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Jordan Love Intrigue (Hour 3)

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March 15, 2023 9:02 pm

Jordan Love Intrigue (Hour 3)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 15, 2023 9:02 pm

How much will the Packers get back in a trade for Aaron Rodgers? l News Brief l Picking the first two finishers in each division


Alrighty, our number three of our radio program, Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio.

You can think of O'Reilly Auto Parts for all your car care needs, guaranteed low prices and excellent customer service from the professional parts people at O'Reilly Auto Parts. John Kuhn gonna stop by coming up an hour from now on the day where Aaron Rodgers talks to Pat McAfee and tells us what everyone already knew besides Hickey, that Aaron Rodgers intends to play for the Jets and he's done with the Green Bay Packers. I will say Hickey, you have to be relieved today and just happy that you don't have to give really any more Aaron Rodgers predictions for the foreseeable future because for two years you said that he was gonna leave and then on the year, the third year when you say he's gonna leave again and you're finally right, you got yourself caught up in the last week, week and a half on what was taking so long to figure this out and I tried to give you the signs and I'm not always right but I tried to give you the signs that he was going to the Jets and that was really the only option and I'll give you a credit on your stubbornness how long you waited and waited and waited to finally say okay, he's not going to the New York Jets. I think the last straw that broke the camel's back for you was the Allen Lazard news yesterday because you saw a few wide receivers go for like 11 million dollars a year, Jacoby Myers to the Raiders, Allen Lazard to the Jets and then today Juju Smith-Schuster to the Patriots.

I think once the Lazard news happened it was like okay you couldn't justify your stance anymore. Yeah I mean you kind of knew at that point that Lazard's not going to go to the Jets if Aaron Rodgers most likely won't follow suit but unless he just loves Nathaniel Hackett so much which and maybe he loves Zach Wilson he goes you know what that's my guy that's who I want to play with next year I'll get my numbers from him without a doubt. So I'm just going to throw out a few topics here in regards to this Rodgers stuff and whoever this guy is Mike V that tweets me, dude enough about Rodgers that's all you talk about these days. What else do you want me to talk about today Mike? Let me ask you that the last two weeks the entire sports world is buzzing and waiting and feeding into what Aaron Rodgers wants which is everyone to talk about him but there has been conversations to be had each and every day. So when you have one of the biggest stars in the sports about to divorce and we were trying to figure out where he was going to go and like the last week and a half we knew it was going to be the Jets but there was thoughts that it could be the Raiders and we were wondering is he going to retire or like you know is there any way to go back to Green Bay like there was all things to talk about what else did you want us to talk about and then he also this guy Mike goes oh and all you do is also talk about if it's not Rodgers Lamar Jackson that's also been a mega bleeping story Mike.

So if you don't understand things and you can't get this stuff through your thick skull do me a favor change the channel we won't miss you. You know we've done a ton of NCAA tournament talk we've talked a ton about other stories in the NFL we've done NBA too yes Rodgers and Lamar have been driving the train recently but what do you want me to do not talk about them it'd be stupid when the entire sports world is talking about something they go oh you know what I'm gonna talk about uh golf right now and I'm a golf fan or I'm gonna talk about something that is insignificant my job here is to talk about the biggest storylines in sports and give you my opinions on it if you don't like it take a hike take a hike but I did see that tweet from Mike which I did laugh at and just because I'm reacting to a negative tweet doesn't mean all the tweets are negative a lot of them are at Zach Geld but I did like this tweet from Jeff B who says this interview with this Bart guy is on caffeine steroids and crack amazing that's a perfect way Hickey to describe Bart Winkler really and that was uh I felt like I was a therapist during the course of that interview perfect way to describe Bart Winkler when he's talking about Aaron Rodgers yes he is a there's two people there's Bart Winkler the regular guy and there's Bart Winkler basically on Aaron Rodgers if you will that's when he's on that drug forget it and also could you like I'm trying to equate to you what would be the comparison like you're a huge as you all know as everyone knows Indianapolis Colts fan now Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers have had similar careers one Super Bowl during their time right in Indian Green Bay obviously Peyton went on to go win another ring in his final game of