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Hunger VS. Thirst

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore
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March 11, 2019 11:54 am

Hunger VS. Thirst

The Christian Car Guy Show / Robby Dilmore

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March 11, 2019 11:54 am

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And so is kind of interesting. I told James. I said you know II don't know that I've ever been this unprepared but in some ways I feel more prepared than ever. So here we go is you as you heard of Larry quote in Matthew as Jesus was teaching the sermon on the mountain he was giving us these things on ways to be happy. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for they will be filled and I when I was a kid, maybe nine or 10 wherever I lit. We moved all over because my father worked for. But wherever I lived on Friday nights.

They always had some kind of creepy creature feature demerit on TV. It was a night before note no school right on Saturday so you can stay up late on Friday night and they would have these been related movie, you know, just another.

The return of the of the saying or whatever in the world. It was, you know, Cincotta purple people eater movie and while that is always stuck out to me and certainly applicable to the message today. If you ever thought was Robinson Crusoe on Mars.

So that is a classic. There truly is and if you if you can picture a nine-year-old little boy sitting there watching a black and white TV in Robinson Crusoe on Mars comes on at 11 o'clock and you know here we go.

This is exciting. The storyline is it you know Robinson Crusoe is in this know you got remember this is the 60s.

I'm old and were trying to get to the moon and so space was you know the big rage and and and monkeys got in space is. You may recall before men did so. This had that all set up in it and that Robinson Crusoe's only traveler with him on his way to Mars was his monkey that he had on board with nobody seen this movie should you got rid of it.

It's a classic. So anyway he crashes on Mars and is stranded there with nothing but this monk is trying to figure out the oxygen you know how to breathe is bring up the biggest problem is he can get water and eat. He's hanging out with his monkey and the monkey is not appear to be thirsty and you know he's dying of thirst coming and it's clear to him. He's gotten on. He's got it all marked on the calendar when you're to die this monkeys not getting thirsty and he figures out this monkey found water somewhere. So now he decides that I've got to get this monkey to lead me to the water and you remember back in those days. Those of us who grew up in.

This year we have stuff like paying it was all you know and paste of turkey you know that you would squeeze out of the two you know what he had all this stuff and so he starts feeding this monkey all hiscrackers and is such a funny scene I get stuck with me all these years because he had this look gets hot but a nice salty cracker, not too bland to plan. Let me put some paste on all in some extra salt. You know, and he hoped peanut butter that's the thing that you know and he's free this monkey all the stuff till this monkey is about. Obviously die of thirst and very cool.

He leads them to where the waters I have figured out that you have two that God has rigged the world in such a way that he's been feeding us saltine crackers and pasted all too bland, too bland. We need to send you a text because he's making you thirsty he is making you thirsty when you realize it or not. And as your friend.

He got hungry so in order to get what I want to go which the actual title is sermon. I gave James which he said are you sure you spelled this right was hunger versus thirst and he thought I was talking about verses like verses of the Bible because some of James loves versus that is what I've talked about.

I'm talking about.

What is spiritual hunger and what is spiritual thirst, you know, and that came across me not.

It's a great questions and I think that discipleship has to do with questions. What's your question, I got the wonderful questions everywhere I went this morning from you guys and that's what disciples do they have questions. A disciple means an enthusiastic learner and started to learn anything you got have a question you must have some you don't know the answer to, and I don't know the answer to what two different things to hunger and spiritual thirst.

Although I've been studying now for about three weeks.

I have some ideas to share with you but this is way above my pay grade. Right where I like it right were God has to come in and figure it out presents for yourself how did you get there. Robbie will. Here's how I got there John Eldridge teaches and I think this is a blessing, blessing, blessing. I hope if you don't get anything else out of what I taught today that that this this would be come one of your practices, but he teaches at the beginning of every year. Your to begin to in December asked Jesus for a word for the year. This is in the New Year's resolution this is where we going this year Jesus and you listen and you get a word in your right that were down, he put it on your computer and you put it on your prayer list and so that every day you're saying what is this word have to do with me this year and last year he gave me this work.

I would talked about it in January. For now, I gave me prosperity.

