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SEC Scheduling Controversy (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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June 1, 2023 8:05 pm

SEC Scheduling Controversy (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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June 1, 2023 8:05 pm

College Football Fix: Mike Norvell, Florida State head coach l SEC announces it will remain at a 8-game conference schedule in 2024 l Tom Brady says he's not coming back to play in the NFL again

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Brock Bowers one on one. Caught. Touchdown.

He ate him alive. Falls down into the end zone. Six more for Georgia. We can't wait for the 2023 season. Caleb Williams throws the fade in the corner.

Oh, caught. Touchdown Trojans. And we're counting down the days to kick off. Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? I said no. Are we there yet?

What's wrong with your ears? Here is your college football fix only on the Zach Gelb show. Ninety four days away from Florida State opening up its football season against LSU in Orlando at Camping World Stadium. And now joining us on the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio is the man that's entering his fourth season as the head coach of the Florida State Seminoles.

And that of course is coach Mike Norvell. Coach, appreciate the time. How are you? I'm doing well Zach. Appreciate you having me on.

Well thanks so much for coming on. Last year was a big year for your program in year number three with you being a Florida State Seminole. You guys did go ten and three. I know you want to move on to this season but first how do you look back at what your team accomplished last year? I was proud of the group. I mean to take another step to show the improvement even just the way the season went. Starting off 4-0 big win against LSU to one of those kickoff classics and opportunities just to really make a statement of who this team was and some of the things they could accomplish. To have to go on a road when Jordan went down and Tate Rademacher, backup quarterback, came in and led us back to have a victory on the road.

Those are some really good things. Middle part of the season had some bumps along the way but to see our team respond and win the last six was really big for our program. And just for the growth, like I said that response and just continuing to get better. Pushing towards what's ahead this year and continuing to build the program back to where it deserves to be. But to have a great group of young men that I get to coach and excited about the way this team has come together and really the culture that's been established. Like you said, there's a lot of excitement with this program and there's big expectations this year. You mentioned the word culture. How do you describe where that culture is at as you guys get set to kick off year four of the Mike Norvell era at Florida State? I think it's in a great place. We've got a lot of people talk about family.

I think we live it. I think this team has really come together. They work hard together.

They push each other. We've got a lot of competition. We've had this last season we had a good number of guys that chose to come back and be a part of this team for another year when they had opportunities to go to the NFL. I think that makes a statement in itself that they enjoy who they get to do it with and who they do it for and what they get to represent being Seminoles. It's a hard-earned culture.

They have to invest into it. I think we've been able to develop and bring in the right young men that truly embrace it. It's a lot of fun. I love coaching this team and the strides that they've taken. You guys had a lot of success in the transfer portal.

How have you guys, I don't want to say perfected that process, but used it as an advantage for your program? I think in today's age of college football and college athletics, it's different than it's ever been. Everybody has a different path.

Everybody has their own journey. It doesn't matter whether it's high school transfer, junior college. We're looking for the right fit for Florida State and obviously what our roster might need when it comes to experience, competition, continuing to build that in a variety of ways. Last year we signed 65% of our class was from high school, but 35% was from transfers. You find guys that embrace the culture, the opportunity, that want to be a part of this team and how we do it. We've done a great job of getting very talented young men that have come in and made an incredible impact on our program. We've had a few one-year guys, but something that's been pretty great to see is you guys have had multiple years that have transferred here and that they've really made Florida State their home.

It's really been a special experience in just watching their transition into this program and the impact they've been able to make. One of those guys that has made Florida State their home is Jared Verst. He was at Albany and then last year had a really good year for you guys. Had to deal with some injuries.

Big expectations for him this season. I was talking to Eric McLean, an ACC analyst and former Clemson center the other day and he said as long as that kid stays healthy he'll be a top 10 pick in the NFL draft. How did he get on your radar and what's it out to you about Jared right away?

It's kind of a funny story. We were playing Syracuse two years ago and Jared was playing at Albany and had a great game. As we were watching the film he really stood out in how he played and what he did at a couple of great effort plays.

