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REShow: Steve Howey - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 22, 2023 3:08 pm

REShow: Steve Howey - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 22, 2023 3:08 pm

Rich weighs in on the lingering Aaron Rodgers Jets-Packers trade talks and offers up some advice for the 4-time NFL MVP if the stalemate lasts much longer.

Actor Steve Howey joins Rich in-studio to discuss his new CBS series ‘True Lies,’ the reboot of the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Jamie Lee Curtis action film, recounts his Junior College basketball career, being coached by Ashton Kutcher in an NBA Celebrity All-Star Game, his favorite memories from his time on Showtime’s ‘Shameless’ and more.

Rich and the guys react to the injury news on Clippers star Paul George and to the Jets signing speedy wideout Mecole Hardman.

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The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

This is the Rich Eisen Show. Raiders have a new quarterback, you heard of him?

Hello handsome, is that a 10 gallon hut? Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. They have ranches and they've offered Jimmy Garoppolo free chickens for life. The Rich Eisen Show.

Well we found the difference between Derek Carr and Jimmy G being quarterbacks in the Las Vegas Raiders. Earlier on the show, co-host of Good Morning Football, Kyle Brandt. Coming up from the CBS drama True Lies, actor Steve Howie.

Plus, latest news and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Yeah, welcome to this edition of the Rich Eisen Show, third hour version of this show.

Here on a busy Wednesday, we're having a lot of fun here in Los Angeles, California and this third hour is going to be a lot of fun as well. Steve Howie, who is in the, what would you call it, a reboot of True Lies or a re-imagination of True Lies? Yeah, yeah, re-imagination. We all know the great movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis. From Tom Arnold, who's going to be appearing in the show. And now it's going to be a series.

I cannot wait for this. Yes, absolutely. One of my favorite movies. True Lies was awesome.

True Lies airs tonight, every Wednesday at 10 Eastern on CBS. I love the way you say that. Well, I mean, that's just the way Nance says it. So, speaking of Nance, we just re-imagined our brackets from the Sweet 16 to cutting down Nance. Well, most of us did.

TJ already had, he still has three of his final four alive in the brackets, including the national champion. You had UCLA the whole way. I did. I've been so terrible, I apologize to everyone I just picked. You're never good at this. You realize that, right?

Picking a bracket? Never. Pretty terrible.

Pretty terrible. Yep. We used to have the loser of the Rich Eisen Show competition wear clown makeup. Four in a row. Four in a row. Buffalo bills it. My kids still remember that.

Is Brock wearing the clown makeup this year? My kids still remember that. Well, we used to have people walking around outside and I would put on a sandwich board that says, I have March sadness, and I would ask them to give me a hug.

That is true. I have March sadness. We gave you, and Eric Stonestreet was livid over the way we made you up. He actually gave us instructions on how to properly apply makeup for a clown makeup. He was livid.

I think I had a balloon one year. He was legitimately upset. Yeah, he was very mad. He's like, you guys are, you're like not even coming close. He told me that one year and I thought he was joking.

No. And then we did it again. And then he called up and he goes, if you don't call me next year to tell you how to apply clown makeup, we're going to have a problem. He was really upset.

Yeah, he was legitimately irate. Fizbo was ready to come here and get very obsessed. Fizbo.

Fizbo. So, and if you missed the first two hours, great conversation with Kyle Brand of Good Morning Football and Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. This show re-ears on the Roku channel as soon as we're done. There's also our podcast version of the show all three hours through the Cumulus Podcast Network.

It's available wherever you get any podcast, Apple, Spotify, and so on and so forth. We're watching the pro day activity of CJ Stroud in front of many scouts and in front of the entire Carolina Panthers staff and ownership group. I mean, my goodness, they're all there.

So, and then everybody moves down to Tuscaloosa for tomorrow's pro day in Alabama. So that's what's up right there. Before Steve Howie comes out here in our third hour, let's take this phone call of our friend, Jeff in Detroit, who's been hanging on for quite some time. What's up, Jeffrey? How you been? What's going on, fellas? How's everything? What's going on? Oh, man.

Listen, you know, I'm wondering, did I enter into Bizarro world? Because I know what it is to have a suckish quarterback. I can't understand why they just can't get the Lamar deal done.

I mean, somebody that's 700%, 49 wins, 12 losses or something like that. Dude is a monster. And another thing is the most lying instinct in the world is you take a rusher. I wanted to call Lance up, but I'm glad you guys are here on the Roku channel. But the only thing is I can't call.

Man, I was going to call you at five o'clock yesterday. I'm like, man, he hit the nail on the head. Why get rid of Jamal? Seventeen touchdowns, a thousand yards.

We haven't seen numbers like that since Barry Sanders. And the first thing they do is get rid of them. My thinking is this.

