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REShow: Jay Bilas - Hour 2

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March 20, 2023 3:09 pm

REShow: Jay Bilas - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 20, 2023 3:09 pm

ESPN’s Jay Bilas tells Rich why we’re seeing more and more Cinderella teams pull off March Madness upsets in the NCAA Tournament, which teams could step up and reach the Final Four in the wake of many top seeds losing, and if Alabama’s Brandon Miller is the best pro prospect still left in the Big Dance.

Rich and Brockman debate if Bill Belichick and the Patriots should make a play for Lamar Jackson, and Michigan alum Rich makes a stunning revelation about the Wolverines’ Big Ten rival Michigan State Spartans.

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich weighs in on Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, the Cowboys, Lions, Patriots, Lakers, March Madness, and the World Baseball Classic.

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This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Aloha, friends. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I'll be back Monday when Aaron Rodgers is still a member of the Green Bay Packers. That'd be great.

And we'll spend the whole five days waiting for something to happen that probably won't happen until the draft. Earlier on the show, ESPN Packers reporter Rob Demovsky. Coming up, ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Pillis. Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo. Arkansas men's basketball head coach Eric Musselman. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air.

A lot of March Madness on the brain and why not? The round of 32 is now complete. We have sliced the field of 68. Don't forget the first four, right? Is it 68?

Don't forget more than that. It's 68-12. Yeah. I'm terrible. I'm terrible at math.

More verbal. We've sliced it down to 16. There's only 16 left, Rich. Got it. We do know that. Yeah, I got it.

Breaking news. Well, it's 64, but there were eight teams that got in. Yeah, but they're only for four spots.

I got it. So, those are the four that made it to the opportunity to make it. We don't count them. Well, they technically didn't get in.

There were 60 teams and then there were eight playing. Oh, okay. Yeah. Let Jay handle it.

I understand. Eric Musselman of Arkansas, fresh off of knocking off Kansas, meaning we're going to have a new champ this year. He'll join us in the third hour. Tom Izzo, outside of Magic Johnson, the only Michigan State Spartan I've ever liked.

He'll join us in our number three as well. And I did a deep dive on that and it's true. I might have to talk about that a little more.

But those two. But joining us right here on The Rich Eisen Show, yes, we all know him from his years at Duke, but he's a Southern California basketball legend who, for Oak Ridge High, once took on Carver High for all of us to watch back in the day. Jay Billis, back here on The Rich Eisen Show from the Worldwide Leader in Sports. How are you, Jay?

I'm great, Rich. And I hope when Eric Musselman comes on, he's not on Zoom because I think you know he's got a penchant for taking his shirt off. I'm not sure your listener slash viewers are prepared for that. It's something you cannot unsee.

Well, I saw that yesterday and I do intend to ask him about that. But if I was 58 and had zero body fat, I'd be rocking that too. You know what I'm saying? I'd just be on a table. But this is usually a shirts on situation here on The Rich Eisen Show. Shirts on.

Yeah, thankfully. I still think it should be some sort of federal, perhaps state law, that people over 50 should not be allowed to take their shirts off in public. Even on a beach, Jay? I mean, how far do we go here since you're the legal expert? I mean, I don't know how enforceable such a thing is, Jay. Oh, it's enforceable. It's enforceable.

I don't, you know, a beach may be a different deal because people are probably prepared to see the elderly not fully clothed. But I think celebrating wins is important. You don't want winning to be a relief, but it was a relief when Eric put his shirt back on.

I got to be honest too, Jay. You know what this is? This is the offshoot of coaches not having to put on a suit and tie anymore. It's such a rarity.

Now you've just got a golf shirt on. If he's suited and booted, we're not doing that. You're not seeing that.

It's so rare. I mean, that's part of the reason why I root for UCLA, you know, is Coach Cronin still rocks. He's still rocking like he's in Boardwalk Empire.

It looks great to me, you know? Yeah, he looks like a defense attorney in Southern California. He's gonna step up to the, you know, to the lectern and make a great sort of bond hearing argument for one of his clients that's clad in orange. That would be a great TV show. He's got that lean and avanade look to him, Jay.

You know, he's got that murder one sort of look to him, you know, back in the day. Remember that show? It'd be perfect. Remember that?

Yeah, of course I do. Yeah, it'd be perfect. And he's like, oh god, what was that show that was on on Amazon? Goliath. Ah, yes.