What a horrible word that what is thought and really God I don't want that word but is fascinating. You gave it to me and he had a wonderful year. Prosperity. Understanding what prosperity really was, but this year came in to abide. That was my word for 2019 to abide now. I took John Eldridge one bit further and I not only asked Jesus for word for the year. I asking for one every morning and quite often I asking for word about something I do not understand because again, like every disciple I have questions. So, talk about a passage that no doubt has made people thirsty for Emerson. Solomon wrote it and I've read and read and read that there were some I just didn't understand this about this particular verse this is in the first chapter the song of Solomon and you got the beloved.

If you're not familiar with the book is one of the glories of tire Bible it's it's it's up from my standpoint, the beloved is us the church and the lover coming after the beloved is Jesus okay so were here in this part where it's getting real interesting and sought to make you thirsty since. While the king is on his couch mind guards spreads its fragrance. This verse 12.

Now that is funny I could preach for sermons on that because I've never paid attention to go back and check later how many people really did anoint Jesus and the fact that they are anointing him because the word Jesus means the anointed one, right or Messiah means anointed one. How many women really did anoint Jesus just checked us with wonderful study at home but anyway with our while the king is on his couch. This is me this is the church being this is the lady with the tears this is Mary right, then comes the next verse. My lover is a pouch of murder. Passing the night between my breasts: I mean if that will make you thirsty, you know what to say and I thought what went when you try to get at here, God, what is it about this that I should understand because I'm a guy and I am really not like my guide study of the murder and actually sermon by Spurgeon is wonderful on the subject of the murder but he didn't mention anything about passing the night between the breath. I wonder what about that, like a basketball. I want to know about Lord tell me some about that and so I'm praying and you know what my word was for that day.

Drink drink and a simple one. What does that have to do with this passage. So I start studying the word drink and if you go to the Bible you find the word someplace the first place you find in the Bible. It's always an indication of a little bit. A lot of you know what the Hebrew is that word in the deeper meaning of it in the first place. You'll find the word drink is where lots daughters seduced him drunk. They gave him wine to drink so they can sleep with them so they can have children. That really is significant as it's telling you something about the word drink. The word drink is central if you think about the passage of we go back to that briefly and you say the first drink you ever took in your life could not been more sensual right your mother. You were just born she could been more excited.

She takes you and she place you or maybe she fed you with a bottle of that matter. It was still completely sensual.

It was completely a moment that you felt like you are connected to another human being, and you felt like you belong to and you felt like you were were something is beautiful as soon as I thought about that. I immediately thought of the Matthew passage were says blessed are you hunger and thirst, and that was when the question occurred to me. Okay God what to do between spiritual hunger and spiritual thirst, and so being the fruitcake that I started to write down some things like okay one of the things we do. You know what's the main food groups here and what we drink versus what we eat now. I went and read another sermon on the subject and interestingly, nobody goes here arrived.

I can't find anybody that says here spiritual drink in her spiritual food. So this is where I'm reaching way out there in the idea of it is not to go on what Robbie is telling you it's for you to make you thirsty and trying to feed you some records of tanks for salt so you go think about this yourself and what is it necessarily me but one thing for sure, and Spurgeon taught this is wonderful is whether you eat or you drink something the moment it comes into your mouth and begins to go down your esophagus. It is now yours. It's nobody else's. It is fixing to become not only yours but it is prefixing to become part of you that will nourish your body or take away from your body. Depending on what it is yours and you now possess it right and so you know Paul says many many many times in the that that he refers to the milk of the word and another thing that we drink his wine good Baptist may be, but a lot of us drink wine and interestingly, in Hebrew, wine, assisting Mrs. sort of an effervescent thing because are talking about the fermentation elegy thought about it but clearly this whole idea about eating and drinking ends up back at the Eucharist.

Obviously, because you drink the wine you the bread.

Jesus said to drink my flesh and drink my blood. You can eat my flesh at Sewanee you know from all his time, but I thought is it's fascinating to me that in both cases of the wind and the bread there's yeast now not unleavened bread. I understand that in most breads you got yeast that's rising the bread and you've got yeast that makes the wine effervescent and if you put one in your mouth, you immediately know you got something.

Another thing that I would know about drinking and eating.

Is it when you drink something you get immediate gratification words via drink a glass of wine you realize it within 25 seconds or something like that. That will pass right straight through my stomach go right straight into my bloodstream and going to some call the blood brain barrier and you're in a field event of that alcohol must immediately even water rarely makes it past the small intestines goes right on in.

And it hydrate your body so Robbie just using pure logic says okay spiritual drink must bring instant gratification and its central right that that now. Now when you study the nard passage which is right prior to the one in the book informing Solomon that we talked about that these women anointed Jesus with nard.

