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Praying about the Nashville shooting

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 27, 2023 12:00 pm

Praying about the Nashville shooting

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 27, 2023 12:00 pm

Praying about the Nashville shooting

Steve talks about the school shooting in Nashville Tennessee. A transman came in and shot people at a Christian school.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. And now here's your host, Steve Noble. Welcome back. Hope you had a good weekend going to, uh, alter the trajectory of the show today. Always a lot of things to talk about. A lot of topics, what's going on in the news, national, international politics, pop culture, whatever.

There's tons of stuff out there. I was preparing different stories today and then heard the news of the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. It was at about 10, 14 AM central time this morning. So the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, the south of Nashville, and a really, really nice area, not that far from Franklin. And just a beautiful little Christian school, pre-kindergarten through sixth grade associated with the Covenant Presbyterian Church, which is a PCA church.

That's the conservative wing of the Presbyterian world. And I don't know if that will factor into the story at some point or not. It unfortunately wouldn't surprise me. Three children murdered, three adults murdered, and the shooter was a female. It's confirmed female age 28. At first they thought it, they, they said that she looked like a teenager, somebody in their teens, but later in the day they determined it was a 28-year-old woman was a, I was afraid this was going to happen, a 28-year-old woman who was a former student at the Nashville Christian School was identified as the shooter. Cause the cops got there pretty fast.

I think the call came in at 10, 13, 10, 14 by 10, 27. She was dead. There were five police officers that went in.

Thank God they went in fast and willing, unlike the mass down in Uvalde. And they engaged her. She had two assault type rifles, they're saying, and a handgun. They engaged her, shot and killed her. But at that point she had already, they took three kids to the hospital that had been shot. All three had died.

They took two or three adults and three adults died. And so just terrific. I mean, the Covenant School, if you go look at it online is a beautiful, beautiful piece of property. It's way back there. So the assumption earlier today was that this shooter had to know something about the school because it's not just, it isn't, it's not like up on the street. It's just a big beautiful piece of property with the church and a little over 200 kids. And so I'm sure there'll be more and more information that comes out about this woman who is now dead. And again, thank God for the police, that got there.

They didn't have a school resource officer or anything like that. She went in a side door. So, so that of course, brings up all kinds of questions and people are going political already, but we're not going to do that today.

I just want to open up the phones. If you would like to offer up your prayers, specifically for these families who are absolutely devastated as a grandfather now and with four kids of my own, that's those, that's where my thoughts went immediately. And as a grandchildren start aging, getting older and have to go off to school and I wish I didn't have to think like this, but you do. And, uh, just heartbreak, anger, you know, uh, you know, $130 billion to Ukraine, but we can't harden our own schools here in our own nation and in mental health. And there's all kinds of issues, obviously, and the media will be unrelenting on that. The white house already coming out and blaming Republicans and gun stuff and yada, yada, yada.

And there's a place for those conversations. I just don't think it's the same day that family's lives are absolutely devastated. So if you'd like to call in and just offer up prayers for these families, including the family of the shooter, uh, the school in general, the community, maybe our nation in general, for children in general, however you feel led to pray, uh, as long as it's in keeping with, uh, based on what's happened in Nashville today and just the overall state of the nation. I don't want you to start praying about Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis or Ukraine, just, just more general. It's just a heart cry for our nation.

Uh, you want to think along the lines of second Chronicles 7, 14, that's fine. I just don't, I don't want to be praying about politics right now or politicians, uh, like this to be more personal. So I've got some Psalms to share, um, and, uh, certainly offer up my own prayers, but wanted to give you a chance to, let's just add the body of Christ today on the show. These next few segments, let's just come together and pray.

However you feel led, but hopefully specific to something having to do with what's going on here today at the covenant school in Nashville, Tennessee, 866-348-7884 is the number 866-348-7884 or 866-34 truth. Some of you are prayer warriors that God's just giving you that gift. You have a heart for prayer and a, you know, a prayer warrior when you meet one.

