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REShow: DJ Moore - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 21, 2023 3:14 pm

REShow: DJ Moore - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 21, 2023 3:14 pm

New Bears WR D.J. Moore tells Rich how he reacted to learning he was part of the monster trade that send him to Chicago as part of the deal that gave the Carolina Panthers the #1 pick in the NFL Draft, why he’s looking forward to playing alongside Justin Fields, and more. 

Rich and the guys weigh in on the latest Lamar Jackson news, debate which team is most likely to trade for Arizona Cardinals WR DeAndre Hopkins, react to an interesting proposal received by new Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo, and react to Cam Newton throwing at Auburn’s Pro Day.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show. The Spartans are sweet again. Congratulations on advancing.

I'm not sure seeds matter like they used to Rich. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Eric Musselman has his shirt off.

My wife you know she let me know that that was not a good thing not to do it again. Earlier on the show, Bengals tackle Orlando Brown Jr. Princeton head coach Mitch Henderson, Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield. Still to come Bears wide receiver DJ Moore. And now it's Rich Eisen. Hour number three the Rich Eisen Show on the air live on the Roku channel where it's free on all Roku devices.

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We say hello to Sirius XM and Odyssey audiences as well. 844-204-Rich. Number to dial over the last hour of this show after which we repeat. So if you missed the first three conversations on this show with Orlando Brown Jr. and his old Oklahoma teammate Baker Mayfield and Mitch Henderson the coach of Princeton basketball don't worry about it. We re-air right away on channel 210 on the Roku channel. And a great third hour we have for you and that's how we start off by welcoming in the newest Chicago Bears wide receiver formerly of the Carolina Panthers back here on the Rich Eisen Show. One of the many highly talented Maryland Terrapins in the National Football League catching footballs. DJ Moore good to chat with you DJ.

Good to be here and you know I'm loving it. I bet you do. Before we get to it how far did you have Maryland going in the tournament? How far did you have them going? I thought they were gonna go to I'm gonna be uh real honest I didn't think they was gonna make the final four but at least the 3-16. Well they ran in Alabama that's a problem you know what I mean?

I know that was that was a big problem. Do you have any game? Do you have any basketball game? I played basketball a little bit but not not to the level of being in college to get a scholarship. Sure so you did the right thing you chose the right sport that's basically what you're saying.

Yeah absolutely. Fantastic so where were you when you found out you were suddenly thrown into this trade for the first overall pick? DJ? I was I was in Charlotte I was picking up packages and going home and then I was coming down my driveway and I got the call I was I was shocked when I seen that was Scott calling and then when I picked up the phone they told me what was happening after that it was all Bears uh organization calling me. I bet so the general manager of the Panthers called you up and said hey man we love you but uh we're we're sending you to Chicago is that the message? Yeah that's basically and then that conversation was over fast and then I spoke with uh the Panthers owners and Dave and Nicole and after that there was the goodbyes and it was on like being a bear.

Were you surprised? Very I never I didn't think it was going to happen to me and uh but it did so now I'm just on the forefront of just seeing a future with the Bears. All right and before we turn the page to that DJ did you have any sense uh that they were looking to trade up in the draft or that that you were starting to think that my next quarterback was going to be a rookie in the NFL? Did you get that sense? Uh with the trade I wasn't thinking that like I was going to be included in it but sure little like inklings of the trade talk happening to go up to one right so I was really thinking that my next quarterback was going to be a rookie and now I got Justin Fields so that's even better. I know and before I turn to Justin Fields I'm sorry I'm using you for our time to just pry a little bit any sense of of who Carolina was talking about before you got traded and you were sitting there thinking my next quarterback's going to be a rookie I'm staying here in Carolina. Uh did you get any inkling who that kid might be?

Uh you got any sense? Uh probably during the week of the combine uh I was talking to Scott back and forth uh telling him who I liked and everything so it was really like they never really told me who right but it was like all four of them uh at the top so that's how they say and they they got all four and a conviction of who they like they probably do. Could have been CJ to DJ you know like there was there was sitting right there for him but that's not going to happen now but do you have your own and it's not because you got your own Ohio State quarterback let's get to Justin Fields what was your first conversation with him like DJ Moore? It was pretty good um he's he's seen really cool uh we went to the Bulls game everything chopped it up it was uh good times and uh he just say looking forward to working with me. Okay whose seats did you go on?