And this is just me. This offense had grown. The offensive coordinator is coming back. The whole scheme is coming back.

Don't mess with it if it's not broke. Let me just counsel here, Jeff, because you've been a fan of this show and you've been calling in for eight years and I feel I owe it to you. Okay.

You're a good man. You call in here. I believe we've had a rapport. We even have an onscreen graphic for when you call. You're one of our favorites.

It sounds like to me you have what I have, which is the scars, the scars of years of being let down, the scars of years of thinking the corners finally turn only to have a trap door open on you. Knowing what it is. I get it. Knowing exactly what it is. And sometimes you got to see what's happening, staring you in the face. What would you say the last time things looked good?

Jim Caldwell was the coach and Stafford was there, right? Exactly. Okay. And then before that, and then before that, what would you say before that?

Would you have to go back to Wayne Fonts? I'm serious. I'm not joking. You know, I don't, I don't know when you'd have to go back. So I might be missing a portion of the restore the roar, uh, belief and hope, uh, part of your world.

I'm just going to and help me do this one real quick. We were kicking it around the barbershop outside of Matthew Stafford, named me one quarterback that the Detroit Lions have had that was worth mentioning. And I hear you, but you currently have a quarterback that's been to the Super Bowl. I love Jerry Goff. I love him.

I'm just scared. I'm loving the way that everything is worked out for him. He was a very unexpected pleasure. And he's been to the Super Bowl and you've got a guy that if you do start going on a playoff run, you know, who's, if I'm not mistaken, has won a playoff game in Lambeau field, um, wants to be there and wants to be there and didn't, and didn't look at being traded away by the Rams as a, uh, uh, being sent to football prison. And, and, and you have, and you have a coach and some coaches and you've got some ballers and they are, they're a team that I believe in now. And again, I know I don't wear the scars. I know I've been, I know I've been, I know I have sat there in, in, in, in an empty silver dome, you know, back in the nineties. And I was able to pick my seat when the Jets came in with an equally terrible team.

So you and I have similar situations. I like what's being built there. I think they're going to add more players in the draft.

I understand that you're wondering what are they doing with Jamal Williams, but David Montgomery, I think can score from the spots where, um, where, uh, where, where Williams scored from. And I think you're going to be in good shape. And I just wanted to give you that verbal hug. I needed that. I honestly, I needed that. I know that you have an NFL mind.

You around it, you sniff it, you drink it, you eat it. I come to you for my NFL information. So I know with that coming from you, I can feel a little bit better because I know if it gets bad, guess what? You just be pulling the couch out and I'll be back laying on it.

But I'm hoping that it doesn't come to that. We can call and talk about victories that we get, not getting you. Oh my goodness.

I can't wait for the season to come up, man. There you go. Thanks.

Thanks for the call. That's Jeff and Detroit. Our segment talking about the Lions, uh, clanked around the internet tubes last night. You're officially on board. I am officially on board. I have a seat in the Lions bandwagon.

And unfortunately for you Lions fans, I had a seat on the Las Vegas Raiders bandwagon at this very point. Maybe what should I every year hop on somebody's bandwagon in March? Agree every year. That's a new tradition. Unlike any other by unlike any other, no one else is doing it.

It's not like it's a singular experience. Lions fans because it did not go well. Let me just say one more thing here about, um, you say something about Rogers and the jets and the Packers still talk.

I still, people still talk about leverage and every single day that this thing doesn't get handled, it's still about, still about leverage. Jets fans are not up in arms. We're not up in arms. I'm not up in arms.

You know what? I would be up in arms if training camp hits and he's not there. And now suddenly we're missing some real key moments. That's when the pressure I think starts to build for the jets because what are they going to do? Start the season with Rogers having no practice time, no nothing with his teammates other than whatever camp Rogers he might be able to do. If that's what the Packers are really waiting for, for real. I mean, we heard Florio say June one after that the Packers can save money if they trade for, uh, they trade Rogers.

I almost said far because it just reminds me of the same damn thing over again, over again. Okay. Is that when the deadline is? Is that when the deadline is? Because to me, I'm fine with that. I'm fine with June one being a deadline. Rogers, you don't have to show up to OTAs.

Don't worry. Give, let me get those reps to Zach Wilson. Give those reps to Zach. Happy to have that because that's the whole idea that Rogers is coming.

He's a bridge quarterback, right? That's the whole plan here. Jets don't want to give up on Zach just yet. Let them learn from Rogers. Let them get into the system of Nathaniel Hackett. Let's go. Great. Let him get those reps. Oh, and all those draft choices that we don't have to then give up for Rogers that the Jets can use in this year's draft? Great. Use them.

Love it. I'm all in on that too. So the Jets use their draft choices, get reps for Zach Wilson. Rogers doesn't have to show up to off season workout programs. He can just have Lazard and everybody else to wherever he wants.

