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After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

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March 20, 2023 6:12 am

After Hours with Amy Lawrence PODCAST: Hour 3

Amy Lawrence Show / Amy Lawrence

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March 20, 2023 6:12 am

Aaron Rodgers is STILL not officially a member of the Jets | Fairly Dickenson upsets #1 Purdue; Cinderella story ends vs Florida Atlantic | Eric Musselman goes nuts after Arkansas upsets #1 Kansas.


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That's positive. In case you're wondering, there's been no actual resolution to the Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets threesome. That hasn't been worked out yet.

Instead, it's still very much hanging in the balance. Coming up, you'll hear from new Jets receiver Allen Lazard, who does anticipate a reunion. I mean, they've been separated for so long, right? Does anticipate a reunion with one Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has told the world he does want to leave the Packers because they quit him first. So he's quitting Green Bay because Green Bay quit him first. He wants to play for the Jets.

The Jets want it too. The Packers are willing to go through with the trade. But the issue, well two really, is the compensation and this massive contract, right? So we're not talking about a few million dollars here or there. We're talking about a contract that the Jets would like the Packers to pick up some of.

That was a grammatically incorrect structure for my sentence. Even though the Packers don't have a ton of leverage here, there is some, okay? So both sides, maybe not a sense of urgency, but both sides have reason to get this done because the Packers don't want to pay this guy when they already fully intend to move on to Jordan Love. We know that to be sure. Aaron Rodgers knows that too. And that's fine. It's totally fine.

It really is. But the Jets don't have a quarterback. What's left? Even Marcus Mariota has been signed, right? So there's, oh I guess Carson Wentz is available.

He could go, what, five franchises in five years? Has it been four now? I think it has actually. Don't tell me. I'm going to see if I can remember this. We know the commanders was this past year. Before that it was the Colts. So that's two in two seasons. The Eagles going back a few years.

Shoot. What was the one that he played in the interim? Oh, it's only been three. Well, it's about to be four if he plays this year.

Okay. So three years, three teams. If he signs with another one, four teams in four years. The Jets are left with a whole lot of nothing. Scraps, pawns. If we're using my QB chessboard analogy, they're left with pawns. They no longer have the queen.

And I don't mean the drama queen, though it does fit perfectly here with Aaron Rodgers. They no longer have the queen. They have pawns. They need to get this done. So as much as the leverage conversations been, I think, fascinating, why isn't the trade getting done? Are the Packers asking for too much? How can the Packers even have leverage at all when everybody knows they need to trade Rodgers? But the issue is they're not just trading him to anyone. They've got one team.

One team that is willing to give up their quarterback, one team and one option. So the talk about deadlines is somewhat fluid when it comes to the money and bonuses and yada, yada, yada. Rodgers has, get this, a 58.3 million dollar bonus, fully guaranteed, that is exercised before the opening game. All right, now the money is paid out and it's not paid out all in one big chunk sum.

However, he is due that bonus before the first game of the 23 season. Packers don't want to pay it. The Jets don't want to pay the whole thing. They have to get the deal done.

Otherwise they absorb the cap hit. So there's, I guess, the hard and fast deadline for them in order to avoid the massive cap hit. I suppose the longer this drags out, there will be more people who begin to wonder aloud if the Packers and Aaron Rodgers make up, reconcile and Rodgers returns.

But that's only if this continues to drag out through the spring, which by the way, Monday is the first official day of spring. We still have about 13 and a half hours to go, but whether it's late spring draft, if the deal's still not done by the draft, you're going to hear a lot more rumblings only because this is what happens as human beings. When we don't know what's happening, we make stuff up. We try to fill in the gaps of uncertainty when we don't know what's happening.

It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. I can't imagine it drags out to the beginning of next year or at the very least even training camp pre-season. Not that Aaron Rodgers might play in the pre-season or if he does, it would be limited. However, there's a lot of work to be done. And that to me is the biggest concern. I get it. I'm not the one writing the checks. I'm not the one divvying up the impact on the salary cap and figuring out who is responsible for what when it comes to his astronomical salary. I get all that.