Um say that again. Whose seats did you go on to go to see that game? Whose seats?

Uh the the bull the Bulls owner. Oh okay Reinsdorf? Yeah they they rolled out the red carpet when I got there. Oh he opened up his velcro wallet for that one huh okay all right so very good and it's so what do you guys talk about when it's you and Mooney and uh Chase Claypool with the quarterback watching the Bulls play um really we all just looking forward to working with each other they know that the skills that I bring is going to elevate everybody everybody's in the room and even uh and uh like even in different rooms in the offensive side they just know that I'm coming ready to work and bring some fun with it. And and the fact that you're there DJ and I'm sure um Justin was breathing a sigh of relief even though he might have been read into the situation the entire time because your arrival there and the picks departure means it's his gig still in Chicago.

Did he did you have any conversations with him on that front about that subject matter at all? No everything was really just helping me get acclimated to the surrounding areas and everything so uh I'm pretty sure that it come later on down the line and uh but just for me being there was just just seeing the city just seeing where I'm going to be at uh the facilities are great the people were great the organization is overly great and I'm appreciative of it. Okay so uh when you were growing up what was your team I don't know if I've ever asked you that question before. I really didn't have a team I know I grew up in Philly and everybody's saying I should have been an Eagles fan but I didn't really really watch the NFL growing up I just maybe watched certain people highlights but I never watched the NFL. What are you doing? What do you mean you were never watching the NFL game?

Really? You never watched? What were you doing? I never really watched it my family used to watch them all the time but I was just like I had a PSP back then so I used to be just playing games on that I've never really watched the NFL. What were you playing on your PSP DJ Moore? What were you playing?

Like midnight club uh okay stuff like that like racing games car games. So isn't it ironic then that you're you're a top-notch national football league receiver now and and gotten I don't know if you've had people there in Chicago come up to you and and I mean this is despite the Bulls and all those championship banners that you saw hanging in the United Center if that's what they're still calling it there you know and despite um you know what whatever else the Cubs and the White Sox have been able to do there this is a you know folks from Chicago will tell you it's a Bears town and that if they win the Super Bowl this is this is you know it's going to be on uh have you gotten that sense already? I have gotten that since I went out to eat and uh you know everybody knows who you are they they don't want to bother you there but once I got up and was ready to leave I was I was greeted by so many people and uh they were just ecstatic that I was on on my way here and I know they're looking for a winning season and winning championships so what I'm I'm here to provide and and uh push that. And what what what do you want to tell fans in Chicago what you're bringing to the equation what do you DJ Moore bring to the equation? Uh what I'm bringing I'm bringing a lot of fun that's one excitement playmaker and a guy that's just going to put it all on the line for the fans and the team. Okay very good DJ well look congratulations on being in your new digs don't be a stranger let's chat do it down the line um and you know obviously you're from the Philly area and obviously Carolina's got beaches and what have you but uh this is a whole different ball of wax the cold weather in Chicago is a different different animal and uh I'm sure you're going to be prepared for that sort of thing DJ. Yeah I'm going to be prepared I'm not worried about the cold condition. Good for you uh thanks again for calling in congrats on everything going on with you.