It would be perfect for Goliath. Yeah, look at us. Oh man. All right, let's stick to, let's stick to our lanes then right now. Jay Bill is here on the Rich Eisen Show. Why are we, in your estimation, seeing more upsets than ever before? Third straight year, 11th time ever only, but third straight year, 15s popped off a two. You know, UMBC now has company with Fairleigh Dickinson as a 16 seed to knock off a one.

Why are we seeing that more recently, Jay, do you think? Well, we've only seen the 16 seed do it twice. One was 2018 when Virginia lost to UMBC and Virginia was missing one of its best players, DeAndre Hunt, had injured right before that. And that was certainly a factor. I mean, they got beat by 20.

So when it started going downhill on them, they didn't, they didn't know how to get out of it. The Purdue one was inexplicable. I mean, you know, Fairleigh Dickinson, you have to give them a lot of credit because they won, but you also have to place fame where it should be placed. And that's on Purdue. I mean, I don't think when, because there are a lot of people saying, wait a minute, Fairleigh Dickinson was a better team. No, they won on that day. You don't want to take that away from them.

But, but come on. I mean, Fairleigh Dickinson was ranked 275th in the country in all the metrics. And that's after they jumped up by beating Purdue. And I didn't, I don't even know where they were. They were around 300 and they were ranked 353rd in the country in adjusted defense. That was inexplicable. And, and, you know, I don't think anybody said after Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson that Buster Douglas is just the better fighter.

No, you said, look, Mike Tyson was terrible. And, and that's what happened to Purdue. And it's three years in a row now for Purdue losing. They lost three years ago to a 14 seed North Texas, lost last year to a 15 seed St. Peter's, and this year to a 16 seed. And, you know, right now, Purdue fans should be hoping they don't expand the field and get 17 seats in there because that's, that's hard to explain. So you're saying it's just circumstances, Princeton beating Arizona and, and Purdue going down to Fairleigh Dickinson, and it's not, I guess the proliferation of better talent across the country?

Well, that's, that may be part of it because Princeton has some really good shooters and they can spread you out a little bit. But what, what Arizona did, I mean, you could see it in the game. Arizona got scared and they started playing not to lose instead of playing to win. And, you know, when you go into those games, there's a reason that the record the records of these, these games are heavily toward the higher seed. You know, like what, what, what is the 15 seed won in history, like 11 or 12 games? And those teams are better than the 16 seed, substantially better. And so you're gonna, you're gonna face a team that can play, uh, but you should still win those games.

And, and there are too many games. You're, you're seeing like Arizona, um, that was a close game and Arizona just wilted and, uh, and Princeton played with nothing to lose. Now their next game, Princeton just spread out, uh, Missouri. They, they were just better than Missouri, uh, at playing their way. Um, so Princeton is very good. Uh, but I don't think anybody, is anybody putting money on Princeton to win the whole thing?

Like, I don't think anybody's saying, Hey, they're the best team. Um, but man, they're really good. And it had to, it had to hurt people from Missouri that, uh, that, that Ryan Langmore, uh, who sounds just like Langmore from, uh, from Ozark. Uh, the Langmores, you know, stuck at the Missouri, uh, that, that, that, that was poetic. Look at you, look at you going Netflix on me. I didn't see that one coming, Jay. Oh, I'm going below deck next.

Or Tiger King, huh? How about Princeton? There you go. How about that?

Look at me making connections right there. I mean, they're there. What are their, what's the Princeton odds right now? Princeton is 16th. They have the worst odds. 150 to one, Jay.

Yeah. I mean, Princeton's good and they've done a great job, but you know, it's kind of like in, in Wimbledon or something, if some tennis player ranked 100 in the world, makes it through to the quarterfinals, nobody's saying, Hey, they're just as good as Roger Federer. Um, that, that's, that's not the way this works, but it's, it's somehow the way, like in this populist notion of the tournament, you know, people like to say, Hey, aha, they're just as good. They've done an amazing job at Mitch Henderson, a great coach, and they play a difficult style to contend with in a one game scenario.

But I think it's going to be more, when you have a week to prepare for it, I think it makes it more difficult for, for Princeton. So with two, one, Jay, Bill is here on the Rich Eisen show with two, one seeds now, um, gone. How, how does this open? Give me, give me, give me the team or the program that this opens things up for, for the, a better chance now to cut down nets.