his career with the Denver Broncos but you've put up these ridiculous numbers clearly first ballot Hall of Famer multiple MVPs absolute legend for the franchise obviously the Packers have more tradition and more history than the Indianapolis Colts but could you imagine in like the last three or four years when the whole Andrew Luck thing was going down that if Peyton Manning got annoyed at the organization and started like just being such a drama queen and all that stuff where you started to dislike Peyton Manning like you get so sensitive Hickey when we like kind of poke fun and jab at you when we go all Peyton Manning's more remembered for Denver Bronco and loves the Broncos more than the Colts and we're having fun with that you get very defensive about your quarterback number 18 and you love him more than probably any other football player not probably more than any other football player that you've ever watched it's just I could never see myself when a guy has been there for that long getting so annoyed at him where he's won a Super Bowl he's going to the Hall of Fame but that that would be kind of the equivalence if you got annoyed with the way that the departure happened with Peyton and you couldn't stand them like that's where Bart's at right now with Darren Rogers like he appreciates the Super Bowl but he I think he genuinely does not like the gun. I couldn't tell how hard to tell how it feels about in the in the last 20 minutes where he's just screaming and just like the thing is I hope I never get to that point I get they've seen two Super Bowls one each from Favre and Rogers in the last 30 years but you look at how it ended and how the Packers fans do not like Brett Favre and now and a lot do not like Aaron Rodgers. Now it was uglier with Favre but it's not even close. Yes yes but it's also I mean again it's getting to the point where every year the last three years it's almost like you're reliving what happened 15 years ago so just brings up almost worse memories and so I get why again I got like Bart now again he's say the minority maybe half how the Packers fans feels maybe the other half still wants him and likes him but I generally do feel bad that you feel such hatred and disdain right and I don't think it's unjustified either to the that's how you how you feel about two of the best quarterbacks that your team has ever had and two of the best quarterbacks you'll probably ever seen in your lifetime. Now I'm so intrigued by Jordan Love this year because you look at Jordan Love you just mentioned the history you go from Favre to Rogers Super Bowl champion Hall of Famer to Super Bowl champion Hall of Famer and the Packer fan is annoyed that Favre and Rogers only won one Super Bowl each like for Jordan Love if he's a Hall of Famer and he's a Super Bowl champion that's a success but you don't usually see it go from a guy like Favre to Rogers let alone Favre to Rogers then Love ascending to be this great player but I thought the part that brought Bart brought up in that maybe Rogers stuck it out a little bit longer than what he should have this year I know he played the entire year but he was dealing with the injuries and all that stuff and he had every right to tap out and the team looked like they were trending in the wrong direction they made a little bit of a run at it at the end of the season before losing and having their season come crashing and burning and falling down on them up against Detroit Lions I wonder if that was the most honest part of his conversation today with McAfee saying that he believes in Jordan Love and Jordan Love's going to be really good and maybe that's why when a lot of people and I kind of said Rogers is not going to tap out until they're mathematically eliminated but why a lot of people like midway through the season really after that Philadelphia game when Love played well for a quarter and Darius big play slaves now free agent was uh was raving about him after the game talking about Jordan Love maybe that is part of it that Rogers didn't want to see the fan base while he was there just run to someone else and have kind of this love mania if Jordan Love would have played well in a year where the Packers were down and Rogers wasn't playing his best football even though he was dealing with an injury makes sense I mean we talked about on the show I was in the camp of listen play Jordan Love like there's no point in playing Aaron Rogers anymore the team was dead he was hurt now again they made it you know exciting but I I do believe that that's part of it where he was jealous and there was a fear that he would kind of be just pushed aside and it's almost like out of sight out of mind and you end your career not how you want but you end your career almost just kind of fading into the darkness because now Jordan Love let's say finishes the last four or five games plays well and now it's okay Jordan Love's here Jordan Love's here Aaron thanks but see you later now it ended up happening anyway but I think that was his biggest fear if I had to give you a number right now how many quarterbacks do you think not a better but a more intriguing from a storyline standpoint this upcoming