street. Their children would become orphans and and the life expectancy of of their life expectancy would be pretty nil.

Yeah. People don't realize that in times prior to the advent of Christianity around the world, becoming and Judaism was remarkable for for this guide really pressed on his people to take care of widows and orphans. But that wasn't the norm. You know, things that we take for granted about taking care of people wasn't the norm.

Historically hasn't been the norm throughout the history of humanity and isn't the norm in India. And so if you're if you don't have somebody to take care of you, if you're a widow or an orphan, you are literally there is no social safety net. And so, you know, with a little bit of help, you know, in terms of water, in terms of supporting sewing school, the like, a little bit of help. You know, we can become the social safety net for communities of people and through and Christ can be the social safety net. And we can do actually what we're called to do as Christians, which is not only go and make disciples, but also to take care of the least of these. And you don't find more the people who are more in need, more more the least in terms of the way they're treated by their society and from a class system than the people who Pastor Greg's reaching in Punjab province in India. So you have everything going there. You have a persecuted minority.

You have people who are lowest wrong on the class structure, which in a very stratified country. You have people who are clinging to life and Jesus is reaching out to them and they are finding open solace in a place where there's no hope. And that's a and it's the hope of Jesus. And we're so fortunate here and we, you know, so for 400 bucks, you can you can help 2000 people have potable water. You do, you know, donates of the sewing school is able to have extra seats. Donate so pastors are able to be trained. 750 churches, you need a lot of pastors. It's not like you got a bunch of seminaries there.

You've got to train, you know, train up the pastors to be able to lead the flock. Right. Yeah.

Right. Right now we are we are maxed out at being able to train. We train 20 pastors in a year.

So think about that. You know, when we're going out every week into new areas that are hearing the gospel and people are giving their lives to Christ. And now we have we have new Christians, and they need a shepherd. And, and, you know, even if we if we just did one planted one church it for each meeting. That's 52 churches right there in the year.

And, and we're only capable at the moment of sending out 20 new pastors at the end of each year. So, when you stop and think about that, that that's, you know, there were operating at a deficit and as I said, the locations we go into because of how God is moving because of not just the, the salvation's but then people are, I mean, when, when your neighbor was sickly for the last three years. And now all of a sudden you see your neighbor, and they are well. And, and they are just transformed. You're at, you're like, okay, what are you taking, what do you want what what's going on, why, why are you, what happened.

And when they tell you what happened. And then they, they, they now you you want a connection, you want to connect to what they're connected to. And, and, you know, the, the, that's the responsibility the minister the pastor is for the equipping of the saints the fivefold ministry the apostle, the prophet, the teacher the evangelist the pastor, that's to build up and edify the body of Christ, and get and then send them. So, yes, I agree that that sheep are who multiply sheep, but, but the sheep has to be able to tell the non sheep how to become a sheep and, and they need to be trained and and and they need to be built up and then they need to connect to the shepherd of the flock, so that they can get the education that they need and the knowledge that they need, because the wolves are going to come in, and they need to know how to respond to that.

100% 100% correct. So, you know, I know we normally would come in and talk about, you know, kind of first world problems and we're probably gonna do that here next but are from by, but just first thing Monday morning I always like to have a conversation about that puts things in perspective about what's happening around the world now God's moving around the world, because sometimes it feels when you look around our country, and we're under, we're under siege and a lot of different places are seeing Satan moving and, but just understand God's not silent in the world. God is moving to those who will hear he is moving he is moving mountains in places where, where ears are open and minds are open to hear him. And so our, our challenge here in America becomes.

How do we become hungry for God. And so that the obvious blessings that he pours on our country, and on each of us individually become manifestly clear that they're from him, and not from, from anything else. And that becomes, so, you know, we have a, you know, but so sometimes focusing on what's happening in other places, and showing how God's moving in other places. What they give us hope because God can move the same way here.

