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Houston Goes Down To Miami (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 24, 2023 9:48 pm

Houston Goes Down To Miami (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 24, 2023 9:48 pm

Onsides/Offsides l Miami throttles Houston


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Get to know the wool runners, pipers, and loungers at That's A-L-L-B-I-R-D-S dot com. Folks, I don't want to be caught up in the moment. And I don't usually like to be that talk show host that goes, this is the greatest thing I've ever seen, like in the moment. But this NCAA tournament hickey, it's got to be right up there. Now we still have to see how it plays out in the Elite Eight, the Final Four, and the championship game. But you look at the first weekend, you had a 16 beating a one in Fairleigh Dickinson taking down Purdue. You had for the third straight year in a row a 15 beating a two when you had Princeton taking down Arizona. Then you had a 14 or excuse me a 13 taking down a four in Furman beating Virginia with the craziness of the Kihei Clark bad throw of the basketball, the bad pass of the basketball. Then in the second weekend of the Sweet 16, last night you had a classic at Madison Square Garden that goes into overtime between Kansas State and Michigan State.

And Marquise Noel has the most assists in an individual game by a player in NCAA tournament history with 19. After that, Gonzaga UCLA is mayhem, where UCLA is up 13, then Gonzaga is up nine after UCLA can't score for 11 minutes. And Gonzaga's less than 90 seconds to go, they are up nine. And they almost lose that one point, they're down by one and then they hit the big shot.

And then after that, you're thinking like how can last night get topped? And to start things off with these Sweet 16 games tonight, the Final Four of them, San Diego State beats Alabama. And Alabama looked like they were starting to take control of this game. And then San Diego State went on this 12-0 run, and Bam was only able to cut it like back down to two, and they end up losing this game. So you have another number one seed going home with San Diego State beating Alabama.

And right now, Miami is up 72 to 58 against Houston with 658 to go. So you could have all your number one seeds be done by the end of this evening, three already gone. If Texas loses to Xavier later tonight, all your two seeds will be gone. And yeah, by the way, you have already through to the Elite Eight, a nine seed in FAU. You have Kansas State, who is maybe like the most disrespected three seed ever, or just not talked about three seed ever, where they were picked dead last in the Big 12 before the start of the year.

And they have the player of the tournament right now. UConn has been so dominant, and we know the brand of UConn, Gonzaga can Mark Few finally get the job done. Texas Xavier should be a brawl tonight. And you have Creighton Princeton coming up soon too.

By the way, a 15 seed in the Sweet 16. Like Hickey, I know we haven't seen the end result of the tournament yet, and we got to see how the other two games play out tonight. But I can't remember a better first two weeks of the NCAA tournament.

And I feel like we say that every year, but this year it's just, you can't breathe. From the first day of the tournament, forget the first four nonsense. I'm talking about the actual opening round. I remember saying when Princeton defeated Arizona, that's your storyline for the first weekend of the NCAA tournament.

Nothing's gonna top that. And then Tobin Anderson, but Fairleigh Dickinson didn't let Zack Eady breathe, and those guards of Purdue were a complete no-show. And that became the story. Like by the end of the first night, we were forgetting about Furman, with all that craziness with Furman and Virginia. It's just, this has been a wild tournament. I think even more impressive than some of the crazy upsets of the fact that we're going to probably not see a number one seed in the Elite Eight, is the fact that we basically predicted this. Not game by game, not these upsets, but everybody, for the most part, were saying, well, there's really no dominant team. This feels like it's the most wide open it's been in a long time. Like it wouldn't be, you know, there really is not one, two, three teams that everyone's saying, oh, without a doubt, Final Four are going to win the national title. It was wide open, and we are absolutely seeing how wide open it is, where all four top seeds are about to be eliminated before we even get to the Final Eight teams left. And there's a lot of talk show hosts that they do this lame shtick each and every year, where after you see an upset, like the topic the next day is, oh yeah, it's a great upset, but then you have to see that team in the round, the 32.