Malibu, Oregon, wherever he wants to have his time. You know what he should also do? He should spend his time. If the Packers don't make the maneuver monetarily for him, because it might be that, might not be draft compensation, might not be what the Jets and the Packers are talking about, might be some sort of standoff between Rogers and the Packers that we're completely unaware of right now. And if that's what that is, you know what Rogers should do? He should take a trip.

Springtime in Wisconsin is beautiful. He should take a trip. If he's somebody that doesn't appear to bristle at awkwardness, if he does not appear to bristle at that, doesn't mind creating an awkward situation, doesn't mind creating something that gets people talking potentially negative about him, if that sort of stuff does roll off his back. You know what would be a good thing to do right around post draft when everybody's showing up and the rookies and it's Jordan Love's time to start taking over the program? Showing up. Show up.

Just want to see what's going on around here. I'm going to show up in my locker and the time to walk in, you know what would be the great time to walk in? Great time to walk in would be right in the middle of a press conference being held by the general manager of the team.

Wow. Just like Jimmy Chitwood walked in when they were all in Hoosiers. But they were firing the coach. Bounce the coach. Yeah, no, no, just show up. Just show up. Created a stir.

Created a stir. Staying in the back of the room. I'm here. Oh, and everybody, once you're done talking to the GM, I'll be in my locker. Just hanging out.

Packers open the door to that if they keep it waiting too, don't they? Wow. Just an idea. Just spitballing. Throwing it in the direction of who's got leverage. Look, this thing is going to happen. The Packers are not going to spend $60 million of their money and hand it to Aaron Rodgers because he's still there on September 1st.

That is not happening. We all know it. Everybody knows it. And we all know that the Jets are not going into the season with Zach Wilson as their week 1 quarterback on September 1.

We know that too. And the person that they are going to have as their quarterback is Aaron Rodgers. The sooner we get to that point, I think for everybody is better. But the longer that if you want to talk about Jets have no leverage in this, I just kind of laid it out for you what their leverage is. That's their leverage. Now, if the Packers want to play it out and it's now August 1, do they really want to go down that road? Do they really want to go down that road? Because that's the road that if you're slow playing it now and you're willing to blow off your draft choices in this year's draft? Okay.

Got it. Maybe they want to wait till after the draft because if it is a sliding scale of if the Jets make the Super Bowl, then this is now instead of a 4, it's a 1. And if the Jets make this, then instead of a 4, it's a 2. And if Rodgers plays another year, then instead of a 4, it's a 3. You can't really do that in this year's draft because the draft choices are fixed. True.

So maybe that's what it is too. Let's not use fixed. Let's use their set in place. Their set in place in stone. Like apparently everybody in this conversation is right now. Stoned? No, set in stone, TJ. Set in stone. I'm saying to everyone, this is going to happen. And if they are going to start messing with Rodgers and the Jets long enough, Wisconsin in May is a great time of year to visit that beautiful state of our union. Look at you stirring stuff up.

I'm just talking about options. Wow. Let's take a break. Steve Howie is here on the Rich Eyes and Show in person. He's already been out, so he knows what the set looks like. And we can't wait to have a chat with him and talk about TJ's best friend Ashton. That's coming up next. Men, do you get distracted during the day thinking about your underarms sweating, itching or emitting an odor?

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Talk to a licensed specialist to find out if it's right for you. Back here with our terrestrial radio outfit along with Sirius XM and Odyssey, we just saw a clip of True Lies that airs tonight, every Wednesday as well at 10 p.m. Eastern on CBS. Steve Howie is here. It is wild to see True Lies like existing, man. It's pretty cool. What a phone call to get because- Walk me through it.

What'd you get? So Anthony Hemingway, great director, producer, he directed some episodes of Shameless. He says, I'm directing this show.

You got to do it. I said, what is it? He says, True Lies. I said, from the movie?

Like the True Lies, right? Schwarzenegger? Yeah. James Cameron?

Mm-hmm. Tom Arnold? Jamie Lee Curtis? Yes. You know, Oscar award-winning. Jamie Lee Curtis. Indeed.

By the way, I would have given her the Oscar from her work in True Lies, by the way. Oh, yes. Absolutely. Yes.

From all the scenes. Exactly. And then- One in particular as well. Exactly. That's the one I'm talking about.

That's the Shameless from me. I'm sorry. I don't mean to interrupt you.

So the phone call's happening and what happens? So yeah. So I said, what, the Tom Arnold role? And he said, no, the Schwarzenegger role. And I went, what?

But careful what you wish for because I've always wanted to shoot the gun, punch the guy, kiss the girl, crack the joke. And I get to do that in this. Great.

Yeah. And the cast is great. Ginger Gonzaga is amazing. Matthew Lillard, who you saw in the clip, he was phenomenal.