If we just get out of the way and let him. You know I just looked on, I'm getting ready to post something up on Facebook about the program today but I just looked at something and this is something that I posted in July, on the same day July 17 2010 to the last we preach salvation to the rebellious we preach repentance, and to the saint we preach the promises of God. And it's, it's that that's that formula is non changing.

It's, it's not impacted by anything else that's happening around us. That is the answer to the last we preach salvation to the rebellious. We preach repentance to the same.

We preach the promises of God. Well you see that's just about 15 words when I said in about four minutes so there you go. Well, and speaking of how, how, how, how messed up some things are okay. I don't know. Do you have time if we took a break and come back or should we just blow through. I understand. I understand. All right, so I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but they have, they've, they've resurrected the Equality Act.

Yes, of course they have. And, and, and, and to anyone out there listening, watching, who is you consider yourself to be a Democrat you think about that, I have to pose this question. Which do you consider yourself more. A blood bought child of the Most High God, a Christian who Jesus Christ died to purchase your freedom to redeem you. Or a Democrat that is pushing what that same God calls an abomination and supports the murder of life at conception.

There's no plainer question to it than that, there really isn't. So, if someone is in church, and the pastor is actually preaching the gospel and not just the gospel but preaching the Word of God. And, and your political party is sponsoring a bill that in its text says, we support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. If you're standing with that, then you're standing in the aisle of the sinner in need, still in need of the Savior.

And yeah, I think, you know, the irony of course is I remember the good old days when the Equality Act was about men and women, and you know they were trying to but now they can't define what a woman is so they've got a problem and say, you know, yeah, I mean, it's just be be clear. Joe Biden keeps saying I say this a lot now I don't say it on the show but Joe Biden has declared before the 2020 election before the 2022 election, and as the mechanics kickoff speech for the 2024 election that we're in a battle for the soul of America. He makes no bones about it. He is there, he has said, they are talking about vetoing a vetoing the National Defense Authorization Act, because they say Republicans injected politics into it. This is what actually happened. The Department of Defense enacted a policy where if somebody is based in a state that doesn't allow for an abortion, they then will, taxpayers will pay for that person to go to a state that does. Okay, so that's a defense policy that's against the rules, because it's against the Hyde Rule, right, it's against the Hyde Rule. So the federal government isn't supposed to be funding abortion right so Republicans in the National Defense Authorization Act said, no, you're not going to do that anymore. We're not allowing that.

That's a view. So Joe Biden saying he's going to veto. They said, well, we're not gonna pay for transgender surgeries in the Department of Defense. The Department of Defense made a decision that they were going to become the most woke employer and pay for transgender surgeries, recognizing that people who switch sexes are on hormone therapy that makes it in the private sector illegal for them to have a gun. So these people are not going to be able or not allowed to be in the field, they're not allowed to actually be a soldier for four years. So you join you get you stand for surgery and you get all the surgery paid for. And then you go through all the treatments, and you get paid, and then four years later you come out something different.

But you never served your country, you went in there for a surgery. Right. Okay. That's, that's the reality. So they said no, we're not going to do that. So we're not going to have a what have woke driving the military, we're not going to have military officers being chosen based on race. Seems like something that we kind of decided a long, long time ago, but the new the guy who's been nominated to be the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is a guy who believes that there are too many white officers, too many white pilots in the Air Force, and is talking about setting policy set policies in place to try to replace about 5000 white pilots with pilots of different colors. If I'm sending somebody up in a hundred million dollar machine, I don't care if they're white, black, green, male, female, what I want them to be is competent flying the 100 million dollar machine.

There's only so many of them, they have to be the best in the world. Their lives are depending upon it. The lives of military men and women on the ground are depending upon it. Absolutely. So, and yet he wants to pick them based on race. It is insane. It doesn't make it's beyond insane.