But the rest of us, there's a, there's a place for all of us here, obviously in the body of Christ. And I think it's healthy for all of us to spend this time in prayer rather than on Fox News or MSNBC or Twitter, whatever. So I'd like to enlist you to help me pray for these people specifically in Nashville today and the situation in general and the evil and the mental health, everything that goes into these nightmare school shooting scenarios. And one is too many obviously, but please join me in praying for these people today and please call in if you have a burden at all to pray for these people. We all should in the situation then call and let's do that together as the body of Christ. 866-348-7884 or 866-34 truth.

866-348-7884 or 866-34 truth. Just a few Psalms to set the stage and then we'll be praying in the next two segments. Psalm 119, you are my refuge and my shield.

I put my hope in your word. Psalm 23, of course, even though I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me. Psalm 71 20 and 21 you who have shown me great and severe troubles shall revive me again and bring me up again from the depths of the earth.

You shall increase my greatness and comfort me on every side. Psalm 107, 13 and 14. Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble and he saved them out of their distresses.

He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death and broke their chains in pieces. Psalm 120 verse one in my distress. I cried to the Lord and he heard me and he's listening. So will you help me cry out to the Lord to hear today on the show? 866-348-7884 join me in prayer for the people in Nashville who are absolutely devastated today.

866-348-78. Welcome back to Steve's Noble to Steve's Noble show. Just going to turn now away from me doing what I normally do, talking on the air to you. And I just want to spend time praying for these poor families and all the people involved in the shooting down at the covenant school in Nashville, Tennessee, just south of downtown is the elementary school pre-k through six, a little over 200 students, private Christian school. And it just came out.

The shooter is a woman, age 28, a former student. And so that, that, that's as that unfolds, that's just going to get more heartbreaking and evil as it goes. But if you want to call in, please, I'm asking you to please call in so we can pray together for these people in Nashville and this subject in general, as you feel led. 866-348-7884 is the number 866-348-7884 or 866-34 truth to join me in prayer. Let's go to Paula is calling in right now from snow camp. Paula, thank you so much for calling and thank you for being willing to pray.

Are you there? Paula? Hey, Paula. Hey, it's Steve.

You're, you're on. Thanks for calling in and thanks for your willingness to pray. Well, I just saw the headlines moments before you spoke. And I just sat here and cried.

I was in my car. So it, um, I just want to set this up by saying, so that this isn't lost on us because I've been guilty of thinking maybe three or four incidences a year. But the article I read said in the first quarter of 2023 89 school violence incidences and 128 dead. And we're only in the first quarter. I want everybody to hear this.

We've got three more quarters to go people. And this is it. I think I'm in shock because I was naive. I didn't know it was this bad. And this often. So in the name of our father, Jesus, I mean these children haven't even had a chance. They don't even know who you are.

Our country has abandoned them. We are being attacked with such ferocious, satanic spiritual warfare. Please hold. I, I, I, I got to slow down. Oh, it's okay. I'm, I, I'm, I'm, I'm at a loss for words.

I really am. And, uh, our, our, I feel like I'm not doing enough as one human. And our churches aren't doing enough.

Our country is not doing enough. And we can't keep raising kids without knowing who Jesus Christ is. So they'll have someone to lean on and pray and to believe in, because if they don't get these kids first in the womb with abortion, the second thing is when they're six months old, they're going to get them with a vaccine and then if that doesn't work and they're unscathed and they get to the kindergarten, then there's going to be transgender whacking on body parts. And then, then after they do that, these kids realize nothing made them happy and whole and complete inside.

So then they take their own lives or they're given fentanyl and they think it's a fun drug that they can take to get rid of all their pain. And, and it's, it's a death. Everything that we have set up right now in our country is a death for children and families. And in the name of Jesus Christ bind all this satanic warfare against our children and send it straight to hell in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray these things. Amen.

Amen. Thank you, Paula. Thank you for calling in. I appreciate your sharing from your heart.