Thank you. You got it that's DJ Moore everybody of the Chicago Bears right here in the Rich Eisen show there he is taking on the bulls. Smart man though didn't root for the Eagles growing up respect that to the full let's take a phone call Alec in Kansas City you're here on the Rich Eisen show what's up sir? Hey Rich what's going on what's going on uh big Bears fan kind of rough scene all the Chiefs fans winning I'm just curious if you think uh Jalen Carter drops to the ninth pick overall do you think the Bears take him after all the stuff that's been going on with him? He is suddenly turned into one of the more fascinating figures of this draft I I he had apparently a brutal pro day where you're not supposed to have brutal pro days I mean he couldn't finish drills he was 15 pounds overweight days are set up for you to succeed and look as great as you possibly could be I don't yeah I don't know I gotta I gotta I gotta poke around on that front Alec on on what people think of Jalen Carter right now and how he's being viewed and you know and I appreciate the call I wish I could give you an answer. On the surface you'd think if this guy you know you haven't graded out as the best player in the draft and he drops to nine and he drops to nine and you all you did was acquire picks and assets. Look I don't know him I get texts from people saying hey it's all going to pan out for him where he he wasn't the one involved and and that uh you know whatever he was charged with he had to leave the combine to answer the charges and return to the combine that he'll eventually be cleared of that I I I don't know but let's just place that aside I mean if you've got if you've got the biggest test of your life don't you prepare for it.

Well also Rich though I don't know how to show up out of shape. His life might have had been him dealing with these legal issues. I understand that. I feel like maybe you know he had other things on his mind maybe but I think you should maybe judge him on the game film what everyone saw him up to.

And if he winds up being a top 10 pick then that's the end of that. Yeah. Then then that would be the reason why you choose him and that you feel comfortable that everything that he's been charged with is cleared. Exactly. But I mean I think I think you can understand that I'm going through that maybe. I mean I totally get it I totally get it I I'm I just don't feel comfortable sitting here saying if he's there at nine to absolutely take him.

No I get you. Or he's definitely going to be there at nine because there's so many questions about him. I I don't have the answer to that but the Bears sitting at nine. I mean the Bears sitting at nine though now it just depends on how many quarterbacks get taken first. If four go in the top six as everyone thinks that's going to happen then the Bears are just sitting pretty. If every quarterback that's taken at the top of this draft pushes all the players that the Bears would have taken first overall and pushed up to first overall because they didn't need a quarterback pushes all those players closer down to them at nine and could you imagine if somehow some way Houston did not convert that fourth and 20 in week 18 to score the touchdown to beat the Colts. Chicago would be sitting there at two and what somebody would try to trade up to two to try and go get the second best quarterback without knowing who Houston's going to take first. Someone would really do that they wouldn't they wouldn't I wouldn't be talking to new Bears wide receiver D.G. Moore I'd imagine he'd still be sitting there in Carolina and amazing how Chicago wound up in that spot and now they're sitting at nine. Unbelievable. Good chat with D.J. Moore. Chris Brockman is a NFL mostly NFL if not all NFL all NFL news related mostly okay very good including news on Lamar Jackson the quarterback pro day week has begun with an interesting name anything else you want to tease? I'm just reading up on the Jimmy Garoppolo latest right now. Ah that's supposedly something that caught the eye of the of the misses.

Yours your miss that's correct well you don't have one I mean technically not technically got it all right in the eyes of the Lord let's take a break right here on the Rich Eisen Show 844204 Rich number to dial don't miss this next segment it's gonna be a lot of fun right here on this Tuesday show. Have you noticed how a lot of insurance commercials are being used to make sure that insurance commercials are kind of gimmicky they've got jingles and mascots and they try to be real cute and clever but really what matters in fact it's the only thing that matters is the insurance which is why I want to tell you about NJM because for over 100 years NJM has been going about their business protecting their clients biggest investments their homes and their cars with award-winning customer service. The most important thing is knowing you have the right coverage with a company you can rely on when you need them and that's NJM. When you apply for an auto home or renters policy NJM will work with you to ensure you get the coverage that's just right for you and when you upgrade to NJM you could save real money on your auto insurance better service and possible savings no jingles no jingles no mascots just great insurance NJM. Visit slash podcast for a quote to see how much you could save on your auto insurance slash podcast.