What do you think? Well, cut down nets, I mean, make it to the final four. So the East was turned upside down by both, uh, Marquette and Purdue losing in the first week at, uh, Marquette was probably the weakest of the two seeds. They're, they're not a big team and they're not a great rebounding team. And they, they turn the ball over against Michigan state. Usually they're the one with the positive turnover margin. Uh, I think there were plus five turnover margin and, and they wound up flipping that with Michigan state and Michigan state is not a term for forcing team, but, but Thomas has done an amazing job with those guys. Um, I think Tennessee and Kansas state, that, that opened up for them. And Tennessee is way more physical than Florida Atlantic. Uh, and, and that Kansas state, Michigan state game is going to be great, but Kansas state has, uh, has a one, two punch with Marquise Noel, their little point guard and that Keontae Johnson, that's going to be difficult to contain. Uh, but, but Michigan state can, can shoot it from multiple positions.

They can go small. Uh, they can play a little bit bigger. Uh, they're, they're going to be a difficult challenge, but, but I think, I think that region and then the South opened up completely for Alabama. Now I thought they had a pretty good path before, but Arizona was the one team I thought I thought could really give them a problem. Uh, now, now it's, it's a, it's a very, very easy path for them to take on San Diego state who has a problem scoring, but they can really guard it.

They can make it a physical contest and slow it down. And then the winner of Creighton Princeton, which I expect to be Creighton, but, but Princeton, if they make 10 or 12 threes, they can certainly make that, make that, uh, a problem for the Blue Jays. And the UCLA Gonzaga game now with Kansas out the two, three, that's fascinating to me, that one, how, how, how far of a run can the winner of that game go?

Do you think? They can, they can certainly go, you know, go to the final four. I mean, you know, UCLA, uh, before the tournament started actually before the, uh, the end of the regular season was a favorite to win this thing.

One of the, one of the probably half dozen favorites to win it, but then Jalen Clark got hurt. He's their best defender. He may be the country's best perimeter defender, their best transition player, only he and, and Arizona's visualist develop scored, uh, that they were the two leading scores at transition in the PAC 12 on the season.

Uh, and, and he's a downhill driver that goes right into your chin every time he takes it up. Um, but without him, they're not as good. Other guys have stepped forward, you know, that the quote unquote role players, but they're in a role that doesn't mean that's all they can do. Like a Marty Bailey stepped forward and that done a good job and tiger Campbell scored more, but Gonzaga can really score there. They're the, the, probably the best offensive team in that region. Um, it'll be interesting to see if they can rebound and defend, uh, with UCLA, but that'll be a hopefully a high scoring game.

Cause you remember the final four a few years, a couple of years ago, they played that game where Jalen sucks hit that shot at the end, that half court shot in the bubble. Um, you know, it'd be nice to see a little bit more scoring in some of these games that have turned into slugfest, but I still think Yukon is the best team in that region. Uh, and they're, they're playing the best right now, but you know, playing the best doesn't mean anything if you don't carry it forward into next week. And in the Midwest, it's the only, um, region in the bracket where the top three seeds survived and Miami of Florida is the fifth seed that knocked off fourth seeded Indiana.

So how do you see that one playing out Jay? Well, I think Houston and Texas are the two best teams. I would expect them both to advance even though Miami's they've got, Miami's got so many shot makers. Um, Isaiah Wong and Jordan Miller, uh, Nigel Pack, those guys can really score and they don't, they can create their own, which is, is unique. Uh, they're kinda like an NBA team in that regard, but the biggest factor is going to be their big guy, North shadow here transferred in there for Arkansas state.

He's a, he's a double double guy and really formidable, even though he's only about six, eight. Uh, but if Houston's completely healthy, uh, I think Houston Houston can win that game because they're so good defensively and they're so good on the glass. Uh, they can, they can cause a lot of problems for Miami. And then that if Houston and Texas get through, um, you know, it's, it's basically offense against defense. Like Houston doesn't score as efficiently as Texas does. Uh, but, but they're better defensively and better on the glass. But, uh, I think that's got the makings of the one and two get there. That's got the makings of the best regional final.

I think a couple more minutes left here with Jay Billis, uh, from ESPN on the Rich Eisen show is Brandon Miller, the best pro prospect left in the tournament. Would you peg him? Yes. Okay. That's a yes.

No question. I mean, he's six, eight. Uh, he can, he can defend, uh, he rebounds well, he gets his own misses a lot, um, quick to the ball and he can really shoot it. Um, he's got deep range, uh, a quick release, even though it's not a high release. Uh, he's the real deal. He's the best college player. And I think the best pro prospect, but they've got a bunch of pro prospects on that team.

Alabama is Uber talented. And it's almost like they've got two players at every position, you know, they can bring Damari Burnett off the bench and he can really defend. And Jayden Bradley, uh, he was their starting point guard.