Like, so? That doesn't matter to me. You look at this tourney right now. When it comes to the East Regional, you have a nine remaining and a three remaining.

You then look at the West Regional. Yukon is a four. So you have a four remaining, and then Gonzaga, Gonzaga's a three. So you have a four and a three.

After tonight, if Miami beats Houston, and Miami is, should be better than a five, but you would have a five and then either a two and a three, and now you have San Diego State advancing, who's a five, going up against either a six or a 15. That's just bonkers. There's no other way to say it.

Five questions, five answers. We do this every Monday and Friday right here on CBS Sports Radio on the Zach Gelb show. We call it Onside's Offside.

Hot day kicky. Zach's taking on the most polarizing issues in sports. Which side of the line of scrimmage will he end up on? Offside, defense number 69.

It's Onside's Offsides with Zach Gelb on CBS Sports Radio. Speaking of all these upsets, Zach, maybe the team that benefits the most is the Yukon Huskies. They have been scorching, scorching hot in this tournament. Last night's event to the Elite Eight, they rolled Arkansas 88 to 65. Their average margin of victory in their three games is 20.7 points per game.

Insane. Now the last two times the Huskies have made it to the Elite Eight, they have won the national championship. They will meet Gonzaga Saturday with a final four spot on the line. Onsides or offsides, Yukon should be the favorite to win the national title.

You know what's funny here? I was gonna answer this question offside. I was because I was gonna say, oh Alabama. You know, until someone beats Alabama, I'm gonna pick Alabama.

But now Alabama's gone. I would take Yukon over San Diego State. Even though I like Creighton right now, I would take Yukon over both Creighton and Princeton. No offense to FAU or Kansas State. That's close on Kansas State.

But I would take Yukon. And then on that right side, you got Gonzaga, the winner of Xavier, Texas. And then, not a lock because it's 74-62 now, but Miami is up on Houston. So I'm gonna operate under the assumption, and maybe I'll be wrong, that Houston's gonna be out. This is a tough question. You know what, I'm still gonna go offside and here's why.

Offside. I think Gonzaga's winning tomorrow. I like Gonzaga tomorrow. I think everyone's gonna be on Yukon and they have been the most dominant team in this tourney. The first two games did not play good in the first half. Then they just were dominant in the second half against Iona and then St. Mary's. Last night, they just took it right to Arkansas out of the gate and it didn't matter after that.

I feel like everyone's gonna load up on Yukon. I like Gonzaga tomorrow. The Zags. All right.

Look at you. Second time could be a charm for you. Well, I'm very nervous about tomorrow for the Zags.

I am very nervous. Yukon is playing damn good. So Hickey picked Arizona to win it all this year and then after that, he did two hours into the tournament. I'm out. Folks, I got it wrong. So I did my homework. I did my re-evaluations and after doing that, I elected to take Gonzaga. Mark, get the job done.

Lock it up. That is the only benefit of having your national champ bounce within the first three hours of the tournament. I still have plenty of time. There's enough teams left. I'm re-picking a champ before it's too late.

I actually kind of hope Gonzaga wins at all. Just so I could hear you kind of like weasel your way in. No, I would not. I'm not a mush. I got it right. Look at me.

I'm the best. Blah, blah, blah. But I do kind of think Gonzaga wins tomorrow. That would be good for the track record. I mean, pick Kansas from the start. No, re-pick last year. Kansas from the beginning. Now, I'm not going to claim Gonzaga, but it would be maybe a good trend of this quote-unquote 11th season.

Quote-unquote a legend mush. Maybe turning the other way around. Yeah, bold take. I didn't see many people picking Kansas. In my bracket, I was the only one. Guess who finished number one at the end? That's right. What, one out of five people? There's 10 people in there. Okay.

Good sample size, which by the way, everyone had either Houston or Alabama. See you later. Goodbye. I'm back. Although I'm in last place, but I'm back. Wait, so now do I get to pick my second champion? No, it's too late for you. It's too late. You get to the side. Yes.