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Back here on the rich eyes and show radio network sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Granger with supplies and solutions for every industry Granger has the right product for you call click or or just stop by Zeke out Ronald Jones in hey come on yeah one year deal hey that's part of the news update I didn't know that yeah so why would you not assume that that's why the news update because it just crossed the news wire news is happening we have a segment coming up called the news maybe I should wait but I mean Ronald Jones is not your top story you have no idea what my time it's true I don't know what you know but when it comes to cowboy stuff he has to let me know one year deal Ronald Jones man sat sat in that chair right there a few years ago Ronald Jones yeah remember before he got drafted he was he came on the show oh that's right let me just delete that line don't delete it update yeah don't delete it bring it back up Ronald Jones f-o-t-s there you go Zeke out Ronald Jones in your thoughts look I mean we have one running back that I know of and his leg is broken so you need this one so we need another one yeah yeah we'll see man like you know basically what Brockman said is anyone can play the running back position so I'm excited bigger bandwagon filled to the rafters as if bandwagons have rafters Detroit Lions or Dallas Cowboys I mean what are we talking about as of right now yeah Oh Lions for sure no Chris didn't you see Stefan Gilmore's a cowboy didn't you see Brandon Cook's the cowboy come on everyone is saying like that's the end of that well how are they who's gonna complete a pass against the Dallas Cowboys defense I know Micah Parsons is not in your face good luck trying to find somebody open with Trevon Diggs and Stefan Gilmore no you don't seem sincere about what'd you say TJ first take did 15 minutes to open the other day about the Cowboys did they really that's odd Monday 15 minutes on yes yes yesterday I'm Brandon Cook 15 minutes yeah I was like well it's because they're the Dallas Cowboys yeah but we had another teammate of Baker Mayfield and Orlando Brown jr. they were both on this program earlier through that I don't know man just read about what Cowboys re-signed Vander Esch re-signed their own we're doing what we need to do you doing what you need to do yeah you cut Zeke that hurts I'm not gonna front of course that hurts certainly since his last snap was him just being bowled over that's I can't wait to find out what was the general plan on that final tell you the answer that I don't know McCarthy comes back on or I can no plan I've got sources I'll dive let me call Jerry I'll call Jerry you don't think that the Cowboys bandwagon is full of people saying good luck to stopping our offense always been wagons always full all right bitch it's raining at the USC pro day we heard that before oh who's wearing hats who's wearing hats it's it's a it's a hat wearing day I'm watching a clip of Jordan Addison one it could be one of the first wide receivers taken yes he's got the full-on hoodie over and like pulled string tight you know what it's Los Angeles it hasn't stopped raining we're running out of animals to collect by two honestly it has not stopped raining here since 2022 turned to 2023 it is unbelievable another USC pro day rained on huh yeah tradition unlike any other all right Chris you ready for this I don't want any more items you want to just I do but I'll just stop because I don't want to piss you off all right here we go hit it hit it and now with a report of the day's news from the world of sports and entertainment someone who is not a journalist or newsman by any definition of the word whatsoever it's Chris Brock alright Chris what he got over there I love that animation okay hi guys have you heard a Lamar Jackson yeah yes it's like a Chris Farley show way of starting this thing he's so fast our buddy Mike Florio just just had a post that it said a representative for Lamar Jackson has told other teams he's quote ready to move on from the Ravens obviously he still doesn't have an agent but an unnamed representative has been meeting with other teams on his behalf Mike for you added that the rep has told teams he does not want a fully guaranteed contract oh okay so then what's the deal here it's with the Ravens you could turn the music down what does that mean so all the other reports of them wanting a fully guaranteed are wrong and that he doesn't need an agent and he doesn't need an agent you need to have people who can contact teams on your behalf he has a rep doing that not an official agent capacity what does that mean it could be a lawyer just a friend could be a friend could it be that guy in the in the club that he just met and he couldn't hear oh what is that pretty sure it's not him but so far that's the way he's a you know it's been painted in him receiving the contracts from the Ravens he's gonna what right I can't what I can't I can't understand can't hear you ready to move on with the Ravens meaning what then he's ready to leave them go somewhere else all that guess what he's gonna have to play out this year and then finally hit free agency and he can't get franchise tagged again two years from now or wait till after the draft and