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Keeping Cool in your Car

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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June 29, 2013 1:45 pm

Keeping Cool in your Car

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show.

The cop show dedicated to helping Christians buy and sell cars by the book. The book knobby orange book, but by God's book, the Bible called the Christie car guy with your questions. 186634218663487884 is being a Christian have to do with buying a car you're about to find out as your host Rob a Gilmore do we have some hot and I mean hot topics for you today on a Christian card I show yes it's been hot and one of her hot today is your cool ideas yes or in search of tips, your secret to staying cool. Getting cool faster something passed down from perhaps a relative or friend, the secret of keeping cool in the heat of your car and if you calling today at 866-348-7884 with your cool idea. Your secret to staying cool. Keeping your car cooler where it is parked or whatever that idea may be. I for one, am going to award you the Christian Car Guy big fan award on the air and I do mean on the air. Johnny play them what that went yes I know you're gonna want to win the coveted Christian Car Guy big fan award so call now with your cool idea 866-348-7884 is a number to call you and share your cool idea now here to help us and add that's initial touch of ministry to your cool idea idea and I do mean cool idea wherever very own Dr. Sonny. So Dr. Sonny once they call in with their cool idea. You will indeed create an acronym and a sermon in a in a flash in the in the twinkling of an eye before anybody can think he will create this and then now when the coveted big fan award. Is this true today because I'm a big fan award not day with Christ. It will big time assuring you this will be cool just to hear what Sonny has for your ideas. You will enjoy that and we also Dr. Sonny bookmark for you if you calling not just the big fan of work with something, the more talent tangible. But anyway I do have to tell you yesterday whilst talking to Dr. Sonny informed me that not only was it like to be hundred and 30 in death Valley and that we need some cool ideas. They also informed me that the Lord is actually called him to go from being a motorsports chaplain to being a pastor there in his local church yet in his usual humble manner.

He quickly told me, but Robbie you know I'm still a recovering bozo. So as I pondered a moment, I realized that I had slighted Dr. Sonny really have and never given him his own intro music, so I immediately went to work to correct that and so today we have the official Dr. Sonny intro, I know you're excited to hear this play Johnny. I didn't Dr. Sonny, I did not even know their words to the bozo song until I hear this yesterday and I know you're excited and I think only you and I think you can say Homo Neli tension and we made Neli so it all worked out. It all comes back back so Dr. Sonny we are looking for cool tips.

It's been how hot out there in California had something called when they come off the desert and they come they blow towards the ocean and we're going that this weekend is going to be hundred 20 day in Phoenix thirtysomething in death Valley so it dry though hundred 30 to try now drive your bone so I know you listeners out there. We want you to win the coveted Christian Car Guy big band sound award so call now with your cool idea.

We have 20 lines open. We need to hear from you.

86634878841 for the digitally gifted 866-34-TRUTH and then our next hot topic today is teen drivers new drivers. I had a listener approached me a few weeks ago with what I think is an incredible idea to save the lives of our new drivers. So here today with this is John Adamek with his safety, graphic idea. John Robbie good morning. Thanks you help me on this is so cool and I know it's really what a wonderful idea, but just for quickly explain your listeners what your time like to see a graphic on the back of teen drivers vehicles that would really identify the fact that their new driver and saw the drivers would be more courteous, we see that with driver's ed. There's a big sign on top of the car, but once the person gets their permanent. The kind of on their own so weird and have a discussion about this safety graphic which by the way, all that information to Christian Car, along with some associated articles what their name would doing in New Jersey and there's a lot of that stuff is coming up later in the show and then at the end of the shown appraisal by the real black but that's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crowd for discernment, lift up our voice for understanding, I'm so excited to hear your cool ideas this morning which by the way, nobody is calling yet so we really need you to call us and cool ideas because I got this is got to be cool to 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Your secrets of staying cool, perhaps passed down by your fathers and I was thinking that last night as I was thing about the show that what I often say is so true that it's the creativity of the Christian Car Guy audience that makes the show, but as I was thinking that the Holy Spirit caught me up short and said no Robbie, it's Jesus in your listeners. That is the creativity that is the show it's Jesus and each of you listing and you get to share that glory.

When you when you call in and you share well this week.

I was continuing in the book unspoken sermons by George MacDonald and he expanded on the new name idea in Revelation to where it says to him who overcomes I will give some of the hidden manna to eat and I will give him a white stone, and on the student's white stone a new name written on it which no one knows except him who receives it. MacDonald illustrated this by saying that this be secrets of Jesus that he shares well he can only share them and you would be the only person I could see those that Jesus has a special place in his heart that only you can see your understanding if you don't see it, no one else will I start to reflect on that with my own children. As a father and how they have a special place in my heart and that very night I went to host mask and journey raters or help host a mass concerning radio show I was filling in for some people.

