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Eager Feet Make SuperBowl Winners

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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February 7, 2018 10:09 am

Eager Feet Make SuperBowl Winners

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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What would that look like scripturally and he gave me some amazing stuff. I often think is because you just press one for me but it also is like one of my favorite weeks is but hearing a sermon for peace church. I noticed him give me these downloads are just amazing stuff. So I better pray that you guys just get a glimpse of what I got to see this week. Lord I thank you so much for these dear dear friends and brothers and sisters therapies.

I thank you that that passage we heard about a mark that they are my hundreds of mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and I pray that they would judge me a little bit in football today if they hate football that they learn to love it just a little bit more if they love football that they would see it as a picture of your kingdom on how it's forcefully advancing.

I pray most of all that you would touch our hearts that we would be strong and of good courage, and ready to go. Share your unbelievable news of the wealth that we talked about in this lesson this morning in Jesus name I pray, amen. So naturally I started to think about that. What would be the Robbie All-Pro team Bible team and I had so many candidates. I ended up having to have one for the Old Testament and one for the New Testament and you remember last week we talked about that term and well it's actually a passage in Josh with the job for 16 through nine. Jesus, God keeps telling Joshua be strong and courageous. Be strong and courageous and we talked about last time with the word strength meant so this time I went I looked up the word courageous, which in Hebrew is inmates and so it's if I would read that to you in Hebrew. It would be HUD sock inmates get the sock you know you can't, you know, really without a cold save it.

But that word inmates down inside that word in the Hebrew picture language that they use which is amazing to me is this idea of eager feet, eager feet. Now who in the Bible had either feet. Or maybe here's how we pick our All-Star All-Pro Bible team and I start to think about and I know this movie is a bit profane but I love movies because pictures stories are picture of how the kingdom move forward.

How many people saw the movie the replacements football movie full profane. I admit it's got a unbelievable message and Jean Hackman plays the coach of this group of guys that are essentially the NFL has gone out on strike and so they bring in all these what you would call scabs that are going to replace the good players with what would be has been sore never been players in the course Jean Hackman's a great coach you got that from basketball you with the Hoosiers, but some people know in part about that anyway. These guys have bought into the fact that they are no longer courageous.

They don't have the eager feet.

They once had.

When they were in high school know when they were in college.

They have really either feet because you know they won't get beat up by people three times her size and the story is that there's this quarterback's name is Falco and historian in college. He was in like the Rose Bowl or one of the major bones at the end of it, and he made this horrible error and so he's not remembered for how good he was, is remembered for this horrible thing that he did and so he's bought into Satan's lie is taken away his courage and Jean Hackman throughout the movie he takes his little cookbook and eat he hits himself a hard time again, he says, part guy have lots and lots of heart and football coaches all about that you have heart with her talk about his eager feet. Jean Hackman says something is always stuck with me from that movie he said winners always want the ball when the game is on the line.

Winners always want the ball when the game is on the line and so if we go to the Bible, we begin to think through this he saying this to Joshua, be strong and be courageous, but Joshua was talk about eager feet.

There were 12 spies sent out right there only two that had eager feet. After that experience. Caleb and Joshua Wright so naturally Josh was on my All-Pro team. I mean he he talked about eager feet. I mean he was ready to go in the path led to the promised land.

Interesting stories Moses himself see Moses is not unlike our character Falco in the football game seat. Moses thought he could take on Egypt in his own strength and so he killed an Egyptian and ended up hiding out for 40 years all the time babe, I am into Satan's life that you don't have what it takes you to play in the big league name or used to be with all the boys but now you can't hang your out there and will you don't have what it takes to as interesting thing if you read and this week I was studying it. If you go through Genesis to excuse me. Exodus is where Moses hangs out in Exodus 3 through nine if you count the times it says go it says go 50 times got a sand Moses go go go time and time and time again right and and if you look at the passage that we shared in your bulletins are from Isaiah. It says when you go through the rivers, I'm in a be with you right when they rise up earlier but the point of the passages you gotta go. Otherwise, you know, it doesn't say if you're sitting on your couch. I want to be with you. It doesn't save you ever noticed that love John Ortman in his book talk about Peter getting the boat that they don't call him risky boys that you sit in while you're watching the football game. The calm, lazy boys, which allowed us that those are verbs.