some team some team fixed Adam at Baltimore for him to get teams hitting him up after the draft meaning they're there they want to use their first round picks this year and then they can then they'll talk about the future it opens up a handful of teams that can't talk to him right now you got that list mr. Hoskins that's the difference that's the difference between pre draft and post draft is there's a handful of teams that might not want to cough one up this year because they like someone so much that they're willing to cough them up the next two years after that and then there's also a group of teams that don't have a first-round pick this year that this now opens up the market for Lamar and if I'm counseling him I'd tell him the wait too because it's a few weeks away and look at the look how intriguing the teams are that that pop up on the screen the Browns who are the team that supposedly started this whole damn thing because they gave Watson all the money even though Lamar's rep not really a rep is saying he's not asking for all the money to be guaranteed the Broncos aren't doing it I can't imagine the Rams are in on that but look at those last two the Dolphins in the 49ers oh boy well that's all the 49er fans are thinking let's do it but don't they think Trey Lance could be there especially since they coughed up two ones for him already by the way they coughed up two ones for Trey Lance and they made NFC Championship games anyway right so do you think they could cough up two more and then they'll make NFC Championship games again with the quarterback they know they're gonna have and maybe win the Super Bowl that's not that's the fake that's the thinking of Niner fans I don't think they're in play but it's interesting what else you got over there Chris okay okay guys okay some other things that's going on around the league according the in Rappaport the market for DeAndre Hopkins is starting to heat up talks are ramped up among those interested teams according to his sources similar to the Brandon Cooks the trade would likely mean an altered contract for thup okay so looks like we might get some this week I'm reading between the lines all right all right some player movement you want him yeah big time so that way you definitely make you know the seventh seed right I would hope so I'm already front loading having Aaron Rodgers in the fold just so you're aware of this I'm remember I predicted this month just so you were aware of this I'm aware who else could use everybody I know exactly where he winds up I mean Dez Bryant thinks that the Chiefs are getting them that's it why wouldn't they why were they not they gotta give up a third or second round pickers who cares rich you're the guy that won't give up picks for Aaron Rodgers because he's 39 years old and he hop is old for a wide receiver but somebody who can walk in and win win I'm asking for consistency I'm asking for you and I'm giving it to you no you're not I'm not he's not worth a first rounder who are we talking about DeAndre Hopkins I and Aaron Rodgers neither of them are worth a first rounder so why wouldn't the chief desperate team you do desperate why wouldn't the Chiefs cough up a three or a four for DeAndre Hopkins the Chiefs should give up but that's what I'm saying no if they're going to not when you get a seventh round running back who scores touchdowns in the Super Bowl I get it DeAndre Hopkins on the Kansas City Chiefs would be an upgrade on what they just lost with all due respect to our friend juju so that would be a guy or maybe your cowboy should jump on that too look that's been a lot of noise going around you know D hops been working out with days that's why when he just said days can I give you I thought that was interesting can I give you one that no one's talking about sure let's get let's throw it let's just throw in that now let's just start throwing this one around what about Minnesota that wouldn't be Justin Jefferson DeAndre Hopkins and Dalvin cook let's go what if Minnesota Jay Hawkinson remember right and TJ Hawkinson let's go let's keep going here let's keep let's keep going here let's throw out another one for you what about the Lions I mean just go for it just go for it he hop when you talk about what's fair in somebody's heart Jefferson and Hopkins what about why wouldn't Minnesota be interested in that sort of thing that's they just they just lost Adam Thielen hooked on a why not why not try that I think there's a lot of teams how about this one about it how about the Pittsburgh Steelers you know I was just about to say that they have a deep e-hop type and George Pickens well why why can't you have more than one Deontay Johnson why not fire move why not I don't I know you put a bunch of teams here almost anything I understand that Hopkins on the Steelers I got to think about Kenny Pickett Pro Bowl you should go double or nothing on that one with this so then I won't get 40 bucks instead of not getting to right keep growing that stack all right let's move on now just throwing names out just throwing teams out just throwing it just having some fun yeah I like the star lose Devin Singletary him and Dalton Schultz go to the Texans quietly accumulated Dalton Schultz is a Texan huh all right and the bills replace him with Damian Harris goes from New England