Now, Javon Quinterle started, they've got a lot of options. They play like an NBA team. They spaced before kind of like the Houston Rockets did when James Harden was there or the Milwaukee bucks. Now, um, they're, they're not hugging the three point line. They're, they're five feet beyond it so they can step into a three. And if you don't guard the ball against them and they get penetration and force help, they're kicking it out to three point shooters and they can make 10 or 12 in a game.

Uh, and Brandon Miller, I mean, he's had 40, 32, I think he had 36 against the bag at 41 against South Carolina. Uh, he hadn't even played his best in the tournament because of a groin injury. But, um, you know, they're the best team. Now, whether the best team wins this thing, it doesn't always happen that way. But, uh, but they, they have the best balance of big time offense and they can really defend it, defend the rim. So then let me flip the script here. Give me the best player in the tournament remaining that isn't a pro prospect that is just going to finish up their career, whether it's this year or throughout, you know, and I know that, that, that's saying somebody quote unquote can't, but I guess give me somebody who's not on, if you would, if you will, the radar screen of professional basketball scouts, that's the best player left in this tournament that can flip things around.

That's a good question. It's probably Tyson Walker, I would say from Michigan state. Um, he's such a, he transferred in from Northeastern and he w he was an all defensive player at Northeastern. He's a, he's a really good defender. Uh, and he can really shoot it. Uh, and, and works really well off screens. He can play points.

He's got, he's got really deep range, really good mid range game. Uh, Michigan state's interesting, uh, this year. I mean, they've lost 12 games and they've had some ups and downs. And, you know, I was there when they played Indiana and, uh, it was right after rich, that, that horrific shooting on campus, the lives of three students and five others were, were injured hospitalized.

And I've never been, I've never had a feeling like that. And Tom Izzo took on so much of that emotional, uh, I don't even know what to call it, the emotional weight of, of that community. And, uh, and I can't think of a better person to have handled all that. Like Tom's one of the truly great, not only one of the great coaches, he's one of the truly great guys in the game. And, uh, and I'm not surprised that, that he's having this kind of success with this team, but it's not one of his most talented.

It's not one of his best rebounding teams. Their interior strength is not the same as it's been with some of his other final four teams, but, uh, there's something there with this group that they've battled through, uh, every, every thing you can imagine on the adversity level. And, uh, and Tom has done a, uh, again, uh, there's just, there's just not a better person in the game than Tom Izzo.

Well, I know obviously his best man at his wedding and vice versa and Steve Mariucci, they're the same person. You know what I mean? That as far as I'm concerned, and A plus, A plus plus, and I, last big 10 team standing, man, last big 10 team standing, Michigan State, who'd have thunk it?

Unbelievable. Um, thanks for the call Jay. Greatly appreciate it, man. As always.

Always a pleasure. I'm going to get back to below deck right now. I think captain Sandy's about to go. I didn't see that one coming. Nope.

I didn't see it. You caught me with that one, but, uh, but you always have me at hello as well. Jay, look for more of my calls.

We'll chat again soon. Thanks again, sir. Take care of brother. Right back at you. That's Jay Billis.

At Jay Billis. Must follow. If we had to come up with a top 10 list or top five, let's come up with a top five list. A with all due respect, top five list. Okay. With all due respect, the last thing we need in the sports world is that's a top five list. I don't know where it would be on the list, but this is, again, with all due respect, the last thing we need in the sports world is Alabama being just as good at basketball as they are at football.

Yeah. Fact. You just made the list.

You just made the list. And I know I'm talking to a Georgia guy over there, but outside of that. Fact.

We do not need Alabama to get good at basketball. It's not just good. You just.

You're with Jason. They got two guys at every position. They don't just space the floor. They expand it by stepping so far behind the three point line that they step into their threes.

And if you have to guard it all the way out there, they'll slice you up underneath. That was one of the best player in college basketball. That was one of the things I did notice watching the games over the weekend. First off, they really moved back the three point line. It's almost an NBA three now, which is cool. But these kids don't care. They're still five feet behind it.

Launch and bomb. I told you Noel of Kansas State hit a three to tie the game with Kentucky with six minutes to go in his left foot was on one of the M's of the March Madness logo. But that is it's so that is such a large logo. But still, the range of these kids now is just it's unbelievable. Alabama just as good at basketball as they are at football. This is a good top five. Hold on.

I'm gonna come up with things that they got a long way to go, though. Well, excuse me, excuse me. The first step is to win the next four games. The first one.

Win the next four games. Is that number one is Alabama? I don't know. I just came up with the list.