And when we recorded the show that Wednesday night they played this clip from the movie. The trouble with the clerk curve. It's a movie with Clint Eastwood.

He played a father. His wife died in the baseball scout and he had a special place with his daughter. He did not know and and listen to what I'm talking about right now.

Life there is no life for a kid of mine living out of suitcases and visiting every town in the area is not what I wanted for my kid. I guess what I wanted you like baseball baseball. You know I love it. I never even wanted to be a lawyer. I did that for you said that you would be happy with me and that you would approve. Maybe cleaning around but I felt was right. I just didn't want you to have life in the cheap seats keep feet and every waking moment with my dad watching baseball and eating food that with no good for me playing pool staying up too late.

As with the backseat for the best seats in the house when you think about that with your own children or perhaps with your own parents. You know what were the best seats in the house with the cool thing about that is that Jesus has the best seats in the house for you in his heart is an illustration, we just get to see what earthly father has all my word what our heavenly father has sure a lot about that coming up into the shown appraisal by the real black book. Again, the Christian Car Guy show is why so we need you to share your cool ideas. I mean maybe there were some way that you park your car to make sure it doesn't get hot when you get back into it. Or maybe there some way you cool off your car quicker when you get into it it you have these cool ideas we need them desperately. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH quickly got all this information at our website. Christian Car the safety graphic is there podcast if you don't get to hear the house on your ideas. You're out there in that valley today hundred 30 what can I do well you can listen to podcasts later today will show up on Christian Car Guy., as well as the Jesus labor love free car repair for single moms and widows across the country. It's free car repair labor and those applications all that information about that ministry Christian Car Guyes Jesus labor. Love is a Christian Car now Dr. Sonny as the Christian Car Guy, one of my things I need to share about cool ideas. The right on the top the list is using your maximum button on the air conditioning system.

What is that maximum button mean what is it, not me.

How is it that that makes it a lot of folks understand that I can share that when I come back just one of my cool ideas that we cool ideas we need. Now we have lines open and I'm expecting cool ideas, 866-348-7884. You know, in the coveted holy God hot topics hot out there and we need cool ideas.

We need your creativity something that was something that you do you make sure your car doesn't get hot or that you cool off quickly. There's there's tips and there's techniques and there's ideas.

We need to hearing today on the Christian Car Guy show and when you share yours. You will get the coveted big fan I meant to be a big fan of your assignment and let you have it with the big fan of Ward and Dr. Sonny will immediately create his acronym and his sermon on your behalf so I was given a Christian Car Guy idea when when we left our dish, but I should give out the numbers so you will call and I desperately need your calls, 866-348-7884. It really is Jesus's creative thought through you. That makes the show so I needed. I needed 866-34-TRUTH 878841. We finish that first segment of talk about the whole Max idea the whole Max idea and on your conditioning been in may say recirculate and may say maximum, but these are critical positions on your air conditioner because what happens is when you put it on maximum you put it on recirculate. It takes the air that's already inside your car that is Artie been been cooled and to some extent and cools it so once you get going down the road in the air in your car gets down to like 82 instead of 103, then it's easier for the air conditioner to cool 82 air than it is the hundred and 3 or hundred and 30 air that's outside depending on if you're death Valley. Moreover, when you first get in the car when you're inside air is 130 and outside it's only 90 don't put it on maximum. At that point. Wait until you got the air in the car cool down at least what it was outside before you flip it over to maximum. There's a couple reasons to do that one outside air has natural disinfectants and at the keep that Rusty's socks Mellott your air conditioning system playtime. You don't need maximum. Don't use it early morning light in the afternoon because the disinfectants are natural in the air kill the bacteria that's in the in the cooling system so you always want to use outside air.

She can but once the ambient temperature of the air outside your car exceeds 90 by all means use the maximum button research white button because is that cart air in your carcass down to 78 7776.

It's so much easier to cool off. So that's what the maximum button is or the recirculation button. The idea is to use inside air in order to make that cool as it can possibly be. So there's one of the Christian car guys cool ideas and I don't know what you think John should I get that the big fan of ordering a big fan. I'm a big fan of Robert are you big Sandra Dr. Sonny Johnny I'm I'm thinking I need the big fan of heat. There is an example of what you get if you call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 with your big fan idea now, Dr. Sonny, if you got an acronym for my idea. Well, Max got like mad Max greater you indicate greater the in the car as well so you want to keep the hot air out the inside of the car by recirculating and the same thing in your life you want to keep Satan your life and if you look at that one chapter book that the book before Revelation you that half-brother of Christ telling us.