to Buffalo dude clear in the way for the Patriots to draft Bijan Robinson at 14 get out of here Daniel Jeremiah has I know what he's got come on mock draft I trust him he knows what's happening in the league you think the Patriots who are the absolute all-time kings of plugging in anybody doesn't matter who it is or where I mean James White Antoine Smith right Corey Dillon can't do Jack in Cincinnati he shows up he's got a ring James any friggin Woodhead they're gonna go ahead and use a first round selection on on a running back they did it with Sony Michelle won in the Super Bowl Oh when he won he went cuz he scored the lone touchdown that's who won the Super Bowl yeah that whole playoffs oh he was terrific he was terrific thank you very much he was terrific in the playoffs okay Mike Garofalo speaking of Bijan Robinson yeah future New England Patriot took a pre draft visit with the Philadelphia Eagles oh no I'm telling you I'm telling you I told you you did throw that out overall threw that up pretty early there Rich Eisen throw Bijan Robinson in the backfield with Jalen hurts and they'd let Miles Sanders go they re-signed Boston Scott I understand but Boston Scott you got to have if you're the Eagles you have to have Boston Scott for just two games that's all two games because that's how he's going to the Hall of Fame Boston Scott's in the Hall of Fame if every game's against the New York Giants we all know it he scores multiple touchdowns every time Boston Scott is going to the Hall of Fame just solely on playing against the Giants but for the other 15 regular season contests you got Bijan Robinson why not Jalen hurts Bijan Robinson AJ Brown Devante Smith Dallas Goddard that offensive line and then when you play the Giants ad in Boston Scott look out I like it what else I'm enjoying your news update stuff for him to be in where would Ronald Jones have fit in in this news update we're ready right right right here right here when I caught this is Bijan Robinson visiting the Eagles doesn't with all due respect well according that's disrespectful according to Sportico Magic Johnson you heard him yes yeah his favorite Spartan he's a very famous he has joined the bidding for the Washington commanders as part of a group led by Sixers and Devils owner Josh mmm okay that's heating up this week as well because the owners meetings next week in in in Arizona okay gonna get paid good else getting paid I heard that story who baby hey hey Magic's gonna be Magic's gonna be in Washington Washington DC maybe I'm gonna have to wait everyone's thinking Daniel Snyder's leaving wait quit out his offices did he really yeah that was reported last week he cleaned out his office at at FedEx so that means he's got to be selling the team and he put up his house for sale oh and in the area he must be getting out he's getting really yeah I've told you what his last move should be sign Lamar Jackson give him the most lucrative fully guaranteed contract to just stick it in the eye of everyone else and then and then ask for more money from whoever's trying to buy it look at Magic Johnson the I say you sir go get Larry Bird involved too cuz you don't have enough go hey they're saying trying to sell his state go get Pat the whole Showtime Lakers pull your money because that's what you can have to do because I just signed Lamar to the most lucrative contract to piss off the 31 other people that are forcing me to sell my team Oh boo friggin who the guy bought the team for what I got it what else all right the most important story today guys you already said Ronald Jones are the Cowboys that was already done this is a slightly more entertaining rich Susie sent us this this morning this is from Susie on our drive-in who is Susie rich rich his wife um won't say it Raiders have a new quarterback you heard of him Jimmy Jimmy what about him he's extremely attractive I noticed that and Susie notices that too and what's it so yeah really like how attractive is you know we're really we're really doing this story huh you know what they do in Las Vegas rich there's there's gambling is gambling in Vegas yeah yeah it's great food in Vegas there is really good the shows in Vegas oh that's good I mean I saw Sebastian Maniscalco there for the gender in the draft I could have gone I could have seen John Legend across the street concerts yeah yeah yeah Taylor Swift's there this weekend she is yeah you can also do some other stuff at some places you know what are you talking about massage there all right so Jimmy G was by the way I know the story that's coming up I don't I'm waiting to hear how the newsman is going to or winning introduce the award-winning I think I now know where she was this story okay so they have they have ranches in horses yeah they have ranches in Nevada this one is this one's for chickens okay and they've offered a Jimmy Garoppolo free chickens for life free chickens free product free products for life two of the specific handlers at the I don't know what you mean by ranskins I would take I would take that offer cuz you know expensive eggs are right now so if you have your own personal I don't think laying eggs one of one of the one of the workers that the that the ranch yes someone named Caitlin Bell said quote this is in a statement quote I almost fainted when I heard