Just it came and popped in my head as Billis has started to just talk about how terrific Brandon Miller is and how deep and. Your. Favorite to win this current NCAA men's basketball tournament Alabama is.

So. Last thing we need folks, I got a few. We don't want it. I know folks down in Tuscaloosa are like, yeah, we want it. Get out of here. And all the Alabama fans coast to coast.

They're like, what are you talking about? We've been terrible. Can you give us this one? I'm like, I'm giving you this one because you've had everything else. Yeah, you don't need that.

At least George is not in this tournament with all due respect. All right, I got three right off the top. Oh boy, do you really? Yeah. All right, let's let's workshop this.

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Grainger is the right product for you. Call or just stop by. Gene in Florida has been hanging on for an hour first in first up. What's up Gene? Hey how you doing? I just wanted to talk about Baltimore.

My mother used to watch Trent Dover's kid back in 2001. We won two Super Bowls and nobody seems everybody's worried about Lamar Jackson. Does anybody care about what happens to Baltimore? And where do we go if somebody scoops up Lamar Jackson? We built the whole team.

Yes. For him. Well here's the reason why Gene here's the reason why somebody might not scoop up Lamar Jackson and you know one of the reasons why Lamar hasn't had many people to scoop him is that the Ravens can just match whatever he gets anyway. They're not going to just let him walk you know unless it's such an untenable contract and thanks for the call Gene and for hanging on. I mean that's the whole point of it for so many observers and whether somebody is going to go through the work put out an offer sheet for Lamar Jackson and then suddenly lose him at the last second when the Ravens just say well just thank you because we couldn't figure that out with him all this time you did for us and now sold because in the same way that everybody's saying well the Jets have to get Aaron Rodgers and my pushback is yeah they do. The Packers have to get rid of them too because they've got somebody sitting right there and the Jets have to get Aaron Rodgers because they're not willing and understandably so to go into the season to see if Zach Wilson can rebound and have it against the Bills twice a year and an improved Dolphins team twice a year and the Patriots who have their number twice a year and they also take on the AFC West. You want to see if Zach Wilson can beat Holmes and then maybe beat Herbert and then maybe beat Russell Wilson beat Jimmy G and they take on the Eagles. You want to see if Zach Wilson can take on Jalen Hurts fill in the blank Aaron Rodgers now fills that blank they're in a much better spot.