I was in the round of 32. Remind me. I hate to be this Jackass.

Whose show is this? I'm not talking about this show. I'm talking about in the principle of the bracket. Okay. Gotcha.

Yesterday we sprinkled. So you do it in the round of 32. I try to do so in the, in the round of 16, I get yelled at.

Well, I think I see you try to do so in the, before the tournament starts, you know, I would prioritize trying to get my pick right for the tournament starts. The two teams that I want to see win it all. Want to Gonzaga. Okay. Sorry. Kansas state, Miami, Kansas state, Miami. No Princeton.

Huh? I just don't think they will. I would love Princeton.

Would they want to, I'm not saying you think they would want to. On the parade float, if that's the case. So want to you're in on Princeton. Oh yeah, absolutely.

Are they number one for you? No. Wow.

It's Kansas state. Interesting. Okay. It's all right.

My friends could deal with the. Hopefully Mitch is out listening to me. I'm sure he's on the court for pregame, but I never know. I highly doubt he's listening to us. Until some Jackass tweets him. Did you hear what he said on the radio?

He said there's a third team that he wants to see what them all, not the first. You know what that means? Off the float. See you later. You're just going in the general mission behind the barricades. I get the miscellaneous float down. No, no flow. You're off the float.

Five minutes. I say, put my foot down. I'll still come on the show. We'll talk all the time.

You're in the, you're with the fans. That's nice. You know what? You know, you could.

Okay. I had something I was going to say that was not so nice directed to you. I was going to wish something with one of your sports teams against you, but I'm not going to do that. I'm the bigger man here. If I had one wish, it would be. I'm the bigger man.

For X team to suck. Nope. Nope. I'm the bigger man. It's all right.

Okay. Football news. ESPN yesterday reported that. Ezekiel Elliott narrowed his teams down to three that he wants to play for in 2023. They are the bangles jets and Eagles. Well today, Zach Taylor kind of shot down Cincinnati's interest in the former Cowboys running back.

This is what he said to WCPO. There's a lot of great players that are available right now. We like our team as where it's at right now, but you know, it's, it's always funny when things get thrown around.

Sometimes it's the first you hear of it, but that's just the way life works. Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Onsides are offside. Right on this one. Cause yesterday with the wording, I'm like, Oh, those three teams I go, if that's what he's deciding to at least got to have offers. Doesn't sound like a Zach Taylor has an offer in for Zeke Elliott.

This is a bad look for Zeke that one of his finalists rejected him onsides or offsides. Yeah. That's that is an obvious question, but onsides. Absolutely. Jeez, man. Makes me wonder the jets are Eagles.

Even I think the Eagles do want him the jets. I don't know. Bengals. I don't know. Sure. The Eagles.

Why not? At this point, try to go win, win a Superbowl with Zeke and just stab the knife a little bit deeper into the back of Jerry Jones. That'd be fun. That would be weird. Eagles Jersey.

Like one of those. On the podium as they go to the Superbowl, just going full Philly. Imagine we get an NFC title game. Zeke game winning touchdown in Dallas to in Jerry's role. Jerry's to watch it with his own eyes.

I actually would rather have it be in, in Philly. So his own brother now can embrace him. Would I rather want the crazy Eagle fans or just the sadness of Cowboys fans? Sadness of Cowboys. Yeah, you're right.

You're right. Cause he jerks. I'm sure he didn't want to cut him.

He loves Zeke and talks about him so much that it just, it may break his heart. You get Chris Christie sit standing right next to Jerry Jones, that ugly orange sweater, just crying. Next question. Your hatred of Chris Christie kills me every time. Well, you know why? Cause when I did that show in, in the, in Princeton, Trenton, that kind of area.

The Jersey area. Yeah. Well, it was weird.

We were in principle, we were licensed to serve to the city of Trenton. So that's why I always say both. I always tried to get him on. Okay. Big sports fan. It was like a big deal, but not a big, big deal. And he would go on all these shows and he never came on. And New Jersey at this time, what was he, what was his standing? Yeah, he was the gov.