Jimmy signed with the Raiders he deserves free chickens just for joining our team but he gets free chickens for life I'm using chickens for a different way yes just because he's such a legit babe that's a good farm hand right so that sounds like a nightcap violation is that is that we circumventing anything by allowing these goods and services to be provided for just merely might be a working for the Las Vegas Raiders 1099 IRS situation I'm not sure but chickens are clucking so anyway more incentive to sign with the Raiders well we found the difference the first difference between Derek Carr and Jimmy G being quarterbacks of the Las Vegas Raiders you're wondering how's it gonna be different with Jimmy G being in Vegas as opposed to Derek Carr oh well I don't know if Stidham's married but Stidham may have been like what about did you not see those last two starts I think I handled that story very good I like scrambled eggs so somebody's offering him free goods and services just too specific just for showing up like he doesn't have to win a game he's already receiving a pass Jimmy Garoppolo looks like what do you think Susie's just these stories just wind up in her inbox by the way right a direct quote from Susie this morning yes new segment send us the link does she have a Google alert for Jimmy Garoppolo I'd say probably yeah I think not you know why not a chance she knows how to set a Google alert in a million years not a chance last actual news item it's not just chaotic in the men's bracket on the women's side of the NCAA tournament another number one seed went down last night Miami the ninth seed knocked off number one Indiana that came after on Sunday number eight Ole Miss knocked off number one Stanford so chaos on the women's side chaos fantastic and then in about four and a half hours Japan USA for first pitch for a World Baseball Classic Championship how come they're not using the new rules there well they're not I don't know why aren't they using the pitch clock the bigger bases and the ships MLB they don't need to these games have been so exciting then they don't care how long they take yeah absolutely not also I'm just I'm gonna take a dig at the Angels here I'm just excited somebody has to win trout and Otani in a winner-takes-all championship game championship game who would have thought one of them is gonna be a winner somebody has to win that's right congratulations somebody has to win cuz normally you know Mike trout only goes to playoff games when he's watching the Eagles right I got it yes he doesn't even go to a playoff game in his own Fantasy League apparently all right okay that's the news well done it's just fine without the Ronald Jones one-year deal nugget you even finished the whole damn thing you left something on the cutting room floor oh you talk about cam oh but we mentioned that already what would we mention we mentioned that he's throwing today at Auburn's pro day yeah but we didn't go we didn't do what we plan to do this does sound all willy-nilly but it's not these are these are all planned we did talk about it we don't we don't we don't plan what we're gonna talk about but we did have an idea about what we would talk about off of this story we'll take a break and we'll do that next I understand that it's still raining take a break it's still raining tell two foes we're easy four and a half hours before a contest that he is doing the sound for in a booth in on Pico Boulevard right correct did I say anything wrong about that no the game's in Miami he's not a Miami nothing I'll get a fly down of South Florida and put down a wires he's not responding so I think he's pissed at me for even bringing the Sun you know all right we'll take a break eight four four two oh four original nothing well done we got we got another we got another thing to talk about next how's that for a tease can help you tackle the job hunt and make your next career move in football and in life there's the regular season and then there's the playoffs knows that scoring your next job that's a playoff moment to bring your a-game you need looking to change positions and join a new team monster can help has millions of job openings and great coaching and career advice for a strong performance when it counts plus when you upload your resume to you can be recruited by employers before they even post their jobs specializes in building the right teams for employers and knows how to match you with those job fits when you score the position salary calculator ensures you're paid what you're worth the regular season is 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last story that you were gonna hit but then didn't in your news update cam Newton all right we'll get one more. Remember him? I do remember him. Cam was awesome dude MVP of the league number one overall pick. 2015. 