The Ravens if it's going to have to be an unbelievably exorbitant offer sheet that they don't match because if they don't I guess what they they go into the season with Tyler Huntley and he almost beat the Bengals in a playoff game. So I think the Ravens are not going to let Lamar go and in the meantime all the stuff with Lamar is just as it just stays in the mix and stays unresolved. Did you see over the weekend that I guess Lamar was at a club and he's at a club and somebody's got you know their phone going and they're like look who's here and it's Lamar and it's Lamar and he's smiling and he's having a good time and he says you coming back and Lamar said something along the lines of you know yeah yeah I couldn't I couldn't tell what he said and and Lamar then had to put on his Instagram account I couldn't hear a word that the guy was saying. That's what it looked like I was trying to watch it and Lamar was just like yeah yeah that's awesome. Which is true like by the way makes me feel great as a 53 year old where I'm like huh that's exactly what it looked like too and he's like I couldn't hear a word he was saying that sounds kind of crazy so everybody's just like you know oh my god you know Lamar's response was he's he's coming back and he's just like I couldn't hear a word the guy was saying that's great well done so we're we're in crazy town but did I also see Lamar is gonna post like a interview or a tell-all with himself on his own YouTube channel okay coming up good he's gonna kind of cool break his silence what's his silence well we haven't really heard from him yeah we have yeah we have and he's outside of a couple tweets he basically said that you know he was a good enough agent for himself to get three over 133 and the 200 million dollars that supposedly he turned down is not true but we also did a whole segment like trying to guess what the context of those were exactly so uh I mean he'll explain I don't know yeah he says he's an exclusive interview with himself on Lamar Jackson Entertainment good for him on his YouTube page so yeah he basically said uh anybody who took his response to you know to this guy saying you know are you coming back I think I'm paraphrasing the exact exchange in this club but I personally think that the Colts should sign him an offer sheet make it incredibly exorbitant and either stick the Ravens with the bill or get Lamar Jackson as their quarterback right yeah you know that's what I would do if on the Colts and then you heard today again Field Yates saying the Patriots and the Titans are teams you shouldn't overlook yeah Rob Ninkovich also you know former Pat Super Bowl winner obviously said that you know New England should get in on this and because it would change the landscape of the AFC I don't know if I'm gonna go like I'll eat a hat if the Patriots do this I mean eat something I honestly don't know what I don't I honestly don't know what it would be I would bet the Patriots the Patriots would flip their next two first round picks and pay more money to Lamar Jackson than they ever gave to Tom Brady there's no that's not a hometown discount that would require absolutely because if Lamar gives the Patriots a hometown discount guess what Ravens match that in two seconds right also it's one of those things you know just let's let's consider this maybe as plausible right wait till after the draft and there's still no deal nothing's really happened use your pick at 14 then you kind of do what everyone said oh Miami could get on this after the draft you got to figure if you get Lamar Jackson you build around him your first round picks are going to be what 25 or lower then who cares what's two what's what's two picks in the high 20s if this drags on past the draft that's a different story if it drags on past the draft and if I'm Lamar I drag it on past the draft I do that well he's already done it for two years so what's a couple more months I get it and plus all he's doing is hanging out at a club and being asked if he's coming back and he says this is what he said it's it's happening and I think what he's saying it's happening like somebody hey man it's happening big big cap big hat has he got on big hat big hat big hat you love that that was amazing so he says it's happening and everyone's like oh it's happening he's coming back and he's just like I couldn't hear anything or what or what so all right uh let's take a break come back at overreaction monday let's do that we'll have a ton of runway for that more of your phone calls at 844-204-rich number to dial and we also set up our friend Tom Izzo coming back to the program Eric Musselman of Arkansas basketball as well that's still to come here on the Rich Eisen Show have you noticed how a lot of insurance commercials are kind of gimmicky they've got jingles and mascots and they try to be real cute and clever but really what matters in fact it's the only thing that matters is the insurance which is why I want to tell you about NJM because for over 100 years NJM has been going about their business protecting their clients biggest investments their homes and their cars with award-winning customer service the most important thing is knowing you have the right coverage with a company you can rely on when you need them and that's NJM when you apply for an auto home or renters policy NJM will work with you to ensure you get the coverage that's just right for you and when you upgrade to NJM you could save real money on your auto insurance better service and possible savings no jingles no mascots just great insurance NJM visit slash podcast for a quote to see how much you could save on your auto insurance slash podcast I as you know as a Michigan Wolverine have two teams I root for Michigan and anybody playing Ohio State and normally you can throw into that mix anybody playing Michigan State I have an extreme dislike for Michigan State extreme dislike understood for Michigan State in state rivals again push back on the Ohio State Buckeye fans your main rival is us we at Michigan are your main rival Michigan has another rival happens to be in state who's Ohio State's in state rival they don't have one they don't have one and there's nobody even remotely close that could come to push them okay oh yeah right bobcats Miami of Ohio no you know honestly when Michigan fans call Ohio State Ohio it's kind of funny for us because it's just like you're all part of the same mix Ohio State Ohio Oxman Miami of Ohio whatever even though we know that's not true whenever an a somebody on tv misidentifies the