Helped boost our energy. Used to ball with him back in the day at the NBA E-League. And is it true that Tom Arnold is going to show up? Tom Arnold, yes. And he was awesome. So funny. So cool. And it's really cool that your best performance is like a blockbuster hit action flick directed by James Cameron. That is incredible.

Yeah. He was great. He gave us the blessing. Have you, have you and Arnie conversed about this? Have you and Schwarzenegger? Oh no, no. Once I found out that I was doing true lies TV show, I swore to never do the accent again out of respect for the man. I'll never do it. I'll never do that. Did you used to do it all the time?

Who didn't? Right. Of course. Yeah.

Right. It's like no matter his films. That's what you need to reach out to him or, or, or have somebody to reach out to him?

I'm horrified that he even is aware of it. Keep it away from like, because he's an icon and I grew up with him. I saw Conan in the theater. I saw Terminator in the theater. I saw true lies in the theater. And now I'm doing like his role in like the TV show version. You know, I'm, they knew I wasn't an Austrian value builder.

I hired me anyway. Not as, not as, you know, swole little taller, but you know, it's, it's a, it's a blessing. It's a dream come true. We had so much fun. The cast is awesome.

I hope people tune in and like it. So am I wrong to say that I, I believe Schwarzenegger's best movie is the running man. Am I, am I off on that? Wow.

You just like men in tights. No, no, no, no, no. You know, Jesse, he Ventura when he was the body, not yet the mind. He was in it. They were all in a Jim Brown was in it. Jim Brown was in it.

Yes, of course. Jim Brown was in it. Richard Dawson playing the evil game show host. Maria Cachita Alonzo.

Let's not, uh, let's not forget her. Brilliant movie. It is brilliant. They tried to remake it. They tried to do it.

I got to do that. You couldn't do it because of the technology, but they're redoing true lies. They're redoing true lies.

They tried to do a total recall. Nope. Yep.

Nope. I got it. So well, congratulations on this.

Thank you so much. Thanks for having me. I'm a, I'm a, I'm a, I watch your show. It's really cool to be here. I appreciate you saying that. Great show. Thank you for, for, for saying that. I appreciate it. Let's jump into your basketball career.

Oh, put it up. Mr. Hoskins. Who is this young man from Northeastern junior college in Sterling, Colorado? Who is number 44 in your program? Look at those socks.

Number one in your heart. Well, the socks meet the shorts. I gotta be honest with you. I don't know what's going on with the knee highs. What are we looking at? Steve Howie.

What do we have here? We're looking at a dude who, uh, wore 44, huh? Um, I played shooting guard on offense and I played a power forward on defense. Oh, so you had the sharp elbows.

I had, I had low center of gravity and I would take dudes knees out. Look at you. Yeah. Yeah.

What is what the knee highs on the North, the, the, the North Eastern basketball team. That was the look. Okay. That was it. 90 was seven. Okay.

98. That was a look back then. That was it. Keith Van Horn.

Yep. It was all, it was the Keith Van Horn of this team. I wouldn't call it. No, no, it was not. Most you've ever scored in the game.

When, when did you give me the one time where Steve Howie took things over and uh, and lit up the scoreboard. Well, yeah, I started when I was a freshman in high school and so I was like really, you know, it was like my dad was freaked out that I wasn't going to go to college and he was like, I liked basketball and he's like, you're going to get a scholarship. And I was like, okay. So he put me in all these things.

Trent moved in my senior year, went to this junior college, had aspirations to go to another university after the two years. And I just couldn't do it anymore. I was, I was, I worked out so much.

Uh, myoplex just came out this protein powder. I was trying, I was trying, I was trying and there was a dude on my team named fat man, Devon Ford, and he was anything but he was an Adonis. He had an eight pack, eight Twizzlers.

That's it. He was Duncan socks. He would, he would go down the floor and shoot a three and while the ball was in the air, he would call out our full court, uh, deep defense knowing that they would shoot it and go four ball and he would turn around on his defender and then he was like, bro, what are you doing? And then the ball would swish. He just couldn't hold a number two pencil to save his life. I mean, the dude was, I mean, the dude was amazing, but he did play overseas. He did play overseas.

And, uh, if he sees that, I'm sorry, bro. That's just a joke. It's not true. But, uh, we weren't academic scholars cause we were at a junior college at the JC level. Yeah.

So there was some like, some like, you know, street dudes there. That's some serious competition. I understand it's not D one, but junior college. Oh, for real. There's some people who could play because they all play D one afterwards. Sure. Cause they get two years of experience.

Then the school doesn't have to pay the full ride and they kick it up. Yep. And so when you showed up to the 2004 NBA celebrity all-star contest, you brought some game with you. That's what you're saying.