Okay. Governor in New Jersey did not come on the show. Didn't go on the show. So I banned his name. So anytime someone would call in and say like Chris Christie, or anytime we'd have a guest that would say Chris Christie.

And he was in the news a lot with sports. We'd had the sound. There was like Zach, Zach, the name, Chris Christie is banned from this radio show. What if he said, Oh, come on.

Then the band would have been left. Okay. But the reason why we banned him is because he kept saying, no, Jesus. What do you get back?

At least his, his like office at like one point was like, stop, stop contacting us. Thanks Chris. Thanks for nothing. Yeah. Now we hope we root for your sadness. Azeek just stabs you in the back.

They closed my request. Like he closed those bridges that one time. Some he does very well.

That is for sure. And I don't get very political, but that was just like one guy that annoyed me. And now he sometimes shows up here. Cause he coast down the hall from time to time as a filly. Does he know who you are? Does he like recognize you? I don't know.

I've never had a run in with him. Okay. So you can kind of play normal. Like, Oh yeah. I don't know. Yeah. But nice to meet you. All right. Back to college basketball action.

Thursday's sweet 16 saw two Vegas upsets go down as Gonzaga won a thriller over UCLA and FAU continued their Cinderella run. Take it down. Tennessee's you said that you heard that chant all throughout MSG last night. I thought it was a temple.

I was getting like, let's go owls. I'll leave that. Okay.

Tonight's recap or tonight's a nightcap. I should say I'm like the only one probably chanting that if we're being real only supported left to the temple program. Wow.

You're a, you're a man on an, on an Island man. This is a humbling coaching search for a next head coach. This is bad. When I, when I get other coaches texting me saying, why can't temple get a good coach? It's brutal, man.

Why is this search so sloppy? How bad is the campus? Yeah. A lot of people are, are having fun at my, at my expense. How the turntables as Michael Scott would say, that's for sure. So I don't think that's the same. I know, I know for office fans. You get it. For those who don't, I'm not illiterate. I know what I'm talking about. It's a joke. Look it up.

You'll find a funny, be illiterate. Just tune in tonight. Two to six AM Eastern.

That is that's that's a tease folks. If you don't tune it out, you'll never to two upsets yesterday. We've already had one major upset today as Alabama goes down to San Diego state apostles, second one brewing Miami up 83 70 over one seat Houston.

So possibly two, one seats going down, but we're going to talk about the night games is act that is not featured 15. Seated Princeton taking on the six seat. Creighton number three, Xavier taking on number two, Texas. You have the blue Jays, 10 point favorites over Princeton and their game. The Longhorns are four point favorites over the musketeers. So just on the nightcap onsides or offsides, we'll have at least one upset occur. Is Xavier being in Texas?

We're like an opposite. We're going to go with Vegas. Yes. Okay. Cause we get sagging UCLA.

It was close seating, but by Vegas standards, it wasn't upset. So we're going to go with it. So we'll continue that theme. Okay. Creighton will be Princeton. I think it's a flip of a coin between Xavier, Texas. I'll take Texas though.

67 64 Cinderella, at least for the nightcap has lost her shoe. Okay. CBS sports put out their five S for agent signings of 2023. Was this a Jack Stern column? This was not, this was not not a Jack Stern com in no order by the way. So Jack Stern's columns. I think he tries to be like the smartest guy in the room, but he's not the person that annoyed me the most around here this week.

Wow. Peter Schwartz, Peter, Oh, Peter Schwartz. As much as I like Peter Schwartz, does he really need to go to the food tasting for Yankees and Mets?

He went to Yankee stadium and city field to try the new food as a media member. Um, did you have to go? No.

Yeah. But I see a lot of people in the media that go to that event that I don't normally see them covering the team on a daily basis. Like, do you really have to go stuff your face with all the free food and then post about it all over the place? If you're the team, this is basically a mooch event. Well, like you said, I don't know who is there. Let's just say there's 50 media members, roughly. Well, most that are covering the team, by the way, for baseball or in spring training. So this is just media members that are there to get free food, post the pictures, and then basically get a free lunch. You get a free dinner, you know, get a few to-go bags, goodie bags, doggy bags. You know, Peter Schwartz did that.