And yet that's who this president wants to join. Are you going to pick the five foot two white guy that can't jump is slow, has trouble controlling the ball, or the six foot eight black guy that can jam from the free throw line, just like leap and put the ball in the hoop has a has a has a, you know, 50% three point range, and, and as a rebounding machine and a defensive, you know, monster, I mean, which guy are you going to choose and have been playing on your team? Obviously, you're going to choose the guy and it's not based on the fact that he's black, it's based on the fact that he's six foot eight, has great leaping ability. He's a better shooter.

He's a better fit for the basketball court, period. And the story than the little five foot two guy. Yep, 100%.

That is 100%. And, and, and, and, and no, and no offense to Muggsy Bowles, who was who was an anomaly, who was an anomaly. But he was quick, he was quick, he could shoot. Yep. And because he was so quick, he could get open the bigger guys had our time with him. Yep. And, and as a result, he was able to carve out a career and make some money in the NBA. And he played for the Washington Wizards way back when with Manute Bowl, and so the Wizards had a seven foot six guy on the team, and a five foot two guy on the team, playing on this court at the same time. And I'll just say that they weren't very good.

The team wasn't very good, but they were entertaining. The anyhow, yeah, so that that's a that's a choice in the National Defense Authorization Act, the House Republicans passed it a virtual party line vote. And, you know, and now the White House is saying is dead on arrival, it's not going to pass, they're opposing it in the Senate, they said they'll veto it. So he would rather it's got more pay for the military, it's got all this stuff that people, you know, it's got lots of tanks, lots of missiles, not lots of new munitions. It doesn't, but because it's not going to allow the military to be based on on well, diversity, equity and equality. Yeah, we know the hate America policy that eliminates equality for an exchange for something called equity, which is you get we're going to promote people based on race, not based on competence. I don't want a military that's not based on competence.

You don't want a military not based on competence. So consequently, you know, the Republicans said, No, we're not doing that. And now there's a big fight. There's gonna be a big fight in the Senate over it. But just know that this is real stuff.

It's happening right now. Yeah. And, you know, Chip Roy, Chip Roy played a big role in this, a congressman from down there in Texas, played a huge role in making this happen. And he's a truly is. If you had a name, top 10 members of Congress, Chip Roy would be one of that would be one of the top 10 members of Congress, because he's getting a lot of stuff done and not just a lot of sidebar stuff that nobody cares about. He's getting real things done.

He's making a difference and moving and taking on the left and the left hates him. So you're very fortunate those of you who are down there in Texas, very fortunate to have a rep who is really instrumental in terms of winning these fights. Here, here. Yeah, chips. Awesome. Chip is really an awesome guy. I, I know chip personally, I've supported chip, continue to support chip, but he is he does a great job.

And we appreciate the work that he does. All right, Rick. There was there, what the one other thing that that we'll probably get into is the Supreme Court Control Act. Yeah.

Um, go ahead. Well, it's kind of interesting. The Congress does have power of the purse of the Supreme Court. They can set the number of justices on the Supreme Court. Although I find it interesting to think Supreme Court Control Act sounds somewhat dubious from just a naming perspective.

There's been a wholesale assault on conservative jurists, ranging from refusal to make their home, excuse me, make their home secure to attacks on finances and the like. And the irony, of course, is they're sitting there trying to make you know, you have cases where now they're coming out that liberal jurors, so to my or for instance, was getting a lot of money from Penguin Books on book deals as a massive amount of money. And she didn't, she didn't recuse herself on a case before that dealt directly with Penguin Books. And it was a and so Stephen Breyer did it was back when Breyer was still on the court. Stephen Breyer did. But Sotomayor didn't. And, you know, lo and behold, a big check came right after the ruling.

So I'd say, you know, that's a wow. There's some interesting stuff going on. But Congress, Congress attempting to let's put it this way, Congress, which nobody has the any illusion that has very many ethical mores whatsoever, attempting to impose an ethos on the Supreme Court. Is, is the irony of that is not it's not missed. Nancy Pelosi with her freezer full of expensive ice cream, trying to say trying to say, gee, people shouldn't you know, it's not right for the Supreme Court to for them to be there for so long. You know, sitting there and say, gee, we need term limits on the Supreme Court.