I mean, we, I could see where you see the towel on your head. Oh wow. You really did it. Huh? You really, you got pictures. It's called Getty images.

It's not like it's difficult, but I mean, where did you get these? There you are. Google. Okay. You see the towel on the head.

Yes. So, uh, uh, bill and beer called me the Shaw of Reba because I was on the review of after entire show that during that time, he's the show of Reba. Look at Steve. Oh, that's my, that's not beer lamp here. Bill Walton. Bill and beer, by the way. Um, do you know, he has a history here in Hollywood. Bill and beer.

What do you mean? Bill and beer was one of the sleek stacks from land of the lost fact. Wow. Before he went into his basketball career, they used his height to be, you know, I might be dating myself with land. I'm a 53 year old man, but there are credits where you see William Lamb beer on the end of land of the lost when I was on a Saturday morning kid sitting there in Staten Island, seeing the sleek stacks, not knowing I would despise one of the gentlemen inside that outfit. Once he got to Detroit to play basketball, to prevent my New York mix from going anywhere. But that said, you showed up at the all star game. Bill Walton was calling you the Shaw of the Shaw of Reba.

Now that makes sense that it's Walton instead of Lamb beer. But, uh, so Ashton Kutcher was your coach. Is that what, is that what I'm to understand for the day?

For the day. He just, I mean, play him in this all star game in 2004 and he didn't have the, the, the, the care to put on a uniform. Yeah. He just, yeah. Look at that. He's wearing, yeah, look at that. Frankie Muniz, Bill Bellamy in the house. Look at you and Michael Rappaport right next to him. Is that Shaggy? Yes, it is.

Wow. It is Shaggy. What about Kevin Hart? This Kevin Hart right there. Sean Paul?

I think that's Sean Paul. Is it? I can't tell.

I have four of them. In front of Richard Jefferson? Yeah.

Yeah. Next to Mark McGrath. Richard Jefferson. And there's, and there's Kevin Hart. So you played hoops with Kevin. Oh, yeah. Kevin. We were, I was sitting on a couch of his and this was 18 years ago.

Okay. And he looked at me and he said, I'm going to be the biggest thing in the world. And I was like, all right, man. And then our lives just went and like, yeah, we play a Kevin, a Snoop, um, who I was just in a movie in day shift, uh, at the NBA league. That was good times.

We played at Crossroads high school, uh, every Sunday. Um, Brian McKnight would light me up. Brian McKnight, the R and B singer. Oh, he's mean. What do you mean? Oh, he's mean. That dude's ruthless. He was just, he would just talk. Can I cuss? Probably not. He would just talk mad smack. Brian McKnight.

Yeah. He would just like dart a three in your eye. Um, and then curse you out while doing it.

No, he would just quietly smooth. I liked it kind of because he's got it. He's smooth and he had game and then, but I had like, I'm way more comfortable as an actor than I ever was as a Hooper. Okay. I, my ego, because my body couldn't do what my mind and soul wanted. Look at you. And I, and so now that I'm an actor, we are all as one, by the way, which is the most bill Walton thing I think anyone can say is the greatest.

If we had just written down what you written down what you just said and have him read it, the mind and the body couldn't do what my heart was saying. And then I became an actor and now it's all one. He's the best. He's still doing it. Do you watch, I don't know, every now and then on the NBA league pass, Walton does his version of the Manning cast on football. Him and Jason Benetti are doing like it.

He, he just sits there and the game's coming down to the last second and you see the game on the right and he's sitting there just talking about Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most beautiful mountains to climb as somebody who's like shooting a three to try and win a game at the buzzer. If you can do a show while on acid, I mean, I think that we should like praise this man and give him his flowers because he's on ayahuasca and doing a show at the same time. Ayahuasca was a guy who used to shoot an incredible Steve Howie here on the rich eyes and show from true lies, which is on tonight.

Uh, tonight 10 Eastern every single Wednesday on CBS. Are you from Texas? Is that where you're from or plus? So I'm there too.

I was born in San Antonio and then grew up in SoCal. Okay. So do you have a specific team or any teams that you root for? Anything like that or no? Not really.

No man. Like, you know, I like, I like, yeah, okay. I like the Cowboys just cause my brother, um, was a fan forever. Um, you know, UCLA USC was always fun. You know, I, I've, I've hooped with the O'Bannon's.

Remember them? Of course. Yeah. So that's some camp. So that was cool.

Uh, hooping with the O'Bannon's sounds like a great TV show by the way, as well. You've done it. Fantastic.

If it's too much work, I don't want, just hire me and tell me what I have to memorize. I stand here. Let's do it. I do that. I love acting. Yes.

Once we, once they say action and then right when they say cut, I'm like, what do we do now? Go back to the real world. Yeah.