Don't be deceived by it's really cool to follow me like that hot air on the outside. You want to keep that Max but going on the inside because greater is he that is in you the coolest in that car. Then he that is in this world outside 600 the master authorizes excellence that we stretch their little bit but I think I got less is an Indiana Seymour, Indiana, less you got a cool tip for us were anxious to hear you were wonderful were rated big big fans with big fans.

The cooler guard or we live in new Hampshire and in those hot years will know they don't have air-conditioning and new Hampshire. So what you're doing if you leave your windows open. I and in the morning. It's nice and cool and then while the day is warming up.

You still got the coolness in your house, your car, I would say why windows are down. All I'm a big fan are you a big fan Johnny. Let's hear it here comes the big guys show of the last and Dr. Sonny if you got a wad idea therefore your Christian life with you the windows are down so he can get in there when you become. And don't forget to roll the window out when they get hot around you because you you don't want Jake getting in that thing with first John greater is he that is in you the cooler in the car that he is in this world outside is an error of God. I am truly a big fan at this point in time. God bless you so much. We got Gary is in Greenville, South Carolina Gary are on the Christian Car Guy show if you got a cool tip force like a cool tip for you.

For me, you all leave the windows cracked a little bit so that when the greenhouse effect going on inside the car, he can escape through the little cracks in the windows, but when I get in the car all lit up the front window with the back windows all the way down turn on the air conditioner with the maximum fan but keep it off of recirculate just like you said, and then lick the air conditioner will blow on me and drive the hot air in the car out the back windows. Presuming that begin driving right away. If I don't begin driving like a whale open all evening front windows up the back windows down so the hot air leaves the car pretty quick and then and then raced back windows so that I can actually get real.

Air conditioning and want to crack it cool that I can use the research that is a cool idea. I will let you know many of Chrysler's minivans used to have these little wing back windows for that very purpose because many think is full of hot air out of country in the back flap select start driving. Well Gary, we didn't even get your big fan award but believe me when we come we've got the big fan award for Gary. We got a sermon at but we need your call. 866-34-TRUTH 487884 866-34-TRUTH were looking for cool ideas for this hop close to 4 July near feeling the heat I will ideas today Christian card showing had some wonderful and so far, and we get a chance to give Gary is big fan award for Johnny plan.

What is one Dr. Sonny.

I spent minutes and minutes putting together all the sound effects to create the big fan award and then we aired it on the same so how about Gary's idea. Have you got that if you got the gun is acronym all worked out talking about when we went to goes by the side of the car like a car, like this program you have to pull out air out of window. Debbie IND where he is now decreased because of the mighty rushing wind that came to build the church asked to some cool now about wind itself. You can import now decreased calling host come in. Robbie well I have two more wonderful colors on the line with their cool ideas. We need to hear from you. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH. So if Tom and actually one of those is my mother will be patient.

We do after this week we have to talk about this great safety graphic idea and my friend John is with us you had this idea, your son was a new driver and and share again with our listeners what this is this really cool will thinks this is an idea for a graphic that would go on the back of the car itself yellow triangle pointing down. It's got a large T in the middle, readily visible from about four lick or car links back. I remember the day I kinda got the idea somebody was follow my son I was run along as I'm supposed to have my son gets is miles as hours of driving to earn his next level license and this lady was just right on his tail thought if she only knew should give us a little more room for little more patient and adjusting that time again. I think it's a gap in our safety launch for new drivers really kind of just put in the mountain, trusting that everybody will be kind to him and you know when I researched John's idea which one he told me about it. I went Outlook tonight. I talked to Dr. Sonny about it and I noticed it. Is it Maryland Heights, New Jersey New Jersey actually has a law like this for the put like a red tag, which is not very visible on the back of a new drivers license plate. Then Dr. Charlotte Sonny shared with me that in Japan they actually have a very clear designation for both teenage drivers and the elderly drivers.

Think how much road rage.

You might get over if you realize that you work tailgating somebody that was elderly and they have a very clear insignia. Along those lines as well and Dr. Sonny or tell me in Japan that new drivers even got a right away. In certain circumstances.

27 years, I noticed little decals on cars. I was asking what story here.