Well, she is literally the face of term limits in many ways. So you're so the irony of Congress trying to regulate trying to reform the Supreme Court is can only be lost in the Democrats trying to do it. Because it isn't about actually wanting reforms with them. It's about trying to trying to change the makeup of the Supreme Court, because for the first time in three generations, for the first time since FDR was president, let's just be real, first time since FDR was president, there is a court that is actually looking at the Constitution and laws based on the Constitution. And that is destroying the the artifice that the left built with a bunch of Supreme Court rulings that really had very little basis and constitutional fact. And so tearing those down is restoring our Constitution, restoring our individual liberties, and taking down the administrative state. The left doesn't like it, and they'll do anything, anything, anything. They'll tell any lie, they'll write any story to try to degrade those members of the Supreme Court who are standing up against the administrative state that is running this country into the ground and restore and trying to restore power to people who are, to people, people who are the regular citizens.

And truthfully, the republic by restoring power to those that we elect to exercise that power on our behalf in Congress. Agreed. A couple other stories that are breaking as well. There's a January 6 prisoner who has taken his obstruction charge to the Supreme Court, asking them to render a decision on what is being done to him.

Arrests have been made in a human remains trade tied to Harvard Medical School. That should be an interesting story to see how that develops. And then I have to wonder in finality here as we close this portion out. Hollywood right now is on the brink of a disaster. This writers strike that's taking place right now has essentially caused actors and actresses are not showing up for premieres. They're leaving premieres.

They can't. Well, I guess, yeah. So, so, so here's, so there is a, let's see, there is a billionaire, a guy by the name of last name of Diller. Yeah, he was the former Paramount Pictures CEO. And basically his statement, Barry Diller, yeah, his statement is, is, look, if this doesn't get resolved, it's going to mean the collapse of Hollywood.

Now, those of us, you know, in of conservative and family value ilk, who have been watching woke Hollywood and all of its nonsense, quite frankly, and these, by the way, these are the writers who write this crap that that a lot of us don't want to watch. And, you know, I'm one of the films that's taking it right now taking a bath is is the new Tom Cruise Mission Impossible, which is really kind of a shame because from what I understand, you know, Tom Cruise keeps that woke stuff out of his movies he doesn't. He doesn't let it in. He doesn't allow that kind of garbage to come into his films. And, and he's, he's a rarity in that he does still at, you know, 61 years old. He still does the majority of his own stunts.

Yeah, which is remarkable. Let me tell you what Barry about the Barry Diller thing because I think it's, it's intriguing. What you have is a kind of cascading effect where, or because the writers aren't writing, because the actors aren't acting. There's no nothing being produced. So some, some producers produce some for television, four or five shows when they saw this coming. So they can have some product to be able to put up in the, you know, in the fall on TV I'm talking here.

Yeah, but they don't have a, but that's all they got. And if they can't, you know, they can't start producing product relatively rapidly, you're going to end up with a situation where you're going to have no scripts are in the pipeline, you're going to have no product being done. And the in cash is, you know, where you're going to go and pay for Netflix if there's no new material on it, are you going to pay for Lulu, you're not going to so the whole streaming world is affected. You had the head of Disney say, you know, we really would, we really considering selling ABC on the keep separating out ESPN but selling ABC, because that's not a growing business model for us.

So you're looking at, you're looking at a whole series of changes in that world. But, but the real challenge the writers strike at its core is about artificial intelligence writing scripts, and they don't want artificial intelligence writing scripts, obviously. And because it puts them out of business. And so they're trying, they're trying to ensure that Hollywood doesn't go and use artificial intelligence to create the create the products, and essentially eliminate the writer out of the out of the equation. And, you know, if I were the writers union, I'd be saying that too.