year in the NFL then then Jordan Love like I'm asking you for a hot take here just at the top of your cabasa what do you think the number is of how many quarterbacks you would say are more intriguing just off the top of your head than Jordan Love this year um I'm trying to think I mean at least probably seven or eight like he's like all right let me give you a bunch of quarterbacks here Josh Allen is he more intriguing this year than Jordan No but it's close I'm intrigued by Josh Allen this year but no I actually think Allen is more intriguing just because they had all these big expectations last year they didn't meet them at the end of the year the lasting memory is the Bengals just rolling you guys over in your own building and then you and Stefan Diggs or Stefan Diggs yelling at you at the sideline you know on the sideline so I would say Allen's a little bit more intriguing than Love Tua absolutely Tua I would agree Mac Jones Jordan Love agreed Aaron Rogers or Aaron Rogers this is tough I would actually say I'm more intrigued by Love because I know what I'm getting with Rogers like he'll be fine he'll play well I think they'll make the playoffs they're not going to win a Super Bowl I don't know what the ceiling is for Jordan Love Joe Burrow or Jordan Love more intriguing Jordan Love agreed Lamar Jackson or Jordan Lamar it's Lamar just because we don't know where he's going to be playing or how happy he's going to be in Baltimore now if Lamar gets a new contract with Baltimore I would say then it becomes Jordan Love because then the Lamar Jackson situation is over if he gets a new deal but I don't think he's getting a new deal Kenny Pickett Jordan Love Deshaun Watson Deshaun Watson agreed Trevor Lawrence Trevor Lawrence I would say Jordan Love just because even though it's the next step on how far you could take it if you're Trevor Lawrence you just showed how great of a player you could be and you have Doug Peterson you should win that division Brian Pannehill Jordan Love okay whoever's playing quarterback for the Colts okay Jordan Love whoever we don't know who's playing quarterback for the Texans if it's Bryce Young let's just say I would say Bryce Young okay that's also selfish because I had a lot invested in Bryce Young I would say it's Jordan Love just because it's year one for for a rookie quarterback and that Texans team is nowhere close to getting to the level where they should be Mahomes or Love more intriguing Love Herbert or Love Herbert agreed Jimmy G or Love more intriguing Love agreed Russell Wilson Russ yeah so that's like now I think I may disagree with two of you on there so I had six so you'll probably have eight that's just in the AFC now how about the NFC real quickly Jalen Hurts or Jordan Love more intriguing I would say Hurts really yeah he's going to get paid I'm just you know can you repeat it lost a lot this offseason it's now it's the the bar is so high after what you did last year it's how close can you get offensive side of the ball who's your offense coordinator lose Miles Sanders yeah it's now also the tape is out on you I would say can you repeat it coming off back to back MVP back to back playoff seasons and just having an MVP caliber season I'm more intrigued by Love because I know what Hurts is Dak Prescott or Love Love for me it's Dak because you then start to wonder are they going to move on I don't think they will but you now there's two years left in that contract I'll probably extend him this offseason and there's now the play calling is back on McCarthy Dak's been close to the next two years I want to see if they get over the hump Daniel Jones or Love Daniel Jones that one's tough oh that one's tough I would say after the Waller news probably Jones just because he has a new contract and now it's like okay how far can you take this uh commanders you could forget about like Sam Howell or Love I'm assuming you're going Love or Jacoby Brissett wow I do love Jacoby but I will still go Jordan Love Kirk Cousins Jordan Love Jared Goff that's tough that is tough close I will say Goff okay I think the ceiling's higher for the Lions I would slightly go Love just because I think I know that Goff is just solid I don't think he'll ever be better than that for Love I just don't know what he could be how about Justin Fields or Love more intriguing Justin Fields yeah especially after going out there and getting DJ Moore Baker Mayfield or Love Jordan Love CJ Stroud assuming he goes to the Panthers or Love Jordan Love Saints with Derek Carr or Jordan Love more intriguing I would say the Saints I'm interested to see Derek Carr new team new weapons so I would say it's Love and here's why like the Saints at their best what are just gonna win that division at nine games they're not gonna be a threat in the playoffs no but I'm one of the Packers at their best next year well that I don't know I don't know what Jordan Love could be like I don't think Jordan Love's gonna get onto the scene right away and win 12 games but if he's just dominant next year like I don't you know last year Rodgers didn't play well and they still almost made the play why are you calling I'll be calling a Patrick Holmes