Fast forward to after the season. I'm sitting there on the road recruiting and I get a text message that a defensive end from Albany went into the portal. So I called our defensive coordinator and said is this the kid that was making all the plays?

They told me it was. I was on the phone with him within 15 minutes from that time and we started the process. Just a great young man. Plays with a chip on his shoulder. Really had to earn everything he's ever gotten. He is a special talent and a great teammate.

Just a wonderful part of our program. What type of player could he be? Because when I talked to Eric McLean he said top 10.

That's IPOP and that's big high time praise. I think the sky's the limit for him. You look back at what he was able to do last year. Made a lot of great plays and really established himself as one of the top players in college football. But I think when you look at the circumstances that he had to work through. He had some injuries. He missed some time in practice. Just the consistency of the fundamentals that he can apply. I was so proud of him this spring.

I thought he was one of our most important players. When you say that about a guy who can be a first round draft pick and a top pick. It's exciting to see. It's because of the mindset which he brings to work. It's the investment he's willing to make.

It's something that he earns it every day. Mike Norvell here with us. The head coach of the Florida State Seminoles. They'll open up their season 94 days from now up against LSU. We all remember that game last year was an absolute great one between LSU and Florida State. Fun to play them again.

Both these programs really moving in the right direction now. Going to be a good game. It was a game last year that nobody really knew what to expect. We kicked it off. LSU went on and had a great year. Won the SEC West.

We went on to have a 10 win season. Now to be able to kick off the season with that game. It's what college football is all about. We're definitely excited for the opportunity.

It's a great opponent. Very talented young men that we're going to be able to go against. The great coaching staff that they have.

It's something our guys are looking forward to and just continuing to work to get better so we can be prepared when that opportunity shows up. Mike Norvell, a lot of people talking about your quarterback Jordan Travis. We know what he was able to accomplish last year. What did he show you last season when he took a big step? He's such a special playmaker. He's a wonderful young man. So very humble in his approach and what he does. He's grown. He's gotten better. He's really made the 10 guys on the field with him better by how he plays.

Throwing the football. The things that we ask him to do. We put a lot on his plate.

Whether it's run checks, protections, all those things. He's so very smart. You see the playmaking ability that he has.

Not only with his arms but with his feet. He's truly special. He's another guy that this spring took his game to another level.

He's just excited for what's ahead for him and all that he can be. I truly believe he's one of the elite talents in college football this next season. When you have a player that accomplished so much last year, you talk about how he got better in this offseason. What did you guys really challenge him to do when he had such a successful season for you guys a year ago? It's always about consistency and execution. Being able to push that on a daily basis.

Bringing your championship mindset to every play. You see the growth. You see the improvement. You see what Jordan is capable of.

I probably played at an extremely high level a year ago. Just to see that carry over and to have that sense of urgency to be better. He's really done a great job with that. You're playing the play out.

Not every play is going to be perfect. When you're striving and pushing yourself to be in the best that you can, it's impressive to see. He's really taken his control and command of this offense. You're just a leader that he is.

I think he's done a remarkable job. You're running back Trey Benson. You guys got him from Oregon. Last year he put up nearly 1,000 yards. Had 4 100 yard rushing games. And had 9 rushing touchdowns for you.

Another year in your program. What do you think he can continue to get better on with Trey Benson? Trey was coming off of a devastating injury there at Oregon. He had to come. As he came into the program he had a great plan for him. He really built his confidence through the work that he had.

I thought he performed at a very high level throughout the course of the season. He's ready to take another step in his game. I think the confidence that he's been able to grow in.

The understanding of what he's being asked to do. How well he can do all things is exciting for us. I really think he's going to be a special player. You've talked about some of your top players and how you think they've got better. Who's been some guys during this offseason program and leading into spring ball right before that spring game that you thought really took their game to the extra level this offseason?

I think you're looking at position groups. Our offensive line group has really done a great job. Their size, their strength, the execution of what they've done. We've got a lot of guys that are returning but also we're able to bring some very talented newcomers into the program. Just seeing the overall depth that we have and the competition on a day in and day out basis. I think the group is really poised to take some wonderful strides. The forcing units on our defense are the same thing. We've got some really talented young men.