I wouldn't be surprised. Me for my kids and my wife. I'll have two burgers, one for now, but I got to bring one home later. Thank you, sir.

Got any filets back there? But it's like, if you're the team or the stadium, just post the photos, take pictures. Yeah. You know, I don't like, I'm not going to go try a burger at a stadium because one media member says, Oh, this is great. If it looks good, I'm going to go for it. If it doesn't look good, I'm not going to eat it. Like, for example, the other day, when I saw this, a lot of my friends were texting and they're like, Oh, that looks good. We're going to try it when we go to the games. I didn't say, Oh, because I saw from Peter Schwartz. It's like, just put out the photo for the Mets Twitter account or the Yankees Twitter account. That's good.

Like no disrespect to Peter Schwartz. If he says something's good again, like I said, I'm not going to get to him because he's, he's given the seal of approval. Yeah.

There's a lot of food photos that he posts that I go, that's what he's eating. Yeah. I'm good teams. Let's go. You're wasting. You want to talk about budget cuts there right then and there are no more free food for everyone. That's for sure. Keep it in the house. All right. Back to free designing.

Speaking of spending money, five best moves going to CBS sports free deciding this off season lions getting CJ Garner Johnson, bangles getting Orlando Brown, jr. 49ers, adding to their stack defensive line, getting Javon Hargrave lions and defensive back cam Sutton and the Falcons adding wide receiver, Mac Hollins, the top five free agent signing according to That is what they are saying. I saw him at radio row. He creeps me out because he doesn't wear shoes. He's shoeless.

That's weird. Shoeless Mac does not flow as well as shoeless Joe, but maybe we'll catch on eventually. Okay. So out of those five signings, odds are offsides. The best signing of this off season has been the bangles signing Orlando Brown, jr. Out of those five.

Absolutely. He's tremendous offensive lineman. I know you may lose Jonah Williams in the process, but you keep on adding that offensive line to protect Joe burrow.

I'm all in on that one on sites. And finally, Aaron Rogers, jets, Packers, still nothing going on with a possible trade. Adam Schefter provided some details this week saying that the Packers are looking for a first round pick and something else in return for trade of Aaron Rogers. He also reported that the jets and Packers have not talked much this week and the Elijah Moore trade that the jets trade to the Browns. They got a second pick back, a second round pick back in return. It had little to do with green Bay and this Aaron Rogers trade onsides or offsides. The Packers are asking for a first round pick and they will get a first round pick in a trade for Aaron Rogers. So if you have a conditional two that turns into a one or can potentially turn into one, would you consider that them getting a first round pick? If it's just the possibility, I would say no.

Okay. That's what I think it's going to be. I think it's going to be one of those twos that they have. And based off certain parameters, it could turn into a one. So the question is Packers received first round pick in a trade for Aaron Rogers.

That is offside. You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. So for the first time ever, there will not be a single number one seed in the elite eight. That's right. Alabama goes down tonight to San Diego state and Miami led by Nigel pack and Jim Lara Nega just blew out Houston as Miami is advancing to the elite eight. And they're going to get the winner of Xavier in Texas. So just absolute mayhem in this NCAA tournament. And you know that this is the last NCAA tournament for Jim Nance, actually hot take Kiki. Did you see the video today of Jim Nance by any chance?

No. So Jim Nance is doing the Houston Miami game, right? So obviously the final four is in Houston. Jim Nance is a Cougar. That's where he went to school. He was actually in the golf team. So Jim Nance is at the practice and Kelvin Sampson calls him over to break down the team and they go, this is not Jim Nance saying this, but Kelvin Sampson says, guys, hello friends on three, one, two, three, hello friends.

That was the chant. And Jim Nance, I even texted him today and he was like blown away that coach Sampson even did that. Like he was surprised. No one told him.