glow up 2.0 here no I'm not saying that I truly just don't legitimately don't know what Jordan Love's gonna be yanking your chain a little the Niners QB situation is more intriguing than Love yes Gino Smith or Love more intriguing interesting there's more than you would actually think interesting because right now this is dominating the NFL storylines there's a lot of quarterbacks that are tough here to say who's more intriguing I would say I would say right now it's Love but after the draft if they don't draft the quarterback Seattle that means they're more even though they just paid Gino three years they're more committed to Gino for the long term than what we thought like if they draft a quarterback I think it takes the air out of the balloon of Gino Smith well I mean if it's Anthony Richardson he's not gonna play a year or two but it shows you when they're moving on like right now they're selling you Gino Gino Gino uh Stafford or Love I would go Love just because I see that the Rams are just ripping it apart and then Calamari we'll see when he gets back like if he comes back for only six games I can't really say it's Calamari I will say in those six games I will be interested to see how he plays and how the how the team responds to him but the clock could start ticking very quickly because by 2025 that's when the dead cat number falls enough where you could think about moving on all righty this is Zach Gilp show on CBS Sports Radio hey right now when we get in terms of the compensation for Aaron Rodgers who's there who do you think has more leverage here like the Jets clearly it's their last resort but the Packers know that they have to trade him I don't really think either side has leverage just maybe if I had to go one way or another it's a Packers just because they keep on delaying it a little bit and it's how long do you want to play this game but do you really want to have this story keep on dragging out and then Rodgers keeps on going on McAfee and you know today he like kind of had the kid gloves on and he still ripped you he would just rip you more and more if you keep on holding him hostage ironically Packers have the leverage I think what do you think they end up getting I would say a first-round pick you do I think they get one out I'm gonna say there's it's gonna be a conditional pick I'm just debating if it's gonna be a three that turns into a two or a two that turns into a one I will probably say it's a two that turns into a one with certain parameters based on how far the Jets go this year and also playing time of Aaron Rodgers news brief next Zach Gilp show CBS Sports Radio nothing's better than feeling comfortable in your own shoes maybe you're a parent raising a little rock star or a technomat working from anywhere Allbirds wants you to be comfortable in your actual shoes too they're wool runners pipers and loungers are so cozy you might forget you're wearing them and they're crafted from natural materials that tread lightly on our planet so get comfortable in your shoes get to know the wool runners pipers and loungers at that's you're listening to the Zach Gelb show time for your daily news brief we get you caught up on the rumors reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports Aaron Rodgers on the Pat McAfee show says he plans to play for the JTS Jets in 2023 at this point as I sit here you know I think since Friday I made it clear that my intention was to play and my intention was to play for the New York Jets okay and I haven't been holding anything up at this point it's been compensation that the Packers are trying to get for me and kind of digging their heels in I love the first jab by the way Hickey they're kind of digging their heels in you know it's all right after three minutes of just talking and talking and talking in circles then it's I plan to play for the Jets that's what my intentions are and I've known that since Friday and now it's the Packers just digging their heels in deep it's starting you know the the the I don't know propaganda is the right word but he is pushing the narrative that it's not him even though that's I thought at least speculated that was the reason why we have not got a trade done and shedding some light on that we'll say but in reality like this is the difficult part I then saw a report today that he hasn't even told Gudekunz yet that he's done so who knows how much you could actually believe because I thought Rogers told a bunch of lies today or white lies today and stretched the truth a little bit you know when did he tell the Packers how did he communicate that did he even tell them did he just have his agent do it but according to one report that I read Gudekunz hasn't even heard from Rogers yet and hasn't even told him so it's like I don't know I take everything Rogers says with a grain of salt at this rate I guess why I'm inclined to believe him here is because Mark Murphy's comments on Friday make it seem like the Packers are ready to move on and the only way he'd be back is if things don't go the way they want to which would again say that they want to trade and that they've been open to trade discussions and again they had they