I know you talked about Jared. Guys like Pat Payton, our linebacker crew, our defensive tackle. It's impressive. The more pressure that we can create. It just helps those guys in the back end. It's a very experienced secondary we have. I think it's a well-rounded team. We've got to continue to fight for that improvement daily. It's an exciting team to be around.

Like I said, it's one that I enjoy coaching because of the way that they work. You talk about that environment and trying to get Florida State back. Last year was a big step in the right direction.

I know the world was completely different when you walked in there. 2020 taking this big job coming over for Memphis. When you look at the last three years where you guys were in 2020 to now, does it just look like a totally different program? We've had to go through a lot.

It's one of those things sometimes you need to go through what you have to prove you can get through. That's what we've done as a program. We needed to establish our foundation. We needed to establish a culture and really build upon that through our values of how we try to operate. I think players have embraced that. We've had to be consistent as coaches and trying to be that example.

We afford them and do it with them. It's something I'm really excited about. Not only are our guys showing the success on the field, but who they are off the field. What they're doing in the classroom. How they're achieving at a high level there. It's something to be proud of, but also the opportunity to continue to go get better. That standard of excellence is something that has been consistent around Florida State for a long time. It truly has been a program that was a blueprint for so long of how to sustain success. We've seen some great moments, but we're ready to take it to another level and continue to push to get better in all things that we're doing. What are Mike Norvell's expectations for this squad this year?

To get better. I know I've said it a few times throughout this interview, but it's something that we talk about daily. I believe in the talent.

I believe in the young men that I get to coach. I'm not going to put any limits on what they can accomplish. For us to go get better, being our best. If we can do that, then I think great things can occur. We don't control all factors that go on around us, but we do control what we do inside this building and the investment we're willing to make. If we can push and hold that standard and focus on our improvement, I think great things will come.

This feels like an ACC championship or bus type of season. Do you agree with that? Ultimately, for us, if we go out there and we continue to improve and we play to the best of our ability, then I think we can put ourselves in a great position for all things.

That is the focus. We've had high expectations here within our program with what we talk about as players, as coaches. This is a program we should be competing for championships. With the young men I get to coach, I'm excited for the opportunity that's ahead. We've got to go improve and be consistent in how we show up and what we do on a daily basis.

The last few years, there was a lot of pressure in order to prove that you can move this in the right direction to keep your job. Now you welcome in the better pressure of trying to win games with this program being in a more positive spot. How do you and the program deal with the pressure of having high expectations this year? If you don't embrace expectations, you should never come to Florida State. A player, coach, or anybody involved, this is a special place.

There's no expectations or pressure that comes from the outside that's not more than what we have here on the inside. This program is not for everybody, but for the right ones that embrace the opportunity to be on a grand stage and to be able to represent a wonderful university and program that's standard of excellence. That's what we push for. We've had a challenging road. It's been interesting getting to this point, but it's been a part of the journey that we had to go on. I'm really proud of the players that have been a part of it. The guys we've been able to bring in.

I'm excited about what the future holds because of who I get to do it with. Coach Mike Norvell, I always appreciate your time. Good luck this season.

Thanks for doing this. Thanks so much, and go Noles. Oklahoma and Texas joining the SEC. So the question of how many conference games and divisions and how the schedule is going to be made up. And they're still going to look at rivalries and things like that. It's going to be eight league games in 2024 with no divisions.

Now, Hickey, I see that you're pitching all around the studio today about this. What's your big gripe with going for eight league games with the SEC for future years? Because you're keeping four crap games and you're putting two big time teams in your conference and you're never going to see them. Is this just you being an SEC hater and you're being jealous of the SEC being a huge Big Ten hunk?

No, not at all. Would you rather see Alabama take on Oklahoma or would you rather watch Alabama take on Mercer? But you know that's not how it always works. For example, I'd much rather see Alabama play Oklahoma.