school is Michigan ask a Michigan State fan what they like about that not not at all and sometimes you know I've even heard Michigan State being used for Michigan because somebody misspeaks my point is this I really don't like the Spartans at all I love Tom Izzo and I'll be I gotta shoot everyone straight here normally you could sit here anybody who sits I gotta root for the Big Ten when my team's not in the Big Ten that everyone's out that that's that's false that is false that is false I flew back from the Fiesta Bowl this year hat in hand Michigan had in hand bummed rooting so hard for Georgia when that ball was dropping at the same time that Ohio State was kicking a field goal to try and win the uh citrus right is that what is to play in the citrus okay and I knew that you know I was watching the ball drop because my kids wanted to see it in the house and I knew when I hit the previous button back I would be either elated or completely depressed if Ohio State was was in and Michigan was out so that's nonsense that I'm rooting for the conference those days are over over but I am I'm rooting for Michigan State to win it up I'm rooting for Michigan State because I love Tom Izzo I love what he stands for and this school having been through the ultimate nightmare of a campus shooting an on-campus shooting and what Izzo represents to that community and that program and these people and these kids and I understand there's 15 other teams with stories and and I'm sure tragedies as well but I'm rooting for Michigan State I've never said those words before how's it feel um weird and I'm sure Spartans fans are like we don't want you and I understand that too I understand that too but when Izzo came on a few weeks ago and said how he felt welcome on the campus at Ann Arbor because Ann Arbor they wrote for the grace of God goes Ann Arbor for the grace of God goes Ann Arbor for the grace of God goes Ann Arbor or any other campus to go through what Michigan State went through and is going through right now and what Izzo is trying to pull off one third of the way home now I'm rooting for him I'm rooting for Tom Izzo I'm rooting for Michigan State Athletics I can't believe I'm saying those words but it's the truth he's easy to root for he's he's great people I'm rooting for Tom Izzo great people he's he and Mooch are literally I think brothers from another mother you know so obviously I've got a soft spot there and I also having been in Ann Arbor and associated with that school for so long I do know what it means to people at Michigan State so I guess the list is Tom Izzo and Magic Johnson and that's it I don't believe that's it I'm cutting it off you like Morton Anderson I know that for a fact you know what you like Jamel you like Jamel Hill oh okay you like Morton Anderson okay Bubba Smith you're just listening Le'Veon Bell Gretchen Whitmer I'm not saying I Chris Hansen to catch a predator you gotta enjoy his work are you now googling Michigan State oh no these things I knew you have to enjoy Hansen he does he does good work all right maybe there's room for more but that's the cut off there's no more Sam Raimi went to no more Steve Garvey all right you should do that let's hit it over reaction Monday hit it hit it hit it that was terrible that was crap that was garbage just like sucks over reaction Mondays Monday Christopher what do you have hey everybody good to see you guys have been a great weekend we're back up bro let's get to it um there'll be no news on Lamar and Rogers until NFL draft night first round Thursday night no news again it's the midnight league man it's the midnight league that's 1201 really I mean and and um you're gonna be in that's midnight that's midnight that's midnight for Jets and Rogers not midnight for Lamar Jackson it might be midnight for the Ravens they might be pushing to give Lamar a deal and take him off the market so he doesn't make a deal after this year's draft and suddenly they've got to wait another year to supplement Tyler Huntley and the Ravens but it's still their option to just sign them in the offer sheet deal with them deal with it then it's their it's their choice to lose them so I'll say that's not an overreaction I'll say and by the way as the host of an NFL draft where there's a question mark as to who the first overall pick is and you know it's going to be a quarterback add these two quarterback logs on the fire and you can warm yourself by that heart for the entire weekend I'm all in on that uh okay uh we just mentioned it a second ago but field Yates stirred it up rob ninkovich stirred it up the Patriots go in on Lamar top three team in the AFC they're not going in Lamar that is so that's not the that's not the question that's not how this works that is the biggest dumbest if no in the history of ifs no I don't think so I mean what this is this one this is the statement is this one of those 1980s soul swapping movies where freaky friday I don't know we're like what less need it takes over Belichick's body and f all the picks suddenly work or bill doesn't move like this goes out he's like his one last major act passes Shula in the next two years and then sets hands it off to Gerard Mayo and away we go 10 more years top three team in the AFC if they get Lamar sure answer it for real if the pay yeah if the Patriots get Lamar Jackson where are they name the top three you got the Chiefs you got the Bengals and then the Patriots are in that mix of the bills they're in the mix ahead of the bills top three they're better than the Bengals yeah sure why not all right so they're not how about this it's a dumb supposition and the Patriots are not still top three you're the worst what else I'll tell you this is real and I really believe but what by the way welcome to the rest of us of being a fan of an NFL team hoping for the impossible to happen so welcome to the rest of us after your I know water skiing behind the Brady yacht for two decades I miss Tom Brady so much uh this one I actually do think this is real this one's real this is not a pipe dream okay great setup the Lions are gonna win the NFC north okay oh I like it I like it Rogers is gone they're good ding dong yeah the NFC north which is dead in Chicago and in Detroit and Minnesota absolutely Jordan loves first full season as a starting quarterback Justin Fields second full season as a starting quarterback and the Minnesota Vikings in you know in in what they hope is a defensive turnaround and their offense stays just as hot I stole the absolutely that's entirely possible no doubt about it