He was like a fat kid in a candy store. So you go from that moment of breaking down your school's team with a chance to maybe call them in your last NCAA tournament, advance the elite eight, and then eventually advance the final four. Then you call them in the final four and now they're going home in the round of 16. There are plenty of reasons why I will never, ever be a broadcaster like Jim Nance and be broadcasting for CBS in the final four. One of the reasons is that I would not be able to handle myself if I was in Nance's shoes, call my alma mater's loss in the sweet 16 when they had a real championship hope that it almost was kind of like destiny of Houston going back to Houston for the final four. I would be so upset and give the probably the worst call and not give Miami their due.

Well actually they could be entertaining because it would be a mental breakdown on the air and it would be bad. No offense I have seen you in some bad losses either in person or have to come to the office the next day and honestly when we have to come to the office the next day and you're still a wreck as if the game just happened it is very entertaining to sometimes see people miserable when it comes to sports. When it's not myself I totally agree. I root I root for suffering. I root for pain. I've seen so much of it. You know they say misery loves company so I want people to be all around me so yes I root for chaos.

I would not be very happy if I was Jim Nance and I would not be able to keep it together. So Miami wins 89 to 75. They send Houston the last number one seed remaining home. First time ever in NCAA tournament history. No number one seeds in Elite Eight. It's the first time since 2011 that no number one seed will get to the final four. So Alabama loses San Diego State and then Miami beats Houston and outside of Kansas State the team personally that I want to see go all the way is Miami and we all know what Jim Lyrenaga did years and years and years ago at George Mason now older obviously and still having so much fun in his 70s and his mid-70s and you're coaching and you're going to be in the Elite Eight you get the winner Xavier Tex if you get back to the final four for one of the games better people that would be a whole lot of fun but last night was just absolute mayhem tonight is absolute mayhem this entire tournament has been the greatest two weeks that I've seen in NCAA tournament history but I want to play you the crazy shot at the end of the Gonzaga UCLA game because UCLA at halftime they're 13 you think they're gonna win then they're down nine with 120 to go UCLA is up one and then this shot happened by Gonzaga this courtesy of Westwood One's coverage of the NCAA tournament. Strother will get it in Salas picks it up clock starts 11 seconds Salas across the top line pitch it back Strother deep three from the top of the key got it oh he hit it Strother from the top seven seconds left Campbell on the run into the front court drives the right side stripped away Strother's got it fouled with 1.1 to go the Vegas native pulls up from deep and puts Gonzaga in the lead and then gets a steal at the other end that was just wild great call by Ryan Rakey on the NCAA tournament radio network Westwood One that was just awesome and that game it's weird because while it was happening like you didn't feel like it was a great game because at one point it was a blowout then the team that was getting blown out ended up blowing out the other team and then out of nowhere in the final 120 just absolute craziness that did go down so that's a game that you're always going to remember Michigan State Kansas State another great game and Marquise Dowell was just phenomenal and hey we're setting up to see San Diego State up against the winner of Creighton and Princeton we know FAU Kansas State is already leading at matchup tomorrow Yukon Gonzaga a lead at matchup tomorrow and then you will get Miami going up against the winner of Xavier Texas this has just been a wild wild wild uh two weeks and no number one seeds remain and if Texas goes down tonight you won't have any two seeds remaining in this NCAA tournament and Princeton Creighton is underway I'm rooting for the under in this because then I hit my parlay which I would be very happy to go win 333 dollars whatever it is off 40 bucks that I put in thank you so much Miami thanks to San Diego State plus seven and a half well let's not count the chickens before they hatch because we got to get the under here between Princeton and Creighton nothing's better than feeling comfortable in your own shoes maybe you're a parent raising a little rock star or a tech nomad working from anywhere Allbirds wants you to be comfortable in your actual shoes too their wool runners pipers and loungers are so cozy you might forget you're wearing them and they're crafted from natural materials that tread lightly on our planet so get comfortable in your shoes get to know the wool runners pipers and loungers at that's
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