Totally get that. But you know there's not going to be with 12 games being played. They're not going to schedule all stud opponents like the Big Ten. Penn State plays what?

Delaware this year. And I'm looking at their schedule right now. They also play UMass. Yeah, they also play nine conference games. So you're putting up a big stink because the Big Ten plays one extra conference game when the SEC is a better conference. Big Ten, Big Twelve, Pac-12. No, no.

This is not about me. This is about the fans. The coaches talk about, oh, let's get fans in the stadium. Let's get fans watching.

Let's grow the game. No one wants to, in any league, it's not just that this is an SEC thing, no one in college football wants to watch these beat-downs every single Saturday of Alabama taking on Mercer or Penn State taking on Delaware. No one wants to watch that.

No one is excited and looking forward to seeing those games. And at least if you are now going to a nine-game SEC schedule, sure some of those cupcakes are still going to stay around. Every conference does it, but it's less.

It's now you're all of a sudden moving past the Mercers, no disrespect to them. And now you're putting some big-time matchups on your slate and getting people to watch the games and be excited. And that to me is why that's bad for the sport of staying to eight. Currently, at least, it's not like this is going to be forever. But here's why your math doesn't always necessarily line up.

Here's why your math doesn't always necessarily line up. And why it's not a big deal, eight or nine. Look at last year with Michigan. Michigan's first three games were Colorado State, Hawaii, and UConn. I know UConn ended up having a good season, but at the time UConn was viewed as Cupcake U and Michigan beat them 59-0.

Right. So those are three cupcake games right there with your great nine Big Ten conference schedule games. It's not like you really ever tuned into a Michigan game and were wondering in the Big Ten play, Oh, is this game really going to be that big outside of the Ohio State game last year? Would you rather watch Michigan-Iowa or would you rather watch Michigan take on Northwest Alabama State?

The Iowa offense, I don't think it really matters all that much. Even for bad conference teams, it's still a lot harder to beat a conference opponent than it is some of these brutal buy games that happen when you're paying a school a million dollars to go kick their ass for three hours. I'm not saying it's enjoyable, but you make it seem as if just because you add an extra conference game that it's going to be that much better. If you get the creme de la creme team in the conference going up against another big team in the conference, if you weren't going to get that matchup that year, yes, 100% I'm with you. But when you get a big top dog in the conference up against a bottom feeder, it doesn't really move the needle for me that much.

Well, it's 16 games that would have been removed for unwatchability that now are unfortunately staying on the schedule. You say that all the time, and then there's some moments where you see Cupcake U, as we just saw this past year, get the better end to some of these schools. We had some big upsets this year. The Cupcakes, they're still on the schedule.

They're not leaving. But again, would you rather have an extra fourth game of let me just crush this team, or would you actually play a conference game? And sure, maybe you'll have on the schedule, because everyone will at least see it, maybe you'll have Alabama take on Oklahoma in 2024. But you're not going to get it then often if they stay with this eight-game conference schedule. When you have 16 teams in the league, you're going to get these schools playing once every five years. Who wants that?

No one wants that. I think the difference over one game is very minuscule, in my opinion. Anyway, SEC odds right here. If I take Georgia out of it, because Georgia is right now minus 110 to win the SEC, who would you then pick? Who do you think is the second best team in the SEC this year? And remember, the divisions are not split this year. There's still divisions, let me clarify that.

It's the next year where there's no divisions and you get rid of divisions. LSU. They're the second best team. They have an established quarterback.

Brian Kelly obviously showed you he's a really good head coach. They have better skill tap than Alabama. This team, I think, is poised now to not get off to a bad start they did last year. I think they'll repeat as SEC West champs. You look at Alabama, it's so tough to figure out what Alabama's going to be this year. Because you get rid of Will Anderson and you get rid of Bryce Young as well off to the NFL with Bryce Young now being the quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. And Will Anderson being an edge rusher along with CJ Strout who was a quarterback at Ohio State getting drafted 2-3 to the Houston Texans. Alabama last year, when you looked at the roster, especially on the offensive side of the ball, they didn't really give you anything outside of Jameer Gibbs that intimidated you a whole lot.