allowed the Jets to talk to him so they have to know he whether it's his decision or not does not want to be there and you have to obviously have some sort of trade talks for that to happen sure but did he ever after having those conversations with the Jets relay that message to Gudekunz okay thank you for letting me meet with them I'm done I'm good like I can see this going both ways because you know the Packers didn't want him anymore and that was the first thing and then you know Rogers since the Packers didn't want him and he kind of sensed it he even said that that was his last game in Green Bay and that's why he wanted to walk off the field with Randall Cobb that he knew he was coming back it's just a dumb staring contest here and it wouldn't surprise me if he knew what he wanted and he's like oh the Packers know what I wanted but then still never officially told them Aaron Rogers says the Packers didn't want him anymore once again the Pat McAfee show the reality of the situation you know like it is what it is the Packers would like to move on they've let me know that in so many words they let they'd let other people know that in direct words and because I still have that fire and I want to play and I would like to play in New York it's just a matter of you know getting that done at this point so here's where Rogers loses me today and it's once again could have been better communication on both sides he was asked by AJ Hawk if the Packers said they wanted you at the end of the year would you have been open to a return and he said no so it's like if your decision was to play or not to play and it wasn't going to be in Green Bay why don't you just tell the Packers that at the end of the season that's the part hickey where Rogers loses me today where I thought his communication could have been better I guess when it comes to that I mean he kind of mentioned the fact that basically he felt all season long the Packers didn't want him back so I guess I understood it from that answer is just like that never crossed my mind because it just felt like that was never an option so you never even entertain it to begin with because like that's not going to happen so then when the Packers come to you at the end of the year according to Rogers and they say we're going to give you the time to go make your decision then you let us know doesn't that give the indication I obviously didn't believe that the Packers wanted him back I don't think they wanted him back but at that rate Rogers never afraid to write say what's on his mind he should have just told them guys I know you don't want me I don't want to come back I'm either going to retire I'm going to play somewhere else that's a decision I'm making that's once again where he loses me Rogers says the Packers changed their view on him this offseason Pat McAfee show we come out for last year with obviously missing playoffs I didn't have an MVP season you know I was interested on where they would be at mentally everything that I was told in the week that I was in Green Bay was take as long as you want and you know we want you to retire a Packer you know you want to come back and play obviously the door is wide open so that was the information I was going that was that was going on now when I came out of the darkness something changed I'm not exactly sure what that was but something changed and I realized that there'd been a little bit of a shift and that I heard from multiple people that I trust around the league players mostly that that there was some shopping going on that they were interested in actually moving me so this is where he loses me again you knew when you're walking off the field that was probably it in Green Bay and you sensed it all throughout the year then you had your conversation with the Packers and they left the door open but even though you knew you were gone I guess you thought that was genuine and then once you come out of the cave right out of your darkness retreat that's when you said oh aha the Packers don't want you anymore that's tough for me to believe they're hickey they didn't want them all along you knew that the moment they said they were ready to go to Jordan Love you knew they were done with him I agree I don't know why that they didn't communicate it as well like I think they're both right both are in the wrong here but it's just like it just if one side one side was just up front and honest we would have either avoided all this or at least we it would have been more cordial than it seemingly now where it's he said she said in the media all the last two months now Scott in California called him Arrogant Aaron I thought that was very funny earlier um I know I've called Brian Gudekunz before Lion Brian I can't come up with something clever enough when it comes to Rogers lying but Aaron Rogers saying he was very close to retiring this offseason was a load of crap here is that at this point you know I gotta admit I went in the darkness 90% retiring 10 point that's where my mind was my mind was I'm tired of this I hadn't got back into my workouts yet and I thought that that was what was best for me so I went in the darkness to contemplate a