And the fact that the the fact that the whoever the heck they're negotiating with, I'm never sure who was on the other side of that, I guess the studios aren't willing to say aren't willing to make a deal on that. Well, it's, it becomes rather rather obvious what what what the what the directions well and and it's honest. Well, I think the other side to this, though, for recognizing just the cultural side. If we know the effect of the cultural effect that Hollywood has, we see that every day. Yeah. If you're having artificial intelligence, controlling the effectively controlling the cultural power that you're just you're just gonna say what I was gonna say, but go ahead.

No, no, no, you go ahead, brother, you go ahead. No, I just Yeah, well, and and and and we need to remember that, you know, the writers are hired by the studios. Okay, because the studios like what those writers are writing. So don't think for a second that this changes any of the ideal ideology that Hollywood is going to be running with it doesn't change that at all. The only way that would change is literally if studio heads roll, and you have different but but we know that's not happening. That's why Mark Wahlberg is wanting to establish something in in Las Vegas or in Nevada, and and basically start producing films out of there. It's why Angel Studios is doing what they're doing, and and so on.

And I think it you know, David AR White sold pure flicks to Sony, I think it was. And and and and I wonder if he's not having some thoughts or being wooed or being talked to about possibly coming back into the game again, because the reality is, is that people of faith and and and sounds of freedom is proving that. And there's other stuff that's in the pipeline chosen is proving that people of faith are going to theaters and supporting things that support their values. And, and the, and the studios, Indiana Jones, you know, with with the changes that they made in their script to try to be woke and dei and what have you.

It's floundered in. And now the one guy that had actually pulled things out for them, which was Tom Cruise with Top Gun two years ago. They're they're basically running that same script, hoping that he could pull them out once again.

And guess what? We're not buying it. People are not buying it.

This isn't an attack on Cruz individually. It's just a fact that that the general public is saying to Hollywood, we're on to your game. And and we're not going to support anything you do. So AI yourselves out all you want.

We don't care. Well, one of the I'm just going to tell you one of the financial challenges they have is because they've squeezed the movie theaters out for a lot of their releases, releasing a lot of things direct to streaming and the like movie theaters have, you know, they've changed their model. They basically have fewer seats. It's a much more comfortable. You have kind of a captain's chair and moves up around is sleeping in for the rest of the day if you wanted to.

It's really nice. You know, so they don't have as many any many seats in the theater, but there's a top ticket price that people will pay. And so you go in and you say, I'm going to pay ten dollars for a movie. But if you only have seven, you know, say 75 seats, then the maximum you're going to get out of a theater, 750 bucks.

Yeah. And so one of the challenges they have is as they've just as due to streaming and covid and those two things combined, they've kind of made the movie theaters become less, fewer of them, plus having to really spend a lot of money on upgrading the theaters. They've created an environment where you may not be able to open a movie at the levels that you could open a movie before because there aren't enough seats in the theater.

And that's your that's one of the interesting challenges. And when you look at what what the Jim Caviezel movie has done in this past three weeks, it opened it opened on July 4th, which isn't a full week, but it beat Indiana Jones on that day, which is a big movie day the next week, because it was only a partial. It really was only partial run. It was it came in third of all movies that week. And this week it came in second behind Mission Impossible.

But it's right. It's making it's now that movies now made over 80 million dollars, over 80 million dollars. Disney kept it on a shelf for five years and Angel Studios acquired it for a pittance and distributed it and the cost of distribution. But the fact of the matter is the actors had already been paid. Now they're getting paid their profit on the movie, but the actors had already been paid to make the movie. Disney ate all the costs for making the movie and Angel Studios is now their promotional geniuses and they now have a movie that's going to spawn a number of other movies. The thing that I was reading about the strike that's a consequence that people aren't counting on is because these movie theaters need to have content, it opens the door for a lot more Christian content that was made outside of the outside of the Hollywood machinations. And so it's going to open the door for a lot more Christian content in the movie theaters, because if Hollywood can't pump it out, those movie theaters are going to sit empty.