Be strong, be Dravis to verbs or action, to be with you when you do these things and so he finally got Moses and Jerry thought about it. I pondered some things like, you know that Moses wasn't Moses's name when he was born. Everything about that. He had a Hebrew name Moses is an Egyptian name actually means drawn out of the Nile which has some godlike implications to it to an Egyptian is coming out of the Nile was like a thing to them so that there's a lot to that name Moses and he kept it, but I think when we get to heaven is not going to be Moses it's going to be late to evolve or something. They say the Jews, his original name is something to think about is also interesting to think that he spoke fluent Egyptian general wonder why he was slow of speech here knowing somebody I've interviewed people on the radio that English was not their first language in their slow speech because their thinking in whatever language it is that they and then they have to translate that into what would Moses like to speak to the Israelites. He was slow speech, but when he went to talk to Pharaoh that was his native language like talk to Becca's interesting just little side note stinks to ponder when you're in the Scripture, but not Moses makes the team. As I mean you got admit it takes a meager feet stand out from the Red Sea with the boat stick and say okay I were gone now. That's a meager feet plant health think about the women in the Bible with eager feet of you. I have to have Ruth on my team. She told her and Naomi and where you go.

I'm going.

She had eager feet.

She went out and gleaned when there was no food coming, do what it takes. I mean I was a courageous woman. Hannah a courageous woman asked her all my will. One swing of the stick the wrong way and your daughter. I mean she was a courageous, eager feet and how about David while he had some seriously eager feet take on Goliath when you know is a boy that's eager feet for us to get the one at that reason, I throw those out there let us wonder you football lovers out there. If you ever decided to make your fantasy Bible football team out there.

What would that look like not thought about Samson. I thought now is to the other cheerleaders. This can be a problem. You know, Deborah sees she was all man gypsum meager feet below heavy duty so you have plenty of people to consider one of my all-time favorite I know is to be split in for me is AHIMA half. Who knows, who realizes he was David's run arrived he was the guy that when Joab shish kebab Absalom is like. Let me go to. Don't let go to the L runs the other guy. After he gets about an hour head start mean AHIMA Haas at some seriously eager feet. That's cool to think about believe that the New Testament you're like oh my gosh this is loaded with eager feet course, Jesus arming the picture of eager feet and want to think about as he was winding together.

The court of strands that he went to go clear the temple, the courage that was premeditated that he would be widening.

This court together to go do this heat. He definitely makes a New Testament team a little unbeatable under section hello Peter all talk about eager feet. I love you guys out of the boat, the heartbeat in me, not just in and actually my favorite part is not when he walked on the water, although that's cool.

And James is really cool cool teaching on that. I heard this week. I got to record within the second time he jumps out of the boat was when he saw Jesus on the beach right he's all about Jesus is there and I got to go. I mean you had eager feet. Paul how eager feet. Okay, as I thought about the New Testament. My favorite eager feet.

Dr. Jesus is part of all the human characters I have to tell you once it really got down in my heart this week were the Mary's because eager feeder eager when you could possibly lose your life by showing up in the scene and you let a couple weeks ago we talked about the Chronicles of Narnia in the episode where Lucy and Susan are in the lion witch and the wardrobe. I don't know if any of you ever read that passage, but oh my goodness, CS Lewis, does a beautiful job of illustrating the two Mary's when Absalom is going to be slain on the big siltstone table in the movie. They seem to put all the emphasis on the big battle that comes after that but in the book, the emphasis is on the time that the two that Susan and Lucy spent with dazzling both during his walk right they stayed awake unlike Peter Paul and the boys. They stayed awake all the way they stood and watched.

Like the two Mary's to hold time. Everything that happened. They stood there, but I could and they stayed all night in the body vessel and sits on the big stone table and they begin to try to figure out what to do and they stay all night and they begin to get cold and then begin the walking back and forth and it's definitely worth reading. What happens afterwards because they brought out some I never thought about at the crucifixion.

This is his Absalom's body disappeared right about daybreak the stone table breaks and half body disappears and the got all my gosh there abusing them more and I never thought about that Ms. Mary was where is my Lord and where they take means if you ever thought that she was concerned that the Romans were abusing his body. They couldn't get enough of him in life that had to continue to beat on and after it was dead and it was something I'd even thought about was her sadness, where she was at that point in time where she was but she was the one that was there.

She was the first with mean, she had eager feet because that is not a star on the Robbie Gilmore All-Pro Bible teamů I'm good.

I think I don't have your on the radio lot you end up with that sometimes.

But I start to think about how did these people get how do they get these eager feet and so I started to do a word search automates the Hebrew word, and to see where I could find it in the Bible and interestingly you'll find it. David wrote about it in fact he writes about. It has automates and he writes about it in the 27th saw 27 Psalm if you read the last verse believers verse 14 it says wait on the Lord of future translation says, but if you read it in Hebrew, it says come over as Doc automates the strong.