But, um, this, this, this show that, that, um, true lies at Wednesday 10, 10 central tonight on CBS and Paramount plus was one of the hardest things I've ever done and one of the most enjoyable. Okay. Why? Yeah.

It was just, you know, careful what you wish for it cause you just might get it. Yeah. This action stunt thing. Give it to the stunt people. They're a different breed. They, they, they want to do it and then they know they're going to get hurt and they still do it.

I didn't know that. I didn't know stunts meant hurt, pain broken. I pulled my left quadricep. I snapped my finger back and broke that. I hurt my back. I went to the, I'm going to name drop right now, but I went to the, uh, John wick for premiere, which is the most insane stunt movie I've ever seen. Keanu Reeves is an alien and it's relentless to go see it. It's awesome. I was sitting next to Bob Odenker.

Okay. And he did nobody with the same kind of stunt team. And I told her, I was telling him and he's like, yeah, no, like let the stunt guy do it. I'm like, yeah, well I didn't know that I wanted to do it. I wanted to do the stunt. So this true lies was really cool cause it was the first time that I really got to do all my stunts.

Not all the stunt guys were amazing. They go through real glass. I didn't know if you knew that real glass, real glass.

How about that? And the thicker, the glass that like this wall, they'll charge it with an explosive. Oh, so it shatters, right? But they land on real glass.

Every time they come up bleeding, cut. Didn't know that. I didn't know that either. Now I do know that these are all true. These are not true lies.

These are true truths lying truthfully. Um, so you did all your stunts and shameless. Yeah. You look good, man. You're fine. It's so funny.

Before he come on the air and he's like, here we go. No, he did something with your hair and I'm like, I said, boy, I would love to have whatever problem you think you're having right now. For real. No, I know. The thing is though is on the off season, you know, we had a good season. I'm in the off season now. I'm, um, I'm doing, I, once I get back into pre-season. Okay. That's when you're going to get for season two. Have we been picked up yet?

What do we do? Your mouth to God's ears. Okay. I don't, you know, all right. You were in hell of a run on shameless though. She ain't 11 seasons. You must get that all the time walking around and walking about. Right.

And then six seasons of Reba before that. Right. And so now I have, um, parents and their kids coming up to you.

Yeah. Like not kids, like young kids, but like 20 year olds. I called 20 year olds who comes up to you and talks to you about shameless. Um, some of the smartest people I've ever met in my life, like really like cool people. Right.

They're like, I was standing in line at the Grammys and this kid was like, oh man, Hey, I really liked your show. Shameless. You're one of my favorite characters. And I was like, oh cool man.

Thank you so much. Who are you? What's your name? He's like, oh, Hey, I'm Steve Lacy. And I'm like, Steve Lacy, the musician. And he's like, yeah. And I'm like, dude, I have your song in my phone. I'm so sorry. I didn't know.

He's like, oh no, it's fine. So gracious and humble. Okay. Yeah. And, and, uh, people really love that show cause I think shameless, they were, um, you either feel better about the way you were raised watching that show or you relate to it so well that you're like, that's my life. And so it's a win, win situation.

All different levels. I know you, you want to ask him a question about shameless. Oh, well, yeah, just a question, but you know, I was a big fan and I think maybe it's because you see a lot of TV shows, right? We have family life, but I feel like shameless, I think it's a lot more people closer to having that type of life than some of the, you know, the, the, the pretty stuff that, you know, the, you know, come by our stuff that we'll see. I think probably a lot more relatable. I mean, Frank is hard to relate to.

You would hope that no one has a father like him, but I think family wise, you know, this family's always struggling and you know, trying to make it and they're always getting right there, but not getting there. And I think that that was just relatable for a lot of people. And you know what it was though, you and V your relationship. That was, that was a great relationship.

She's got a new show. So what, what do you think it is then? Um, what you were saying, it's, it was the writing. Um, you know, the writer is everything.

And, um, John Wells, one of the smartest people I've ever met in my life. Well, he's a legend. He's, it was his show.

It took him eight years to get shameless from the UK to the States. And it was so worth it cause it was his family. He was, it was just brilliant. The, the, the, the writing was so good and uh, everybody was on book and it was like, go on book. You got to, the word is the thing.

It's chiseled in stone. And I went to John and I was like, can I improv some stuff? And he was like, I don't care what you say as long as it tells the story. And I was like, Oh wow. Okay. But my improves were never as good. Sometimes, sometimes I would improv a lot depending on what it was.

His words were always better. Huh? Well that's the way it works out.

You got a good William Macy story. I mean, I mean, yeah. What do you, I mean, I don't know. I don't know.

Just give me what you got. So he was in wild hogs. He rides, um, I have a Harley and another actor on the show.

And that first seat, second season was Justin Chatwin. He rides Harley. So Bill's like, we need to do a ride.