They're going to want to put they're going to want to have something going on. Well, and these and these smaller independent studios have continued to shoot, they've continued because because they're not they're not bound by the contracts, they're not bound by the writers contracts. Well, the chosen many of them, you know, is a is a union production, just to name one, but they got a waiver over the weekend to allow them to continue shooting.

So the chosen has been allowed to continue shooting, so that won't be affected. But yeah, a lot of the independents are you're using essentially it's the doors wide open now for content that isn't necessarily Hollywood based content and movie theaters have to have product. So the good news is, you may be seeing a lot more movies that you're actually can take your family to coming out. And, you know, it's an entertainment form, we choose to use it or we don't. But for me, there's very few things as relaxing as going on a hot summer day out to see a movie out to see a movie do the matinee so it's cheaper, get a get some popcorn gets to get a soda, sit there, watch the 30 minutes of previews, and then just sit in a cool theater and kind of relax and chill. It's a really, I think it's a good it's a good afternoon. And as compared to what everything else seems to cost now, it you can get by without it.

It's certainly cheaper than a baseball game. So anyway, that's, I'm not advocating for the movie industry here, movie theaters, I'm just saying there's some decent content coming out of films that you know, and we do want to support Christian films and positive family messaged, you know, products and opportunity is an opportunity to flex flex muscles, real Americans to flex their muscles say we want family entertainment, right? What we don't we don't want, you know, and oh, by the way, a bunch of comic book movies doesn't count. Well, especially when the comic book movies again, are are starting to push woke woke agendas.

Yeah, they've all gone with woke agendas. That's true. But still, they're, there's a look at great movies of the past, okay. And they had a story. They actually told a compelling story that was either inspirational or, or created us to think.

And it and it did so in a way that, you know, they didn't have to CGI a bunch of stuff in it was a it was basically people telling good stories. And in today's world, we have all these people want to say, Oh, I'm a storyteller. They claim to be storytellers. It's actually a title that people get a bit of storyteller. And yet we don't have anybody writing good stories to be on, you know, and you see what a good story is found.

What happens? Sound of Freedom is a good story is a depressing, but it's a good story. It's a story of it's a story of hope is start person standing up against evil. And one person, two people being able to stand up against evil against all odds and, and win. Those are kind of classic tales. Those are those are things that you know, Homer wrote back in the Iliad and the Odyssey. So you've got a classic tales of heroism and courage against evil against all odds.

Those stories sell. Not every story has to be one that, you know, takes you into the dump and says, and makes you feel like you've been, you just went through, you know, you need to get a shower after you watch the movie. So yeah, anyway, you're here. That, that's about all I have on the on the movie front.

I'm over. I don't know if you know this, but and you know, this guy think but good friend of mine worked with the Labor Department was the executive producer of the chosen the first year, and is involved with the Convesal movie, and is just, and so I'm really excited about these things because this is something he's been working on as a mission in his mission field for last 10 years has been Hollywood and trying to change when the culture war by producing quality products that can win the culture war in a marketplace, which really, you know, truthfully doesn't reward good intentions, it rewards quality products. Right. And so you've been trying to create that and he's been working on it and I'm promoting some quality products and he's, and this is kind of now coming to fruition. And so I'm, I've got a rooting interest in this besides my, my personal cultural interests I've got a rooting interest because a buddy of mine's been at the forefront of doing that and 10 years ago he says let's do this this would be fun. And it wasn't what I was called to do but now I sit there and say, I didn't realize it was easier than taking what I was doing, no doubt, but no doubt. All right, I'm going to let you go I know you've got to run, hold tight just saying I want to talk to you for just a second for you take off. All right, folks, we're gonna take a break, when we come back, it'll be our number two and coming up at the top of our number two. Dr. David Wormser joins us, lots going on in Israel right now, and we'll talk to you about that coming up.

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