They said well he knew for new drivers that I thought that interesting as well. Are you not really sure what's going on and you're supposed to give them the right way because they may not know what they're doing me never described as a piece of skin with acne rounded appetite that if you take that picture mind you what this gentleman has the proposed work strictly in Tokyo. Whatever it was all over and so is right on this thing, and maybe even for the overdrive that you may pick that up from the Japanese example because over 75 over there. They have to have the symbol that you have on your right there so we need to make this thing because the largest group of the largest group by America day 21 so you could see that bubble going through again the group, but this is even larger than the baby boomers going through a excellent idea that it really really is and John your ideas that it would be good for the government who all you want to get behind this one. Think anybody that can help influence and make this mandatory in some fashion. It makes sense if everybody understands what the message is if I just put the speaker on the back of my car right now people just think of them to some beach that starts with a T but if we have a message that is communicated and enforced.

Then people understand, will become a place right so if the insurance companies AAA Institute for insurance. Those people the government passed laws like Maryland like New Jersey has. But something that's clear and I like the idea of having on the front of the car and the back of the car and maybe sit down and go okay when what circumstances should we get this person right away and and I've even done a when I called Stan on the highway with a Christian car guy about not speeding because you're effecting that younger driver what you know.

If you fly not going to blow by younger driver.

Think about the influence your leaving on them. You see the sticker it kinda gives the credibility many gives accountability to everybody driving said John II just commend you on this idea and you know we can all writer congressmen just like we do.

Other ideas and we can writer and talk to her insurance agent talked Institute for insurance we can get behind this. So thank you for sharing that. It's absolutely awesome out of his been hanging on for ever in Indianapolis, Indiana, and he has got a cool idea force and he's looking for the big fan award. I'm sure aren't you Tom actually Tom Johnson yeah I know this is not what. So what's your micrometer little late this morning, but when we were kids we have 460 year now.

Yeah, sure. 455 there for a while but then went back up to 47 I had a quick question that was that when I turned get this really stinky smell. I think it's probably back. But I can do about that. Yes, the traditional gym socks syndrome and the first thing the most important thing you can do is make sure you you do not use maximum on your conditioner for a while because outside air is a wonderful disinfectant, but you can actually spray just plain old Lysol into your air conditioning vents because it is it kills bacteria because it is bacterial is making that smell an app Lysol sometimes will make it way down in around you know the condenser and evaporator fans that work with her, holding that bacteria right now so that's it may also make stuff in any Park store that you can buy the plane Lysol works about as good and then just make sure you use the don't usually circulation button for a while because you need that outside air to do its job, but still just for the 460 idea word working to be big fans of Tom Otley only we got here one more time. Love the sound I saw Dr. Sonny. What if you got back stinky here are the Christ today, which will eradicate rambunctious Arctic robe. If you want to get this thinking is that your life except Christ today very simple to do very simple believe on Jesus that salvation is that simple and get the battle out of your life. Thank you Tom for Connie and God bless you appreciate about. Thank you. Thank you. All right, we have these tips we need yours 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH. I will add one more little Christian car guy one.

You know, cold air drops where heat rises, so there's a reason why your heat transfer come from underneath in your car because once they heat up the floorboards a car that he will rise in warm you well. The opposite is true of air conditioning.

So always put those vents up as high as you can.

When you're aiming them because that cold air will go up and fall then down upon you and the ideas to get the hot air off the roof and and get it out of the car, but you want the cold air to fall down amongst you, so aim those vents up and make sure when you selecting the air that you're not sending cold air out at your feet, because that cold air will eventually get there anyway so that's Robbie's will idea, but we have my mom and my mom has a cool tip we know it can be cool mom which got force because I know capable of what it takes. One day he wanted to operate around the home he can get hurt Michael holding cardboard things that we held that because I waylaid and get it on it. Yeah we you holding thing and everybody has always had air conditioning.

I remember going across hundred and 4 with your grandmother and all big jug of water and see Weighing a clock and playing on the operation and open your window crank all four windows in my mind mom one of the big big advantages to the thing you talk about you put in the is not only does it keep you from getting hot, but it really protects the interior of your car and for those of you want to keep the car's oldest long-haul grantor as long as old red and the half million mile mark those kind of things really protect you and cracking your stairwell and those kind of things about. I'm a big fan of course I'm always a big fan of my mom, but I need the big fan from Dr. Sonny would apply. Relation no. You always in prayer covering mom talk about their covering over something like a beached now in the C telling you your legs when you come out of the beach there time is very much like when you pray, you ask for guidance would be like evaporation the sweat on your arm that water takes away from God and make it cooler.

And when you're baptized you come out of that water.