It's not my money. So it's less of a concern to me. But I would say as time goes on, unless you're talking about that hard and fast deadline when the Packers would have to guarantee or when his bonus would be due, it is guaranteed, but when it would be due, then there might be a little panicky. The Packers might be panicky.

We could see panicky Packers. But for the Jets, the longer this goes on, without Aaron Rodgers, I know Nathaniel Hackett's his former OC, there's familiarity there. But there isn't familiarity with the receivers other than Lazard. What do we know about Aaron Rodgers the last few years? As his preferred targets, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb was gone for a while, remember? As he had Mercedes-Lewis, as some of these guys were getting older and getting, I don't want to say replaced, but they're incorporating new, young, in some cases rookie-wide receivers. How often did we hear Rodgers over the last couple years call out his young receivers, call out guys that he wasn't connecting with, there wasn't a rhythm, there wasn't a groove? That's been a common refrain from him the last couple years. Now it was better later in the year, but do you remember what he would say about Christian Watson early last year? He and Watson didn't really connect until about week 10, week 11. I know this because that's right about when I picked up Watson on my fantasy team and he was huge in helping me win my championship. Jay is in awe of my acquisition of Christian Watson. Move of the year, without a doubt. Thank you Jay.

Resulted in a title. As a fantasy football aficionado, I appreciate that from you. Right, so the longer this drags out and the less time he has to get to know Garrett Wilson, to get to know Breece Hall. Now I know Breece Hall is primarily a running back, but this is all a connection that must be established through work.

It's what Tom Brady and Peyton Manning were notorious for, their preparation, the work they put in to knowing their receivers and developing that rhythm and that rapport with their receivers. Now there's something else I've heard, so I'm kind of careful about what I believe all the time, but what I've heard is that the Packers are after the Jets first round pick in 23, but the Jets don't want to part with it for obvious reasons. If I'm the Packers, I wait on that. Because again, I feel like the longer this goes on, the more pressure there is on the Jets. Not only because time is of the essence, but because where the hell else are they going to get a quarterback? They're not starting Zach Wilson this year, although it would be kind of funny if they did. I might raise my hand for that drama just because.

Jay's shaking his head behind the double pane glass. He's not even a Jets fan, but could you imagine if this got dragged out and dragged on and they go into OTAs and everything else and Zach Wilson is their quarterback? No, I really can't.

I can't. Rodgers generally skips voluntary OTAs, which is fine. His predecessor, the man whose footsteps he's now following, Brett Favre. He also didn't do the OTAs, the voluntary, and Tom Brady would stay away from the team during the offseason later in his tenure with the Patriots, but he did work with guys. Remember, he nearly got thrown in jail during the pandemic for the fact that he was working in a park with some of his new Bucks receivers. So yeah, as of this time, as of this point, Aaron Rodgers is still a Packer and so he can't do anything with the Jets.

It's tampering. It's not your own team. He has to wait. Everybody has to wait.

The two sides have got to figure out the timing and they've got to figure out the compensation. Obviously, the Jets would love to have Aaron Rodgers with them in April when OTAs start and I would think because it's a new situation, his first time in nearly 20 years, not with the Packers, that yeah, he might consider OTAs worthy of his presence, although he may be in Peru as well. What will the Jets give up? Are the Packers willing to pick up any of the salary? They've also got, here's the other wrinkle for the Packers, the fifth year options for quarterbacks. The decisions are due on May 1st, which is after the draft, but it's still coming up just over a month away.

I guess five weeks away. Rodgers right now has a sizable cap hit, 31.6 million dollars, but how about this? This is a wrinkle that you would get from Joel Corey, our CBS Sports salary cap expert. If they trade him before June 1st, that number goes up to 40 million dollars.

