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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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June 29, 2023 5:55 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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June 29, 2023 5:55 am

One final hoorah for the Oakland Coliseum? | Chicago Blackhawks draft Connor Bedard #1 overall, & Carey Price has a moment he would like back | QB News.


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You won't want to take your Bird Dogs off, we promise you. Halfway through, we're glad to have you with us. The big news and if you're just waking up on this Thursday morning now, maybe you're on the east coast and it's 4 a.m or maybe you're in the central time zone where it's 3 a.m. I know we do have people who are awake and who are going to the gym or getting ready for an earlier shift.

A lot of you have to drive a ways to work or you drive for work. Whatever it is, we are here for you at this hour. Whatever hour you're staring at. Ooh, the bright red numbers on your clock.

Sometimes they haunt you, don't they? The worst is when you wake up and you have maybe 45 minutes left to sleep and you desperately want to go back to sleep but your brain starts going and you looked at those red numbers and now you can't stop thinking about the fact that you only have 45 minutes. Oh, you only have 40 minutes left. Oh wait, you only have 30 minutes left.

What the heck? This sucks. Or the nights where you know you only have five hours to sleep and so you need to get to sleep right away and you or me, we put pressure on ourselves. Okay, if I fall asleep right now, I can get four and a half hours. Okay, if I fall asleep right now, I can get four hours. Oh, that's the worst when I can't make my brain stop playing those games with me. It actually happened to me and it could happen at any time of the day but it happened to me on Tuesday afternoon because I was having to wake up early to go pay the mechanic who takes care of Princess Leia and he only remains open until four o'clock in the afternoon so I had to wake up, take care of Penny real quick and then run up to pay him and he's about six miles, 15 minute drive away, no biggie, if I go through the towns and so I knew I had to wake up and I woke up 55 minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off and couldn't get back to sleep. I wasted an entire hour being stressed out would be too strong of a phrase but just being annoyed that I couldn't get back to sleep when I had another hour and those hours are precious.

All that to say, not so much the power suggestion but if that's you, well I can certainly empathize and we've got news for you even as you wake up on this Thursday morning, maybe you're trying to get back to sleep and you can't, well this is not going to help. Ashtay Uri Ruiz stands in his way. Grounded to third, Donaldson has him, there he is! Perfection for Domingo Hermon! Domingo Hermon has thrown the 24th perfect game in baseball history. The fourth perfect game in Yankees history.

And you will always remember where you were June 28th of 2023. He did it! That's the voice of Ryan Ruko on Yes Network which is the Yankees home TV network and producer Jay just made this great point. It was neither of the lead announcers for Yankees TV or Yankees radio.

Michael Kay is the longtime TV play-by-play voice on their the Yankees network which is Yes. On radio it's John Sterling and neither one made the trip to Oakland. Maybe thinking ah it's the Oakland Coliseum, it's a dump, nothing exciting happens there, plus the atmosphere stinks because there's only 13,000 fans. Little did they know that for Domingo Hermon and the New York Yankees it would be history.

Yeah no joke. I don't know that Michael Kay or John Sterling would ever admit it but it's a long trip. It's not necessarily the Bay Area itself but people can't stand the Coliseum inside baseball circles. They can't stand the Coliseum. Maybe, just maybe, neither Michael nor John thought anything exciting would happen against the Oakland A's.

Oh man. It's the first it's the first perfect game ever thrown by a Dominican born pitcher which is really cool considering my well there's been some incredible pitchers from the Dominican for the DR but my favorite all-time pitcher Pedro Martinez never had a perfect game came close but never had a perfect game and now it's Domingo Hermon at 30 years old in a season in which he was below 500 and has just come off back-to-back brutal starts including 10 runs against the Mariners a week ago. He'd never thrown a complete game in his entire career. He's served multiple suspensions since he got into Major League Baseball including one in May for too much rosin on his hands.