lot of different things but one day I spent entirely on the reality I was retired and one day I spent entirely on the reality I was coming back to playing and just really sat with that for hours and hours what that looked like what the reality is how that all felt and when I came out I was really interested in what what the kind of landscape was where Green Bay was at and obviously if I wanted to play you know what were the options when he comes out of this retreat his phone must have been fascinating just how many messages he must have had and this idea that he started to get a sense from everyone from everyone else that the Packers are done from which I don't lie but could you imagine going like I know he said he had like one bar wi-fi or something but he I guess wasn't really using his phone like I don't even know how that works after four or five days of basically having no contact with the outdoor world like right away you're able to make that decision that quickly okay yeah I'm coming back and I'm playing after you walked in 90% that this was done so wasn't the point though by the whole point of was to think about and contemplate your future and figure out what he wanted to do like yeah I accomplished it going in he was playing and I think he left knew he was playing I just don't buy the 90% part Rogers um when he decided he wanted to play this season we had a nice conversation and I told them listen I'm not ready to make a decision about anything I want to get back into my workouts and see how it feels uh you know to really hit it hard for for a week I've obviously been working out before that but to really hit it hard for a week and to see if that drive and the passion is still there and and then I'll you know see where we're at and and so again this is why this is not a decision here the decision I think was made in my mind whether or not I was able to admit at that point really on that Tuesday I wanted to play and then it was you know how was my body feeling is it going to be able to hold up so at this point as I sit here you know I think since Friday uh I made it clear that my intention was to play and my intention was to play for the New York Jets so he's made it clear but to who like did he made that clear to the Jets did he ever tell Green Bay because once again there's that one report that Gudekunz has not heard from Rogers yet you know maybe he told someone in the Packers organization who knows Aaron Rodgers says Jordan Love will have a lot of success Jordan's going to be a great player he's a great kid he had a really good year this year getting better you know on the look team he's got a bright future in front of him they got a good young team and let's go to Aaron Rodgers saying the reports about him having demands on which players to sign isn't true Pat McAfee show from what I've seen it's like I had a sheet of paper when I met with the Jets and I said sign these people and that's not the reality that's so ridiculous all right that sounds good it's so stupid to think that I would do it number one now did they ask me about certain guys I played with over the years of course did I talk glowingly about teammates that I love yeah do I love those guys in list of course do I make demands about certain people I mean it's just I mean first of all who wouldn't want to have Odell on their team like agree yeah it'd be cool come on what are we talking about here I don't have demands look my only demand is for transparency well in essence don't you do have demands like if you're going to meet with the Jets Hickey and the Jets ask you let's say if he was right they ask you who would you want to bring to New York like who are some players that you want but the Jets have to convince you to say yes and you go oh I want Allen Lazard Randall Cobb Mercedes Lewis and Odell Beckham Jr if the Jets say no or if they fight you on any of them you're then not going to sign off on on accepting the deal to the Jets if they could ever figure out the compensation on this so in essence it isn't demand it's all semantics and stupid with him bar Winkler hit it perfectly when he joined us he said it he just takes one word and just says oh the whole thing's false dying or she said wishlist it's the same thing these are the players I like these are who I want to play with get it done or not Aaron Rodgers on his message to Adam Schefter ask Schefter would I text him when he somehow got my number and texted me you know I didn't respond to Diana Rossini I think her name is yes Diana you get my brain well but like I would say the same thing that I told chefy chefy lose my number oh nice try what a douche seriously lose my number nice try like oh it's beneath Aaron Rodgers to see a text and not respond to someone you have to be like I'll lose my number he's insufferable he really is I don't get why he doesn't like Schefter and Rossini I know he wants to control everything that's said about him but when you're that big of a star you can't control everything that's being said about you and what did Schefter and Rossini say in the last week that was wrong nothing nada zilch and Rodgers thinks like he got one over the media today with with