And Milro is fine. I keep on seeing some highlights of him throughout the offseason, but those are highlights in the offseason. I do think for the first time in a while, it does feel like heading into a football season that it's not a foregone conclusion that heading into your Alabama is definitely going to be in the SEC championship game. Now, when you're saying who's the second best team in the SEC, Hickey, let me just ask you this. If let's just say they got rid of divisions this year and it was just the two best teams in the conference, would your answer still be LSU because right now LSU is in the opposite conference or the opposite division of Georgia?

Yes. Regardless of divisions, it's to me Georgia 1, LSU 2. And then would you still put Alabama 3 or do you go the system with Tennessee? With Milton now as the quarterback, we'll see if the kid, Nico, ends up playing as a 5-star recruit.

Is there any other teams that you would consider there? No, I put Alabama 3. I give Nick Saban the respect. Ole Miss is always a fun team. They can never win actually a big game.

Tennessee, like I said, they've lost a lot. I still think they'll be solid and good, but they lost a lot of offensive production last year. And I'll give Saban the benefit out of doing a better job at rebuilding his offense than Josh Heupel right now.

Yeah, with Cedric Tillman no longer there and also Jalen Hyatt as well, in addition to the quarterback in Hendon Hooker. Now, I kind of want to see your head explode right now and I think that you're just going to lose it here because I know that you can't stand this guy. And I call James Franklin an overrated coach, which he is. This guy is definitely, though, an overrated coach. Did you see who had the 4th highest odds here to win the SEC at plus 1,200? The definition of insanity. Jimbo Fisher. Texas A&M.

Connor Wigman's going to win the Heisman, right? Jeez. If you put your money down on that, just donate it. Send it to us at CBS Sports Radio, flush it down the toilet, donate to someone on the street. If you're going to throw away a hundred bucks, at least make someone else's day. Don't just throw it and give it to Vegas as a free, basically, donation. Cee Lo, your kids have a birthday coming up? Oh, forget my kids. We could use an influx of cash around these parts, you know what I mean? Get a few pizzas or something like that. Something, anything. Get a few confident people in the newsroom, too. I've got a mouse and a keyboard that aren't exactly working great right now.

Perhaps we could replace those. But you're a professional. You are, put it this way. Sometimes. You're like Bryce Young at Alabama last year.

Where it doesn't matter what's around you, you're still going to perform really damn well. Got to do your job. All right. Got to just do your job.

Do your job. This is Zach Gelb's show on CBS Sports Radio. So I'll give you the odds in the SEC. Georgia's at minus 110. Bama's at plus 240. LSU plus 450. A&M plus 1200. Tennessee plus 1400. Auburn plus 4000.

Ole Miss plus 4000. Hecke, can I give you a dark horse here? Let's hear it. I'm not going to, like I don't think this team obviously is going to win the SEC. But what are your thoughts on South Carolina entering this season?

I like Beamer a lot as a coach. And you get Spencer Rattler back who started to cook at the end of last season. Now new offensive coordinator with Dow Loggins. So what was the Jets offensive coordinator?

As Marcus Satterfield is off with Matt Rule to Nebraska with their long connections. So now Dow Loggins is going to be the OC at South Carolina. And Shane Beamer is a big fan of Dow Loggins. Went on a very passionate rant defending the hiring of Dow Loggins. Didn't he get into a big kerfuffle with, who's the dude on the weekends? Mark Ryan. Mark Ryan here at CBS Sports Radio where Beamer. I guess Ryan had some report that he didn't actually want Dow Loggins or he wasn't the first choice. And then Beamer just basically took a blowtorch to one Mark Ryan. And created a big time war in those neck of the woods.

That he did. It's, I'm not going to buy in just because like you said they did play really well the last month. I'm saying it's a dark course.

But I just, right now with what we've seen I will not trust Spencer Rattler for a full 12 game season. So who's your dark course? Like George is at minus one ten.

That's the favorite. Bama is then plus two forty. LSU is plus four fifty.