Sticky substance, if you will. He agreed that he would cut back on the rosin but this is also a man who served an 81 game suspension under baseball's domestic violence policy in late 19 on into 20. He missed a bunch of playoff games in 19. That was when he had his best season ever. He's never been that pitcher consistently again. He was an 18 game winner in 2019 and the Yankees not only lost him for the end of the regular season they lost him for the playoffs and who knows what would have changed that the last few times the Yankees have been in the postseason their offense has been the major issue but he didn't have him and then he missed a good chunk of the shortened 2020 season and as far as candidates go he couldn't be more unlikely and the way he did it again his first ever complete game he started the ninth inning having thrown 93 pitches. He got through the inning by throwing six pitches. The Oakland A's did not really challenge him.

Six pitches. So congratulations to Domingo Herman. You can imagine his joy. He just lost his uncle a few days ago and said that actually on Tuesday he spent a good portion of the game crying in the dugout because he was missing his uncle and feeling feeling the grief, feeling the loss.

What a difference a day makes. Not that it takes away the grief but he did say after the game that he knew his uncle was with him, his uncle's spirit, and that he did it for his uncle. Big moment in baseball. How many people saw it?

That'll be the question. We know there are about 13,000 people in the stadium, even in Oakland or the Bay Area. I can't imagine there's that many people who are watching a game that's 11-0 in the ninth inning unless you know that Domingo Herman is on the cusp of history.

How many A's fans actually watch the games anymore as bad as they are knowing that their owner wants to move them to Vegas? Yankees fans for sure would have tuned into the game, right? But this is a done deal in say the sixth inning? Seventh inning?

The offense would have been the story which is kind of funny because the Yankees have been scuffling offensively without Aaron Judge but they didn't need nearly the offense they got. So let's just say for the sake of argument you're a Yankees fan in the Eastern time zone, not necessarily New York, but you're a Yankees fan who is happy to see them, put a bunch of runs on the board, but then you got to go to bed. So how many people actually saw it is the question all the way through to the end.

Maybe you're part of a group text. Someone sent you a text message, hey you better tune in. I was on the road on the way to our CBS Sports Radio headquarters which are located in Lower Manhattan and I caught the last inning and a half on radio which is kind of cool. So I was listening to Justin Shackle and Susan Waldman on Yankees radio. He was happy. He was bouncing. Not only did he get doused with Gatorade when it was done, but his catcher got showered with Gatorade, Kyla Goshioka. Only four perfect games in Yankees history, only 24 in baseball history and Domingo Herman.

Don't know how many others were as unlikely, but he definitely was. In fact, if you didn't see the end of it, Yes Network is about to air the bottom of the ninth and I love the crowd. It's cold there in Oakland. I mean people are wearing coats and yet all those fans, a good mix of Yankees and A's fans, they were all up.

They made it a really impressive atmosphere for that few, that limited size of a crowd, but that few number of people. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio. You can find me on Twitter, ALawRadio. Speaking of ballparks, I don't know if they're offering kolachep, kolachep. I don't know if they're offering kolachep kolachep, kolachep, kolachep, kolachep. I think I like kolachep better. I don't know if it's supposed to be pronounced that way. We didn't get a tutorial on how to pronounce kolachep, kolachep, kolachep, kolachep, kolachep. I mean it doesn't say kola though. It sounds like you're making another word up, but it's spelled with kola.

Okay, that's the whole point. Pepsi is trotting out a soda-infused edition of ketchup for Independence Day because nothing says Independence Day like hot dog eating contest or kolachep. They've called it kolachep and we want to know if you would try it, but mostly what's your favorite ballpark food? So you can find us on Twitter, After Hours, CBS, or my Twitter, and then our Facebook page too. 855-212-4227. David is listening in San Francisco. Hi David. Yeah, hello. Hi. I just want to say that there are lots of San Francisco Bay Area fans here that wanted to give a shout out to the perfect game that was tossed last night.

Yes. Yes, and you know what was interesting was that it brought back memories of, you know, I used to go to the A's games back in the 80s, you know, just out of high school and then also back in the 90s, you know, when they used to draw close to three million fans. So, you know, I think the Oakland Coliseum, it's kind of like, you know, raising its flag, you know, kind of to etch itself in history, like not, you know, like there's a lot of, what do you call it, it's been much maligned. Sure. And it's a beautiful park to go and watch a day game, you know, sit out in the sun and, you know, the A's and Yankees used to have much, you know, many, you know, illustrious rivalries.