Schefter and Rossini I think Schefter and Rossini this benefits them if anything like they look better than Rodgers today I think Rodgers looks like a jerk there and Schefter and Rossini were just doing their job what do you want to do not contact you for comment okay fine then don't get mad about what's being said about you and finally Rodgers says that Daniel Hackett this one will go over well in Denver is a great coach anybody who's been around Nathaniel Hagen knows that he brings a lot of energy a lot of fun he's an incredible teacher of the game especially the quarterback position and he's a really good human being so uh if it's you know for people to say that that was done just an attempt to lure me like um is a total disservice to Nathaniel Hackett what he's accomplished in his career the kind of person that he is and then actually I'll go one more Rodgers says other teams wanted to trade for him besides the Jets McAfee show one more time I think there were other teams that were interested and obviously there's um you know certain players that I have a lot of love and affinity for um and the reuniting with uh especially one specific person would have been um Davante in Las Vegas you're talking about I'm not mentioning names but you know there's definitely one particular guy who uh you know who him and I have this you know special kind of unspoken rapport do you think other teams were interested now we know the Raiders were interested there was a report out today that they um you know inquired and then I guess they didn't really go that much further and then they elected to move on and go bring Jimmy G but he said other teams we haven't heard a peep about any other team outside the Raiders and the Jets on this one maybe a nibble from the commanders and the Packers shut it down like that's the thing too you're probably reaching out to Green Bay not Aaron Rodgers I would say maybe one two at the max but it was in a robust market four right I don't doesn't sound like anything got further maybe even initial phone calls most I would be kind of surprised in terms of serious interest if the number is greater than three I would say maybe there's one more team but outside of that like I can't fault the team they're just calling a call to see what it would take things like that but I would say serious interest maybe at most three you're listening to the Zach Gelb show all righty Zach Gelb show CBS sports radio the new league year officially started today as you could put the oxymoron of the legal tampering period behind us and in the rearview mirror still a lot more moves need to go down trades as well and also the NFL draft but just taking a pulse of how we view the NFL right now for next season when we sit here not knowing the draft picks not knowing what injuries will happen not knowing what other trades will go down and all the free agency signings just sitting around March 15th I want to go division by division ear hickey and do one and two in each division where we currently sit in each division where we currently sit so let's start with the AFC east I will start off and I will go the bills will finish in first and then the jets about to get rogers I will slightly put them above the dolphins just because I don't know the health and what the health will be throughout an entire year of Tuatunga Vailoa so the AFC east I will go bills and jets yeah I'd agree though AFC north I'm gonna go bangles one and then two I think this will surprise some people but I'll put the Pittsburgh Steelers in at two I think Kenny Pickett's gonna have a big sophomore season be the guy from game one be the guy from the off season and I like George Pickens you can get better on that offensive line the health was not there at times last year with the defense so maybe they'll be healthier I will go bangles one Steelers two browns I just don't know how much rust there still is to knock off with Deshaun Watson and the ravens I don't know what's gonna happen with Lamar Jackson so I'll go bangles one right now Steelers two you I'll go bangles one browns two I think a big bounce back here from Deshaun Watson this roster will be better I think browns parlayed out with a second place finish AFC south oh Jags won this may be the toughest figuring out who's going to be number two I guess it would still be I guess it would still be Tennessee like I don't feel good about anyone for the two spot but if Henry and Tannehill are still there I would trust let me rephrase that Henry to do enough where for the Colts we don't know who's going to be their quarterback and for the Texans you'll probably be starting Bryce Young but still what else do you really have on that roster like it's not crazy to say the the Texans maybe usurp Tennessee because Tennessee can be really bad with all that they've lost but as long as Derrick Henry's still there I'd for now would lead Tennessee in the two spot I will say Tennessee as well and number two obviously behind the Jags and number one because of Mike Vrabel that's it more with trust him and I think still the Texans are going to still retool that offense to where they're going to start adding pieces next year not this