Some of that heat is taken away the rest your life because that demonstration that you have taken Christ inside so you go to great segue into appraisal by the real black book. That's where we search the Bible for hidden treasure crown for discernment. Listen for understanding. I'm so excited again with your cool ideas this morning. I knew they would be created. I knew they would be secrets, and I was thinking last night. As I mentioned that these cool ideas are Jesus gave each of you. Something really special.

And as I mentioned the beginning a show. I'm continue on my book on spoken sermons by George MacDonald and he was talking about and then the new name part of the book of Revelation chapter 2 where to him who overcomes I give some of the hidden sounds of cool hidden manna to eat and I'll give him a white stone, and onto the new name written that no one knows except him who receives it.

And McDonald's illustrates that by saying that the secrets that Jesus were to share with you about your new name or similar secrets that he shares with only you. You got a Special Pl. in Jesus's heart and if you don't get there. You are the only person I can ever see that and so by asking Jesus to find that place.

What you do special and I start reflecting upon that as I talked about with my own children, and when I get back on a play that Clint Eastwood clipped and I want to expand on that with some illustrations for my own children and that special place that intimate place.

Only you share with Jesus were to talk about that. Maybe another cool tip into love to hear from you. 866-348-7884 with me is actually feeling like God is here to help me through this kinda helpless everybody spirits get some no wanting to live again about all that and I played the soundbite from the management furniture, which by the way here today on the Truth Network in a couple hours. It's 1 o'clock here in the Eastern time zone, but this clip with Clint Eastwood in the movie the. The trouble with the curve. He was a single father. His wife died. He was struggling with how to raise his daughter and actually in center. Often, here was a discussion I had. Later in life about the cheap seats life is no life of a kid of mine living out of suitcases, visiting every town in the area is not what I wanted for my kid.

I guess what I wanted you like baseball baseball. You know I love it. I never even wanted to be a lawyer. I did that for you said that you would be happy with me and that you would approve. Maybe cleaning around but I felt was right. I just didn't want you to have life in the cheap seats every waking moment with my watching baseball and eating with no good for me playing pool staying up too late the best seats in the house and were talking about. You have those seeds in Jesus's arms and and and you may see this how it plays out in your own kids, you know, I have four children and one day my grandpa, my father asked their grandfather asked me to go fishing out in Colorado and they wanted Robbie to go with this.

My oldest son are not my second oldest son Ashley and I went out there to Robbie and I said Rob you want to go fly fishing in Colorado and test my daughter was sitting at the table because I don't want to go stand out some streaming and look for fish or some I met in Tesco so I'll go I'll go I'll go what testing I went Colorado with my father and she just absolutely adored fly fish, and she found a special flight is called flies by guy and it was a secret that she and I just shared not ensure that with my son but it was something a place for tests, but in my son's case. You know he and I love to go to football games. We used to be big time Carolina Panthers fans. As you might imagine, and so we share little secrets like we know about fumble a lot of it took a halfback and all you have to do is talk about fumble lot and he and I will laugh or go on and on about that because it's a special place only Robbie and I have my daughter Mariah. We have special special spiritual talks because Mariah's bent a little bit more like me in that area and my oldest son Leslie. He loves movies and saw have to do is mention Top Gun the Leslie and were off on the next adventure that only he and I can share the cool thing. I mention all that about his twofold number one your children have a special place that they considered not to be the cheap seats the best seats miles God has that place he has it for you and then you can take advantage of it and in the end that's an intimate place that he's dying to get there with you so you can ask him about that asking about those kind of things and and interestingly, as God shares those secrets with you the way George MacDonald illustrates this. He wrote another book called fantasies and he said in his book fantasies that everyone is a flower and that their name actually is like that flower in the stem of that flower in the sleeping and understand who they really are in Christ and the understand their new name.

Then they become the flower they are.

And then there's this whole field of flowers that are beautiful but there each individual flowers that have a special name in a Special Pl. in Jesus's heart.

Now here's the thing, often thought there were too many denominations and I'll start thinking maybe there's not enough that people see God in the different way and so they worship them differently. Of course I'm not saying I should be unity in the church. Don't get me wrong at all, but what I am saying is that everybody sees God in a special way that God has for them.

Think about that this week go spend some time with him.

There is one of my cool ideas. But anyway, I certainly want to thank Dr. Sonny for being on with this.

What a wonderful show. What a fun show was today Dr. Sonny, there, and John, thank you for the wonderful idea about the stickers for teen drivers. Thank you. He was really cool to have them on this week and remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years.

Remember that always. They said about this week, spend some time looking for that intimate place that Jesus has only for you to share some special when you do any Dr. Sonny and

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