Agreed. They met a bunch of times in some pretty tense playoff atmospheres. And as I said, you know, at the, you know, there are lots of old, you know, famous A's players that went to, you know, went on to play for the Yankees, you know, besides Reggie and Ricky and Jason. It's, you know, kind of only fitting that Josh Donaldson, last time he over, when he hit over 300 was with the A's and that was 10 years ago. And so now, 10 years later, he's a part of history again with, you know, making the final out from third, I mean, helping to make the final out from third base to, you know, to first base. Yeah. Josh Donaldson has got a history with both teams now. So were you rooting for it or no? Yeah.

As a baseball fan, I was because it's a very rare occasion Yeah, it definitely is. And one other thing, I know that you're into some idiosyncrasies, you know, the four players for the A's, I mean, not for the A's, for the Yankees. Don Larson, David Wells, David Cone, and now David, I mean Domingo, you know, if you take the first two letters of each of the first names, you know, it's like, reminds me of the police song, like, the doo doo doo, the da da da. Yes, it does. You kind of get a kick out of that. I definitely did.

And David, of course, you have the same letter to start your first name. Right, right. And I didn't know your age or anything, but I was in high school back in the 80s. And the other police song that kind of, you know, resounds to me was, you know, being, you know, I don't want to say being an adolescent. But yeah, being a teenager at those times, you know, there was a song there.

This police song, don't stand so close to me. That was another favorite, was like, it's, I just kind of thought of that for, you know, like the Oakland Coliseum, you know, making its final, you know, hopefully it's not their final departure from the area, but, you know, if they move, I'd like the A's to retain the A's, I mean, the Coliseum Oakland to retain the A's, you know, let Vegas decide its own. Yeah, I gotcha. That's a similar sentiment for Oakland fans. So we'll see how that plays out. But certainly don't stand so close to me when it comes to a pitcher who's locked into a zone, you don't want anybody else to stand close to you.

That's kind of the funny part. And Aaron Boone said after the game that he really didn't say much to him when he came off the field each time. It was just about, hey, good job Ming. So there wasn't a lot of communication.

I did see that there were other guys sitting around Domingo Herman during the game because I've watched the rebroadcast, but not a whole lot of interaction because a lot of times when a guy's in a zone, you kind of let him, you let him dictate what communication there is, but he certainly was bouncing off the wall. So David, I appreciate your insight and the doo doo doo, the da da da refrain will now be stuck in my head. Thanks for listening in San Francisco.

It's after hours on our Facebook, after hours, CBS and Twitter as well. Love to hear from you asking you your favorite ballpark food, but yes, perfection for the first time in more than a decade. It's a perfect game on the major league diamond. And I remember the last two. I do remember the last two. I guess I remember David Wells. Probably that memory has changed for me because of his reflections on his physical state when he was pitching the perfect game. Now I no longer think as highly of it. Anyway, pretty cool to see it. Pretty cool to witness history. Uh, and I'm excited for Domingo Herman because he's had poor choices that have led to a rocky road.

But he's really had a tough, tough go of it the last few years. So maybe this will put him on the right path. All right, coming up. What do we want to do coming up? We're going to do a QB news at the back of the hour. So we've got a corporate partner for QB news. We've got to get to QB news at the back of the hour. Maybe in advance of that we will let you hear Christian McCaffrey playing piano. What kind of fun?

And also it was the NHL draft on Wednesday night and no surprise Connor Bedard is now a Chicago Black Hawk. Thanks for hanging out with us. If it's your Thursday morning, well shake out the cup. Life comes with a lot of decisions and it can be hard to know the right path. Sometimes a therapist can help you map out what you really want.