I mean, that's just gross. A cap hit for a guy that is no longer on your roster, that, I mean, it's not unheard of that there are huge cap hits for guys that are no longer on the rosters, but man, that seems debilitating to me, 40 million dollars, and they would have no way out of that if they trade him before June 1st. So if I'm the Packers and I already know who my quarterback is and I want to avoid that cap hit going up to 40 million, I might just wait.

I might just sit and wait and force the Jets to squirm, even if the Jets do believe that he's going to be their quarterback. I believe the longer this drags out, it becomes paramount to the Jets, but if I'm the Packers, there is no way I want that 40 million dollar cap hit. Here's what's interesting, and this is all the way the contract was put together, if they don't deal him until after June 1st, the cap hit is spread out over two seasons.

I mean, to me, right there, that's the domino for me. If I'm the Packers and this cap hit is humongous, you're talking about, and I did not do this math, but I've read it, you're talking about 25 million dollars in extra salary cap room if they trade him after June 1st. To me it seems like a no-brainer. I know they've got the Jordan Love piece and the Jets want to get this deal done, but do the Packers take care of their own salary cap business or are they worried about the Jets? Now, maybe the Jets say to them, if you do it by this date, we'll give you this particular pick or we'll give you more of what you want, and so there's some incentive. Or maybe they don't expect Rogers to be around for OTA's, voluntary OTA's anyway, and they just want to get it done in time for him to arrive at the beginning of training camp. So it's interesting, but there is a chance, I guess I'm saying, you're telling me there's a chance, there is a chance that this could drag out until the middle of the summer.

Monday's the first day of spring and this could drag out until and this could drag out until mid-summer. Please wake me when it's over. What are the chances he leaves the country before it goes someplace where he doesn't have cell service, before it's done? Do you think at some point he's just no longer sitting by the phone, waiting?

I could see him just kind of totally disconnected. That's it, I'm done. I'm done with this drama.

Even Aaron Rodgers is disgusted by his own drama. I'm going to my darkness retreat. He's going to another darkness retreat. Another one, why not?

Another one. Alan Lazard is a member of the Jets. He was introduced over the weekend and of course he's familiar with Aaron Rodgers and believes that ups the ante for New York if Aaron is part of the roster. With Aaron Rodgers as quarterback, the possibility wins always a thing. And with that being said, it's really the Super Bowl.

And I think that's, especially at the point of his career and everything and his ability, I mean four-time MVP winner, his caliber of play automatically elevates everybody's potential and abilities on the field immediately. I'm sorry I couldn't resist. This year the Packers were abysmal against the NFC North and the fact that they lost to the Lions on their own field in week 18, Sunday Night Football, prime time with playoffs on the line. I'm sorry, that is the ultimate choke job. I mean I think the Lions have played so much better and I love the Lions. We've been rooting for the Lions here all year. We were. So I understand it. I know the Lions are a lot better than what people would give them credit for based on their history, but they've established a culture and Dan Campbell is dumb an.

I don't know what it says. I'm just rambling right now. It's one reason why we see eye to eye, why I understand Dan Campbell. I swear to God I'm not a lunatic. He gets me. I get him.

I swear to God I'm not a lunatic. Well I miss Dan Campbell. Can we skip ahead to football season? Anyway, my point is, I believe what Alan Lazard is saying and yes, Aaron Rodgers is a Hall of Fame quarterback and certainly there's always going to be the potential with him, but they lost to the Lions on Sunday Night Football week 18.

Everything on the line. All they had to do was beat the Lions at home for the playoffs and they couldn't do it. Who says we can't get flexed?

Oh, they did get flexed. Hi coach. Alan Lazard about teaming up with Rodgers in New York just a few months after they parted ways in Green Bay.

We were both trying to do what's right for the both of us. I know obviously him and his situation is a little bit different with his career and everything and where I want to take my career, the next step and stuff. So obviously standing here today, it feels good knowing that 12 is going to be my quarterback again. You hope.