2015. Eight years ago now. Iceman trophy winner national champion at Auburn well he's back at Auburn's pro day today he's thrown passes to all the wide receivers which includes his younger brother who was at Auburn on the special teams unit and then transferred to William and Mary play wide receiver cams out there throwing the ball around it's like 2011 all over again Caroline his first overall and Cam's thrown at a pro day at Auburn. Cam posted a video on social media yesterday talking about the rumors with his font his fonts back his font what font is that do we know what it is it's his own personal one come on he invented it there's an app you can buy the cam Newton font app so I can't go on Twitter or whatever and use that font no you can't if you pay whatever I have to pay her to download it on so that do you have to give Elon eight dollars for that too or no just cam I think okay cam gets the I think it's free I don't think oh really I thought it cost but anyway I know I had it for a while so he's out there font aside I did see the video yeah in which he said that he profanely said right well there's not he said there's not 32 mother bleepers better than him and how are all these what he said quick on randoms rare yes something like that ran randoms getting jobs so this is a different version of Brady saying another there's another mf for that we have to seek out I guess Brockman and I broke it down today and we do believe that cam is probably within the top 32 well again it's like your golf handicap right if you're a 10 on your best day you shoot 82 on cams best day he might be 31st cam cam had three weeks in New England where he was amazing before he caught before he got COVID Seattle game in 2020 where there was a split moment in time yeah you should have where we thought that cam Newton was going to have a renaissance yep and take the Patriots to the promised land and be the guy after Brady left 100% and then he right and then he got COVID and then when he came back over he was I don't and I don't believe it's COVID related what happens I don't think I don't oh I do what do you think he got COVID and he suddenly is less of an athlete because of it I think so that was the early days man there was no vaccine yet there was I don't know he just wasn't he didn't look the same after he came back I mean those first three game I mean the Seattle game he had 400 yards he was terrific yeah and then he couldn't do anything and then the Patriots drafted Mac Jones and made it clear that he wasn't gonna be the backup and gave him the runway to find something else by sending him on his way and he hasn't found anything really since Carolina took him back for a brief bit they put eight games I mean they were they were really he had a great game I found my mistaken in Arizona his first game back with Carolina and that's fitting that it's Arizona because what I do remember he won his national championship game in that building against Oregon I was there against Chip Kelly's Oregon Ducks and it came in didn't throw a lot of penalty through three passes but had a touchdown pass and a rushing touchdown they blew out the Cardinals I remember that I remember that I mean his first career game was against the Cardinals in that building too and then he was terrific as we all remember as a rookie and he lost the rest of the games he went on seven after tell me the team that should take a flower on another go for it Washington Washington I don't I don't really know who's gonna take a flyer I don't really think anybody will to be honest maybe the Jets will waiting for Aaron Rodgers I don't know Baltimore that's an interesting one is he better than Tyler Huntley I I not not the guy that we saw the last time out right and he didn't play it all last year so we're now give me another one do you know the team Tennessee Indianapolis isn't Indy done with the the try and taken flyers yes yeah who else Miami in case Mike White doesn't pan out or is he one of the MF errs that cam says he's better than Houston would he go to Chicago and mentor Justin Fields be the backup there kind of interesting one I think we're pretty much I mean look we're not cam new and we can't decide for him but I think the days of a starter obviously are probably gone but he said man he is he said that's what he said yeah but say that he shouldn't be in the league is I'm not saying he's young I'm not saying you're saying we're this is part of our discussion like he probably should be on a some teams franchise I think Baker snapped up the last starting job and he may not unless he may not win that job unless Roger stays put and the Jets suddenly need somebody because they don't want to go into the season with Zach Wilson coming off the way that he played right and I proffer to say the Jets will stick with Zach Wilson rather than bring Cam Newton in as the starter I mean I know he's there too but mentors yeah Desmond Ritter in Atlanta it cam is in the mentor role now of his career he didn't say he didn't say he's one of the 30 best mentors I understand but also the game film from the last couple years doesn't lie either thank you to DJ Moore thank you also to Mitch Henderson I was at the light talking to the Princeton head coach Baker Mayfield and Orlando Brown jr. and thank you for taking in this edition of the rich eyes and show that is now wrapping up we will see you on Wednesday but back on the Roku channel wrap-up Tuesday in a sec no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with Jeff Jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know Muhammad Ali Sugar Ray Leonard I mean they had them but along comes for sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with Jeff Jarrett wherever you listen
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