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But isn't that what you'd expect from the ultimate electric driving machine? Take advantage of exceptional lease and finance offers today. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. You are listening to the After Hours podcast. And with the first overall selection in the 2023 NHL draft, the Chicago Blackhawks are very proud to select from the Regina Pats, the Western Hockey League, Connor Bedard.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Not a secret to anyone who was following hockey. This was as close to a done deal as you can imagine. For the NHL, the Blackhawks have the number one overall pick and they draft Connor Bedard. Tall, lanky, lean, big smile, young. Just as I look at him, I think, wow, he is a baby. And I do not mean that as a negative or slight, only that, wow, he could get crushed in the NHL. Now he's very skilled, obviously, but he's relatively thin and skinny. He almost looks like he could be an NBA player or a future NBA player.

And at 17 years old, I need him to bulk up a little bit. I'm kind of nervous about him in the NHL where they're all rough and tumble. It's After Hours, CBS Sports Radio, the draft pick there on Sportsnet. No, on what was it? Was that TNT? What was that?

Okay. Well, the Blackhawks select Connor Bedard number one overall, and then he has the opportunity to talk about it to Sportsnet. It's unbelievable. I mean, just looking down and seeing the logo and feeling on myself, it's crazy. And just growing up and obviously they won the three cups when I was growing up and watching and all the players that played there, it's remarkable.

So I couldn't be happier. Congratulations to Connor Bedard, the NHL draft taking place last night. Now, does he know anything at all about Chicago other than maybe a little Blackhawks history? Just that they love their sports, really. They've had a lot of iconic moments with the Bulls and Blackhawks, Bears and Cubs, everything, White Sox. So that's kind of mostly what I know.

Hopefully I can get to know it a little better soon. You're going to hear him smiling. So smiley, which he should be.

He should definitely be smiley because, again, he was the number one overall pick in the NHL to the Chicago Blackhawks who've fallen on hard times, but do have some recent Stanley Cups in their history. And there are a lot of people who would label him a generational talent. I've heard that phrase a ton about Connor Bedard, but he's 17 years old. And if you see the pictures or you see the video, I'm telling you, the young man has got to bulk up. 17.

Now it's not unheard of, right? There are teenagers that play in the NHL, very extensive junior hockey programs all over Canada, of course. And so he certainly has the skills to be on the ice, but I'm nervous that he's going to get smashed in a check, a cross check. They can say welcome to the NHL rookie. Bam! They'll be gunning for him, that's for sure.

They definitely will. He's from Vancouver, North Vancouver. And if you remember, Connor McDavid was drafted by the Edmonton Oilers number one overall in 2015. I cannot believe it's been eight years already. How is that possible? Does it really seem like McDavid's been in the NHL for eight years? Seems like four, maybe five.

Oh gosh, that's crazy. But anyway, Connor Bedard hyped along those lines. So congratulations to him.

Now, this is just funny and we like to make you laugh. I don't suppose that if you're a veteran on a team that you need to concern yourself with the incoming rookie class, even if it is the first round pick, even if it is someone who's supposed to help you win moving forward. Well, Carey Price, not sure if it was caught off guard, just had a brain fart, tough moment, but he couldn't remember what his team did in the draft. Bonsoir! Le Canadian de Montréal are proud to select David... Oh no. No.

We planned it that way. David Reinbacher. Reinbacher. Oh my gosh. No. Is that his most embarrassing moment?

I don't know how many times he got nutmegged over the course of his career, but that has got to be his most embarrassing moment. You are, oh, you have one job. You have one job.

You just got to remember a first name and a last name. David. Oh my gosh. Oh no. We have to hear the whole thing again.

It is so unbelievably awkward. It's a hall of flame. This is a hall of flame candidate.

All right. We're talking number five overall pick and I get it. Carey Price is a goaltender. What does he care until the guy gets on the ice and starts helping? But the problem is you're on stage and you're the one responsible for letting this young man know that he is your overall, well, he's your, he's your first round draft pick. He's number five overall.

All you got to do is remember his first name and his last name and really his first name is not all that tough. So it's his last name. The Canadian DeMario are proud to select David. Oh no.