People are coming here to play with me. Taken out of context, Aaron Rodgers is my favorite. Although I feel like Jay nails the context pretty well most of the time. It's just much more arrogant sounding when he takes it out of context. It's better that way.

It is. Hey, in light of March Madness. Burning up your bracket, it's bracket burning, not bracket busting. In light of the fact that there are a lot of potential Cinderella's that could dance to the Elite Eight, maybe even a couple that could score through. Actually, looking at double digit seeds, there's only one remaining, but that doesn't mean that there aren't Cinderella options. So Princeton is the lone double figure seed remaining if I had this right. But there are other options that you wouldn't see coming like a Florida Atlantic into the Sweet 16 for the first time. With that said, March Madness is glorious, in my opinion, for its structure, for the way that it's built these last four days. There are people who take time off just so they can.

Sit and watch basketball and do nothing. It's captivating. The energy from the various pods, the way that CBS and TNT, TBS and TruTV handle the coverage, all of it's great.

To me, it feels like the perfect structure. So to that end, producer Jay and I are planning to do a new YouTube video. We're going to record it on Monday and then he'll put it together in time for the Sweet 16. What's the best postseason in sports?

We're going to do the latest episode in our Stairway to Seven series, the best postseason in sports, and we want to know from you, what's your favorite postseason in sports? Jay and I are going to have props. So excited.

We've actually decided who's bringing which sports memorabilia and which equipment, which hardware for the video. You're just going to have to wait and see. All of our videos on our YouTube channel, it needs your subscription if you haven't yet, because once we get to 4,000 subscribers, producer Jay has to eat a very, very large tub of broccoli. Did you know there were tubs of broccoli available? Probably not on the Candy Warehouse website, though.

We're just going to have to wait and see. Probably not on the Candy Warehouse website, though, where he was perusing last hour. 855-212-4227 on Twitter, ALawRadio. Again, your favorite postseason in sports. Also on our Facebook page, it's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Welcome to the After Hours Podcast. Last year, you may have made some smart decisions, and you may have made some not so smart decisions.

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From ZQ certified Merino wool to a bouncy midsole made from sweet foam, the world's first carbon-negative EVA material made from sugarcane. ...down to Eadie, poked out of his hands, and a turnover! Ahead to Moore, Moore running to the rim, all the way up, playin' is good! FDU by 5, 58, 53!

Livin' up to its name, The Madness. Moore, 3, top of the key, got it! Moore holding the gooseneck, immortalizing that moment in history! 1.03 to go, FDU 61, Purdue 56!

Inbound comes, overshoots everyone, scooped up by Roberts, and that'll do it! The Knights have slain the Dragon for the second time in NCAA tournament history! A 16 has beaten a 1! And the FDU Knights are that 16, knocking off number 1 in the East, Purdue 63 to 58!

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. Such a great moment for college basketball and Fairleigh Dickinson. Not a banner moment for Purdue, and obviously painful to become the second number 1 seed ever to lose to a 16 in the men's NCAA tournament. My niece, who went to UVA, whose school had previously been the only top seed ever to lose to a 16, she promptly hit the family group chat to say, at least Virginia's no longer the only one.

Which, I understand her sentiment, and I replied, yes, misery loves company. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Kevin Coogler always seems to be at the microphone for the biggest moments in college hoops on the Westwood 1 NCAA radio network. Grant Singleton, one of the guards in the backcourt that was able to use experience as an upperclassman, as a guy who brought in poise, would say his defense, but also taking advantage of a young Purdue backcourt. Able to apply cunning and certainly the steadiness that comes with being an upperclassman. I don't care if you are Fairleigh Dickinson and you've never been on the stage before, when you've got nothing to lose, when you're comfortable in your system with your teammates, where there's experience and there's a good rhythm and communication there, anything's possible. Freshmen are still freshmen. What do I say about rookie quarterbacks generally, but just rookies in general in pro sports? Rookies giveth and they take it the way.