The more I study that word, the more I realize that anointing is just like petting it's of physical touch and that there almost the identical wording you think about a dog what you do you pet it. What you don't know that what you are going or your children when you have them. Physical affection is an anointing and oh by the way, it brings an immediate gratification right when this lady was pouring that nard on Jesus's feet and all that was going on. It was an immediate and he was receiving that now the challenge was that after I was studying this. My granddaughter's birthday party and it my granddaughter you know who's eight years old or whatever is pretty easy. I reach in and I grabbed her and I kiss her and I am going so most immediate and you can see the gratification and I look at her mom who is 28 years old and is on looking her looking at her like my whole life flashes before my eyes, that she I can never remember my father ever kissing me never effect. If I go to hug my dad right this minute. He'll I and so unfortunately I passed some of that on the market. Siding given that immediate gratification, that sense of belonging. That sense of love and I just I grab my daughter and I think I kissed her for the first time probably since she was maybe 45 what conviction my gosh she was dying of thirst from her father. If you see that that idea. I didn't realize how thirsty I was. As I began to think through that and what what is meant by that and so opportunity for all of us to see what we were how we were brought up in our secret what is that mean, really, and so honestly I immediately adopted a new discipline.

My discipline is every morning of my life.

I jumped in God's lap and asked him kiss me and anoint me. I really do and immediately then I go and kiss and anoint Jesus.

I know it may sound wacko. But how can I give something that I haven't gotten it in the father is dying to anoint you. I in my opinion it it's it's a big part of spiritual drink. Now very interestingly and God said go deep this morning so here we go.

That was my word for today so hope you're ready for all this. But hey, I appreciate you joining me and I sure had fun with it so I soaks hope some of you have fun with it. In Hebrew the word water fountain, which was interesting why I laughed when it said every fountain that come now every fountain right will the word fountain in Hebrew is the same word as I I like your okay and so in my picture in my opinion part of the way that you drink spiritually is through your think about you drink in beauty and a part of what Solomon was experiencing in this you know, obviously, with this woman with a pouch of murder was.

He was drinking in beauty of women are beautiful. Amina, who hadn't seen that you or if you go to the mountains or you see the beautiful rain is beautiful. You have to drink in a certain amount of duty John Eldridge taught that when he lost his father and he went into deep mourning the way that he came out of it was he had to go to the mountain scenery and spend time drinking in beauty and it's an immediate gratification. When you see that sunset you disco all God gave that to me you drink that isn't right now without understanding that drink and I mean the same thing.

Listen to Moses blessing at the end of Deuteronomy here, especially verse 28 so Israel rests in safety under untroubled is Jacob's fountain to hear what he said so Israel rests in safety untroubled is Jacob's fountain in a land of grain and new wine will food in their little drink yes is heaven drip. Now those of us who don't really love the Bible. I bet you got to do something immediately right that John talked about the woman at the well, what was that it was Jacob's well right in there.

Jesus said I if you drink this living water.

It's going to well up into into a fountain right of living water that one person when they come to Christ doesn't just cry their eyes out.

Or when they're thinking about their daughter becoming the tears they come.

It's living water. It's it's it's good coming out of these fountains is profoundly unbelievable that you drink in through your eyes and then think what Jesus said about your eyes right.

He said there the lamp of the body. So how do you see light.

Do you see God in things we talked about earlier. I think it may been rich somebody that was talking about.

No, you were talking about how these people that don't know God knowing they can see they take it in through their eyes to the heavens declare the glory of God there drinking and in drinking received instant gratification eating.

On the other hand, requires digestion right thumb and eat something I have to do just I have to process it.

I can't get you know it'll probably be days that I'll be processing Larry Sunday school lesson today that I'll still be thinking about this Scripture that Scripture and it takes a while for that to the just and to go into my soul before I processed it for. I didn't know it but I was watching Robinson Crusoe on Mars when I was a kid I was eating something. It went in there. It never left me and it took me about 30 years to digest it, but eventually I started this see why that intrigued me so much. You got all sorts of things like that that you just gone on the bone.

You're just chewing on it you are digesting it. It is wonderful stuff.

I mean that is that is one of the gifts that we have and so it's interesting that when you eat something your processing and it takes a while to be adjusted so I would suggest when they do another thing that you eat spiritually is fruit right and spirit gives us those love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, right, that kind of fruit but I want something but and and those things are funded to just believe me and Ed love is one of those.