We planned it that way. David Reinbacher. Oh my gosh. Wait, one more time so we can count the number of seconds in between the time he says David and when someone steps in.

Go. The Canadian DeMario are proud to select. He got that part right. David. One Mississippi. Two Mississippi. Three Mississippi. Four Mississippi. Five Mississippi. Six Mississippi. Seven Mississippi. Eight Mississippi. Nine Mississippi.

We planned it that way. David Reinbacher. Ten seconds before the guy hears his actual name. He worked his whole life. Now admittedly he's younger.

He works his whole life for that moment and then has to wait an extra 10 seconds because his future teammate can't remember his name. David. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh dear. Oh my gosh. It was the general manager, Kent Hughes, who steps in after 10 seconds and says we planned it this way. Oh that's embarrassing.

He tried. I've had a lot of embarrassing moments here on CBS Sports Radio. I say some really stupid stuff. I totally get it. He had to say a name. I mean.

For heaven's sakes have it on your hand if you're not going to remember. You got one name. One name. One job.

David Reinbacher. That's all. That's all you got to do. Every now and then our brains do not cooperate. Again I'm with you. Sometimes my brain and my mouth are not on the same page. Sometimes I say really stupid crap. He doesn't talk for a living, okay? Talking's clearly not his forte. David. I love at the end though he says the last name wrong. Listen.

I mean by that point there's no salvaging the moment. David Reinbacher. Wait is that him or Kent Hughes though?

Because Kent Hughes steps in and says we planned this. Then Kent Hughes says David he's the one who announces Reinbacher and then you hear Carey Price kind of under his breath go Reinbacher. I wasn't sure if it was Carey in the background.

I didn't watch that all the way through. Oh my gosh. And he's all dressed up.

He's in a suit and tie. David. Ten seconds go by. It's awkward. The look on his face. He can't remember. He legit can't remember. He turns and he looks behind him at the Canadian contingent because there's a bunch of them they're standing up there and he can't remember. And he's this embarrassed smile on his face. He starts with an R. He goes like you can you can see him mouth an R but he can't remember his last name. And then he looks around as in help me help me I'm drowning please help me. Oh my gosh. You know what's funny though is I think I'll remember his name forever more now because forever forever. Okay.

I mean I've had some uncomfortable pauses myself. It's a good thing you can't see what's happening here in the studio. David. Ruh-roh.

And on that note. Wait should we take our break and come back and we'll do our QB news. Let's do our QB news and we'll tack on some Christian McCaffrey with football. I feel like there's no way that we can possibly top David. David. No last name.

Carey Price. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. The audience yells.

We planned it that way. David Rinebacker. Someone in the audience yells it and Carey Price starts to say it again and still doesn't know his name.

Oh my goodness. He's like yeah I know it say it again. Why don't you have it written down? This is why I get frustrated with people who forget the words to the national anthem. If you think in any way shape or form you might become nervous or anxious enough that you're going to forget the words.

Just take the piece of paper out there. No one is going to remember if you had a damn piece of paper in your hands. What they're going to remember is that you flubbed the national anthem. Carey Price no one's going to remember if you had the guy's name on a piece of paper or on your hand.

No one's going to remember if it's on your phone. Everyone's going to remember that you screwed up and didn't have his name on the tip of your tongue. Everyone's going to remember that. Jay's not going to forget it. He's legit not going to forget it.

Which means it's not going away anytime soon. It's Hall of Flame material. We have multiple Hall of Flame candidates. We might have to do one next week even.

Sounds good. Carey Price you're up. The Canadian de Mario are proud to select. David. Oh dear. I can't I can't even listen again. Poor guy. Reinbacher.

Say it again. He still doesn't know. He's definitely not the Jets kid. Oh no.

He's definitely not. I forgot that young man's name. He was so happy. Let's go. Yeah. Let's go.

He would have done it 50 times in a row if you'd ask him. He was so excited. Oh that was cute.

All right coming up next a little QB news because it's never a bad time and we have a corporate sponsor. You are listening to the After Hours. Do you hear that? That is the sound of BMW performance without a single piston or cylinder. A generation of all electric vehicles designed and built like no other. The BMW iX, i7 and i4 revolutionize every drive into a thrilling opportunity to feel the pure rush of BMW 100 electric.