Be courageous. Your heart so there's some connection to waiting on the Lord, becoming strong and courageous and I want what is out so I look inside that word came and here my mind got totally blown and I you know you think about it. The word rate wait to begin with is a verb thing is you know it's like wait on the Lord really standing in line waiting on the Lord that that that's not what it's a picture. Not even close. The first time the word Cova is used in the Bible is when God gathered the waters together. The word Cova is actually a gathering together but is a gathering together of fibers to make a rope and twisting. Now if you ever watched a spinning wheel action. It's a beautiful thing here. They take these little bitty fibers and they got some tension on the string and it's been like this is that the fibers you want somebody that's good at it and it makes a yarn I so each of those fibers is being twisted into that yarn and it's making this court so I went and watched some YouTube videos making spinning hemp in the ally. What is that look like that look cool. I saw that and then I came across this video that initially it's two minutes.

I think it's so well worthwhile. But I want to share some stuff with it about it before you see it unless it starts by accident. I will watch it and I'll share but anyway we have this Ancient Pl. in England that there to make this rope and in the beginning, you'll see the fibers that they spun in the make the string but they don't show them actually spinning the strength with which end up with is the string to take two strings together and they twist those together to make the cord then they take three of those cords with the thing called the top. And when you see it you go unless what's called the top. It looks like a top, and that top fits in some grooves of those three chords and as they twist that it makes what we know to be a rope and you know Ecclesiastes 14 according three strands is not easily broken life's amount. When you see this top start to go down the three chords I want to think about if you're waiting on the Lord your being twisted your color, your fibers are being twisted intention into the very court of the body applied father the son and the Holy Spirit is such a picture. It's unbelievable.

I'll never forget this is on you live when you see this top come down and you watch the role being made from the three chords. It's like oh my goodness. So waiting on the Lord is not passive by any means. It's twisting into misleading in and take a look at this is beautiful in preparation for the trolling expedition Alex's compass erupt make it Ted Baker hello Alex how are you an ostomy welcome to the right will. Great stuff.

This will be making today. That's right. It's made from sizable line and incident fiber very thing grooves in the soluble fiber is a spun into string from which the rope is made up of the time we finished twisting and turning all rope you will have a rope that can pull about half time life. It's colder report because it is a bit of walking up and down to do right had a case of the first thing I going to get you to do Onyx, yet take off sizable here, right up to the other end of the road will okay unhook it over the right hand hook 1 million. Okay like I can't access your point out in the old days I used to run you know something Tyson just slip it over the right hand hook okay. The rental could move within keys $20 loan with Islamist rate was a checks and talks with the mentally is still in use today is a cool show them alone with his used bicycles to travel its length and will be going to do by turning the handle up at the other end yet is twist each of these pairs into one, so will end up with three strong single lines to make all three corporate with the three strands of some is woefully twisted, Onyx can now begin combining them to make the rope using the road make his talk testing making itself will not really doing anything to stopping this talk from seeking out completely. That's great. You can see the twists working against each other that can fairly even today very often young people will be doing this for 12 hours a day six days a week and they would be expected to make about 3 miles. Rope a day Fremont Dynamo. The final job is to stretch out the excess energy wound into the rug is not indigo. Congo pulled his postdoc. We can see we will deny strictly to review the user miss the end of that they stretch out the rope after it's been wound not know how many of you have waited on the Lord, but there's a lot of stretching that if the involving that understand that they, the picture is absolutely remarkable that as we wait and we pray and we get in community like your wonderful Sunday school this morning for your proteins that you do on Sunday night as we testify about what the Lord still in our heart and we read Scripture were twisting in were twisting into that three courts ran and the result. This is the part you don't want to miss eager feet, eager feet. Now it just so happens that Lucy and Prince Caspian is the perfect example of eager feet.

Now you know that the lion, the witch and the wardrobe is happening now they find themselves in the later adventure of Prince Caspian and actually out of the woods and Prince Caspian is being attacked all sorts of sides and and they're trying to find and to help rescue him and you got Lucy and Edward and Peter in the group that's not onions folks and Lucy Spotts as Lynn is there trying to find their way through the woods and she tells her brothers and sisters that I see as we need to go that way and Edmund sides with her for a change but every else.