Thank you so much. And that's a, let me just add to that because she's right. There's so many things and kids are at the tail end of the train getting whipped all over the place by so many different things. And, and, and if they, and the country's turning away, I saw a poll earlier today, came out of wall street journal about lowest numbers in about 25, 30 years of patriotism. That's one thing. But, but just we're religious. Religion is important and it's below 40% and that's, this is what you get when you turn away from God.

You've got an entire book in your possession either with two covers or on your phone that will show you that. So let's just pray into that. As Paula was saying, if you'd like to call in and pray and join us in this, uh, that would be awesome. 866-348-7884 is the number. If you have something on your heart, you would just want to pray into this situation.

866-348-7884 or 866-34 truth. Father, God, we just come before you Lord. And I just pray for all these children. Um, and we used to think that they could have some level of innocence Lord for years.

And in an elementary school, you would think that's still a time, third, fourth, and fifth, and even sixth grade. But now Lord, we, we know that's just not the reality of our world and our country anymore. And in kids being exposed to pornography and violence that, that's just not the reality of our world.

Kids being exposed to pornography and violence at six and seven and eight years of age. And now all the damage that's going to be done with all these children. So Lord, I pray for these families that are devastated, who've lost children. I cannot imagine that as a father and as a grandfather, I pray for the families of the administrators, the people of the adults that were killed. Lord, I pray for the family of this woman who was so dark and so messed up, uh, that she would, as a former student here, go in and kill children.

It's beyond comprehension Lord, but we know that evil exists and that level of evil exists. So I just pray for our children throughout the nation, Lord, that, that we as parents and neighbors and grandparents and just believers would be as engaged as we can be and protecting them, protecting their minds, their hearts, their souls, their bodies, Lord, that we come against, uh, in the name of Jesus, every evil plot and scheme of the devil to attack these children, be it with a gun or with a scalpel or with a drug or with a website, Lord, and just pray for parents and adults and teachers and administrators and legislators, Lord, to just get their backs up about protecting our children from all these various assaults, Lord, and, and especially pray for an awakening amongst our children and revival in their homes and awakening amongst these children so that Lord, they will know that they are never alone, that you'll never leave them nor forsake them, that they'll build their young lives on the rock instead of the sand. So when they struggle, they don't look to the world, but they trust in you and just pray specifically for these families that are devastated, Lord, and that you'd minister to them and their grief and their devastation and their brokenness, Lord, in some way that would glorify you and bring people to the kingdom. But ultimately just pray right now for you to meet them where they're at, Lord, and their mourning and their grief and their sorrow.

Can't begin to imagine it and just pray that you would supernaturally wrap your arms around them, bring the body of Christ around them, to serve them and care for them, Lord, including the family of the woman that chose to murder these people. And we ask all that in Christ's name. If you want to call in again, I would appreciate your help in that just to lift up these people in this situation to the Lord for us as a body of Christ. So it's not just me sitting in a studio or Paula there and where she's at, it's all of us. Wherever you're at, we're all part of the body of Christ and there's a power in that. And just to gather with other believers that most of us will never meet until heaven is a blessing. So I hope you'll take advantage of that. Just give us a call and you can join our time of prayer. And when we get to the next segment, 866-348-7884 is the number 866-348-7884. This shouldn't be a big ask for me of you. You should want to pray with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

I'm just being upfront with you as I always am. 866-348-7884. Let's intervene for these people, intercede for them. 866-348-7884 or 866-34 truth. They need our prayers. This nation needs our prayers. So I hope you'll step up and help me.

866-348-7884. We'll be right back. Welcome back at Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show. Just setting aside, you can bring the music down, just setting aside.

What happened? You can leave it down. Just based on what happened earlier today in Nashville and at the Covenant School, again, that's a pre-K through sixth grade, basically an elementary school. It was started in 2001 associated with the Covenant Presbyterian Church down there, which is a PCA church. Unfortunately, I think that's probably going to factor into this. PCA is the conservative wing of the Presbyterian Church. And so this woman who murdered these three kids and murdered three adults was a former student.