So take those three teams out of it. Do you go back to the well with Tennessee plus fourteen hundred? But is Tennessee considered a dark course after what they were able to accomplish last season?

Well that's it. If you consider them a dark course I would, that would be my team. If not, I mean now we're getting into the woods a little, you know, trickier. You don't talk real dark course here. I'll buy into Lincoln and Ole Miss in the sense that a team that.

Plus four thousand. Is low on the odds that could again win nine, ten games and maybe just come November be in the mix to make the SEC title game. I'll go Ole Miss. No love for your favorite coach in Hugh Freeze and being on back in the SEC with Auburn. I am intrigued. Year one I'm going to say no but I'm very intrigued with Hugh Freeze.

I think he will have success. Now let me ask you one more here. Just when we're in the college football conversation. If I tell you Georgia is not going to win the national championship. But right now they're plus 225 to win the national championship and make it back to back to back titles.

Who would you then take? The second team here is Alabama. You already told me you don't think Alabama is the second best team in the SEC. I think it's very close between them and LSU. And I've said before on this show for the next five years if you're going to make me predict two of the three best coaches in college football. It's Kirby Smart. It's Nick Saban.

And then it's Brian Kelly. So there's a little LSU love from both of us. You have Ohio State at plus 600. Michigan at plus 1000. USC to win it all plus 1400.

LSU plus 1600. And then you have Clemson and Florida State at plus 1800. I'll just give this team a little bit of love here.

I actually give these three teams a little bit of love just because they're grouped together in the same odds. You have Penn State, Texas and Notre Dame at plus 2500. Now I do remember a video of you being very intoxicated walking out of the Rose Bowl.

No big deal. No big deal in a game that really was not a big deal at all between Penn State and Utah. Guaranteeing that Drew Aller and the Penn State Nittany Lions led by overrated can't win a big game James Franklin are going to get to the college football playoffs. So if you think that's the case and we take Georgia out of the conversation.

You got to like the odds of your Penn State Nittany Lions there if you want to talk about giving away money. I don't love the fact that they're with Texas. The total fraudsters at Texas is every year. Keep keep them far away.

You call Texas frauds. Is your university this great standard for college football these days? And they've been very consistently winning program. Yeah.

Knock on the door. Let's go. A consistently winning program. They've been a lot better than Texas. I know.

But can I get the definition? Ten wins a year. New Year six games. Last one since 2016.

So what is that? 70 years for the most part. They've always always in the mix. They're the third wheel in that conference. Pretty much.

And not always necessarily the third wheel. You're winning ten games a year. Still impressive. Not elite. Not championship level.

No one's ever shaken in there. And Penn State is a good team this year. But no one's been shaking in their boots about Penn State the last few years. Well, 2016 could have been. 2017 could have been. Going back to 2016.

You were graduating college my friend. We're talking about consistency of a program that's been in the mix. Relevant for, what is that, seven, eight years now? They're right there. Second tier program.

As he's wearing a Roar Lions shirt. I'll just point that out. I'm not being biased. I think second tier is absolutely fair.

And a lot of objective. Yeah, because we all aspire to be second tier in college football. I'm not saying I'm happy there. I'm just saying that the last, you know, five, ten years.

That's where they've been. And I'm trying to break down the door. I'm knocking on it.

Myself personally. Knock on the door of that championship elite level. No one's answered. I'm hoping this is a year that someone does open the door.

Welcome on in. So answer the question. Outside of Georgia. There are two choices. Say that again? Michigan and USC. Now, USC doesn't play a lick of defense.

But that was my answer to Michigan. Even though the last two years, the semifinal game has not worked out for them. They got blown out against Georgia two years ago in Miami. And then this past year, TCU. Man, what a rough start that was for the Wolverines. And they ended up losing that game. But with Michigan having Donovan Edwards, Blake Coram back. And you have J.J. McCarthy as well. And you saw quickly they were able to replace those names on defense after losing Ojabo and Aiden Hutchison from two years ago. And how good their defense was this year. Yeah, there's no doubt about it there for me. It may actually end up being Michigan.