I like the cut of your jib sir good one right there I will say that yes that is not an overreaction this one the NFC north this one yeah the NFC north minus Rogers yeah and the NFC south minus Brady wide open it'll be fun yeah and because I like all you guys here's one for you T.J. okay you see the move the Cowboys made yesterday yeah Brandon Cooks Cowboys are having the best off season in the NFC come on come on that's easy how is that easy that's an easy that's an easy real more I I know the Eagles I know the Eagles have lost a ton of people including their two coordinators but I I don't think that they're appreciably worse oh no Miles Sanders that's not the question though who's having the better off season which is what which is who we bring it in as opposed to who we lost so you brought in Stefan Gilmore yes and you brought in looks Brandon Cooks who's now been acquired for let me get this right I saw this hold on a minute this is nuts so many drinks either Robert Ori of the NFL traded four times the rings yeah I mean hold on a minute I got this down I bookmarked it on my flight home there you go no I didn't damn it I did not what he had two ones a two a three two fives and his two sixes now he's been traded for it's wild yes sure why not Cowboys have won at the first two weeks of March that's the only thing more insignificant the Jets the Jets won the Thursday before the Super Bowl that was a great night to win Super Bowl week outside of winning on Sunday night of Super Bowl week next best thing is to win NFL honors night so there's that settle down just a little bit it might it might have helped Rogers his intentions maybe what else is strong with this watching WBC at all it's been incredible okay Turner hit another two more bombs yesterday USA into the finals winner faced winner of Japan Mexico WBC is the best all-star exhibition tournament in sports well wouldn't you say the World Cup no this is the World Cup of baseball no not good at soccer oh I seriously and all the countries are mad into it it's so fun it's like it's an appetizer World Cup you know it's during the summer it's in the middle of all these guys is like club tournament clubs this is before baseball yes it's everyone really ramped up it does yes it is great I haven't been this excited for baseball in years that's great it'll be great who's closing for the Mets good question who's playing second base for the Astros not my problem not your problem not your problem can we chance I guess I'm glad Aaron judges and you know I'm playing that's what I'm saying yeah because what matters is the Yankee season I would like Team USA to win great guys out of a thousand get injured uh-huh don't be like Keith Olbermann there's a World Cup there's the World Cup pal come on move along I mean I'm as big a baseball fan as there are no there is by the way totally forgot about me let's sneak in one more oh you forgot about that I wrote that I was sorry for sorry for the most obvious retort you're not thinking it through are you that's what you just did you're too busy overreacting uh I have two more okay um well Braun might be back before the end of the season Darvin Ham said Lakers don't need him to make the playoffs I would agree the plan right they couldn't get to the plan they're currently 10th there you go that's all you need just do good you know just don't you need is a a 10 seed in a dream I don't think they need him to make the playoffs I think they need him to advance in the playoffs that's for sure yeah all right one more sneak in one more last one a team seeded fifth or higher so fifth and below will make will win the championship this year seeded fifth or higher so that's San Diego State Creighton Princeton Florida Atlantic Michigan State Miami Arkansas one of those teams cutting the nets down I'll still say that's an overreaction I'll still say that been a wild tournament man I know it I get it I think Alabama's gonna advance in the south man Kansas State was really good really good there are three Michigan State has a shot to cut but win it all the matchups are chalk Miami Arkansas no I I will still take UCLA Gonzaga Yukon Houston Alabama Tennessee and Kansas State I'll take that field over the other field but good one made me think well done Chris I couldn't come up with a world cup retort on that one yeah that was bad by the way okay I think do need LeBron because they're on the cusp of not making this Eric Musselman and Tom Izzo coming up I mean I know we say this every time we talk about the NBA but the west is so crazy that's what I'm saying like between four and 12 is four games Marant returns tonight well he's eligible to return okay they haven't announced yet I mean it but say the pelicans win out they could be the four seed and they're currently 12 the west is insane I you know it's just I don't know where I stand on the whole Dylan Brooks thing with him and clay clay's you know counting his rings in his face and he he says he won't be discussed if he's irrelevant why is he making him more relevant by listening to him why are you talking to him exactly yeah I don't understand you know you gotta like it for years all I hear about is that's what I've been saying because all these guys are friends well now you've got guys like Booker and Luca and Dylan Brooks who don't like nobody like so yeah let them let these guys kind of get that's what I'm saying as I said the Grizzlies are my my favorite team coming on out of the NBA all-star game where everybody was all buddy buddy sham says not Sam sham says jock could return on Wednesday okay okay let's get Durant back healthy let's get everyone back let's go just in time just in time and Austin Reeves keep on scoring 35 a night well they're gonna need it look at the clipper fan over there look at look look at clipper tj over there because finally I think Russell Westbrook is kind of figuring out his yeah what he's doing on this wide clippers are balling I hear you go I better play this week it's my playoffs he better he better threats first thing on his mind no one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jeff Jarrett come along for the ride on the my world with Jeff Jarrett podcast they didn't really brand belts in the heyday of boxing you know Muhammad Ali Sugar Ray Leonard I mean they had them but along comes sports entertainment professional wrestling and now it is truly a part of pop culture they've just branded what it looks like to be a champion my world with Jeff Jarrett wherever you listen
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