Shameless riders. And I was like, all right. So we rode from LA to Aspen, Colorado. And uh, but we first went to San Francisco, but that LA to Aspen.

Yes. Was like, we saw each other in a different light. And I remember just being in this thing like wind rash and road driven and we go into this nice place cause cause Bill's bougie and he stays at nice place and he's like, we might be riding Harley's, but we're staying in nice places. And I was like, you, you, you're doing it.

He's not shameless. So we went into this really nice place and we got jumped, dropped our stuff off, went into the restaurant and we're going to sit down and no one's there. But Justin comes in and I go, what is that? What does that smell? And he's like, Oh, I felt like I stunk.

So I put some clone on and I'm like, dude, we're on Harley's. You know what I mean? I can't smell that. I need, this is all a factory rape.

I don't need, I need to have my nostrils so I can taste the food. I was like, dude, no, I'm sitting over here and I sat on the table and Bill's like, we're sitting together. We're going to, we're sitting together. And I go, no, I can't smell him. He's like, should I go take a shower then?

Or it's like, sorry dude. And I was like, and I was just hungry and hangry and me and Bill's like, we're sitting together. We're sitting together and he slammed his head. He says, we're sitting together. And we looked at me and Justin looked at bill and went, it's the first time he like let it out. And so we're all like, we're sitting together. So Justin goes out and he's bathing here. There's a campfire out there.

He's bathing in the smoke to try to get the corona away. I know we're just a bunch of actors. These just like tools. And so we come out, had a great dinner, but that I love real raw emotion and Bill's such a shy guy. He's brilliant.

He's a brilliant mind. And when we, he would come into set and be like, hello, hello, how are you doing? And action, you know, and they would go into Frank and you could, it was, we would do scenes and then it would be my cue for my line. And I would go, Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Let's go again. I was watching him. I would watch him. I would just be behind the bar, just watching him.

And you'd miss your, I'd miss my totally in your own world. Cause I'm listening to what he was saying. Cause he was so brilliant. He was a, he was a great mentor. Reba was a great mentor. John Wells was a great mentor.

I was very lucky to have amazing, smart people that were kind and decent and uh, you know, pretty cool, man. Pretty cool. And Steve, uh, congrats again on true lies airs tonight. Every Wednesday, 10 Eastern on CBS.

Don't forget the paramount plus portion of it. Certainly here on Roku. Check it out with Steve Howie at Steve Howie on Twitter and Instagram. Come back anytime, brother. Thank you for being here on the program.

No, I, this, the show's great. You guys got a great thing going on. Thanks pal.

Really appreciate it. Here on the rich eyes and show, uh, jets and Clippers news. Oh, that means we hear about Paul George. No, that's coming up next PG can help you tackle the job hunt and make your next career move in football and in life, there's the regular season. And then there's the playoffs knows that scoring your next job.

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The regular season is history, and we all know the playoffs are no time for messing around. It's time to get off the sidelines and go to and win the job hunt Rich eyes and show radio network back with our live Roku channel stream sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click or just stop by. All right, I guess Brockman's got a little something for the rest of us. It's like Festivus. All right, what do we want first? Do we want a Jets news? Or no, let's get Clipper News because I'm sure he wants to know about Paul George first.

What do you got? All right, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, after some imaging today, Paul George sprained right knee, reevaluated in two to three weeks, expected to be out the rest of the regular season. That's nine more games, but timeline for a possible return in the playoffs will be clearer when he's reevaluated, actually spraying that. That's the best case scenario is a little tear. A little teeny tiny, maybe.

I was expecting the worst. I think he's going to have to play through some soreness on the playoffs. Where are the Clippers right now? Do we have the standings? We're in fifth right now.

Where are you right now? I believe in fifth. But in the West, two, three straight losses can put you right in the playing tournament. So the Clippers are 38 and 35. Game up on the Warriors. Look at the Warriors getting out of the playing tournament right now.

That's huge for them. And then there's the Thunder having just beaten the Clippers last night. That was a big W. Look at all four playing teams, a half game.

Wow. And the Lakers are just a half game out of the playing tournament tied with the Pelicans. The Blazers are out.

I mean, I think Dave was, I think he was right about that. And then there were the Suns still in a home playoff position, despite Durant being out. They don't have Ayton tonight. He's missing his second straight game, not just for the Suns, but for the defending champion fantasy basketball team for at least five more days.

Okay. So I mean, it's Kawhi time, huh? Who's going to step up? Kawhi's going to step up. Team Mann's going to have to step up. You know, Batum.

Hopefully Norman Powell, he's been out since. How about a little bones Harlan? How about we roll, roll a little bones Harlan hasn't been getting a lot of runs. So maybe, so maybe so, you know, Russ is great. He's figuring out his role on the team. And the one thing about Russell Westbrook that you, you obviously you can't teach hustle.