Rookies are more prone to, not all of them, to say what rookies are more prone to panic, to make stupid mistakes, to get flummoxed, to compound their miscues by making other mistakes. They're not quite as mentally tough or as steady as upperclassmen, and it really played out in the disparity between the back courts of Purdue and Fairleigh Dickinson. 16 total turnovers by Purdue, not to mention the wealth of point-blank misses, especially from beyond the three-point arc. So they were five of 26 from downtown, and with all of the defense and the attention, the double team, sometimes triple teams, that were applied to the giant Zach Eady in the middle, not only was he exhausted by the effort of having to battle multiple defenders, but what Purdue had to do was knock down the open shots to get those defenders off of Eady. They had to become a threat from the outside, but because the defense was packed in and the focal point was Eady for good reason, he's seven for good reason, he's seven foot ten or something like that, with the Purdue guards not hitting the threes, it just made it worse.

He could only do so much. 21 points, 15 rebounds for Eady, but the guards really didn't contribute. If they had hit a few shots, if they'd hit some of the point-blank attempts, the defense would have had to come out and guard them a little more seriously. Just the way they played really limited my touches in the post. You saw a lot of times they would have one dude guarding me from behind and one dude basically sitting in my lap. They were full front in the entire game, so it made it very hard to get catches. They had full front, they would sit somewhere underneath the rim, which makes it very hard to get catches and get into a flow and get into a rhythm.

The form within our system in terms of recruiting is to have the balance of great bigs with skill. Obviously, you shoot five for 26 and this wasn't something for us that was just today. We had a couple stretches during the season, even in the Big Ten tournament, our last game against Penn State.

I think it kind of just mounted for us and it got worse at times just because I think we shot one out of rhythm, three in front of me, maybe another one. But like the game plan for people is not to like stay in there on him and then go contest. Like they stay in there on him and they don't even contest.

So that's his point is that the defense for Fairleigh Dickinson, the Knights, they stayed in on Edie because he was the biggest threat. Didn't even bother contesting the threes because they were five of 26. They were taking the risk to leave those guys wide open because they weren't hitting the shots.

It's a risk obviously because if a guy gets hot or a couple of guys hit threes, well the game looks entirely different. But instead the freshman backcourt of Purdue had 10 combined turnovers and guys like Grant Singleton more experienced for Fairleigh Dickinson able to take advantage with five assists and three steals. To begin the second half we were so locked in we couldn't hear it. You know it was really really noisy in there but when it got towards the end we felt comfortable where we were at.

We heard the chance and you know that just made us want to go harder. So congratulations to Fairleigh Dickinson. What a moment.

What a piece of history. Did not reach the Sweet 16 so we still haven't had a 16 seed in the Sweet 16. That feels wrong but we do have another 15.

Did you know here's your college basketball nerd alert. I know five 12s are always popular upsets. Did we have any 12s advance?

I don't think we did. San Diego State took out Charleston. I know Earl Roberts was a popular 12 pick but Duke dispatched them easily. VCU was also a very popular 12 pick but that upset did not happen against St. Mary's and then Drake was the other 12 seed against Miami and the Canes are still standing now in the Sweet 16. So we didn't have any five 12s this year.

We had a 13 over a four. That was Furman. Our friends from Furman.

Our Furman friends and we had a 16 over a one, a 15 over a two. Princeton actually this is something that you have to think about but I'm sure you'll remember is the third 15 seed in a row to reach the Sweet 16 or to reach the second weekend. Oral Roberts did it two years ago and is it St. Peters who did it last year?