She's 28 years of age, so she hasn't been there in a long time, which is really messed up. And we'll have to wait and see about that. But there's all kinds of thoughts and brokenness and evil and and mental health and the turning away of our nation largely from the Lord, which has consequences.

And so that's. That's what we have to pray into, and with our earlier when Paula called in, you could hear the frustration in her voice, like, I need to do more. There's nothing I can do. There's not much you can do as an individual, but we can pray as a body, and that has tremendous power. And you you deal with yourself. Be like David.

Search my heart, Lord, revealing me any unclean or wicked thing. And then the question there is, how often do we actually intercede on behalf of our nation, on behalf of our leaders, on behalf of children, on behalf of the school system, on behalf of school violence and all these things going on, which is what Paula mentioned earlier, how many violent incidents and how many kids have died in and around schools just in the first quarter is over 100 kids. That's not a mass shooting. Mass shootings are generally qualified.

If it's three or more, they'll call it a mass shooting. But there's all kinds of violence happening in our schools, and we need to pray into that. There's not there's there's things you can do as an individual. There's things you can do as an individual. OK, so as a grandfather, as a father, as somebody involved in the community, as somebody with a platform. OK, I have to take stock of the different areas where I do have some influence and sometimes just on an individual basis. And like Paxton, our grandson, when he's old enough to go to school, then these questions have to be dealt with. Let's talk about the security of whatever school you guys are thinking of sending them to. And that's a serious issue.

It's not going to get any better. So we have to be careful with that. I'm going to jump over here to Donna. Donna, thanks for calling in. Did you want to join us in praying for the situation in Nashville? Yes, I do. OK, great. Thank you so much.

Go right ahead. Dear Heavenly Father, we just pray for our teachers and our administrators daily. We ask you, God, to cover them by the blood of Jesus.

We thank you, God, for what you do every day, anyway, as we just look to you for all things. We pray, God, that you continue to guide us and direct us and cover our children daily, Father, with safety and protection. We pray for the people that guard our kids. We pray, God, you give them wisdom and discernment daily to be able to take care of our kids and to show them when something is coming in evil, Lord. We ask you to cover these children. We ask you to cover these adults day in and day out as far as each and every school all over our world, Father.

It's everywhere. It's not just there, it's everywhere, Father. And we just pray that you cover us daily. And only you, Father, can help us, guide us and direct us, help us to minister to the ones that are sick and mental health issues. And, God, we just thank you for, you know, having what we do have and how you always need our every need. We pray for those that are homeless in the school system, Lord, right now.

There's many kids that are living in motels, hungry and need your help, Father. We pray that you cover them daily and meet the needs of our nation as one, meet the needs of our staff in the school systems and meet the needs of all these children each and every day as far as the adults, the lunchroom ladies, the people who clean, the custodians, all of us, Lord. We just pray and thank you, though, that you always supply what we need and you will go before us and make all things possible. And, Father, we just thank you for what you do every day. We thank you for fulfilling the purpose that you have for us and the prayers that you give us. We give you all the praise and glory for all things in Jesus' precious name. Amen.

Amen. Thank you, Donna. I appreciate it. Thank you so much. God bless you. Thank you. You're welcome.

Thank you. And that's one of those things. What I liked about Donna's prayer there is the word daily. Daily, right? So we need to be praying about these things daily. And, again, that's between you and the Lord, it's between me and the Lord, but I'll tell you flat out, I don't pray for the nation in general as often as I should.

I do it pretty regularly. I try to pray for elected officials every day when I get my email from my friends at Capitol Commission, That's just a great reminder. You just go to the website,, click on your state, sign up for the daily email. And they'll give you a little prayer prompt and they'll show you five, six, seven legislators, one at the federal level and then your state level in the various branches and just to prompt you to pray. And that's just a good time to just pray in general for our nation, especially for our children, as we've been hearing today.