You can't teach effort. And you watch this guy out there and it's, I've seen him skit so many baskets just on the strength of Russ going for balls, unfortunately leads to turnovers on occasion or bad threes or something like that. But they just, I think it's now that Paul George is out for the rest of the regular season, pretty huge that Russ was just sitting there on the street for them to go sign. Yeah. And like I said, spraying two to three weeks.

He's going to come back. Yeah. Now what? This is for you actually.

Oh, what do you got? Great news. You like wide receivers? Do you like fast wide receivers? Don't tell me Odell Beckham Jr. is choosing the Jets.

Superbowl winning receiver. You're not telling me. Shut up. What do you got for me? The Jets one year deal with Mecole Hardman. Okay.

6.5 million. Oh, I like that a lot. He tried to play you a little bit on that. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Make fun of this. I'm not, I'm not.

Make fun of what I'm about to say. Oh yeah. I was disappointed they lost Braxton Barrios to Miami. I thought, Oh God, here we go. Braxton Barrios is going to be one of those guys that, that, that McDaniel is going to scheme open and he's going to run for days and he's going to run for days and he's going to beat the Jets.

And I was disappointed about that. I like this move a lot. Yeah, he's good. You know who probably likes it a lot too? A lot of Jets sweeps.

Next quarterback of the New York Jets probably likes it. Omar Jackson? Nope. Well, can we get Mike? No. Everybody keep having fun. He's coming.

Who's he? Same intensity. Same intensity.

You got it buddy. This fall. More likely to make the Pro Bowl, Aaron Rodgers or Mac Jones? Mac Jones. Because Rodgers will decline the invitation. For two reasons. One, because he's playing in the Super Bowl. Or two, it's because he's been there done that. He doesn't need to be part of the Omaha Productions, you know, drill fest. He doesn't need to stand there in Vegas and try and hit a target 30 yards away. He doesn't need to do that.

So Mac can do that as the fifth alternate for the Patriots team that misses because Aaron Rodgers is coming to sweep the Patriots this year for the Jets. No chance. Okay.

Same intensity. Nicole Hardman is a nice pickup. He's nice. It's a good one.

So... The Falcons wanted him. Lazard and Hardman and Wilson. I don't know what's gonna happen with Elijah Moore.

That's what I was just about to ask. There's no reason to trade him though. He's on his rookie deal. The second round pick.

There's no reason. You can work him in. I mean, he's pissed last year. He's not getting any targets.

Guess what? He's gonna get targets. He's really good. Well, from where? When?

From Aaron Rodgers. When he arrives. When he's going to arrive because he's coming. Elijah Moore's trending right now.

I want everybody to just remember this moment. In time. That everybody believes Rodgers isn't coming. No, I believe he's coming. Okay, fine. Or that something's gonna happen or, you know, okay. If I'm the Packers, I'm trying to get Elijah Moore in that deal.

Say it again? If I'm the Packers, I'm gonna try to get Elijah Moore in the deal then. You're not gonna get anybody in the deal except future pecs. Future pecs. Can't hurt asking. I gotta get a human being.

A pick is a human being, Rich. With a smile. Wait till we get de-hopped this week. Stop it. That's not happening. You know that's not happening. Okay.

Same intensity. CJ Stroud is currently on NFL Network right now. Talking about the Patriots staff, Panthers staff meeting them. It's nice that they came out.

Nice meeting them. By the way, wait till everybody, if you haven't seen yet, all the video of all the Panthers going, staff and crew, dapping him up. It's coming tomorrow as well.

In 24 hours? Stroud said he didn't talk with the Panthers much about the particulars of football. It's mostly about getting to know him as a person. That's good to know. Getting to know you.

We have a real estate agent recommendation for Charlotte. Get it. Get it. I hear you.

And I totally understand why you're saying it and why everyone's saying it now. Bryce Young's gonna throw tomorrow, folks. And it's gonna flip the script. It's gonna flip the script.

Until Monday. Daniel Jeremiah has pegged Bryce Young as the first overall selection of the draft. What, you don't think the Teppers are gonna go to Alabama and meet Bryce Young too?

That's what I mean. They're gonna go on to Tallahassee on Monday. It's gonna be a week of this. Meet the kids. As they should.

Meet the kids. Very good. Thanks to Steve Howie and Mike Florio and Kyle Brandt. That wraps up this edition of the Rich Eyes and Show.

We will chat with you on Thursday and wrap up this Wednesday show on the Roku channel in a sec. No one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations, along with redemptions and longevity, quite like Jeff Jarrett. Come along for the ride on the My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast. They didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing. You know, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard. I mean, they had them, but along comes sports entertainment, professional wrestling, and now it is truly a part of pop culture. They've just branded what it looks like to be a champion. My World with Jeff Jarrett, wherever you listen.
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