Another tiny New Jersey school. So Fairleigh Dickinson and St. Peters making the big noise in the tournament these last two years but congratulations to Princeton. Really awesome for that school and for the Ivy League as I mentioned the impact it has on recruiting not just for the school itself but for the league and more and more with the transfer portal we're seeing the wealth of talent spread out not to mention the NIL if guys feel like they can make money by going to a school or maybe like in case of the Ivy League there's no athletic scholarships but the money, the endorsements, the chance to make income off your name image and likeness that means that hey you don't have to go to a school that's offering to pay you under the table.

Now there could be guys that are still doing that but the opportunities in the transfer portal have opened up college sports and we're seeing the results of it in the NCAA tournament. We do have a pair of one seed still remaining. Houston, Alabama we've got a two a couple of two seeds in Texas and UCLA. We've got a pair of three seeds in Xavier and Kansas State. The four seeds are UConn and Tennessee. We've got a five in Miami, a six in Creighton, an eight in Arkansas, a nine in Florida Atlantic. It's a nice mix and then the 15 that is Princeton. Oh I forgot Michigan State's a seven. I was so close to getting all of that right.

I was doing it on the fly looking at them. So if not March Madness then what? What is the best postseason in sports? On Twitter After Hours CBS you can answer the question there. Also on our Facebook page After Hours with Amy Lawrence.

You are listening to the After Hours Podcast. Ross over dribble fires for two around and out from the elbow. Offensive rebound follow is good for Johnson. Arkansas by two 50.5 to go from the low right Kamani Johnson with four foul. Inbound pass comes to Arkansas.

Bounce to black. No foul and Arkansas survives. The defending champs do not.

72-71. They'll be calling the hogs all night in Des Moines. The eight seed knocks out the returning champion Jayhawks.

This is After Hours with Amy Lawrence. The top seed in the Midwest region is Houston in the South Bamba. Those two survive but the top seed in the West and the top seed in the East gone before the Sweet 16.

Gone in 60 seconds if you will. It's After Hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio. Jason Benetti with the calls on the Westwood 1 NCAA radio network. Yes the defending champion upset quote unquote by Arkansas and yes by seed it is an upset. Kansas had been one of the best teams in the country all year but let's not forget that Arkansas is into its third straight Sweet 16. That program has turned a corner since Eric Musselman took over. You saw a shirtless Eric Musselman step on the scores table and swing his shirt around to incite the fans. A lot of hog calling going on this weekend and that game was taking place in Des Moines.

So yes Kansas is out. Bill Self never came back to coach. He was with the team every day. He was with the team in practice but instead it was Norm Roberts who not only coached during Bill's suspension earlier in the year but also during the conference tournament and early in the NCAA's because Bill Self was dealing with some health challenges following his hospital stay.

So of course they missed having Bill's experience. It was tough not having coach here and you know but you know we don't make any excuses. You know we have to line up and get it done and we came up a little bit short today but these guys have been terrific all year. A couple of things that stood out to me how many times Arkansas got the offensive rebounds in the late stages when Kansas desperately needed to get a rhythm desperately needed to get shots up over and over the offensive rebounds by the Razorbacks killed them crushed them. Now from Arkansas's perspective it's not only demoralizing to get an offensive rebound after your opponent has spent whatever 20-25 seconds playing defense but second chance points are huge and you know me I think offensive rebounds are sexy. Arkansas with 15 of them so that's one area that jumped out at me how often Kansas got beat on the boards how often Arkansas was able to get a hand in keep the rebound alive track it down or just flat out out muscle out leap out position the Jayhawks for the board. So 15 offensive rebounds and then seven missed free throws by Kansas in what was a one-point game. They did a good job of getting to the glass and getting their hands on balls and deflections and we knew they were very active with their hands and their athletic ability and then we got into some foul trouble that kind of hurt us a little bit and you know not having KJ in for quite a bit hurt us as well you're picking up those fouls early. It probably affected us both offensively and defensively because those two guys have been playing the bulk of the minutes our offense runs quite a bit through KJ and he wasn't out there for a while and then Ernest picked up a couple of silly fouls early which got him out of rotation so we had to go deeper into our bench which I thought those guys did a good job they tried hard and but you know in this atmosphere and this time makes it a little bit tough.