year the reason why I laugh and probably Brandon Cooks you would think would be traded to Larry Tunsell the reason why I laugh is for the last two three years all you've done has pretty much spent every entire offseason trashing Tennessee and now when there's like a reason to get out on them now you go in on them in terms of a positive well I trust you I'd love to pick the Colts I can't and I would not love to pick the Texans in this situation but it's like I can't do that either maybe no choice AFC West this is easy for me Chiefs one Chargers two go ahead spew your Broncos nonsense Chiefs one Broncos two you still believe in that Russell Wilson that's right NFC East Eagles one even though they're going to lose Darius Sly you know they they have retained Bradbury looks like they will retain CJ Gardner Johnson I'll still go Cowboys to Cowboys have good regular seasons just miserable post-seasons still don't like the Giants roster that much I think it still is a year away from really competing and we have no idea who the commander's quarterback is going to be I'm with it one two Eagles Cowboys I really wonder who the commander start week one the Jacoby preset move today was exactly kind of the type of dude that Rivera responded to us with at the Super Bowl in his answer where it's like oh Sam Howell is QB one right now but we're gonna bring in a veteran guy with them and I remember saying to you that day the veteran guy that they bring in is it going to be a guy that could actually go win the job or a guy that you're bringing in that's good competition but you're basically setting up Sam Howell to win the job and I remember both of us left that conversation listening to the tone of Rivera and it kind of felt like it was okay we want Sam Howell to win the job but even every opportunity to win the job and it's not gonna you're not gonna bring in a guy like Rogers even though you probably should have where it's like okay that's definitely your starter there's no really competition there Jacoby reset is the perfect backup experience can start in a pinch but also right I was gonna say it's perfect to help develop a young guy okay NFC North right now I'm going Lions one Vikings two I still think that defense got a lot of work to do in in Minnesota and I like the direction that the Lions are trending Scott in California is probably on line one already telling me that I'm just a hater I hate to agree but I think I will agree here I'm a little worried about the Lions being the trendy pick and everyone going for the Lions they have a really good roster and I think Jared Goff will take another step I think they win the division I will say the Vikings also finish second last year you were very optimistic on the Panthers last year you called Baker Mayfield on the day that he landed in Carolina a top five quarterback in the NFC which ended up not coming out to be a true statement Baker Mayfield on the day that he lands in Tampa Bay one and two in the NFC South what do you do Bucks one wow Saints two I don't trust the health of the Saints I don't trust Dennis Allen I would go Buccaneers I was maybe leading Bucks one but after hearing you go Bucks one I will go Saints one because of Derek Carr and then the Buccaneers in at number two NFC West Niners and then the Seahawks I just can't trust the Rams one foot in one foot out in the Cardinals I don't know when Kyler Murray's gonna get a return team Niners Seahawks one two nice and easy don't think they'll both be playoff teams but definitely at least in the vision that's the order so we agree Bills Jets I go Bengals Steelers one two you go Bengals Browns we both agree Jaguars Tennessee I go Chiefs Chargers you go Chiefs Broncos we're both on Eagles Cowboys we're both on Lions Vikings I go Saints Bucks you go Bucks Saints and then we're both on the 49ers and the Seahawks alrighty this is that Gelb show coast to coast on CBS Sports Radio on the day where Aaron Rodgers officially says it's done with Green Bay I want to go play for the New York Jets we will be joined on the other side by a man who we really traveled through a journey with this guy the last three years he is a friend of Aaron Rodgers he is a listener to this show he is someone that's been extremely benevolent to us with his time that is the former fullback for the Packers and the Saints and that of course is John Coon is going to join us on the other side and remember two years ago he was the only one that was saying Rogers wasn't going anywhere and then right before the start of this offseason he was like yeah it feels different this year so we will get John Coon's reaction on the other side on the day where Aaron Rodgers tells us the worst kept secret that he wants to go play for the Jets and he's done with Green Bay John Coon in five minutes there's nothing better than feeling comfortable in your own shoes and that doesn't mean flopping down on the couch with bunny slippers maybe you're a parent raising a little rock star or a tech nomad working from anywhere and jumping from one thing to the next whoever you are Allbird wants you to be comfortable in your actual 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