And if you want to pray, we still have a couple minutes left if you want to finish out this particular segment in prayer, 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH. And that's just a good prompt to remember to pray for these situations, especially for our children because we are losing these generations. It's like the Joshua generation who grew up and didn't know the Lord.

One generation removed, Exodus, what's that? And I see it with a lot of these students that I'm teaching, about 150 or so every week. I'll come home school church families, okay? And their knowledge of, generally their knowledge of scripture is weak and their biblical worldview is not very well formed.

Some of them it's excellent, but most of them it isn't. And so I really feel a burden for these young people just to equip them to deal with the craziness in our world and the growing threat of evil on a daily basis. You think you go to your private Christian school, it's literally the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, literally an idyllic setting. You don't see it from the streets way back there, it's a hill, it's a big beautiful church in the school and this woman that killed these three children and three adults and then was killed by the police 13 or 14 minutes after it all started, she knew it was back there. And let's just continue to pray for these people who are absent.

I mean, just put it into your own context. If this happened to a child or a grandchild of yours, a friend's child or grandchild, a coworker's child or grandchild, the devastation of that is beyond my ability to comprehend. Psalm 120 verse 1, In my distress I cried to the Lord and He heard me, Psalm 91, because He has set His love upon me, therefore I will deliver Him. I will set Him on high because He has known my name, He shall call upon me and I will answer Him. I will be with Him in trouble, I will deliver Him and honor Him.

Thank you, Lord. Psalm 142, When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then You knew my path and the way in which I walk. Psalm 30, 2 to 3, O Lord my God, I cried out to You and You healed me. O Lord, You brought my soul up from the grave, You have kept me alive and I should not go down to the pit. Psalm 73, My flesh and my heart fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Don't you know? We know this, that these families, these parents, these siblings, grandparents, all the concentric circles of people affected by that down there are all just grieving and their hearts are crying out. Most of them, speechless, can't find the words, nor do they have to. So let's just continue to pray for them. I'll pray one more time and then we'll hit the break and then we'll talk to our good friend David in the fourth segment and do a Money Monday update and then tomorrow I'll be back with some of the stories I wanted to talk about today, but this is more important so just pray with me one more time and then let's all continue to pray into the evening and overnight and into the days that come, not just for the kids and the families there in Nashville, but for this situation in general around the country. Father, I just want to pray, Lord, for all the people, all these people, usually young people that are isolated, cut off, Satan's involved, darkness is involved, mental health is involved, isolation, lack of community, lack of friendships.

Lord, I pray for everybody that knows somebody like this. They may not be aware of the depths of their pain and their distress and their darkness, Lord, but I just pray you'd make us all much more aware of the people around us, the people that we know, so that we're paying attention and we're looking out for signs of their distress, Lord, because you left the 99 to go after the one and we have to have the same attitude. So help us, Lord, not to assume that everything's okay because we're having a good day or whatever, but we know that evil is constant, that brokenness is constant.

One day that won't be the case, but it is right now. So help us, Lord, and people around the country, especially believers, to be aware of the people in their lives that are isolated and could go down these dark, dark roads and do these horrible things. Help us to be aware, Lord. Help everybody to be aware of the people around them, to love our neighbors as ourselves.

We ask that in Christ's name. This is Steve Noble. We'll be right back with David Fisher after this. Welcome back, it's Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show, and we'll continue to follow up on what's going on in Nashville and the unfolding there. Please keep that in your prayers as we go into the evening and overnight, the days to come, not just Nashville and these families that have been impacted. Obviously, three kids dead and three adults dead.

The shooter was a female, age 28, former student, which means she hadn't been in that school for about 15 years. So this is just gonna get more difficult, darker probably as time goes by. But let's just be praying, just imagine if it's somebody in your family, son, daughter, grandson, granddaughters, a close friend of yours, a distant relative, whatever the case may be, especially most of us are parents. None of us, some of you have been down this road.