Yeah KJ Adams had four fouls and so he had to be off the court in stretches and they weren't able to rely on him and this is painful for these Jayhawks with all the expectation now again credit the Razorbacks we'll hear from them in a second but to to be standing on the sidelines watching when you know you could help when you know your team needs you is probably one because I used to deal with foul trouble when I played basketball both high school and college more in high school but it's awful when you're standing there watching and you can't do anything and you know it's your fault. Yeah it was definitely hard sitting on the bench when all this exciting stuff was going on but I got in on the crutch moments and we just couldn't well really held it out but I think everybody did good and everybody did good when I wasn't out there. Congratulations again to Arkansas and Eric Musselman who goes shirtless in these moments where a demonstrative celebration is required. We're celebrating back there because we have such incredible respect for Kansas defending champions MVP of their league in number 10 Jaylen Wilson and they're a hard hard hard team to prepare for didn't play as good a defense as we normally do but we really wanted to create more pace in the second half. I feel really fortunate to coach this team last year's team high character guys that hate to lose and really compete. Wonderful win it feels unreal right now I don't even know how to react you know but I know it does feel good and I know the guys that haven't been a part of something like this I know this feel like we're at the top of the world and we want to continue to and get better like coach Mussel saying we're not done yet and I think we could continue to get better. 25 points for the junior guard Devontae Davis. Yeah the emotions are surreal they're running high certainly in the moments of celebration you just let them carry you it's a flood of emotion but part of the challenge of March Madness is channeling your emotions is controlling your emotions. One of the reasons why again teams with upperclassmen tend to do well or even why they get to this point if they're mid-majors or smaller schools it's because they do have poised leadership they've got upperclassmen who can say to some of the younger guys or even can find it within themselves when they've made some mistakes to get back to that space where your emotions are not running you you're channeling your emotions and using them in ways that are good for the team and foul trouble a lot of times can be about the emotion not remaining disciplined not staying home on defense and many times this again this is speaking from personal experience I would make a mistake and then compound it trying to get the ball back so either a turnover or a rebound that I gave up and then I would compound that mistake by contact on an opponent so fouls can also be committed an emotion Kansas is out though it's really difficult to repeat anyway if you picked Kansas and I think I may have gone back and forth with that because I really liked the Kansas team I really like the Kansas team but I just didn't feel good about picking a repeat champion I think though Baylor Baylor actually was taken out by let's see don't tell me Baylor was taken out by let's see don't tell me Baylor was taken out by I gotta remember now Mo no Marquette took out Marquette was taken out by Michigan State don't tell me Jay I don't care don't talk to me Creighton we talked about it earlier it was actually it actually took place in Denver so many schools now and so many storylines that I got in my bracket in front of me is this the best postseason in sports well you can tell me seeing your responses come in on Twitter a law radio or on our Facebook page Eric says absolutely March Madness hands down one and done game over and shut the front door let's see some of your others Paul says by far March Madness Perry on Facebook college football national championship which actually is a playoff now too and will soon be expanding Gary agrees with March Madness March Madness Mark says the NFL and Wayne believes he's in the minority saying the NFL I don't know about that the NFL still drives the bus David says hockey everything in hockey is amped up to an 11 during the playoffs Ken goes with NHL as well and Robert says the NHL and the intensity of the playoffs especially when a game goes to overtime and he loves all the players growing their playoff beards so that's a smattering of the response on Facebook this response from the Colonel on Twitter the NFL because it's one and done and anything is possible Leonard goes with MLB in October it's designed pretty well but man I can't stand the gimmicky wildcard series I understand you many of you love it I I am a disciple of the one and done wildcards I think it sets this vicious tone this intense tone right off the top so find us on either of our social media sites what's the best postseason in sports it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS Sports Radio
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