Which I was not expecting you to say that because I know this. Death, taxes, Hickey being a Penn State homer and also Hickey hating Michigan. I mean, I hate Michigan, but I'll call it like I said. They are a very legit team this year. In terms of winning a national title, they're an absolutely legit team.

So let me then ask you this. What are you happy with with Penn State? What do you think Penn State's going to do this year?

Because then you can't say they're going to win the Big Ten if you just told me Michigan has a great chance with a national championship. I think they can go 11-1. Beat Ohio State. I think their season is going to come down to Michigan at home, middle of November. Is that game at Penn State? Is that at the Horseshoe this year at Ohio State? Yes, at Ohio State. And does Michigan play at Penn State this year? Because you guys got destroyed last year in the Big House. In the Big House.

Back home, on your home field. Stupid big noon kickoff, which is just, I mean... Oh, is it really? Ridiculous.

Ridiculous. Is that late in the year? Yes.

November what? You know? 12th. I mean, I'm just guessing. It's somewhere in that range.

Gotcha. That's a noon game? Noon game. That could be a little bit of a road trip. We leave right after the show. We'll drive to Happy Valley. I'll get us the tickets. We'll be chilling with the AD pack craft and maybe go a little Penn State Michigan game. That could be the biggest... We'll invite Hackenberg. My main man, Christian Hackenberg.

Friends of the show. Could be the biggest Penn State home game in 25 years, maybe. But your program has been at this great level.

Long time. They play a lot of their tough games on the road. They've gotten situations where for some of the big wins, or some of the later in the season games, they've lost a game or two. You know how I know you think that's going to be a really big game? Because you didn't automatically reject my invite to go to the game with me. Where you usually tell me I'm not allowed anywhere near that campus.

The fact that you didn't reject that right out of the gate. That is very true, by the way. So you think that's going to be a big game? I think 25 years is the biggest Penn State home game we'll see in a long time. Possibly. In a long time? I'm knocking on wood. I just knocked on wood. For those out there, superstitious, I am.

Well you are the creator of the Hickey Hack. Hopefully it's 9-0 versus 9-0. Maybe the match by the century. Let's go.

Century, Cielo. We're talking big time here. There's people right now in SEC territory listening and saying, who's this producer? He's the dumbest person in America. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show.

It is the Zach Gelb Show on CBS Sports Radio. I don't know in recent memory if there's ever been a story that is just such a non-story that people are making a story. I'm not talking about in the actual world. I'm just talking about in the sports world where people are trying to make something a story that's clearly not a story. More than this Tom Brady potentially playing for the Las Vegas Raiders. Now, I did read from Mike Florio. Originally it was thought, and Brady's going to be a minority owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, that if he wanted to play he would need all 32 votes from the owners to end up playing as well. It's actually just 24 votes that he would need. He would need 24 out of the 32 owners to say, yes, we would let you to play. And Hickey, I don't even see how there's a way, when this guy has kicked a lot of these, almost every team in the league's ass for the last 20 years, how 24 owners would then say, yeah, let's have you be a minority owner and also play for the Las Vegas Raiders, even though Brady's, what, 45, 46 years old to begin with. And he's older and he did not have this great season last year. But if he went to go play for the Raiders, you know, you got Devante Adams there and you're playing in a dome, like Brady go toss the football around and still put up some big time numbers, one would think.

Now you're in a brutal division with the Chiefs and the Chargers, and we'll see if the Broncos can find the way to bounce back this season. Now bringing Sean Payton into town. But I don't see how you would get 24 owners to give you a thumbs up on this one. And why would any owner, let's just say just in the AFC alone, approve that? It's an upgrade, like I said, even though he's older, still an upgrade and puts more fear into the minds of fans and teams, Tom Brady that is, compared to Jimmy Jean. Why would you bail the Raiders out and give them or allow them the opportunity to upgrade a quarterback and you approve it? Makes no sense. Why any team outside of the Raiders would say, yeah, let's do it.