But isn't that what you'd expect from the ultimate electric driving machine? Take advantage of exceptional lease and finance offers today. Touchdown! Mahomes fires for the end zone. Touchdown! Kansas City! Herbert keeps it. Touchdown! Chargers. Herbert with his second of the day.

Here's the snap. John going to keep it himself and run it again inside the five into the end zone. Touchdown Buffalo! Josh Allen nine yard touchdown run.

The Bills respond and then some. It's time for QB News on After Hours. This portion of the show our QB News brought to you by Wesley Financial. Stuck in a timeshare and want out?

Contact Wesley Financial Group now and get your free timeshare exit information kit at When they're out of season still a few weeks to go until training camps get underway. No let me say that again still a few weeks to go until training camps get underway. Well guys like Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelsey part of the Super Bowl winning Chiefs they play golf instead. It's the Chiefs versus the Warriors in the match taking place in win Las Vegas coming up on Thursday evening and Patrick Mahomes has played in it before this time he's got his teammate his favorite target Travis Kelsey alongside as they take on Stephen Clay. All right the last year it was one of my favorite events I've ever done obviously you put the Super Bowls and stuff like that my kids being born above it but it was definitely uh it definitely was a lot of fun that's why I'm back this year uh raising money for a great cause and having a great time doing it um and I will say the first tee box of last year I try to tell Travis this was the most nervous I've ever been in a sporting event I mean those fans are lining that fairway and I'm like y'all just don't know I mean I hit a lot of fairways but sometimes those things get a little loose so I try to tell them to back up as much as possible luckily Josh was the one that was taking out everybody last year I'm gonna try to stay away from the people as much as I can.