Most of us can't imagine it. But let's just continue to lean into that with prayer, please, not just here in the air, but throughout the rest of the day and into the days that come. And not just for Nashville, but we need to be praying into this situation around the country for our children who are being attacked in so many different ways and the devil's just having a heyday with that. So we need to pray into that.

Our battles are not carnal, okay, weapons are not carnal. They're spiritual and our number one weapon is prayer and it's oftentimes the last one we reach for. So let's make sure we're covering these people. David, thanks for calling in, my friend, how are you? I have a humbled heart, obviously, with what's going on in Nashville and I appreciate you being the voice out there calling us to prayer and that's what's gonna heal our land. That's right, yeah, that's the ultimate power that we have is to go to God with these things, do what we can in our own sphere, but we have to go to prayer, which takes us, of course, into this, I think a lot of us go to this passage of scripture when things like this are going on in our nation, but of course, 2 Chronicles 7, 14, let's start there. If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. So obviously the most powerful thing we can do as believers is pray and stand in the gap as intercessors, that's the practical thing that God asks us to do, it's the spiritual thing asks us to do of the worship, to service, and there's other things that you mentioned, there's always on the whole line before you pray that we could be on the lurch, be on the lookout for those type of people, that Jesus left the 99 for the one, and you're exactly right. God needs to heal our land, that's all our desire. We need healing in so many areas, Steve. It's financial, it's our health system, it's what's being bordered in the schools with our children, and now this tragic shooting, it just goes on and on, wherever we look, we need God to intervene, inter-invade, and do a great miracle, and our role is to be His voice and also pray.

That's right, to be His voice, to speak the truth into the culture, to share the gospel whenever possible, to look out for the outsider, we did a show just the other day on widows, which would include orphans and single parents, we all have to be much more aware of the people around us so that we can do whatever we might be able to do to avoid a situation like we saw earlier today in Nashville, and of course, the shaking and the evil and the brokenness is all over the place, and just like two weeks ago, I mean, just in the last two weeks, David, we've had the second and third largest bank failures in history in a week, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, and they were both sold at huge losses, so get us up to date on that, because there's a lot of shaking going on, not just in the tragedy of Nashville, but boy, it's just all over the place. Yeah, so there's $118 trillion of U.S. dollars in U.S. banks, yet the FDIC, Steve has only $125 billion of insurance, so it's math is impossible, there's no way that area can get healed that way. Silicon Valley Bank, $210 billion, Signature Bank, $110 billion, $330 billion, they went under, some people say, let's just move my money to the credit union. The National Credit Union Administration has $2 trillion of U.S. dollars in U.S. credit unions under their bank accounts, but there's only $21 billion of insurance through the credit union.

So the bottom line is this, we're destined to have this problem, because the way the system's set up, so who bought it? Well, First Citizens Bank bought out Silicon Valley Bank, $72 billion, it acquired it for, it's a discount, about 23% of their assets were discounted, but not all of Silicon Valley Bank was broken up, yet still the FDIC Steve holds $90 billion. That's a liability, not an asset. And so you've got to put this against the backdrop of $125 billion, the FDIC. They're already saying they're going to lose $20 billion on it, so we're now down to $105 billion is what the FDIC has. The other bank, Signature Bank was bought out last week by Flagstar and they, the FDIC says they're going to take about $20 billion loss on that, plus they're buying, the new bank is not buying everything, the FDIC is going to still take on a $60 billion liability. So that's $150 billion of liability, $20 billion of losses were $80 billion that the FDIC says that they have. Obviously we could possibly see some major, major more problems, there's just not enough funding, but this is the short-term band-aid that's going to be the fix for the time being and I don't know if it's really that much of a fix. Yeah, it doesn't sound like it, but of course we had Biden out, what, two weeks ago saying, hey no taxpayer dollars will be used in this. Yeah they will, and that's all they have to work with by the way.