I bet you're digesting it right now from somebody you hope you are. Think of the fruit of fellowship right at your you guys prayer meetings I've heard are legendary. The fellowship the times that you felt like you were in heaven because you are in fellowship where you felt like you belong to a group is something that you digestion you absorb, you know, I called work as people feel like they belong there there there digesting the fruit of fellowship even though it may be all skewed in on whatever direction, but there but there's fruit there, and there've tasting it in there experiencing it even though it's misguided. So if we in the church can offer up the fruit of fellowship to somebody if you went to the West Salem rescue mission right now.

He started loving on those guys, I've done it a few times. You know what they always say to you, why would you be so nice to me because they are coded in shame.

Toxic shame were no longer I made a mistake, but I am a mistake toxic shame. The fruit of fellowship. The fruit of love, grace, those guys will do just that. Over a period of time toward it strengthens their bodies truly cool now meet you know I love me. I'm sure your shot to the will absolutely love me in India and I love that word and in the Hebrew it means fuel for the fire and if you listen my show yesterday I talked a lot about this. I won't knowing all the details were short on time, but you see when you stepped on the gas pedal on your car today when you came in to you stepped on the gas pedal.

You aren't stepping on gasoline. You were stepping on air that when you if you could watch it in super slow Mo right with it pushing in on the cable that cable pulls open a butterfly valve which is literally not letting oxygen air come down into the engine.

Now that air is the big deal you could use a ton of the different kinds of fuel but without air all you have is when engine right I mean you got there we see me meaning. The word of God clearly coming or Jesus is the word so again when we're reading the Scriptures, if you don't bring in the oxygen. If then it it can't be oxidized.

Did you know fire means oxidize something like rocket fuel has its own air so that it can oxidize so whether we realize it or not all the stuff these cues me. It's all getting oxidized. Okay, it's all burned up in the fire, but when it comes to me this if you think about the fire that the Jews would be thinking about here when they knew they had a Holocaust they they write they they did their sacrifices at the altar. They will burn in late. That's what they were doing because in order to get the energy of it. They had oxidize it, and when they did all by the way it smelled wonderful and it smelled like food I'm just telling you if you have a barbecue you been to Maine immediately. You catch that spelling bad enough smelled wonderful when you oxidize the word of God and what that means, clearly, is to get the spirit in there with it.

It smells phenomenal like that murder like that nard. It's essential thing and end in itself brings gratification all kinds of things go on in your brain. Dopamine all sorts of stuff.

So I say all that just say okay let's go back to what really he was getting. If you eat my flesh and drink my blood. Okay, that guy in the rescue mission that's covered in shame if he would really believe that Jesus is blood covered that.

And he paid the price for it than he, like the woman who was caught in adultery could stand there and go where my accusers if Jesus is in here who's accusing your you got nobody that would say that you're guilty of anything. If Jesus is in their and believe me I know I'm covering the sermon in the blood. The stuff Jesus is Lord is arts discover that right now I just say N/A. Robbie worrier accusers. They were to be for. And if you take that drinking. You can let go of all the shame if you can eat that flesh which renews your mind.

Then write you can build back up in the body because as you guys talked about in your lesson this morning right. It was about through your weakness. Your made strong wealth if you don't think your we try not drinking for about five days. Well same thing spiritually try not getting any affection from anybody not affection from God. Whatever. Try that for five days it's it's it's equally it will kill you just as quickly. It will kill you spiritually. If you don't think your week. Try not eating for a couple three weeks right we can't live outside of God. He rigged the world so that we had to come to him, both physically and spiritually.

But obviously he I think he gave us all this to think about the ponder and just go how cool is that.

And Jesus. What is my word for today is this is really out of my you know I don't live at this depth every minute of my life. So I got a get up in the morning and go okay where we going today. Just give me some thirst for what this is. Today give me some hunger for what this is today and give me something where I can since you're there and I can since you know where is your accuser and I love the end of the 23rd Psalm always got to go there and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life). Lord I pray that through your word. We would get hungry or thirsty or that you would put plenty of salt on it for obvious reasons you would show us new ways to get into your word and oxidize it so that it would truly bring you glory is that light would burn brightly so brightly that people would see you in our lives and they too would thirst and hunger for you. I thank you for my friends and a chance to be with them today share this message, Jesus name I pray, amen

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