I'm excited for it I get I get locked in for whatever reason when you get me a tunnel of uh a tunnel of people with a golf club in my head we saw a little bit of it in Tahoe but I think Pat said it's gonna be you know turnt up a little bit more out here in Vegas so we'll see what happens man I just know it's gonna be an amazing uh experience. I am really excited about this I'm not joking Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kilsey, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson four of my favorite personalities in sports I'm really looking forward to them being mic'd up and then of course to see if anybody uh tags a fan along the first fairway as Patrick Mahomes indicated I'm still wondering if Patrick would try kolachep and if you don't know what we're talking about we'll explain next hour. All right some from Steph and Klay coming up next hour but this belongs to our QBs you know Lane Johnson and Richard Sherman have something in common well at least one thing in common they both lost to Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in the Super Bowl and turns out it was a bonding experience for them on the volume. Do you think you enjoyed this Super Bowl run even though you know the results wasn't what you wanted to be but you think you felt and you were more in the moment that's how I felt too. Yeah it was it was a different feeling I was proud how we bounced back but man Mahomes they do such a good job with misdirections their routes they did a good job with their linebackers they know what you're trying to do with the line of scrimmage so man it's a game of chess too. Believe me we lost to them too in the Super Bowl believe me I know you heard yeah we were up 10 in the fourth with seven minutes to go and lost the game like it was like you came to the house and they took everything even your damn socks out of your door maybe your damn socks and you're just looking at it you're like damn this kid's special you can't say anything else I was so mad I went in the locker room and I was you know I said a lot of bad stuff and I was like well better luck next year. One of the best Super Bowls in recent memory Chiefs 38 Eagles 35 Lane Johnson he had a front row seat for what Patrick Mahomes was up to remember his incredible game this is on one and a half legs 21 for 27 182 yards from Mahomes through the air but three touchdowns nearly perfect quarterback rating they were amazing so yeah Lane and Sherman bonding over losing to the Chiefs in the Super Bowl hey Baker Mayfield wants to get in on the action hello not the Super Bowl part of course but the golf part apparently he was out on the golf course with see it's Casey Phillips I know her personally she's a Bucks reporter and they were doing this the shot for YouTube it's the most humbling sport in the world because you can have a great day and then you can have a great shot the next one could be the worst thing in the world do you feel like that was ever true for football for you or was that did that feel entirely different no it's especially playing quarterback you gotta have a short memory yeah that's what I was thinking you could have one good throw and then one bad throw so yeah except this is mental training for you yeah except I'm a little bit better on the football field well you know are you it goes well you know maybe there was more to that and we just cut her off that's Casey Phillips and Baker Mayfield on Bucks you too except I'm a little bit better at throwing the football so so you know you know it's after hours on CBS Sports Radio Juwan Johnson also in the NFC South he's got a new QB Derek Carr and oh what about the comparison he's making on Sirius XM NFL radio it honestly felt like we've been working with with Derek for quite a while now and so uh OTAs was was really good really smooth and you know he's given me more of a feel because these are older guys he's given me a lot of um drew you know going into the huddle commanding the huddle the guys um gravitating to them um these are things I've seen um how drew conducted the huddle how drew conducted the offense and things like that so uh it's given me similar feels um and so I'm really excited about what Derek has and you know and how he's going to move this offense drew he just dropped a drew on us on Sirius XM NFL radio Johnson comparing Derek Carr really to the wisdom and experience of drew I don't think he's necessarily comparing Derek to drew as a hall of famer but you never know there is potential I'm excited for Derek Carr this is one of the moves that I am most intrigued by and really the NFC South is wide open with all new quarterbacks and a bunch of new coaches as well that includes Atlanta and Desmond Ritter who will take over as the starter at least initially Grady Jarrett was on Good Morning Football and he says Ritter has no fear and that makes him a good fit for an NFL TV man you know time time gonna tell man but it's the reason why we believe it is uh he's been a great leader for us um in the time that he's been here you know going into his second year but I mean also just the physical skills it takes to be a great quarterback in this league and I'm excited to see him um you know take the reins and with this opportunity that he has but uh I mean we believe in him wholeheartedly and I don't think he's going to shock a lot of people but it won't be a shock to us man or himself because he's got who has super confidence in himself Grady Jarrett from the defensive line gets to see and hear what Desmond Ritter brings to the table I like that quality fearless that's a good one got to be full of confidence regardless of how little experience you have and so Desmond Ritter's got to fake it till he makes it uh and we know that there will be other young quarterbacks taking over in the NFC north well it's not NFC north NFC east well it's uh Sam Howell or bus for the commanders every single commander to a man will tell you how excited they are about Sam Howell Ron Rivera won't stop talking about it he thinks that the intellectual component of the game for Sam Howell and for the commanders will actually be the stimulant for their offense a lot more is put on the quarterback in terms of helping to recognize and the center those two guys will do a lot more um and I think we've got some really smart guys there at both positions both quarterback and center yes forget whether or not you can throw the ball if you are smart you got a winner uh it just it makes me giggle it it does really because Jordan Love you would think he was the he was the next Brett Favre or maybe the next Aaron Rodgers with the way that the Packers are raving about him and I hope it turns out to be a huge I hope it turns out to be a huge boost for the Packers in the wake of losing a hall of famer that Jordan Love can step in and the transition can be relatively seamless is he going to be Aaron Rodgers no let's hope not the world can only take one of them uh but it is can he be a solid steady NFL QB well the Packers will tell you every single one of them will tell you to a man that he can and that he's got his own skill set that will be proven once he has the reps then you've got the commanders touting Sam Howell Desmond Ritter getting all kinds of love and Atlanta good that's good you should have confidence in your quarterback I'm I think I'm gonna withhold judgment just a little bit until I see what these guys can actually do in the course of a full NFL season because it's a it's a lot different when you are the man in the arena so to speak all right so we didn't get to Christian McCaffrey but I promise that we will plus Steph Curry uh and his splash brother let's hope they don't go splash on the golf course it's the wrong place to be the splash brothers on the golf course that's not what you're after put the splash aside there should be no splashing on the golf course anyway one hour to go good morning to you it's after hours with me the goofball Amy Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio do you hear that that is the sound of BMW performance without a single piston or 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