What the hell? Now, I don't know if Brady is promoting something now. I'm sure he is with his TB12 and the Brady brand boxers or whatever he's been putting out these days with all the clothing. I did see a TB12 truck the other day roaming around my New York City apartment, which I've never seen that before. I know Brady has an apartment here in New York City, but I've never seen a TB12 truck, so I'm sure he's promoting something. I didn't listen to all these interviews today, but I did see he was making the rounds today just so convenient enough with his name in the news. Before we play that clip, did you at all find that interesting that Brady was making the rounds today when his name is very much in the news with all this speculation about maybe him coming back and playing if Jimmy Garoppolo.

And that's the other part that makes this a non-story. The Raiders knew Jimmy G had a foot injury, put an addendum in his contract so they could get out of it, but it quickly goes away the moment Jimmy G plays a game, one game this season, passive physical plays one game, and there's no further damage to that foot. So they put some protections in there, but at this point when you did go through with the contract, I don't think the Raiders are expecting this to actually play a factor in them getting rid of the Jimmy G contract, not even a year into it, pretty much is what I'm saying. To quote Josh McDaniels, I have no anxiety.

I love that quote. So that shows you that yes, he is not worried about this foot surgery. Actually, do me a favor, play me that Josh McDaniels cut.

Here's Josh McDaniels when he was asked about his concern level with Jimmy G's foot surgery. I have no anxiety. I'm not going to put a timeline or a day on anything, but like I said, I have no anxiety. I have very good information that would tell me that we're going to be fine.

You know what I mean? So again, nothing has happened that would have changed that. Okay, so that's why I feel that way. Now I know you can't stand Josh McDaniels, Hickey, but you actually do believe Josh McDaniels there. Oh, 100%. Like I said, the Raiders made this contract and they reworked it because they knew about it. It wasn't like, oh wow, Jimmy G showed up and said, hey guys, by the way, I know I just signed the contract.

I need surgery. They're not dumb. Former CBS Sports Radio host Robin Lundberg, who is now with Sports Illustrated, he interviewed Tom Brady today and TB12 said he is not playing in the NFL again. I'm certain I'm not playing again.

So I've tried to make that clear and I hate to continue to profess that because I've already told people that lots of times. But I'm looking forward to my broadcasting job at Fox next year. I'm looking forward to the opportunity to head with the Raiders and we're in the process of that along with the other different things that I'm a part of professionally.

That's some funky web TV background music there. Makes it sound like Tom Brady's in a club when they're interviewing him. One thing I'll call BS on with Tom Brady, you have not said multiple times that you're never playing again. Like even right after you retired, you wouldn't even fully say no and you would never say never when you were talking to Colin Coward, I believe is who we did the interview with at the time. And even I think it was later on at a conference in Miami talking about the Dolphins. Hey Tom, would you come back and play? And the first words out of his mouth were not no.

It's like I have a lot of respect for people around there. Something that I root for the Dolphins, a lot of friends on that team. He danced around it, talked about the Dolphins glowing link, but never shot it down. Now I will say the fact that we heard Brady say that he's done and then also talk about this Fox gig. That makes me believe him more than ever because we haven't really heard that being said before. That was another rumor too that he was not going to do the Fox deal and maybe getting some cold feet about doing the Fox deal.

That either means two things. One, we're both dead rolling on this or two, he just wants to put all this speculation to bed about Fox and also returning and just on the record say that's what's happening. He's not returning and then also he's going to be broadcasting for Fox a year from now, which is the plan.

Well if you're Tom Brady too, everyone's talking about you and if you think it's false, here's my words, I'm going to squash everything right now. That's a guy for the most part for 20 something years that ignored the noise. I don't really think he cares about the noise right now.

I would imagine, I don't know what he was promoting today, but whatever he was promoting is why he did the interview. I would say you got a lot more time now. Easy to block out the noise when you're buried in film, where's the distraction now? And Giselle's not bugging you anymore because you guys got divorced. Right, so you used a lot of time to listen and hear things. And this is that Yelp show on CBS Sports Radio. We'll preview the NBA Finals and some other happenings around the NBA with Rick Kamala when we return five minutes from now.
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