Everybody else sides against her, and they don't go with her, and as a result they get horribly lost because he didn't do what you're fine Sunday school teacher suggested this morning, which was listen for Jesus and it is set in an extent, even though Lucy was the one that saw him, neither did she. But I miss that in my first reading, but as one points this out to us as she see that night she can't sleep and so very eager feet get her up and she begins to walk and she begins to hear her name being called by as Lynn is a picture of Jesus and I'll pick it up from there circle of grass met smooth as long met her eyes with dark trees dancing around it and then overjoyed, for he was there. The huge lion shining light in the moonlight was in his huge black shadow underneath him, but for the moment of his his tail. He might be a stone.

Lucy never thought of that. She never stopped to think whether he was a friendly line or not. She rushed to him, eager feet.

She felt her heart would burst to. She lost a moment and the next thing she knew she was kissing him and putting her arms around his neck and she could bury her face in beneath the rich saltiness of his name as Lynn dear Azlan, sob Lucy at last the great beast rolled over in his side and that Lucy fell half sitting on half lying between the front parts. He bent forward and just touched her nose with his tongue. His warm breath came around her.

She gazed into his large wise face welcome child. He said Azlan said Lucy your bigger.

That's because your older than one answer T not because you are I am not but every year you grow you will find me bigger full-time.

She was so happy that she didn't want to speak but Azlan spoke Lucy.

He said we must not lie here long you have worked in hand and much as time is been lost today.

Yes. Was not ashamed, said Lucy. I saw it all right.

They wouldn't believe me there. Also, all of her somewhere deep inside Azlan's body there came the famous suggestion of a brow.

I'm sorry said Lucy wonders to some of his moods. I didn't mean to start slighting the others but it was my fault. Anyway wasn't the line looked straight into her eyes.

Oh Azlan said Lucy you don't mean it was. How could II could not of left the others and come up to you alone.

How can I don't look at me like that. Oh well, I suppose I could yes send it when the been alone. I know not if I was with you but what if it been good. Azlan said nothing.

You mean said Lucy rather faintly that would turn out all right. Somehow. But how please Azlan I need to know to know what would've happened. Child said Azlan know nobody's ever told that hold dear said Lucy, but anyone can find out what will happen said Azlan, but anyone can find out what will happen if you go back to the others now and wake them up and tell them you see me again and that you must all get up at once and follow me will happen. There's only one way to find out to mean do you mean that is what you want me to do guest Lucy just little one said Azlan will be others see you to ask Lucy certainly not at first said Azlan. Later on, it depends, but they won't believe me said Lucy doesn't matter said Azlan. Oh dear, oh dear, said Lucy, and I was so pleased finding you again and I thought you'd let me stay and I thought you'd come roaring in a frightened way all the enemies like the last time and now everything is going to be horrid. It's hard for you little one said Azlan but things never happen the same way twice is been hard for us in Narnia before now. Lucy Barrett get this part.

This is where she's twisting into the rope here.

Watch what happens. Lucy buried her head in his main to hide from his face but there must've been magic in his mane. She could feel line strength going and were quite suddenly she sat up and said I'm sorry Hassan I'm ready now.

Now your lioness said, Azlan, and now are all on all Narnia will be renewed but come we have no time to lose.

How many times in your life did you hear, and you knew the direction we were supposed to. Nobody would believe you think you're whacked crazy didn't really hear that. What a beautiful picture. This is to me of Lucy getting eager feet and I have not read the end of the story. Honestly, that's where I finished I is read that I just had the time gone on for a while. I'm sure I have this really secure thought that somehow another after she got those eager feet.

The battle would be one is David's was as Josh was one of his Moses was this peters was of Paul's wealth. Stevens was right. The book, the Bible is not a book of exceptions. It's a book of examples of people that heard and twisted in and got those eager feet and the lion heart to go share what Christ is done for them and bring the kingdom forward now, in my opinion the end zone is in the football the end zone is the kingdom of God. Matthew 12 says write the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing is headed towards the end zone. If you grab hold of the football.

It is going to draw you to the end zone, but in order to do that you have to twist enough to wait on the Lord see that topics coming in. It may not come at the speed you want to and obviously Lucy was hoping that Azlan would get there much quicker than he did is coming but is gotta wait till those other fibers get included before he gets to you.

Sometimes I don't know how it all works but I know it works or not private today you would help us to see this picture help us to be strong and courageous. Since we twisting you as we understand a little more of the kingdom little more of kingdom wealth and of what really matters in essentially the love that you have for us if we will go to that place at the cross that really Mary went and twisted into you. You would certainly give us courageous hearts to assure that matters. Thank you for chance to share so much the day and pray that we would all be encouraged. Jesus

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