They have fees from banks and stuff like that, but the vast majority of this problem is taxpayer dollars, which they don't even have enough of those. So it's very scary. Do you anticipate any more significant bank failures in the days to come, like anytime soon? I don't know about anytime soon, but we're not over the woods. One quick note back to Signature Bank, the depositors took a 20% loss, so that's not being talked too much about in the news, but I got the document to prove it. Morgan Stanley says it ain't over till it's over, that's one of the chief global economists said that. He said central banks have been more worried about inflation than financial stability, which obviously is now coming up. Neal Kashkari, he's the president of Minnesota Federal Reserve Bank, he said on Sunday face the nation, he says I'm not saying that all the stresses are behind us, so this is going to take some time.

When he asked what that meant, he said there possibly could be more. Here's one more person, she worked for the Fed previously, Danielle DiMartino Booth, she's saying big banks have had a long memory of not to step in and buy these failing banks. These banks are sitting in no man's land, the failing ones, because nobody wants to say that they've failed. I think we're going to see much more bank failures because we have not seen the big banks buy them up yet, yet we're in the middle of a banking crisis, nobody wants to call it a banking crisis, now is the time to get some gold, she says. Yeah, and I contacted you the other day just trying to determine the current value of the gold and silver coins that we have that you obviously helped us to procure, and that was very encouraging, they've done very well, so it was nice to know that that's outside of all this maelstrom because they're literally sitting in a safe deposit box, but one of the things about this that I wanted to mention is you're doing something to help people just kind of get over the hump if they're interested in finding out more about using gold and silver in terms of one part, the diversification is the big deal, one part of their investment strategy, but you came up with really a generous offer for people and I'd be grateful for you to share that.

Yeah, so because of what's going on in the banking industry and just the markets being uncertain, the whole thing is based upon confidence, and that's always being challenged right now. Landmark Capital is doing a special offer for a limited time only, we're offering a one ounce silver American Eagle at a severe discount price, I looked at the cheapest advertised price nationally from competitors, they're at $36 over that. Landmark Capital is going to offer $32 a coin, so there's a limit of 20 coins per person, there's no gimmick, there's no shipping handling cost, no gimmicks, just flat out $32 a coin for this silver one ounce brilliant and uncirculated condition American Eagle to help people get over the hump and saying investing in silver, that was one simple step, it's really an easy step and people will learn that. Yeah, and that's the interesting thing and I've shared this before, when David and I first met each other and started talking about radio all the way back in 2016 when I first started doing syndication stuff and I was clueless and I was skeptical and we spent several hours on a couple of phone calls to get educated and then once I understood, I'm like, okay, this makes perfect sense to me and I'll never forget, David, and I've shared this before, the first time that we took possession of some gold coins that showed up and later gold and silver, but I was shocked at the impact it had on me that I had something of significant value in my hands that wasn't in the system, it wasn't online, it was just ours and it was safe and it was out of the storm and that's where like, even if you bought 20 of these, that's a value of $640 but I'm telling you, once you take possession of it, you'll understand that we're talking about something different here, it is, it's a very different experience to have this as part of your overall investment strategy. 100% of the time as I've asked people what it felt like when they got their gold and silver they, it's like they paused for a moment, Steven, they can't put it into words, English words, they said it's just like any other feeling this feeling I've never had, it's just I feel so secure and I did the right thing and I assure you, if people call my company and they do that one simple step they're going to feel the same thing when their silver shows up quickly at the door the coins are here, I don't have to buy them, they're for immediate delivery. Excellent, so how do people follow up and learn more and take advantage of that, David, what do they do? The simple way, they can contact our company 844-604-2575 again the number 844-604-2575 or they can go to our website Thank you my friend, I look forward to talking to you again soon, thanks for your help as always, God bless you my friend we'll talk soon. God bless you my brother. Alright, thanks pal, we'll talk. This is Steve Noble on The Steve Noble Show, let's keep praying for Nashville and for our children nationwide God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon and like my dad, always used to say Ever Forward
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